History of Tulare and Kings counties, California:

with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the counties who have been identified with their growth and development from the early days to the present

Eugene L. Menefee and Fred A. Dodge

Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, California (1913)

California Local History - Rocq - 15169

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
CALL NUMBER: [q] 979.48 M541 -- Book NC
CALL NUMBER: [q] 979.48 M541 -- Book

The biographies contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual designated with the (B) and the page number on which the biography commences. All other references are to the historical portion of the book. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

Please note that the list of names below is an "All Names" index meaning that it not only lists the name of the person for whom the biography is written but also the names of everyone listed in each biography.

To obtain copies please contact the Sequoia Genealogical Society at SGS for more information.

The names can be accessed by choosing the first letter of the individual's surname below or by scrolling down the list.
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Abbott, Arlesle535
Abbott, Charles535
Abbott, Daniel (B)534
Abbott, Daniel534, 768
Abbott, Daniel535
Abbott, Emma Lee Somers535
Abbott, Frances Elizabeth Fine Bursey535, 769
Abbott, Joshua534
Abbott, Lana Vivian Nancolis535
Abbott, Louise Mahaffey Eyer535
Abbott, Martha Ann535
Abbott, Minnie Valetta Tienken535
Abbott, Rufus184Karla Collinsworth
Abbott, William210Karla Collinsworth
Abbott, Winnifred Guffey535
Abel, Lucy Follett735-736
Abercrombie, Clara McFarland287
Abrams, N. Mrs.217
Adams, Abram P.424
Adams, Adaliza H. Burrel704
Adams, Belle Powell386
Adams, Catherine554
Adams, Clementine Johnson845
Adams, Frank C. (B)424
Adams, Frank M.889
Adams, Grace Baxley554
Adams, Harold554
Adams, J. J.549
Adams, M. J.554
Adams, Mary A. Nichols425
Adams, Mary Fannie Murray424, 450
Adams, Merle425
Adams, Mollie Hicks549
Adams, Nellie Stokes296
Adams, Russell425
Adams, Sarah Hilton424
Adams, Viola554
Adams, W. S.165
Adams, Willard425
Adams, William J (B)423
Adams, William J.423, 424, 450
Adkins, L.189
Agnew, Ida Young875, 887
Agnew, J. B.887
Agnew, Jesse B (B)875
Ainsworth, A. E.510
Ainsworth, Alden R.761
Ainsworth, Andrew E.510
Ainsworth, Archie W.761
Ainsworth, Chester O.761
Ainsworth, Clara Hinkle761
Ainsworth, F. M.510
Ainsworth, Frances M.510
Ainsworth, Francis M (B)761
Ainsworth, Lisle R.761
Ainsworth, Mary Agnes Braden Richardson510
Ainsworth, Nettie Braden761
Ainsworth, Royal Jasper761
Akers, Grace Thomas774
Akers, Grace Whittington713
Akers, J. T.449
Akers, Mr.79
Akers, Myrtle M. Burke836
Akin, Anna Sickles571
Akin, Claude367
Akin, James M. (B)364
Akin, Leeta367
Akin, Lerta367
Akin, Melva367
Akin, Sarah Hudson367
Alcorn, J.187
Alcorn, John613
Alcorn, Julia Wilson613
Alcorn, Mary Wilson851
Alcorn, Nannie Gibson688
Alford, Ethel Boone763
Alford, Mary Etta Mason830
Alford, W. H.165
Alford, William (B)829
Alford, William H.176
Allan, Mr.694-695
Allen, B. F.116-117
Allen, Byron (B)783
Allen, Byron783, 880
Allen, Captain474
Allen, Charles92
Allen, Della Carter783, 880
Allen, George Edward (B)832
Allen, J. A.164-165
Allen, James382, 832
Allen, Jennie833
Allen, Lena Hockett849
Allen, Mabel B. Ward827, 833
Allen, Mace181
Allen, Maggie Barton484
Allen, Margaret I. Houston Oakes783, 852, 854
Allen, Margaret Morgan833
Allen, Mr.865
Allen, R. H.849
Allen, Rebecca Johnson845
Allen, Sarah J. Johnson845
Allen, W. R.854
Allen, William Byron854
Allen, William M.833, 845
Alles, Elizabeth Hicks262
Allis, E. P.679
Allison, June B. Creath658
Ames, J. P.209
Ammerman, H.189
Amner, Georgia Smith710
Anderson, Alfred750
Anderson, Allen750
Anderson, Annie Leebon548
Anderson, Carrie Ellen Hart458
Anderson, Clemmie Gill588
Anderson, Garland588
Anderson, George W.545
Anderson, H. T.458
Anderson, Harriet Kinkade816
Anderson, Hilda Peterson347
Anderson, Julia Gill686
Anderson, Leland750
Anderson, Marion686
Anderson, Mary E.750
Anderson, May Griswold545
Anderson, N. Mrs.509
Anderson, Nancy J. Null749-750
Anderson, Robert L.750
Anderson, S. B.296, 297, 376
Anderson, Vernon750
Andrews, Annie Dale Biddle330
Andrews, William S.330
Anthony, Hattie Pauline White330
Antrim, A. Ellen841
Antrim, Anna Powell841
Antrim, Belle Furtney841
Antrim, Calvin H (B)841
Antrim, Cora841
Antrim, Dora Lovelace841
Antrim, Elbert841
Antrim, Elmer841
Antrim, Hiram841
Antrim, Ida Smith841
Antrim, Ida841
Antrim, Ira841
Antrim, John W.841
Antrim, Lillian Combs841
Antrim, Lincoln841
Antrim, Luella Langwith841
Antrim, Nancy Jane Cohagen841
Antrim, Sarah Whitson841
Antrim, Susan H. George841
Applegarth, Clark187
Applegate, May Ley853
Aquilera, Reverend462
Arkle, Anna L. Majors241
Arkle, Caroline Majors241
Armsby, J. K.140
Armstrong, Mr.219
Arnett, Blanche Thompson514
Arnett, Dora Goble514
Arnett, Earl514
Arnett, Etta Beede514
Arnett, Frank514
Arnett, Fred514
Arnett, Mary E. Shippey514
Arnett, May Goble514
Arnett, Richard H. (B)513
Arnett, Richard H.513, 514
Arnett, Stella Swanson514
Arnett, Thomas514
Arnett, Walter514
Arnold, Frank868
Arnold, W. A.209
Arreas, Fanna Griffith439
Arrick, Rufus E.165
Arthur, Bessie Blowers301
Arthur, Fred310
Ashcroft, Llaura Reinhart557
Ashe, G.462
Ashley, A. M.213
Ashley, A. N (B)687
Ashley, John T.687
Ashley, Llizzie Firzlaff688
Ashley, Mr.439
Askin, Adney Horace785
Askin, Arthur Wesley785
Askin, Charles Robert785
Askin, Clara Alice Jameson785
Askin, Dora Bernice650
Askin, Elbert Leroy650
Askin, Flora Dell785
Askin, Frances Amelia Shephard785
Askin, Herbert (B)598
Askin, Herbert598, 766
Askin, John Herbert784
Askin, Louise Dinely598, 766
Askin, Margaret Myrl Atwood650
Askin, Mary Catherine785
Askin, Matie Amelia785
Askin, Mervyn Leroy785
Askin, Robert M. Capt. (B)784
Askin, Sarah Frances Jasper Ogilvie649
Askin, Sarah Sophia Shea784
Askin, William C.785
Atkins, Jane Moore530
Atwell, A. J.29, 36, 94, 100, 144, 145, 165
Atwell, Allen J (B)855
Atwell, Allen J.165, 855
Atwell, Allen L.856
Atwell, Arthur J.856
Atwell, Clarence C.856
Atwell, Daniel L.855
Atwell, Ethel McPhail856
Atwell, Irving856
Atwell, Judge53, 54
Atwell, Lizetta Martin856
Atwell, Mary Creighton856
Atwell, Mary M. Van Epps856
Atwell, Mehetable June855
Atwell, Mr.99, 878
Atwell, Nellie Ball856
Atwell, Paul856
Atwood, Alma Hoskins802
Atwood, Margaret Myrl Askin650
Aughinbaugh, Mr.99
Aulman, Parthenia E. Hughes527
Aulman, Phillip (B)527
Austin, H. C.79, 80
Austin, Judge217
Austin, Mary Angeline Clarkson616
Austin, Sarah A. Thayer383
Avenill, J. L.13
Axtell, E.209, 210, 218
Axtell, Mr.317, 798
Ayer, Lena DeVine Lathrop290
Ayer, Mr.664
Ayers, A. S.196
Ayers, Amos M.219
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Babcock, M. S.196
Babcock, Mr.727
Baca, Damon753
Baca, Fay753
Baca, Glenn753
Baca, Harold753
Baca, Inez752
Baca, Jesus Cabeza752
Baca, Jose752
Baca, Nancy E. Doty753
Baca, Rene753
Baca, Rita753
Baca, Santos (B)752
Bacheler, Catherine Crook527, 618
Bacheler, Elmer A.617
Bacheler, Eunice E.618
Bacheler, Harold618
Bacheler, Holmes537
Bacon, Alexander840
Bacon, Alice Maud Mackrsie832
Bacon, Catherine Velie839
Bacon, Charles F.831
Bacon, Cora Tracy832
Bacon, Dailey Miss840
Bacon, Edith Reed620
Bacon, Edith Theodate Reed832
Bacon, Elizabeth Campbell831
Bacon, Ella Rice606
Bacon, Elsie Viola832
Bacon, F.29
Bacon, Fielding479
Bacon, James A (B)830
Bacon, James Emerson832
Bacon, James Fielding479
Bacon, Jessie Ethel Furtney832
Bacon, John (B)839
Bacon, John542, 606, 839
Bacon, Margaret Hall839
Bacon, Margaret J Mathewson542
Bacon, Margaret J.542
Bacon, Martha Morris831
Bacon, Mary Smoot831
Bacon, Mathewson Miss840
Bacon, Missouri A. Kirkland831
Bacon, Mr.106
Bacon, Nathaniel830
Bacon, Permelia831
Bacon, Ralph Miss840
Bacon, Sarah Edmiston832
Bacon, Teague Miss840
Bacon, Thomas Allen832
Bacon, Thomas831
Bacon, William830, 831
Bader, Fred625
Badger, Mr.108
Bagby, Celissa B. Wing494
Bagby, Earl (B)494
Bagby, Elizabeth Hughes494
Bagby, J. W.215
Bagby, R. J.494
Baier, P. M.43, 63, 264
Baier, Thomas Miss264
Bailey, C. H.308
Bailey, Captain582
Bailey, Maria L.330
Bailey, Murphy656
Bailey, Phelina A.656
Bailey, William452
Bailey, Wright330
Baird, Morgan152
Bairstow, Ethelbert603
Bairstow, John Whittaker (B)602
Bairstow, Lott603
Bairstow, Louisa Williams603
Bairstow, Rosson603
Bairstow, Samuel603
Baker Family, ~507
Baker, A. L.157
Baker, Blanche C. Hubbard358
Baker, Chauncey M. (B)496
Baker, Chauncey M.358, 496
Baker, Colonel14, 804
Baker, E. N.163
Baker, Elsie F. Hinds358
Baker, F. Y.134
Baker, George357-773
Baker, Henrietta Dean583
Baker, J. T.188, 209
Baker, John583
Baker, Lulu M. Mitchell358
Baker, M.100, 166
Baker, Mae Cramer855
Baker, Martha A. King358
Baker, Martha E. Clark867
Baker, Mattie King481
Baker, Maud A. Warner624
Baker, Mr.398, 646, 770
Baker, Nathan Mrs.101
Baker, Nathan17, 34, 100, 164
Baker, Nellie J. Hodges358
Baker, Olive E. Hargraves358, 596
Baker, Pearl A.358
Baker, Robert30, 163
Baker, Royal R.358
Baker, Sands (B)357
Baker, Sands357, 480
Baker, Sarah Josephine Drake358
Baker, Senator31
Baker, T. W.188
Baker, Thomas Mrs.101
Baker, Thomas15,23, 144, 164, 165
Baker, Tom14
Baker, William M.358
Baker, William30, 103
Balaam, Alfred (B)757
Balaam, Alfred165, 757
Balaam, Ann Ward757
Balaam, Anna Whitlock758
Balaam, Carl758
Balaam, Charles758
Balaam, Edward757, 758
Balaam, Emily Van Gordon757
Balaam, Frank S.757
Balaam, George757
Balaam, Ida Higdon758
Balaam, Marion Bequette758
Balaam, Martha Homer757, 788
Balaam, Mary Van Gordon757
Balaam, Nellie758
Balaam, Sarah Swain757
Balaam, Sarah Ward757
Balaam, Sheriff854
Baldwin, O. D.204
Ball, Alexander734
Ball, B.J.856
Ball, Mary Hill718
Ball, Mr.13, 14, 15
Ball, Nellie Atwell856
Ballard, W. P.49
Ballou, George A. (B)464
Ballou, George A.392, 464
Ballou, Harvey464
Ballou, Mr.35
Ballou, Oliver464
Ballou, Ruth Gould464
Bandy, Amanda K. Coles729
Banner, Mr.317, 878
Banty, Anna Null750
Barbeau, Alice Danner441
Barbiero, J. I.814
Barbour, J. W.189
Barbour, Mrs217
Barcla, Manuel92
Bard, Thomas655
Bardin, Mr.664
Bardsley, L. W (B)662
Bardsley, Lafayette662
Bardsley, Mary662
Bardsley, Maude E. Hartzell662
Bardsley, Susan Columbia Best621
Bardsley, Zoe L.662
Barker, John90
Barlow, Cinderella Raisch605
Barnaby, Alice DeWitt408
Barnes, Captain667
Barnes, Elizabeth Burkhart447
Barnes, James447
Barnes, Nellie LaMarsna673
Barnes, Sophia Cartmill297, 447
Barnett, Bright Earl (B)702
Barnett, Glenn Ray703
Barnett, Laura E. Montgomery518
Barnett, Vera Russell703
Barnett, Z. J.518
Barney, Anna Louise553
Barney, B. L. (B)552
Barney, B. L.184, 185, 202, 210, 211, 212, 552, 648
Barney, Fred M (B)648
Barney, Fred M.552, 553, 648
Barney, Margaret Kautenberg649
Barney, Mary E. Herring553
Barney, Mr.552
Barr, Orrin30
Barrerio, M. T.498
Barrerio, Mary Machado498
Barrett, C. W.219
Barrie, E.204
Barrow, George97
Bartlett, Abraham679
Bartlett, Cornelius679
Bartlett, Ethel688
Bartlett, George (B)679
Bartlett, Gladys680
Bartlett, Hannah Williams679
Bartlett, Issac679
Bartlett, John191
Bartlett, Josiah679
Bartlett, Julia M. Knowlton680
Barton, Adelaide Butts483
Barton, Albertus483
Barton, Carrie Rice606
Barton, Clara573
Barton, Cornelius484
Barton, Downing Miss483
Barton, Enos D.483
Barton, Foucht Miss483
Barton, Frank483
Barton, H. D.187, 188, 189, 191
Barton, Hudson D.483
Barton, Hugh483
Barton, James74, 483, 484, 163
Barton, Jane Weathers483
Barton, Jason69, 122
Barton, Maggie Allen484
Barton, Melissa Hardin483
Barton, Nellie St. Claire483
Barton, Orlando D. (B)483
Barton, Orlando11, 61
Barton, Orlena483
Barton, Phoebe McLennan484
Barton, Royal V.483
Barton, Sarah Harmon483
Barton, Stephen8, 20, 22, 46,108
Barton, Susan Davenport483, 484
Bass, A. W.211, 212
Bass, Alexander W. (B)505
Bass, Alice Howard505
Bass, Anita506
Bass, Avis506
Bass, Clarence506
Bass, Earnest506
Bass, Edna506
Bass, Ethel506
Bassett, Archie718
Bassett, Bertha Day718
Bassett, Bloyd Miss383
Bassett, Chloe Pursell715
Bassett, D.770
Bassett, Edith Nieson718
Bassett, Ernest718
Bassett, Guy718
Bassett, Helen Malott718
Bassett, Helena Landers717
Bassett, John383, 718
Bassett, Mabel Pursell718
Bassett, Marjorie Ethel715
Bassett, Mark (B)717
Bassett, Mark715, 717, 718
Bassett, Mildred Irene715
Bassett, William G (B)715
Bassett, William George715, 718
Bassett, Wilma Helen715
Batchelder, Catherine Crook527, 618
Batchelder, Elmer A (B)617
Batchelder, Eunice E.618
Batchelder, Harold618
Batchelder, Holmes537
Battenfeld, Winifred Crane589
Bauder, Lelah Reed620
Bauman, Ezra Gottfried380
Bauman, George W.380
Bauman, Grover Cleveland380
Bauman, Martha Adeline Lathrop290, 380
Baumann, Ezra Gottfried380
Baumann, George W. (B)380
Baumann, Grover Cleveland380
Baumann, Martha Adeline Lathrop290, 380
Baxley, Alice Griffin553
Baxley, Amanda C. Beecher553
Baxley, Anna Orth554
Baxley, Bessie Stevens554
Baxley, Charles554
Baxley, Clarence554
Baxley, David D.554
Baxley, Edna Dornburg554
Baxley, Ernest554
Baxley, Gladys554
Baxley, Grace Adams554
Baxley, Hilda554
Baxley, John W (B)553
Baxley, laura Ross554
Baxley, Lillian554
Baxley, Marvin554
Baxley, Mary West554
Baxley, Mattie Clark554
Baxley, Maud Meyers554
Baxley, Ralph554
Baxley, Rose554
Baxley, Violet554
Baxley, Walter554
Baxley, William A.553
Beale, General42
Beals, Alida E. Shreve433
Beare, Ruby Lewis445
Beare, William445
Beatty, Cochran Miss729
Beatty, John729
Beaver, Oscar151
Beck, Mary A. Clark310
Beck, Mr.149, 150
Beck, N. J.139
Beckley, Margaret Fickle764
Beckwith, J. R.209
Bee, Samuel J.209
Beecher, Amanda C. Baxley553
Beede, Etta Arnett514
Beekhuis, H. A.210
Beekin, Mrs.652
Beggs, Lulu Lorendo391
Bell, I. N.166
Bell, Jim23
Bell, Louisa Downing670
Bell, Mr.264
Bell, T. A.189
Bell, Theodore A.190
Bellinger, Jennie Coolidge519
Bellinger, S. F.519
Bellows, Mr.108
Belshaw, C. M.203
Belz, Andrew G. (B)276
Belz, Caroline Wegman277, 442
Belz, Christoff276
Belz, Eliza M. Blair277
Belz, Frank A.277
Belz, George A.277
Belz, Margaret Schnuer277
Benedict, E. J.209
Benedict, John187, 188, 189
Bennett, Mr.149
Bentley, Martha N. Baker357
Bentley, Mr.105
Bently, Ed148
Bequette, Augustus D.457
Bequette, Bradley Miss456
Bequette, C. L.772
Bequette, Carrie McKee669
Bequette, Charles C. (B)419
Bequette, Christiana A.456
Bequette, Elizabeth T.457
Bequette, Elizabeth T.457
Bequette, Frank R.456
Bequette, Henry35
Bequette, Irving772
Bequette, James C.457
Bequette, James R (B)669
Bequette, Leonard772
Bequette, Lewis L.456
Bequette, Louis (B)772
Bequette, Louis166, 772
Bequette, Marion Balaam758
Bequette, Martha L. Clarke457
Bequette, Mary C.457
Bequette, Mary Eliza Davis772
Bequette, Mary L.456
Bequette, Mr.860
Bequette, Paschal Jr.419, 456, 457
Bequette, Paschal Sr.166, 419, 456, 457
Bequette, Paschal, Jr. (B)456
Bequette, Patrick Miss456
Bequette, Philip456
Bequette, Rita669
Bequette, Velma669
Bergen, Jasper N (B)858
Bergen, Sarah Etta Dunham858
Berkerhoff, Elmer487
Berkerhoff, Wilhelmina Blaswick478
Bernard, C. E.69
Bernstein, H. M.184, 185, 186, 187, 188, 189, 191
Bernstein, Mary Pearl Trewhitt626
Bernstein, Mr.770
Bernstein, William F (B)625
Berridge, Rachel bozeman834
Berridge, Ralph834
Berry, C. W.773
Berry, Charles424
Berry, Ella Berry696
Berry, Ethel May Hamilton696
Berry, Fulton G.204
Berry, G. S.87, 360
Berry, George S.164, 165
Berry, Jane Estes651
Berry, John M.695
Berry, Minta Osborn360
Berry, Mr.43
Berry, R. L (B)695
Berry, Stockton176
Berry, W. S.87
Bertch, Harriet Hoffman482
Bertch, Henry (B)482
Besoyan, Anna Melidonian354
Besoyan, Peter354
Besoyan, Sergius354
Best, Alexander M (B)621
Best, Edwin Bardsley621
Best, Susan Columbia Bardsley621
Bestman, B. C.209
Beville, Hattie Bliss797
Bezera, Amelia598
Bezera, James598
Bezera, Joseph (B)597
Bezera, Joseph Jr.598
Bezera, Lena598
Bezera, Manuel598
Bezera, Mary Amelia Rogers598
Bezera, Mary598
Bibbins, Mary Kincaid520
Bickers, E. E.215
Bicknell, H. F.877
Biddle, A. A.443
Biddle, Achsah A. McQuiddy326
Biddle, Annie Dale Andrews330
Biddle, Eliza Jane Taylor330
Biddle, Eliza326
Biddle, J. D.209
Biddle, J. V.326
Biddle, Joseph D. (B)315
Biddle, Kate J. Gray330
Biddle, Katie Gray761
Biddle, Mr.392, 758
Biddle, Reta H. Crawford330
Biddle, S. E.163, 179, 181, 202, 204, 209, 210, 433, 761
Biddle, Sallie M. Landis319
Biddle, Samuel E. (B)326
Biddle, Samuel E.179
Biddle, Samuel Edward Jr.330
Biddle, Samuel Edward Sr.326
Biddle, Tolbert Vance330
Biddle, Wallace J.330
Bidwell, John502
Bidwell, Mr.809
Bigs, Ben91
Billip, Dick36
Billip, Mrs.804
Billips, Dick36
Billips, Mrs.804
Bird, Mr.346
Birkbeck, Mr.552
Birkenhauer, George164
Birley, Mr.35
Bishop, s. A.162
Bishop, W. B.37
Bissell, Mr.629
Black, Alice Rivers884
Black, Frances Sebourn Huston852
Black, James884
Black, U. S. Marshall152
Blackburn, Cora Oglivie650
Blackwedel, Anna Meta Holterman403
Blackwedel, Emma F. Zumwalt402
Blackwedel, Henry Herman403
Blackwedel, John Frederick403
Blackwedel, John Henry402
Blackwedel, John402
Blackwedel, Minnie Pillsbury403
Blain, Ann Turner546
Blain, Bertha Biens534
Blain, Frank L (B)533
Blain, Frank L.533,547
Blain, George William547
Blain, Gladys547
Blain, Jones Miss546
Blain, Julia Strube547
Blain, Laura Zimmerman547
Blain, Marguerite547
Blain, Sarah collier547
Blain, W. H.137
Blain, W. W.546
Blain, William H (B)546
Blain, William547
Blair, A. E.262
Blair, Caledonia419
Blair, Calrence Holmes419
Blair, Calvin H.418
Blair, E.277
Blair, Eliza M. Belz277
Blair, Finnis E.419
Blair, Frank L.419
Blair, James I.419
Blair, Laura419
Blair, Mary E. Moffett418
Blair, Mattie Meyers418
Blair, Ruby Louise Hicks262
Blair, Sarah Hedgepeth419
Blair, T. H.165, 166
Blair, Thomas H. (B)418
Blair, William M.418
Blake, F. W.145
Blake, Virginia Lathorp290
Blake, William B.17
Blakeley, A. E.184
Blakeley, A. W.588
Blakeley, Albert529
Blakeley, Ambrose529
Blakeley, Arthur E.588
Blakeley, Bessie Bowden588
Blakeley, Clara M. Cadwell529
Blakeley, Ervine529
Blakeley, Eva Burns588
Blakeley, F. A.183, 209
Blakeley, F.197
Blakeley, Floyd529
Blakeley, Frank (B)528
Blakeley, Frank A.176
Blakeley, Frank191, 197, 528, 529, 588
Blakeley, Grace Moss588
Blakeley, James M (B)588
Blakeley, James M.528
Blakeley, Mary A. Thomas588
Blakeley, Mary Porter588
Blakeley, Melvin529
Blakeley, Olive May Clawson588
Blakely, Captain630
Blakemore, Matilda Isabella Boone763
Blakemore, William Bailey763
Blamquist, Charles R. (B)509
Blaswick, Allie478
Blaswick, Anna Mahle478
Blaswick, Charlels R.509
Blaswick, Charles F. (B)477
Blaswick, Charles R.509
Blaswick, Frederick478
Blaswick, Georgia509
Blaswick, Leona478
Blaswick, Margaret V. Smith509
Blaswick, Mary Ann478
Blaswick, Miller509
Blaswick, Newland509
Blaswick, Wilhelmina Berkerkoff478
Blaswick, William478
Blaswick, Winifred Kessel478
Blauw, Antonio679
Blauw, Budd Miss679
Blauw, William679
Blend, Andrew196
Blend, Hannah Dibble520
Bliss, Charles E.796
Bliss, Cora796
Bliss, E. M.155
Bliss, Earl796
Bliss, Eva Dineley766
Bliss, George L (B)796
Bliss, Georgia J.797
Bliss, Hattie Beville797
Bliss, Henry F.796
Bliss, Iris M.797
Bliss, Irving796
Bliss, J. H.796
Bliss, Maggie Wilson796
Bliss, Mary797
Bliss, Mr.347
Bliss, O. H.196
Bliss, Roxey Jordan796
Bliss, William Payson797
Bliss, William796
Blodgett, T. D.376
Bloomhall, J.834
Bloomhall, Melissa A. Bozeman834
Blosser, Hannah turner643
Blosser, Jacob643
Blossom, C. W.66,124
Blossom, Ira (B)628
Blossom, Ira57, 628
Blossom, Julia Clough628
Blowers, Bessie Arthur301
Blowers, C. M.196
Blowers, Caroline Foster298
Blowers, Cassius M. (B)298
Blowers, Francis301
Blowers, Hubert Lane301
Blowers, John O.298
Blowers, Lemuel Lane298
Blowers, Mary301
Blowers, Olive G. Blowers301
Blowers, R. B.298
Blowers, Russell M.301
Blowers, Sussie McLaughlin301
Blowers, Viola Susan301
Bloyd, Bassett Miss383Sunni Bloyd
Bloyd, Charles A.324Sunni Bloyd
Bloyd, Charles Edward717Sunni Bloyd
Bloyd, Chester A.717Sunni Bloyd
Bloyd, Clara Ellen Wilcox324Sunni Bloyd
Bloyd, E. Eddy383Sunni Bloyd
Bloyd, Elizabeth Cowan323Sunni Bloyd
Bloyd, Elizabeth Jane324Sunni Bloyd
Bloyd, Ethel717Sunni Bloyd
Bloyd, Hazel Tyler651Sunni Bloyd
Bloyd, Ida Belle Parsons324Sunni Bloyd
Bloyd, Levi (B)650Sunni Bloyd
Bloyd, Levi324, 383, 650Sunni Bloyd
Bloyd, Louisa Samuels383Sunni Bloyd
Bloyd, Mary A. Bostwick717Sunni Bloyd
Bloyd, Raymond651Sunni Bloyd
Bloyd, Rosalie Adaline324Sunni Bloyd
Bloyd, Rose Ellis651Sunni Bloyd
Bloyd, Ruby383Sunni Bloyd
Bloyd, Stanley651Sunni Bloyd
Bloyd, W. W (B)716Sunni Bloyd
Bloyd, William W. (B)323 Sunni Bloyd
Bloyd, William Washington323, 382Sunni Bloyd
Bloyd, Willie Wilford324, 716Sunni Bloyd
Bloyd, Winfield Scott324, 382, 651Sunni Bloyd
Bloyd, Wlnfield S (B)382Sunni Bloyd
Blunt, Viola Kanawyer640
Blythe, Minnie Collins425
Blythe, Mr.871
Blythe, W. L.425
Board, Jameson Miss414
Board, Robert414
Boas, May E.505
Boas, May505
Bock, Ely194
Bock, U. S.217
Bodden, Fannie Fisher734
Boden, Mr.8
Bolano, Magdalena Giannini560
Boller, J. F.655
Bolling, John11
Bollinger, Elizabeth Dreisback836
Bollman, Mary Vail863
Bolton, Charles690
Bolton, James690
Bolton, Margaret E. Ewing690
Bond, Elizabeth Johnson445
Bond, J. M.189
Bond, Jameson Miss414
Bond, John414
Bondson, Arthur756
Bondson, Cordelia Nance756
Bondson, Ethel756
Bondson, Maud Waite756
Bondson, Pearl Church756
Bondson, Peter (B)755
Bondson, Stella Miller756
Bondurant, A. M.164
Bonham, Rebecca J. Peacock702
Booker, Edith O'Brien249Barbara Brooks
Booker, Everett S.249Barbara Brooks
Booker, Mary Florence249Barbara Brooks
Booker, Sanford (B)243Barbara Brooks
Booker, Sarah E. Carr249Barbara Brooks
Booker, Sarah Elizabeth249Barbara Brooks
Boone, Clyde Thomas763
Boone, Eltella Jeanette763
Boone, Ethel Alford763
Boone, Franceswilliams763
Boone, Guy H.763
Boone, James T (B)763
Boone, Matilda Isabelle Blakemore763
Boone, Mr.392
Boone, Roy B.763
Boone, Thomas Jefferson763
Boone, W. P.165
Boone, William763
Bordman, Helen Leavens675
Borgman, Adolph597
Borgman, Antone597
Borgman, Clara597
Borgman, Eddie597
Borgman, Frances Wahl596
Borgman, Henry J (B)596
Borgman, Katie597
Borgman, Lena597
Borgman, Mary597
Borgman, Max596
Boring, William164
Borroughs, Henry161
Bosler, Mr.694
Bossler, Mr.100
Bostwick, H. A.129, 166
Bostwick, H.144
Bostwick, Mary A. Bloyd717
Bostwick, Mr.35
Botsford, G. A.30, 32, 103
Botts, Anna B. Burnham581
Botts, Tilden H.581
Bounty, Jane L. Lorendo391
Bowden, Bessie Blakeley588
Bowden, John588
Bowers, Sarah E. Platt528
Bowers, W. W.185
Bowker, E. E. Doughterty874
Bowker, Margaret874
Bowker, Mildred874
Bowker, N. B (B)874
Bowman, J. M.186, 187, 188, 191
Bowman, J.868
Boyd, Alexander204
Boyd, W. W.183
Bozeman, Armazila U. Nowlan834
Bozeman, Chester W.834
Bozeman, Eliza Ford833
Bozeman, Hattie Hawley834
Bozeman, Howell833
Bozeman, Jesse D.834
Bozeman, John W.834
Bozeman, John Walton (B)833
Bozeman, Julia A. Byron485, 834
Bozeman, Mary Near833
Bozeman, Melissa A. Bloomhall834
Bozeman, Preston Leander834
Bozeman, Rachel Berridge834
Bozeman, Rachel Parker833
Bozeman, Susan Hendrey833
Bozeman, Thomas Jefferson833
Bozeman, William833
Braden, Agnes Richardson762
Braden, John510
Braden, Malissa Webb762
Braden, Mary Agnes Ainsworth Richardson510
Braden, Nettie Ainsworth761
Braden, William762
Bradford, A. C.164
Bradford, Tom46, 47
Bradley, Bequette Miss456
Bradley, H. L.655
Bradley, Laura M. Cosper655
Bradley, N. O.456, 732, 856
Brady, Father214
Brady, Reverend J.462
Braly, B. F.794Peggy Parish
Braly, J. C.794Peggy Parish
Braly, Miss794Peggy Parish
Braly, Mr.871
Braly, Shadrach794Peggy Parish
Braly, William H (B)794Peggy Parish
Brawley, A. H.197
Brazill, Angelina689
Brazill, Emma Hoskins689
Brazill, Emma689
Brazill, Ernest689
Brazill, Josephine689
Brazill, Lee689
Brazill, Louisa689
Brazill, M. P (B)689
Brazill, Mary Silveira563
Brazill, Mary Vierra689
Breckenridge, Mr.93, 488
Breedlove, Martha Scoggins269
Brewer, Clara L.482
Brewer, Effie Webber482
Brewer, Ethel M.482
Brewer, Harry A.482
Brewer, Rachel Stokes282
Brewer, S. D.196
Brewer, Samuel A. (B)481
Brick, S. P.798
Bridges, Flora May786
Bridges, George (B)785
Bridges, George M.786
Bridges, Mary F. Stokes786
Bridges, Stella I. Switzer786
Bridges, Zelda E.786
Briggs, Frank140
Briggs, Mr.72
Bristol, Mary Stokes279
Bristol, Nathan295
Britten, (brothers)57
Britten, H. T.124
Brock, Gertrude Church672
Broder, A. H.105
Broder, John152
Broder, Mr.124
Broder, Robert153
Broderick, Nora Gilligan847
Bronson, B. M.100
Brooks, C. H.186
Brooks, Carmen661
Brooks, Dwight661
Brooks, E. E.782
Brooks, Ellen Burr661
Brooks, Harry661
Brooks, Josephine661
Brooks, Lillie661
Brooks, Micager660
Brooks, Minnie661
Brooks, Myrtle Bursford661
Brooks, Parker Miss782
Brooks, Parker R I (B)660
Brooks, Susan Sansing660
Brothers, Carolyn E.503
Brothers, E.189
Brothers, Elsie Turner623
Brothers, George A.503
Brothers, George E.503
Brothers, Iffie T. Foley503
Brothers, John (B)502
Brothers, Mary E.503
Brotherton, Elmer474
Brotherton, Emma Smith474
Broughton, Hope Click839
Brown, Anna May764
Brown, Bernice759
Brown, C. R.209
Brown, C. T.139
Brown, Earl408
Brown, Elizabeth Wheeler646
Brown, Fannie Wilcox755
Brown, Florence E. DeWitt408
Brown, Frank244
Brown, H. P (B)871
Brown, H. P.655, 820, 871
Brown, Harry P.190
Brown, J. C.632
Brown, J. Rose144
Brown, J. W.194
Brown, James754
Brown, Jenevieve Loraine759
Brown, Jennie McCamish665
Brown, Jesse180, 184, 192, 196
Brown, John108, 154
Brown, Joseph C. (B)272
Brown, Joseph C.165, 272
Brown, Joseph Clarence276
Brown, L. L.773
Brown, Lahalla A. Ferguson757
Brown, Mary Ellen Lathrop288
Brown, Mary F. Kellenburg755
Brown, Mattie Pearson664
Brown, Maud408
Brown, Maude Combs755
Brown, May Hammond755
Brown, Metta Robinson872
Brown, Mollie M. Lovelace272, 632
Brown, Mr.100, 651
Brown, Pauline757
Brown, Philiip S.755, 759
Brown, Philip S (B)759
Brown, Purdy Miss861
Brown, Robinson Miss820
Brown, Rosa Noble276
Brown, Rosalie Ford757
Brown, Roy F.757
Brown, S. C.14, 29, 37, 99, 145, 161, 165, 449, 670
Brown, S. L.770
Brown, S. M.13
Brown, Sallie Ann Davis664
Brown, Samuel C (B)754
Brown, Samuel Carr754, 759
Brown, Sarah A. Burnham580
Brown, Sarah Smith754
Brown, Stanley B.272
Brown, Volney A. (B)272
Brown, White Miss756
Brown, William A.756
Brown, William Stanton (B)664
Brown, William Wilard (B)756
Brown, William664
Brownstone, D.219
Bruce, LaVerne Gloria654
Bruce, Lewis (B)654
Bruce, Olive L. Peterson654
Brum, Mr.486
Brundage, T. J.70, 631
Bruner, Mary868
Brus, Jacob583
Bryan, Jeanette Hays315
Bryan, Mr.185
Bryan, O. G.184
Bryans, Iva W. Williams585
Bryans, William J.585
Buck, Frank H.674
Buck, H.209
Buck, Mr.798
Buckbee, Catherine Louise Traut659, 668
Buckbee, Charles668
Buckbee, David660
Buckbee, Edmund668
Buckbee, Hannah Clark668
Buckbee, Martha J (B)668
Buckbee, Mary E.668
Buckbee, Thomas J.660
Buckman, C. T.166
Buckman, J. E.166
Buckman, Susan Teague825
Buckmaster, Mary Murphy813
Buckner, Sheriff183, 190
Buckner, W. V. Mrs.217
Buckner, W. V.180, 181, 184, 186, 187, 188, 539, 636
Budd, Blauw Miss679
Budd, General304
Budd, James H.184, 185
Budd, Katie Spankle678
Budd, William (B)678
Bullard, Frank184
Bump, Mr.258, 401
Bunker, C. A.157
Bunn, Charlotte Moffitt250
Bunton, Lucy Mardis362
Burbank, H. E.189
Burch, Charles765
Burch, Katie Fickle765
Burch, Pearl F. Fickle765
Burdette, Robert J.155
Burgamaster, Julius (B)550
Burgamaster, Margaret Tiedemann550
Burgamaster, Mattie551
Burgamaster, Otto551
Burgan, Amanda B. Clark590
Burgan, William590
Burgess, J. G.210
Burgess, J. H.no page noted
Burke, Almeda J. McIntire835, 836
Burke, Anna G. Traweek835
Burke, Bertha Bryon485
Burke, Elva Lewis Holcomb835, 836
Burke, Ethelbert164
Burke, Floy I. Hampton835, 836
Burke, Harold R.835, 835
Burke, Harry A.835
Burke, Irene Fleming836
Burke, Ivan C. (B)374
Burke, Jean Lawresten836
Burke, John W.835
Burke, Louis485
Burke, Mary R. Drake835
Burke, Myrtle M. Akers836
Burke, Oliver M.835
Burke, Richard (B)835
Burke, Vera A. Donaldson375
Burke, Viola L. Byrd836
Burkhalter, John165
Burkhart, Elizabeth Barnes447
Burland, Cal150
Burland, Mary E. Steuben741
Burlington, I.376
Burner, Lora Rock708
Burnett, Rosson Miss295
Burnette, Mr.798
Burnham, Anna B. Botts581
Burnham, David C.581
Burnham, Elizabeth Van Derburgh580
Burnham, Emma Castilian581
Burnham, Etta Cline581
Burnham, Jessie B. Larson581
Burnham, John B.581
Burnham, John Brown (B)580
Burnham, Nathan580
Burnham, Pluma B. Philbrick581
Burnham, Rosana Angeline580
Burnham, Sarah A. Brown580
Burnham, Sarah E. Carlton Nelson McCain581
Burns, Eva Blakeley588
Burns, Harvey588
Burns, Tom152
Burr, B. F.531
Burr, Carl T.532
Burr, Ellen Brooks661
Burr, Mary L. Graham532
Burr, Maud Howe532, 533
Burr, Reel G.532
Burr, W. S.186, 187, 188, 189, 191
Burr, Walter S. (B)531Joye
Burr, Walter S.531, 533
Burrel, Adaliza H. Adams704
Burrel, Cuthbert (B)703
Burrel, Cuthbert693, 703
Burrel, Luella Hyde693, 703
Burrel, Mary Robinson703
Burrel, May704
Burrel, Varina J.704
Burrell, John (B)615
Burrell, Monroe6115
Burrell, Norma218
Burroughs, Fannie Dineley766
Bursell, Edith Henley508
Bursell, Jim140
Bursey, Frances Elizabeth Fine Abbott535, 769
Bursford, Clyde661
Bursford, Myrtle Brooks661
Burton, A. F.690
Burton, Absalom (B)689
Burton, Arthur (B)724
Burton, Carroll E.725
Burton, Edith Weston725
Burton, Edward724
Burton, Elizabeth Robinson Ogden690
Burton, Ethel Wilcox725
Burton, Hollis H.725
Burton, Mary J. Wren724
Burton, Mary Jane Montgomery287
Burton, Richard689
Bush, Clarence E.880
Bush, E. E.176, 179, 197, 206
Bush, Edward E (B)877
Bush, Edward E.330, 887
Bush, Emily E. Randall887
Bush, Emma Byrd880
Bush, Grover L.880
Bush, M. D.182
Bush, Moses D.887
Bush, Moses Lyman880
Bush, Mr.798
Bush, Ruby Pearl Wilson880
Bush, William A.210
Butler, A. B.165, 175, 176
Butler, C. O.194
Butler, James884
Butler, R. R.886
Butler, Sarah Swan859
Buttram, Julia Scoggins269
Butts, Adelaide Barton483
Butts, Dell483
Butts, Ida May Hamilton390, 483
Butts, J. H.483
Butts, James193
Butz, Isadora May Kelsey861
Butz, Mr.774
Byrd, Emma L. Bush880
Byrd, Mr.153
Byrd, Pleasant163, 166
Byrd, T. R.836
Byrd, Viola L.Burke835, 836
Byrnes, Captain150
Byron, Albert667
Byron, Bertha Burke485
Byron, Carl486
Byron, E. H., M.D. (B)404
Byron, E. H.408, 426, 677
Byron, Elizabeth676
Byron, Frank Mark677
Byron, Harriet Freeman404
Byron, Henry Washington (B)676
Byron, Henry Washington404, 426, 676
Byron, Herbert Freeman404
Byron, James676
Byron, Julia A. Bozeman485, 834
Byron, L. H.592
Byron, Lawrence486
Byron, Lincoln H.677
Byron, Lincoln Henry (B)485
Byron, Lincoln Henry485, 834
Byron, Mary Hesketh676
Byron, Olive Greensides676
Byron, Olive677
Byron, Peter676
Byron, Philander676
Byron, Rosina Gallard677
Byron, Ruby E. Fassett427
Byron, Rupert677
Byron, William P., M. D. (B)426
Byron, William P.426, 677
Byron, William676
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Cadwell, Clara M. Blakesley529
Cady, S.103
Cahoon, George27
Cairns, J. J.87, 88
Calderwood, Ralph Scotty 96
Caldwell, Mr.46
Calhoun, E. E.29, 129, 164
Calsoun, Margaret Franklin Cann661
Calwell, Mr.129
Cameron, A. M.13
Cameron, D. R.202, 203, 204, 206, 210, 798
Cameron, John337
Cameron, Mr.402, 552
Camp, George719
Camp, J. M187, 189
Camp, Lee664
Camp, W. H.210
Camp, William210
Campbell, A. C.164
Campbell, Alice Landers428
Campbell, Argyle428
Campbell, Blanche428
Campbell, Elizabeth Bacon831
Campbell, Ethel428
Campbell, F. D. (B)427
Campbell, Gladys428
Campbell, J. H.165
Campbell, Miss Robinson820
Campbell, Ray866
Campbell, Theodora428
Campbell, William J.11, 13, 24
Campbell, William163
Canby, General396
Canfield, W.165
Cann, Captain George100, 168
Cann, Caraspo Father214
Cann, Card T.187
Cann, Cardoza Maria Clara Lemos777
Cann, Cardwell R. P.13
Cann, James Maxwell (B)661
Cann, John Miller661
Cann, Lewis H.661
Cann, LizzieL. Howell661
Cann, Margaret Franklin Calhoun661
Cann, Margaret J.661
Carle, Andrew Jackson648
Carle, C. J.88
Carle, Charles J. (B)648
Carle, Jackson Tyler648
Carle, William Ashley648
Carlisle, Clarence M.776
Carlisle, Clyde F.776
Carlisle, Elizabeth Haley776
Carlisle, Eva M. Van Valkingburge776
Carlisle, Frederick M (B)776
Carlisle, Jessie H. Welsh776
Carlisle, Joseph Node776
Carlisle, Viley W.776
Carlisle, Viola E. Hughes776
Carlson, Christine Johnson347
Carlson, Eunice Cochran730
Carlson, P. Y.730
Carlton, David581
Carlton, P. V.730
Carlton, Sarah E. Burnham Nelson McCain581
Carlton, W. H.185
Carmen, Mr.318
Carney, Mary Lillian Trewhitt799
Carney, Mr.43, 808
Carr, Mr.196, 716
Carr, Sarah E. Booker249
Carr, Sophia Salladay783
Carr, W. B.346
Carrasco, P.187, 188, 189
Carroll, H. C.157
Carroll, J. P.152
Carruthers, T. C.166
Carson, Martha Chance401
Carter, Albert880
Carter, Amanda Kent880
Carter, Cenio Johnson880
Carter, Colulmbus G.880
Carter, David F (B)880
Carter, Della Allen783, 880
Carter, Elizabeth Reeves880
Carter, Elizabeth Strawm880
Carter, Elsie Kent880
Carter, Elsie Smith880
Carter, Frances M. Hill880
Carter, Frank880
Carter, Grimsy Miss880
Carter, J. F.310
Carter, James L.880
Carter, John P.880
Carter, Joseph O.880
Carter, Lulu880
Carter, Marion F.880
Carter, Mary Ray880
Carter, Maud Osborn360
Carter, Ora Janes880
Carter, S. P.13
Carter, Sadie Chance401
Carter, Sallie Sherman880
Carter, Sarah A Landsdowne880
Carter, Vicia J.880
Carter, Vickery Miss880
Carter, William F.880
Carter, William P.880
Cartmill, Amelia Jessie Guerin447
Cartmill, Eva297, 447
Cartmill, Flora447
Cartmill, Isabelle Ferguson447
Cartmill, Jane Gilmer Henry297
Cartmill, Mary447
Cartmill, May297
Cartmill, Miss Eldridge297
Cartmill, Miss Hatch297
Cartmill, Sophia Barnes297, 447
Cartmill, W. B.137, 139
Cartmill, W. F., M.D. (B)446
Cartmill, W. F.81, 297, 446
Cartmill, Walter Selmon447
Cartmill, William F.446
Cartmill, William G.297
Cartmill, Wooster B. (B)296
Cartmill, Wooster B.296, 447
Cartner, J. J.868
Cartner, Major326
Cartner, Miss326
Caruthers, W. A.196
Carver, Albert765
Carver, Flossie F. Fickle765
Cary, Ellen L.360
Cary, Gladys Osborn360
Cary, J. M.194
Cary, L. L.360
Cason, John W.845
Cason, Mary A. Johnson845
Castilian, Emma Burnham581
Castle, C. H.185
Castle, George H.528
Chamberlain, Maggie May Eccles502
Chamberlain, Mr.196, 716
Chambers, John196
Chance, Bruce Allen401
Chance, Eddie Frank401
Chance, Edward H. (B)398
Chance, Henry398
Chance, Lester Carl401
Chance, Louisa Nuckles398
Chance, Martha Carson401
Chance, Mollie Ramsey401
Chance, Pearl401
Chance, Percy E.401
Chance, Sadie Carter401
Chapels, John810
Chapman, H.30
Chappell, Martha Smith740
Charles, America Rodman868
Charles, Carrie S. Wildfang869
Charles, Dr.528
Charles, Ethel869
Charles, Levin868, 869
Charles, Nathan868
Charles, William B. M.D (B)868
Charles, William Gordon869
Chartes, H. A.390
Chase, Christina Stokes283
Chase, S. N.283
Chatman, W. S.110, 111
Chatten, Arthur633
Chatten, Betsy Doe632
Chatten, Celesta490
Chatten, Celeste Reynolds633
Chatten, Dallas633
Chatten, Eliza Whitendale490
Chatten, Elsie633
Chatten, Frances490
Chatten, Fred633
Chatten, John (B)632
Chatten, Leah Miller Davis490
Chatten, Margaret Glenn489
Chatten, Meredith633
Chatten, Ray633
Chatten, Richard (B)489
Chatten, Richard161, 489, 633
Chatten, Robert632
Chatten, Thomas A.489, 490
Chatten, Thomas632
Chatten, Wesley633
Chatten, Wilmot L (B)632
Chedester, Stella Ewing691
Chester, Capt.762
Chesterman, Caroline A. Miller361
Chidester, Miss Thomas500
Childress, Mr.798
Chilson, Frances W. Houston852
Chinn, G. B.308
Chinn, Mr.681
Chinn, R. H.674
Chittenden, A. E.209
Chittenden, L. S.186, 197, 206
Chrisman, Ira166
Christensen, Mr.149
Christianson, Rev.154
Christie, William117
Church, A. W.595
Church, Annie E. Howland492
Church, Beecher492
Church, Birch492
Church, Carrie Sanborn492
Church, Caryl (B)492
Church, Caryl196, 492, 672
Church, Charles C.756
Church, Charles492
Church, Clifford672
Church, Clifton635
Church, Elery H. (B)672
Church, Elery492, 672
Church, Eva Whitaker635
Church, Gertrude Brock672
Church, M. E.310
Church, Pearl Bondson756
Church, Susan672
Clack, R. N.163
Clancy, Maggie Dayl486
Clanton, J. G.209
Clapp, Emma Cochran730
Clapp, I. S.129
Clapp, Mr.75, 848
Clapp, Oscar196
Clark, Addison W.310
Clark, Albert591
Clark, Amanda B. Burgan590
Clark, Arthur867
Clark, C. W.196, 728
Clark, Charles W.590
Clark, Clive Howard554
Clark, Cosmer B.180, 184
Clark, Frank B.591
Clark, Gracie G.591
Clark, Grant U.591
Clark, Hannah Buckbee668
Clark, Harry A (B)551
Clark, Hazel G.552
Clark, Howard554
Clark, Ida B.591
Clark, Iris Hemphill552
Clark, Isaac I. (B)309
Clark, James M.867
Clark, Jesse E.552
Clark, John164
Clark, Joseph H.29
Clark, Laurin867
Clark, Margaret Lewis707
Clark, Marjorie F.310
Clark, Martha E. Baker867
Clark, Marvin867
Clark, Mary A. Beck310
Clark, Mary E. Osborn359
Clark, Mary Johnson867
Clark, Mattie Baxley554
Clark, Mr.111, 112, 765
Clark, Rachel Murray449
Clark, William B (B)590
Clark, William M (B)867
Clarke, Elizabeth Sampson Johnson382
Clarke, James T.457
Clarke, Louise Collins426
Clarke, Martha L. Bequette457
Clarke, Mary A. Graves457
Clarke, Nettie A.382
Clarke, Robert C. (B)381
Clarke, Robeta C.382
Clarke, Victoria M. May504
Clarkson, Annie Lucas616
Clarkson, Hazel616
Clarkson, Mary Angeline Austin616
Clarkson, May Maddox616
Clarkson, Miss Knutson873
Clarkson, Presley616
Clarkson, Thomas J (B)616
Clarkson, William C.873
Clauson, Hi197
Clawson, Cynthia Knutson873
Clawson, H.184, 588
Clawson, Olive May Blakeley588
Clay, Henry806
Cleek, Reecca Scoggins269
Clegg, A. M.528
Cleghorn, Miss Hendrey834
Clement, Effie May Cronk735
Clement, Emily Gault735
Clement, George S (B)735
Clement, Jacob735
Clemente, Elvira594
Clemente, John V (B)593
Clemente, Leonard594
Clemente, Maria Garcia594
Clemente, Maria594
Cleveland, E. M.196
Cleveland, F. A.506
Cleveland, Lillian R. Morgan627
Click, Hope Broughtan839
Click, Martin (B)838
Click, Peter838
Click, Roy839
Cline, Etta Burnham581
Clough, Julia Blossom628
Clough, Maria LaMarsna700
Clough, W.392
Clough, William O.65
Clow, B. R.180, 181, 184
Clute, George W.185, 196
Coale, Hester Halford787
Coates, C. D.184
Coats, Claude D (B)657
Coats, L. B.657
Coats, Mattie Finley658
Coats, Thomas657
Cobb, General852
Coburn, A. M.59, 491
Cochran, Andrew729
Cochran, Earl P.730
Cochran, Edith Johnson730
Cochran, Elbert730
Cochran, Emma Clapp730
Cochran, Emma Orrison730
Cochran, Eulalia730
Cochran, Eunice Carlson730
Cochran, Eureka730
Cochran, Euvie Wiley730
Cochran, Harriet Pierce Coles729
Cochran, John B.729
Cochran, John Cowan730
Cochran, Manson M.730
Cochran, Mary Sawyer729
Cochran, Minnie Wiley730
Cochran, Miss Beatty729
Cochran, Miss Walters729
Cochran, Mr.440
Cochran, robert Cleland730
Cochran, S. D Sr.(B)729
Cochran, S. D. Jr.730
Cochran, Sarah J. Collins425
Cochran, Temple Beatty730
Cochran, Willard730
Cochrane, T. E.191
Cockran, F. J. P.308
Coddington, William29
Cody, Andrew Milo537
Cody, Buffalo Bill337
Cody, George W.196
Cody, George Warner (B)536
Cody, Harvey537
Cody, Mary M. Gray537
Cody, Rinney537
Cody, Terrill537
Cody, Thorley G.537
Coe, Catherine Simpson638
Coe, Charles H.211, 212
Coe, Hattie Donager637
Coe, Julius T.637
Coe, Julius231
Coffee, D. F.165
Cohaen, Nancy Jane Antrim841
Cohen, H.35
Cohen, I.35
Cohn, Charles79
Cohn, Dave79
Cohn, H.100
Coker, Eleanor Lloyd729
Cole, Asa850
Cole, Emma Swall850
Cole, W. W.868
Coleman, Mr.708
Coles, Amanda K. Bandy729
Coles, Edith Johnson730
Coles, Harriet Pierce Cochran729
Coles, John Temple729, 730
Collier, Sarah Blain547
Collier, Susan Findley840
Collins, Albert H. (B)468
Collins, Albert H.469, 555
Collins, Albert O.425
Collins, Blanche426
Collins, Bob13
Collins, Charles A.425
Collins, Cisly Kanawyer640
Collins, Edith M.555
Collins, Emma Riley469
Collins, Floyd W.469
Collins, George B.555
Collins, Hazel426
Collins, J. T.30
Collins, Jessie M.555
Collins, John L.425
Collins, Josephine Mardis362
Collins, Leora Rhine425
Collins, Louise Clarke426
Collins, Margaret Elizabeth Griffin485
Collins, Marietta E. Riley555
Collins, Mary Jane Warmoth749
Collins, Minnie Blythe425
Collins, Oscar F (B)554
Collins, Oscar F.468, 554
Collins, S. H.37
Collins, Sarah J. Cochran425
Collins, Sheriff97, 98
Collins, Vera426
Collins, W. W.165
Collins, William W. (B)425
Colpien, Henry (B)549
Colpien, Herman550
Colpien, Heubert H.550
Colpien, Ollie M. Johnson550
Colpien, Raymond C.550
Combs, Ed841
Combs, J. E.755
Combs, Lillian Antrim841
Combs, Maude Brown755
Comfort, Almer B. (B)417
Comfort, Almer B.417, 650
Comfort, B. G.705
Comfort, Bryon Floyd417, 650
Comfort, Byron G. (B)650
Comfort, Carrie H. Drullard417, 650
Comfort, Elvira G.650
Comfort, Elvira Howe705
Comfort, Ward R.650
Comfort, Wayne M.650
Conaty, Rev. Thomas157, 463
Conkey, Fred W (B)800
Conkey, Jessie Nye800
Conkey, Julia E. Shelton800
Conkey, Lucius800
Conklin, H. W.191
Conlee, Ella Robinson461
Conlee, Frank461
Conlee, Lila Hart461
Conley, W. M.188
Conner, Emma Dunlalp593
Conner, Henry593
Cook, Cyrus W.302
Cook, Miss White302
Cooke, Bruce E.806
Cooke, Edwin806
Cooke, F. W.806
Cooke, Henry W.806
Cooke, Iantha A. Kelso806
Cooke, Jennie V.806
Cooke, Joseph E.806
Cooke, Lucy Rutledge805
Cooke, Lucy806
Cooke, Mary E. Thompson806
Cooke, Roy A.806
Cooke, Sarah A. Lane806
Cooke, W. S.805
Cooke, William R (B)805
Cooksey, Mrs.123
Coolidge, Gordon519
Coolidge, Jennie Bellinger519
Coolidge, Leon519
Coolidge, Lucy Kimball519
Coolidge, Milton519
Coolidge, Morton519
Coolidge, Purley V.519
Coolidge, Wilbur (B)518
Coombs, Mr701
Cooper, C. W.209
Cooper, Eliza Despar730
Cooper, Hannah Retta Murray449
Cooper, Hugh730
Cooper, J. R (B)730
Cooper, Jessie E.731
Cooper, Margaret McPherson Steel731
Cooper, Stephen A.703
Cople, Miss Tozer339
Cople, R. G.339
Corbitt, A. H.13
Corey, Mary Finn758
Corey, William209
Corley, S. T.166
Cortner, J. J.671
Cortner, Lee559
Cortner, Mary Evans559
Cortner, Mary Priscilla Hall671
Cortner, Miss Ellis559
Cortner, Miss Jordan559
Cortner, Preston559
Cortner, Talbert559
Cortner, William C.559
Cosper, E. T.186
Cosper, Elias T (B)654
Cosper, Laura M. Bradley655
Cosper, Sarah Moore655
Cosper, Volney B.655
Cothran, L. C.538, 587
Cothran, Leta D. Farmer538, 587
Cottingham, Leurah Powell634
Cottle, M. G.297, 452
Cottle, N. G.376
Cotton/Cotten, George W.194, 195
Cotton/Cotten, Sally213
Coughran, C. E.732
Coughran, R. W.163
Coughran, Robert29
Coughran, W. W.166
Coughran, Wiley29
Couley, J. M.155
Courtner, J. C.603
Courtner, Mary A. Jordan Thomas488
Courtner, William488
Courtney, Annie Roper354
Courtney, Blanche M.354
Courtney, Hugh354
Courtney, James354
Courtney, Millicent M. Fellows354
Courtney, Samuel Edward (B)352
Courtney, Samuel Ernest354
Cousins, Henry197
Cousins, Sarah M. Warner624
Covert, Inez189
Covert, John G.187, 188
Covert, William196
Cowell, Henry440
Cowles, Charles O.86
Cox, E. F.556
Cox, E. M.339
Cox, Minnie Vail863
Cox, W. J. M.190
Cozzens, William Uncle Billy 31
Cozzens, William84
Crabtree, Ash508
Crabtree, Clair508
Crabtree, Emory508
Crabtree, James A. (B)516
Crabtree, John B.516
Crabtree, John59, 61
Crabtree, Minnie Henley508
Crabtree, Paulina Moreland517
Crabtree, Ramona508
Crabtree, Rebecca Maria517
Craft, Beatrice Fickle765
Craig, J. A.215
Cramer, Bessie855
Cramer, Charles M.164
Cramer, Eleanor Ott855
Cramer, Eleanor855
Cramer, Frank855
Cramer, J. K.855
Cramer, Jacob342
Cramer, John855
Cramer, M. L (B)855
Cramer, Mae Baker855
Cramer, Morris855
Cramer, Violet855
Crane, Henry A (B)589
Crane, O.589Kathy
Crane, T. V.103
Crane, William Dale590
Crane, Winifred Battenfeld589
Crawford, Aaron750
Crawford, Alfred509
Crawford, Louisa Null749, 750
Crawford, Mary T.750
Crawford, Reta H. Biddle330
Crawford, Robert R.750
Crawford, Robert330
Crawford, William750
Crawford, Winnie M.750
Crawshaw, Alleen630
Crawshaw, Bessie Hagler630
Crawshaw, J. A. M. D (B)629
Creath, Donald658
Creath, Florence658
Creath, James658
Creath, John V (B)658
Creath, June B. Allison658
Creath, Ralph658
Creech, Frank500
Creech, Mill Thomas550
Creighton, F. M.856
Creighton, John M.435
Creighton, Mary Atwell856
Creighton, Mary LeClert LaMarche Howard435
Creighton, Mr.559
Creighton, S. G.116
Crespi, Father220, 226
Cressy, A. L.657
Crippen, Lois Sophia McCord346
Crippen, Mr.784
Cristen, Alice Knight582
Cristen, Christopher582
Cristen, Jacob582
Crittenden, Mr.798
Crocker, Bertha A. Johnson818
Crockett, Davy762
Cronk, Effie May Clement735
Crook, Alexander (B)537
Crook, Arthur B.538
Crook, Blanch Smith537
Crook, Catherine Bachelder/Batchelder537, 618
Crook, Elizabeth Kipp537
Crook, Ethel Gill538
Crook, Fred A.538
Crook, Wiley537
Crooks, Hannah Traut659
Crookshank, S. A.166
Cross, R.F.310, 692
Cross, W. W.164, 165, 194
Crossett, Mr.147
Crow, Charles817
Crow, Mr.111, 112, 269, 384
Crowell, A. B.207
Crowell, Henry13
Crowell, Jasper72
Crowell, Mr.353
Crowley, Arthur38, 165
Crowley, J. W.166
Crowley, James38, 499
Crowley, John W.72, 166
Crowley, Mr.631, 698
Crumley, Mr.99
Cuda, Mary Ewing691
Culberson, Georgia A. Leavens675
Cundiff, Mary Grass838
Cundiff, Parthenia C. Ferguson838
Cundiff, Thomas838
Cunning, Charles F.209
Cunningham, F.186,187, 188, 190
Cunningham, Francis180, 181, 184
Cunningham, Sheriff151
Cunningham, W. S.165, 176
Curry, George186
Curry, Stella Smith819
Curtis, Joe43
Cutler, A. R. (B)420
Cutler, Albert R.423
Cutler, Edna Hartley420
Cutler, Ida420
Cutler, John (B)420
Cutler, John14, 103, 146, 161, 164, 420
Cutler, Judge15
Cutler, Loyal O.420
Cutler, Mary420
Cutler, Miss Knupp420
Cutler, Nancy rice Reynolds420
Cutler, Nimmie Pringle423
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Dackett, Rachel Ferguson837
Dade, Rev. Father D. F.157, 160
Dadighian, James824
Dadighian, Miss Sahroian824
Daggett, Mr.755
Dailey, Eunisa Woodard577
Dailey, George W.840
Dailey, Miss Bacon840
Dale, Louisa Johnson845
Dalton, brothers, 488, 646, 652, 818, 831
Dalton, Gang149
Dalton, Grattan149, 150
Dalton, Joseph468
Dalton, Matilda Smith468
Dalton, William149, 150
Daly, Arthur G. (B)486
Daly, Dennis B.486
Daly, Ike655
Daly, James P.486
Daly, John499
Daly, Maggie Clancy486
Daly, Mary E. O'Hara486
Daly, Miss Lee Smith486
Daly, Patrick M.486
Dalzelle, Frank E.557
Dalzelle, Madora Reinhart557
Damron, Flora Renaud562
Damron, J. Jr.562
Daniel, Abner578
Daniel, Mary Roork578
Daniels, George M.847
Daniels, James B.847
Daniels, Lena Marie De La Grange847
Daniels, Lloyd847
Danielson, Mr.22
Danner, Alice Barbeau441
Danner, Edgar442
Danner, Frederick Earl441
Danner, John C. (B)441
Danner, Lea S.441
Danner, Lucian Carl441
Danner, Nathan441
Danner, Royal442
Danner, Violet M.441
Darnell, Clara E. Myers709
Darnell, Gwendolyn Russell709
Darwin, Mr.134
Daunt, William G.59
Davenport, Ann Early608
Davenport, Dr.33
Davenport, Elena Holloway607
Davenport, Frank608
Davenport, Helen Huff608
Davenport, John607
Davenport, Mr.108
Davenport, S.100
Davenport, Stephen103, 607
Davenport, Susan Barton483, 484
Davenport, W. G.166
Davenport, William H. (B)607
Davidson, Charles G.674
Davidson, Corda May French674, 675
Davidson, John W. (B)674
Davidson, Lena L. Ellis674
Davidson, Mrs. N. E.187, 188, 189, 191, 216
Davidson, Thomas R.29
Davis, A. R.187, 188
Davis, Alfred A.601
Davis, Andrew J. (B)601
Davis, Andrew P.601
Davis, Clement B.601
Davis, Elizabeth A. Jennings601
Davis, Elizabeth Titrich602
Davis, Eva601Sheila Maynor
Davis, Fitzhugh601
Davis, Harvey772
Davis, Irene601
Davis, Irvin P.602
Davis, J. C.209
Davis, J. K.184
Davis, James B.13
Davis, James13
Davis, Jefferson28
Davis, Leah Miller490
Davis, Mary Eliza Bequette772
Davis, May F. Dodge307
Davis, Melbourne602
Davis, Mr.43
Davis, Rachel Ewing691
Davis, Sallie Ann Brown664
Davis, Sarah A. Ficklin535, 536
Davis, Sarah Ann Davis601
Davis, Thomas H.490
Davis, Thomas53
Davis, W. H.664
Dawson, J. H.211, 212
Dawson, John184
Day, Bertha Bassett718
Day, John407
Day, John718
Day, Mable Weddle762
De Baca, Damon753
De Baca, Fay753
De Baca, Glenn753
De Baca, Harold753
De Baca, Inez752
De Baca, Jesus Cabeza752
De Baca, Jose752
De Baca, Nancy E. Doty753
De Baca, Rene753
De Baca, Rita753
De Baca, Santos752
De La Grange, Ada E. Unger576
De La Grange, Barney (B)847
De La Grange, Elizabeth McLain847
De La Grange, Ida M. Lewis847
De La Grange, Lena Marie Daniels847
De La Grange, Omie847, 848
De La Grange, William848
Deacon, May Parrish541
Deacon, R. O.541, 868
Dean, Adeline Filey583, 841?
Dean, Albert L.583
Dean, Anna N. Huston583
Dean, Callie A. Findley841
Dean, Carroll841
Dean, Cleo841
Dean, Etta B. Doyle767
Dean, Forest841
Dean, George W.583
Dean, Gilbert M. L. (B)582
Dean, Gilbert M. L.9, 10, 582
Dean, Gilbert841
Dean, Helen583
Dean, Henrietta Baker583
Dean, Henry766
Dean, J. M.191, 210
Dean, Jabel M. (B)868
Dean, James S.583
Dean, Jesse L.583
Dean, John H.583
Dean, John841
Dean, Laura B. Hill583
Dean, Laura E. Shaw583
Dean, Letitia A. wooley583
Dean, Letitia Paten582
Dean, Levi582, 583, 841
Dean, Martha Filey583
Dean, Martha J. Findley840
Dean, Martha J. Hamlington583
Dean, Mary A. Dunn583
Dean, Mary A. Seamunds583
Dean, Mary A.583
Dean, Maud841
Dean, May Downing583
Dean, Peter29
Dean, Riley150
Dean, William F. (B)766
Deardorff, Irene M. Dodge515
Deardorff, John H.515
Deardorff, Oscar S. (B)515
Deardorff, Samuel F.196
Dearing, Bertha E. Morris701
Dearing, Ida B. McClure701
Dearing, John W.701
DeBaca, (see Baca)
DeBolt, C. Odele Goad628
Decker, I. L.885
Decker, Ida Orpa Scoggins885, 886
Decker, Louis. (B)591
Decker, Louis180, 591
Decker, Maria Westerhoff592
Decker, Milo124
Decker, Miss885
DeFrance, A. H.822
DeFrance, Eliza E. Sears821
Del Ballo, Mr.161
Delcours, Locadie Lorendo391
Dell, narcissa Parrish540
DeMasters, Amelia Ridgeway729
DeMasters, Captain21, 22
DeMasters, David W. (B)728
DeMasters, Harry728
DeMasters, Marshall Foster728
DeMasters, May Lloyd728
DeMasters, Newton729
DeMasters, Remmert728
DeMasters, Stephen D.729
Deming, Hattie160
Denham, J. M.189
Denny, Carrie A.641
Denny, Harvey N. (B)641
Denny, J. E.166
Denny, Melissa D. Hoskins641
Denton, Coroner606
Depew, Mattie F. Thomas742
Depute, A. L.825
Depute, Clara Schueller825
Deputy, William C.30, 95, 96
DeSabla, Mr.758
DeSpain, D. L.163
Despar, Eliza Cooper730
Devine, Grace Arvilla Dibble516
DeVine, Lena Ayer-Lathrop290
Devine, M. J.516
DeVoll, Mary J. Whitaker635
DeVoll, Wilbur635
Dewey, F. V.209
Dewey, Lodema N. Sigler612
DeWitt, Agnes McDonald408
DeWitt, Alice W. Barnaby408
DeWitt, Camille408
DeWitt, E. (B)665
DeWitt, E. L.165
DeWitt, E.662, 665
DeWitt, Earl408
DeWitt, Edna408
DeWitt, Edward408
DeWitt, Eleazar407
DeWitt, Florence C. Brown408
DeWitt, Gertrude Evans666
DeWitt, H.C.666
DeWitt, Hannah Tooley407
DeWitt, Iram408
DeWitt, John408
DeWitt, Lydia A. Zumwalt407
DeWitt, Marcus666
DeWitt, Margaret Ford666
DeWitt, Miss Edmondson666
DeWitt, Miss Ellsworth666
DeWitt, Miss Shedler408
DeWitt, Miss Sherman666
DeWitt, Rev. Allan W.407
DeWitt, Samuel407
DeWitt, Samuel556
DeWitt, Walter408
DeWitt, William H.408
DeWitt, William M. (B)407
DeWitt, William M.407
Dexter, Martha Ann Ruggles587
Dexter, Mr.304
Dibble, A. Leroy (B)516
Dibble, Alta E.721
Dibble, Annie Howe520
Dibble, E. J.196
Dibble, Edwin J.520
Dibble, Effie E.516
Dibble, Ella A.721
Dibble, Grace Arvilla Devine516
Dibble, Hannah Blend520
Dibble, Judson A. (B)721
Dibble, Lawrence Leroy516
Dibble, Leonard A.516
Dibble, Lulu Skaggs721
Dibble, Mary. A Llewellyn516
Dibble, Nora L.721
Dibble, William Oscar516
Dickenson, A. P.317
Dickerson, Miss Duff803
Dickson, Sarah Maddox362
Dill, William11, 13, 165
Dillard, Lydia Thomas500
Dillon, E. J.184
Dillon, Nathan14, 20, 23
Dillon, T. F.185
Dineley, Charlotte E. Kellenberger766
Dineley, Clarence766
Dineley, Eve Bliss766
Dineley, Fannie Burroughs766
Dineley, Frank766
Dineley, George766
Dineley, Harry766
Dineley, Louisa Askin598, 766
Dineley, Miss Kelsey766
Dineley, Miss Lamberson766
Dineley, Miss Miller766
Dineley, Miss Vogle766
Dineley, Samuel (B)765
Dineley, Samuel100, 765
Dineley, see also Dinely
Dinely, Louisa Askin598, 766
Dinely, Samuel100, 765
Dinely, see also Dineley
Dingley, W. E.308
Dingley, Willard E. (B)445
Dixon, R. E.197
Dockstader, Hiram525
Dockstader, John W. (B)524
Dockstader, John W. Jr525
Dockstader, Lansford525
Dockstader, Louada Whitmore525
Dockstader, Lulu Kelly525
Dodds, J. V.196
Dodds, William H.196
Dodge, A. C.456
Dodge, A. Fred (B)524
Dodge, Abigail Harkness307
Dodge, C. B.196
Dodge, David178, 196, 308
Dodge, Doris524
Dodge, Dortha524
Dodge, Elisha307
Dodge, Elizabeth P. Bequette456
Dodge, F. A.209, 770
Dodge, F. L.204, 209
Dodge, Florence Mildred308
Dodge, Frank L.176, 178, 202, 206, 307
Dodge, Fred A. (B)307
Dodge, Fred A.217, 218, 307
Dodge, George A.181, 196, 202
Dodge, George Raymond308
Dodge, Governor456
Dodge, Irene M. Deardorff515
Dodge, May F. Davis307
Dodge, Nellie E. Van Vlear524
Dodge, Richard V.524
Dodge, Susan Smith307
Dodge, Thomas A.215
Doe, Betsy Chatten632
Doe, James632
Doherty, George196
Doherty, Robert196
Doherty, William196
Dold, Margaret E.218
Dollenmayer, A. G.209
Dollner, Elsie L. Huffaker617
Donager, Benjamin (B)637
Donager, Benjamin Jr.637
Donager, Benjamin Sr.637
Donager, Frances Kuntz638
Donager, Hattie Coe637
Donahue, Jim31, 32
Donahue, Martin (B)767
Donaldson, Vera A. Burke375
Donelson, A. M.163
Donner, Mr.457
Donohoo, Ellen Grabow640
Donohoo, Fred640
Dornburg, Edna Baxley554
Dorrity, C. B.283
Dorrity, Roxanna Stokes283
Dorst, Captain117
Doss, E. W.165
Doty, Edward558
Doty, Nancy E. Baca753
Doty, Olla Hubbs786
Doty, Sarah A. Evans558
Doughtery, E. E. Bowker874
Douglas, Mr.733, 860
Douglas, Penny13
Douglas, Sarah Rebecca Rhodes575
Douglass, D. K.35
Douglass, D. R.29, 100
Douglass, David Roy600
Douglass, David600
Douglass, E. E.189
Douglass, Gordon32
Douglass, L. H.600
Douglass, Mary Wells600
Douglass, Mr.100
Douglass, Susan E. Wells600
Dougle, William13
Dowdney, Clementine Lathrop288
Dowell, Chester790
Downing, Clementine Weishar670
Downing, Eli670
Downing, James670
Downing, Joseph670
Downing, Louisa Bell670Paula
Downing, May Dean583
Downing, Miss Barton483
Downing, Mr.638, 663
Downing, Palestine Huffaker670
Downing, Sarah Stout670
Downing, William670
Dowse, Arthur T.505
Dowse, Lena May505
Doyle, Chester H.802
Doyle, Etta B. Dean767
Doyle, Floreda Alice Pinnell802
Doyle, J. J.110
Doyle, John J. (B)801
Doyle, John T.204
Doyle, John801
Doyle, Lillie Alice Holser801
Doyle, Ruby S. McFadyen802
Doyle, Sarah Wilson801
Doyle, William801
Drake, J. A.623
Drake, Mary R. Burke835
Drake, Nancy A. Turner623
Drake, Sarah Josephine Baker358
Dreisbach, A. M. (B)836
Dreisbach, Clara836
Dreisbach, Elizabeth Bollinger836
Dreisbach, Grace836
Dreisbach, Harvey836
Dreisbach, Hattie836
Dreisbach, John Wesley836
Dreisbach, Minnie Hanson836
Dreisbach, Nellie Harvey836
Dreisbach, Roy836
Drennen, Winfred D. (B)597
Dresser, Mr.698
Drew, J. H.139
Drew, J. W.139
Dripps, Margaret J. Reinhart557
Driver, J. E. Mrs143
Drullard, Carrie H. Comfort417, 650
DuBrutz, A. B.165
DuBrutz, E. R.166
Dudley brothers, 550
Duff, Mary E. Mitchell803
Duff, Miss Dickerson803
Duff, Robert803
Dumble, E. H.165
Dummer, S. R.29, 36
Dumont, Mmary Lee487
Dunbar, Edward325
Dunbar, Maud E. Miller325
Duncan, George W.30
Duncan, J. F.49
Duncan, N. P.196, 209, 219, 636
Dungan, A. Clifford (B)807
Dungan, Helen Margaret808
Dungan, John Anthony808
Dungan, May Virginia808
Dungan, Nellie Touhy808
Dungan, T. M.166
Dungan, Thomas N.807
Dunham, L. C.188, 191, 868
Dunham, Mary E. Turner623
Dunham, Sarah Etta Bergen858
Dunlap, Bertie Whaley556
Dunlap, Cynthia A. Zumwalt555Barb Orme
Dunlap, Emma Conner593
Dunlap, George L.556
Dunlap, Harry556
Dunlap, James E. (B)592
Dunlap, John W. (B)555Barb Orme
Dunlap, John592, 593
Dunlap, Lemuel S.555Barb Orme
Dunlap, Lillie F. Green556
Dunlap, Lucy Ellie593
Dunlap, Mary593
Dunlap, Thomas593
Dunlap, William E.452, 556
Dunlap, William James593
Dunn, Claiborne583
Dunn, Mary A. Dean583
Dunnigan, Thomas316
During, Alexander164
Duvall, J. J.186
Dye, Eunice Hickman645
Dye, Job F.407
Dyer, George165
Dyer, margaret Osborn359
Dyer, Mr.309
Dyer, Mrs.276
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Early, Ann Daveport608
Ebod, Thomas868
Eccles, Alexander C. (B)501
Eccles, Alexander Clark501, 502
Eccles, Mary May Chamberlain502
Eccles, Ruth May502
Eccles, William Sloan502
Eckels, J. G.252
Eddy, E. Bloyd383
Edmiston, N. B.832
Edmiston, Sarah Bacon832
Edmonds, Christie E. Williams585
Edmondson, Miss DeWitt666
Edmonson, Mr.857
Edwards, E. D. F.13
Edwards, E. J.165
Edwards, E.606
Edwards, Laura Rice606
Edwards, Rev. Mr.139
Edwards, S. D. F.13
Edwards, William156
Ehle, Annie C. Tomer341
Ehle, George341
Einstein, Mr.726
Eiseman, Meyer E.310
Eisen, Gustav197
Eklof, Charles J. (B)423
Eklof, Mary B. Frans423
Elam, Frank79
Eldridge, Miss Cartmill297
Eldridge, W. C.297
Elkins, A.37
Elliott, Hattie556
Elliott, J. M.204
Elliott, James M. (B)556
Elliott, Mr.708
Elliott, William M.557
Ellis, Ada Turner669
Ellis, Bell Scoggins269
Ellis, J. D.505
Ellis, J. W.269
Ellis, Lena L. Davidson674
Ellis, Lucy Dunlap583
Ellis, Miss Cortner559
Ellis, Rose Bloyd651
Ellis, S. L. N.163, 559
Ellis, Sam100
Ellis, Sophia M. Russell708
Ellis, T. O.166, 100, 7008
Ellis, W. D.42, 106, 166
Ellsworth, Frank666
Ellsworth, Miss DeWitt666
Elme, Mary Louisa Steuben741
Elster, Alonzo771
Elster, C. A. (B)771
Elster, Ethel Woodard578
Elster, Eva Hubbs772
Elster, Irvy772
Elster, Lora772
Elster, Minnie Hubbs772
Ely, Sarah McClure700
Ely, William30
English, Constable152
English, Evelyn Warner642
English, Mary J. Garr430
Enloe, Emily M. Murray449
Enloe, Enoch449
Enloe, Hugh449
Enloe, Jane C. Murray449
Enorgan, Clara Stokes296
Ensign, F. C.70
Eperson, Rebecca Smith474
Eppenger, Mr.491
Erganian, James354
Erganian, Mary Melidonian354
Erhart, Mattie Rea815
Erlanger, E.189, 196, 219
Erlanger, Edward (B)726
Erlanger, Moritz726
Erni, Anna J. Miller361
Erving, W. H.13
Eserada, Violanto Silveira563
Esery, see Esrey
Eshom, Mr.53Cliff Eshom
Esrey, Clarence315
Esrey, George685
Esrey, Jonathan (B)685
Esrey, Jonathan196, 685, 736, 877
Esrey, Justin196, 685, 877
Esrey, Kate Follett658, 736
Esrey, Pauline Hays315
Esrey, Robert685
Esrey, Sarah A. Winsett685, 736
Esrey, Troy LaPort652
Estee, M. M.184
Estes, Anna Watson651
Estes, Jack651
Estes, Jane Berry651
Estes, R. J. (B)651
Evans & Sontag, 99, 151, 152
Evans, Albert D.558
Evans, Alice Fincher666
Evans, Ann887
Evans, C. E.166
Evans, C. P.666
Evans, Chris151, 153, 751
Evans, Corinthia Stokes295, 296
Evans, Dudley558
Evans, Elsmore H.558
Evans, family105, 106, 875
Evans, George S./ Col. G./LtCol.25, 26, 30, 31
Evans, Gertrude DeWitt666
Evans, Harry D.559
Evans, Harry N.558
Evans, Helen A.559
Evans, James105, 106, 559, 887, 888
Evans, Jim106
Evans, John F. (B)558
Evans, Marshall296
Evans, Mary Cortner559
Evans, Mr.390, 583, 652, 806, 818, 831, 865
Evans, Samuel105, 887
Evans, Sarah A. Doty558
Evans, Sarah A. Osborn359
Evans, Wallace296
Evans, William558
Everett, Dr.13, 14, 15, 165,
Everton, A.27, 57
Ewell, Lucy Hall671
Ewing, Dorothy691
Ewing, Eileen691
Ewing, Elizabeth Swanson690
Ewing, Elva691
Ewing, Emery691
Ewing, Girard691
Ewing, Henry690
Ewing, Howard691
Ewing, Isabella Sherman690
Ewing, J. F.31
Ewing, Jeanette Hatch691
Ewing, John M.691
Ewing, John, Jr. (B)690
Ewing, Margaret E. Bolton690
Ewing, Margaret Ewing690
Ewing, Margaret690
Ewing, Mary Cuda691
Ewing, Mary Sherman690
Ewing, Nira Kelley691
Ewing, Rachel Davis691
Ewing, Salina691
Ewing, Stella Chedester691
Ewing, William H.691
Ewing, William690
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Fages, Pedro220, 226
Fague, Daniel813
Fague, Delilah Murphy813
Fague, Henry813
Fague, Mary813
Fairchild, Colonel278
Fairweather, Maud Gregory725
Falbert, Thomas22
Fallin, H C.209
Farley, J. H.210
Farmer, B. A384
Farmer, Clarence W.538, 587
Farmer, Ethel R.538, 587
Farmer, Ethel Rhoads539
Farmer, George T. (B)586
Farmer, George T.538, 586
Farmer, Gertrude D. Ruggles538, 587
Farmer, John M.586
Farmer, Leta D. Cothran538, 587
Farmer, Lucile B.538, 587
Farmer, Lyman D. (B)538
Farmer, Lyman D.190, 538, 651, 715
Farmer, Martha J. Utterback586
Farmer, Mary E. Mayes843
Farmer, Milton T.538, 587
Farmer, Paul L.538, 587
Farmer, Theodore P.538, 587
Farmer, William T.586
Farnsworth, C. C.180, 181, 184
Farnsworth, Evelina J. Maddox363
Farrow, Mary E. Overall428
Fassett, B. A.186, 210, 218
Fassett, Ruby E. Byron427
Fay, Spencer575, 576
Fay, Tennessee B. Rhodes575, 576
Fees, Alice Leavens675
Felder, Louis499
Fellows, Charles354
Fellows, Millicent M. Courtney354
Fellz, F. P.190
Feltnig, Mr.888
Felton, Mr.552
Fenton, Julia A. Warner623
Fenton, W. J.155
Fenwick Sanitarium (B)493
Fenwick, Alma Work507
Fenwick, Alonzo L.493
Fenwick, D. V.493
Fenwick, Edward493
Fenwick, Jasper493
Fenwick, P. L.493
Fenwick, Sarah Jones493
Ferguson, Ada Whitaker635
Ferguson, Champion837
Ferguson, Cora Walker838
Ferguson, Dora Futrell838
Ferguson, Dordelia Martin838
Ferguson, Fletcher838
Ferguson, Isabelle Cartmill447
Ferguson, J. W.187, 189, 191
Ferguson, James838
Ferguson, Josiah M. (B)837
Ferguson, Lahalla A. Brown757
Ferguson, Mary Hayes838
Ferguson, Mr.134
Ferguson, Parthenia C. Cundiff838
Ferguson, Rachel Dackett837
Ferguson, Tennia Ridgeway838
Ferguson, Thomas757, 838
Ferguson, Tina Murphy570
Ferguson, Wesley570
Ferrall, J. D.655
Ferril, Mildred Hamilton390
Fewell, J. W.69, 166
Fickle, Alfred H.765
Fickle, Beatrice Craft765
Fickle, Belle Hackett765
Fickle, Benjamin J. (B)764Nancy Conrad
Fickle, Delia765
Fickle, Emma Rutherford765
Fickle, Flora L.765
Fickle, Flossie F. Carver765
Fickle, G. Frank765
Fickle, George M.623, 765
Fickle, George764
Fickle, Jerome F.765
Fickle, John H.765
Fickle, Katie Burch765
Fickle, Lottie Turner623, 765
Fickle, Margaret Beckley764
Fickle, O. Estelle Moyer765
Fickle, Pearl F. Burch765
Ficklin, Anna Fridley536
Ficklin, Benjamin536
Ficklin, Elizabeth Turner535
Ficklin, John536
Ficklin, Joseph L. (B)535
Ficklin, Martha/Mirtha Powell536, 634
Ficklin, Sarah A. Davis535, 536
Ficklin, William Kennett535
Fielding, Fannie Hayes877
Filely, also Findley
Filey, Adeline Dean583
Filey, Martha Dean583
Fincher, Alice Evans666
Fincher, Edna667
Fincher, Elizabeth667
Fincher, Forrest667
Fincher, Francis667
Fincher, James667
Fincher, Jesse M.666
Fincher, Letitia667
Fincher, Mabel667
Fincher, Mary Wooten666
Fincher, Matilda667
Fincher, Minnie Hansen667
Fincher, Nancy High666, 667
Fincher, Paulina Moore666
Fincher, Robert P. (B)666
Fincher, Vetal667
Findley, Aaron840
Findley, Blanche840
Findley, Byron840
Findley, Callie A. Dean841
Findley, Cecil840
Findley, Daisy Tullie841
Findley, Earl840
Findley, Ellen Woodey840
Findley, Gerald840
Findley, Ida Gaster Strong840
Findley, Inez840
Findley, Ira841
Findley, Ivan840
Findley, John M.583, 840
Findley, John840
Findley, Lee840
Findley, Martha Dean841
Findley, Martha J. Dean543, 840
Findley, Martha840
Findley, Mary Kiner841
Findley, Melba841
Findley, Minnie Robinson840
Findley, Myrtle840, 841
Findley, Oswald840
Findley, Sarah J. Masters840
Findley, Susan Collier840
Findley, William (B)840
Findley, William J.840
Fine, Eliza Lindsey271
Fine, Frances Elizabeth Bursey Abbott535, 769
Fine, James W. (B)768
Fine, John271, 768
Fine, Martha Jane Warner769
Fine, Mary Ann King769
Fine, Robert R.769
Fine, Smith32
Fine, Steven C.769
Fine, William Alexander769
Finley, Lee568
Finley, Mattie Coats568
Finley, Minnie Robinson568
Finley, see also Findley
Finn, Daniel (B)758
Finn, Daniel453, 758, 770
Finn, Mary Corey758
Firebaugh, J. F.69
Firebaugh, John W.49
First National Bank of Lemoore (B)308
First National Bank of Tulare (B)451
First National Bank of Visalia (B)731
Firzlaff, Lizzie Ashley688
Fisher, Agnes722
Fisher, Alice M. Twaddle405
Fisher, Alice Markham734
Fisher, Anna May722
Fisher, Catherine Ogden864
Fisher, Charles (B)722
Fisher, Deva E.722
Fisher, Elizabeth Henderson733
Fisher, Ellen Lorendo391
Fisher, Fannie Bodden734
Fisher, Harley M.722
Fisher, Jacob C.722
Fisher, James (B)733
Fisher, James F.722
Fisher, James722
Fisher, Jane Kirkman722
Fisher, John391
Fisher, Mary E. Howison734
Fisher, O. P.154
Fisher, Spencer733
Fisher, W. J.405
Fisher, W. L.732
Fisher, William Lee732, 734
Fitzsimons, Agnes Ward436Connie Putnam
Fitzsimons, Edna Furtney436Connie Putnam
Fitzsimons, Frank E. (B)436Connie Putnam
Fitzsimons, George436Connie Putnam
Fitzsimons, Lulu Listman436Connie Putnam
Fitzsimons, May Vance436Connie Putnam
Fitzsimons, Orrin436Connie Putnam
Fitzsimons, Ray436Connie Putnam
Fitzsimons, Richard436Connie Putnam
Fitzsimons, Vera436Connie Putnam
Fitzsimons, Walter436Connie Putnam
Flagg, W. E.528
Fleming, Charles F.140
Fleming, George A.140, 264, 436
Fleming, Irene Burke836
Flemming, C. F.212
Flood, James F.204
Flores, Anna S. Perry814
Florey, A. F.190
Flory, Mr.798
Fly, Sarah Rhodes575
Foin, Rev. Father157
Foley, Dr.186
Foley, Iffie T. Brothers503
Foley, R. E.503
Follett, C. W.736
Follett, Carrie E.736
Follett, Charles Granville736
Follett, Eileen736
Follett, Ernest736
Follett, G. W.184, 185, 186, 187, 219, 727
Follett, Granville W.735
Follett, Kate Esery/Esrey685, 736
Follett, LaVerne736
Follett, Lucy Abel735, 736
Follett, Lyman L. (B)735
Follett, Lyman L.685, 735
Follett, Mary E.736
Follett, Sue Thacker736
Fontana, M. J. (B)872
Fontana, Nellie Jones873
Forbes, Floy Hays315
Forbes, P. W.165
Forbes, R. W.315
Ford, Eliza Bozeman833
Ford, J. P.184, 757
Ford, Margaret DeWitt666
Ford, Rosalie Brown757
Forman, Charles204
Forsyth, Mr.774
Foster, Addie Phillips352
Foster, Anna B. Turner623
Foster, C. A.458
Foster, C. H.623
Foster, Caroline Blowers298
Foster, E. C., M.D. (B)457
Foster, E. P.595
Foster, Earl P. (B)642
Foster, Forest Frederick643
Foster, G. S.196
Foster, Hattie Munson642
Foster, Ida C. Turner623
Foster, J. E. Rathbun458
Foster, J. E.623
Foster, J. M.190
Foster, James643
Foster, Leander P.642
Foster, Mr.203, 552, 878
Foster, Powers643
Foster, Sarah Turner643
Foucht, Austin166
Foucht, Miss Barton483
Fowle, Margaaret Hamlin336
Fowler, A. T.165
Fowler, Annie Smith398
Fowler, Benjamin397
Fowler, Jeanette Josephine Hawkins398
Fowler, Jeanette May Southwell398
Fowler, Mary Ann Thompson397
Fowler, Perry Daniel398
Fowler, Perry Dorman (B)397
Fowler, Roy Benjamin398
Fowler, Senator60
Fowler, Thomas109, 164
Fowler, Welcome213
Fox, D. A.697
Fox, J. A.70
Fox, J. H.163, 181, 188, 219
Fox, W. H.151
Francis, G.30
Francis, W. A.70
Frankenberger, J. C.166
Frankenberger, L. C.13
Franks, Marshall854
Frans, Dora Jones692
Frans, Elizabeth Fulton692
Frans, James Madison692
Frans, John (B)691
Frans, John499, 594, 691
Frans, Martha E. Hart794
Frans, Mary B. Ecklof423
Frans, Mary692
Frans, Miss Hart692
Frans, Miss Switzer692
Frans, Mr.785
Frans, Thomas H.692
Franzen, Frances E. Mayes843
Franzen, Victor843
Frary, Margaret Tompkins384
Fraser, also see Frazer
Fraser, Ella Harris Parker782
Fraser, F. M.181, 592
Frasier, Harold271
Frasier, M. P.271
Frasier, Miss Lindsey271
Frasier, Mr.759
Frazer, A.528
Frazer, also see Fraser
Frazer, F. M.184, 185, 188
Frazer, Frank M.181
Frazier, Alice J. Garr430
Frazier, Light430
Frederick, A. M.210, 211, 868
Fredericks, A. M.210, 211, 868
Freeman, Cloris Elmer (B)641
Freeman, Eliza West890
Freeman, Grace Ellen642
Freeman, Harriet Byron404
Freeman, J. W.164, 165
Freeman, James Monroe641
Freeman, Lena Johnson642
Freeman, Sarah Roxanna Green641
Freese, B.188
Freisch, Charles468
Freisch, Emma Smith468
Fremont, John C.6
French, Corda May Davidson675
French, D. W. C.165
French, George P.675
French, Henry184
French, Lt.25
Friant, E. M.209
Fridley, Anna Ficklin536
Fridley, F. O.536
Frost, George T.807
Frost, George W.42, 43, 49
Fry, Della Marvin596
Fry, George596
Fry, Leonard596
Fry, Mr.688
Fry, Sarah A. Higgins705
Fry, Sarah Palmer Headrick596
Fry, Walter (B)704
Fry, Walter66, 124, 704
Fudge, Alice Woodard578
Fudge, Catherine Wells600
Fudge, E. J.152
Fudge, Edmund J. (B)603
Fudge, Iola Chatten633
Fudge, John B.600, 603
Fudge, William633
Fugate, Clara Walker687
Fugate, Jesse687
Fulmer, Alfred C. (B)348
Fulmer, Amelia Wilkie McCormick348
Fulmer, William348
Fulton, Abraham762
Fulton, Elizabeth Frans692
Fulton, Mary E. Robbins Weddle762
Fulton, Rachel Newlon762
Furman, Diantha Hall514
Furman, Eli W.515
Furman, Eli514
Furman, Ella I.515
Furman, Elmer L.515
Furman, Florence A. Hanker515
Furman, Fred A.515
Furman, Jesse I.515
Furman, Joseph M.515
Furman, Mary Strothers515
Furman, William E. (B)514
Furnish, G. N.184, 185
Furnish, G.187
Furnish, Granville186
Furtney, Belle Antrim841
Furtney, Edna Fitzsimons436
Furtney, Jesse832
Furtney, Jessie Ethel Bacon832
Futrell, Dora Ferguson838
Futrell, George838
Futrell, Mr.137

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