History of Mendocino County

Alley, Bowen & Co., San Francisco, CA - 1880

The biographies contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the biography commences. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Lewis Ruddick with the name of the book. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

Copies of the biographies can be obtained by sending $1.00 and a legal sized, self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Visalia Public Library
Annie Mitchell Local History Research Room
200 West Oak Street
Visalia, California 93291

You need to include the name of the book, the name of the individual and the page of the biography.

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Ackerman, Captain R.528
Albertson, F. C.625
Anderson, Della & Geo. P. 677
Angle, R.561
Anker, Berdotti Jarmine Gibson 678
Anthony, Josiah 679
Arthur, C. R.517
Asbill, F. M. 596
Asbill, P.595
B[Return to Jump Site]
Baechtel, H. S.579
Baechtel, M.579
Baechtel, S. S.578
Bailey, C.561
Ball, J. D.509
Barnard, L531
Bartlett, N625
Beattie, T. F.627
Beaver, G. B.528
Beaver, S.528
Beebe, Terry Dell 679
Beeson, Henry 681
Berry, J. L., Dr.529
Bevans, J. P.562
Biggar, George Milton 681
Bishop, Howard Samuel 682
Bishop, Joseph Howe 683
Bishop, Perry Oscar 683
Bowman, Andrew (Andy) 684
Bransford, W. L627
Bransford, Z. W.561
Brereton G. V.509
Briggs, M. C628
Broaddus, James Lafayette 685
Brown, E.528
Bruner, F.627
Buchanan, C. J531
Budd, E. R. (deceased)628
Burchard, D. W596
Burger, Alexander (Alex) Nathen 685
Burger, J. L.626
Burke, A.626
Burns, B. 580
Busch, J. G.562
C[Return to Jump Site]
Carlson, J. E.534
Carothers, T. L .629
Carpenter, A. O. 686
Carpenter, A. O.632
Cary, John749
Caughey, R.517
Chambers, J. K597
Chambers, T. S.597
Christiansen, Anna Sophia Maria 679
Christy, J. H.564
Cleveland, W. J.563
Clift, O.534
Clow (Klau), Henry Carl 686
Coates, Abner 687
Colbert, P.533
Colby, H.531
Colson, R. W.630
Compton, N. P. 563
Connolly, Patrick 687
Cook, James Clinton 688
Coombs, S. 532
Coombs, Silas 688
Cooper, J. A.634
Cooper, John 689
Copsey, D. M. 610
Corbett, Frederick William 690
Corbett,. M.597
Corrigan, J. S.533
Cox, E.631
Cox, Jesse 691
Crispin, Isaac Bonsell 691
Crockett, D. C.631
Cummings, J532
Cunningham, J. P.598
Cunningham, Patrick Joseph 692
Cunningham, W. W. 632
Cureton, William Edward 693
D[Return to Jump Site]
Dashiell T. W.564
Dashiell, Benjamin Franklin 694
Daugherty, B580
Davidson, A581
Davis, W. F.580
Day, B W635
Day, L T.. 635
Day, Orcenith Fisher 695
Decker, G. A. 581
Denman, M.518
Deuel, P. A .699
Dickinson, A.619
Diggins, C. H598
Dodge, L.619
Donoboo, M.535
Donohoe, J. H.636
Dozier, B. M. D.637
Drewry, Perry and Richard 696
Duncan, E. H610
Dunlap, J.L.599
E[Return to Jump Site]
Eberle, C. H.559
Ellege, W C637
Emery, Bertha Luce 696
English, C. H.565
English, W. P.565
Eversole, John Walter 697
Everson, A.(deceased)536
F[Return to Jump Site]
Faria, Francisco697
Farley, J582
Ford, Jerome Bursley 698
Forse, W. H.637
Forsyth, B. F.565
Foster, Arthur William 699
Fowzer, J. 639
Fox, B. B. .610
Friel, A620
Friel, J. 619
Fuller, William Frederick 700
Fulwider, W.582
Furlong, T. P.536
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gibson, A. J.641
Gibson, G. W.640
Gibson, R J.641
Gibson, T. J.640
Gibson,T. J. 701
Gilbert, W.T600
Gillaspie, H. L.642
Gobbi, D.639
Goforth, M. P566
Goranson,George 702
Gordon, A. 620
Gossman (Gassmann), Johannes 703
Gould, T. J.611
Gray, Charles Thomas705
Gray, J. S. .537
Gray, L . .537
Gray, Mark Dana, Sr.705
Gray, P. W.537
Griffiths, I. Y567
Grover, L. P.567
Gschwend, John II 706
Gschwend, Thomas Jefferson 706
Gschwind, J. 509
Guntly, Edward Lewis 707
Guntly, John 707
H[Return to Jump Site]
Hagans,, W A.645
Haile, J. S.649
Hall, A. W.538
Halliday, Joseph Crockett 708
Hamilton, C. C539
Hamilton, J. A.619
Handley, W (deceased)542
Handy, Percy West 710
Hansen, A542
Hansen, Jens 710
Hansen, P.540
Harrison, T W643
Heeser, A541
Heeser, August A. 711
Heeser, W541
Hegenmeyer, G541
Held, William 713
Hendrickson, Abraham 713
Henley, G. W600
Henley, T B.600
Henley, W.601
Henry J. R.612
Henry P643
Henry, G642
Heywood, W B519
Hiatt, E. M510
Hiatt, J. F. M612
Higgins, J. 611
Higgins, J. P.510
Higgins, W.642
Hildreth, Louis M. 714
Hildreth, W J.615
Hinshaw, N C644
Hoak, N E540
Hoffamn, J. P.644
Hofman, G 644
Hogshead, Dr. John Samuel 714
Holden W.646
Holliday, J. C.519
Hopper,, C. A567
Hornbrooke, S.601
Howard T.583
Howell, O612
Hoyt, S. S518
Huff, B. B. 613
Hughes, J. L.568
I[Return to Jump Site]
Ingram, Uriah703
Irish, H O511
Isaacs, Lucy Ann 718
Isbell, W650
Iversen, N.520
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jameson, William Franklin715
Jamison, J. A.651
Jarvis, Henry Herbert 715
Jefferson, A.543
Johns, J. F. 620
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kaisen, C. R.545
Kaisen,, B. P. R.545
Keller, John Jacob 715
Kelley, F.546
Kenney, J.546
Kent, Nathaniel Warren 716
Kent, W. H.544
Kimball, J. S.546
King, E. W. M.D 652
King, J. 544
Knowles, S. W511
Knox, J. A.613
L[Return to Jump Site]
Lacock, D.583
Lacock, D.583
Lake, A. B547
Lamar, J. B.675
Layton, F. B.583
Lenfest, E. G.548
Lepori, John J. 717
Long, Edward Henry717
Long, L. F.614
Lovell,, H. S. 602
Luce, C652
Luce, J. M652
M[Return to Jump Site]
Mahlman A. F.548
Mallory, Charles Benjamin 718
Markle, Bruce 719
Mason, G. T., M D.584
Mathews, J. R.604
Mazzoni, Leona and Richard "Dick" 719
McAbee, J. W512
McCanse, Samuel 720
McClellan, G W.657
McCloud, J. W.568
McClure, J. B.656
McDaniels, G. W.603
McDonald, A. (deceased)513
McGarvey, R. 653
McGee, H. P.569
McKay, Andrew 721
McMullen, S. W.524
McSpadden, J. W.511
Mewhinney, S.569
Mewhinney, Samuel 722
Michel, W., M D.603
Miller, W. R.621
Milliken, Dr. James Wallace 723
Montague, L. D.602
Moore, J. R.657
Moore, W. W.568
Morgan, R. H.655
Morris, J. W656
Morrow, J. J.657
Morse, J. G., M. D. (deceased)521
Morse, L. G. 523
Mosher, M. E., M. D.548
Moss, W.S. 621
Moungovan, Thomas 723
Moyle, W. (deceased)614
Munroe, J.549
Murray, J. D.549
N[Return to Jump Site]
Neece, G. W.658
Neil, C570
Niepp, F570
Nobles, Marion M. 724
Nolan, J.550
Norberry, John Edward 725
Nuckolls, J. N.570
Nunn, Sylvester 726
O[Return to Jump Site]
O'Niel, R. W524
Oppenlander, Charles Henry 726
Ornbaun, John Shipley 727
Orr, S658
Ottson, C. 550
P[Return to Jump Site]
Parsons, W. E.615
Peabody, H. A.656
Pease, C. B.525
Pemberton, B.570
Penderson, N. I535
Perkins, C. A 551
Perkins, Fred Hilman 728
Perry A. C. 659
Philbrick, Dudley Orville729
Philbrick, John C.729
Philips F659
Philips J. G659
Philips, J659
Pickle, George Washington 730
Pike, H. G., M D615
Pitner, D. G.661
Potter, E. W.661
Potter, E. W.661
Poulos Family, Paul 731
Powell, H. T.621
Prather, W514
Prather. C513
Prather, W514
Pullen, W604
Purdy, Carl 732
Q[Return to Jump Site]
Quinliven, D.571
R[Return to Jump Site]
Rawles R. H.514
Rawles, Austin Nathan (John) 733
Rawles, J.514
Rawles, Robert Henry733
Rawlison, J. G.584
Rea, J. N.605
Redwine, F. A604
Reed, Anna Morrison734
Reed, J. S.662
Remstedt, J665
Requa, A.585
Reynolds, Frank736
Reynolds, Harvey 737
Rickard, Wesley R. 689
Robinson, C. D526
Robinson, J. O., M. D.666
Rodgers, A. T551
Rodgers, J. T.622
Rodgers, J. T.665
Rood, I. C 664
Rose, James William738
Ross, The Reverend John Simpson 739
Ruddick, L. M. 666Lewis Ruddick
Ruddock, A. G.515
Ruddock, J. C667
Ruddock, Albert G.740
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sarowzki, J. C.555
Sawyers, Mountjoy King 741
Sawyers, Murvin Lee 742
Schlitz, C667
Scott, O. W 556
Seawell, J. H.670
Sefton, A. W.670
Severance, H554
Severance, H. 554
Shelton, James Knox Polk744
Sherwood, A. E.589
Shore, Thomas H. B.722
Short, J. R552
Silberhorn, C. T.571
Simpson, J. P.585
Singley, George H.745
Smalley, J. J555
Smalley, J. J.555
Smith, C. P669
Smith, G. C.551
Smith, J. (deceased)622
Smith, J. P.669
Smith, Mart T. .623
Smith, Michael745
Smith, Nathaniel747
Smith, T. H., M. D.558
Snuffin, A. 668
Snuffin, A. .668
Spaulding, F M.527
Standacher, J.558
Standley, H.615
Standley, J. M.586
Standley, Jeremiah M.747
Standley, William Harrison (Hal) 747
Stephen, W668
Stevens, I..555
Stewart, C. 622
Stewart, J. G.526
Stewart, M. H554
Stewart, T. J553
Stickney R 557
Stornetta, Raymond748
Switzer, G556
T[Return to Jump Site]
Talbot, Cyrus Grant 749
Talkington, J. C.590
Tallman, Alfred 749
Thomas, J. R., D.D.572
Thompson, A. W.672
Thomson, J. P.605
Tindall, Caswell Davis 751
Toney, J. O.590
Townsend, F. O.671
Townsend, J. 558
Tuttle, L. C.590
U[Return to Jump Site]
Updegraff, J.606
Upp, P. 591
V[Return to Jump Site]
Vann, T. S.576
W[Return to Jump Site]
Walker, D. W.617
Wallach, W.516
Walsh, T.560
Walsh, Thomas 752
Ward, George E. 753
Ward, J. A.618
Ward, J. D.594
Weatherby, Edward L. 749
Weller, Horace A. , Jr754
Weller, Horace A., Sr753
Westerberg, John Peter 754
Westerlund, Otto Wilhelm755
Wheelan, J. G.672
White, G. E.607
White, L. E.675
White, R.593
White, W. B.672
Whitesides, Mary Ann 679
Willard, H. 617
Williams, Eli Seth 755
Williams, G. R.560
Williams, John George 756
Willis, W. E606
Willits, H.592
Wilsey, David Crockett 756
Wilson, J. G594
Wilson, J. L.673
Wilson, James Henry 757
Wright, B.576
Wright, G. W.559
X[Return to Jump Site]
Y[Return to Jump Site]
Yell, A.674
York Family 759
York, Mabel Luce 759
York, R. H.516
Z[Return to Jump Site]

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