The Historical Volume and Reference Works: Covering Alhambra, San Gabriel, Monterey Park - Vol. I - Los Angeles County

By John G. Swain - Honorary Editor-in-Chief

Historical Publishers (1962)

The biographies contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the biography commences. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams with the name of the book. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

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Acers, Margaret R. Dr.392
Airey, August A 579
Airy, Carolyn Miss745
Andersen, Arnold C 569
Anderson, Chester B 603
Anderson, Reuben L 627
Anderson, Russell G 616
Andrews, Randolph 724
Arms, W. B. Col.780
Arnett, Roy L. Dr.689
Ashton, Alice Page Dr.462
Ashworth, Albert M 441
Ayers, Elsie W 443
B[Return to Jump Site]
Balian, K. S. Bell396
Baldo, Nelson J 718
Baldwin, Martha M 811
Barrett, Edith M 632
Barry, A. Houston508
Bennett, Mabel C 749
Berge, Orin G 490
Blehm, Clayton D799
Borowitz, Frank 394
Breitkreutz, Emil W 543
Brewer, Robert F 551
Broadwell, Samuel J. Dr.503
Brown, Grover C 548
Buchanan, Harry S 459
Buell, Frank A. Dr.487
Burke, Montivel A 361
Burke, Talmage V 357
Burrell, Maurice R 583
Burton, Chaffee N. Dr.674
Byrnes, John S 519
C[Return to Jump Site]
Card, Horace W. Gen. 561
Carney, Roger W 796
Carter, Robert M 491
Cayot, Lynn B 652
Cederquist, LeRoy H 470
Cerro, Anton L. Dr.524
Champieux, John J Mrs.712
Channels, Austin A 477
Chapman, Jesse B 568
Clark, Ralph A538
Clarke, Willard H 654
Claro, Frank 542
Clay, John W 622
Coleman, Joan S. Mrs.725
Colver, Henry 479
Comstock, Delos Dr.405
Condie, James L 509
Conner, Charles P 667
Conner, Palmer 426
Cook, Alfred E 647
Cope, Isabelle Mrs.567
Corridini Family 763
Costamagna, C. Joe 640
Courtney, Carl C 496
Couzens , Martha E Mrs.588
Crandall, William M 732
Crawford, Jay S 547
Cripe, G. Hubert 787
D[Return to Jump Site]
Davis, Opal H Mrs.452
De Guelle, James J 612
DeLand, Robert W Mrs.827
de Vries, Lucille K 390
Dinley, Vernon G. 557
Downer, Paul A774
Du Bois, Amos L 662
Dutton, Clyde and Clare 531
E[Return to Jump Site]
Elwood, Roby T. Miss388
Erlingheuser, Ralph F. Dr.613
Erwine, Florence B. Miss439
Evans, Walter L 617
F[Return to Jump Site]
Faiman, Elizabeth Mrs.594
Farris, William N 693
Fiebelkorn, Harold T 708
Fieste, Caroline L. Mrs.560
Foerster, Dorothy L. Miss634
Forst, Herbert C38?
Frankfurt, R. William 445
Fry, Irene M Mrs.465
G[Return to Jump Site]
Garigen, Jessie Mrs.565
Gawley, Robert J. Dr.505
Giles, Harold W 483
Gilstrap, Cosby L. Miss428
Gladwell, Norman S 669
Goodwell, Robert C 702
Goral, W. W. Dr.488
Goudy, Gordon H 409
Greth, Richlie A Mrs.403
Gin, Ethel Mrs.638
Guess, John 371
H[Return to Jump Site]
Halsted, Ida M. Miss748
Hamm, L. Manley 670
Hart, Alfred E 832
Hasabales, Helen S. Mrs.775
Hayes, Ivah B. Mrs.798
Helm, Fred L 734
Hemphill, William J. Dr.460
Henderson, J. B360
Higman, Anna H. Mrs.373
Hilton, Sophie M Mrs.783
Hindt, Maxine Mrs.762
Hoddle, Nellie D Mrs.716
Holt, W. Curtis 729
Horning, John R828
Hough, Gordon E 766
Houser, Frederick F . Judge658
Hughes, Ruth B 737
Hultgren, Harold G. Rev.473
Humason, Beatrice Mayberry 454
Hunsaker, Faun L. Dr. 679
Huntzinger, John L 829
I[Return to Jump Site]
Ingham, Edwin A 672
Isham, Pearl M. Miss709
J[Return to Jump Site]
Johns, Meredith G 370
Johnson, Alfred S. 692
Johnson, Eva L Mrs.467
Jones, William Barton 582
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kall, Ruth W. Mrs.721
Kaufmann, Amos K. 742
Kelderhouse, Harriette M. Mrs.645
Kelly, Lawrence C.528
Kern, Boyd 652
Kishi, Takashi 675
Klein, George J.433
Krag, Donald O.681
Krag, Donald R.683
Kruse, Arthur G.419
Kuettel, Antone 626
Kunz, Willietta R.806
L[Return to Jump Site]
La Berge, Milda Mrs.363
Larkin, Albert H. 785
Lee, Henry F. 526
Lineback, Ernest W. 646
Little, Bessie Mae Mrs.576
Lloyd, Edward F.610
Lockman, Earl A 665
Lombard, Nellie M. Miss616
Lowery, Walter F. 427
Lutes, Harold R. Dr.522
M[Return to Jump Site]
McAllister, Osa Mrs.448
McCaffree, Rolfe K 819
McCluskey, Jesse W 481
McComb, Thelma H Mrs.374
McConnell, Rufus W 678
McFarland, G. G.422
McGee, Henry L649
McGill, Margaret Mrs.549
McIntire, John W 458
MeMeen, Forrest H 715
McMillen, Charles Russell 381
Mann, Philip E 606
Martin, Charles R 663
Mason, Charles E. Dr.521
Mastro, Leonard R 813
Maude, Stuart H. Dr.771
Meaglia, Dominic 600
Meenan, Margaret G 746
Miller, J. Smith720
Miller, Leroy B 696
Miller, Owen O. 575
Miller, Roy E408
Moeller, Leroy E 480
Moran, John R. 758
Morris, Donald W. Dr.580
Morriasette, Lloyd 507
Mount, Blanche Marion Mrs.630
Murphy, Earl Denham 413
N[Return to Jump Site]
Nardon, Carl J 751
Nehls, Richard R.677
Normand, Leonard J 701
Northrop, Harold A 608
Northrup, William M. Judge385
Norton, Jay E 687
O[Return to Jump Site]
Orwig, J. A703
Ottum, Gudrun O. Mrs.640
P[Return to Jump Site]
Paling, Flora M. Mrs.556
Parmenter, Gerald W. 584
Parrish, Grace B Mrs.553
Pedrini, Thomas D 816
Perkins, Ralph E 571
Perumean, Aram E 740
Pettingall, John F 597
Phinney, John D 369
Pike, Kenneth M 791
Pizzinat, Arturo D 697
Plesset, Isabel Mrs.637
Powell, F. Pierce792
Powers Brothers700
Pure, Minnie U Mrs.723
Purkey, Bennie M. Mrs.602
Purses, Robert N 555
Putnam, Isabel D 436
Q[Return to Jump Site]
Quinn, Thomas D'Arcy375
R[Return to Jump Site]
Ramirez, Frank W 618
Randle, Beatrice Clark Mrs.537
Rawlings, Clarence H 495
Ray, Allen 514
Rice, Emmett S 674
Rickabaugh, Donald E. Dr.511
Rickabaugh, Homer B. Dr.514
Riddle, Howard H 442
Roberts, Marieva Mrs.820
Routt, Forrest V. 801
Russler, Jerry 559
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sandquist, Lawrence F.794Erin
Saunders, Ruth Mrs.558
Savage, Donald G.713
Schiavo, Helen B. Mrs.777
Schneller, Mathew J.727
Schultheis, Carl F.809
Schumacher, Hans H.484
Schweizer, Ray 768
Severtson, R. L. Dr.688
Sherwood, Daisy C. Mrs.416
Sinclair, Richard C.494
Skinner, Larkin J.628
Sloan, George G.451
Soderberg, F. C.498
Song, Alfred H.656
Spear, O. S.478
Spoon, Adrian O.591
Stanton, John R.411
Stead, Henry E.475
Steen, John F.520
Stephenson, Allen B.620
Stephenson, David W.635
Stewart, Dean E.598
Stewart, Jessie Marion Miss756
Stover, Daniel W.590
Stuart, James823
Studer, Robert P.365
Stump, Noah A.402
Sutherland, Lorraine Mrs.624
Swanson, Vivian A. Mrs.751
T[Return to Jump Site]
Tennyson, Laura M. Mrs.395
Tennyson, Paul A.404
Terry, Katie L. Mrs.594
Thompson, Donald A.706
Thompson, W. Gayle Dr.399
Thompson, Willard E.574
Thompson, William C.432
Thorn, John H.705
Thorpe, Alice C. Miss685
Tily, Robert Mrs.711
Tolley, Leon D.818
Torres, Jerome435
Trevino, Rudolph A.493
Turner, Fred A.365
Turner, Maynard516
Turner, Paul J.367
U[Return to Jump Site]
Ulrich, Richard J.693
Uyeno, Tad795
V[Return to Jump Site]
van Beine, Frederic K. 482
Vandercook Family534
Varney, Charles W.421
W[Return to Jump Site]
Walker, Robert A. Dr.501
Wayland, Leo B.754
Weston, Frances A. Mrs.564
Whiddon, Henry Grady 588
Wilk, Mona D. Mrs.831
Will, Lois Enid Miss789
Williams, Dan T. Dr.592
Williams, Laura Mrs.434
Winchell, Verne H.429
Wise, Marie Rose. Mrs.735
Woodbury, Madeline E. Mrs.546
Woodruff, Clinton V.761
Woods, Walter W. Dr.803
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Y[Return to Jump Site]
Yoshimura, Fred W.643
Z[Return to Jump Site]
Ziegler, Walter J.506
Zwick, Murray 457
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