Native Daughters of the Golden West
California Pioneer Project
Surname Index - Vm-Vz

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LAST         FIRST                       VOL-PAGE
Vobbe        Augustus                     22-329
Vobbe        Augustus                     56-112
Voeller      Paul Joseph                  19-254
Vogan        John                         15-370
Vogan        John                         48-356
Vogel        Ernest William               61-338
Vogeli       Annie                        53-419
Vogelsang    Otto M.                      19-255
Vogelsdorff  Rosa Frend                   15-371
Vogt         Joseph                       46-272
Vohss        John                         46-273
Voight       Susan W.                     29-93
Voigt        Christian Heinrich           15-372
Volle        Frederick William            15-373
Volle        Julia Heimroth               15-374
Vollers      Alrich                       21-205
Vollmers     Otto                         36-338
Vollmers     William                      36-339
von          Harriet (Haskins)            68-69
VonDetten    Clement A.                   22-330
VonDossee    Lena Graff                   15-375
VonDossee    Louis                        15-376
VonDossee    Louis                        15-377
VonDubbers   Heinrick                     24-75
VonDubbers   Heinrick (Mrs.)              24-76
VonGlahn     Anna Christina               15-378
VonGlahn     Bordhert                     15-379
VonGlahn     Catherine Boeschen            1-70
VonGlahn     Christopher                  15-380
VonGlahn     Christopher Herman           15-381
VonGlahn     Frederick Wm.                15-382
VonGlahn     Henrietta Rebecca            15-383
VonGrunigen  Th.                          56-105
VonGrunigen  Thomas                       22-328
VonGuelpen   Carl (Professor)             53-32
VonKummer    Johanna Sophie               33-78
VonMinikeim  Marie Magdelena Barbara      25-84
VonSpannenb  William Wesley               52-216
Voorhees     Albert P.                    15-384
Vorlander    Richard                      44-7
Vosberg      Walter                       46-274
Vose         Annie Dent                   15-385
Vose         Ira                          15-386
Vose         John Gilbert                 15-387
Vose         Newton J.                    15-388
Vosper       Charles                      46-275
Voss         Casper H.                    32-61
Voss         George H. (Capt.)            32-60
Voss         Nora                         15-389
Vote         Frank A.                     52-217
Votervich    Lagoro                       46-276
Vrooman      Emily Maria Jordan           59-283

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