Copies of the Pioneer Roster Submissions can be obtained
by sending $4.00 per name to:

Native Daughters of the Golden West
543 Baker Street
San Francisco, CA 94117-1405

You must (NO EXCEPTIONS) include the following on a regular size (8 1/2 X 11") piece of paper:
  • 1) name of individual(s);
  • 2) the volume number in which each entry is found (if you are ordering multiple individuals please place them in order of Vol. and Page on your request);
  • 3) the appropriate page number for each entry;
  • 4) cash, check or money order (in the correct amount);
  • 5) a regular legal sized, self-addressed, stamped envelope (not simply the biggest you can find); and
  • 6) your e-mail address.

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