Native Daughters of the Golden West
California Pioneer Project
Surname Index - U

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LAST         FIRST                       VOL-PAGE
Ubiedo       Emitrio (Luterio)            57-238
Uhl          Clara Jane Guthrie           27-182
Ullrey       Lily Allen                   61-329
Ulrich       Wilhelmina Marsfelder        23-322
Umbarger     Austin                       15-283
Umbarger     David                        15-284
Underhill    John Lincoln                 15-285
Underhill    William                      15-286
Underwood    Annie Davis                  66-318
Underwood    George Washington            46-224
Underwood    Lisa Onyett Kisten           15-287
Underwood    Nancy                        15-288
Underwood    William                      50-409
Unger        Ida                          19-247
Unger        Philip Fenton                21-193
Unger        Susan Anna                   24-18
Untman       Leorra Davenport (Mrs.)      15-289
Untman       William Wilson               15-290
Upham        Charles Hall                 46-225
Upham        Gertrude Ryer                15-291
Uphoff       August                       41-262
Uphoff       H. (Matilda)(Mrs.)           23-273
Uphoff       Herman                       23-274
Uphoff       Herman                       48-346
Upp          Philip                       66-195
Upson        Lauren                       48-347
Upson        Lauren A.                    29-89
Upson        Lauren A.                    30-114
Upson        Lauren Asabel                48-348
Upton        John Wells                   60-341
Upton        Lydia Maria                  21-194
Upton        Lydia Maria                  22-467
Upton        Minnie Belle                 15-292
Upton        William Nathaniel            15-293
Urbais       Elizabeth                    21-195
Uriddias     Jose                         41-263
Uriell       Sylvanus                     15-294
Urmy         William Smith                15-296
Urquhart     Sophie Weiss                 21-196
Ursin        Ada (Mrs.)                   50-348
Ury          Carol Monroe                 46-226
Ury          Solomon                      15-297
Utley        Abraham Gray                 46-227
Utt          Henry                        25-13
Utt          Lysander                     37-184
Utt          Major Lee H.                 66-336
Utter        Isaac                        37-185
Utter        William B.                   15-299
Utter        Wm.                          44-2
Utzerath     John                         15-300

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