History of Tulare and Kings counties, California:

with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the counties who have been identified with their growth and development from the early days to the present

Eugene L. Menefee and Fred A. Dodge

Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, California (1913)

California Local History - Rocq - 15169

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
CALL NUMBER: [q] 979.48 M541 -- Book NC
CALL NUMBER: [q] 979.48 M541 -- Book

The biographies contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual designated with the (B) and the page number on which the biography commences. All other references are to the historical portion of the book. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

Please note that the list of names below is an "All Names" index meaning that it not only lists the name of the person for whom the biography is written but also the names of everyone listed in each biography.

To obtain copies please contact the Sequoia Genealogical Society at SGS for more information.

The names can be accessed by choosing the first letter of the individual's surname below or by scrolling down the list.
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Gage, Henry T.186
Galbraith, Eva Hunsaker554
Galbraith, George554
Gallaher, Laura Hess368
Gallaher, W. C. (B)367
Gallard, Frances Ann Smith677
Gallard, Matthew677
Gallard, Rosina Byron677
Gamble, D.184, 209
Gamble, David (B)770
Gamble, David210, 211, 212, 217, 770
Gamble, Edith771
Gamble, Florence771
Gamble, Katherine771
Gamble, Margaret A. Raisch771
Gamble, Peter650
Gamble, Raymond771
Ganes, Lena Smith474
Gann, Martha Johnson Whitworth Smith819
Gann, William86
Garcia, Francisca Silva653
Garcia, M. V.814
Garcia, Maria Clemente594
Garcia, Mariana Tavaz653
Garcia, Mike V. (B)652
Gard, George E.152, 153
Gard, Perry191
Gardner, Jacob738
Gardner, Martha E. Rice605
Gardner, Sophia Hewey Howeth738
Gardner, Sophia738
Garner, Daisy M. Knight368
Garner, Ruth E. Rourke523
Garr, Alice J. Frazier430
Garr, Charles N.430
Garr, Geroge430
Garr, James F.430
Garr, John W. (B)430
Garr, Martha430
Garr, Mary J. English430
Garr, William F.430
Garrett, Lydia Setliff470
Garrish, George102
Garrison, Emma Twaddle405
Garrison, Fannie Schimmel474
Garrison, Mary A. Rhodes576
Garrison, Phoebe Poe722
Garrison, S. J.33, 35, 164
Garver, J. B.783
Garver, Nita Salladay783
Garwood, J. F.209
Garwood, Mr.798
Gashweiler, Mr.127
Gaster, Ida Strong Findley840
Gaster, Stephen840
Gates, C. W.197
Gault, Emily Clement735
Gavotto, Carlo697
Gavotto, Henry697
Gavotto, Lucca697
Gavotto, Margaret Monteverde697
Gavotto, S. (B)696
Gavotto, William697
Gearing, R. F.658
Gebhardt, Dr.79
Gebhardt, T.209
Geiseler, V. F.192
Gemmill, Mary Elizabeth McAdam745
George, I. S.99
George, S. G.103
George, Susan H. Antrim841
George, W. D.841
Gerow, John184
Gerow, Martha Leavens675
Giannini, Aulrina561
Giannini, Dominico560
Giannini, Frank (B)559
Giannini, Louise Lombardi561
Giannini, Magdalelna Bolano560
Gibbons, Abbie Sears823
Gibbons, Clara E. Singleton546, 797
Gibbons, D.56
Gibbons, Deeming545
Gibbons, Deming41, 75, 545
Gibbons, Fannie E. Thompson546
Gibbons, Hiram E.546
Gibbons, Nellie Monroe546
Gibbons, O. E. (B)545
Gibbons, Pauline546
Gibson, E. J. (B)688
Gibson, E. J.184, 688
Gibson, Fred688
Gibson, Gertrude689
Gibson, Glenn689
Gibson, J. F.165, 491, 492
Gibson, Kate Simpson689
Gibson, Lucille689
Gibson, Nanny Alcorn688
Gibson, Rachel M. Stokes283
Giddings, Claude196
Giddings, E. E.79
Giddings, E.196
Giddings, Edwin163
Giddons, C. Fremont269
Giddons, Margaret M. Scoggins269
Giguerre, Frank562
Giguerre, Mary Renauddd562
Gill, Ada588
Gill, Adolph584
Gill, Austin406
Gill, Carrie Hickman584
Gill, Charles O. (B)587
Gill, Charles O.587, 686
Gill, Clemmie Anderson588
Gill, Eliza A. Harriman686
Gill, Emmett584
Gill, Ethel Crook538
Gill, Frank538, 686
Gill, Fred I. (B)584
Gill, Fred584, 686
Gill, John103, 165
Gill, Julia Anderson686
Gill, Lee (B)406
Gill, Lee406, 686
Gill, Levi L. (B)686
Gill, Levi Lukens406, 686
Gill, Louis686
Gill, Martha Sickles686
Gill, Maud Porter406
Gill, Maurice588
Gill, Ora686
Gill, Pruda M. Hodges686
Gill, R. P.29
Gill, Roy584
Gill, W. P.94
Gill, Will686
Gillett, James N.189
Gilliam, E. A.152
Gilliam, S. M.137, 163
Gilliam, Samuel691
Gilligan, Hugh847
Gilligan, John E.847
Gilligan, Michael (B)846
Gilligan, Michael T.847
Gilligan, Nora Broderick847
Gilligan, Nora Riley847
Gillispie, Sergeant26
Gillmer, Jane Henry Cartmill297
Gillmore, Adelaide Reed610
Gilmer, Rufus298
Givens, Bertha Blain534
Glascock, A. D.101
Glascock, A. H.93, 165, 852
Glascock, Maria Houston852
Glasgow, Harry H.724
Glasgow, Ina B.724
Glasgow, Iva m.724
Glasgow, John M. (B)723
Glasgow, Lena724
Glasgow, Maggie Henry724
Glasscock, A. D.101
Glasscock, A. H.93, 165, 852
Glasscock, Maria Houston852
Glassell, Mr.42
Gleason, Charlotte E. Vanderburgh580, 581
Glenn family,14
Glenn, Alexander489Carol Andrews
Glenn, Eleanor489
Glenn, Margaret Chatten489
Glover, Ettie Moody706
Glover, James Earl707
Glover, Louis N. (B)706
Glover, Virma707
Goad, Annie G.628
Goad, C. Odele DeBolt628
Goad, Frank A.628
Goad, J. E.628
Goad, John C.628
Goad, Mary Ellen Williams628
Goad, Pearl628
Goar, J.C.184
Goble, Andrew514
Goble, Catherine Reynolds261
Goble, Clarence514
Goble, Dora Arnett514
Goble, Gladys261
Goble, Ida Stoddard261
Goble, John261, 451
Goble, Louisa Scott340
Goble, May Arnett514
Goble, Reva261
Goble, William E. (B)258
Goldberg, Me.770
Goldman, J.426, 562
Goldman, Joe83, 135
Goldsmith, Bert186
Goldstein, Mr.217, 591, 599, 714, 798
Goldstein, Ralph310, 425
Goldthwaite, Carrie Wood751
Goldthwaite, John W.751
Gomes, A. P.209
Goodale, Carrie M. Miller361
Goodale, John C.361
Goodale, Mr.139
Goodhue, P.163
Goodhue, Peter35, 41, 129
Goodin, Nancy Kenney837
Goodman, T. L. B.145
Goodrich, G.E.188, 189
Goodrich, George E.184, 185, 186, 187, 190
Gordon, A. B.13, 99, 166
Gordon, Ellen M. West662
Gordon, George (B)370
Gordon, Margaret Wingfield663
Gordon, Presley663
Gordon, W. D.370
Gough, Anna P.567
Gough, Beulah Howard567
Gough, Elmo567
Gough, Ethel Tellyer567
Gough, Eugene567
Gough, Howardine567
Gough, Leroy567
Gough, Malinda J. Pemberton567
Gough, Ruby A. Montague567
Gough, William (B)566
Gould, Mr.284
Gould, Ruth Ballou464
Grabow, Anna640
Grabow, Ellen Donohoo640
Grabow, Esther640
Grabow, Fanny640
Grabow, Hans640
Grabow, J. (B)639
Grabow, Nancy Heger639
Graham, B. F.658
Graham, Ed852
Graham, J. W.184, 185, 186, 187
Graham, James A.216
Graham, John532
Graham, Joseph B.644
Graham, Mary J. Hunsaker644
Graham, Mary L. Burr532
Graham, Miss Houston852
Graham, Mr.98
Graham, R. M. (B)643
Grant, Fannie Lynch521
Grass, Mary Cundiff838
Graves, Ella Sellers681
Graves, Mary A. Clarke475
Graves, Nathan L.681
Gray, Dallas H. (B)759
Gray, Dallas H.330, 759, 761
Gray, Donly C.760
Gray, Emma C. Hurd760
Gray, harvey P.759
Gray, Kate J. Biddlle330
Gray, Katie761
Gray, Mary M. Cody537
Gray, Nellie E. Knutson874
Gray, Wheaton A.164
Green, H.100
Green, Jeremiah556
Green, Lillie F. Dunlap556
Green, Margaret Hicks549
Green, Sarah Roxanna Freeman641
Greene, H. A.189
Greensides, Mr.676
Greensides, Olive Byron676
Gregg, George B.214
Gregg, Sarah Hill718
Gregory, Bert Wiley725
Gregory, Fred A.725
Gregory, George725
Gregory, James G.725
Gregory, Levy N. (B)725
Gregory, Maud Fairweather725
Gregory, Nettie Patterson725
Gregory, Sarah J. Hill725
Gregory, Wiley B.726
Gregory, William A.725
Gribi, A. E.209
Gribi, Albert E. (B)673
Gribi, Alberta674
Gribi, Bertha A.674
Gribi, Edward A.674
Gribi, Eugene J.674
Gribi, Gerald E.674
Gribi, Marjorie674
Gribi, Mary A. Manning674
Gribi, Mildred674
Gribi, Otto R.674
Grider, Evea Phariss876
Griffin, Alice Baxley553
Griffin, Ann Esther Preston484
Griffin, Asa T. (B)484
Griffin, Benjamin484
Griffin, Bernard485
Griffin, George P.485
Griffin, James M.485
Griffin, Margaret Elizabeth Collins485
Griffin, Thomas485
Griffith, C. M.732
Griffith, Fanna Arreas439
Griffith, Frank (B)439
Griffith, Frederick440
Griffith, H.810
Griffith, Harriett A. Moore441
Griffith, Joshua439
Griffith, O. W.470
Griggs, Ethel Lorendo391
Griggs, Robison568
Grimsley, J. H.163
Grimsy, Miss Carter880
Griswold, A. E.544
Griswold, Alpheus E.545
Griswold, Edward544
Griswold, Elmer B.545
Griswold, Helen M. Trout544
Griswold, James C.545
Griswold, Lucretia Thompson545
Griswold, Matthew544
Griswold, May Anderson545
Griswold, Mr.317
Griswold, Oscar E.544, 545
Griswold, Oscar T. (B)544
Griswold, Perry191
Griswold, S. P.544
Griswold, S. Perry545
Griswold, Solomon544
Groff, Land Commissioner116
Gronen, T. M.71
Grove, Maggie Newman479
Grove, Marion479
Grove, N. H.773
Grunow, William156
Gubert, Charles148
Guerin, Amelia Jessie Cartmill447
Guerin, R. F.447
Guerrio, Father214
Guiberson, Claire412
Guiberson, Edythe412
Guiberson, Hazel412
Guiberson, Helen412
Guiberson, J. W. (B)411
Guiberson, Nellie F.Throckmorton413
Gulalrte, Manuel Silva776
Gulley, Catharine Neal813
Gulley, Victoria Stubblefield807
Gully, Azaela Setliff Nicholson470
Gully, Bryant470
Gully, Nannie Setliff470
Gully, Silas R.470
Gum, Maud Swall389
Gurnee, Adelia792
Gurnee, Brewster S. (B)791
Gurnee, Candace Wilbur792
Gurnee, Eugenia A Va Valer792
Gurnee, Mary M. Smith791
Gurnee, Mary Vincent792
Gurnee, Mathew791
Gurnee, Minnie Schimmell792
Gurnee, Walter F. B.791
Gurnsey, J. T.196
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Haas, Lewis196
Haas, Mr.615
Hackett, Belle Fickle765
Hackett, C. W.196
Hackett, E. H.765
Hackett, Elmer765
Hackett, Flora765
Hackett, G. H.196, 287
Hackett, Mr.686
Hackney, E. J.713
Hackney, Virginia Whittington713
Hadllely, Anson163
Hagler, Bessie Crawshaw630
Haight, Governor33
Halanan, James384
Halbert, Edward575, 576
Hale, Jim16
Hale, T.13
Haley, Elizabeth Carlisle776
Halford, CorneliaHolston787
Halford, D. Wrinkle787
Halford, Hester Coale787
Halford, Isaac T. (B)787
Halford, L. R.787
Halford, Sarah E. Knight582
Halford, Stephen D.787
Hall, Addie Templeton513
Hall, Adilla Plummer619
Hall, Albert A. (B)618
Hall, Annie671
Hall, Beryl619
Hall, C. J.209
Hall, Carrie Robidoux619
Hall, Charley151
Hall, Diantha Furman514
Hall, Eda Thomas488, 619
Hall, Edna513, 619
Hall, Eliza Jane Trigg671
Hall, Ethel513
Hall, Finis Trigg671
Hall, Florence513
Hall, Fred150
Hall, George Arthur671
Hall, George513
Hall, Homer79, 80
Hall, J. E.189
Hall, J. L.191
Hall, James Leroy671
Hall, John E. (B)513
Hall, John Ewell671
Hall, L. E.184
Hall, L. P.33
Hall, Leslie513
Hall, Lois513
Hall, Louis Edgar671
Hall, Lucy Virginia Holt671
Hall, Lulcy Ewell671
Hall, Margaret Bacon839
Hall, Mary Priscilla Cortner671
Hall, Neppie Jane671
Hall, Robert Vance671
Hall, Rozelle E.618
Hall, S. W.664
Hall, Samuel W. (B)671
Hall, Vesta513
Hall, Will153
Hall, William Fergus671
Hall, Wilson671
Halla, Ida Tompkins384
Halla, Jesse384
Halleck, Edward390
Halstead, Frank884
Halstead, Miss Rivers884
Halsted, Dr.256
Ham, I. H.81, 329, 392
Hambright, John788
Hambright, S. Ellen Homer788
Hamilin, Margaret Fowls336
Hamilton, Alexander609
Hamilton, Andrew389
Hamilton, Elizabeth Wilson608
Hamilton, Ethel May Berry696
Hamilton, Ethel Shippey499
Hamilton, F. G.696
Hamilton, Fred499
Hamilton, Harvey W.390
Hamilton, Hugh L. (B)389Chereda Hamilton
Hamilton, Hugh145, 389
Hamilton, Ida Butts483
Hamilton, Ida May Butts390
Hamilton, J. M.184
Hamilton, J. R.166
Hamilton, J.499
Hamilton, John49
Hamilton, Katherine Steuben741
Hamilton, Mildred Ferrill390
Hamilton, Mr.43, 398, 646
Hamlin, Benjamin, M.D. (B)335
Hamlin, Benjamin219, 335
Hamlin, Chloe E. Lewis445
Hamlin, Edwin445
Hamlin, Maria L. Wells336
Hamlington, Martha J. Dean583
Hamlington, Robert583
Hammer, E.713
Hammer, Pearl Ione Whittington713
Hammon, Isabelle Oakes853
Hammon, William H.130, 146, 363, 755
Hammond, John Hays130
Hammond, May Brown755
Hammond, Mr.43
Hammond, W. H.163, 428
Hammond, William667
Hampton, Floy I. Burke835, 836
Hampton, W. A.836
Hanan, O. B.708
Hanford National Bank (B)636
Hanford, James209
Hanker, Duncan515
Hanker, Florence A. Furman51
Hanley, J.209
Hannaford, Duke360
Hannaford, Ed.87
Hannaford, Edna Osborn360
Hannaford, George87
Hannaford, Laura360
Hannaford, Lura360
Hannah, Dorothy723
Hannah, J. A. (B)723Suzanne
Hannah, Kate Miller723
Hannah, Margaret723
Hansen, Carla M.653
Hansen, Christ S. (B)653
Hansen, Christ S753
Hansen, L.636, 667
Hansen, Minnie Fincher667
Hansen, Nora Hauschildt487
Hansen, Sene Nelson653
Hanson, J. L.836
Hanson, Margaret836
Hanson, Minnie Dreisback836
Hanson, Niss506
Hardin, Benjamin484
Hardin, Blanche Young484
Hardin, Melissa Barton483
Hardin, Norman483
Hardin, R. C.483
Harding, F. E.522
Harer, J. M.31
Hargraves, Charles M.496
Hargraves, Olive E. Baker358, 496
Harkness, Abigail Dodge307
Harlan, Mary Smith739
Harland, General835
Harley, Ellen Smith866
Harlow, J. J.209
Harlow, M. A. Mrs.217
Harmon, Addie F. Howard657
Harmon, H. R.66
Harmon, Mary Ward826
Harmon, Mr.74
Harmon, Nancy Scott340
Harmon, Sarah Barton483
Harper, Anna Hazleton Rhodes575
Harper, C. E.528
Harper, Charles575
Harrell, Andrew106
Harrell, Andrew106
Harrell, Barley106
Harrell, Clarinda Thomas742
Harrell, Jasper53
Harrell, Mr.35, 310
Harriman, Aaron A.686
Harriman, Eliza A. Gill686
Harriman, Eliza Mitten686
Harrington, Ben601
Harrington, Corporal26
Harrington, Ella Fraser Parker782
Harrington, G.134
Harrington, G.134
Harrington, Gurdon C.376
Harrington, Harriet B. B.13
Harrington, India Peacock586
Harrington, J. M.801
Harrington, Jesse191
Harrington, Jesse W.586
Harrington, Len150
Harrington, Mary Warren889
Harrington, Mr.111
Harris, Ben601
Harris, Corporal26
Harris, Ella Fraser Parker782
Harris, Gurdon C. (B)376
Harris, Harriet B. B.13
Harris, India Peacock586
Harris, J. M.801
Harris, Jesse W. (B)586
Harris, Jesse191
Harris, Len150
Harris, Mary Warren889
Harris, Mr.111
Hart, Amos793
Hart, Amos793
Hart, Belle Hartsell794
Hart, C. G103
Hart, Carrie Ellen Anderson458
Hart, Charles C.458
Hart, Charles E.794
Hart, Charles W. (B)458
Hart, Charles Weston458
Hart, Edward692
Hart, Edwin F. (B)793
Hart, Ethel C.461
Hart, Forest F.461
Hart, Frank R.741
Hart, Fred Miles458
Hart, G. A.70
Hart, Hazel Irene461
Hart, Helen Payne458
Hart, Helen461
Hart, Homer S.794
Hart, J. H.103
Hart, James V.794
Hart, John H.458, 794
Hart, John458
Hart, Katherine Steuben741
Hart, Kittie A. Tuohy458
Hart, Lila Conlee461
Hart, Martha E. Frans794
Hart, Miss Frans692
Hart, Mr.111-112
Hart, Ned741
Hart, Rebecca E.794
Hart, Ruth E.794
Hart, Sarah F.794
Hart, Sarah W. Logan793
Hart, Verna461
Hart, W. H. H.1.83
Hart, Weston C.461
Hart, William N.741
Harter, Alice Ratliff870
Harter, Isaac871
Harter, Matilda Parker871
Hartley, Edna Cutler420
Hartley, Henry103
Hartley, Laura M. Henley508
Hartsell, Belle Hart794
Hartzell, Maude E. Bardsley662
Hartzell, Mr.203
Hartzell, T. B.662
Harvey, Carrie F. Torrey531
Harvey, Catherine531
Harvey, Elizabeth531
Harvey, John W.531
Harvey, John William (B)530
Harvey, Nellie Dreisback836
Harvey, T. W.836
Harvey, Walter H.13-15, 164
Harvey, William H.11
Haskell, B. F.113, 115, 116, 117
Haslip, Mrs.381
Hastings, Agnes Limegrover720
Hastings, Colonel739
Hastings, Norma A.720
Hastings, U. G. (B)720
Haswell, Mr.149
Hatch, J. B.165
Hatch, Jeanette Ewing691
Hatch, Miss Cartmill297
Hathaway, Lydia Vaughn471
Hathaway, T. T.166
Hauschildt, Carl487
Hauschildt, John H. (B)457
Hauschildt, John H.487
Hauschildt, Nora Hansen487
Havens, Ira813
Havens, Nancy Murphy Phillips Wheelock813
Hawk, Elizabeth Zumwalt402
Hawkins, Jeanette Josephine Fowler398
Hawkins, John439
Hawkins, Martha Stayton647
Hawkins, T. H.165
Hawkins, W. E.163
Hawley, Alice M. Stevenson396
Hawley, C. H.771
Hawley, C. R.209
Hawley, Charles Richard396
Hawley, Clarence E.396
Hawley, Claude396
Hawley, Edgar L.396
Hawley, Hattie Bozeman834
Hawley, Lulu J. Van Vlear396
Hawley, Luther C. (B)395
Hawley, Luther C.395
Hawley, Ralph S.396
Hawley, Samuel Vincent396
Hawley, Victor C.396
Hawley, Warren834
Hawpe, John128
Hawpe, Miss Overall429
Hayden, George W.510
Hayden, Louisa Rodgers Richardson510
Hayden, Mr.392
Hayes, Anna B. Null749, 750
Hayes, Arthur838
Hayes, Austin877
Hayes, Carroll877
Hayes, Earnest750
Hayes, Edward750
Hayes, Fannie Fielding877
Hayes, Frank P. (B)876
Hayes, Frank P.876
Hayes, Harry425
Hayes, J. M.29
Hayes, J.187
Hayes, John C.425
Hayes, John219
Hayes, L. E.798
Hayes, Marlo877
Hayes, Marv Ferguson838
Hayes, Mayo877
Hayes, Nettie E. Mayer511
Hayes, W. P.189
Hayne, Elizabeth Swall849
Hays, Alice McAdam315
Hays, Ann315
Hays, Dorothy315
Hays, Floy Forbes315
Hays, Jeanette Bryan315
Hays, John Coffee131
Hays, John N. (B)314Marian Franklin
Hays, Lillie Mills315
Hays, Pauline Esrey315
Hays, Richard Upton315
Hays, Roy D.315
Hays, T. C.165
Haywood, Mr.317
Hazel, Elizabeth A. Sharp544
Hazelton, Mr.162
Hazen, General835
Headrick, Arna Walker596, 682
Headrick, Daniel (B)595Maureen Headrick-Harris
Headrick, Emory596
Headrick, Ivy Miller596
Headrick, Sarah Palmer Fry596
Healy, D. L.209
Hedgeland, J.212
Hedgepeth, George419
Hedgepeth, Sarah Blair419
Heffron, Helen Whitaker635
Heffron, William635
Hefton, J. D.191
Hefton, Marion851
Hefton, Miss Wilson851
Heger, Nancy Grabow639
Heine, Hester Weddle762
Heine, William762
Heinlen, J. R.196
Heinlen, John61, 219
Heinrich, Maria Smith863
Heislelly, Fannie Smith542
Hellman, Marco H.70
Hemphill, Iris Clark552
Henden, C. C. A.191
Henderson, Eliza McAdam744, 746
Henderson, Elizabeth Fisher733
Henderson, John801
Henderson, Mr.111, 112
Henderson, Nellie Malone217
Henderson, T. E.163
Hendrey, Isaac833
Hendrey, Mary White833
Hendrey, Miss Cleghorn834
Hendrey, Susan Boseman833
Henley, Ada Roberts508
Henley, Alberta508
Henley, Alta508
Henley, Charles509
Henley, Edith Bursell508
Henley, Laura M. Hartley508
Henley, Maud Wyer508
Henley, May Hoover508
Henley, Minnie Crabtree508
Henley, O. Floyd508
Henley, Stepghen E. (B)508
Henry, A. R.75
Henry, Albert42, 298
Henry, Jane Gilmer Cartmill297
Henry, Maggie Glasgow724
Henry, Oliver42
Henry, Rose Wilson613
Henry, Rufus298
Hensley, John449
Hensley, Margaret Murray449
Hensley, Sarah T. Murray449
Hensley, Sheriff150
Hermann, Bessie218
Herriford, J. G.196
Herrin, Daniel M. (B)506
Herring, Mary E. Barney553
Herrington, Jim119
Hesberp, P. F.13
Hesketh, Mary Byron676
Hess, Laura Gallagher368
Heston, Thomas M.165
Heusel, Bernice775
Heusel, Irma Tandrow775
Heusel, Jessie Peers775
Heusel, Mary L. O'Brien775
Heusel, Muriel775
Heusel, Nora775
Heusel, William F. (B)775
Hewel, A.748
Hewel, Blanche Miller748
Hewey, Elmer R.739
Hewey, John W.739
Hewey, John739
Hewey, Sophia Gardner Howeth738
Hewitt, E. E.29
Hice, Mr.100
Hickman, Anthony G.644
Hickman, Carrie Gill584
Hickman, David H. (B)644
Hickman, Eunice Dye645
Hickman, James O.210, 218
Hickman, Kathleen645
Hickman, Louisa Rose644
Hickman, Marie645
Hickman, Rita May645
Hickox, Joan Wright501
Hicks, Albert E.262
Hicks, Alice Payton549
Hicks, Allison262
Hicks, Benjamin (B)261
Hicks, Elizabeth A. March262
Hicks, Elizabeth Alles262
Hicks, Elwood262
Hicks, Gladys262
Hicks, Hannah E. Payton549
Hicks, Jewell262
Hicks, Margaret Green549
Hicks, Mary Jane Holloway262
Hicks, Mary Pearl262
Hicks, Mollie Adams549
Hicks, Nancy Thomas742
Hicks, Robert262
Hicks, Ruby Louise Blair262
Hicks, S. B.186, 210, 212
Hicks, Stephen B. (B)548
Higby, William303
Higdon, Alice Charlote307
Higdon, E.S.509
Higdon, Hattie M. Wright307, 352
Higdon, Ida Balaam758
Higdon, Newton Elliott307
Higdon, W. J.352
Higdon, William J. (B)304
Higgins, John T.705
Higgins, O. S.166
Higgins, Sarah A Fry705
High, J.R.187
High, John667
High, Nancy Fincher666, 667
Hight, F. R.210, 211
Hight, Frank R. (B)448
Hight, Frank R.433, 448
Hight, Harriet I.448
Hight, Helen I.448
Hight, J. J.433
Hight, Mary Williams448
Hight, Raymond448
Hight, Robert B.448
Highton, Uncle Dan 67
Hildebrand, Elizabeth Phillips778
Hill, Cynthia Reuk718
Hill, Elizabeth Newman310, 478
Hill, Florence A. Hummel796
Hill, Frances M. Carter880
Hill, George583
Hill, Henry718
Hill, James A.210, 218
Hill, James478
Hill, Jemima Kelsey861
Hill, Laura B. Dean583
Hill, Lawson726
Hill, M. A.196
Hill, Mary Ball718
Hill, Mary E. Hine882
Hill, Melvin A. (B)718
Hill, Mr.770, 865
Hill, Sarah Gregg718
Hill, Sarah J. Gregory725
Hill, W. H.156
Hill, William C.30
Hill, William Remington718
Hilliard, Abraham9, 14
Hilton, E.424
Hilton, Sarah Adams424
Hinds, Elsie F.358
Hinds, James R.358
Hine, John H. (B)881
Hine, Mary E. Hill882
Hines, Mr.857
Hinkle, Clara Ainsworth761
Hirsch, Leopold130
Hitchcock, Miss868
Hobbs, William B.13
Hobson, Peninah Hoskins540
Hockett, Benjamin F.848
Hockett, Caroline May540
Hockett, Deputy150
Hockett, Dora Scott849
Hockett, E. Barton849
Hockett, John B. (B)848
Hockett, John504
Hockett, Lena849
Hockett, Margaret McGee848
Hockett, Mr.35, 100, 559
Hockett, Robert Lee848
Hockett, William848
Hodges, Anna M. Homer788
Hodges, Harvey788
Hodges, John C.686
Hodges, Lydia Walker687
Hodges, Neelie J. Baker358
Hodges, Preston687
Hodges, Purda M. Gill686
Hoffman, Harriet Bertch482
Hogan, Mr.765
Hogancamp, Miss May504
Hogancamp, R. T.504
Holabird, W. H.204
Holbrook, Charles204
Holcombe, Elva Lewis Burke836
Holcombe, L. B.836
Holcombe, Mattie B. Wheeler646
Holiday, W. H.70
Holland, Bessie Murphy570
Holland, Percy570
Holland, Sydney570
Holley, C. H. (B)732
Holley, H. H. (B)732
Holley, J. B.75, 127,145
Holley, Mr.131, 147
Holloway, Elena Davenport607
Holloway, Mary Jane Hicks262
Holmes, Dr.290, 790
Holser, Lillie Alice Doyle801
Holston, Cornelia Halford787
Holt, Lucy Virginia Hall671
Holt, W. T.671
Holterman, Anna Meta Blackwedel403
Holterman, H. C.403
Holthouse, E. H.870
Holthouse, Elizabeth Madden Ratliff870
Holthouse, Henry196
Holtoof, Marie Mathewson625
Homen, Adelaide716
Homen, Alice716
Homen, Arthur716
Homen, Elvina716
Homen, Manuel R. (B)715
Homen, Manuel R. Jr.716
Homen, Rita Silva716
Homen, William716
Homer, Alice Rice788
Homer, Anna M. Hodges788
Homer, Anna Swank788
Homer, Carrol S.788
Homer, Catherine R Price788
Homer, Edward B.788
Homer, Joseph W. (B)788
Homer, Joseph William757, 788
Homer, Martha Balaam757, 788
Homer, Matilda Mehrten788
Homer, Richard788
Homer, S. Ellen Hambright788
Homer, Thomas788
Homer, Truman J.788
Hooper, J.W.81
Hoover, Aysha508
Hoover, Bert508
Hoover, May Henley508
Hopping, Mr.24
Horbach, Robert164
Horsman, Clarence E.540
Horsman, Henry C. (B)539
Horsman, Lydia E. Hoskins539
Horsman, Nancy E. Smith539
Horsnyder, Kitty Schrieber Warner624
Horton, I. R.651
Horton, Sarah W. Smith812
Hoskins, Alma Atwood802
Hoskins, Charles W. (B)802
Hoskins, Emma Brazill689
Hoskins, Howard A.803
Hoskins, Lydia E. Horsman539
Hoskins, Melissa D. Denny641
Hoskins, Peninah Hobson540
Hoskins, William540
Hough, family81
Houston, Andrew852
Houston, Blanche719
Houston, Bob32
Houston, brothers575
Houston, E. R.361
Houston, E. W.361
Houston, Ernest W.719
Houston, Everett R.719
Houston, Frances S. Chilson852
Houston, Frances Sebourn Black852
Houston, George W. (B)719
Houston, Grace S. Overstreet719
Houston, Howard G.719
Houston, James (B)851
Houston, Margaret I. Allen Oakes783, 852, 853
Houston, Maria Glascock852
Houston, May M. Miller361
Houston, Mina M. Miller361
Houston, Minerva A. Morris719
Houston, Miss Graham852
Houston, Miss Oakes852
Houston, Miss Robertson852
Houston, Miss Townsend852
Houston, Miss Wentworth852
Houston, Oscar C719
Houston, Sam852
Houston, Samuel T.852
Houston, Thalia852
Houston, William852
Houtaling, Sarah Hyde682, 692
Howard, Addie F. (Harmon)657
Howard, Alice Bass505
Howard, Beulah Gough567
Howard, Charles H. (B)657
Howard, F. B.165
Howard, F. L.184
Howard, John A.506
Howard, Mary ( )506
Howard, Mary (LeClert) Creighton LaMarche435
Howard, Melvin435
Howe, Albert P. (B)705
Howe, Albert Pratt520, 532, 705
Howe, Annie (Dibble)520
Howe, Carrie705
Howe, Chester M520
Howe, Earl705
Howe, Edith491
Howe, Edwin H. (B)532
Howe, Edwin H.520, 532, 533, 705
Howe, Edwin Orval533
Howe, Elizabeth (Stitt)491
Howe, Elvira (Comfort)705
Howe, Ernest520
Howe, Eunice705
Howe, F. E.184
Howe, Frank E. (B)519
Howe, Frank E.519, 532
Howe, Frank490, 520
Howe, Fred C. (B)490
Howe, Henry N.490
Howe, Herbert L.533
Howe, Lucile533
Howe, Maud (Burr)532, 533
Howe, Rebecca J. ( )490
Howell, Alma B. Work508
Howell, Angeline Work Hutchison507
Howell, J. W.507
Howell, John96
Howell, Lizzie L. Cann661
Howes, Cora (Yuel)496
Howes, Everett496
Howes, Forest496
Howes, Marion496
Howes, Ora496
Howes, Philip495
Howes, Ralph496
Howes, Thomas E. (B)495
Howeth, Byron738Lee Howeth
Howeth, Catherine738Lee Howeth
Howeth, Cornelius738Lee Howeth
Howeth, Edgar W.739Lee Howeth
Howeth, Eliza738Lee Howeth
Howeth, Elizabeth Thomas739Lee Howeth
Howeth, Fletcher738Lee Howeth
Howeth, Franklin J.739Lee Howeth
Howeth, Franklin738Lee Howeth
Howeth, Harvey738Lee Howeth
Howeth, Hazel LaBrague739Lee Howeth
Howeth, Jefferson738Lee Howeth
Howeth, John W.738Lee Howeth
Howeth, L. W.781Lee Howeth
Howeth, Lewis Washington Luke (B)738Lee Howeth
Howeth, Lucy Manter739Lee Howeth
Howeth, Martha738Lee Howeth
Howeth, Mary Lee739Lee Howeth
Howeth, May Smith739Lee Howeth
Howeth, Nancy ()738Lee Howeth
Howeth, Nelson738Lee Howeth
Howeth, Sarah738Lee Howeth
Howeth, Sophia (Gardner) Hewey738Lee Howeth
Howeth, Tandy B.738Lee Howeth
Howeth, Thomas A.739Lee Howeth
Howeth, Thomas738Lee Howeth
Howeth, William738Lee Howeth
Howison, Mary E. Fisher734
Howison, R. L.734
Howland, Annie E. Church492
Hoy, J. C.37
Hoy, P. A.209
Hoyt, J. N.184
Hubbard, Blanche C.(Baker)358
Hubbard, Charles F.358
Hubbard, Dr.335
Hubbard, Henry S.117
Hubbs, Arthur P. (B)786
Hubbs, C. W.771
Hubbs, Delpha786
Hubbs, Eva Elster772
Hubbs, Gladys786
Hubbs, James Robert786
Hubbs, Lawrence786
Hubbs, Minnie Elster772
Hubbs, Olla (Doty)786
Hudson, Celetha Kelly408
Hudson, Nancie Alma Slocum345
Hudson, Sarah Akin367
Huey, Miss ( )440
Huey, R. F.192, 440
Huff, A. J.209
Huff, Helen ( ) Davenport608
Huff, Mr.470
Huffaker, Elsie L. Dollner671
Huffaker, Frederick E.671
Huffaker, Harold P.671
Huffaker, J. Arthur671
Huffaker, Jacob V. (B)670Paula
Huffaker, Joseph Edward671
Huffaker, Mr.36
Huffaker, Palestine (Downing)670
Huffaker, William H.671
Hughes, Charles776
Hughes, Dave46
Hughes, Elizabeth Bagby494
Hughes, Fannie (Wilson)613
Hughes, Parthenia E. Aulman527
Hughes, Viola E. (Carlisle)776
Humes, Matilda Phelps790
Hummel, E. J.782
Hummel, Florence A. (Hill)796
Hummel, Minnie E. Kitchel796
Hummel, Nellie (Parker)782
Hummel, Thomas796
Humphrey, Mr.826
Humphreys, Samuel211, 213
Hunsaker, Eva (Galbraith)554
Hunsaker, Eva J. Singleton797
Hunsaker, I. B. (B)554
Hunsaker, Juanita554
Hunsaker, Mary J. Graham644
Hunsaker, Mary554
Hunsaker, Q. B.554
Hunsisker, Allen473
Hunsisker, Miss473
Hunt, Ella Logan Light320
Hunt, John L.23
Hunt, Nancy (Zumwalt)401
Hunt, Rockwell401
Hunter, Barbara Murray449
Hunter, E.29
Hunter, Hattie Rice606
Hunter, R. D.197
Hunter, William606
Huntley, Chester S.256
Huntley, John H. (B)255
Huntley, Mary Stark255
Huntley, Nina B. Willfard256
Huntley, Oliver D.255
Huntley, Willfard H.256
Huntling, Samuel163
Hurd, Emma C. Gray760
Hurt, Martha A. M. Shippey499
Huston, Anna N. Dean583
Huston, Elizabeth Townsend694
Huston, Robert583
Hutchinson, A. J.42, 87, 88
Hutchinson, Angelina Work Howell507
Hutchinson, Frank507
Hutchis, Mr.789
Hyatt, C.193
Hyde, Abram682
Hyde, Alfred682
Hyde, Christopher682
Hyde, Cuthbert693
Hyde, David682, 692
Hyde, Jeremiah D. (B)692
Hyde, Jeremiah D.682, 692
Hyde, John682
Hyde, Lawrence D.693
Hyde, Luella Burrel693, 704
Hyde, Mary Schuler693
Hyde, Mr.668, 798
Hyde, R. E.37, 101, 145, 147, 310, 329, 379, 697, 741
Hyde, Richard E. (B)682
Hyde, Richard E.682, 692, 860
Hyde, Sarah Houghtaling682, 692
Hyde, William682
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Indian George,168
Ingram, William196
Irwin, E. P.180, 181, 184, 185, 186, 196, 202, 209
Irwin, J. C. L.188, 190
Irwin, R.209
Irwin, Rowen186, 187
Isely, Mat128
Iseman, Meyer424
Isham, E. B.98
Isham, Ed97
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Jackson, F. E.152
Jackson, J. M.13
Jackson, Julia A. Knox257
Jackson, S. L.814
Jackson, T. J.580
Jacob, Annie M. Lowber281
Jacob, brothers74
Jacob, Clara Belle281
Jacob, Curtis278
Jacob, E.144, 202
Jacob, Elias (B)737
Jacob, Elias144, 320, 737
Jacob, Elizabeth Belle406
Jacob, H. Scott187, 188, 281, 405
Jacob, John H.406
Jacob, Judge181, 726
Jacob, Justin Manning406
Jacob, Justin176, 180, 181, 184, 185, 207, 219, 278
Jacob, Louisa M.281
Jacob, Mary Elizabeth Manning406
Jacob, Maymie Weddle608
Jacob, Mr.42, 100, 156, 361, 440, 589, 726
Jacob, Thomas140, 527
Jacob, W. R.165
Jacobs, Annie M. Lowber281
Jacobs, brothers74
Jacobs, Clara Belle281
Jacobs, Curtis278
Jacobs, E.144, 202
Jacobs, Elias144, 320, 737
Jacobs, Elizabeth Belle406
Jacobs, H. Scott (B)405
Jacobs, H. Scott187, 188, 281, 405
Jacobs, John H.406
Jacobs, Judge181, 726
Jacobs, Justin Hon. (B)278
Jacobs, Justin Manning406
Jacobs, Justin176, 180, 181, 184, 185, 207, 219, 278
Jacobs, Louisa M.281
Jacobs, Mary Elizabeth Manning406
Jacobs, Maymie Weddle608
Jacobs, Mr.42, 100, 156, 361, 440, 589, 726
Jacobs, Thomas140, 527
Jacobs, W. R.165
James boys790
James, Brigham24
James, D. B.21, 24, 64, 67
Jameson, B.414
Jameson, Catherine Watts414
Jameson, Clara Alice Askin785
Jameson, Doris417
Jameson, Edwin414
Jameson, Henry414
Jameson, Ida Roberts414
Jameson, Irving L. (B)414
Jameson, Lawrence417
Jameson, Lowell417
Jameson, Mada417
Jameson, Miss Board414
Jameson, Miss Bond414
Janes, Ora Carter880
Janes, William880
Jantzen, Dora Unger576
Jasper, Freda Von Helms462
Jasper, George (B)461
Jasper, James A.649
Jasper, Margaret E.649
Jasper, Mr.72, 631
Jasper, Myrtle462
Jasper, Sarah Frances Askin Ogilvie649
Jasper, Tillie462
Jefferds, E. M.166
Jefferds, F. G.165
Jeffords, Orrin194
Jenanyan, Alden569
Jenanyan, Clarence569
Jenanyan, Gladys569
Jenanyan, H. S.569
Jenanyan, Helena R.458
Jenanyan, Maude P. Pulsifer569
Jenanyan, Moses S. (B)568
Jenanyan, Vincent569
Jennings, B. W.601
Jennings, Elizabeth A. Davis601
Jennings, H. L.189
Jennings, Samuel14, 607
Jess, Stoddard197
Joannes, Charles63
Joaquin Jim,26
John, Augustus13
Johns, Mr.688
Johns, Z. D.209, 217, 218
Johnson, Fatty 93
Johnson, Picayune 92
Johnson, Adella C. Storey743
Johnson, Bertha A. Crocker818
Johnson, Bessie Smith866
Johnson, Cenio Carter880
Johnson, Christine Carlson347
Johnson, Clementine Adams845
Johnson, Dick536
Johnson, Edith Cochran730
Johnson, Edna Kelley817
Johnson, Elizabeth Bond445
Johnson, Elizabeth Sampson Clarke382
Johnson, Elizabeth845
Johnson, Elmo818
Johnson, Erwin166
Johnson, F. A.56
Johnson, Florence818
Johnson, Harriet Rhodes575, 817
Johnson, Hiram190
Johnson, Horace181
Johnson, Idena818
Johnson, J. H.424, 631
Johnson, J. L.575
Johnson, J. M.165, 166
Johnson, J. S.166, 276
Johnson, James L. (B)817
Johnson, James T.445
Johnson, James845
Johnson, John C. (B)844
Johnson, Joseph H.817
Johnson, Joseph S.845
Johnson, Katie819
Johnson, Lena Freeman642
Johnson, Louisa Dale845
Johnson, Maggie Wood477
Johnson, Margaret Gann Smith Whitworth819
Johnson, Martha A. Lewis445
Johnson, Martha A.445
Johnson, Mary A. Cason845
Johnson, Mary A.845
Johnson, Mary Clark867
Johnson, Mary Murray817
Johnson, Mary Stokes295
Johnson, Mattie819
Johnson, Mr.35, 795, 848
Johnson, Odessa818
Johnson, Ollie M. Colpien550
Johnson, Rebecca Allen845
Johnson, Roy N.477
Johnson, Ruth Risk844
Johnson, Sarah J. Allen845
Johnson, Sarah Shanks845
Johnson, Thomas E.88
Johnson, Thomas43
Johnson, W. M.103
Johnson, William R.845
Johnson, William Shirley844
Johnston, Albert sidney580
Joiner, S. M.209
Jones, Ada C. Turner623
Jones, Addie Mitchell804
Jones, Caroline E. wood477
Jones, Charles J.13
Jones, Dora Frans692
Jones, Edith Scoggins887
Jones, Edward C.804
Jones, Elizabeth J. King480
Jones, Hugh546
Jones, Idena Turner623
Jones, J. G.623
Jones, John W.868
Jones, Margaret P. Lewis Ramsey699
Jones, Miss Blain546
Jones, Nellie Fontana873
Jones, Nellie Williams744
Jones, Sarah Fenwick493
Jordan, Alabama McMicken331
Jordan, Alice L. Neill332
Jordan, Allen127
Jordan, Ethel V. Rowland332, 335
Jordan, Frank331, 796
Jordan, J. F.166
Jordan, James B.595
Jordan, John F. (B)331
Jordan, John F.147, 331, 428, 796
Jordan, John127,488, 559, 741
Jordan, Lulu B. Smith Shannon595
Jordan, Mary A. Courtner Thomas488
Jordan, Mary McAdam744
Jordan, Miss Cortner559
Jordan, Mr.43, 848
Jordan, Neill J.335
Jordan, Ray F.335
Jordan, Robert744
Jordan, Roxey Bliss796
Jordan, Tolbert127
Jordan, W. R.163
Joyner, Catherine Mabrey631
Joyner, Charles E. (B)630
Judd, Mr.542
Julean, S. H.725
June, Mehetable Atwell855
Junipero, Padre220, 221
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Kaehler, Alfred497
Kaehler, Ferdinand497
Kaehler, Ida Margaret Rodler Mrs. (B)496
Kaehler, Johanna Louisa Paschke497
Kaehler, N. M.497
Kaehler, Walter497
Kahacharian, Mary Melidonian354
Kanawyer, Cisly Collins640
Kanawyer, Cyril640
Kanawyer, Doris640
Kanawyer, Frances Robinson640
Kanawyer, Gertrude640
Kanawyer, Margaret Main640
Kanawyer, Margaret Ruth640
Kanawyer, Melvin640
Kanawyer, Napoleon P. (B)640
Kanawyer, Napoleon640
Kanawyer, Peter193, 640
Kanawyer, Thomas640
Kanawyer, Viola Blunt640
Kanawyer, Viola Frances640
Kane, Mr.480
Karsthorse, Louisa Steves684
Kautenberg, Margaret Barney649
Kay, E. W.165
Kay, Sheriff149,150, 152, 153, 743
Keeley, Mr.87
Keener, C.13
Keener, Emily S. Turner622
Keener, H. A.166
Keener, John D.623
Keener, Mr.35
Keener, Mrs. John108
Keeney, Mr.23
Keer, Anna Walker684
Keer, J. A.684
Kellenberg, Francis Jerome859
Kellenberg, Frank Guido861
Kellenberg, Frank R. (B)859
Kellenberg, Louisa29
Kellenberg, Louise861
Kellenberg, Minnie Rebecca Kelsey860, 861
Kellenberger, Charlotte E. Dineley766
Kellenberger, F. J.861
Kellenburg, Mary F. Brown755
Keller, C. F.113, 115
Keller, E. W.187, 188
Kelley, C. O.712
Kelley, Cecil691
Kelley, Charlotte817
Kelley, D. O.156, 214
Kelley, Dan801
Kelley, Edna Johnson817
Kelley, J. H.204
Kelley, Nira Ewing691
Kelley, Ora818
Kelley, Otis691
Kelley, William Lucius817
Kelly, Celetha Hudson408
Kelly, Clara E. Tomer341
Kelly, Dan111
Kelly, E. J.606
Kelly, H. C.525
Kelly, J. R.146
Kelly, Lulu Dockstader525
Kelly, Lulu E. Reeves408
Kelly, Mary J. Sparks411
Kelly, Mr.128, 552
Kelly, Samuel A.408
Kelly, Samuel W. (B)408
Kelly, Walter341
Kelsey, Abner861
Kelsey, H. W.766
Kelsey, Harlan W.861
Kelsey, Hiram (B)861
Kelsey, Isadora May Butz861
Kelsey, Jemima Hill861
Kelsey, John W.861
Kelsey, John861
Kelsey, Minnie R. Kellenberg860, 861
Kelsey, Miss Dineley766
Kelsey, Nancy Purdy861
Kelso, Iantha A. Cooke806
Kelson, John Russell806
Kemp, Clarence782
Kemp, Miss Parker782
Kendall, C. E.187
Kennedy & Robinson (B)455
Kennedy, Mr.455, 798
Kenney, Bruce R.837
Kenney, Ebie837
Kenney, Goldie837
Kenney, Ida837
Kenney, J. H.30
Kenney, James D.837
Kenney, Laverne837
Kenney, Lotta Scott837
Kenney, Lucinda157
Kenney, Nancy Goodin837
Kenney, Ralph837
Kenney, Samuel L. (B)837
Kenney, Thomas117
Kenney, Wroten837
Kent, Amanda Carter880
Kent, Elsie Carter880
Kent, Newton880
Kenyon, Mr.774
Keran, A. P.180
Kern, Berintha Raney883
Kerr, William196, 347
Kessell, Winifred Blaswick478
Ketchem, Mr.17
Ketchum, L. R.36
Kibler, Mr.728
Kiggens, W. B.86
Kilpatrick, F. E.213
Kilpatrick, Frank E.190
Kilpatrick, Mr.770
Kilroy, Orral98
Kimball, Charles A.636
Kimball, H. C.789
Kimball, Hiram519
Kimball, Hugh A.789
Kimball, J. C.602
Kimball, Katharine519
Kimball, Lucy Coolidge519
Kimball, Raymond C789
Kimball, S. C. (B)789
Kincaid, Alice Weddle520
Kincaid, Ava L.520
Kincaid, Bessie I.520
Kincaid, Edith520
Kincaid, Erma A.520
Kincaid, Gertrude A.520
Kincaid, Harold R.520
Kincaid, James A.520
Kincaid, Mary B.520
Kincaid, Mary Bibbins520
Kincaid, Roland L. (B)520
Kiner, Clara E.841
Kiner, Denzelle841
Kiner, Elsie841
Kiner, Fred841
Kiner, Harold841
Kiner, Mary Findley841
King, A. D.210
King, Arthur D.210
King, Charles W.769
King, Charles209, 331
King, Daniel B.769
King, Elizabeth J. Jones480
King, Ethel F.481
King, George G.769
King, George W.209
King, Helen B.481
King, James W.480
King, John T.769
King, L. B.358
King, Lauris M.481
King, Lowery B. (B)480
King, Lowery B.358, 480
King, Martha A. Baker358, 481
King, Mary Ann Fine769
King, Mattie Baker481
King, S. B.769
King, S. Frank769
King, Sands E.481
King, William W.769
Kinkade, Benjamin Harrison816
Kinkade, Evid M.816
Kinkade, harriet Anderson816
Kinkade, Jessie Bertha816
Kinkade, Jessie Lauders816
Kinkade, Milton816
Kinkade, Squire H. (B)815
Kinney, Abbott347
Kinney, Iraq693
Kipp, Elizabeth Crook537
Kirby, Ella Thomas500
Kirk, James49
Kirk, R.189
Kirkland, Missouri A. Bacon8131
Kirkland, W. L.166
Kirkman, George W.49
Kirkman, Jane Fisher722
Kirkpatrick, Henry80
Kirkpatrick, Mrs.80
Kitchel, Aleysana Webster795
Kitchel, Elmer L. (B)795Aaron
Kitchel, Elmer W.796
Kitchel, George796
Kitchel, Hattie796
Kitchel, James795
Kitchel, Minnie E. Hummel796
Kitchel, Ralph796
Klein, Mr.142
Klindera, Annie697
Klindera, Ethel Thomas500, 698
Klindera, G. W.697
Klindera, John (B)697
Klindera, John500, 697
Klindera, Lillie Tribau697
Klindera, Martie698
Klindera, Robert697
Knapp, Miss Robinson820
Kneeland, Agnes Wilson696
Kneeland, Eugene S.696
Kneeland, Francis F.696
Kneeland, Joel (B)696
Kneeland, Joel M.696
Kneeland, Mary O.696
Kneeland, Willis W.696
Knestric, C. L.269
Knestric, Nettie Scoggins296
Knierr, Albert (B)694
Knierr, Alberta695
Knierr, Annie Rjowan695
Knierr, Byron695
Knierr, Francisco695
Knierr, Marcella Rowan695
Knierr, Marcella695
Knight, Alice Cristen582
Knight, Daisy M. Garner368
Knight, Elizabeth Worthley582
Knight, Harvey582
Knight, James H.581
Knight, Laura582
Knight, Mary M Worley581
Knight, Mr.381
Knight, Sarah E. Halford582
Knight, U. G. (B)368
Knight, Wallace582
Knight, Warren Walter582
Knight, Zenias (B)581
Knight, Zenias581, 582
Knoble, Mr.100
Knoll, B. L.215
Knowell, Mr.798
Knowles, Frank342
Knowlton, E. G.258
Knowlton, Juulia M. Bartlett680
Knowlton, S. J. Knox258
Knox, Christina Thompson258
Knox, D. J.257
Knox, Ella H. Smith258
Knox, G. W.800
Knox, George W. (B)256
Knox, George257
Knox, Julia A. Jackson257
Knox, S. J. Knowlton258
Knox, Sydney215
Knox, Walter DeF258
Knudson, Mr.353
Knupp, Benora511
Knupp, Eunice Margureite Richardson511
Knupp, Miss Cutler420
Knupp, V. D.420
Knupp, Wilko Cutler511
Knutson, Albert E.873
Knutson, Charles873
Knutson, Cynthia Clawson873
Knutson, Esther N.874
Knutson, Henry E.873
Knutson, Ira801
Knutson, Iver (B)873
Knutson, James E.873
Knutson, Joseph F.873
Knutson, Miss Clarkson873
Knutson, Mr.111
Knutson, Nellie E. Gray874
Knutson, Thelma L.874
Knutson, William O.873, 874
Kohler, Carrie Tomer341
Kraft, Mr.100
Kreyenhagen, Charles433
Kuhn, A. C.72, 140
Kuntz, Frances Donager638
Kuntz, Mr.770
Kurts, John196
Kuss, P. N.115
Kutner, A.204
Kutner, Mr.217,591, 714, 798
Kyle, Alvin J.395
Kyle, Florence Owens395
Kyle, Forrest395
Kyle, Ruth395
Kyle, T. W. (B)392
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La Brague, Hazel howeth739
LaBrague, Hugh739
Lafever, Andrew J. (B)808
Lafever, Catherine Trullinger811
Lafever, Elizabeth Roberts808, 809
Lafever, Henry C.810
Lafever, Henry808
Lafever, John808
Lafever, Lucy Barbankez808
Lafever, William808, 809
LaFortune, M. C.209
LaMarche, Bernie436
LaMarche, Joseph (B)434
LaMarche, Joseph F.436
LaMarche, Joseph434, 477, 595
LaMarche, Julia LaMare434
LaMarche, Mary LeClert Creighton Howard435
LaMare, Mary LaMarache434
LaMarsna, Eber H. (B)673
LaMarsna, Eber H.673, 700
LaMarsna, Ella700
LaMarsna, G. C.700
LaMarsna, Jeffery J. (B)699
LaMarsna, Jeffery J.673, 699
LaMarsna, John Walter700
LaMarsna, Maria Clough700
LaMarsna, Nellie Barnes673
Lamberson, C. G.165, 203
Lamberson, Frank165
Lamberson, G. C.766
Lamberson, Miss Dineley766
Lambert, Jeremiah194
Lambkin, J. B.98
Lamerick, General395
Lander, Helena Bassett717
Landers, Alice Campbell428
Landis, Sallie M. Biddle319
Landsdowne, Joseph O.880
Landsdowne, Sarah A. Carter880
Lane, Andrew806
Lane, Charles D.338
Lane, Franklin K.188
Lane, Mr.8
Lane, Sarah A. Cooke806
Laney, Archie F. (B)565
Laney, George W.565
Laney, Octavia Retherford565
Langdon, W. H.189
Langwith, Andy841
Langwith, Luella Antrim841
LaPort, Troy Estes652
LaPort, Van652
LaPort, Wythal652
Large, James471
Large, May Smith471
Larish, H.219
Larkins, E. O.164
Larson, Gracie Leavens675
Larson, Hans581
Larson, Jessie B. Burnham581
Larson, Julius675
Latham, Charles189
Latham, Jennie G. Montgomery288
Lathrop, Clementine Dowdney288
Lathrop, Ezra (B)288
Lathrop, Ezra288, 380
Lathrop, Gilead P.288
Lathrop, Lena DeVine Ayer290
Lathrop, Martha Adeline Bauman290, 380
Lathrop, Mary Ellen Brown288
Lathrop, Matilda Eveline Sturgeon290, 711
Lathrop, Perrin288
Lathrop, Virginia Blake290
Lathrop, William288
Lathrope, Mrs.790
Latin, Mrs.790
Lauders, Jessie Kinkade816
Lawless, B. B.29
Lawless, Bert128
Lawless, Burd29
Lawless, Charles59
Lawless, Louisa Mills748
Lawless, Pike128
Lawless, R. B.29
Lawrence, A. J.13, 163
Lawrence, Daniel W.244
Lawrence, James H.29
Lawrence, Samuel C.244
Lawresten, Jean Burke836
Lawson, Charlotte M. Noble275
Lawson, L. C.526
Lawson, Miss526
Lawson, Peter809
Leach, John H. (B)753
Leach, Letty Smith471
Leach, Livonia Smith471
Leach, Louisa Lewis753
Leach, Mamie E.753
Leach, William A.471
Leach, William S.753
Leavens, Alice Fees675
Leavens, Bert F.675
Leavens, Edgar R.675
Leavens, Euphemia675
Leavens, Frank675
Leavens, Frederick R.675
Leavens, Georgia A. Culberson675
Leavens, Goldie E. Rader675
Leavens, Gracie Larson675
Leavens, Helen Bordman675
Leavens, Louis A.675
Leavens, Louis675
Leavens, Martha Gerow675
Leavens, Peter (B)675
Leavens, Walter675
Leavens, William A. (B)675
Leavens, William Gordon675
LeClert, Mary Howard Creighton LaMarche435
LeClert, Mary Sims435
LeClert, Theodore435
Lee, Anderson W. (B)816
Lee, Charles487
Lee, Emma352
Lee, James W.750, 817
Lee, Joseph487
Lee, Lilly M.750, 817
Lee, Mary Dumont487
Lee, Mary Ellen Null749, 750, 817
Lee, Mary Z.750, 817
Lee, Miss Smith Daly486, 487
Lee, Ruby E.750, 817
Lee, William486
Leebon, Annie Anderson548
Leebon, Carl Edward548
Leebon, John A. (B)547
Leebon, Oscar William548
Leeds, J. S.203
Leibsher, Alva885
Leibsher, Ida Scoggins885
Lemon, Laura217
Lemos, Andrea777
Lemos, Bento777
Lemos, Frank777
Lemos, John B.777
Lemos, John777
Lemos, Joseph777
Lemos, Manuel B. (B)776
Lemos, Manuel777
Lemos, Maria Clara Cardoza777
Lemos, Mary777
Lemos, Tony777
Lenell, Grace Turner623
Leoni, Lena Onesti665
Leoni, Leo (B)665
Leoni, Milton665
Leoni, Verna665
Lesley, Jeb810
Letcher, Mr.203
Lever, J. C.793
Levey, Mr.773
Levinson, H.165
Levinson, Harry146
Levis, A.732
Levis, Mr.43
Levison, Mr.795
Levy, Julius37
Levy, Simon424
Lewis, A.310
Lewis, Charles445
Lewis, Chloe E. Hamlin445
Lewis, D. W. (B)707
Lewis, George S.445
Lewis, Ida M. DeLaGrange847
Lewis, J. B.184, 185
Lewis, J. F.165
Lewis, L. B.13
Lewis, Louise Leach753
Lewis, M. B.11
Lewis, Margaret Clark707
Lewis, Margaret P. Jones Ramsey699
Lewis, Rosa Wann445
Lewis, Ruby Beare445
Lewis, Thomas (B)445
Ley, Andrew852
Ley, Effie Smith853
Ley, John E.853
Ley, Joseph (B)852
Ley, Martin M.853
Ley, Mary Steinmetz852
Ley, Mary Volf853
Ley, May Applegate853
Ley, Oliver853
Ley, Rose Ann853
Ley, Susan A.853
Liggett, Nancy Stokes283
Light, Ella Hunt Logan320
Light, H. J. (B)320
Light, H. J.186, 320
Light, H. L.191
Light, Miss Smith323
Light, Rrobert Denny323
Light, Swinton320
Light, Tespan320
Light, Theodore323
Light, William Kings323
Lillie, Mr.710
Lillis, S. C.204
Limegrover, Agnesastings720
Lincoln, Abraham28, 30, 33
Lindsey, Charles F.271
Lindsey, Eliza Fine271
Lindsey, Margaret Wright500
Lindsey, Miss Frasier271
Lindsey, T.103Shanna Lindsey
Lindsey, Tipton (B)270Shanna Lindsey
Lindsey, Tipton101, 109, 145, 163, 164, 270, 281Shanna Lindsey
Lindsley, C. S.156
Linn, William96, 97
Linsley, C. S.214
Lipscomb, D. S.166
Lisle, E.213
Listman, F. A.436
Listman, Lula Fitzsimons435
Little, R. A.773
Lively, Joseph166
Livingston, Captain23
Livingston, Mr.157
Llewelyn, Mary A. Dibble516
Llewelyn, Sue Shoemaker472
Lloyd, Eleanor Coker729
Lloyd, Isabella215
Lloyd, May DeMasters728
Locey, L.166
Lockley, E. B.155
Logan, Dr.733
Logan, Ella Hunt Light320
Logan, John A.733, 835
Logan, Sarah W. Hart793
Lois, Minnie F. Wilson714
Loman, Emma527
Lombardi, Louise Giannini561
Long, G. E.163
Long, W. A.181, 184, 185, 202
Loraine, Jenevieve Brown759
Lord, E.209, 210
Lorendo, Agnes391
Lorendo, Albert391
Lorendo, Alfred391
Lorendo, Cyril391
Lorendo, Elizabeth Ruch391
Lorendo, Ellen Fisher391
Lorendo, Ethel Griggs391
Lorendo, Gideon (B)391
Lorendo, Jane L. Bounty391
Lorendo, Jessie Woods391
Lorendo, Josephine Thomas391
Lorendo, Locadie Delcours391
Lorendo, Louisa391
Lorendo, Lulu Beggs391
Lorendo, Minnie391
Lorendo, Napoleon391
Lorendo, Pearl Uslis391
Lorendo, Peter391
Lorendo, Philip391
Lorendo, William391
Lorenz, Jack36, 101
Loucks, Geo. P. Hon. (B)821
Loucks, Sara B. Sears822
Lovejoy, Justin Otis81
Lovelace, Arminta Stallard631
Lovelace, Byron O. (B)396
Lovelace, Byron O.396, 632
Lovelace, Byron165
Lovelace, Charles P.632
Lovelace, Clay632
Lovelace, Dora Antrim841
Lovelace, Eula Simmons397
Lovelace, Helen Schilchting397, 632
Lovelace, John Almer632
Lovelace, John W.631
Lovelace, John57
Lovelace, Joseph W. (B)631
Lovelace, Joseph W.397, 631
Lovelace, L. M.166, 219
Lovelace, Lee632
Lovelace, Lillian Josephine632
Lovelace, M.591, 592
Lovelace, Martin F.632
Lovelace, Max165
Lovelace, Mollie M. Brown272, 632
Lovelace, Mr.655
Lovelace, Nathaniel F.632
Lovelace, Walter632
Lovelace, Willis R.632
Lovin, Sheriff97
Lowber, Annie M. Jacobs281
Lowe, Carrie W. Phillips778
Lowe, L. L.778
Lowery, L.196
Lown, Mr.108
Lucas, Annie Clarkson616
Luce, Eugene A. (B)792
Luce, Mary E.793
Luce, Miss Metcalf793
Lucier, L.499
Lucier, Mr.392, 773
Luck, Martha Reinhart557
Lumley, A. M.165
Lundt, G. T.368
Luther, Martin348
Lux, Mr.461, 818
Lyman, Grace Newman480
Lyman, Henry J.480
Lynch, Fannie Grant521
Lynch, Michael M. (B)521
Lynn, Jennie M. Ragle609
Lynn, Mr.593
Lynn, William F.609
Lynn, William22
Lyon, Early13, 165
Lyons, Mr.96
Lytle, Sarah J. Stokes295
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Mabrey, Catherine Joyner631
MacClave, Maria White302
Macfarlane, Harry C.778
Macfarlane, John129
Macfarlane, Mary Sevier778
Macfarlane, W. C. (B)778
Machado, Ida498
Machado, Joseph498
Machado, Louisa498
Machado, Manuel I. (B)497
Machado, Mary Barrerio498
Machado, Rosa M. Sauza498
Machado, Rose498
Machado, Sarah498
Machado, Vivian498
Mack, J. J.726
Mack, W. H.86
Mackersie, (see McKersie)
Mackersie, Alice Maud Bacon832M. (MacKersie) Durgan
Mackersie, Gerald Edward832M. (MacKersie) Durgan
Mackersie, William Kenneth832M. (MacKersie) Durgan
Mackersie, William832M. (MacKersie) Durgan
Mackey, C. E.49
Mackey, J. G.181
Madary, M. R.791
Madden, Elizabeth Ratcliff Holthouse870
Madden, Michael870
Maddox, Ben M. (B)362
Maddox, Ben M. Jr.363
Maddox, Ben M.54, 130, 146, 362
Maddox, Charles616
Maddox, Dickson F.363
Maddox, Evalina J. Farnsworth363
Maddox, George B. T.362
Maddox, Hazel C.363
Maddox, May Clarkson616
Maddox, Morley M.363
Maddox, Ruth E.363
Maddox, Sarah Dickson362
Mades, Mary Turner623
Magana, Juan98
Magary, Mr.100
Magee, Thomas204
Mahaffey, Louise Abbott535
Mahaynes, Sassie Webb826
Mahle, Anna Blaswick478
Mahon, Judge212
Main, Margaret Kanawyer640
Majors, Amador H.241
Majors, Anna L. Arkle241
Majors, Caroline Arkle241
Majors, Celestia J.241
Majors, Columbus P. (B)241
Majors, Eva Sadler241
Majors, John P.241
Majors, John35
Majors, Mary C. Owen241
Majors, Miss McCabe241
Malcolm, Mr.309
Malone, J. H.30, 183, 209, 210
Malone, John H.179
Malone, Mr.770
Malone, Nellie Henderson217
Malott, Helen Bassett718
Malott, J.718
Manasse, J.209, 218
Manasse, James187, 210
Manasse, Mr.770
Manheim, E. E.204, 207, 209
Mankins, Ella M. Stayton647
Mankins, J. B.107
Mankins, J. H.107
Mankins, Revecca Stokes296
Manning, James191
Manning, Lola Richardson639
Manning, Mary A. Gribi674
Manning, Mary Elizabeth Jacobs406
Manning, T. A.406
Manter, H.W.739
Manter, Lucy Howeth739
Mapes, A. S.219
March, Elizabeth A. Hicks262
March, John152
March, Robert722
Marchant, John242
Mardis, Alice362
Mardis, Anna362
Mardis, Claudine362
Mardis, Josephine Collins362
Mardis, Lucy Bunton362
Mardis, Oliver P. (B)361
Mardis, Oliver362
Markham, Alice Fisher734
Markham, Gov. H. H.179
Markham, Governor879
Marks, Cora Rice373
Marksbury, Ellen Osborn360
Marlow, Eliza Robison567
Marriott, Joseph485
Marsh, J. B.13
Marsh, Jacob196
Marshall, Elizabeth Parker391
Marshall, John221
Marshall, Lionel W. (B)390
Martin, A. H.209
Martin, Cordelia Ferguson838
Martin, E.856
Martin, Fletcher838
Martin, J. M.163, 164
Martin, James J.113, 115, 116, 117
Martin, John196
Martin, L.272
Martin, Lizetta Atwell856
Martin, Lucretia E. Brown272
Martin, Mr.509, 758
Martin, R. P.166
Martin, W. F.165
Martinetti, Albino611
Martinetti, J.611
Martinetti, Josephine Sciarone611
Marvin, Della Fry596
Marvin, Ellis596
Marx, Mr.374
Mason, Charity Overall428
Mason, Mary Etta Alford830
Masters, Sarah J. Findley840
Matthews, Dr.36
Matthews, family14, 23
Matthews, Mary Robertson574
Matthews, Mr.80
Matthews, Reuben132, 139, 162
Matthews, Richard13, 34
Matthews, W. S.163
Matthews, Warren S.163
Matthews, Warren17, 128, 129
Matthewson, Arthur W. (B)541
Matthewson, Arthur W.541, 625
Matthewson, Charles541
Matthewson, Earl (B)625
Matthewson, Earl542, 625
Matthewson, Edith Mosier542, 625
Matthewson, Guy543
Matthewson, James542, 625
Matthewson, Levi542, 625, 840
Matthewson, Lucinda Tinkham541, 625
Matthewson, Madeline542
Matthewson, Marie Holtoof625
Matthewson, Miss Bacon840
Matthewson, Orley625
Matthewson, Pearl Ogden542, 625, 865
Matthewson, Sarah williams541
Maxwell, DeWitt452
May, Anna Brown764
May, Caroline Hockett504
May, E. P.308
May, Frank H.505
May, James H. (B)504
May, James J.504
May, John Ann Stanphill764
May, Jonathan W. (B)764
May, Lena Dowse505
May, Loyal A.505
May, May E. Boas505
May, MissHogancamp504
May, Ruby505
May, Victoria Clarke504
Mayer, James B. (B)511
Mayer, Jay512
Mayer, Mildred512
Mayer, Nettie E. Hayes511
Mayes, Arthur843
Mayes, Clara Nelson843
Mayes, Edith843
Mayes, Elizabeth Moffett842
Mayes, Ella843
Mayes, Etta843
Mayes, Frances E. Franzen843
Mayes, Francis M. (B)842
Mayes, Mary E. Faudre843
Mayes, Mattie843
Mayes, Melvin L.843
Mayes, Oscar O.843
Mayes, Richard842
Mayfield, Colonel25, 26
Maynard, J. S.214
McAdam, Alfred744
McAdam, Alice Hays315
McAdam, Annie319, 745
McAdam, Charles744
McAdam, David744
McAdam, Edith747
McAdam, Eliza Henderson744, 746
McAdam, Frank S. (B)325
McAdam, Frank S.319, 320, 325, 745
McAdam, Fred319, 320, 745
McAdam, Grace745
McAdam, Helen745
McAdam, Isabella McAlpine319, 320, 745
McAdam, James (B)746
McAdam, James744, 746
McAdam, Joseph744
McAdam, Lawrence326
McAdam, Mary Ann Musgrove747
McAdam, Mary Elizabeth Gemmell745
McAdam, Mary Jordan744
McAdam, Miss Schukenecht326
McAdam, Pearl747
McAdam, Ranches (B)319
McAdam, Robert (B)744
McAdam, Robert Jr.319, 320, 745
McAdam, Robert Sr.319, 320, 326, 363, 744, 746
McAdam, Samuel744, 746
McAdam, Sarah Wiggins White744
McAdam, Sidney Wright744
McAdam, Stephen744
McAdam, William J. (B)363
McAdam, William J.319, 320, 326, 363, 745
McAdam, William315, 744
McAdie, Mr.84
McAlpine, Catherine745
McAlpine, Isabelle McAdam319, 320, 745
McBride, H. E.30
McCabe, J.C.166
McCabe, L. E.241
McCabe, Miss Majors241
McCaffery, Alice McCord346
McCaffery, James346
McCain, Frank581
McCain, Sarah E. Burnham Carlton Nelson581
McCamish, Jennie Brown665
McCamish, R B.665
McCann, George196
McCardie, Ed.150
McCarthy, J. Rt. Rev.463
McCarthy, Thomas (B)512
McCarty, John196
McCarty, Patrick196
McCarty, Thomas196
McCarver, Mr.658
McClellan, Effie P. Ramsey699
McClellan, Frank181, 184-186, 196
McClellan, General580
McClellan, James184, 185, 196
McClintock, Margaret Robinson820
McClure, Benjamin B. (B)700
McClure, Ida B. Dearing701
McClure, James M.700
McClure, Sarah Ely700
McClure, Thomas700
McConnaughey, Annie Parsons574
McCord, Alice McCaffery34
McCord, Burnside346
McCord, Dallas346
McCord, Douglas346
McCord, George B.184-185
McCord, J. D.197
McCord, Lois Sophia Crippen346
McCord, Margery346
McCord, W.P.202
McCord, William P. (B)345
McCorkle, Aimee McLaughlin844
McCorkle, Samuel844
McCormick, Amelia Wilkie Fuimer348
McCormick, Thomas13
McCormick, W. F.348
McCourt, C. A.180, 184
McCourt, Charles216
McCoy, family81
McCracken, C. P.522
McCracken, Mr.79, 97
McCracken, W. H. (B)521
McCrackin, Grace Murphy570
McCrackin, J. H.570
McCray, Mr.103
McCreary, James831
McCrory, James92-93
McCrury, James865
McDade, Anna S. Rourke523
McDade, W. J.523
McDaniel, W. D.29
McDarment, Elias663
McDarment, Nancy E. West663
McDonald, Agnes DeWitt408
McDonald, Anna Murphy570
McDonald, Charles635
McDonald, Etta Whitaker635
McDonald, G. R. E.214
McDonald, Isaac13
McDonald, James186
McDougal, Ex.Governor144
McDougal, W. C.13
McElroy, C. H.508
McElroy, Polly Work507-508
McElroy, Sarah Nettie Work507-508
McElroy, W. L.508
McEwen, Mary Walker684
McFadden, Mr.879
McFadjean, Dan165
McFarland, Captain566
McFarland, Charles G. (B)616
McFarland, Charles Green287, 616
McFarland, Clara Abercrombie287
McFarland, George283
McFarland, Jacob283
McFarland, James Henry Clay (B)283
McFarland, John283
McFarland, Lois617
McFarland, Loren617
McFarland, Martha J. Wharton284
McFarland, Martha Roberts283-284
McFarland, Matilda Monroe617
McFarland, Merrill617
McFarland, R. W.163-164
McFarland, William283-284
McFayden, John802
McFayden, Ruby S. Doyle802
McFee, Fred R.180
McGahey, Earl472
McGahey, James Slade472Rick
McGahey, Minnie Vaughn472
McGee, Charles868
McGee, Margaret Hockett848
McGinnis, Andy152
McGinnis, H.210
McGlaseen, Miss Turner622
McGregor, Allen86
McGregor, Archie801
McGregor, Mr.112
McGuire, William L.189
McHaley, Frank508
McHaley, Leora Work507-508
McIntire, Almeda J. Burke836
McIntire, Harlan836
McJunkin, J. T.186
McJunkin, Mr.318, 814
McJunkin, T.J.868
McKay, Denny32
McKay, Hugh32
McKee, Carrie Bequette669
McKee, D.97
McKee, John669
McKelvey, George251
McKelvey, John157
McKelvey, Mary J. Tyler251
McKenna, brothers429
McKenna, R. E.180, 197, 219
McKenzie, Mr.10
McKersie, Katie Putnam621
McKevitt, Mr.72, 140
McKewon, Miss Sampson382
McKinley, Mr.185
McKinney, James96, 97, 831
McLain, Elizabeth DeLaGrange847
McLane, Mr.137
McLaughlin, Aimee McCorkle844
McLaughlin, Captain27
McLaughlin, Elmira844
McLaughlin, John843
McLaughlin, Mary Wright844
McLaughlin, Mary844
McLaughlin, P. F.462
McLaughlin, S.187, 188
McLaughlin, Stiles A. (B)843
McLaughlin, Stiles A.180, 197, 302, 843
McLaughlin, Styles184, 185, 186, 191
McLaughlin, Susie Blowers301
McLaughlin, William Harrison843
McLaughlin, Wilmot Wright844
McLean, H. G.29
McLean, P. A. (B)336
McLean, Sarah F.338
McLean, Sarah M. Thomas338
McLennan, Alexander484
McLennan, Phoebe Barton484
McManus, Mr.865
McMicken, Alababa Jordan331
McMillen, Clarence E.361
McMillen, Jessie L. Miller361
McMillen, Mr.11
McMillen, W. H.166
McMillen, W. W.13
McNamee, E.196
McNear, G. W.398
McNear, George P.331
McNear, Mr.87
McNeil, J. A.164
McPhail, (I) Ethel Atwell856
McPhail, Hugh856
McPhail, J. S.166
McPherson, General396
McPherson, Margaret Steel Cooper731
McQuiddy, Achsah A. Biddle326
McQuiddy, Major111
McQuiddy, T. J.184, 209, 213, 215, 326, 329
McQuiddy, Thomas J.194
McQuiddy, W. R.187, 190, 209, 210, 213, 215, 218
McQuiddy, William R.189, 194
McVay, Mr.749
McVeagh, Ed152
McVey, Eliza A. Ramsey698
McVey, William209
Mead, Mr.190
Meador, Charles297
Meadows, G. L.184, 185,187, 188, 189, 191
Meadows, John61, 165
Meadows, L.166
Mecfussel, Mr.639
Mee, Eliza Morgan626
Mefford, Lou Rhodes575, 576
Mehrten, Matilda Homer788
Mehrten, William Dutch Bill 87
Melidonian, Anna Besoyan354
Melidonian, Dove354
Melidonian, E. G. (B)354
Melidonian, Elizabeth354
Melidonian, Kahacharian354
Melidonian, Martha354
Melidonian, Mary Erganian354
Melidonian, Victoria Sahroian354
Mentz, Wilko491, 787
Meredith, Eliza Wirht834
Merrill, M. S.160, 166
Merrill, R. P.166
Merritt, A. P.165
Merritt, Samuel A.164
Metcalf, Herman793
Metcalf, Miss Luce793
Metcalf, Mr.3990
Metcalf, Odell793
Mettors, Benjamin13
Meyer, David204
Meyers, H.418
Meyers, Mattie Blair418
Meyers, Maud Baxley554
Meyers, R. H.187
Michaelis, Martha Yolitz846
Michaelis, Martine846
Michaelis, William (B)845
Michaelis, Willie846
Mickle, B. C.180, 209
Mickle, B. T.281
Mickle, J. G.209
Miles, E. H.49
Miller and Lux,53
Miller, A. L.756
Miller, Albert204
Miller, Anna J. Erni361
Miller, Arabella E.748
Miller, Artelius O.747
Miller, Blanche Hewel748
Miller, Blanche Putnam620
Miller, Caroline A. Chesterman361
Miller, Carrie N. Goodale361
Miller, Charles N.361
Miller, Dr.639
Miller, E. O.164, 424, 499, 766, 773
Miller, Fred C.361
Miller, H. F.310
Miller, Herman T. (B)747Suzanne
Miller, Iva Headrick596Maureen Harris
Miller, J. Arthur325
Miller, Jessie L. McMillen361
Miller, Kate Hannah723
Miller, Leah Chatten Davis490
Miller, Lowell325
Miller, Mary Rivers884
Miller, Mattie Morrison325
Miller, Maud E. Dunbar325
Miller, May M. Houston361
Miller, Merritte T. (B)748
Miller, Mina M. Houston361
Miller, Miss Dineley766
Miller, Mr.346, 461, 688, 818
Miller, O. E.346
Miller, R. Justin325
Miller, Robert W. (B)324
Miller, Robert W.188, 324
Miller, S. J.596
Miller, Stella Bondson756
Miller, W. Leslie325
Miller, William H., M.D. (B)882
Miller, William R. (B)360
Miller, William R. Jr.361
Millinghausen, William H. (B)572
Mills, Elizabeth749
Mills, Eva749
Mills, Fred749
Mills, Howard749
Mills, Lillie Hayes315
Mills, Louisa Lawless748
Mills, Lula B.749
Mills, May Van Loan749
Mills, Merritte T.748
Mills, Neva749
Mills, R.187, 188, 189, 209
Mills, Richard176, 210, 797
Mills, Roy749
Mills, Russell749
Mills, W. H.105, 128
Mills, William H.748
Minges, Louisa Sage610
Miot, A. E.384
Mitchell, A. H.144, 165
Mitchell, Addie Jones804
Mitchell, Adolphus (B)803
Mitchell, Anna Stargarth769
Mitchell, Annie770
Mitchell, Arthur Galen804
Mitchell, Arthur884
Mitchell, Chester804
Mitchell, Deborah Samuels770
Mitchell, Elizabeth F. Turner623
Mitchell, H. B.623
Mitchell, H.36, 737
Mitchell, Herman770
Mitchell, J. A.358
Mitchell, J. J.452
Mitchell, Jacob770
Mitchell, Jennie Reed620
Mitchell, Joseph70, 770
Mitchell, L. P.413
Mitchell, Lee770
Mitchell, Levi (B)769
Mitchell, Lewis803
Mitchell, Lulu M. Baker358
Mitchell, Mary E. Duff803
Mitchell, Mary804
Mitchell, Michael770
Mitchell, Miss Rivers884
Mitchell, Mitchell770
Mitchell, Ozro804
Mitchell, S. (B)731
Mitchell, S.70, 146, 732
Mitchell, Solomon803
Mitchell, Susan Bogle804
Mitchell, Walter Franklin804
Mitten, Eliza Harriman686
Mixter, Frank773
Moffatt, C. B.773
Moffett, Charlotte Bunn250
Moffett, Eliza Ann Ragle250
Moffett, Elizabeth Mayes842
Moffett, Hamilton250
Moffett, Mary E. Blair418
Moffett, W. H.163
Monroe, Matilda McFarland617
Monroe, Nellie Gibbons546
Montagle, Louis F.204
Montague, R. E.567
Montague, Ruby A. Gough567
Monteagle, Mr.319
Monteverde, Andrew697
Monteverde, Frank697
Monteverde, Margaret Gavotto697
Montgomery, Cloyd Burton288
Montgomery, Creed Litchfield288
Montgomery, Elbert R. (B)518
Montgomery, Elbert518
Montgomery, J. M.439
Montgomery, Jennie G. Latham288
Montgomery, John (B)523
Montgomery, John518, 523
Montgomery, L. Y.189
Montgomery, Laura E. Latham288
Montgomery, Litchfield Y. (B)287
Montgomery, Mary Jane Burton287
Montgomery, P. J. S.70
Montgomery, Russell Latham288
Montgomery, William Glaspy287
Moody, Emma Williams451
Moody, Ettie Glover706
Moody, Frank688
Mooney, A.219
Mooney, M.37
Moore, Amelia Renalds397
Moore, B. C.430
Moore, B. W.49, 189, 210
Moore, Clara H. Peck430
Moore, Edward379
Moore, Elizabeth Stokes282, 295
Moore, Harriett A. Griffith441
Moore, Henry C.379
Moore, Hiram (B)529
Moore, Hiram529, 530
Moore, J. A.184, 185, 217
Moore, J. G.196
Moore, Jane Atkins530
Moore, Joseph441
Moore, Kathryn380
Moore, L. L.735, 736
Moore, Lavern Lee219
Moore, Lee877
Moore, Lizzie woods526, 530
Moore, Mr.658, 865
Moore, Muriel Witherell380
Moore, Orlando (B)379
Moore, Pauline Fincher666
Moore, R. A.736
Moore, Ralph Spencer380
Moore, Ramon380
Moore, Robert A. (B)429
Moore, Rowena West663
Moore, Sarah Cosper655
Moore, William663
Moorehead, James A. (B)452
Moorehouse, Nettie Parker782
Moraga, Gabriel221
Morehead, J. A.81
Moreland, Paulina Crabtree517
Morell, Mary Thayer774
Morgan, Eliza Mee626
Morgan, Everett C.627
Morgan, General867
Morgan, Howard G.627
Morgan, J. Thomas627
Morgan, Jennie Smith711
Morgan, John T. (B)626
Morgan, Lillian R. Cleveland627
Morgan, Margaret Allen833
Morgan, Thomas626
Morrell, Ed152, 153, 154
Morrell, Hi103
Morris, Bertha E. Dearing701
Morris, Bertha527
Morris, Dickie701
Morris, Hiram719
Morris, Jane Murphy812
Morris, Jane Murray645
Morris, Martha Bacon831
Morris, Martin13
Morris, Minerva A. Houston719
Morris, Mr.100
Morris, Rebecca719
Morris, William G.144, 755
Morris, William governeur93, 94, 95, 96
Morrisey, Mr.865
Morrison, G. E.214
Morrison, Mattie Miller325
Morrison, Mr.26
Morton, E. E.778
Morton, Florence E. PHillips778
Morton, J. P.140
Morton, Mr.56, 136, 138, 706
Morton, William L.196
Mosier, D. B.97
Mosier, Edith M. Mathewson542, 625
Moss, Charles588
Moss, Gace Blakeley588
Motheral, Joseph213
Motheral, N. W.213
Motsinger, Lucinda Weddle520
Mount, J. W.214
Moyer, Clem765
Moyer, O. Estella Fickle765
Muir, John65
Mullenix, Isham117
Muller, William384
Mullin, Samuel187
Mullis, Lily Null750
Munson, Hattie Foster642
Munson, Nathan642
Murphy, Abbie Wheelock570
Murphy, Anna MacDonald570
Murphy, Bessie Holland570
Murphy, C. H.166
Murphy, Daniel (B)569
Murphy, Delilah Fague813
Murphy, Emaline Spencer813
Murphy, Father214
Murphy, Fred813
Murphy, Grace McCrackin570
Murphy, Hattie813
Murphy, Henry656, 812, 813
Murphy, Henry (B)656
Murphy, Huntley570
Murphy, J. P.139
Murphy, James (B)812, 813
Murphy, Jane Morris812
Murphy, John813
Murphy, L. D.166
Murphy, Mary Buckmaster813
Murphy, Nancy Havens Phillips Wheelock813
Murphy, P. Rev.462
Murphy, Philena Bailey (B)656
Murphy, Rose Phelps750
Murphy, Sarah J. Neal813
Murphy, Tina Ferguson570
Murphy, Wenrich813
Murphy, William570
Murray, A. H.14, 145, 163, 450
Murray, Abram H. (B)448
Murray, Abram H.424, 448
Murray, Alexander645
Murray, Barbara Ann Williams449
Murray, Barbara E. Taylor450
Murray, Barbara Hunter449
Murray, Commodore P.17, 450
Murray, Emily M. Enloe449
Murray, Florence645
Murray, George W.181, 187, 188, 191
Murray, Hannah Retta Cooper449
Murray, Jackson C.450
Murray, Jane C. Enloe449
Murray, Jane Morris645
Murray, Josephine449
Murray, Joshua H.449
Murray, Lionel645
Murray, Margaret Hensley449
Murray, Mary Fannie Adams424, 450
Murray, Mary Johnson817
Murray, Mary M. Polly Walker 449
Murray, Nina Pery646
Murray, Rachael Clark449
Murray, Reba646
Murray, Samuel645, 646
Murray, Sarah E. Stanley449
Murray, Sarah T. Hensley449
Murray, Thomas H.450
Murray, Thomas448, 448
Murray, Urith Orr449
Murray, Walter D. (B)645
Musgrave, R. W.176, 209
Musgrove, Mary Ann McAdam747
Myers, Clara E. Darnell709
Myers, Joseph528
Myers, R. H.187
Myrten, Louise Elizabeth Taylor622
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Nance, Cordelia Bondson756
Nancollis, Lana Dutch Abbott535
Navarre, Bert570
Navarre, Dot570
Navarre, Elizabeth (B)570
Navarre, Lillie570
Navarre, Samuel570
Neal, Catharine Gulley813
Neal, Gwendolyn813
Neal, Jennie813
Neal, Lillie813
Neal, Minerva Oldberry813
Neal, Sarah J. Murphy813
Neal, W. R.813
Neal, William813
Needham, J. C.186, 187, 189, 190
Needham, James C.188
Neff, A. D.352
Neff, Engineer149
Neff, Victoria Wright352
Neill, Alice L. Jordan332
Neilsen, A. J.191
Neiswanger, Judge667
Nelson, Clara Mayes843
Nelson, Fred G.843
Nelson, Mr.749
Nelson, Oscar581
Nelson, Sarah E. Burnham Carlton McCain581
Nelson, Sene Hansen653
Nelson, Turner451, 452
Nerman, Mr.850
Neuel, Mr.452
Newcity, F.528
Newell, N. M.602
Newlon, Lucy J. Weddle762
Newlon, Rachael Fulton762
Newman, Bernice614
Newman, C. O.613
Newman, Elizabeth Hill310, 478
Newman, Elizabeth480
Newman, Eva May Sterrett614
Newman, Fannie Robinson479
Newman, Frances Ziegel480
Newman, Frank A. (B)310
Newman, Frank A.309, 310
Newman, Frank479
Newman, Grace Lyman480
Newman, H.166
Newman, harry Hill479
Newman, Iola614
Newman, J. B.386
Newman, Jacob478
Newman, Jesse G.310, 478
Newman, Jesse H.479
Newman, Maggie Grove479
Newman, Nellie480
Newman, R. O. Jr480
Newman, R. S.613, 614
Newman, Robert 0. (B)478
Newman, Robert Oscar479
Newman, Thomas C. (B)613
Newman, Thomas W.613
Newman, Tracy480
Newman, Walter480
Newman, William613
Newport, J. W.163
Newport, W. H.330
Newport, W. J.202
Newport, W. R.212
Newport, William J.179
Newton, Elizabeth Wright351
Newton, Mr.278
Nicewonger, C. S.384
Nichols, Grace Whittington713
Nichols, Mary A. Adams425
Nichols, R. K.29, 163
Nicholson, Azaela Gully Setliff470
Nieson, Edith Bassett718
Nieson, Louis718
Nieson, Mr.651
Niles, H. W.163
Nilson, anna smith468
Nixon, Reverend214
Noble, Augustus275, 276
Noble, Captain27
Noble, Charles A.275
Noble, Charlotte M. Lawson275
Noble, Edgar276
Noble, Edward T.275
Noble, Ewald276
Noble, Frederick Dent275
Noble, George A. (B)275
Noble, George276
Noble, Gertrude276
Noble, Johanna M. Short275
Noble, Lieutenant25, 26
Noble, Miss Otto276
Noble, Rosa Brown276
Noble, Sec. of Interior117
Noble, Walter275
Noel, G. G.36
Noel, Martha Webb826
Nofziger, F. U.147
Norboe, P. M.217, 218
Norman, Margaret Ogilvie649
Nowell, J. A.37
Nowlan, Armazila U. Bozeman834
Nowlan, E. C.834
Nuckles, Louisa Chance398
Null, Alvin B.749
Null, Anna B. Hayes749, 750
Null, Anna B. Hayes749, 750
Null, Anna B. Hayes749, 750
Null, Anna Banty750
Null, Bertha Tarr749, 750
Null, Cynthia Thompson749, 750
Null, John D.749
Null, Lily Mullie750
Null, Louisa Crawford749, 750
Null, Mary E. Lee749, 750, 817
Null, Mary Ellen Lee749, 750, 817
Null, Mary F.750
Null, Mary Jane Warmoth749
Null, Nancy J. Anderson749, 750
Null, Richard749
Null, Robert (B)749
Null, Robert Lee749
Null, T. Oscar749
Nunes, Mr798
Nye, B. F.800
Nye, Jessie Conkey800
Nyewonger, W. H.209, 868
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Oakes, Hammond853
Oakes, Isabelle Hammon853
Oakes, J. W.852
Oakes, James W. (B)853
Oakes, James Wallace853
Oakes, John W.853
Oakes, Margaret I. Houston Allen783, 852, 854
Oakes, Miss Allen783
Oakes, Miss Houston852
Oaks, Mrs.276, 310
Oatman, Family833
O'Bannon, C. S.166
O'Brien, Edith Booker249
O'Brien, Mary L. Heusel775
Ogden, Arthur M.865
Ogden, Beryl865
Ogden, Beulah865
Ogden, Catherine Fisher864
Ogden, Elizabeth Robinson Burton690
Ogden, Harry R.865
Ogden, John690
Ogden, Lettie690
Ogden, Mathew B.864
Ogden, Mr.639
Ogden, Pearl Mathewson542, 625, 865
Ogden, Ralph865
Ogden, Robert K. (B)864
Ogden, Wanda865
Ogden, William179, 330, 690
Ogilvie, A. G.67
Ogilvie, Addie F.650
Ogilvie, Albert G. (B)649
Ogilvie, Benjamin A.650
Ogilvie, Cora Blackburn650
Ogilvie, Fred N.650
Ogilvie, Harry J.650
Ogilvie, Howard J.650
Ogilvie, J. Alden650
Ogilvie, J. Raymond650
Ogilvie, Johnson649
Ogilvie, Laura A.650
Ogilvie, Margaret Norman649
Ogilvie, Oscar O.650
Ogilvie, Sarah Frances Jasper Askin649
Ogilvie, William J.650
Ogle, Mr.197
O'Hara, Mary E. Daly486
Olderby, James813
Olderby, Minerva Neal813
Olderby, William M.813
Oliver, General835
Oliver, Lieutennant25
O'Neal, Ki31
Onesti, A.665
Onesti, Lena Leoni665
Orr, Urith Murray449
Orrison, EMma Cochran730
Orth, Anna Baxley554
Orton, Amelia A. Wright844
Orton, Ozie Thomas500
Osborn, Audra360
Osborn, Charles H.360
Osborn, Earl360
Osborn, Edna Hannaford360
Osborn, Ellen Marksbury360
Osborn, Frank (B)359
Osborn, Gladys Cary360
Osborn, Irma360
Osborn, Margaret Dyer359
Osborn, Mary E. Clark359
Osborn, Maud Carter360
Osborn, Minta Berry360
Osborn, Oliver P.359
Osborn, Oliver359
Osborn, Rolla360
Osborn, Sarah Evans359
Ostrander, P. T.359
Ott, Eleanor Cramer855
Ottaman, Mr.688
Otto, Miss Noble276
Overall, Charity Mason428
Overall, D. G.29, 97, 151, 165, 166, 732
Overall, Daniel G. (B)428
Overall, Mary E. Farrow428
Overall, Miss Hawpe429
Overall, Miss Van Loan429
Overall, Mr.43
Overall, Orvie429
Overall, Sheriff303
Overstreet, Claude C.719
Overstreet, Grace S. Houston719
Overstreet, Mr.315
Overton, B. B.13
Owens, Florence Kyle395
Owens, Florence Kyle395
Owens, Henry783
Owens, Henry783
Owens, L. M.241
Owens, L. M.241
Owens, Lytle103
Owens, Lytle103
Owens, Mary C. Majors241
Owens, Mary C. Majors241
Owens, Sarah Salladay783
Owens, Sarah Salladay783
Owens, W. C.165
Owens, W. C.165
Owens, W. E.163
Owens, W. E.163
Owens, W. G.37
Owens, W. G.37
Owens, William R.607
Owens, William R.607
Owsley, Caroline Thomas264

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