History of the State of California and biographical record of coast counties, California:

an historical story of the state's marvelous growth from its earliest settlement to the present time ... Also containing biographies of well-known citizens of the past and present

By James Miller Guinn

The Chapman Publishing Co. (1904) - 1,500 pages

California Local History - Rocq - 15842
Sutro Library (RB)
CALL NUMBER: F868.A1 G8a -- Rare Book

NOTE: There are two versions of this work with the same name and publication date. This volume contains 1,500 pages and the other version contains 1,418 pages. Check the Melvyl Search engine, below, for a description of each. Only one Rocq number is given for both.

The biographies contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the biography commences. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

The following look-up volunteer has a copy of the book and will look to see if your individual is the person named. Please do not expect to receive a copy of the biography from this kind soul as the copy is on loan from her brother. For copies see below. For look-up inquiries, before you order copies, contact Dorothy Tenaza.

Copies of the biographies may be obtained from the libraries which possess the work as set forth in "California Local History" by Margaret Miller Rocq. We would suggest sending $2.00 and a legal sized, self-addressed, stamped envelope to the appropriate repository. The paragraph listing of the book within the Rocq work is listed above for easier reference.

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Abraham, Peter F1065
Aguirre, Martin G468
Akers, Montgomery P1256
Albee, Fred D1092
Albertson, Frank C1250
Allard, Samuel I410
Allegrini, Julius1499
Alton, John L396
Ames, Charles G., Hon.541
Anderson, Alexander, M.D.619
Anderson, Walter D., M.D.828
Antrim, William1112
Appleton, Horatio837
Armstrong, Ellis T848
Armstrong, John1186
Atherton, John W765
Atkinson, Joseph1454
Austin, Herbert W1298
Averell, Duncan D402
Ayers, David1282
B[Return to Jump Site]
Babcock, Lyman W567
Babcock, William S., Prof.928
Bacon, Charles E1051
Baechtel, Samuel S1108
Bagley, Eli750
Bailey, Alfred G., M.D1125
Bailey, Louis C568
Bailey, Michael C1359
Bair, Thomas 813
Baker, William1424
Ballou, Volney J306
Barber, Gardner C1117
Barbour, Amos E703
Barcar, Raleigh735
Barham, John A., Hon.558
Barker, Henry1487
Barnes, Edwin H630
Barnes, Nathan638
Barnett, E J718
Barney, Charles S1022
Barret, Walter M., M.D1232
Bartlett, James1260
Bartlett, Zachary 1423
Bassett, David632
Bassett, William885
Bassford, Henry A589
Bassford, J. M., Hon.1418
Bassford, Joseph M333
Bates, Merrick M1487
Bauman, Jacob H584
Beck, Rasmus670
Beckwith, Leonard C763
Beeson, Willie W1410
Beguhl, Harry1290
Beisler, John694
Belcher, Peter994
Bell, Charles E277
Bell, Edward S278
Bell, Henry 693
Bell, Josiah 645
Bell, Philetus 817
Bell, Theodore A., Hon.281
Bellrude, J. S802
Berding, Arnold413
Beringer, Jacob L286
Berka, Frank 841
Berry, Thomas J. T.691
Bevans, Marcellus R.1388
Bickford, James R. S.1395
Biggs, Ebenezer 1479
Biggs, Edward F.1097
Bird, John 461
Bivins, Horace P.1340
Blackburn, John S.312
Blacklock, James 775
Blake, Silas 1483
Blessington, James 918
Blodgett, George L.457
Bloom, James B551
Board, William 772Shelley Prelusky
Bodwell, Charles A.1214
Body, Mark 1010
Bogle, Samuel S., M. D.1465
Boisher, Adam 845
Bonaiti, Achille 1450
Bond, Frederick T., M. D.717
Bosch, John D.1455
Bourns, Richard 1004
Bower, Moses J.594
Boynton, Franklin Z1124
Boyson, Conrad C.1254
Braden, James H791
Brandt, Martin A., Capt.879
Brennan, John H.926
Bresee, Ira 708
Brinck, Henry 453
Brittain, Harvey 895
Brittain, Richard H.925
Brizard, Alexander 759
Bronson, Howe C.1284
Brooking, James 700
Brooks, William C.1495
Brown, George J., M.D1032
Brown, Jackson F., Hon.795
Brown, James S1440
Brown, John S490
Brown, John, Major1472
Brown, Thomas 1417
Brown, Thomas M1217
Browne, John A977
Brownlie, John 451
Bruck, Bismarck 521
Bruner, Frederick 1264
Bruning, Joseph 373
Brush, Jacob H495
Bryant, Rolla 851
Buck, Frank H 349
Buck, Fred M1494
Buck, Leonard W348
Buckles, Abraham J., Hon.557
Bull, John C, Jr.1454
Bullock, Joseph J1326
Bullock, Nathaniel 629
Burbank, George W., Hon.525
Burbank, Luther 1037
Burke, James H1190
Burke1s, W. P., Sanitarium , Dr.906
Burnett, Albert G., Judge295
Burrough, James 921
Burroughs, David 946
Burton, Richard E520
Burtshcell, Frank 880
Bussman, Anton 1072
Butler, George H744
Butler, Henry W436
Butts, Henry F327
Byington, Horace W., Col.598
Byrne, Joseph F., Rev.848
Byrne, Michael 1345
C[Return to Jump Site]
Caldwell, John G995
Caldwell, William, Judge673
Callan, Edward J1284
Caltoft, John H 1270
Cameron, Reuben 827
Campbell, Archibald G1364
Campbell, John T., Judge611
Carico, John W., M.D1474
Carothers, Thomas L., Hon.515
Carpenter, Milton 1424
Carr, Charles A1360
Carr, Mark 1274
Carroll, Patrick H1381
Carter Robert C., Hon.1184
Carter, John 1263
Casassa, Domenico 1035
Casey, Levi J760
Casey, Michael 1328
Casey, Patrick B1373
Casey, Peter 1421
Casper Kaskil 1090
Cassidy, George H1158
Caughey, Frank L1259
Cavanagh, Charles J1184
Chalfant, John E426
Chandler, Frederick B590
Chandler, Lafayette 831
Chapman, John G1459
Charlton, Thomas 1143
Cheney, John M1180
Chessall, William H1308
Childs, John L1471
Chinn, Harry J913
Chislom, William 1484
Christensen, Martin 1140
Church, Walter A1194
Clack, John W1281Steve Williams
Clark, Frank 926
Clark, Jonathan, M.D., Hon.507
Clark, Schuyler 1149
Clark, William S., Hon. 440
Clausen, Jens E1345
Clavo, Nicholas 900
Clayton, William L1180
Cleary, Father J. F1254
Clewe, J. F. E1070
Cloney, Michael F1176
Cobb, Omar 01474
Coburn, Gilbert 01429
Coburn, Loren 649
Cochrane, James W1496
Cochrane, Michael 1486
Collier, John A1378
Collins, James R593
Connell, Eugene J508
Connick, Alexander 462
Connick, Alexander G1225
Connick, George F313
Connolly, Patrick 1278
Conway, John 1009
Cook, Ella, Mrs.326
Coombs, Frank L., Hon.427
Coombs, Richard H1277
Coombs, William B892
Cooper, Edgar C854
Cooper, John W519
Cooper, Milton D1143
Cooper, Orvin S763
Cooper, Solomon 854
Corcoran, Timothy V738
Corn, Daniel K1232
Coughran, Wiley 255
Coulter, Minnie, Miss334
Cousins, George W527
Cowan, William F., Hon.641
Cox, Edward 1383
Cox, Joseph L.1282
Coy, William B.1085
Craig, Sophia T., Mrs.1045
Crawford, Richard F., Judge357
Creighton, Thomas H.752
Crigler, William E.834Cynthia Crigler
Crowe, Orin T.1460
Crowley, John 941
Cunningham, John 631
Cunningham, Joseph 632
Cuthbertson, Robert H.677
Cutler, Fletcher A., Hon.374
D[Return to Jump Site]
Dado, Paul 859
Dale, Jeremiah 1236
Danielson, Johan 440
Davidson, Allen R796
Davidson, James B428
Davidson, William C1038
Davis, Harrison 1204
Davis, John 1263
Dawson, John 912
Debenedetti, Joseph 710
DeCamp, Edwin F., Sr.786
Decarli, Charles 983
Dehay, Theodore J928
Delaney, William D1364
Derr, Peter 826
Devlin, Frank R., Hon.716
Dickinson, Almer E., M.D.1303Lorna Rios
Dinsmore, John O1249
Dinsmore, William 1439
Dinwiddie, James L285Susan Faught
Dobbins, William J M.D.612
Dobbyn, William B1169
Dodge, John C1259
Doggett, William J1498
Dollison, John K341
Dominican College 680
Donald, Robert 336
Donohoe, Jerry H782
Donohoe, Robert E785
Doogan, B. M., Rev. Father751
Dowd, Charles J760Dee A. Marsh
Doyle, Manville 271
Drake, Clyde H1008
Dresel, Carl 1050
Drysdale, George N., M.D. 442
Dudley, Wilberforce 833
Duff, Michael F1342
Dufficy, Michael C., Hon.531
Duhring, Frederick T1044
Duncan, Elijah H776
Duncan, George 1423
Duncan, Robert 777
Dunn, William 1485
Dutton, David D623
Duvall, John B678
E[Return to Jump Site]
Easkoot, Alfred D., Capt.282
East, Daniel J772
East, John R756
Eddie, William 1359
Eden, Edward 375
Edgcumbe, Alfred E1374
Edgerton, Henry 1152
Edmonston, Donald 1086
Edwards, William 797
Egbert, Robert S.1304
Eldred, Horace A.1267
Eldredge, Jonathan E.803
Elledge, William C.1407
Elliott, Wilson 1016
Ellis, Leander G.1349Katheryn Lindsey
Emerson, Mark, Dr.804
Escalle, Jean 691
Etter, Benjamin 939
Evans Luther J832
Evans, Archibald N1198
Evans, T. J., M.D.892
Eversole, Henry 973
F[Return to Jump Site]
Fairbanks, William R.610
Falk, Drs. C. C. & C. 0.486
Falk, Elijah H935
Farmer, Charles R989
Farmer, H Milo1076
Fay, Nahum 902
Feldmeyer, B. W810
Felt, Rae, M.D.1422
Felt, Theodore D., M.D.325
Field, John, Capt.852
Field, Waterman 1421
Fine, Ernest M., M.D1470
Fine, Thomas J851
Finney, Henry E548
Fisher, William M1490
Fitts, Jonathan P1066
Fitzpatrick, Andrew 1447
Fitzpatrick, Edward F., Hon.1300
Fitzsimmons, Michael 1194
Fleischer, Benedict 546
Fleming, David M963
Fly, Quintus C.262
Fochetti, Julius 1300
Foley, Francis 771
Ford, William 863
Forse, William H1145
Fountain, Orlando, Major384
Fountaingrove Vineyards 964
Fowler, Henry 305
Fraser, David W546
Fredrickson, James P1064
Freeman, John E 1207
Freeman, Warren W1250
Freeman, William D1102
Fried, David 857
Fritsch, John 479
Frost, Henry E1036
Fry, William H977
Fuller, John A369
Furlong, James 1065
Furlong, Robert 401
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gale, L. D1240
Gallaway, Allen R489
Gallaway, Andrew J1095
Gamble, Abram 1060
Gannon, James J., Rev.1331
Gardiner, John H.383Linda McDowell
Garnett, James St. C1392
Gates, G. Monte572
Gates, Garland M699
Gates, Thomas L533
Gaver, Andrew P1297
Georgeson, Frederick W669
Gericke, Adolph 891
Gerogeson, George R447
Gilbert, William B1408
Gilcrest, John B1450
Gillespie, George A709
Gillett, James N., Hon.1489
Gilmore, Alexander 420
Glaister, Thomas S1055
Glashoff, Otto 781
Gnauck, Gustav 981
Goble, William W1124
Goodhue, Samuel C., Hon.1328
Goodspeed, Isaac R., M.D.367
Goodwin, Benjamin H1035
Gordon, Alexander, Hon.1457
Gore, J. Frank996
Gossage, Joseph1255
Graham, Richard 1355
Granger, Frank M1409
Gray, George H825
Greeves, William C579
Greig, Thomas G896
Griffin, David R1482
Griffith, William H853
Griffith, William V934
Gross, Reuben, M.D.448
Grover, Carlton D1151
Gruettner, Daniel G963
Guerne, George E641
H[Return to Jump Site]
Hackmann, Henry 1378
Hagans, William A1129
Hale, William C1283
Hall, George H 1253
Hall, L. J859
Hall, Parker L1190
Halliday, Joseph C1044
Halling, Fred 661
Hamilton, John A1273
Hamilton, Peter 1299
Hammell, Henry H 290
Handy, Philo, Hon.1492
Hanen, William, Hon.1107
Hansen, Jens, Capt.1409
Hansen, Johannes 868
Hansen, Mads P674
Hansen, Nicholas1189
Hanson, George E1321
Harpster, Irvin L468
Harris, Granville S1024
Harris, Henry 347Susan Faught
Harris, Henry H1491
Harvey, Joel A., Hon.571
Harvey, William E826
Haskell, William B502
Hatch, Hiram H955
Hatch, Robert D480
Hatch, Rufus H1353
Hauck, Peter 1245
Haw, Robert A1458
Haw, William H354
Hawkins, Duff G1049Steve Williams
Hawkins, Jacob C1363
Hay, John 1318
Hayden, Enoch W1056
Haynes, John P., Judge790
Heald, Thomas T458
Heaton, Samuel 0605
Heeser, William 1059
Heiner, Henry E.728
Henderson, James W.329
Hendricks, James M.987
Henry, James 1090
Henry, John R.1368
Henry, William L.789
Herrick, Frank E.500
Herrick, Rufus F.809
Hicks, Leonard S.300
Higgins, George W.1483
Hill, William 478
Hiller, George 1043
Hills, Spencer W.967
Hindley, George 755
Hirst, Samuel 1150
Hitchcock, Abraham F.1132
Hitchcock, Charles, Rev. 545
Hobbs, Isaac 574
Hodson, George 1152
Hofman. Charles 954
Hogshead, John S., M.D.968
Holder, William 1430
Holje, Martin 1467
Holliday James E.1336
Holly, Amos H.1340
Holm, Hans P.1213
Holmes, Calvin H.1139
Honsinger, Aaron 847
Hopkins, Samuel J. 567
Hopper, John W.401
Hopper, Thomas.511
Hopper, Wesley L.541
Horel, Francis H., M.D389
Hovious, James H1211
Howatt, Theodore H 867
Howe, Newton P1008Sally Mireles
Howell, Edgar D1436
Hoyle, George W 1185
Hoyt, Julian B., Hon.299
Hubbell, Orton 405
Huestis, Aristides J., Hon.1408
Huff, Abram769
Huggins, Eri 1151
Hunt, Daniel 0400
Hunter, J. D., Capt.1470
Hunter, Thomas 1469
Huntley, Joseph 1225Dorothy Huntley
Hurley, John 1468
Hyde, Asa F1326
Hyde, William H1335
I[Return to Jump Site]
Imrie, William 983
Irvine, Charles A786
Iversen. Niels, Capt.905
Jacobsen, J. P989
Jansen, Robert 1481
Jensen, Otto 674
Jesse, J. William, M.D409
Johnson, Thomas B651
Jones, Frederick S745
Jones, Martin V1064
Jones, William F516
Jones, William F., M.D282
Jones, William L., Rev.281
Joseph, M, Sister792
Joy, Charles H901
Juilliard, Louis W1464
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kalb, Peter J1240
Keating, Daniel 1162
Kellett, Samuel 801
Kellogg, George A388
Kelly, James W1460
Kelly, William H1231
Kem, William H907
Kenney, James 1476
Kenworthy, Lee, Judge1444
Kerr, John A585
Kerr, Joseph F1404
Ketchum, William 578
Kettlewell, Benjamin F522
Kettlewell, Joseph R970
Kidd, Joseph L1332
Kiely, M., Rev.896
Killingsworth, Wiley S., Hon.597
Kincaid, Harvey A1377
King, Edward W., M.D.595Deanna
King, Nathaniel, Judge364
King, Oran A679
Kingston, James 1489
Kiphart, Milton 686
Kirby, Abraham 1314
Kleiser, James A.577Harry A. Kleiser
Knapp, Robert I.1433
Knapp, William D.981
Knight, Thomas 1355
Knowles, Stephen W.818
Kuck, Martin 1404
Kunde, Charles L.882Carrie Lords
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