A History of California and an Extended History of Los Angeles and Environs:

Biographical - Vols. II and III

James Miller Guinn

Historic Record Co., Los Angeles, CA (1915)

Caifornia Local History - Rocq - 2644

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
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NamePage; Vol.Researcher
A[Return to Jump Site]
Abascal, Joaquin286; Vol. II
Adams, George B.264; Vol. II
Allen, Matthew T.159; Vol. II
Allen, William H. Jr.880; Vol. III
Ambrose, Wiley V.797; Vol. III
Anderson, Charles B.752; Vol. III
Anderson, Charles S.449; Vol. II
Andrews, Josias J.695; Vol. III
Arnold, George L.581; Vol. III
Arnold, Ralph738; Vol. III
Arnott, Willard686; Vol. III
Austin, Aubrey E.850; Vol. III
Averill, George E.877; Vol. III
Avery, William H91; Vol. II
Ayers, Edward85; Vol. II
B[Return to Jump Site]
B & F Ranch (The)576; Vol. III
Baker, Dona Arcadia913; Vol. III
Baker, Fred L304; Vol. II
Baker, Milo A305; Vol. II
Baldwin Park678; Vol. III
Ball, William F198; Vol. II
Bandini, Don Juan911; Vol. III
Banning, James F293; Vol. II
Banning, Phineas29; Vol. II
Bard, Cephas L84; Vol. II
Bard, Thomas R468; Vol. II
Barham, Guy B233; Vol. II
Barker, Francis W844; Vol. III
Barnard, Edwin L600; Vol. III
Barrow, Ireby186; Vol. II
Bartle, John H274; Vol. II
Beales, George F581; Vol. III
Beardsley, Volney S815; Vol. III
Behrendt, Caspare124; Vol. II
Bell, W. Lewis547; Vol. III
Bellymer, Lynden E317; Vol. II
Bent, Arthur s517; Vol. III
Bent, Henry K. W37; Vol. II
Bentley, Edward H117; Vol. II
Benton, Arthur B827; Vol. III
Bergin, Charles B822; Vol. III
Bergstrom, George E698; Vol. III
Bettinger, Marcus C876; Vol. III
Bettis, Horace I686; Vol. III
Beveridge, Daeida W Mrs.458; Vol. II
Beveridge, John L828; Vol. III
Beveridge, Philo J829; Vol. III
Beyrle, Andrew377; Vol. II
Bicknell, John D61; Vol. II
Biggart, Thomas608; Vol. III
Bisbee, Charles L512; Vol. III
Bishop, Rufus F196; Vol. II
Bixby, Fred H539; Vol. III
Bixby, John W172; Vol. II
Bixby, Jotham17; Vol. II
Bixby, Lewis H587; Vol. III
Blackstock, Nehemiah30; Vol. II
Blanchard, James H246; Vol. II
Bloeser, John158; Vol. II
Blondeau, Louis832; Vol. III
Bluett, William C139; Vol. II
Blythe, James T462; Vol. II
Boesch, Frances Mrs.648; Vol. III
Bolnhoff, Charles W740; Vol. III
Boothe, Charles B701; Vol. III
Boquist, Charles V287; Vol. II
Bosbyshell, William902; Vol. III
Bouton, Edward (General)914; Vol. III
Bovard, George F251; Vol. II
Bowen, John M746; Vol. III
Bowers, Harry C511; Vol. III
Bowers, Uriah R510; Vol. III
Boyle, Willis J899; Vol. III
Brauer, Adolph K.732; Vol. III
Braun, Frederick W.857; Vol. III
Bridge, Norman (M.D.)817; Vol. III
Briswalter, Andres796; Vol. III
Brodtbeck, Otto306; Vol. II
Brombacher, Julius739; Vol. III
Brooks, James R.714; Vol. IIIColin Brooks
Brooks, Thomas209; Vol. IIColin Brooks
Brossmer, August112; Vol. II
Brown, Chester W.614; Vol. III
Brown, George T222; Vol. II
Brown, Harrington593; Vol. III
Brown, Thomas B297; Vol. II
Browne, Frank E227; Vol. II
Bryson, Hugh W710; Vol. III
Buley, Amos M901; Vol. III
Burcham, Charles A558; Vol. III
Burck, Lawrence B864; Vol. III
Burkhart, Isaac889; Vol. III
Burns, James F220; Vol. II
Burns, John303; Vol. II
C[Return to Jump Site]
Cadwallader, Austin S750; Vol. III
Campbell, George W. (M. D.)146; Vol. II
Carlson, Milton402; Vol. II
Carter, Frederick W685; Vol. III
Cashin, John145; Vol. II
Cass, Alonzo B518; Vol. III
Cass, Bruce H819; Vol. III
Castera, John390; Vol. II
Caswell, William M364; Vol. II
Champion, Earl M740; Vol. III
Chandler, L. L898; Vol. III
Chapman, Alfred B413; Vol. II
Chapman, Charles C563; Vol. III
Chapman, Christopher C923; Vol. III
Chapman, Frank M. Col.904; Vol. III
Chapman, Samuel J707; Vol. III
Charnock, George770; Vol. III
Chase, Frank W599; Vol. III
Chauvin, Augustus C133; Vol. II
Cheever, Edward A88; Vol. II
Cheney, William A394; Vol. II
Clampitt, Edward A887; Vol. III
Clapp, Albert A191; Vol. II
Clark, Eli P689; Vol. III
Clark, J. Ross904; Vol. III
Clark, William V227; Vol. II
Clow, James H897; Vol. III
Cochran, George L642; Vol. III
Coffman, Edgar R288; Vol. II
Coffman, Frank A872; Vol. III
Cole, Charles E381; Vol. II
Cole, George W387; Vol. II
Cole, George W. Sr.382; Vol. II
Colver, Frank B. Capt.378; Vol. II
Conaty, Thomas J Bishop903; Vol. III
Connell, Madge H Mrs.226; Vol. II
Conner, James808; Vol. III
Conradi, Simon437; Vol. II
Cooper Brothers257; Vol. II
Cox, Harvey H523; Vol. III
Cox, John R375; Vol. II
Coyne, D. Joseph862; Vol. III
Craig, John777; Vol. III
Craig, R. L. Mrs.515; Vol. III
Crain, Diadama L Mrs.660; Vol. III
Crawford, James S130; Vol. II
Creighton, Telfair376; Vol. II
Crimmins, John369; Vol. II
Cunningham, Daniel393; Vol. II
Cunningham, Thomas J461; Vol. II
Curlett, William363; Vol. II
D[Return to Jump Site]
Davis, Alonzo E151; Vol. II
Davis, Charles Cassat656; Vol. III
De La Monte, J. H704; Vol. III
De Van, William S239; Vol. II
DeGarmo, Henry100; Vol. II
Deming, Ralph R851; Vol. III
Denman, Abram C. Jr.826; Vol. III
Derocher Nurseries Inc784; Vol. III
Didier, Louis605; Vol. III
Dillon, Richard111; Vol. II
Dodd, Allen864; Vol. III
Dodson, A. McK930; Vol. III
Dol, Victor189; Vol. II
Dolland, John340; Vol. II
Donavan, James G831; Vol. III
Donegan, Daniel F443; Vol. II
Dorsey, Stephen W683; Vol. III
Dorsey, Susan M Mrs.588; Vol. III
Double, Edward846; Vol. III
Douglass, Frank M726; Vol. III
Downie, William276; Vol. II
Dozier, Melville228; Vol. II
Drake, James C.506; Vol. III
Ducommun, Charles A329; Vol. II
Dupuy, Joseph P837; Vol. III
Durant, Edward M727; Vol. III
Durfy, Peter T192; Vol. II
E[Return to Jump Site]
Earl, Edwin T887; Vol. III
Eberle, Francis X327; Vol. II
Ebinger, Lewis323; Vol. II
Eddy, J. W. Col.584; Vol. III
Edgar, William F. (M. D.)55; Vol. II
Edwards, David K281; Vol. II
Eichenhofer, Frederick611; Vol. III
Eichenhofer, Rosa Mrs.611; Vol. III
Eisenmayer, Emil J737; Vol. III
Eisenmayer, George F716; Vol. III
Electa Kennels763; Vol. III
Elftman, Owen E548; Vol. III
Elliott, John M19; Vol. II
Ellis, H. Bert (M. D.)399; Vol. II
Emery, Grenville C565; Vol. III
Engelhardt, A. E. (M. D.)234; Vol. II
Engelhardt, Henry D399; Vol. II
England, George C798; Vol. III
Evans, Herbert J630; Vol. III
F[Return to Jump Site]
Fargo, Duane W405; Vol. II
Farish, Oscar E536; Vol. III
Fesler, Martin606; Vol. III
Flatau, Herman450; Vol. II
Fothergill, Alexander B790; Vol. III
Francis, John H895; Vol. III
Frank, Herman W419; Vol. II
Franklin, Fleming789; Vol. III
Freeman, Daniel214; Vol. II
French, Loring W357; Vol. II
Friedricks, Henry A665; Vol. III
Fulwider, George W588; Vol. III
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gaffey, John T432; Vol. II
Gallagher, H. P. Rev.850; Vol. III
Galpin, Cromwell401; Vol. II
Ganahl, Christian215; Vol. IIWilliam Ryan
Gardner, I. W88; Vol. II
Garrett, Robert L515; Vol. III
Gartling, George358; Vol. IILawrence Bouett
Gates, Lee C632; Vol. III
Gephard, George240; Vol. II
Getty, George F880; Vol. III
Gibbon, Thomas E545; Vol. III
Gibson, Frank A464; Vol. II
Gilchrist, James D351; Vol. II
Gilmer, John P. (M. D.)733; Vol. III
Girls' Collegiate School571; Vol. III
Glass, Henry868; Vol. III
Glass, Joseph S. Rev.516; Vol. III
Glassell, Andrew Sr.115; Vol. II
Godde, Ferdinand411; Vol. IILois
Goestenkohrs, Joseph330; Vol. II
Golden State Plant and Floral Co758; Vol. III
Gordon, J. G. Jr.852; Vol. III
Gordon, George B680; Vol. III
Graham, Dolland M406; Vol. II
Grannis, Rollin W841; Vol. III
Green, Elisha K345; Vol. II
Greenbaum, Joseph541; Vol. III
Greene, Charles G548; Vol. III
Greever, Vincent M557; Vol. III
Grier, Arthur W734; Vol. III
Griffith, Alfred P677; Vol. III
Griffith, George W. E542; Vol. III
Guasti, Secondo202; Vol. II
Guinn, James M77; Vol. II
H[Return to Jump Site]
Haben Hospital667; Vol. III
Haggarty, John J671; Vol. III
Halstead, Willard G142; Vol. II
Ham, George I743; Vol. III
Hammel, Henry129; Vol. II
Haneman, Theodore H551; Vol. III
Hanna, D. W. Rev.183; Vol. II
Hanna, George360; Vol. II
Hanna, Ross282; Vol. II
Hannon, Patrick141; Vol. II
Hardison, Edwin A856; Vol. III
Hardison, Wallace L474; Vol. II
Harris, George A262; Vol. II
Harris, Leopold H371; Vol. II
Harris, Levi348; Vol. II
Harrison, Arthur M808; Vol. III
Harvard School (The)607; Vol. III
Hatch, David P. Hon.749; Vol. III
Haupt, Edward P894; Vol. III
Hauser, Julius213; Vol. II
Hawe, Patrick Rev.370; Vol. II
Hawks, Emma L288; Vol. II
Hayden, John A679; Vol. III
Haynes, John R. (M. D.)25; Vol. II
Hayward, Henderson (M. D.)659; Vol. III
Hayward, William810; Vol. III
Healey, Charles T110; Vol. II
Hellman, Herman W219; Vol. II
Hellman, Marco H892; Vol. III
Henry, William A157; Vol. II
Hewes, David309; Vol. II
Hewitt, Leslie R636; Vol. III
Hickox, Lory788; Vol. III
Hildebrand, Charles300; Vol. II
Hiller, A. W. (M. D.)771; Vol. III
Hiller, George771; Vol. III
Hiller, Horace423; Vol. II
Hillman, Roy P590; Vol. III
Hinckley, Alexis751; Vol. III
Hitchcock, Harry S743; Vol. III
Hoechlin, Carl C186; Vol. II
Holabird, William H.359; Vol. II
Holbrook, John F.127; Vol. II
Hollenbeck Home878; Vol. III
Hollingsworth, C. L.674; Vol. III
Hollingsworth, W. I.853; Vol. III
Holly Poultry Ranch782; Vol. III
Holst, Charles C. F.339; Vol. IIRobert Holst
Holton, George L.480; Vol. II
Holtzclaw, John B.839; Vol. III
Hovey, Frank W.696; Vol. III
Howard, Fred H.863; Vol. III
Hoyt, Thomas J.803; Vol. III
Hubbard, Henry C.152; Vol. II
Hubbell, O. B.692; Vol. III
Hubbell, Stephen C35; Vol. II
Hubert, Philip G.623; Vol. III
Hunsaker, William J.837; Vol. III
Hunter, David W.470; Vol. II
Hutchins, Francis S.118; Vol. II
Hutton, Aurelius W.134; Vol. II
Hyatt, Mary J. Mrs.801; Vol. III
I[Return to Jump Site]
Irvin, Edward S745; Vol. III
Ivins, James C. H.582; Vol. III
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jackson, Grant Hon.879; Vol. III
Jarchow, Joachim H. F.807; Vol. III
Jaynes, James417; Vol. II
Jenison, John E346; Vol. II
Jess, Stoddard430; Vol. II
Jewel City Undertaking Co. (The)655; Vol. III
Johansen, Rudolph L341; Vol. II
Johnson, Albert H665; Vol. III
Johnson, Benjamin450; Vol. II
Johnson, George C354; Vol. II
Johnson, Ivan T649; Vol. III
Johnson, William R680; Vol. III
Jones, Elmer E825; Vol. III
Jones, John J463; Vol. II
Jones, John P388; Vol. II
Jones, Johnstone617; Vol. III
Jordan, Joseph232; Vol. II
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kellam, Edward A883; Vol. III
Kellam, Milton Y869; Vol. III
Keller, Will E625; Vol. III
Kellerman, J. M539; Vol. III
Kennedy, Isaac464; Vol. II
Kennedy, Karl K601; Vol. III
Kennedy, William H746; Vol. III
Kent, Charles S.728; Vol. III
King, Howard S685; Vol. III
Kinney, Abbot121; Vol. II
Klein, Arthur M.891; Vol. III
Kleinpeter, Louis769; Vol. III
Klokke, Ernst F. C.629; Vol. III
Koebig, Adolph H.534; Vol. III
Koll, August J.333; Vol. II
Krempel, John P.237; Vol. II
Kressly, Paul E.583; Vol. III
Kubach, C. J.444; Vol. II
Kuster, Charles E. (M.D)469; Vol. II
Kuster, Edward G.371; Vol. II
L[Return to Jump Site]
Lacy, William396; Vol. II
Lamb, William A.881; Vol. III
Lambert, Elwood789; Vol. III
Lambert, Reece S.790; Vol. III
Landreth, Louis626; Vol. III
Lankershim, James B.106; Vol. II
Last, Carl F. A. Gen.834; Vol. III
Laughlin, Homer503; Vol. III
Leahy, Thomas335; Vol. II
Lee, Bradner W.905; Vol. III
Letts, Arthur891; Vol. III
Levy, Michael449; Vol. II
Lewis, Edward W.715; Vol. IIIDolores Robin Fletcher Ribakoff
Lewis, Grayson809; Vol. III
Lewis, Willis O.755; Vol. III
Lickley, Ernest J.595; Vol. III
Lindeman, H. J.654; Vol. III
Lindiey, Walter (M. D.)384; Vol. II
Lindley, Mary E.393; Vol. II
Lindley, Milton372; Vol. II
Lindley, S. K92; Vol. II
Lindsay, John A602; Vol. III
Little, D. P. N.843; Vol. III
Lloyd, Edward417; Vol. II
Locher, John J679; Vol. III
Lockwood, Jasper479; Vol. II
Lohingier, Andrew S761; Vol. III
Lott, Melvina A. Mrs.157; Vol. II
Lowe, William769; Vol. III
Luhring, Ferdinand C341; Vol. II
Lusk, Robert M. Hon.553; Vol. III
Luther, Daniel E884; Vol. III
M[Return to Jump Site]
MacDonald, J. Wiseman866; Vol. III
MacGowan, Granville (M. D.)402; Vol. II
Machado, Jose D .216; Vol. II
Mackerras, Robert H .(M. D.)902; Vol. III
Maechtlen, Jacob667; Vol. III
Marble, John M. C854; Vol. III
Marsh, Norman F637; Vol. III
Marsh, Robert882; Vol. III
Marshall, Edwin J844; Vol. III
Marshall, William F462; Vol. II
Martin, Albert C842; Vol. III
Martin, William M594; Vol. III
Mason, Dean635; Vol. III
Mason, Orson H.352; Vol. II
Matthews, Robert782; Vol. III
May, George W833; Vol. III
Mayberry, Edward L578; Vol. III
McAllistedr, James P.690; Vol. III
McArthur, John231; Vol. II
McArthur, Kate Mrs.231; Vol. II
McCallum, Harry S.816; Vol. III
McClure, John613; Vol. III
McDonald, Catherine Mrs.178; Vol. II
McDonald, Luella M. Mrs.244; Vol. II
McDonald, Patrick J.858; Vol. III
McElheney, John F.245; Vol. II
McGarry, D M.99; Vol. II
McGarvin, Robert257; Vol. II
McGaugh, Philip G.342; Vol. II
McKain, Edward636; Vol. III
McKellar, Daniel H.130; Vol. II
McKevett, Charles H.874; Vol. III
McLachlan, James Hon.836; Vol. III
McLeod, John M.821; Vol. III
McMillan, Joseph859; Vol. III
McNutt, Cyrus F.725; Vol. III
Meade, John177; Vol. II
Mellus, James J.81; Vol. II
Melzer, Louis195; Vol. II
Mercereau, John D.533; Vol. III
Meredith, Reuben A.336; Vol. II
Mergell, William R.252; Vol. II
Merritt, Lewis J.927; Vol. IIIRon Merritt
Mesmer, Joseph923; Vol. IIIJohn
Metcalf, Simeon M190; Vol. II
Michelsen, Julius358; Vol. II
Michener, Park722; Vol. III
Millard, James H.423; Vol. II
Mills, Edward L.630; Vol. III
Millspaugh, Jesse F.534; Vol. III
Milner & Lindeman654; Vol. III
Mines, Harry G.861; Vol. III
Mines, William W.619; Vol. III
Mitchell, Alexander602; Vol. III
Mockenhaupt, Robert J.298; Vol. II
Moffett, Thomas J.237; Vol. II
Mohr, Richard J. (M.D.)407; Vol. II
Monlux, John B.542; Vol. III
Monnette, Orra E.830; Vol. III
Moreland, Watt L.589; Vol. III
Morgan, Vincent867; Vol. III
Morlan, Arthur F.523; Vol. III
Mott, Thomas D.62; Vol. II
Mulford, Shobal P.763; Vol. III
Mulholland, William432; Vol. II
Mullen, Andrew521; Vol. III
Mullen, Arthur B.824; Vol. III
Munn, Relly G.720; Vol. III
Murray, T. W.654; Vol. III
Myers, Orville353; Vol. II
N[Return to Jump Site]
Nadeau, George A153; Vol. II
Neidig, Emma R.540; Vol. III
Newmark, Harris163; Vol. II
Niederer, Jacob848; Vol. III
Northam, Leotia K.879; Vol. III
Northup, E. D.668; Vol. III
Norton, Albert M.329; Vol. II
O[Return to Jump Site]
Occidental Poultry Farm758; Vol. III
O'Connor, Patrick J.835; Vol. III
Off, Charles F.328; Vol. II
Oliver, William E.536; Vol. III
Olmsted, H. A.898; Vol. III
Olsen, A. C713; Vol. III
O'Melveny, Henry W.408; Vol. II
Orcutt, William W.900; Vol. III
Orme, Henry S. (M.D.)57; Vol. II
Ormsby, Edwin S.900; Vol. III
O'Sullivan, John306; Vol. II
Overell, Joseph M.719; Vol. III
P[Return to Jump Site]
Page, Benjamin E572; Vol. III
Page, Samuel L.127; Vol. II
Parmelee, Charles A.418; Vol. II
Pascoe, Thomas429; Vol. II
Patton, George S.509; Vol. III
Pease, Niles93; Vol. II
Peebles, James M.527; Vol. III
Pegler, John C.672; Vol. III
Pepper, Enoch225; Vol. II
Perkins, Albert A.890; Vol. III
Perry, William H.51; Vol. II
Petermichel, Joseph J.897; Vol. III
Pike, George H.479; Vol. II
Pike, J. C.757; Vol. III
Plummer, John L.185; Vol. II
Polkinghorn, William A.731; Vol. III
Pomeroy, Abram E.249; Vol. II
Pomeroy, Charles W.250; Vol. II
Pottenger, Francis M. (M. D.)559; Vol. III
Potter, Alonzo C.243; Vol. II
Pourroy, Eugene552; Vol. III
Powell, Thomas (M. D.)860; Vol. III
Powers, P. W.756; Vol. III
Pulliam, Claud O.577; Vol. III
Pupka, Martin208; Vol. II
Q[Return to Jump Site]
Quillian, C. Fletcher887; Vol. III
Quint, Sumner J. (M. D.)522; Vol. III
R[Return to Jump Site]
Radford, Joseph D839; Vol. III
Ralphs, George A.201; Vol. II
Reavis, Walter S.64; Vol. II
Redpath, Frederick H.795; Vol. III
Reed, Boardman (M. D.)775; Vol. III
Rees, Samuel103; Vol. II
Reilly, George W721; Vol. III
Remick, Gen. David207; Vol. II
Renwick, George721; Vol. III
Rheinschild, George147; Vol. II
Rich, James608; Vol. III
Richardson, George S847; Vol. III
Richardson, William C. B109; Vol. II
Riedeman, John H582; Vol. III
Riley, Levi W354; Vol. II
Rindge, Frederick H.268; Vol. IIJohn
Rivera State Bank595; Vol. III
Rivers, Ernest B324; Vol. II
Roberts, Wesley198; Vol. II
Robey, William L745; Vol. III
Robinsnest Poultry Ranch764; Vol. III
Roby, John B720; Vol. III
Roche, John D734; Vol. III
Rogers, Ralph282; Vol. II
Rollins, Warren E517; Vol. III
Root, W. D Mrs.853; Vol. III
Rose, Henry H873; Vol. III
Roseberry, Louis H .820; Vol. III
Ross, Ida Hancock Mrs.97; Vol. II
Roth, August867; Vol. III
Roth, Edmund D299; Vol. II
Rowan, George D473; Vol. II
Rowan, Robert A703; Vol. III
Russell & Murray Poultry Ranch654; Vol. III
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sabichi, Frank169; Vol. II
Sackett, Horace D.835; Vol. III
Sandefur, Allan190; Vol. II
Santa Monica Bay Catholic Parishes and Institutions370; Vol. II
Sargent, Edwin W23; Vol. II
Sartori, Joseph F697; Vol. III
Savage, George M635; Vol. III
Scarborough, William B258; Vol. II
Schaefer, John G641; Vol. III
Schawrz, Louis874; Vol. III
Schilling, John601; Vol. III
Schlegel, Leonard478; Vol. II
Schloesser, Alfred G. R. (M. D.)814; Vol. III
Schmidt, Edward B255; Vol. II
Schmidt, Gottfried L159; Vol. II
Schoder, Joseph477; Vol. II
Schofield, Maurice A661; Vol. III
Scholl, John T (M. D.)261; Vol. II
Schumacher, John285; Vol. II
Schumacher, Paul733; Vol. III
Schuyler, James D647; Vol. III
Scott, John351; Vol. II
Scott, Joseph504; Vol. III
Scott, William B625; Vol. III
Sepulveda, Ygnacio76; Vol. II
Sharp, Charles H851; Vol. III
Sharp, Robert180; Vol. II
Shekels, Noah C781; Vol. III
Sherman, Moses H893; Vol. III
Shields, Henry K787; Vol. III
Shorb, Andrew S. (M. D.)43; Vol. II
Shoup, Paul709; Vol. III
Shuler, Eli W870; Vol. III
Shultis, Duane J803; Vol. III
Sierra Paper Co898; Vol. III
Silent, Charles Hon.456; Vol. II
Silver, Herman65; Vol. II
Slaughter, Thomas C841; Vol. III
Slauson, Jonathan S31; Vol. II
Slosson, Charles E653; Vol. III
Smith, Andrew M147; Vol. II
Smith, D. Cornelius666; Vol. III
Smith, Samuel J328; Vol. II
Smith, Sidney849; Vol. III
Smith, Thomas A813; Vol. III
Snyder, Meredith P921; Vol. III
Somers, William F191; Vol. II
Sory, Walter G.262; Vol. II
Spence, Jay510; Vol. III
Spires, Joseph H.435; Vol. II
St. Vincent's Church516; Vol. III
Stamps, Charles F. Jr.569; Vol. III
Stanton, Erastus J.619; Vol. III
Stanton, LeRoy H.623; Vol. III
Starr, Joseph L..448; Vol. II
State Normal School534; Vol. III
Stearns, Don Abel913; Vol. III
Stearns, E. Roger524; Vol. III
Stearns, Frank L.376; Vol. II
Steere, Robert929; Vol. III
Stephens, Albert M.395; Vol. II
Stetson, Franklin F.406; Vol. II
Stevens, Will P.744; Vol. III
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Stratton, Charles E.650; Vol. III
Sullivan, Dennis441; Vol. II
Summers, Emma A. Mrs.275; Vol. II
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Taggart, James W.279; Vol. IISusan Morris McGeeorSusan Morris McGee
Thom, Cameron E.44; Vol. II
Thomas, John M.447; Vol. II
Thomas, Owen E596; Vol. III
Thompson, Frederick461; Vol. II
Thompson, Newton W87; Vol. II
Thompson, Thomas83; Vol. II
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Throop College of Technology772; Vol. III
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Torrance, Lewis C863; Vol. III
Townsend, Stephen932; Vol. III
Trask, Walter J506; Vol. III
Tripp, James S673; Vol. III
True, George A713; Vol. III
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Union Oil Company of California436; Vol. II
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Valla, Antonio91; Vol. II
Van Ness, Henry631; Vol. III
Vawter, Williamson D868; Vol. III
Vermilion, Arternisia S840; Vol. III
Vesper, Charles R781; Vol. III
Vestal & Hubbell692; Vol. III
Von Hofgaarden, Hans662; Vol. III
Vosburgh, J559; Vol. III
Votaw, E.888; Vol. III
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Wackerbarth, August82; Vol. II
Wade, Robert D139; Vol. II
Walker, Frank473; Vol. II
Wardall, Thomas334; Vol. II
Warner, Dennis A865; Vol. III
Warren, James G575; Vol. III
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Watson, Thomas W871; Vol. III
Weaver, C. B716; Vol. III
Weaver, Charles G776; Vol. III
Webster, Daniel570; Vol. III
Wegener, Gustav P. Capt.347; Vol. II
Weid, Ivar A263; Vol. II
Wernigk, Eduard (M. D.)256; Vol. II
Weyse, Henry G426; Vol. II
Whitaker, Alonzo210; Vol. II
White, Clarence H. Dr.934; Vol. III
White, Ephraim E455; Vol. II
Whitsett, W. P560; Vol. III
Wigdal, 0. J86; Vol. II
Wiggins, Frank94; Vol. II
Wiley, Edwin H722; Vol. III
Wilkins Poultry Yards783; Vol. III
Williams, Henry S420; Vol. II
Willis, Frank R412; Vol. II
Wills, John A930; Vol. III
Wilson, Atlas L467; Vol. II
Wilson, Benjamin D49; Vol. II
Wilson, E. C727; Vol. III
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Wolfskill, Milton24; Vol. II
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Woods, William W828; Vol. III
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Works, John D425; Vol. II
Works, Lewis P .643; Vol. III
Wright, Edward T171; Vol. II
Wright, Francis M148; Vol. II
Wright, George273; Vol. II
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Young, Robert B193; Vol. II
Young, William S. 878; Vol. III
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