History of Imperial County

By Finia C. Farr

Berkeley, Elms & Franks (1918)

California Local History - Rocq - 2153

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Allatt, Horace E.371
Allen, Edwin J366
Allen, Frank418
Allen, George W323
Allen, William C367
Allison, Charles W318
Anderson, George W.324
Anderson, George347
Anderson, John Trent458
Angell, Ephraim G.514
Antholz, Herman360
Apple, William W., M. D.492
Atkins, Samuel El511
B[Return to Jump Site]
Bannister, Leslie Oakley385
Baskin, Andrew C344
Bates, Marcus W.348
Beach, Sanford E.479
Beal, Willis F439
Beale, Harry Robert395
Belendez, Ceyetano347
Berry, Charles M.393
Best, William Henry23z
Bishop, Vern M376
Blodgett, Oren A477
Boarts, Charles F.456
Brackney, Otto Cloyd317
Bragg, James William403
Brandenburg, William486
Breon, William H.440
Brite, William Longstreet475
Brooks, Philip W.482
Brown, Charles W.351
Buckel, George Richard454
Bullis, C. Orsmond333
C[Return to Jump Site]
Campbell, Walter Scott353
Cantu, Esteban, Colonel359
Carr, Philip Edward346
Casey, James P.512
Casey, Walter P.436
Cass, James W.315
Cech, Frank483
Chowning, William Henry463
Clarahan, David C.449
Clark, David Walter481
Clark, Harry H.390
Clark, Wilber464
Clarke, Clarence K.339
Clay, Henry E.438
Colson, James William500
Compton, Wayne H.320
Cooper, Cary K.388
Covington, Walter A.343
Creel, Salvador354
D[Return to Jump Site]
Daly, Harry E.349
Daly, Thomas P.357
Davis, Charles L.313
Davis, John E.374
De Blois, Edward Arthur488
Denny, Clarence P.471
Dieffenbacher, Henry364
Donley, George W.337
Dool, Donald319
Downing, Charles399
Durand, Austin J.354
Dyke, Harry N.314
E[Return to Jump Site]
Eaton, William C.358
Edwards, Josiah W.420
Ehilore, Robert Graham499
Ehrlich, John513
Emert, Newton Oliver401
Estudillo, Joseph A.491
Evans, George W.473
Ewell, Berkley V.321
F[Return to Jump Site]
Farr, F.C., Hon.iv
Ferguson, Allen R.361
Ferris, Isaac Wesley427
Finley, Archie B.424
Fleming, William380
Folsom, Charles B397
Ford, Janus R.414
Fuller, Francis B.394
Fuller, Henry J., M. D.493
Fuller, Preston B.326
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gander, Roy Eugene501
Gates, Harry E.318
Glover, Herschel444
Goff, Arthur G.423
Goldman, William L.446
Goza, John W.341
Griffin, Edgar D.508
H[Return to Jump Site]
Hall, Almon A381
Hammers, Aylmer J460
Harcleroad, J. C.322
Haskell, Sylvanus G.437
Hastain, Napoleon B.515
Havens, Felix G489
Havens, John Robinson476
Hawkins, James Holliday463
Heil, George Clinton463
Hems, Albert Richard365
Henderson, Raymond H.437
Hess, Frederick C487Robert F. "Bob" Hess
Hodge, James E.379
Hodges, Walter L383
Holmes, Jacob Alson451
Hopgood, Harrison Payton448
Howard, Thomas Allen355
Howell, Henry Hartwell, Sr.434
Howland, James F. S485
I[Return to Jump Site]
Irvine, Ben Dyer502
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jauman, Rufus E382
Johnson, Charles Frederick453
Jones, Howard T.450
Jones, Philo334
K[Return to Jump Site]
Keeline, William F370James D. Keeline
Kellerstraus, Roy484
Kelly, William398
Kemp, Grover C413
Kessling, Adolph369
Kincaid, David Roy348
Kinney, Roland D.399
Kramar, John W.480Brenda
Krueger, George E.471
L[Return to Jump Site]
Lack, Eugene S.514
Larew, John S.40
Laughrin, James455
Lavayea, William H390
Lien, Burre H.349
Linekin, Roger Merritt327
Long, Arthur E.448
Loud, Henry L.376
Lund, Pear Z.442
Lyon, Harry479
Lyons, Thomas W. G.509L Lyons
M[Return to Jump Site]
Marshall, Cyrus Chalmers411
Masten, William W.407
Mastick, Baron B355
Mayer, August435
McCollough, Harvey397
McConnell, Foster505
McCune, William A352
McIver, Frank H.400
McLachlan, Argyle377
McLane, Omar E372
McNerny, Thomas J340
McReynolds, Earl331
Meagher, William John387
Meier, Chris H.361
Merriam, Edwin A.447
Messinger, Hernando J.441
Miller, Joseph A., M. D.330
Milligan, James459
Morin, Noles James328
Morse, Fred C.406
N[Return to Jump Site]
Nichols, George W426
Noland, Dan Voorhees410
Norrish, Enos J.316
O[Return to Jump Site]
Ohmstede, Otto E408
O'Neill, John Edward378
P[Return to Jump Site]
Packard, Walter E.497
Paddack, Benjamin F386
Pain, Walter M454
Palmer, Fred C.392
Palmerlee, Forrest F.321
Park, Clarence John409
Peacock, Frank J.370
Pellet, Denver D359
Perrins, J. W404
Peterson, F. W., M. D.478
Petree, Carl356
Phelan, James Duval329
Phillips, Thomas465
Phillips, William J.342
Pickens, William M4l9
Pidge, Elmer D430
Pruitt, William H414
Pulliam, George L462
Purcell, William J.404
Q[Return to Jump Site]
R[Return to Jump Site]
Reed, Leslie340
Reed, Roland503
Richards, George Clifford504
Richmond, Alexander L.495
Robinson Sebe T.302
Robinson, Edward H483
Robison, James A.405
Rockwood, Charles Robinson311
Rogers, Linza B506
Rosson, John E.393
Ruth, Charles H.405
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sawyer, Egbert M.431
Schaniel, Nicholas461
Scheibr, Joseph M.422
Schelling, Ernest C338
Schitterer, Herman J328
Schoneman, Benjamin A.510
Seymour, Joseph F., Jr.377
Shank, Benjamin497
Shank, George J.373
Sheffield, James A363
Shenk, Adolphus M.325
Shores, Howard336
Sims, Perry N., M. D381
Smith, Virginia Tenny, M. D.415
Sneath, David W350
Stahl, Charles N.368
Stahl, Henry A3I3
Stanley, Frank H345
Starner, Richard C42g
Staub, Harry A.365
Stehli, Alfred474
Stephens, Elizabeth, Mrs.351
Stilgenbaur, Roy R342
Strieby, Loyal A.498
Stuart, James C.469
Stump, Arthur D.452
Sweet, Will S.335
Swink, Herman C468
Swink, Stewart D.466
T[Return to Jump Site]
Thayer, Winfield A469
Thomas, Walter C.384
Tilly, John R.457
Toler, John B.409
Tout, Otis Burgess416
Travers, Jasper L.494
Tyner, Charles M.44z
U[Return to Jump Site]
Urquhart, Guy49I
V[Return to Jump Site]
Van Derpoel, Andrew C478
Van Derpoel, Weston Randall470
Van Horn, William E.433
W[Return to Jump Site]
Walker, William K.363
Walton, Alfred Park485
Ware, Frederick B.425
Way, Vess Goodrich430
Weed, Frank L.472
Wells, Don W.367
Wiest, George E.443
Wiest, John Alfred421
Wilkinson, Hugh P.389
Williams, Edward E330
Wilson, Ira L389
Withrow, Frank417
Wulff, August V.467
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Y[Return to Jump Site]
Young, Thomas I.462
Z[Return to Jump Site]
Zimmer, Samuel Blair374
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