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The Native Daughters of the Golden West maintain a permanent record of information concerning California Pioneers who resided or were born in California before December 31, 1869. This is a valuable research tool. They have allowed the California State Library System to microfilm the information and it is available from the California State Library in Sacramento and the Sutro Branch in San Francisco, California. To date they have some 33,000 Pioneers registered.

Volmnes 1 - 68 the index lists only the name of the principal party of the submission. Other persons are listed on the pages, typically family members, but they are not indexed.

NOTE: Numbers indicates the volume and page. Notations following the volume and page with a /: a=addenda and s=supplemental information not found on the original registration will be found in the Supplemental Binder. Read both original volume and page plus any addenda and supplemental information pages.

Copies of the Pioneer Roster submissions can be obtained from the society as follows: Click here.

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The Research Library contains the Roster of California Pioneers, NDGW Archives and California History Collection. Open by appointment only at 555 Baker Street, San Francisco. Please call toll free (800) 994-6349, listen to the message: for an appointment please leave your name, address and telephone number. For research by mail, write our committee: address below.


Veneration of California Pioneers is one of the principles adopted in 1886 upon the founding of the Order of the Native Daughters of the Golden West. Members have been compiling information about California Pioneers since 1935. There are over 33,000 entries in our publication Roster of California Pioneers.

Pioneers who entered the State or were born in California prior to 1870 qualify for this register.

Biographical entries may contain full name of Pioneer, place and date of birth, marriage and death, date of arrival in California, method of travel, name of trail or vessel; states lived in prior to California, place and year of California residence; where educated, profession or occupation, public offices held; names of children; parents names; name, address, relationship of informant, (if any); date of registration and facts of interest concerning early history.

Access: to the Roster is provided by the Index to the Roster of California Pioneers, above.

In 1985, with the assistance of the California State Library, the Roster was microfilmed. The original Roster is available for research at The Native Daughters of the Golden West Home in San Francisco. Microfilm copies are available at the State Libraries "California Room" in Sacramento, Sutro Library in San Francisco, Los Angeles Public Library, San Diego Public Library and the Library of Congress In May 1996, NDGW microfilmed new entries and addenda, they are available in Sacramento, San Francisco and Library of Congress.

Entering Pioneers into this collection: information must be submitted on our official NDGW Registration Form. This form is attached and may be photocopied. Computer generated Ancestor Charts and Family Group sheets are welcome as a verification of information but will not be become part of our records, nor be returned to sender. There is no fee for this service.

Addenda will be accepted for prior Pioneer Registrations. Information may be requested about the availability of the Index and microfilm copies. Send your request to this committee.


Holdings: Papers, records, publications since the founding of the Order in 1886.


Holdings: a limited collection of census, microfiche, state and local histories.

The Native Daughters of the Golden West and its Archives committee can be reached by writing to:

Native Daughters of the Golden West
543 Baker Street
San Francisco, CA 94117-1405
(415) 292-6760 or (800) 994-6349

Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope and indicate the number of forms you require.

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