History of the State of California and biographical record of the San Joaquin Valley, California:

an historical story of the state's marvelous growth from its earliest settlement to the present time ... Also containing biographies of well-known citizens of the past and present

James Miller Guinn

The Chapman Publishing Co. (1905)

California Local History - Rocq - 16477

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The biographies contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the biography commences. If a photograph of the subject was also published a "(P)" follows the person's name. The county designations typically lists the county in which the person last resided. Many of these individuals lived in more than one county within the region.

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Abbay, J. N.611Merced
Abbey, Arthur A.1224Tulare
Abbott, Charles M.1032Santa Clara
Abbott, Daniel.756Tulare
Ackerman, Fred1080Tulare
Adair, Charles H., M.D.322Fresno
Adams, Silvio1442Fresno
Adelsbach, Adam622Tulare
Ahrensberg, Hans1592Fresno
Akers, Joseph1075Tulare
Akers, Thomas J.470Tulare
Akin, Albert G.850Fresno
Alcorn, J. Warren888Tulare
Alford, Benjamin M., M.D.833Tulare
Alger, Hiram B.485TulareCarol
Allen, Frank L.954Tulare
Allen, Jonas A.1512Tulare
Allen, Parris1449Fresno
Allen, Samuel A.852Kings
Allen, Stonewall J.987Merced
Allen, William T.1559Kern
Amer, William M.1351Madera
Anderson, A. W.1382Fresno
Anderson, Frank E.944Tulare
Anderson, G. W.1382Fresno
Anderson, Theodore1561Fresno
Andrews, George R.1270Fresno
Applegate, Lewis H. (P)483Merced
Arkle, Christopher C.1617Fresno
Armitage, Harold V.1365Fresno
Arnaudon, Alfred J.270Fresno
Arnold, Mrs. Mary V.1124Tulare
Askin, Capt. Robert M.407Tulare
Austin, Ephraim W.390Kern
Avila, John B.1549Merced
Awbrey, Thomas E.1005Tulare
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Bachle, Frederick1600MercedCarl
Bachman, Herman S. (P)1435Tulare
Bachtold, Christian.1562Fresno
Bacon, James A.1076Tulare
Bacon, Thomas E.1312Fresno
Baggs, Samuel A.1174Tulare
Bagley, Frank S.621Fresno
Bagnelle, Miss Estella.697Madera
Bailey, Charles H.1150Merced
Bailey, John E.1029Kern
Baird, Alfred (P)1393Tulare
Baird, Benjamin M. (P)1411Fresno
Baker, Artemus J.938Stanislaus
Baker, Col. Thomas1229Tulare
Baker, Frank C.894Kern
Baker, Gilbert L.1375Fresno
Baker, Richard544Stanislaus
Baker, Westwood J.1463Fresno
Balaam, Edwin S.1069Tulare
Baldwin, Elmer H. (P)1017Stanislaus
Ball, Abraham R. (P)1517Fresno
Ballou, George A.426Tulare
Bambauer, George S.1363Stanislaus
Bambauer, Louis F.851Merced
Bambauer, Rudolph H. (P)429Merced
Bangs, Hon. Vital E.1020Stanislaus
Banister, William B.1536Fresno
Banta, Christopher H.846Fresno
Barber, Emmett (P)801Tulare
Barber, Schuyler A., M.D.1050Tulare
Barbour, Alexander499Stanislaus
Barcroft, Fred309MaderaHarriet Sturk
Barcroft, Joseph369MaderaHarriet Sturk
Barcroft,, Raphael1211Merced
Barker, John (P)747Tulare
Barnum, Horace E.334Fresno
Barr, Thomas A.294Fresno
Barrett, Charles W.1361Fresno
Barstow, Richard N.1502Fresno
Bartch, E. Fred (P)351Stanislaus
Bartholomew, Asa I.413Merced
Bartnett, C. E.628Fresno
Bassett, Mark (P)439Kings
Bates, Dr. Cieero McL (P)373Fresno
Batten, Luther338MercedDoug
Baxter, James R.1064Merced
Beall, J. A.1474Fresno
Beall, John W.1406Fresno
Beall, Zephaniah D.1314Kings
Beard, Elihu B.521Stanislaus
Bearup, J. W.1245Madera
Becker, Matthias544Merced
Bedesen, Philip524Merced
Belz, Andrew1166Tulare
Bender, Howard P.1469Kern
Benham, John A.1625Fresno
Bennett, Fred A.1576Merced
Bennett, Obadiah R. (P)825Tulare
Berger, John P.1054Tulare
Bering, Robert E., M.D.723Fresno
Bernard, James A.1444Kern
Berry, Clarence J.1614Merced
Berry, Fulton G. (P)263Fresno
Berry, Hon. George S. (P)281Kings
Berry, William J.327Fresno
Berryhill, Orlando D.809Fresno
Bertch, George585Tulare
Bertrandias, Adolph512Merced
Bibby, Enoch322Merced
Bibby, John1625Merced
Bibby, Nicholas1604Merced
Bickford, Adonijah820Merced
Billingslea, Walter906Tulare
Bird, Isaac (P)727MercedMarcia Bird-Thompson
Bisher, Charles A.1114Tulare
Bixby, Moses H. (P)445Fresno
Black, Frank E.1104TulareLaurie Dunham
Blackledge, L. N., M.D.1098Tulare
Blades, Thomas578Tulare
Bladt, Peter1560Stanislaus
Blain, William H. (P)577Tulare
Blair, James H.1032Tulare
Bland, George H., M.D.1438Fresno
Blankenship, William (P)783Tulare
Blankenship, Zachary T.638Tulare
Blayney, Arthur C.1464Fresno
Bliss, Henry E.702Tulare
Blodget, H. A.1624Kern
Blodgett, Edwin588San Jaoquin
Bloss, George S., Sr.1356Merced
Blowers, Cassius M. (P)461Kings
Boland, Patrick1503MercedConnie Putnam
Bollin, A. Lewis1390Fresno
Bollin, H. D.1623Fresno
Bond Annie L., M.D.1035Tulare
Bond, J. M., M.D.1627Kings
Bondson, Peter563Kings
Bonner Charles G. (P)1287Fresno
Bonnie Brae Ranch1026Tulare
Bontadelli, Frederick1550Santa Clara
Boot, Robert609Fresno
Botsford, Gibbons A.717Tulare
Boyd, James A.730Tulare
Boydston, Charles D.1399Tulare
Boynton, C. E., M.D.410Merced
Bozeman, Preston L.1167Kings
Bradley, J. D.590Merced
Brady, George L.798Merced
Brailsford, George552Kings
Braly, James M.1380Fresno
Bramlet, Reuben H.346Fresno
Brandon, Amberson484Merced
Bratton, Theodore C1460Fresno
Brauer, John C844Merced
Braun, Johan1605Stanislaus
Brem, Henry656Stanislaus
Brennan, Daniel670San Jaoquin
Brewer, Thomas R.1301Fresno
Brey, Hiram F.1118Tulare
Brickley, Henry260Fresno
Briscoe, Samuel M908Fresno
Briscoe, Walter H.614Fresno
Brittan, Frank H.614Tulare
Brooks, Albert E.551Tulare
Brooks, Judge T.596Kings
Brotherton, William A.1070Tulare
Brough, William708Stanislaus
Brown John L.1520Stanislaus
Brown Joseph1585Fresno
Brown, Charles J.1471Fresno
Brown, Daniel, Jr1400Fresno
Brown, George646Madera
Brown, George S.549Solano
Brown, Horace G.822Tulare
Brown, Oliver C.389Kings
Brown, Samuel C. (P)293Tulare
Brown, Samuel T. (P)1399Fresno
Brown, William G. H.1617Stanislaus
Browne, Jacob, W.1468Fresno
Buckley, Irwin J.992Merced
Buckner, William V.316Kings
Buckreus, Franz1557KernKathy Buckreus O'Brien
Buhach Plantation1567Merced
Bulger, Lawrence1610Merced
Bunker, Frederick E.717Stanislaus
Burch William E.932Merced
Burchell, Richard M.638Merced
Burgan, John721Tulare
Burgan, Samuel864Tulare
Burleigh Frank J.1569Fresno
Burness Hector1259Fresno
Burnett William I.767Kings
Burnett, John H.1402Fresno
Burns Feilding G.1100Tulare
Burr, Charles F.1612Tulare
Burr, John, Jr.1612Tulare
Burton, Edward G.474Tulare
Bush, Edward E.1637Kings
Buthenuth, J. A.1516Stanislaus
Butin, John L., M.D.432Madera
Butts, Robert J.1511Fresno
Byars, Alfred H., M.D.464Madera
Byers, John Q. (P)1359Stanislaus
Byrd, John H. (P)1457Fresno
C[Return to Jump Site]
Cain, Jules894Stanislaus
Cairns, J. J.1094Tulare
Calcote, Henry498TulareTom Wilmeth
Calcote, William476TulareTom Wilmeth
Caldwell, George M. (P)1085Tulare
Callison, E. Z.1489TulareDorothy Casler
Cameron, George W. (P)1091Fresno
Camilla Ranch1342Tulare
Campbell, Charles969Tulare
Campbell, James E722Tulare
Capurro, E. M.1278Madera
Carden, William M.1155Kern
Cardoza, J. S. (P)331Stanislaus
Carle, Charles J.1200Tulare
Carmichael, Joseph558Merced
Carney, Alex R.1186Tulare
Carpenter, B. L.1106Tulare
Carruthers, Thomas C.573Tulare
Carson, Emma M., M.D.476Kern
Carson, John L., M.D.476Kern
Carter, Hon. Stanton L.1533Fresno
Carter, James T.1187Tulare
Carter, Joseph1098Tulare
Cartmill, Dr. W. F. (P)707Tulare
Cartwright, George W.304Fresno
Carver, Hubert U.614Fresno
Case, Calvin A., M.D.1217Stanislaus
Castle, Carroll C.1324Merced
Castle, Hon. Curtis H.774MercedThomas Hilk
Castle, Lemuel F.340Merced
Cate, James Wilbur1526FresnoJim Cate
Cate, James Wiggins976FresnoJim Cate
Catron, Green Berry597Tulare
Cavanagh, Mrs. Amelia1064Merced
Cerini, John1605Fresno
Chamberlain, James R.1514Merced
Chandler, Wilbur F.1348Fresno
Chapin, Ezra H.397Fresno
Chapman, Pleasant F., M.D.1079Tulare
Charles, William B., M.D.382Kings
Chatten, John404Tulare
Chatten, Richard497Tulare
Chinn, J. B.1632Tulare
Chrisman, Gabriel (P)1269Tulare
Chrisman, Ira1522Tulare
Christian, Martin936Merced
Church, Denver S.1621Fresno
Claflin Hon. Charles L1510Kern
Clark, Albert B.1366Fresno
Clark, Amaziah W.906Tulare
Clark, James M.603Kings
Clark, John P.691Fresno
Clarke, Wilbur F.1507Merced
Clary, A. E.896Stanislaus
Clausen, Carl C.498Merced
Clement Almond B.964Tulare
Clement, George S.1307Tulare
Cloer, Elisha L.766Tulare
Clough Alfred G.1320MercedDiana Knight
Clow, Henry804Merced
Clute, George W.545Kings
Coates, W. D.1348Fresno
Coburn, Avon M.718Tulare
Cochran, John H.1367Fresno
Cody, C. Elmer1532Fresno
Coe, Charles H.1013Kings
Coe, Charles M.1241Tulare
Coen, Rev. Father John1113Tulare
Cokley, Benjamin F.815Fresno
Cole, Charles P.589Fresno
Cole, William T.1483Tulare
Coley, John A. (P)1129San Joaquin
Collins Thomas E.1372Fresno
Collins William G.1330Fresno
Collins William W.659Tulare
Collins, Oscar A.1082Tulare
Colquhoun George S.1370Fresno
Colson, Benjamin Y.1283Fresno
Combs, Fielding A., M.D.662Tulare
Condict, Henry F.434Kern
Conklin, Alval L.424Kern
Conlley, Hon. William M.658Madera
Conway Thomas A.1254Tulare
Cook, F. M.598Tulare
Cook, William H.1325Merced
Cooper, Dr. John C.1312Fresno
Cooper, Robert J.369Fresno
Corrigan, Matthew1313Stanislaus
Cory, Lewis L.276Fresno
Cothran, Judge C. S.1582Merced
Cottle Brothers863Tulare
Couey, Elmer J., M.D.396Fresno
Coverdale, Judge David S.380Kern
Cowgill, C. C.429Kern
Cowles, Charles O.1053Tulare
Cox, Edward T.635Tulare
Cox, Isaac924Merced
Cox, John D. (P)1023Tulare
Crabtree,James A. (P)813Fresno
Crandall,Perry, M.D.1223Merced
Craven, Joshua B.1466Fresno
Crawford, James1609Tulare
Croop, Peter S.852MercedCarol Frazier
Croop, William B. (P)451MercedCarol Frazier
Crow, Benjamin F.557Fresno
Crow, Benjamin H. (P)887Stanislaus
Crow, C. C.1623Stanislaus
Crow, James T1495Stanislaus
Crow, Jasper N.1038Santa Clara
Crow, Lewis J.1548Stanislaus
Crowder, H. C., M.D.683San Joaquin
Crowell, Abner B.374Kings
Cummingham, James (P)733Merced
Cummingham, Wiliam N. (P)595Tulare
Cummings, G. P.1364Fresno
Cunningham, John1265Madera
Curtin, Cornelius613Madera
Curtis, David T.1642Stanislaus
Cutler, Hobert N. (P)395Fresno
Cutler, Loyal O.307Tulare
D[Return to Jump Site]
Daggett, George1156Kern
Daggs, James M.1616Kings
Dale, Edward H.1135Tulare
Dale, Milton M. (P)1041TulareJayna Jones Riner
Dale, Samuel E.1199Tulare
Daly, James P.988Tulare
Danker, John H.981Stanislaus
Darwin, Andrew M. (P)1245Fresno
Daulton John F.598Madera
Daulton, Henry C.1520Madera
Davidson, Moses1120Tulare
Davis, Elonzo P.491Kern
Davis, James M.1566Merced
Davis, Joshiah W.1579Tulare
Davis, Peter P.1235Tulare
Davis, Robert674Stanislaus
Davis, Samuel1488Fresno
Dawson, John H.557Kings
Day, Quintis V. P.1106Tulare
De La Grange, William (P)407Fresno
Deakin, William (P)1227Fresno
Dean, Albert H.813Fresno
Dean, Marcus L.814Fresno
Dechman, William J. (P)917Tulare
DeLaney, A. J.1425Tulare
Demaree, John H.1099Tulare
Dennen, Charles L.1149Kern
Denny, James E. (P)953Tulare
Dewey, Alfred E.480Fresno
Dewey, Charles H.1474Fresno
Dewey, Edward M.1583Tulare
Dewey, Frederick V.1584Tulare
Dibble, Edwin J.566Kings
Dickenson, Samuel F. (P)1299Fresno
Dixon, E. T.411Merced
Dobrzensky, Adolph1565Stanislaus
Dodd, Fred1470Fresno
Dodds, George A.762Tulare
Dodge, Moses506Fresno
Dodge, Roswell R.550Kings
Dodge, Roswell S.564Kings
Doherty, Robert1230Kings
Doran, James T.750Tulare
Dorland, Philip T.633San Joaquin
Dorr, John585TulareJoseph L. Noell
Dorsey, Capt. Norris H.1560Kern
Dorsey, Hon Jesse R.1515Kern
Douglass, Theodore C.1483Fresno
Dowle, James T., M.D.1565Stanislaus
Doyle, James1276Fresno
Doyle, John J602Tulare
Doyle, O. Burton M.D.981FresnoNancy Doyle Howard
Draper Wilbur E.880Stanislaus
Drew, George E.339Fresno
Drew, Hon. Alexander M.540Fresno
Driskell, James (P)417Stanislaus
Driver, C. B.790Fresno
Droge, Peter1586Fresno
Drummond, John Q.376Merced
Dubois, Edward1476Fresno
Dudley, David B791Merced
Dudley, Moses1087Tulare
Duke, Oscar1425Fresno
Duncan, Nathaniel P., M.D.1580Kings
Duncan, O. H. P.1636TulareSharon K. Koleber
Dungan, A. Clifford1068Tulare
Dungan, J. Smith1205Tulare
Dungan, James F., M.D.1092Tulare
Dungan, Thomas M1230Tulare
Dunlap, John T.319Kings
Dunn, Clarence A.610Madera
Duquesne, Felix D.1442Tuolumne
Dusy, Chester1166Fresno
E[Return to Jump Site]
Eachus, William P.925Merced
Eastin, C. C.1622Stanislaus
Eastin, James T.611Madera
Eastin, Oscar H.676Madera
Eastin,Thomas D.680Stanislaus
Eddlemon, Charles F.552Stanislaus
Edgerly, A. S.1396Fresno
Edminston, N. B.1144Tulare
Edmonds, Reuben A.315Kern
Edwards, David F.282Fresno
Edwards, John269Tulare
Edwards, John G.652Madera
Edwards, John H. (P)423Stanislaus
Edwards, Mrs. Emily J.1503Merced
Eichhoff, Henry1013San Joaquin
Elder, Martin1470Kings
Eley, Mills1585Fresno
Elfers, John H.534Stanislaus
Elfers, Lawrence C.1358Fresno
Elfers, Louie1602Stanislaus
Elliott, Columbus W.1343Tulare
Emmons, Hon. Elias J. (P)363Kern
Endicott, Richard H., M.D.266Kern
Enos, Manuel1368Fresno
Estes, James M.851Tulare
Etzenhouser, John1206Tulare
Evans, Adie B.1360Fresno
Evans, John M.1458Fresno
Everett, Thomas E.716Tulare
Everts, O. L.479Fresno
Ewing, David S.478Fresno
F[Return to Jump Site]
Farr, Elmer J.1567FresnoWellsJumbo1
Farr, George D.501Merced
Farrow, E. D., M.D.1524Tulare
Fay, Alfred (P)961Kings
Fay, Columbus483Tulare
Fay, Spencer744Tulare
Feaver, George1572FresnoSunni Bloyd
Fee, Francis A.268Madera
Feemster, Thomas, M.D.1105Tulare
Fenley, J. E1054Tulare
Fentem, Richard B. (P)1135Stanislaus
Ferguson, James G.1467Fresno
Ferguson, Josiah M.1198Tulare
Ferguson, Wallace1530Stanislaus
Ferril, Samuel H.1048Tulare
Fewel, James W.430Tulare
Field, Augustus M., M.D.462Kings
Field, John H.1300Madera
Fillmore, George W.1187Tulare
Fink, William F. (P)771Stanislaus
Firehaugh, John F.1086Tulare
Fisher, Charles C. (P)489Tulare
Fisher, James (P)275Tulare
Fix, Robert W.511Merced
Flemming Charles F.1011Kings
Fletcher, Andrew (P)1257Tulare
Fly, James C.1204Tulare
Ford, Hiram1630Fresno
Foreman, Charles, D.D.S.403Merced
Forrest, Curtis T.1294Merced
Forsythe, Charles1036Fresno
Foster, Earl P.1104Tulare
Fowler Draper760Fresno
Fowler Robert R.985Madera
Fowler, David B.295Madera
Fowler, Roval R. (P)911Merced
Fowler, William S., M.D.370Kern
Frame Jesse E.704Tulare
Frame, Harvey A.1070Tulare
Francis, George W.1518Tulare
Frankum, George T.1356Tulare
Frans, John975Tulare
Frans, Thomas H.453Tulare
Fraser, Abner1081Tulare
Fraser, John W.896Tulare
Fraser, Larkens K.742Tulare
Freeland, David661Madera
Freman, Prof. Giles N.278Fresno
French, Charles M.303Merced
Frew, James H.902Tulare
Frikka, James1636Fresno
Fullerton, George D.1465Fresno
Fulton, Percy B.816Tulare
Furtney, Henry, M.D.923Tulare
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Gaines, Thomas C.1252Tulare
Gallagher, Robert H.762Fresno
Galtes, Paul (P)467Kern
Gann, William1030TulareCarol
Gardner, B. A.1331Fresno
Gardner, William H.1587Fresno
Garretson, Reuben J.1486Fresno
Garrett, James999Tulare
Garrett, Levi1378Fresno
Gastambide, Domingo584Merced
Gay, Rev. Peter G.452Tulare
Giannini, Frank1236Tulare
Gibson, George W.749Tulare
Gibson, Lewis W.1592Fresno
Gibson, William M.1487Fresno
Giddings, C. J.686Tulare
Giddings, William W.994Tulare
Giffin, B. F.1472Fresno
Gilbert Rev. Amos F.1540Stanislaus
Gilbert, Samuel J. R.502Tulare
Gill, Fred1049Tulare
Gill, John542Tulare
Gill, Levi L.367Tulare
Gill, William956Tulare
Gillette, J. Lotus (P)1035Merced
Gilliam, Rev. Samuel T. (P)643Tulare
Gilliam, Samuel M.442Tulare
Gilmer, Rufus1269Tulare
Gilreath, Marshall A., M.D.698Fresno
Gist, Thomas J.1248Tulare
Givens, Eleazar T. (P)831Fresno
Givens, Samuel L.1180Merced
Gobin, Frank A.907Tulare
Goldman, I. W.1277Tulare
Goldstein, Henry S.947Tulare
Gonzales, Manuel, Jr.1502Merced
Good, Robert E. L.1591Fresno
Goodin, Orville C.1088Tulare
Goodwin, Harry E.398Merced
Goudy, George W.1100Tulare
Goularte, Frank L.1558Merced
Gower, Edwin685Fresno
Grace, Matthew W.1037Tulare
Gracey, Robert994Merced
Graham, Elmer E.1364Tulare
Grant, W. H1254Tulare
Granz, Herman1437Fresno
Graybill, Rev. Jonathan W.1192Tulare
Greeley J. F.1354Fresno
Greeley, A. H.1343Fresno
Green William E. (P)979Tulare
Greene, Samuel K.869Tulare
Gregory, Samuel1162Tulare
Gries, Henry1014Fresno
Griffith, David R.1589Tulare
Grubb, Daniel H.512Merced
Gurnee Brewster S.366Kings
Gurr, Alfred R.826Merced
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Haas, Louis1180Kings
Hadsell, Sidney F.1464Fresno
Hahesy, John1242Tulare
Halbert, Edward D. (P)561Tulare
Haley, Hon. James W. (P)313Merced
Halford, Joseph1030Fresno
Hall, John660Stanislaus
Hall, Samuel1519Tulare
Hall, William S.627San Joaquin
Halstead, Jasper N. (P)819Tulare
Hamilton, Azel B.1120Merced
Hamilton, Hugh L.1485TulareChereda Hamilton
Hamilton, James L.1497Tulare
Hamlett, Frank B.772Merced
Hamlett, James H.802Fresno
Hammond, John S.651San Joaquin
Hammond, William H.412Tulare
Hancock, J. B.354Fresno
Hancock, John Q.1449Fresno
Hanna, Mrs. Alice A.500Stanislaus
Hannah, Robert D.1293Merced
Hansberger, Layton J.1576Fresno
Hansen, Hans888Stanislaus
Hansen, Hans A.1504Fresno
Hansen, Henry A.1555Merced
Hansen, Niels1234Stanislaus
Hansen, Nis564Kings
Hansen, Peter P.1552Merced
Hardeman, John L., M.D.772Tulare
Harding, Hon. Fred E.1137Tulare
Hardman, William B. (P)1185Merced
Hardwick William J.659Merced
Harlan, Elisha1430Fresno
Harman, Lane S.936Kern
Harp. John S.635Tulare
Harrah, James C.1479Fresno
Harray, John M.636StanislausLiz Hessel
Harrell, Andrew J.950Tulare
Harrell, Jasper1212Tulare
Harrington, Orville C.1475Fresno
Harris, Amos1480Fresno
Harris, W. N.1628Fresno
Hart Truman G.346Fresno
Hart, Charles W. (P)991Tulare
Hart, Fred M.1547Kings
Hart, Hon. Charles A.490Fresno
Hartley, William H.1318Merced
Hastie, Philip W.1594Fresno
Hatch, Charles M.736Tulare
Hatfield, George A.1319Fresno
Hausch, Christian986Tulare
Haycroft, Robert D.613Fresno
Hayes, Thomas755Tulare
Hayes, Timothy (P)795Tulare
Hazelton, William (P)1447Fresno
Heberling, Burton U.1126Tulare
Hedberg, John1188Tulare
Hedges, Henry P.1373Fresno
Heidt, George580Tulare
Heine William L.1620Fresno
Heisinger, Samuel L. (P)1317FresnoVirgil Hoftiezer
Heitman, Hubert1246Merced
Heitzeg, Henry C.574Tulare
Hellar, William T.1240Tulare
Helm, William669Fresno
Henderson George C.683Merced
Henderson Thomas El1132Tulare
Henderson, Charles U.1509Tulare
Henderson, Marion K.1037Tulare
Henderson, Ruthvan1490Fresno
Henry Oliver O.1125Tulare
Henry, Benni J.489Tulare
Henry, Lewis646Tulare
Henry, William W.1018Tulare
Hensley, John M.468Fresno
Hepburn John R.1168Tulare
Hermingihaus, Gustave (P)1329Fresno
Hersey, James B. (P)1429Tulare
Hesse, F. J.742Tulare
Hickman Frank521Kings
Hickok, Frank W. (P)517Kern
Hicks, Benjamin (P)1003Tulare
Hicks, Stephen729Tulare
Higbee, Henry C.456Tulare
High, Willis R.310Stanislaus
Hildebrand, William H.433Kings
Hill, Arthur1079Merced
Hill, Ira V.543Kings
Hilliard, L. D.1147Tulare
Hilton, John1138Tulare
Hinds, Archibald Y.1254Tulare
Hines, Isaac B., M.D.1538Fresno
History of Le Grande804Merced
Hitchcock, John R.1401Tulare
Hoar, E. H.1302Merced
Hobbs, Albert L.602Fresno
Hobler, Charles J.419Kings
Hodge, Warner I.1047Tulare
Hodges, John C.955Tulare
Hoffknecht, William1496Merced
Hoffman, Edward H.1568Merced
Hogan, Stephen A. D.1353Tulare
Hogue, Samuel L.360Fresno
Holder, Thomas W.430Tulare
Holdridge, Jacob R.786Tulare
Holiday, James W.1479Fresno
Holliway, William H.620Stanislaus
Holmes, George W.381Fresno
Holtby, Robert M.1154Kern
Holton, Edward R.930Fresno
Honigsberger, A. J.840Tulare
Hope, Edgar G.1282Madera
Horsley, William A.308Merced
Hostetter, George K.1025Tulare
House, Thomas918Tulare
Houston, William W.651Tulare
Howard, Samuel W.439Stanislaus
Howard, William1055Tulare
Howe, Frank E.535Kings
Howell, Lewis M. (P)1011Tulare
Hoxie, John C.637Fresno
Hudson, Julian W. (P)337Fresno
Hughes, Edward P.1355Fresno
Hughson, Hiram1544Stanislaus
Hulen, William Y. (P)893Merced
Huls, Herbert K. (P)1477Merced
Hunsaker, Henry (P)655Tulare
Hunt, Levi1633Kern
Hunter, William G.722Tulare
Huntley, John H.1043Tulare
Hutchinson, B. E. (P)753Fresno
Hutchinson, Capt. Arthur J.1193Tulare
Hutchinson, John H.1552Fresno
Hyde, R. E.1531Tulare
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Idle, Thomas514Fresno
Ipsen, Jacob507Merced
Irwin John M1308Tulare
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Jack, Robert F.1332Fresno
Jackson John W.628Fresno
Jacob, Elias1063Tulare
Jacobie, Judson D., M.D.1482Fresno
Jameson, James L.455Merced
Jansen, Jesse (P)1275Fresno
Janson, John H.1332Fresno
Jarrard, Thomas N. (P)1493Tulare
Jay, Richard C.1481Madera
Jensen, Andrew P.1563Stanislaus
Jensen, Chris P.1468Fresno
Jernberg, August786Merced
Jewett, Augustus F.440Kings
Johnson, Carl A.1478Fresno
Johnson, Hon. Robert S.1541Fresno
Johnson, John S.258Tulare
Johnson, Langston A.633Tulare
Johnson, Nis1323Fresno
Johnson, R. Hugh709Tulare
Johnston, Charles E., M.D.1295Tulare
Johnston, John P.425Fresno
Jones, David L.253San Joaquin
Jones, David S.1629Fresno
Jones, F. A.1418Fresno
Jones, George W.674Madera
Jones, John M.533Madera
Jones, William J. (P)1441TulareJayna Jones Riner
Jordan, Elias F. (P)741Tulare
Jordan, James B.1172KernCornelia Warner
Jordan, John F. (P)941Tulare
Jordan, William F.1174Tulare
Jorgensen, Peter608Stanislaus
Jorgensen, Peter913Merced
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Kaehler, Rienhold H. G.1294Merced
Kahl, Adam657Merced
Kahl, Ernest D.652Merced
Kahl, George A.514Merced
Kahn, Louis1539Stanislaus
Kambich, John1092Tulare
Kavanagh, Michael1577Fresno
Kearney, Thomas520Stanislaus
Keaton, Thomas J.980Stanislaus
Keefer, John W.1549Merced
Keeley, Howard C.507Stanislaus
Keeley, John H.1336TulareDiana
Keeley, Lewis C.1335TulareDiana
Kellenberg, Frank R.637Tulare
Kelley, Norman D.296Fresno
Kellogg, Clarence W., M.D.328Kern
Kelly, Greenbury M.431Tulare
Kelly, John W.810Kern
Kelsey, George P. (P)601Merced
Kelsey, Horace G.296Merced
Kennedy, John K.1466Fresno
Kennedy, Robert1453Tulare
Kennedy, William C.1619Fresno
Kerr, Thomas F681Stanislaus
Kessing, J. Fred1513Tulare
Kewin, William E.676Stanislaus
Kilburn, Guy (P)505San Jaoquin
Kimble, Charles A.1586Kings
King, Joseph (P)1053Merced
King, Solomon M.1482Fresno
Kinkade, Andrew1302Tulare
Kinkade, H. E.895Stanislaus
Kinkler, Charles H475Tulare
Kirk, James1049Tulare
Kirkman, George W.1087Tulare
Kittrell, William J.264Fresno
Klehn, Henry768Stanislaus
Knapp, John A.743Tulare
Knauer, Frank S. (P)1281Fresno
Knox, J. W. (P)301Merced
Knudsen, Martin P.1307Merced
Knupp, Valentine D. (P)777Tulare
Kocher, Carl E.1004Merced
Kohler, George M.1350Fresno
Kolb, Jasper882Tulare
Kooken, Elmer T.890Kern
Kricke, H. A.1614Stanislaus
Krog, John J.1301Fresno
Krogh, Christ H.1580Merced
Kruse, Henry1432Fresno
Kuker, Richard1242Tulare
Kuns, Henry L.1572Stanislaus
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La Marche, Joseph (P)935TulareJoseph Regent Lamarche
La Rue, Jabez H.626Fresno
Lafever, Andrew J. (P)1141Tulare
Lahann, Andrew R.1149Tulare
Laird, Lewis N.1344Fresno
Landram, Carter1513MercedRobin
Lane, Joseph P.1362Fresno
Lang, Nicholas1412Fresno
Larew, William H.1523Madera
Larkins, Ellwood O.314Tulare
Larsen, George1359Fresno
Larson, John N.1113Tulare
Lasch, John J.,M.D.870Tulare
Latham, Charles (P)357Kings
Lathrop, Ezra (P)765Tulare
Laughead, George (P)511Stanislaus
Laughlin, Francis W496Stanislaus
Lauritzen, Lauritz1306Fresno
Lavers, Thomas R.426Kern
Law, Judge John K. (P)325Merced
Le Blanc, Perry (P)1263Fresno
Ledbetter, Addis G. (P)861Tulare
Lee, William H.1162Tulare
Leebon, John A.850Tulare
Leggett, N. H.856Kings
Lemasters, John (P)619Kern
Leonard, Dennis A.780Merced
Leonard, Edwin J530Madera
Leoni, Antone520Kings
Leslie, Andrew1130TulareLaurie Ludwig
Lesnini, Tobia1266Stanislaus
Lester, John1488Fresno
Lewis, James S (P)1177TulareSusan Boyer
Lewis, John B.1402Santa Clara
Lewis, Mrs. Ellen710Tulare
Lewis, William F., M.D.1640Tulare
Light, Harvey (P)1147Stanislaus
Lilley, Walter E., M.D.364Merced
Linder, Hon. R.912Tulare
Lindgren, Axel T.1369Fresno
Lindgren, Charles J.1431Fresno
Lindsay Citrus Nursery Co.1188Tulare
Lindsay Fruit Association1093Tulare
Lindsey, Joshua (P)947Tulare
Little, William M. Jr.514Merced
Loescher, Otto1424Fresno
Loinaz, Peter H.895Fresno
Loney, Julius702Stanislaus
Long, G. L., M.D.956
Long, George T.1431Fresno
Loomis, Salmon H.1472Kings
Looney, Dennis J.1253San Joaquin
Lovejoy, Josiah, O. (P)673Tulare
Lowell, William H. (P)1153Kern
Lowrey, Lee1143Tulare
Lowrey, William L.269Tulare
Lumereau, Charles M. (P)807Tulare
Lundy, Manning F.675Stanislaus
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