Native Daughters of the Golden West
California Pioneer Project
Surname Index - Q

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LAST         FIRST                       VOL-PAGE
Quant        Elizabeth Fletcher           63-108
Quant        Fred                         63-107
Quant        Nettie                       63-109
Quaresma     Manuel Lewis                 65-231/s
Queen        Matthew                      44-232
Quental      Francis                      43-473
Quick        Annie                        60-337
Quick        Sarah E. (Mrs.)              33-499
Quigg        Michael                      53-361
Quiggle      Mary Agnes Brewster          19-116
Quigley      Abbie Ann Maplesden          12-391
Quigley      Ann                          12-392
Quigley      R. V. S.                     12-393
Quimby       Christopher Spry             44-233
Quimby       John Marshall                44-234
Quimly       Rebecca Francis Taylor       24-126
Quin         William                      44-235
Quinby       Sarah Folger                 21-52
Quinlan      Batholomew                   12-394
Quinlan      Caroline Rogers              12-396
Quinlan      Elizabeth Maloney            12-395
Quinlan      James H.                     12-397
Quinlan      Thomas                       12-398
Quinliven    Dennis                       48-215
Quinn        Anne O'Reilly                19-117
Quinn        Harry                        52-80
Quinn        Harry                        60-72
Quinn        Isaac                        32-10
Quinn        James                        38-351
Quinn        Katherine Elizabeth          21-53
Quinn        Marry                        64-232
Quinn        Mary Gill                    19-118
Quinn        Michael Fay                  28-420
Quinn        Michael Fay                  36-244
Quinn        Michel                       24-312
Quinn        Peter                        44-236
Quinn        William                      13-271
Quinn        William                      19-119
Quint        Cora B.                      63-222
Quint        Elizabeth Arrington          12-399
Quintana     Estevan                      12-400
Quintero     Louisa Puig                  12-401
Quirk        Katherine                    52-81
Quirolo      Angela Fontana Rosa          12-403
Quirolo      Angelo                       12-402
Quirolo      Daniel Louis                 12-404
Quirolo      John James                   12-405
Quirolo      Roberta Martha Briggs        12-406
Quirolo      Victor Charles               12-407

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