Native Daughters of the Golden West
California Pioneer Project
Surname Index - Ks-Kz

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LAST         FIRST                       VOL-PAGE
Kuchel       Conrad                       28-226
Kuchel       Conrad                       40-477
Kuchel       Henry                        28-225
Kuchel       Henry                        40-478
Kuchel       Henry                        49-128
Kuchenmeist  W. M.                        61-234
Kucich       Mary Elizabeth               18-200
Kuelp        Fred (Professor)             53-10
Kueny        Josephine Elizabeth           9-130
Kuenzly      John Jacob                   20-334
Kuepper      Aaron Burr                   40-479
Kuhen        Francis Marion               40-480
Kuhn         Anna Mathews                 50-252
Kuhn         Barbara                      49-41
Kuhn         Frank                        51-328
Kuhn         John Wm.                     30-450
Kuhn         Lena                         51-329
Kull         Elizabeth P.                  9-131
Kundert      Balthaser                     9-132
Kuney        William Griffith             40-481
Kunz         Peter "Frank"                68-149/s
Kunz         Christian                    40-482
Kuper        Bernard Theodore             40-483
Kupser       Bayott                       32-177
Kupser       John                         32-178
Kurtz        Emily Caroline               18-201
Kurtz        John C.                      47-425
Kurtz        Nahum Haynes                 18-202
Kusel        Bertha Heilbronne             9-133
Kusel        Edward A.                     9-134
Kusel        Edward Abraham               40-484
Kuster       Frederick (Keister)          32-175
Kuster       John                         31-463
Kuster       Louisa                       64-229
Kuster       Maria Weiss                  31-461
Kuster       Stephen                      31-462
Kyburz       Albert Burrows               67-334
Kyburz       J. D.                        42-47
Kyburz       Rebecca Sophia (Barber)      67-332
Kyburz       Samuel                       65-355/s
Kyburz       Samuel Elliott               67-333
Kyne         John                          9-135

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