Native Daughters of the Golden West
California Pioneer Project
Surname Index - Fs-Fz

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LAST         FIRST                       VOL-PAGE
Fuchs        Henry John (Fox)             27-121
Fuer         Leon Dennis                  37-491
Fugat        Eugenie                       1-355
Fugitt       Frances S.                   55-268
Fugua        Harrison                     51-217
Fulcher      Max                          50-99
Fullen       Catherine Turle               6-298
Fullen       John                          6-299
Fuller       American Ray Bidwell         35-448
Fuller       Carrie M.                    50-206
Fuller       Cora Whitney                 59-97
Fuller       Ebenezer Church              38-210
Fuller       Emma E.                      60-180
Fuller       Emmaline                     38-211
Fuller       Jerome Bonepart               1-356
Fuller       John                         48-148
Fuller       John                         64-280
Fuller       Oren Phelps                  38-212
Fuller       William Henry Harrison       38-213
Fuller       Wm. H. H.                    35-449
Fulton       Albert Linn                  17-425
Fulton       David                         6-300
Fulton       John Jack                    17-426
Fulton       Margaret                     52-354
Fulton       Mary Albina Lyons             6-301
Fulton       Robert White                 38-214
Fulton       William Linn                 17-427
Fuqua        Edward                       38-215
Fuqua        Edward F.                     6-295
Fuqua        Edward W.                    54-389
Fuqua        Francis Marion                6-296
Fuqua        J. W.                        66-231
Fuqua        Jacob                        38-216
Fuqua        Margaret Vaughn               6-297
Fuqua        Thomas Joseph                38-217
Furgerson    Henry                        38-218
Furlong      Mary Elizabeth Stemmerman    63-466
Furlong      Thomas Robinson              38-219
Furlong      William Newman               63-487
Furnel       Albert Smith                 38-220
Furrey       William Corbett              54-127
Furtado      John Francis                 20-172
Furtado      John Francis                 22-430
Furtado      Margaret Silveira            20-173
Furtado      Margaret Silveira            22-431
Fuselier     Sophie                       17-428

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