History of Humboldt County

By Leigh H. Irvine

Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, California - 1915

California Local History - Rocq - 2039

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
CALL NUMBER: q979.412 I9

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A[Return to Jump Site]
Adams, Adolph B B568
Aggeler, John A1093
Albee, John C.806
Albee, Joseph C1129
Albonico, Thomas1107
Allard, Frank and Charles1217
Allen, George R854
Ambrose, R904
Ambrosini, Ferdinand1110
Ambrosini, Frank1109
Ambrosini, John D.1102
Ambrosini, Martin977
Ambrosini, Rudolph D1120
Ambrosini, Victor1094
Anderson, Axel946
Anderson, Horace C687
Anderson, James P482
Anderson, Jasper347
Anderson, John P1198
Anderson, Peter851
Aquistapace, Rocco1236
Arnhart, Sterling P1276
Ayer, Fred Y1195
B[Return to Jump Site]
Backenstose, Edward556
Bagley, Joseph252
Bair, Fred S1238
Bair, Thomas349
Baird, John R279
Baird, Thomas279
Baker, Leon820
Baldwin, Daniel A924
Banducci, Amato1103
Barber, Herbert A837
Barkdull, Joseph C1057
Barloggi, Louis1192
Barnes, Alfred439
Barnum, Fred B716
Barnwell, William H622
Barry, Mrs. Mary1137
Baumgartner, Fred645
Beckwith, Caroline C593
Beckwith, Frank W594
Beers, Isaac A514
Belcher, Frank W705
Belcher, Peter 225
Bendixsen, Hans D809
Bernardi, Cipriano M615
Bernardi, Frank J505
Bertain, Louis A660
Berti, Charles937
Berti, Isaac706
Bertsch, Frank H1181
Bettazza, Antonio1183
Bettencourt, Sam1230
Bettigieo, Emillio1104
Biasca, Attillo 1101
Biasca, Gervaiso and Angelica1118
Biasca, Ralph759
Biondini, Eugene1182
Blackburn, Arthur W621
Blackburn, James F435
Blake, John H1241
Bloemer, John H 578
Bohmansson, Robert H1232
Bonomi, Angelo1102
Bonomini, James1017
Bonomini, Joseph1016
Bonomini, Joseph1118
Bowden, John W975
Bowden, William H1131
Boyce, James275
Boyes, George951
Boyes, William D1153
Brambani, Agostino1009
Branstetter, Joseph O1033
Bravo, Henry1196
Brazil, John1226
Brazil, Manvel1224
Brice, George M426
Briceland, John C1190
Briggs, Herbert N243
Brightman, Emory A498
Brizard, Alexander175
Brown, Clyde A 1169
Brown, James B291
Brown, James D. H769
Brown, John H1044
Brown, Lot M1128
Brown, Thomas M276
Brown, William A1172
Bruner, Francis M., M D1075
Bryan, John W970
Bryan, Ldoyd, M. D.424
Bryant, Charles C1010
Bryant, Rolla1060
Buchanan, Charles D1055
Buhne, Capt. H. H1282
Buhne, Henry H237
Bull, John C., Jr.1220
Bullock Nathaniel 1048
Bullwinkel, Conrad612
Burgess, George W590
Burnell, Joel S534
Burns, Thomas M363
Burrill, Walter L866
Byard, Robert E678
C[Return to Jump Site]
Cain, Frank L693
Cairns, John J1092
Cameron, Edwin H1066
Campbell, Duncan720
Canclini, Pietro1103
Carland, Patrick E1017
Carothers, James700
Carr, Thomas313
Carr, Thomas K734
Carroll, Matthew1100
Carson, William607
Cartwright, Arthur E1073
Casacca, Joseph977
Cathey, Andrew J1215
Cathey, David1216
Caton, Alice E829
Caton, Joseph830
Cave, Hugh L490
Celli, Giocondo1064
Chain, John N., M. D.502
Chamberlain, Joseph D. H.196
Chamberlain, Mrs. Dixie271
Christen, Edward1105
Christensen, Hans C500
Christensen, John403
Christensen, Peter H859
Christiansen, Andrew H264
Christiansen, Charles1277
Christiansen, Jorgen C394
Christie, Alexander1228
Christie, Charles J195
Church, Walter M703
Clark, Hon. Jonathan744
Clark, Walter E410
Clark, William S331
Clausen, Jens E1046
Cleary, James T1058
Cloney, Frank E569
Close, George H241
Cobb, Mrs. Margaret S,952Monica
Coggeshall Launch and Tou Boat Co. 298
Colwell, William H.1257
Comisto, Silvio1170
Connick, Hon. Clifton H261
Connick, John M1247
Cook, George W464
Cook, Levant467
Cook, William E.262
Coombe, Donald P471
Cooper, Edgar C302
Cooper, George W1201
Copeland, James C1260
Copland, Robert1243
Coppini, John W715
Cornwell, George E1275
Cottrell & Shields544
Cottrell, Augustus596
Cottrell, Charles C., M. D1019
Cottrell, E. Lester, M. D1023
Counts, George W844
Cousins, Euphronius808
Cousins, Henry H275
Cowen, Harry879
Cox, George H448
Cox, Henry766
Craigie, May R842
Crain Judson W1088
Criveili, Mark C1187
Crivelli, Secundo1116
Cronin, James J.1112
Cross, Charles1096
Crowe, George A570
Crowley, William869
Cummings, Amos M1028
Cummings, Frank J771
Curless, Biar698
Curless, George G835
Curless, Wright S348
Cutler, Fletcher A542
Cutten, Charles P1079
Cutten, David P640
D[Return to Jump Site]
Dale, Jeremiah756
Daly Brothers1179
Daly, Cornelius D1180
Damgaard, A556
Davies, Jasper N1205
Dean, John E849
Dean, Samuel R848
Decker, Jacob H895
Delaney, Peter1140
DeMello, Manuel E961
Deming, Byron408
Deuel, Frank519
Devlin, Elmer L1090
Dickson, Robert O698
Dinsmore, Albert M675
Dinsmore, Frank W316
Dinsmore, Fred A1203
Dixon, Ernest W1229
Docili, Otto743Barbara Murry
Domenighini, Silvio1119
Dorais, Louis P., M. D382
Drewry, Irvin H516
Dukes, Mrs. Minnie F775
Durnford, Ernest M711
Dusi, Albert1184
Dusi, Basilio1106
Dusina, Dan985
E[Return to Jump Site]
East, Daniel J1215
East, Lewis S297
Eckart, Emil B1194
Edmonstone, George1082
Ehreiser, W1163
Engstrom, Frank O1280
Enos, Antone989
Epps, C. S1261
Erickson, Leven C794
Eriksen, Martin423
Eskesen, Christen781
Essig, Frank963
Etter Brothers631
Etter, Albert F627
Evans, Lee E1132
Everding, Charles560
Everts, John776
F[Return to Jump Site]
Falk, Charles C., M. D526
Falk, Charles E1235
Falk, Curtis O., M. D417
Falk, Elijah H339
Falk, William S1198
Falor, Frank E1126
Falor, Mrs. Arrabelle H788
Farley, James M337
Fasoletti, Peter1119
Fay, Charles S748
Fearrien, Albert L1274
Felt, Rae, M. D1137
Felt, Theodore D214
Ferguson, James618
Ferndale Bank640
Ferrara, Giuseppe742
Ferrara, Peter E1040
First National Bank of Arcata308
Fisher, Adolph, Sr1248
Fitzell, Joseph A684
Fitzgerald, Edward L920
Fleckenstein, Frank J1251
Fleckenstein, George1165
Flint, Benjamin F1088
Flocchini, Celeste1091
Flocchini, Giacomo1050
Forbes, Edward S874
Foster, Ambrose N778
Francisconi, Felice208
Frank, Seth A417
Franzen, Andrew P. H1216
Fraser, James T601
Fredrickson, Thorwald and Wm. H1189
Freeman, Art690
French, Dick K897
French, James E885
French, Orel B1206
Fritz. N. L634
Frost, Elmer J201
G[Return to Jump Site]
Galla, Andrew1113
Gallacci, Alessio1107
Gamboni Brothers1105
Gasser, Dr Anna B323
Gates, Oscar J1283
Gatliff & Thompson872
Genzoli, Bernardino1106
Georgeson, Franklin T456
Georgeson, George R727
Georgeson, Hon. Frederick W282
Gift, John H1135
Giulieri, Stephen803
Giulieri, Charles C980
Giulieri, Fred M1159
Gleeson, Rev. J. J.1208
Goble, Saint L1204
Godfrey, Mrs. Lydia M1001
Goff, Charles F982
Goff, Joseph B501
Gondola, Napoleon1187
Graeter, Luther D1266
Graham, Edwin599
Graham, Frank199
Graham, William M1191
Grandy, Henry1188
Gratto, George M914
Gray, George H391
Grazioli, Paul1069
Green, Richard A359
Gries, Harry A1087
Groom, Thomas A1275
Gross, Harold G., M. D.281
Gross, Martin1258Helen
Gross, Reuben M. D189
Grothe, Leopoid F876
Grundt, Niels P. A1039
Guglielmina, Fedele810
Gunntoli, Santi1213
Gustafson, Augustus560
Gyselaar, Mrs. Rose C765
H[Return to Jump Site]
Hackett, William864
Hadley, James A., M. D309
Hadley, Warren L681
Haight, Edwin W805
Hale, James W1255
Hallaran, Daniel579
Haltinner, John U294
Hamilton, Herbert W721
Hamilton, John and Hugh947
Hamilton, John W1139
Hansell, Amos1029
Hansen, Carl F.948
Hansen, Mads P.689
Hansen, Niels J.981
Harbers, Henry F.786
Harpst, Charles I.507Ruth Ritschel
Harpst, John550Ruth Ritschel
Harrington, Fred A.726
Harris, Robert L.936
Harris, Valentine F.1117
Harris, Zaccheus M.1197
Hauck Nathan383
Haugh Martin1174
Havens, William C.1228Sylvia Havens
Haw, William H.1234
Hellard, John H.804
Hellard, W. H.804
Helmke, Frederick M.792
Helms, John F.870
Helwig, Charles E.358
Henderson, James W.739
Henry, Hiram754
Henry, Robert335
Herrick, Frank E.1284
Herrick, Hon. Rufus F.187
Herrick, Martha J.193
Hill, Clarence E.1278
Hill, Earl W., M. D.1175
Hill, George R677
Hill, Hon. Arthur W.207
Hill, James B.513
Hill, John B427
Hiller, George1233
Hinch, Thomas225
Hinckley, Fred G1218
Hinman, Harry T270
Hitchings, Henry B650
Hitchings,Charles W182
Hodgson, Joseph E442
Hoffman, John994
Hofford, Frank L.1147
Holm, Fredrick H753
Hooper, Obadiah C993
Hope, Victor605
Horel, Francis R., M. D.376
Hoskins, G., Al. D393
Hotchkiss, Luther L559
Hough, Frank A436
Hufford, George W260
Humboldt Brewing Company573
Humboldt Cooperage Company455
Humboldt Standard1178
Hunt, Albert N319
Hunter, Elias807
Hunter, Ellis515
Hunter, George W814
Hunter, James H254
Hunter, John H1246
Hunter, Walker S814
Hunter, William J1278
Hurlbutt, Harry E546
I[Return to Jump Site]
Inman, Edwin J.1034
Inskip, Prof. P. S414
International Correspondence School656
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jackson, Harry W304
Jacobs, Frank B396
Jacobson, John R799
Jeans, Harry C1156
Jensen, Capt. Peter1006
Jensen, Christian N458
Johansen, Peter793
Johanson, Alexander749
Johnson, Capt. John E535
Johnson, Hon. Darlington J266
Johnson, J. L.1027
Johnson, John E.1245
Johnson, Tosaido1O31
Johnson, William E1008
Johnston, Charles A370
Johnston, Robert666Patrice
Jones, William J918
Jordan, John H.1227
Jorgensen, Sophus N555
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kane, John E.819Raydean
Karlsen, Oluf783
Kay, Fred M.836
Keating, Patrick645
Kees, Jacob M.696
Keesey, Bert Q.968
Kehoe, Frank L.902
Kehoe, Hon William579
Kellogg, George A718
Kemp, John W709
Kendal, Henry A381
Kennedy, Rev. Lawrence1084
King, William W430
Kingsbury, Lewis B.1244
Kinsey, Charles H822
Kinsey, Louis T231
Kjer, Axcel1252
Kjer, Mads1253
Klepper, Loren M653
Knapp, Gilman C428
Knight, George A585
Knudsen, Oscar L1038
Kramer, Edward G1240
Krohn, J. J455
L[Return to Jump Site]
Lamb, Alexander930
Lambert, Jules A1217
Lane, Jefferson R570
Lane, John A., M. D623
Langford Brothers646
Lanini, Rafael1185
Larsen, Abraham1259
Larsen, John978
Larsen, Martin385
Larson, Charles A521
Larson, Lewis1024
Laughlin, Frank1239
Leach, Fred A392
Leaver, James M1052
Lentell, Jesse N326
Leonardi, Zacharias1118
Lewis, Artemus H893
Lewis, Edward L660
Light, Edwin A1042
Light, William873
Lind, John E1186
Lindiey, George C485
Lindow, William E1281
Linser, Ernest R907
Loewenthal, Jacob616
Logan, John W916
Lord, William557
Lorentzen, L. C1223
Lowrey, Charles1214
Lucas, Monte1264
Lucas, William997
Lundberg, Albert1121
Luther, Christopher183
Luther, Frank W242
Lyster, John S1020
M[Return to Jump Site]
Macinata, John1101
Mackey, Patrick479
Maffia, Carlo989
Mahan, James461
Mahan, William J910
Marks, Harry A248
Marshall, Benjamin M., M. D624
Marshall, James E891
Matheson, Daniel336
Matson, Isaac744
Mattews, James E1069
Mc,Namara, William J418
McCann, Willard O178
McClellan, Hon. John W452
McClellan, Hugh W321
McCloskey, Alexander G.838
McConnaha, Burr P704
McConnaha, Clarence J.1270
McCready, James511
McCready, John259
McDade, William P561
McDaniel, Lewis L957
McDonald, James1146
McGeorge, John F.184Mary J. Harris
McGowan, Daniel W1127
McInosh, Robert1064
McKeehan, C. G1273
McKeon, Redmond O860
McKinnon, George W., M. D970
McNeil, Hon. B. H1053
Meakin, Willis B898
Melde, Henry324
Meller, George F1122
Mercer, Harrison M637
Mercer-Fraser Company, Inc420
Merriam, Joseph E551
Michel, William E638
Miller, Sherman A1062
Millor, Isaac314
Miner, Cyrus826
Miner, George H307
Miner, Jacob825
Minor, Isaac N797
Mogan, Thomas H. A425
Monette, Theodore1289
Monroe, Alonzo J340
Monroe, John C1043
Moore, Frederick J1193
Moore, George M533
Moranda, Bartol849
Moranda, Joseph506
Moranda, Pancragio986
Morgan, Laurence C1209
Morrell, Frank E923
Morris, David W919
Morrison, Silas V.351
Moschetti, Louis B1124
Mossi, Chris938
Mossi, Joseph1113
Mossi, Peter938
Moxon, Isaac1071
Mozzini, Martin F1122Calvin Porter
Mozzini, Mrs Antonietta379Calvin Porter
Mullen, John P987
Mullen, William H1003
Murdock, Charles A411
Murphy, David881
Murray, George D196
Murray, J. S.301
Myers, U. S. Grant901
N[Return to Jump Site]
Nazareth Academy832
Needs, Philip651
Neighbor, James E.1097
Nelson, Andrew P1237
Nelson, Hector A688
Nelson, Hon. Hans C782
Newman, John J.909
Niebur, James J.666
Nielsen, Hagbarth1095
Nilsen, Nicholas J571
Nilsen, Oscar574
Nissen, Jeff P1005
Noe, Albert C419
Noe, Ulysses J1287
Nordquist, Eli A1287
Norton, Charles T1211
O[Return to Jump Site]
O'Neill, John365
Olmstead, William T1142
Olsen, Louis H1176
Olson, Edward W1164
Ottmer, Florence H., M. D310
Owsley, George W287
P[Return to Jump Site]
Palmer, Newell M1272
Parsons, Richard M760
Parton, Peter489
Pass, William W1115
Patmore, George1237
Patmore, George W827
Patrick, Marshall673
Patton, Albert L695
Patton, Walter W711
Peacock, Dillon D722
Peacock, Wilford E541
Pedrazzini, Martin1186
Pedrotti, Celso984
Pedrotti, Elvezio988
Pedrotti, Horace992
Pedrotti, Victor995Pan12164
Peebles, David D1081
Pelascini, Antone939
Pepin, Archie A1247
Peracca, Emilio1230
Permenter, J. O1062
Perrott, George W1022Vanessa Johnson
Perry, Harry A574
Perry, Thos. H800
Perry, William O697
Persons, Louis847
Peters, Frank643
Peters, John662
Petersen Peter854
Petersen Peter E1207
Petersen, Andreas E497
Petersen, Edward B791
Petersen, Martin P787
Petersen, Peter N. J931
Pettersen, C. M263
Pettingill, Edward F785
Phillips, Jeptha C472
Pifferini, Claudio940
Pimi, Cipriano1110
Pinkerton, George1200
Pinkham, Walter H1125
Piola, Samuel941
Plitsch, John649
Poinsett, Mrs. Flora B481
Poland, Henry A. 251
Pontoni, Martin L941
Port Kenyon School District403
Porter, Benjamin F784
Porter, Evert A1154
Porter, Robert610
Power, Thomas W1045
Poyfaire, L. B960
Press, Whiting G366
Preston, Frederick J1131
Price, Edmund V429
Price, George A828
Puter, Lawrence F1141
Q[Return to Jump Site]
Quill, Jerry652
Quinn, Hon. John F250
Quinn, Patrick341
Quinn, William J., M. D.866
R[Return to Jump Site]
Ramos, Joseph C1178
Ramsey, David M821
Rann, Frank A1288
Rasmussen, Claus N1120
Rasmussen, Jacob522
Rasmussen, Louis863
Rassaert, Oscar964
Ratti, Peter375
Rava, Anton1184
Reaves, Calvin H755
Redmond, Robert A850
Reinhard, Fred413
Reynolds, George F1250
Reynolds, George W1250
Rezzonico, Elvizio1192
Ribeiro, Francisco1183
Richmond, William A1225
Ricks, Casper S232
Ricks, Hiram L1150
Rickter, Gust1074
Riley, Willard J1166
Ring, Hogan J., M D398
Robarts, Robert W1161
Roberts, Charles A495
Roberts, Charles F958
Roberts, Hon. Melvin P238
Robertson, Jonathan F761
Robertson, Leonard A1271
Robinson, Alba G1268
Robinson, Hitie967
Robinson, John S595
Robinson, William A674
Robinson, William S654
Rodney Burns Redwood Novelty Co1004
Rodoni, Michael894
Rogers, Edward J329
Rolandelli, John C1211
Ross, Arthur A979
Ross, James539
Rossier, Louis P., M. D486
Russ Hon. Joseph442
Russ Joseph998
Russ, Ruel 991
Ryan Hon. Pierce H280
Ryan John W882
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sacchi, Charles E945
Sams, George119
Santi, Ben992
Saottini, John940
Sawyer, Jackson112
Scalvini, George and Antonio1184
Scalvini, John and Rocco1114
Schroder, Christian753
Scott, D. Clinton228
Scott, George M1068
Scuri, John1108
Seely, Henry S353
Seely, John S., Sr468
Seffens, Charles W699
Selvage, Hon. Thomas H1262
Sevier, Denver109
Shedden, George S872
Shelbourn, Matthew583
Shields, William L939
Sibley, Luther W1134
Silkwood, Samuel S440
Silva, John P1155
Simpson, John M1231
Skinner, Robert W247
Smith, Capt. Henry545
Smith, Charles R737
Smith, Lew V712
Smith, Mrs. Joseph E. H1090
Smith, William E875
Smythe, Fred W1080
Snodgrass, Benjamin A1133
Soule, Charles P407
Sowash, D. H852
Speegle, William N1127
St. Bernard's Catholic Church1084
Stephens, Rev. Thomas H1021
Stern, B. F437
Stewart, Hugh B1223
Still, James H1086
Still, Mrs. Susan567
Stockel, Joseph815
Stockhoff, Ulysses S935
Stone, Lewis J683
Stouder, Fred1157
Strand, Gustave A655
Sullivan, Edward T1285
Sullivan, Eugene1050
Sutherland, Alexander R1196
Swanson, Oliver750
Sweasey, Frank R288
Sweasey, Richard731
Sweasey, Thomas W527
Sweet, George W530
T[Return to Jump Site]
Tamboury, Jack B1245
Tanferani, Egidio325
Teel, David W1036
Thogersen, Niels1160
Thompson, Cornelius1051
Thompson, Craig R694
Thompson, James1012
Thompson, Robert1059
Thomson, Ira B221
Timmons, James W1193
Tobin, Thmoas M1011
Tomasini, Battiste1065
Tonini, Ferdinando M1175
Toroni, Bert H1116
Travis, J A1028
Trigg, John 401
Tristao, J. M.1104
Turner, William J926
Turner, Daniel J1077
Turner, Jasper N1219
Tuttle, Frederick A1264
Tuttle, Lucius C1014
U[Return to Jump Site]
Underwood, George330
Underwood, James667
V[Return to Jump Site]
Van Duzen, Albert, Jr600
Vance, John1167
Vance, John M181
Vance, Thomas633
Vandusen, Frank L.1114
W[Return to Jump Site]
Waddington, Martin T278
Waldner, Andrew S447
Waldner, Gustav A451
Walker, Charles W474
Walker, George47O
Walker, Jesse462
Walker, Joseph M858
Wallace, William H., M. D1145
War, William H1002
Ward, William H1242
Warner, Matt L959
Warth, Samuel1085
Wasmuth, W. E732
Watson, George W529
Way, Henry380
Weaver, Hon. John H. G286
Weber, Christopher J1256
Week, Frank A453
Weiss, Joseph J525
Werner, Robert L656
Wescott, Charles932
West, Wilbur P1260
White, Albert W1242
Widnes, Carl W913
Williams, Frank G763
Williams, George W942
Williams, Hon. George615
Williams, James H521
Wood, Charles W1254
Wood, Lewis K887
Wood, Wilson972
Woodcock, George F.1025Monica
Worthington, James F985
Woten, Claude S354
Wright, Charles H177
Wrigley, George E1149
Wrigley, Winfield J1152
Wyatt, John A. T671
Wynn, Clark M1199
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Y[Return to Jump Site]
Yermini, Mrs. Teresa1123
Young, George R999
Young, James A., M. D1269
Z[Return to Jump Site]
Zana, Antone1009
Zanone, Domingo205
Zanone, Domingo A206
Zanotti, John B990
Zehndner, George213
Zehndner, John Jacob219
Zehndner, Edward A1188

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