History of Marin County, California:

including its geography, geology, topography and climatography; together with a record of the Mexican grants; names of pioneers; a complete political history; and biographical sketches of its early settlers and representative men; also an historical sketch of the state of California, in which is embodied the raising of the bear flag.

By J. P. Munro-Fraser

Alley, Bowen & Co., San Francisco - 1880

California Local History - Rocq - 4937

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Betty Reeves
A[Return to Jump Site]
Ables, Thomas J.Tomales483
Alexander, JohnTomales484
Allen, OliverNicasio431
Almy, JosephSan Rafel455
Anderson, William N.San Rafel457
Armstrong, W.Tomales484
Atherton, John WilliamNovato439
Austin, HiramSan Rafel457
B[Return to Jump Site]
Bailey, RobertTomales484
Barney, AiSan Rafel457
Barstow, Simon FitchSan Rafel459
Bassett, ThomasTomales485
Bean, AlexanderTomales485
Blake, Jeremiah LaddTomales485
Blankenberger, Adam E. F.San Rafel459
Bloom, JamesSan Antonio449
Boreham, GeorgeNicasio433
Bourne, L.Bolinas417
Boyen, HenrySan Rafel459
Boyle, Hugh A.Saucelito479
Bradley, A. F.San Antonio449
Bresson, JosephSan Rafel460
Brink, N. J.Novato439
Briones, PabloBolinas418
Brown, WilliamSan Antonio449
Buchanan, JohnTomales488
Bunn, GeorgeTomales488
Burbank, D. B.Tomales489
Burbank, Hon. George WiltonTomales489
Burge, GeorgeBolinas418
C[Return to Jump Site]
Cairns, Doctor JohnSaucelito479
Cheda, LouisNicasio434
Church, S. HTomales489
Clark, SamuelBolinas419
Claussen, HenryPoint Reyes446
Clayton, George FrancisSan Rafel460Kari Helton
Codoni, JosephBolinas420Fred Codoni Jr.
Crandell, Thomas B.Point Reyes446
Crandell, William O. LBolinas420
Currey, ThomasSan Rafel461
D[Return to Jump Site]
Davidson, Byard.San Antonio451
Davis, George W.San Rafel461
De Long, FrancisNovato439
De Long, Frank CoyeNovato440
De Martini, AndrewSan Antonio451
Deffenbach, Thomas BoileauSaucelito480
Dessart, John P.Novato441
Dickson, John CalvinNicasio434
Dickson, William J.Nicasio434
Dillon, George Tomales490
Dutton, Albert Warren Tomales490
Dutton, Geo. Washington, M.D. Tomales490
Dutton, ReedTomales491
Dutton, WarrenTomales492
Dye, Charles G.Saucelito480
E[Return to Jump Site]
Easkoot, Alfred DerbyBolinas420
Eden, EdwardSan Rafel461
Ehlers, HenrySan Antonio451
Elphick, HenryTomales493Ruth
Epbraim, Solomon.Tomales516
Estey, Thomas H.Nicasio435
F[Return to Jump Site]
Faggiano, J. B.Novato441
Fairbanks, W R. .Tomales493
Fallon, James L.Tomales493
Farley, James M.Point Reyes447
Farley, Robert K.San Antonio451
Filippini, PaulSan Antonio451
Freeman, William DariusTomales494
G[Return to Jump Site]
Garcia, JohnBolinas421Betty Reeves
Gardner, James H.Saucelito481
Gericke, AdolphTomales494
Gibson, John CharlesBolinas421Cheron Gibson
Gordon, Upton McReaSan Rafel462
Graham, JamesTomales494
Griffin, JohnTomales494
Grosjean, C.San Rafel463
Guay, John.Tomales495
Guldager, Hans HansenTomales496
Guldager, Louis HansenTomales496
Harrington, Jr., BenjaminTomales496
H[Return to Jump Site]
Harvey, JoelTomales496William L. Harvey
Haven, George S.Novato441
Hayden, AmaziahNovato441
Hayden, E. W.Novato442
Hechheimer, LeopoldSan Rafel464
Holland, Franklin WTomales497
Hood, George J.Saucelito481
Howard, CharlesTomales497
Hubbell, O.Tomales497
Huff, AbrahamTomales498
Hunter, JamesSan Rafel464
Huntley, JosephTomales498Cheron Gibson
I[Return to Jump Site]
Ingermann, AlbertBolinas421
Irvin, JosephTomales499
Israel, Ch. S.Tomales499
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jacobs, Francis J.San Rafel464
James, John TTomales499
Jewell, AlvaSan Rafel465
Jewell, OmarSan Rafel465
Johnston, Thomas MTomales499
K[Return to Jump Site]
Keys, JohnTomales500
Kinsella, RichardSan Rafel466
Kowalsky, Henry I.Tomales500
Kuhn, F. M.Saucelito481
L[Return to Jump Site]
Ladner, EdwinTomales501
Lamb, Timothy G.Nicasio435
Lang, F. H. Tomales502
Lauff, Charles AugustBolinas422
Light, ElishaSan Antonio452
Lindemann, CharlesTomales502
Losee, WelmanNovato442
Lucas, JohnSan Rafel466
Lund, Nes MadsenSan Rafel466
M[Return to Jump Site]
Magee, Richard R.Nicasio435
Mahncken, JohnSan Rafel471
Mahon, Edward BarrySan Rafel467
Manning, AndrewTomales502
Marshall, Alexander S.Tomales503
Martin, CharlesSan Antonio452
Mason, GeorgeSan Rafel471
Matheson, Alfred C.San Antonio452
Maybee, J. S.Novato442
Mayer, LeopoldSan Rafel471
Mazza, LuigiNicasio436
McCausland, JamesTomales505
McCausland, WilliamTomales505
McCleave, Henry PaddockTomales506
McDonald, DanielNovato442
McGreevey, WilliamTomales507
McIsaacs, Neil Nicasio436
McKennan, HughBolinas424
McMullin DavidBolinas424
Miller, FrankBolinas423Betty Reeves
Miller, JamesSan Rafel472Betty Reeves
Molseed,, RobertTomales503
Morrisy, PeterTomales504
Morton, EugeneTomales505
Murray, MichaelSan Rafel473
Muscio, DavidTomales505
Myers, David Novato442
N[Return to Jump Site]
Neil, JohnSan Antonio452
Nelson, JohnBolinas425
Norton, PatrickTomales507
Nowlin, James HTomales507
O[Return to Jump Site]
O'Connor, MichaelSan Rafel473
Osborn, LewisTomales508
P[Return to Jump Site]
Pacheco, GumescendoNovato443
Pacheco, IgnatioSan Rafel474
Pacheco, SalvadorSan Rafel474
Partee, B. F.Nicasio516
Pierce, Abram JewellPoint Reyes447
Pierce, WilburSan Antonio453
Plank, Fred. A.Tomales508
Polhemus, Henry D.Tomales508
Pratt, Frederick H.San Rafel474
Prince, N. J.Tomales509
Q[Return to Jump Site]
R[Return to Jump Site]
Randall, William E.Bolinas425
Randall, William JamesBolinas426
Read, John JosephSaucelito482
Redmond, John B.Novato443
Respini, JeremiahSan Antonio454
Respini, MicheleSan Antonio453
Righetti, A.Nicasio436
Rogers, Russell A.Nicasio436
Ross, JamesSan Rafel476
Rowland WilliamTomales510
Roy, JamesNicasio437Heidi Farmer
Roy, Thomas BNicasio437Heidi Farmer
Rush, Carl P.Novato443
Rutherford, R. MSaucelito482
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sale, William T.San Rafel476
Schlake, H.Novato443
Schlieker, FrederickNovato444
Scown, A. G.Novato444
Sebrean, John B. .Bolinas426Betty Reeves
Sedgwick, JohnNovato444
Severance, Ch. C. P.Saucelito482
Shafter, Hon. J. McKee.Bolinas515
Shaver, IsaacSan Rafel476
Short, J. O. B.San Rafel477
Siemsen, H. G. F.Tomales510
Smith, Charles E.Point Reyes448
Stinson, Nathan E.Bolinas426
Strain, HenryBolinas427
Sweetser, J. R.Novato444
T[Return to Jump Site]
Taft, E. F.Nicasio437
Thompson, C. T.Tomales510
Thornby, Thomas A.Tomales511
Thrasher, DavidTomales511
Tognazzini, G.Nicasio438
Tomasini, LouisNovato445
Tonini, PeterSan Antonio454
Tonini, S.Nicasio438
Tunstead, JamesSan Rafel475
Turner, Obed W.Tomales511
U[Return to Jump Site]
V[Return to Jump Site]
Vanderbilt, WilliamTomales512
W[Return to Jump Site]
Walker, Hugh Bolinas427
Ward, PorterSan Antonio454
Weber MartinTomales513
Weeks, Samuel P.Bolinas428
Whitaker, J. P.Tomales313
Wilkins, William WallaceBolinas428
Williams, Wallace L.Tomales514
Wilson, Allen T.San Antonio454
Woodworth AbijahTomales514
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Z[Return to Jump Site]
Zopf, HermanSan Rafel478
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