Historical and descriptive sketch book of Napa, Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino:

comprising sketches of their topography, productions, history, scenery, and peculiar attraction

Campbell Augustus Menefee

Napa City: Reporter Publishing House - 1873

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
CALL NUMBER: \MICRO-\FILM\115\Reel 11\Book 2152\ -- Book
CALL NUMBER: [CILC] M455 H5 1873 -- Book NC
CALL NUMBER: F866 .M57 1993 -- Book

Calif. History Room (Cases)
CALL NUMBER: 979.41 .M54 -- Rare Book
CALL NUMBER: 979.41 .M54 -- Book NC

Sutro Library (RR)
CALL NUMBER: \MICRO-\FILM\115\Reel 11\Book 2152\ -- Book

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Adler, Louis Sonoma
Alexander, Cyrus Sonoma
Allen, C. H. Napa
Amesby, J. N. Napa
Arnold, B. W. Napa
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Bailey, Peter D. Napa
Baldridge, Wm. Napa
Barnett, Elias Napa
Baxter, Wm. H. Napa
Biggs, E. Napa
Boggs, Gov. L. W. Napa
Boggs, Wm. M. Sonoma
Boyton, E. N. Napa
Brannan, Samuel Napa
Briggs, C. P. Napa
Brown, John Sonoma
Buford, Sim Napa
C[Return to Jump Site]
Carriger, Nicholas SonomaLINDA CARRIGER DILLOW
Carriger, Solomon SonomaLINDA CARRIGER DILLOW
Chamberlian, D. Sonoma
Chapman, Lyman Napa
Chiles, Col. J. B. Napa
Clark, A. G. Napa
Clark, H. Sonoma
Clyman, Col. James Napa
Cook, D. Sonoma
Coombs, Nathan Napa
Cornwell, G. N. Napa
Cox, A. J. Napa
Craig, O. W. Sonoma
Crouch, Robert Napa
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Davis, E. J. Sonoma
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Earl, Thomas Napa
Easterby, A. Y. Napa
Ellis, Ralph Napa
Engler, Matheu Sonoma
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Fling, George Freemen Napa
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Gillaspy, R. C. Napa
Goodman, James H. Napa
Grigsby, Cptn. John Napa
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Hall, Charles Sonoma
Haraszthy, Attila Sonoma
Haraszthy, Col. Agoston Sonoma
Hartson, Chancellor Napa
Heald, Samuel Napa
Hill, Wm. McPherson Sonoma
Hood, Wm. Sonoma
Hopkins, R. D. Napa
Hopper, Charles NapaVivienne Williams Hines
Hopper, Thos. SonomaVivienne Williams Hines
Horell, J. B. Napa
Horrell, Johnson Napa
Howland, J. H. Napa
Hudson, David Napa
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Ingraham, John Sonoma
J[Return to Jump Site]
Juarez, Cayetano Napa
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L[Return to Jump Site]
Latapie, E. Sonoma
Lawley, John Napa
Leavenworth, F. M. Sonoma
Long, N. J. S. Sonoma
Lubeck, C. W. Sonoma
Lyon, A. G. Sonoma
M[Return to Jump Site]
Mathews, John Sonoma
Mecklenburg, Jospeh Napa
Meyer, L. W. Sonoma
Montgomery, R. T. Napa
Morris, W. R. Sonoma
Morris, William Grouverneur Napa
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Nash, Wiliam H. Napa
Neblett, Edward Sonoma
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P[Return to Jump Site]
Patchett, John M. Napa
Pauli, G. T. Sonoma
Petit, A. P. Sonoma
Pope, William Napa
Powell, Ransom Sonoma
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Read, Wm. B. Sonoma
Ritchie, M. D. Napa
Robinson, Beeby Napa
Ross, Wm. Sonoma
Russell, William Napa
Ryenolds, Wm. J. Sonoma
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sears, Franklin Sonoma
Shaw, James A. Sonoma
Snyder, J. R. Sonoma
Stanley, Gov. Edward Napa
Stark, John S. Napa
Steckter, John Napa
Stillwagon, John W. Napa
Storm, Peter Napa
Stuart, C. V. Sonoma
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Thompson, Simpson Napa
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Vallejo, M. G. Sonoma
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Walker, A. B. Napa
Walker, J. P. Sonoma
West, Cptn. Robert Napa
Winter, Wm. H. Napa
Wright, Joseph SonomaKathy Anderson
Wright, W. S. M. Sonoma
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York, John Napa
Young, Elisha G. Napa
Yount, George C. Napa
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