History of the State of California and an extended history of its southern coast counties:

also containing biographies of well-known citizens of the past and present

James Miller Guinn

The Chapman Publishing Co., Chicago, 1907

Caifornia Local History - Rocq - 16267

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The biographies contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the biography commences. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams with the name of the book. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

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Abbot, J. R.1726
Abbott, Edward S1960
Abbott, John R1619
Alcott, Osceola C1890
Abpanalp, Edward 1940
Adams, Abel 1641
Adams, Charles B2110
Adams, Clarence C1972
Adams, John Q 860
Adams, John Q 1939
Adarga, Jose 814
Addison, Robert 2163
Aerick, John 1958
Aggen, Frederic 1559
Agoure, Pierre 1636
Aguirre, Miguel A1740
Ahlstrom, John F1554
Aiken, Harry C1036
Ainsworth, H. B2220
Alcorn, James C2125
Alexander, Gottfried 2190
Alkire, Josiah 1188
Allen, Charles F1183
Allen Claude M. 2174
Allen, George F1648
Allen, John W1016
Allen, Oliver A2109
Allen, William J1898
Allgeyer, Henry 1348
Amar, Edouard 827
Ambler, Cleason 1098
Ames, Earl L2062
Anderson, C. O1130
Anderson, Daniel W2142
Anderson, G. 2240
Anderson, John A995
Anderson, J. W1046
Anderson, Nils 1987
Anderson, Reuben J2161
Andrew, Charles 1281
Andrew, Tilghman D1805
Andrew, William 1322
Andrews, Allen W1857
Andrews, Harvey F.922
Andrews, Joshua 2141
Andrews, Joshua 1995
Andrews, R. C2070
Andrews, Richard L1318
Angel, James N929
Apiou, Jean 1731
Apsey, Job E1403
Ardis,John D 1067
Armstrong, Robert. M. D.1019
Armstrong, Royal M2055
Arnold, C. R2216
Arnold, Chester G1666
Arnold, Eugene T1668
Arnold, Leroy T 1584
Arnold, Percy N 1976
Ashcroft, Norman1276
Aspe, Capt. John W1972
Atkinson,Benjamin M1953
Atmore, M. 2173
Atwater, A. J 2239
Atwood, Danford 1826
Auld, William H1143
Austin, Matthew J1008
Austin, W. Horace1937
Ayers, Frank 1073
Ayers, Wilbur W2071
Aylmore, Albert 2175
B[Return to Jump Site]
Bacon, Elmer 1746
Bacon, Shirley V1749
Balhrenburg, George E., M. D. 1010
Bailard, John 1052
Bailey, Charles W2164
Baker, Calvin 2186
Baker, Isaac F1208
Baker, John S2192
Baldridge, Michael 1222
Baldwin, Fred P1796
Baldwin, James V545
Baly, Hal W1758
Baly, Henry 1828
Banks, George H1839
Barclay, John H1422
Bard, Cephas L., M. D509
Bard, Hon. Thomas R507
Bargar, John C984
Barker, Obadiah T736
Barker, Walter E1855
Barlow, Walter J535
Barnard, Edwin L1625
Barndollar, Harry 676Carolyn Carroll
Barnes, Charles J1464
Barnes, Hon. Frank W1417
Barnes, Legene S1126
Barron, George D776
Barton, Albert G1308
Barton, Chester R727
Barton, John W1533
Barton, Sylvester W1053
Barton, William T2009
Bartow, James V1964
Bartron, P. H1253
Bates, Frank L2258
Bates, Jacob H1435
Battles, George W879
Baum, John G1819
Bautzer, Edward H1906
Bay, George 1469
Beach, W. W2191
Bean, Jacob 661
Beard, George 1895
Beardsley, Robert L1987
Beasley, Henry C1333
Beck, Charles E1396
Beck, Thomas 2150
Beckett, Wesley W733
Bell, John S21755
Bell, Robert 1009
Bell, Thomas 1333
Bemis, Amos H2041
Bendasher, P. J 2222
Bendict, Edson A.1654
Benn, John 1595
Bennett, F. E876
Bennett, George L1602
Bennett, Oscar 2024
Benson, George E876
Bentley, William, H1519
Berges, Sylvain 1801
Bernasconi, Mrs. M1437
Berry, J. B2179
Berry, Mark T887
Best, Fred 862
Best, Newton W2069
Bettens, P A2238
Beveridge, John L546
Beverly, Burt 2257
Bewley, William E1915
Biane, Marius 2154
Bichowsky, Emmo C2049
Bidart, Gratian 942
Bierlein, Fred G1255
Billingsly, William C1045
Binns, W. C1302
Bise, Samuel M2132
Bither, Eber K1825
Bixby, Jothan 501
Bisler, Gilbert1808
Bjorkman, Henry 1594
Bjorkman, John 1715
Black, John W1608
Black, Hon. Samuel T643
Blackmer, Hon. Eli T1488
Blake, John C1950
Blakely, Thomas A1815
Blakeslee, George A.916
Blewett, George A708
Blinn, Irving L.1823
Blodgett, John 2051
Blondeau, Rene 2077
Blood, Harrison J.1901David J. Fleming
Blount, George H.504
Bluemle, Frederick 1872
Blumeare, Matheas 2052
Blythe, Clinton 1817
Bodger, John 554
Bodwell, Joseph .F1904
Boettcher, Reinhold 1879
Bolton, M. Blanche, M. D.1140
Bondietti, A.626
Borchard, Casper 1941
Borchard, Frank A.1732
Borchard, John 531
Borden, Carroll E.1145
Borden, John E2241
Borden, Reynold B.803
Bovard, George Findley702Judy
Bowen, Edmund F.1332
Bowman, D. E.1240
Boyd, Thomas 1302
Bradley, Edward R.756
Brady, Capt. John T.526
Brand, Robert L.1649
Bras, A. V. 704
Breckenridge, Nathan L.2176
Breedlove, Doctor M.1955
Breedlove, John H.1088
Breen Brothers1701
Brelin, Gustav 1157
Brenneis, Louis 1123
Brinkerhoff, George F1270
Brooks, Francis P1100
Brookshire, T. J2183
Brown, Charles C1118
Brown, Edmund L2079
Brown, Fred 884
Brown, Jacob 2007
Brown, John Sr.578
Brown, Robert H 2242
Brown, Dr. Robert W1144
Brown, Stephen 2240
Brown, William M1789
Brown, Wilmot G1984
Brubaker, Josiah D1996
Bruce, David 1151
Brunson, Edward A1875
Bryan, John C 2006
Bryant, Ernest A.875
Bryant, Joseph F1862
Bublitz, G. H 2058
Buckley, John W920
Buehn, George J1125
Buesser, David 2012
Bundy, G. G1149
Bunford, Thomas H2139
Bunt, Eli 2242
Burdick, Herbert A.1306
Burfeindt, Peter 1673
Burke, Joseph H1117
Burke, Michael H1758
Burke, Capt. William W1819
Burks, Dana 709
Burlingham, Nathan D807
Burmister, Howard C1437
Burns, Frank 871
Burr, John 1279
Burson, John W841
Butler, Frank G2147
Butler, Lewis G1949
Butler, William J1366
Butters, William H899
Byng, Enoch F994
Byram Ellis T2030
C[Return to Jump Site]
Calac, Jose P2223
Caldwell, George W.815
Caley, William S2244
Calkins, Lyman 01690
Callahan, Henry S1832
Callender, C. R893
Callens, Jules 1969
Callens, Remie 1390
Callister & Smith2177
Cammer, E. Y1513eeanders@arczip.com
Camp, Henry J1061
Campbell, D2223
Campbell, George W1474
Campbell, John 2245
Campbell, Marcius 1638
Campbell, William C1432
Campododonico, S1767
Canne, H. D2083
Cantarini, Angelo 2223
Cantarini, Auguste 1757
Carey, Thomas 807
Carl, B. J. 2244
Carner, John1905
Carpenter, Chauncey E1455
Carpenter, Mrs. Helen C2140
Carpenter, William H1354
Carr, Earle1379
Carr, Philetus S583
Carroll, James B1092
Carroll, Thomas H1952
Carson, Henry C1389
Carson, Stephen H1860
Carter, Walter 1169
Caruthers, William 1858
Case, Jesse H2002
Case, L. H2224
Casebeer, Charles F910
Casner, Lazarus P1584
Casner, Martin Van1596
Cassidy, James H.1521
Caster, George B.1948
Casterline, Myron Nelson1068Glenda
Caswell, A. M.1792
Cate, J. A.1436
Catey, Henry 1020
Catheart, J. Lee2131
Catheart, Robert 2235
Cawelti, David 1415
Cazas, Felipe J.1490
Cazaux, Jean 1435
Chamberlain, Albert 2225
Chamberlain, Olo J.1412
Chambers, Charles E.1611
Chapman, Juan J.1644
Charnock, George 1744
Charnock, John J.739
Chase, Raymond E., M.D.1751
Cheney, Willard R1013
Cherry, H. M.2243
Chevalier, Jeremie 1208
Chittcnden, R. H., M. D1831
Choate, Roger L889
Christensen, J. P1863
Christensen, John P1709
Chrsitie, Robert R903
Churchill, Edward M.1588
Clancy, Edward L1028
Clark, Byron 1036
Clark, Charles 2075
Clark, Capt. Frank B1997
Clark, Eli P565
Clark, George M1001
Clark, John D2085
Clark, William L1250
Clark, James H., M. D1158
Clav, Daniel R1217
Clayton, Albert B1918
Cleminson, James 655
Cleminson, James D656
Cleminson, John 1409
Clewett, James C1962
Cline, S. A1929
Clock, Charles L2157
Clock, Fred H2153
Clough, D. E2243
Clusker. Charles C833
Clyde, Edward P1825
Clyde, Rufus T1415
Coates, Thomas W1944
Cobb, Ives E 1539
Cochran, James A2010
Cochran. George I623
Coe, Clarence E1884
Coe, Nathaniel F883
Coffin, William V., M. D631
Cogswell, Hon. P. F1873
Colby, J. J1893
Cole, Byron S1879
Cole, George W1281
Cole, Joseph A1418
Cole, James A1969
Cole, James C1738
Cole, Schuyler 1722
Coleman, Joseph L1923
Coleman, Leonidas W2036
Collins, David H598
Colman, Edwin W1218
Colton, Charles E1201
Colton Daily News1947
Colton Fruit Exchange1991
Compton, Ralph S815
Comstock, Alfred B1691
Comstock, Andrew 980
Connelly, Archie 1429
Conner, Jasper N 1425
Conrad, E. Francis 1733
Converse, Thomas P974
Cook, Henry T1274
Cook, John 814
Cook, R. B2193
Cook, Ulric T1178
Cooley, H. George1632
Coomer, Edward C1337
Coony, Thomas V1489
Corbeil, Theophile 2246
Costner, Albert M.1914
Cota, Agustin 2226
Coultas, W. Walter1296
Counts, J. E1970
Courtney, J. E1965
Covert, E. Lynn1756
Covert, George W., M. D1795
Covert, Joseph N1566
Covington, P. H1926
Covington, William. B 1477
Cox, Aaron A1948
Cox, Charles C1935
Cox, James G1918
Crafts, Mrs. E. P. Robbins987
Cram, Lewis F1794
Crawford, Joseph 1057
Crawford. Robert A1877
Creelman, Lawrence A.1156
Crise, David, M. D1100
Crocker, Capt. H. A2087
Cross, George E1114Robbi Hoy
Crouch, Herbert 2151
Cruickshank, John W1932
Crum, Dwight M1810
Cruz, Jesus L2077
Culver, Francis F1933
Cuneo, Alexander J1288
Currier, Hon. Alvan T701
Curry, Samuel N1931
Curtis, Chester W.1951
Curtis, Thomas F916
Curtis, William J2012
Cushing Brothers 1078
Cushing, John W1078
Czerny, Mrs. Dora 635
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Dailey, Merritt H.1927
Daily, E. Wright1953
Daily, Wendell P.1834
Dallas, Alexander 1184
Dancer, Barton W.1934Donn
Dancer, Robert E.1931Donn
Dart, Louis S.1982
Davenport, Walter T.1564
Davidson, Charles G.1572
Davidson, Frank P.2224
Davidson, Hiram S.2042
Davies, Ben 907
Davis, James W.1509
Davis, John W.743
Davis, Stephen O.1864
Davis, William 1769
Davis, William C.1933
Dawson, Robert W.1441
Day, H. K2020
De Armond, Jerome C.2158
De Coubres, Thomas L658
De Garmo, Rollie F1917
Delpy, Jules J1984Francine Delpy
Delpy, Pierre 2004Francine Delpy
De Meulle, Joseph 1061
Demsey, Claudius O1344
Denman, Abram C., Jr841
Dewey, Edwin P1978
Diaz, Rudolph D 1458
Didier, Louis 657
Diedrich, John 2226
Diedrich, Louis F.1697
Dinsmoor, Raphael H.948
Dinwiddie, William H. H.2180C. Ray Dinwiddie
Doane, G. M., Sr.1447
Dodd, T. V.763
Dodson, Arthur Mc747
Dodson, D. N.1248
Dodson, James H.747
Dodson, John F.748
Dodson, William R.640
Doerr, Phillip 1444
Doig, John R., M. D. 1340
Domenigoni, Angelo 1487
Donovan, Daniel 1065
Donovan, John J.890
Donovan, Patrick 1499
Doran, Edmond L.1570
Dorn, Charles I.1311
Doud, James 1673
Dougherty, James L.1720
Douglas, Bruce E.1704
Dovey, James H.1861
Dow, Herbert G868
Downey, Alvah 1709
Doyle, P. W 936
Drake, Alden T683
Drake, Alfred C 1582
Draper, Arthur J1973
Dreher, Gus P1806
Drifill, Col. J521
Duarte, Mariano J984
Dudley, P. J.709Judy
Dudley, T. Horace 504Judy
Duffy, Capt. Mitchell1546
Duncan, Mrs. Narcissa2171
Duncan, William P1507
Dillford, William 1484
Dunap, Louis 2076
Dunn, John S909
Durant, Edward W1462
Durfee, James D649
Durrell, Daniel M1534
Dusch, John1516
Dye, BruceW. S.2227
Dye, Drew E.2229
Dye, Thomas C.2227
E[Return to Jump Site]
Easton, Albert D.1493
Easton, George 1993
Eastwood, Ernest 2104
Eaton, L. C1966
Eckelkamp, Herman 1477
Edmonds, Bishop J.1514
Edmondson, Robert B1692
Edwards, Joseph A1824
Eisemayer, Emil J1885
Elliot, George 1359
Elliott, Elmer E2145
Elliott, William 2073
Ellis, H. B691
Ellis, William S946
Ellsworth, Capt. W. H2191
Elms, Harry M. A2246
Emerson, Claudius L1920
Engebretsen, John 1273
Engebretson, Charles 1666
England, Thomas Y1103
Eno, R. A2228
Erickson, E. R1905
Erskine, Forrest M1383
Escallier, Hypolite 1560
Esler, Frederick J976
Espiau, Peter 735
Evans, Harvey 1370
Evans, Henry H2037
Eymann, Walter C1782
F[Return to Jump Site]
Fages, Jean 935
Fahler, John 1864
Failor, Benjamin F1327
Fairbanks, Fergus L819
Fairbanks, John H1233
Fairburn, Simon 1221
Falk, Capt. G. L. F1893
Fankhanel Brothers 1275
Farley, John D1322
Farquhar, Frank R2086
Farquhar, Richard J2071
Farquhar, William R2194
Farrington, E. A2179
Feder, Henry C1975
Fellows, Ernest F1913
Fellows, Irwin 1849
Fellows, Joseph 1888
Ferguson, James F2027
Ferguson, William 808
Ferl, Arthur P.1109
Ferrero, Joseph 1240
Fester, E. L2229
Fetterman, Isaac L609
Fickewirth, Edmund 2195
Filanc, Peter J1727
Filanc, Peter J2064
Finch, B. W2181
Finley, James 1243
Finney, Daniel A2155
Firebaugh, J. A2185
Fleishman, Frederick 2210
Flint, Moses A1192
Flint, Samuel H1360
Flint, Winfield S1312
Flores, Abraham2247
Flory, Guy M2053
Flory, M.M.2128
Follanshee, Elizabeth A551
Foot, Frank D1280
Ford, Charles Y1354
Ford, John V1905
Forman, Gen. Charles721
Fortney, B. L1001
Foshay, James A755
Foss, D. R639
Foster, Joseph2247
Foussat, H2181
Fowler, Will L1209
Francis, John1275
Fraser, James McG767
Frazer, George W1247
Frazier, John M1635
Frederick, Cody J1920
Fredericks, John D867
Freeman, Albert J 1317
Freeman, Charles A1626
Freeman, Daniel809
Freeman, Ernest M. M. D2172
Freeman, Henry D.1587
Freeman, Thomas A1462
Freeman, Zenas1794
Fremont, John C695
French, John G1922
Freer, Jackson1360
Freer, James B1270
Freer, John H. 1074
Freer, Lee1266
Freer, Martin S.2110
Freer, Thomas1266
Freer, William H. 1097
Frew, Prof. Will I.956
Friedricks, H.2221
Frink, Alonzo M.710
Frink, Marcus L.2042
Frink, William H.1515
Fryer, Henry F.1656
Fulkerson, Jonathan F.1702
Fuller, Henry762
Fulton, Charles E.1871
Fulton, William T.828
Fuqua, William J.940
Fussell, Pomeroy B.1546
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