Historical and biographical record of southern California:

containing a history...from its earliest settlement to the opening year of the twentieth century.

California Local History - Rocq - 16265

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The biographies contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the biography commences. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

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La Grange, O. H., Gen.253
Lacy, Theo1183
Lallich, Peter982Stephane Lallich
Lancaster, E. F.823
Lane, John 531
Langenberger, August1071
Lataillade, C E.525
Lawton, John Percy379
Layne, W. H.526
Lee, Bradner W.553
Legrand, Louis J.641
Lehmann, Leon 1106
Lewis, Clayton 324
Lewis, Henry 295
Lewis, James C.524
Lewis, W. H., M.D.400
Linck, F. X.1251
Lindenfeld, Frank257
Lindenfeld, Nicholas M. D.551
Lindholm, E. E.975
Lindley, Walter, M.D.1272
Linquest, A. L.514
Linville, J. T.920
Lisk, Byron 725
Lloyd, Thomas 258
Longacre, J. E.883
Longawa, John 524
Loughery, W. B.1164
Love, J. H., M.D.1102
Lowe, Thaddeus S. C.1271
Loynes, Richard 972
Lucas, W. T., M.D.457
Luce, M. A., Hon.483
Lukens, T. P., Hon.678
Lutz, William F.l190
Lyon, Robert B.1144
M[Return to Jump Site]
Mackinlay, Robert, M.D.222
Macomber, A. K.291
Maddock, J. A.976
Magee, Jean K., Mrs.877
Malcolm, Emma L., Mrs.1237
Mallgren, John N.902
Manning, C. D.673
March, D. W.811
Marchant, Samuel A.864
Markham, H. H., Hon.1289
Marsh, M. Ella W., M.D.260
Martin, D. W., Capt.1059
Martin, W. W.1111
Mason, Charles C.900
Mathis, J. A.600
Mattison, F. C. E., M.D.611
Maulhardt, Albert F.503
May, John A.923
McAleer, Owen 864
McArthur, John 1237
McCay, Charles B.1151
McCoy, A. D. S., M. D.976
McCutcheon, Joseph E.810
McDivitt, Frank P.1097
McDonald, Duncan 419
McDonell, A. A., Hon.1101
McFadden, Archie 1182
McFadden, Robert 531
McFadden, William M.685
McKee, James K.506
McKevett, Charles H.513
McLain, George P.405
McNeil, Archibald845
McPherson, Robert 860
MeFedden, James 637
Meier, Fred 865
Meigs, Peveril379
Mendenhall, J. F.520
Mermilliod, J. A.865
Merwin, A. M., Rev.980
Meserve, A. F.981
Metcalf, W. B.492
Miller, C. F., M.D.905
Miller, Isaac559
Miller, J. C. F.554
Miller, Joseph M.1017
Mills, Alexander F.234
Mills, John H., Col.605
Mitchell, Henry M.421
Mitchell, Newel H.986
Montgomery, Harrison L.1196
Moore, B. A.925
Moore, John F. 225
Moore, William, Capt.347
Morgan, J. E. 811
Morgan, William755
Morrill, Frank E.553
Morrison, J. W.866
Morsbaugh, George J.1188
Morse, Bradford 1191
Morse, Oscar 552
Morton, Albert 881
Mott, Stephen H.1006
Mott, T. D., Hon.1272
Mull, Frederick 1250
Muller, H. R.624
Myers, W. S.907
N[Return to Jump Site]
Nadeau, Remi1203
Neighbours, Allen W.323
Neisser, Edward 871
Nelson, H. A.749
Nelson, John 965
Newby, Henry 1252
Newcomb, A. T., M.D.635
Newlin, W. I., M.D.982Crystal Newlin
Newton, W. Stanton668
Ney, Marie A., Miss793
Nichols, B. S.931
Nicolaus, Henry 762
Nidever, John M.583
Nieman, Ferdinand310
Niemeyer, A.866
Niemeyer, Henry 583
Nofziger, F. U.265
North, J. W., Judge1192
Notthoff, H.1267
Noyes, J. S., Hon.1163
Nunan, Joseph, Rev.584
O[Return to Jump Site]
O'Donnell, John 913
Oldendorf, J. M.1010
Oliver, T.918
Oliver, William J.872
Olney, E. W.1153
Ord, Robert B.253Catherine Grant Wieder
Orella, Antonio J.1164
Orena, Don Gaspar452
Orr, Orestes, Hon.215
Orton, Robert584
Osborn, William M.1239
O'Sullivan, John761
Ozmun, Aaron M.1205
P[Return to Jump Site]
Paddison, John 901
Page, B. M., M.D.264
Paine, Frederick H.937
Painter, Milton D.1272
Palmer, Noah 1193
Palomares, Frank J.1238
Palomares, Jose D.271
Palomares, Porfirio270
Park, James M.1017
Parks, Heber C.1186
Parks, I. W.815
Parks, William S.893
Parsons, John D.1182
Paterson, John G.870
Patterson, Charles E.888
Patterson, Wilson C.1035
Peabody, Henry A.1186
Pearson, Charles H.588
Pearson, George M.882
Peck, George H., Jr.228
Peck, George H., Sr.901
Peck, W. H.590
Peed, John T.1018
Pemberton, L. B.763
Penney, William A.993
Perce, L.A, M.D.943
Perrin, Leonard 987
Perry, Belmont1181
Perry, William H.1204
Petit, Justin 625
Pettibone, William H.1193
Pettis, Benjamin F.625
Phelps, Hiram 872
Phillips, A. L 1253
Phillips, Louis 1239
Pico, Don Pio1187Dennis Kroll
Pierce, Anthony R.769
Pierce, E. T., Prof.435
Pierce, W. H.600
Pinney, R. H.493
Pitzer, S. C.1167
Plant, Marcus S.816
Platt, George E.901
Pollard, Thomas 769
Pope, J. D., Hon.1206
Pope, William F.920
Porter, Andrew O.1254
Porter, Don C.1254
Potter, Milo M.1006
Power, George C.1212
Powers, P. W., Hon.338
Prell, John G.535
Preter, Joseph 860
Procter, John B.260
Pulver, Cyrus B.1186
Pyles, John B.908
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R[Return to Jump Site]
Radebaugh, J. M., M.D.216
Rademacher, Frank 601
Raibley, M. W.1286
Ramsaur, William P.887
Ramsey, William M.1094
Randall, W. T, A. M.233
Rankin, J. H., Hon.420
Rapp, John B.773
Rasey, C. W.588
Reber, S. F., Capt.271
Rebman, John913
Reed, John Henry1195
Reeve, Jennie A., Mrs.1287
Reilly, Edward F.590
Reynolds, Belle L., M. D.606
Reynolds, Dr. P. R.1197
Rice, Thomas A., Hon.569
Richards, Jarrett T.492
Richards, W. D. F.773
Richardson, C. M.770
Richardson, Henry C.513
Rivers, James C.348
Rizor, E. A.344
Roberts, John 1154
Roberts, L. S.993
Roberts, W. C., Capt.994
Roberts, William L.1l99
Robertson, R. F.484
Robinson, Richard O.821
Robinson, W. D.488
Roblee, W. W., M.D.901
Rodgers, R. J.917
Roeder, Louis1015
Rogers. William M 817
Rommel, William 276
Rose, Leonard J. Jr.594
Rose, Martin W.1194
Rothrock, A. B.953
Rowland, John536
Royal, A. B., M. D.817
Royer, T. J 1249
Ruggles, H. C.851
Rundell, Eli 291
Rush, Abner 618
Rust, J. C.272
Rutherford, George, Sr.1075
Rutherford, Stephen 257
Ryan, Henry N.529
S[Return to Jump Site]
Saffell, Z. C.1166
Sale, F. M.233
Salisbury, Mitchell H.673
Salter, J.659
Sams, Eaton T.987
Sanborn, Arthur N.1021
Sanderson, J. L.1168
Saunders, Z. W., M.D.376
Save, Juan 626
Sawtelle, W. E.353
Sawyer, W. B., M.D.1194
Saxby, J. Bert, D.D.S.499
Schee Brothers 1240
Scheerer, Conrad 997
Scheerer, John 1273
Schelling, William 949
Schiappa, Pierta, Cav. L.367
Schmidt, Theodore E.829
Schroeder, Adelmo 1168
Schroeder, Hugo 1169
Schwartz, John F.1255
Scott, Henry A.889
Scott, John 770
Scott, William H. H.966
Seabert, Frank A.1126
Seaman, W. W.1034
Sebastian, J. L.1213Ted Harwood
Sebelius, C.924
Selph, Edgar E.290
Sepulveda, A. W.1207
Sessions, C. H.383
Severance, C. M., Mrs.309
Severance, T. C.309
Sexton, Joseph 263
Shafer, Smith J.818
Shaffer, E. E.276
Shaw, George N., Capt.1219
Shaw, James B., M. D.631
Shaw, James E.480
Shaw, S. L.631
Sheldon, L. A., Gen.244
Shelton, Rice B.767
Shepherd, William E.1130
Sherman, Charles E.498
Sherriff, W. J.626
Sherwood, Frederick W.1275
Shibley, William 822
Shiels, John 322
Shipley, G. W.1259
Shorb, J. De Barth1197
Simmons, A. B., M. D.888
Simms, J. A.1190
Simpson, Thomas F.895
Skidmore, S. S.1024
Skillen, Charles M.731
Slanker, Frank 0912
Sloan, James E.1022
Slosson, C. E.821
Smith, C. B.1160
Smith, Charles W.779
Smith, Fred M., Hon.1295
Smith, George A.1170
Smith, Ira O.494
Smith, Joseph 890
Smith, Rufus D., Jr.1023
Smith, Rufus D., Sr.1022
Smith, Samuel L.632
Smith, Sanford S.979
Smith, Solon 632
Smith, W. R.636
Smith, Welcome, Judge1031
Smith, Willis H.774
Snodgrass, Larkin1205Terry Anne
Snow, Hiram K., Jr.998
Snow, Hiram K., Sr.1l95
Snyder, F. A.1092
Snyder, George D.988
Snyder, M. P., Hon.608
Snyder, William P.1171
Soto, Juan S.914
Southmayd, N. S.1032
Spader, Louis636
Spaulding, Frank L.1039
Spaulding, Q. L.1172
Spence, J. P.1282
Spencer, B. F.587
Spencer, Thomas, M. D.1185
Sprague, B. O.1244
Spring, William F.563
Sproul, Atwood896
Sproul, Gilbert H.295
Sproul, William 830
Spurgeon, Granville 805
Spurgeon, William H.661
St Anthony's College517
Staats, William R.998
Stambaeh, H. L., M. D.637
Stanley, C. N.1026
Stanton, E. J.1172
Starkweather, G. A.1260
State Normal School431
Steade, J. M., M. D.390
Stearns, George L.797
Stebbins, Charles L.924
Steckel, George 1231
Stengel, Louis J.1173
Stepan, M.1174
Stephens, Roy H.285
Stephenson, G. F.1023
Stevens, Frank D.1153
Stevens, G. A.1282
Stevens, James H.905
Stevens, Lewis W.1246
Stevens, Wesley L.1552
Stevenson, Henry H.899
Steward, Leland B.1196
Stewart, John M.785
Stewart, Nathaniel400
Stewart, Walter O.638
Stickney, Jeannie E., Mrs.775
Stimson, Thomas D.231
Stine, Jesse S.1160
Stockton, T. C. M. D.296
Storke, C. A., Hon.500
Story, Thomas 1125
Stoutenburgh J. B.286
Strahan, D. W.1015
Stratton, Samuel 1135
Streeter, H. M., Hon.709
Streets. J. J.643
Strohom, Thomas, Capt.1057
Stromee, Gustaf 607Lisa
Strong, Robert 1132
Stuntz, J. H., Rev.629
Sudden, Robert C.1081
Sudden, W. H. 1083
Suess, John 917
Sullivan, David 776
Sullivan, P. T.1175
Summer, C. B., Rev.1261
Swensen, A.1093
T[Return to Jump Site]
Taggart, James W.301Susan Morris McGeeorSusan Morris McGee
Talbott, W. L., Hon.1092
Tallant, E. C.504
Taylor, G. B.539
Taylor, Nannie A. D., Mrs.539
Taylor, Peter, Sr.1175
Teague, Crawford P.531
Teague, Robert M.1199
Tenhaeff, William 722
Thayer, George R.883
Thomas, Benjamin F.1123
Thomas, Milton 425
Thomburgh, Madison 642
Thompson, W. A.617
Thornton, William E.1269
Thrall, Timothy L.938
Thurman, Reason M.908
Tibbals, Barnabas 876
Tietzen, Paul 0401
Titus, Luther H.781
Todd, M. De L.1117
Todd, Robert A.647
Toland, M. R., M. D.930
Toland, Thomas 0505
Toms, Silas 822
Towle, Charles H.875
Towngsnd, Stephen1131
Trask, D. K., Hon.552
Traster, William H.1094
Trotter, J. P.809
Truax, R. C.1124
Turner L. C.824
Turner, Elbert B.1091
Tyler, Eckford D.776
U[Return to Jump Site]
University of So. California 232
Ussher, Paul E.932
Utterback, M. J., Mrs.876
V[Return to Jump Site]
Vail, Hugh D.226
Vail, W. B.1024
Van Dompselaar, S. W.1170
Vejar, Abraham H.992
Venable, P. S.929
Vernon, Charles J.536
Vesper, A. E.827
Virden, Benjamin S.649
Vivian, Robert P.1178
Von Der Lobe, D. H. P.1203
Von Der Lobe, J. H. C.985
Vredenburgh, Levi 936
W[Return to Jump Site]
Wagner, Edward M.644
Waite, George W.1204
Waite, L. C.1189
Wakeham, Hubert H.1181
Waldie, Alexander 483
Walker, C. J., Hon.1214
Walker, Frank 602
Walker, S. M.1119
Wallischeck, Peter, Rev.514
Ward, James F.1004
Warring, Benjamin F.641
Warring, Hugh 638
Waterman, W. M.1089
Waters, George H.536
Waters, R. J., Hon.1294
Waters, W. Lacy650
Waters, William G., Capt.649
Way, E. Henry, M. D.1180
Weales, Thomas 650Shannon Clyde
Weber, Moritz 1269
Weber, William P.1089
Webster, L. F.611
Weldon, S. R., Rev.653
Weldon, W. A., M.D.328
Wells, G. W., Hon.1275
Wentworth, M. C., Col.1280
Werner, Marie B., M. D.877
Weston, B. S.1214
Westover, O. S., Prof.519
Wetzel, Martin 1177
Weyse, H. G., Hon.406
Weyse, Julius G.406
Wheelan, Naomi, Miss654
Whipp, Benjamin F.1000
Whitaker, James A.1198
White, Albert S.1185
White, Caleb E.552
White, Edith, Miss1248
White, James H.1118
White, John A.857
White, S. M., Hon.214
White, Theodore F.1213
White, Ulysses E.936
Whiting, Perry 999
Whitted, Charles, Dr.1181
Wickenden, W. F.575
Wiley, William H.1034
Wilkenson, Clark G.786
Wilkinson, John B.1000
Willett, C. J., Hon.1087
Williams, Albert C.1264Steve Williams
Williams, B. T., Hon.655
Williams, George M.659
Williams, J. McCoy439
Williams, John H.396
Williams, Julia F., Mrs.510
Williams, O. D.1249
Willoughby, James R.269
Willson, John A.1188
Wilson, A. C. 387
Wilson, Allen895
Wilson, Jerome C.1151
Wilson, P. J.656Mary
Wilson, R. H.786
Wing, William A.1178
Wiswell, Royal 659
Witherspoon, Isaac A.733
Wolfskill, William1273
Wood, Harry660
Wood, Henry P.343
Wood, J. W., M.D.1003
Wood, John W.87C
Wood, Joshua 787
Wood, Thomas D.661
Wood, W. O., Rev.1270
Woodbury, George H.788
Woods, Alvin M.1179
Woodward, S. K.926
Woodworth, J. H.788
Woolley, L. J.926
Workman, William H.1021
Works, J. D., Hon.1206
Worthley, F. A.882
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York, W. M., Hon.1271
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