History of Mendocino & Lake Counties

By Aurelius O. Carpenter

Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, CA - 1914

California Local History - Rocq - 5322

The biographies contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the biography commences. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams with the name of the book. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

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Lewis Ruddick
A[Return to Jump Site]
Abramson, John882
Adamson, Edward F582
Adamson, John M416
Akins, Augustus M181
Albonico, Lorenzo900
Aldrich, Charles A746
Allen, W. Ivy266
Alley, Samuel H1010
Allison, Lorence E201
Anderson, George P736
Anderson, Hans347
Anderson, Rush M929
Andreani, James669
Anker, Neil340
Annette, James W511
Armstrong, Louis O516
Armstrong, William J403
Aulin, Frank F811
B[Return to Jump Site]
Babcock, Lyman W259
Baechtel, Gordon440
Baechtel, Luther S849
Baechtel, Samuel S936
Baker, Martin V329
Balderston, Thomas D.365
Balfour, William C956
Ball, Dreeme L842
Bank of Willits839
Banks, John R749
Barnard, Leonard262
Barnes, Thomas L540
Bartlett, Nathan688
Baylis, Percy C250
Beggs, Thomas H924
Behr, Capt. John1007
Belio & Allue989
Berkowitz, Harman915
Bernhard, Clarence A477
Berrettini, Pietro902
Berry, John E985
Berryhill, Joseph T308
Biaggi, Bartholomew675
Biggar, George M930
Biggar, William J942
Biggerstaff, Mrs. Harriet C298
Biggerstaff, William J791
Bingham, Charles W701
Bishop, Howard815
Bittenbender, Stephen K852
Blosser, Daniel J.655
Blosser, J Tobias640
Blosser, Jacob587
Blosser, John .A654
Blue Lake School District881
Boardman, Wilfred L.824
Boggs, Hon. Lilburn W314
Boggs, James W964
Boggs, Lilburn H345
Boggs, William F633
Bond, John T351
Bonham, John W893
Bonham, Richard D994
Boone, Peter T285
Bourns, Richard T848
Bourns, Richard848
Boyd, George A1012
Boyle, Thomas E409
Bradford, Christopher W410
Brandon, David833
Branscomb, Benjamin F1022
Branscomb, Charles W665
Brennan, Rev. Sebastian886
Brett, James993
Brien, John612
Briggs, Ulysses N579
Brings, Moses C270
Broback, Clarence W748
Broback, Fernando W591
Brookes, Samuel E627
Brower, John D621
Brower, Joseph T687
Brown, Edward E342
Brown, Lloyd W892
Brubeck, P. W1014
Brundige, Joseph A382
Brush, Dennie A927
Bruton, Josiah J775
Bruton, W. W. P586
Bryant, E. E941
Bucknell, Charles M371
Burbeck, Charles L958
Burke, Isaac C684
Burke, James H339
Burriss, Lewis C895
Burton, Mrs. Sarah E. F963
Busch, John G962
Byrnes, Ralph R300
C[Return to Jump Site]
Cameron, George A396
Cameron, William A944
Camp, Frederick H., D. D. S452
Carothers, Thomas L184
Carpenter, A. O652
Carpenter, Mrs. Helen M653
Cary, Earl J671
Cary, George E563
Cary, Louis H671
Chambers, Alfred J889
Christy, Jobn H861
Church, Joseph M361
Churchill, Heber B573
Cittoni, Clemente691
Clark, Byron195
Clarke, Joseph H1019
Clayton, William J636
Clear Lake Railroad Company968
Cochard, Oscar643
Cocking, Nicholas710
Commercial Bank of Ukiah400
Connolly, P.842
Coombs, Silas W559
Coombs, Silas1035
Coombs, William B1029
Cotton, Joel S733
Cowen, John W906
Cox, Dabney L505
Cox, Thomas W1001
Crawford, John950
Crawford, Wayne L952
Cruickshank, George534
Cummings, Frank A1025
Curley, Charles M547
Curtis, Carleton A.490
D[Return to Jump Site]
Dahl, Charles E966
Daily, George L782
Daniels, George A1013
Dartt, Robert J910
Davidson, Allen869
Davidson, Allen945
Davidson, William C445
Del Grosso, Amadeo901
Demson, James H227
Dennis, Amos569
Devereux, John907
Devilbiss, George A548
Dewell, Benjamin809
Dewell, Mrs. Celia H681
Dewell, Samuel M810
Dickie, Walter B400
Dill, John M1017
Dilling, Andrew Albert446
Dilling, Joseph H.1021
Dixon, William H951
Dodge, William K506
Donnelley, William F.840
Donohoe, Jeremiah M796
Donohoe, Robert E796
Donohue, Michael692
Dooley, Elijah492
Dooley, Franklin W788
Dowd, John E649
Drewry, Irvin H495
Drewry, John P495
Drewry, Sarah E495
Dryden, Robert J333
Duffield, Jesse C.661
Dunbar, Walter C S853
Duncan, Frank364
Duncan, George W735
Duncan, Ralph T245
Duncan, Samuel246
Duncan, William368
Dunlap, James L.1032
Dutcher, Ida A694
E[Return to Jump Site]
Ebbinghausen, Frank702
Ebbinghausen, Henry F702
Edmands, William O166
Edwards, James979
Elliott, William683
Ells, George H464
Enderlin, Ernest200
English, Daniel P451
English, Wylie676
Exley, Mrs. Rosa D..222
F[Return to Jump Site]
Farmers Savings Bank, Lakeport....288
Farnsworth, Silas B441
Favreliere, E539
Fee, George H996
Fifield, George W260
Finne, Louis838
First National Bank, Fort Bragg799
Fitch, Ernest E990
Flowers, Prof. Chester D265
Ford, James A662
Ford, William K981
Ford, William294
Forse, William H412
Foster, A. W863
Foster, R. N863
Foster, W. A. S839
Foushee, Edwin C697
Foye, Henry M518
Franklin, David, M. D.325
Fraser, John K317
Fraser, Lyon388
Frazer, James778
French, James A988
Fuller, William F704
G[Return to Jump Site]
Galletti, Charles927
Gamberg, August922
Gambrel, Edward193
Garner, Fred W.931
Garner, John E608
Garner, John252
Garner, Leland J.574
Gaspar, Manuel901
Gavin, John 953
Gibbs, George H956
Gibson, Edwin431
Gibson, John R829
Goforth, Frank M908
Goforth, George W910
Golden, George613
Goldsmith, William C188
Good, Prof. Roy797
Goodwin, Charles790
Gordon, George R405
Gowan, Ernest A874
Graham, Nathan532
Graham, Willis N770
Granholm, John I976
Grant, George W656
Gravier, Edward A970
Green, Arthur W467
Greenough, Ralph C628
Gregory, Lester C., M. D841
Grindle, Joshua911
Grist, John W987
Grothe Brothers1043
Gruwell, Will W894
Guenza, John550
Gummerus, John F900
Gunn, James A281
H[Return to Jump Site]
Hall, Frank K.926
Hall, Parker L.828
Halliday, Joseph C224
Ham, John T.946
Hamer, George L.759
Hammond, Col. Charles M.160
Handy, Fred C291
Handy, Percy W806
Handy, Philo806
Hanen, William789
Hansen, Chris390
Hansen, Hans P635
Hansen, Henry719
Hanson, John E922
Hanson, Rufus T914
Hardell, P. O975
Hargrave, Charles M617
Hargrave, Walter570
Harrington, Harry798
Harris, James A276
Harris, Joseph W800
Haskett, Guy372
Haskett, Mrs. Miranda B540
Haun, Andrew1027
Haydon, Hiram B875
Haydon, Mrs. Eugenia988
Heckendorf, Henry D859
Heeser, William850
Helm, Mrs. A. M727
Hemenway, Charles L670
Hendricks, Greenbury470
Hendricks, John B470
Hendricks, LaFayette207
Herrick, Hamlin W.458
Herrick, Silas B459
Hewlett, George1033
Heyward, George T174
Heyward, Jesse442
Hildreth, William J744
Himmelwright, Edwin Y528
Hoberg, Gustav595
Hoberg, Max G595
Hoberg, Mrs. Mathilda595
Hoffman, John P320
Hogshead, John S., M. D601
Holbrook, Eugene E307
Holzhauser, L. J747
Hopland Stock Farm863
Hopper, Laurance C858
Howard, Peter M378
Howe, Newton P729
Hudson, Taliaferro F738
Huggins, Eri804
Hunter, William C871
Hurt, Andrew J.484
Hurt, Charles H178
Hutsell, Robert T730
Hyvari & Karjamaki903
I[Return to Jump Site]
Incerti, Romeo907
Ingran;, Daniel C.677
Irvine, Charles A666
Irwin, Hettie303
Iversen, M. H.373
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jago, Louis995
Jefferson, Alexander428
Johnson, David T199
Johnson, Hans C525
Johnson, John C457
Johnson, Matthew939
Jones, Alpheus Z249
Jones, Eli V872
Jones, Herbert M885
Jones, John W728
Jones, P. C629
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kaarto, Rev. Otto982
Keeling, Herbert V377
Keithly, Jacob A1000
Kelley, James W967
Kelly, William H846
Kennedy, Albert H222
Kennedy, Alexander W221
Kennedy, Hiram218
Kennedy, Thomas1016
Kent, Nathaniel W217
Kerr, James M346
Kesey, James A1009
Kiblinger, George W1030
Kimball, John S754
Knight, Charles L965
Kuhn, Charles1013
L[Return to Jump Site]
Lake County Title & Abstract Co982
Lakeport Public Library694
Lamb, Mrs. Elizabeth A882
LaMotte, Harry D918
Langermann, Fred356
Langland, Mrs. Clora255
Lappinen, Andrew966
Larsen, Carl L870
Lendrum, Birney A., M. D1002
LeValley, Don Z906
Lewis, George C304
Lewis, William959
Liftchild, Judson, M. D384
Lind, John447
Lindstrom, John H971
Little, Henry W721
Lobree, Philip582
Long, Edward H214
Loring, Fred N581
Lovell, Henry S818
Lowell, A. J1024
Lundquist, Amelia1005
Lundquist, Levi1003
Lynch, Martin L821
Lyon, George A825
M[Return to Jump Site]
MacKerricher, Duncan499
Malpas, Lathrop, M. D355
Mannon, James M243
Manzini, A. & Co876
Markkula, Matt183
Marshall, Robert E1027
Martella, Pietro234
Martin, Stephen B737
Martinazzi, Martin877
Mason, James D575
Mathews, Charles W313
Mathews, Charles W405
Mathews, Shafter238
Mathison, Charles J1017
Mattern, Herman869
May, Charles F553
McAbee, Samuel T867
McCabe, William B938
McCarty, Eugene G868
McCowen, Hale171
McCracken, Joseph L873
McDonald, A. W908
McDonald, Alexander C432
McElroy, Harry L765
McFaul, Charles A544
McGee, Hugh P954
McGlashan, John193
McIntire, Charles512
McIntire, David F515
McIntire, Murdock512
McKinley, Charles622
McKinley, George E489
McKinley, Sidney H486
McKinney, Harold H812
McPeak, Eugene324
McSpadden, James O357
Meddaugh, Oscar E362
Mendenhall, Adolphus272
Mendenhall, Joseph823
Mendocino State Hospital172
Mero, Charles W915
Middleton, Granville A510
Millar, David947
Millberry, Percy H699
Miller, Curtis A483
Miller, Fritz F720
Miller, G. Milton743
Milliken, Horace F,211
Mills, Mrs. Lucinda M387
Montague, Henry W992
Montgomery, J. A740
Moore & Bacon707
Morgan, Lauriston 835
Morrell, Albert F933
Morris, W. R196
Morris, William602
Morrison, Frederick L533
Morrison, George E708
Morrison, Samuel L708
Morrison, William S883
Morton, John J834
Mosier, Francis L991
Moulton, Arthur F1042
Muir, Henry B659
Mulson, Henry522
N[Return to Jump Site]
Neal, George H229
Nelson, Gust414
Nelson, J. A832
Newman, John G630
Nichalson, William J693
Noel, Frank W176L. Spencer Leister
Noel, Mrs. Alonzo E983L. Spencer Leister
Nonella, Peter980
Norton, Frank J891
Nott, J. Ridley, M. D949
O[Return to Jump Site]
Olson, A. B887
Olson, Mrs. A. B888
O'Neal, Philip944
Ordway, Ed1041
Ordway, Ira817
Ornbaun, William F880
Orr, Samuel M760
Orr, Samuel760
Osborn, George K., M. D439
Overholser, John974
P[Return to Jump Site]
Packwood, John I468
Packwood, Samue1 T644
Parker, Thomas1004
Parr, Eugene538
Parrott, Benjamin R212
Paulson, Christ592
Pedretti, Charles899
Peirsol, Frank C., M. D980
Pemberton, Bennett1037
Pemberton, James E1037
Percy, Edwin H., Jr967
Persico, Francisco651
Peterson, Lorenzo S996
Pettis, John A798
Phelps, Warren H639
Phillips, Charles W388
Phillips, W. S460
Phillips, Walter L881
Pickle, John W517
Pinches, Samuel1026
Piner, Mrs. Sarah S902
Pitner, Oron B433
Poage, William G411
Polk, Robert T843
Porter, Edward162
Potter, Elijah R366
Potter, William271
Prather, Hale879
Preston, Howard P173
Preston, John W237
Preston, Russell W., M. D559
Puett, William L781
Pullen, James447
Pullen, Wilder S764
Purcell, George E862
Purlenky, George P., M. D624
Pyhaluoto, Seth A. & Erick S898
Q[Return to Jump Site]
Quarteroni, Giovanni941
R[Return to Jump Site]
Rannells, Warren B912
Rantala, August905
Rantz, William D771
Raudio, Charles921
Rawles, Alexander N785
Rea, Joseph N937
Read, Joseph L419
Redemeyer, J. A753
Redwine,George R381
Reed, Cyrus W473
Reid, Capt. James M713
Reynolds, Charles O485
Rice, Samuel H413
Richards, Robert L., M. D172
Richardson, George W.943
Riffe, Clyde A531
Robinson, Jesse B., Sr.819
Robinson, Jesse B..821
Robinson, John L820
Rocca, Andrew422
Rodgers, Terence978
Rogers, James B501
Rohrbough, John S205
Rose, Eugene W808
Ross, John S326
Ross, Rev. John S230
Ross, William H233
Rossotti, Dominica924
Rowe, Thomas F.650
Ruddick, Lewis M991Lewis Ruddick
Ruddick, William O816
Rupe, John M977
Rushing, Joel W896
Russell, Archie M856
Russell, Sullivan S.854
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sailor, Edward P814
Sailor, LaFayette830
Samuelson, Allen292
Sandahl, August1014
Sandelin, Frank566
Sanford, John B175
Sartori, Augustus .750
Sawyers, David L309
Sayre, Burt G707
Sayre, Morton S165
Schaffer, Charles C678
Scott, Alonzo D521
Scott, Edwin S1018
Scudamore, Dick903
Scudamore, Godwin955
Seaholm, Otto H807
Seman, Emil1012
Seymour, Wright453
Shafsky, Abraham H960
Shafsky, Samuel961
Shattuck, Dickson S614
Shaul, Aaron B394
Shaul, Benjamin F563
Shelton, James K. P434
Sherwood, Oscar W., M. D.932
Shirley, John E527
Shoemaker, John W866
Short, James G1038
Simonson, Ole374
Simonson, Zacharias500
Singley, John E787
Sleeper, D. O579
Sleeper, Ellery D479
Sleeper, Jerome M478
Sleeper, Van Buren480
Smart, George A.826
Smith Tracy H., M. D565
Smith, Andrew390
Smith, D. Clair1023
Smith, Howard B278
Smith, John P930
Smith, Peter C925
Smith, William H206
Snickers, Edward I1036
Snow, John756
Snow, Matthew M508
Snow, William F957
Spurlock, Thomas F763
Squires, George E580
St. Mary's Catholic Church886
Staheli, John J837
Standley, William M543
Stanley, A. Mortimer190
Starkey, William H461
Stewart, George F925
Stokes, Frederick G269
Stone, Solomon C786
Stornetta, Antonio560
Stout, George W., M. D168
Stubbs, John L1039
Swanson, Gustav H989
Swensen, Peter452
T[Return to Jump Site]
Tallman, George T890
Taylor, Porter H827
Terwilliger, Newton C1044
Thatcher, William W367
Thomas, William P399
Thompson, Ira948
Thurman, Henry537
Tocher, Robert597
Toepfer, Rev. Philemon698
Toney, Mrs. Amanda McCabe928
Turner, Cyrus G187
Turner, Thomas G769
U[Return to Jump Site]
Ukiah Times863
Upp, George W865
Upp, Philip865
Upton, William E., M. D794
V[Return to Jump Site]
Valenti, Gaudenzio251
Van Allen, L. K., M. D739
Van Allen, William739
Van Damme, John415
Van Nader, Henry H772
Vassar, Michael1016
Vincent, Mrs. Nancy M448
Voss, George H507
W[Return to Jump Site]
Walker, Carolus M618
Wallace, William L363
Walter, Simon W986
Wambold, Henry V935
Wambold, Milton923
Ward, Charles M395
Weigand, William293
Weldon, Hon. Thomas J803
Weller, J. E341
Wells, E. H884
Wemple, Laurence A1031
West, Wells W860
Whipple, Frank A297
White, Cheater845
White, James N1040
White, Judge John Q159
White, William O.984
Whited, Charles348
Whited, LeRoy406
Wilcox, George L904
Wildgrube, Henry L239
Williams, Ernest L268
Williams, James H495
Williams, Lee J1028
Williamson, William836
Willis Steam Laundry989
Windlinx, Frederick588
Witherspoon, Henry E333
Woelffel, George A., M. D878
Wooldridge, Josiah E463
X[Return to Jump Site]
Y[Return to Jump Site]
Yeary, George427
Young, Charles M286
Young, Swan W357
Z[Return to Jump Site]

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