History of Kern County

Wallace M. Morgan

Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, CA - 1914

California Local History - Rocq - 2355

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
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Abels, Fred1506
Ackerley, C. H1111
Adams, G. F1505
Adams, James S.1260
Adams, Verne L1518
Albrecht, Albert W1418
Aldrich, G. J1363
Alexander, Calvin B.596
Alexander, Ford1299
Alexander, James1085
Allardt, Hugo F472
Allen, Charles E.1319
Allen, Louis921
Amour, Augustine1223
Amourig, August1202
Andersen, Barney A.764
Anderson, C. V.232
Anderson, Frank1476
Andre, Andre992
Andre, Cyrille494
Annette, James L1326
Ansolabehere, Michel1139
Ansolabehere, Michel1460
Apalatea, Francisco1377
Applegarth, Clark1276
Ardizzi, Beneditto1435
Argy, Michael1538
Armstrong, William E.1368
Arp, James H446
Ashe, Eliott M.1530
Atkinson, Benjamin N1377
Atkinson, Thomas W.1376
Atwell, Joe H798
Augsburger, John H.1332
Avila, Mrs. Mary J861
B[Return to Jump Site]
Bach, Philip1323
Bailey, John E857
Bailey, Joseph L857
Baker, Col. Thomas722Chris Brewer
Baker, James L.1380Chris Brewer
Baker, Lynn W.1344Chris Brewer
Baker, R T872Chris Brewer
Baker, Thomas A460Chris Brewer
Bakersfield Brewing Co.1282
Bakersfield Ice Delivery472
Baldwin, Frank H.1460
Ball, Herbert G.663
Ballagh, C. E.748
Ballagh, E. E.1093
Ballagh, Herbert A.730
Bandettini, Almando1508
Bangsberg, O. C.1063
Banks, Henry F.1504
Baptista, Christian and Margaret763
Barker, E. J.1405
Barker, Vining E.1262
Barlow, Hon. Charles A.207John
Barnett, Floyd H1305
Barr, James A1280
Barrett, Parker1285
Bates, J. W1085
Bates, Luther A1551
Batz, John B231
Bauman, Jacob865
Baumgartner, Joseph1282
Beardsley, Lewis A1232
Beck, Charles G1392
Becker, H. E674
Bemus, Erskine1225
Benjamin, Ernest V1243
Bennett, A. V1374
Bennett, Charles F506
Bennett, Hon. Paul W634
Bennett, J. A1399
Bennett, John F1312
Benson, Clarence D738
Benson, Millard D1365
Berges, Alexander868
Bergsten, Albion R1451
Beringer, Milton D. 629
Bernard., Francois1432
Bertrand, Jean E.944
Bess, R. W 582
Bewley, R. L.1434
Bidart, John801
Bimat, Bernard901
Bimat, Leon741
Birchard, S. C1385
Blackball, Alexander R. M1021
Blacker, Ezra N.537Hanna Michal
Blacker, Robert E.1417Hanna Michal
Blaettler, Peter1378
Blair, Frank E.1060
Blanc, Eli1475
Blanck, Ernest L.867
Blankenship, Phil1418
Blodget, Hugh A883
Blood, Daniel H1003
Blood, E. K.1224
Boese, Rev. John H1494
Boggs, William S360
Boggs, Willis W270
Bohna, Henry.388
Bolstad, Fred P747
Borda, Domingo812
Borel, Jean1235
Borgwardt, Henry L772
Bostaph, C. A.1371Judy Fitzerald
Bowles, P. E. Jr.1123
Bowman, Charles1379
Bramham, Virginia1025
Brandt, Henry J.1388
Bratt, Frank O857
Bresson, Joseph1297
Breuch, William642
Brinkman, John J677
Brite, Charles R1335
Brite, Jesse D1361
Brite, John B1331
Brite, Lucas F281
Brittan, Edward F1225
Britz, Nick1333
Brockman, Fred C.702
Brooks, Thomas A.283
Broom, Mrs. Margaret M.1524
Brower, Celsus1037
Brown, Andrew213
Brown, Edward S.1097
Brown, Granville L.320
Brown, H. H.1205
Brown, James F1385
Brown, L. T.1491
Brown, Newell J., M.D.1257Joni
Brown, Thomas W.751
Browning, William J.1106
Bruce, James L.897
Brundage, Benjamin L.1245
Brundage, Hon. Benjamin1012
Buchanan, Lewis R955
Buckreus, Franz330Kathy Buckreus O'Brien
Bumgarner, G. M., M.D1018
Burge, E. D.1448
Burke, Daniel722Margaret
Burke, Walter James560
Burkett, George E1539
Burnes, Andrew A.1235
Burnham, E. T.1371
Burns, F. J.1364
Burton, Robert996
Burubeltz, Jean.1335
Busby, Harry C1305
Bush, Jonathan M1485
Byrns, Frank A1211
C[Return to Jump Site]
Caldwell, George O.1347
Caldwell, James R809Jeannette Caldwell
Caldwell, John E809Jeannette Caldwell
Calhoun, George.1237
Call, George W1308
Campbell, E. B985
Canaday, John W1441
Canfield, W.1454
Cannell, Thomas A.577
Capdeville, Jean B1195
Carlock, Francis M645Eleanor Roberts
Carlock, Howard W.1429Eleanor Roberts
Carlton, Eugene R995
Carroll, J. P1193
Carter, David931
Carter, J. B 729
Carver, Alexander1435
Carver, Mrs. Louisa J.1251
Cassady, Forrest A1462
Castro, Albert H.879
Castro, Domitilo737
Castro, Emilio C.1341
Castro, Epifanio P.853
Castro, Leonides1168
Castro, Perfecto C1550
Castro, Peter1544
Castro, Thomas C1202
Cattani, Peter1544
Cayori, Chirs1304
Chadwick, Chessman J633
Chastan, Octave846
Chatom, Paul756
Chauvin, Alphonse1279
Chavez, Gabriel1467
Chinette, John P.918
Chinette, John P918
Chittenden, James E760
Christensen, Claus P668
Ciayman, John H256
Claflin, Hon. Charles L1250
Clar, Miss Anna1477
Clark, Fred C1446
Clark, James A1021
Clark, Orville L216
Clark, Samuel R1236
Clayman, John H256
Clegg, William F.1471
Clement, Fred1378
Clickard, John1466
Cline, Chirstian W 1338
Clotfelter, Less1341
Cochran, Joseph A1542
Coffee, Dave927
Coffee, George W.1105
Colby, C. B342
Coleman, Harry L1477
Colm, W. W743
Colton, Francis G1545
Condict, Henry F.694
Cook, D. B.1180
Cook, F. S1435
Cook, L. R1471
Cook, W. H., M.D. 294
Coolbaugh, Mrs. Elizabeth865
Coombs, Leslie D926
Cooney, Joseph P.1521
Cooper, Charles E.705
Coppin, Thomas C.1311
Cornish, Thomas J948
Corsett, Frank H.1543
Corti, Paul1157
Coulter, Joel W.687
Coulter, L. D.1363
Cowan, Marshall R.973
Coyne, Martin.1324
Craghill, Edward W430
Craig, Fred W.1143
Craig, J. N.1463
Crain, Mrs. Alice A.1390
Crawford, Clinton B.1343
Crawford, James R.1533
Crichton, Dave482
Crippen, Fred N.1412
Crippen, S. G.1423
Crites, Angus J336
Crites, Angus M.1045
Crites, Arthur S.1244
Crites, Mrs. Louesa M.1046
Croft, J. H655
Cromwell, Alexander H.603
Cross, Asa A.1300
Cross, John1370
Crow, Lewis B793
Cuda, Joseph1345
Cuddeback, John P353
Cuddeback, William N347
Cummings, Clarence C1531
Cummings, Edward G1531
Cummins, Thomas L659
Cuneo, P. J., M.D.1075
Cunningham, W. L341
Curran, James407
Curtzwiler, Charles W.1246
D[Return to Jump Site]
Daggett, Charles E1552
Dailey, Charles A.1301
Dalton, Archibald E1306
Daly, Charles1413
Darnul, John J767
David Edward A1467
Davis, Elonzo P.609L Smith
Davis, George1516
Davis, Ira B896
Davis, Philip M1511
Davis, Walter E1303
Dawley, C. H743
Day, Charles E420
Dearborn, Judge Elias M816
Delfino, George1157
Demsey, Cyrus F., M.D1047
Denio, John B315
Dennen, LeRoy, A.1513
Derby, George W1433
Deuel, J. J. Jr.501Cindy
Deuel, J. J., Sr.1214Cindy
Devenney, Henry F1220
Dickey, C. L1425
Dickinson, Charles1278
Dickinson, James E482
Dixon, Archie H828
Dixon, Ola G836
Dodge, R. M1386
Doherty, William J887
Dooley, Joseph P1368
Doran, Peter1510
Dougherty, Dixon324
Dover, H. J1553
Dowd, Adolphus1447
Drader, Charles356
Duhart, Pierre965
Dumble, Herman, S.1184
Duncan, Eugene B.350
Duncan, M. A434
Dunlap, Henry C1261
Dunlop, Samuel J1312
Dunn, John M.1307Nancy Ann Posey
Dunne, Cornelius1139
Durnal, J. A1527
Duschak, Simon1528
E[Return to Jump Site]
Eardley, W. A244
Echemque, Tomas827
Echenique, Miguel944
Echols, A. B.1516
Eckert, Mrs. Belle C.1394
Eckhoff, Frederick J1253
Edmonds, Reuben A367
Edwards, E. T252
Edwards, George B403
Edwards, J. G1328
Ehlers, Fredrick. 1381
Eiland, Edward F.858
Ellis, Katharyn W., M.D344
Elwood, Harry M., M.D956
Emerson, Charles1369
Emmons, E. Carroll1398
Emmons, Hon. E. J.1500
Enas, John529Don Enas
Endert, Joseph F811
Engelke, W. A1454
Engle, William H1374
Erb, E. J1315
Erickson, Henry1322
Espitallier, Joseph1548
Espitallier, Marius M1372
Estribou, Jean B1214
Etcheverry, Fernando1191
Etcheverry, Peter842
Etzweiler, Harry A1194
Evans, Joseph L563
Eyraud, August P589
Eyraud, Jean1549
Eyraud, Joseph921
F[Return to Jump Site]
Fairchild, Charles H521
Fairchild, Margaret H522
Farmer, Milton T891
Farris, Hamilton418
Fechtner, Paul R1537
Fenneman, Henry H 850
Ferguson, Andrew1124
Ferguson, W. A803
Fergusson, Reginald A, M.D. 338
Fether, Frank A1026
Fether, Harry D.1072
Filben, Arthur B.1274
First National Bank of Taft450
Fishell, Roland R1489
Flournoy, George581
Fogarty, Thomas H.1357
Fogg, E. S., M.D.1224
Follansbee, William G.706
Forbes, A. D348
Forker, William N1094
Forsyth, Donald H.1420
Foster, Edwin L.1249
Foust, Andrew J1457
Foust, Levi E.651
Fox, C. A.957
Fox, J. Frank.778
Frazier, William W.1523
Freear, Charles H.906Darleen Berens
Freear, Henry T687Darleen Berens
Freear, Horace R475Darleen Berens
Freear, James A214Darleen Berens
Freear, John A.209Darleen Berens
Freear, Joseph P.498Darleen Berens
Freeman, Albert W277
Freeman, Hon. James W1212
Freligh, Andrew433
Fry, Charles H1384
Fry, John A1000
Fry, Joseph B.752
Fuller, Rev. Edgar R969
Fultz, Thomas S1542
G[Return to Jump Site]
Galbraith, G. H961
Gallman, John J366
Galloway, Ralph E262
Galtes, Paul303
Gardette, Peter197
Gardner, J. E.1048
Gardner, John A.368
Gates, N. M.1367
Geddes, Charles E1426
Geiger, Felix1487
General Hospital of Taft 373
Getchell, C. E718
Giboney, C. L1325
Gilfillan, Adam W417
Gill, John L810
Gillespie, J. E819
Gillespie, Patrick1056
Gillette, Edward D623
Gilli, Peter541
Girard, Joseph777
Girard, Jules1539
Giraud, Cyrille1524
Gist, Jabez R981
Glanville, Oscar565
Glenn, Mrs. Sarah1330
Goode, Albert S489
Goode, O. P1416
Goodman, H. S1277
Gormley, F. B673
Gould, Bert E1353
Graham, James T1404
Grant, James C1431
Gray, Jonathan E.453
Green, A. B1339
Green, Bernard G1372
Green, Bert1041
Green, Brothers1041
Green, Clarence S678
Green, John L1041
Green, John T429
Greer, Jefferson M1483
Gribbie, Fred L1450
Grimaud, Stanislaus1269
Grogg, E., A1326
Guiberson, Lorraine P 463
Gunderson, Robert1445
Gundlach, Max Jr.1554
Gunn, William W.1541
H[Return to Jump Site]
Haberfelde, George C.1167
Haberkern, Charles F.374
Haese, Otto1011
Hailey, E. W.1398
Haimes, Reginald F.1150
Hall, Hon. Fred H. 219Elizabeth L. Martin
Halloran, John1465
Halter, Joseph J.1273esuorez
Hamilton, E. M999
Hamilton, John E278
Hamilton, Truman W1497
Hamlin, Francis A., M.D.313
Hanning, Cecil H.1215
Harbaugh, Isaac W.1176
Harding, Jack1119
Hardisty, Charles1407
Hare, Frederick E.1445
Harman, Lane S.269
Harmon, William1052
Harrington, Albert L.578
Harris, Witten W.868
Hart, Charles M.1356
Hart, John O.1175
Harvey, John H1428
Harvey, Thomas N234
Hastings, George1045
Hatfield, George W1346
Hath, H. J.1329
Hay, George225
Hayden, James M756
Hayes, Emmett L1147
Heard, J. W1500
Heasley, William E1470
Heck, E. P341
Heck, O. C341
Heldman, Charles H1078
Helm, Lesrey G1440
Helm, Thaddeus W733
Henderson, George D1278
Henderson, Lawrence1526
Henderson, William L1534
Hendrickson, John J842
Hern, J. J1416
Herod, Clarence L1247
Herod, James744
Hickey, John637
Hicks, J. W1459
Hiemforth, Peter1188
Higley, E. D1320
Hill, F. F349
Hill, Fred A718
Hill, Paul C1011
Hill, Roland G510
Hill, William H207
Hilliard, Wesley W1210
Hillman, Earl1527
Hirsch, L. A1334
Hitchcock, Charles D1064
Hoagland, Arthur E1427
Hochheimer, Ira1165
Hoenshell, David L1266Mary Hoenshell
Holden, Rev. John P566
Holland, W. J.569
Holmes, Calvin H 1336
Holmes, Fred S1488
Holmes, Myron268
Holson, Dell J1213
Holtby, Robert M564
Holthe, Oscar A1396
Hopkins, Harry A355
Hopper, Leonard748
Hopper, Thomas797
Hormulg, Paul1051
Hosking, Henry1201
Hougham, Edward L.438
Houser, William M.377
Howell, William A.293
Hubbard, John E.875
Hudson, Hon. R. J.295
Hughes, H. Guy763
Hughes, R. C1388
Hunt, R. R1529
Hunter, Alva1325
Hurst, Willis E.1528
Hutchins, V. G.837
Hydron, James F.380
I[Return to Jump Site]
Illingworth, Carlos G862
Irwin, Hon. Rowen263
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jackson, Charles W446
Jackson, David A1120
Jacobs, A. Neal1415
Jacoby, Abraham973
James, J. B.1495
James, Walter394
Jameson, John M476
Jasper, Mrs. Harriet693
Jastro, Harry A1230
Jastro, Henry A.195
Jensen, H. P1215
Jessup, John R.507
Jewett, Frank C1314
Jewett, Mrs. Catherine A1296
Jewett, Philo L222
Jewett, S. Wright1059
Jewett, Solomon1292
Johndrow, Louis F1015
Johnson, Charles F.812
Johnson, Charles W.922
Johnson, J. Thomas M.D.424
Johnson, John P1042
Johnson, John595
Johnson, Mrs. Melvina1505
Johnson, Richard A.1517
Johnston, Charles N.545
Johnston, George K.837
Johnston, H. D.1056
Johnston, Lucius689
Jones, J. A.1554
Jones, Joseph G.1410
Jones, Paul R.1390
Jordan, Judson H.467
Jorgensen, George1532
Joughin, William D.1133
Judd, Frank S.709Shannon
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kaar, Charles H.1161
Kaar, Jacob F.1162
Kaar, John777
Kammerer, George672
Kamprath, Otto R.514
Karns, Ernest1097
Kaye, W. W.203
Kean, Michael T.1116Ann Guyor
Keene, Arthur M.1483
Keester, Lloyd P1048
Keleher, T. P.1456
Kellermeyer, Edward C.872
Kelley, Franklin C1318
Kelley, George C1317
Kelley, Jesse L1082
Kelly, John W1495
Kelly, W. W.789
Kerr, Charles1075
Kersey, Joe D1530
Kersey, Mrs. Lizzie1467
Kidd, A. M1313
Kimball-Stone Drug Store233
King, George W1384
King, Layton J.674
Kingston, Thomas S1376
Kinton, Miss Ella B.1459
Kirsten, A. C. Julius891
Kitchen, Charles E.1071
Kizziar, William L.902
Klingenberg, August.1477
Klipstein, Henry W.385
Klipstein, Thomas E.909
Knight, Harry S958
Knoke, J. C1425
Knowlton, Kent S962
Koch, John1438
Kosel, Peter1550
Kramer, Otto1409
Kratzmer, August978
Kueffner, Rev. Louis550
Kuehn, George W.1268JandVThom
L[Return to Jump Site]
Lafont, Valentin1339
Laird, Rollin1253
Laird, William H., M. D.569
LaMarsna, Gerard C.1515
Lamb, Patrick1284
Lambert, Peter771
Lapsley, James T1529
Larsen, Chirstian P.1289
Larson, Lewis H1140
Lavers, Frederick768
Lavers, William A755
Leake, W., R419
LeGar, Keith, B1401
Leieritz, E. H.781
Lewis, Edwin T. 797
Lichtenstein, M. M1081
Lieb, Edwin P1473
Liery, W. S308
Lightner, Abia T227
Lindberg, M, A1442
Lindgren, Charles J1231
Lindgren, Otto P.1302
Little, C. C.987
Little, Lindsey B.1301
Lock, J. R.1333
Long, E. R1282
Long, Samuel C570
Lonstrom, Axel1456
Lopez, Jose J880
Lorentzen, Paul288
Lovejoy, George W.1525
Lowell, Alexis F.619
Lowell, William H660
Lowell, Wilmot1243
Lueschen., Alvin G., M.D296
Lufkin, Harry R.210
Lugo, Jose M.1412
Lutz, Emil T.1348
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