History of the state of California and biographical record of coast counties, California:

An historical story of the state's marvelous growth from its earliest settlement to the present time : also containing biographies of well-known citizens of the past and present

By James Miller Guinn

The Chapman Publishing Co. (1904) - 1,418 pages

California Local History - Rocq - 15842

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NOTE: There are two versions of this work with the same name and publication date. This volume contains 1,418 pages and the other version contains 1,500 pages. Check the Melvyl Search engine, below, for a description of each.

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Abbott, Charles M.989
Abbott, Clark L., M. D.1324
Abbott, Joseph E.1184
Abbott, Joshua P., Hon.407
Adams, Frank E.1295
Agnew, Abram267
Ainsley, John C.1258
Alexander, James R.1226
Alien, Andrew742
Allen, Charles H., Prof.402
Allen, Cyrus H., M. D.1013
Allen, Frank A.590
Allen, Lester S.545
Alvarado, Henry V., Hon.415
Alveraz, Charles970
Anderson, J. Z.1309
Anderson, Ludwig, Capt.1361
Angney, W. Z., Hon.587
Anzini, Victor1124
Aram, Joseph, Capt.980
Archer, Lawrence, Judge1285
Armstrong, Thomas G.819
Armstrong, Thomas J.1138
Arques, Joaquin717
Ashley, John1074
Athenour, Marius1409
Atkinson, William W.841
Austin, Amos E.890
Awbrey, Joseph368
Ayer, Henry N.1162
Ayer, Mariner W.1354
Ayres, Clarence M.1402
B[Return to Jump Site]
Babb, Frank H.443
Babb, John P.1180
Bailey, C. P.518
Bailey, George N.339
Bailey, James A.368
Bailey, Willard C.519
Baillaige, August P.1307
Baker, Franklin P.1008
Baker, Josiah R.526
Baker, Orlando L.1415
Baker, Reuben J.1416
Baldwin, Robert O.499
Ballou, J. Q. A.332
Bangs, F. H., M. D.354
Barber, Elam B.1002
Barber, James B.660
Barber, R. S.1296
Bare, Lyman Spaulding703L. Ayres
Barker, Timothy L.614
Barker, William O.1302
Barnes, Thatcher F., Capt.285
Barney, Hawley N., M. D.1269
Barnhart, Orren H.544
Barnum, John S.378
Barry, John F.589
Barstow, T. W.1362
Bates, Clarence A.886
Baumgartner, Anna, Mrs.926
Beach, John W.1185
Beal, Gorham P.856
Beard, Elias L.1024
Beard, John L.1024
Beattie, D. A., M. D.933
Beauchamp, William W.838
Beaver, George L.1291
Beermaker, Andrew 898
Behrmann, Henry H.784
Belden, David, Judge337
Belding, William F.963
Belknap, Lewis J., M. D.314
Bell, Lafayette F.1093
Belshaw, Charles M.253
Belshaw, John T.255
Belshaw, Mortimer W.253
Bement, George958George Bement
Bennett, Augustus G., D.D.S.331
Bennett, Samuel F.994
Bentley, George H.1255
Bergler, Martha A., Mrs.1266
Berlingen, Mathias1344
Best, Daniel843
Bethell, Ann Y., Mrs.1131
Bettencourt, Abel M.1365
Beverly, Frank P.458
Beverson, Charles D.517
Bigger, William J.939
Billings, Moses F.630
Bingham, Isaac968
Black, Howard, Dr.1311
Blackford, George W.635
Blackmar, Frank W.1144
Blaine, George973
Blake, Charles R. M. D.1357
Block, Abram1236
Blum, Simon606
Bockmann, William E.989
Bohnett, Joseph1171
Bollinger, Andrew J.1159
Bollinger, John1123
Bollman, Henry G.982
Bond, Charles J.753
Booksin, Henry303
Boorman, Benjamin1272
Boots, William1368
Bopp, Charles F.741
Bose, George H.584
Boucher, William1380
Bouquet, John E.849
Bourguignon, Emile H.957
Boyd, John D.1208
Boyd, John F.1049
Boyles, William S.736
Boynton, John866
Brackett, J. N. Bruce691
Bradford, H. R.396
Breitwieser, Charles W.677
Brennan, John1349
Bretthauer, Herman1167
Brewer, Daniel G.1323
Bridgman, Edward C.367
Briggs, George H.433
Briggs, Moore1300
Brimblecom, Francis A.383
Brimblecom, Henry383
Broder, Joseph1031
Brohaska, Frederick C., Prof. 1243
Brooks, Joseph T.1276Mitch Petree
Brother, Thomas1179
Brown, Adam451
Brown, Frederick611
Brown, Samuel F.1227
Brown, W. L., M. D.1210
Brundidge, William H.476
Bryant, Edwin J.813
Bubb, John P.558
Buchanan, John993
Buchanan, William J.1069
Burch, John F.988
Burdett, Reuben1149
Burke, John J., Judge811
Burke, Mary A., Mrs.563
Burns, Jerome S 775
Burpee, Joseph S.577
Butcher, Rolla944
Byxbee, John F.653
C[Return to Jump Site]
Cain, Gilbert 1198
Cakebread, Robert987
Cambers, J. B.1038
Cameron, Peter A.572
Campbell, Benjamin618
Campbell, Palmerston C.643
Cann, Arthur1089
Carey, Edward1400
Carey, George J.620
Carey, John F.1304
Carey, Joseph F.1099
Carlson, Sven A.1319
Carothers, James H., M. D.1241
Carpenter, Tom1174
Carroll, Edward1074
Carroll, Thomas A.999
Carteri, Leon909
Casalegro, Michael637
Case, Calvin A., M. D.879
Case, Henry, Dr.588
Casey, J. P.1365
Casey, Lewis C.1380
Cash, Albert B., Capt.344
Castro, Crisanto1344
Cate, Horatio W.873
Caven, William709
Center, Hugh277Andrew
Center, James990Andrew
Chaboya, Ramon1242
Chadbourne, Joshua487
Chapin, Frank E.1215
Chapman, Melvin C.322
Chartier, Daniel A.1274
Chilson, Lucius A.1366
Churchill, Seth W.706
Clark, Albert E.741
Clark, Henry C.753
Clark, William A., M. D.1018
Clarke, Ralph R.564
Clawiter, Edward H.771
Coates, John R., Col.1336
Coats, Felix G.1355
Coburn, Judson C.1204
Coe, Henry W.259
Coffman, Thomas D.723
Coggeshall, Fred C., Capt.1190
Col, A. G.1367
College of Notre Dame532
Collins, D. Edward612
Collins, Morris861
Colombet, Mary Murphy544
Combs, Burton E.1095
Comer, Isaac J.679
Congiato, N., Rev.891
Conklin, Edward B.560
Conner, John S.1195
Coombs, William L.1413
Cooper, William G.1130
Cope, W. B., Hon. and A. H.1048
Coram, Thomas1350
Costa, James A.528
Cottle, Ira1129
Cottle, Martial1017
Cottle, Royal1166
Cottle, Royal, Sr.1167
Cottle, Warren678
Cowan, William W.1126
Coykendall, J.337
Crandall, Fred W.1331
Cranney, John916
Crawford, Hiram A.1372
Critchett, Frank1101
Crothers, John J.1233
Crothers, John847
Crouser, William E., Rev.408Chuck Crouser
Crow, Clinton P.1329
Crow, Jasper N.994
Crummey, David C.397
Culp, Daniel1053Reta Brown
Curnow, J. R., M. D.895
Curry, Benjamin O.596
Curry, David A.1264
Curry, Henry J.328
Curry, Samuel R.625
Curtis, Frederick A.903
Curtis, John1367
Curtner, Henry631
Cushing, Thomas1402
D[Return to Jump Site]
Dailey, M. E.1124
Dale, William1402
Daley, John B.583
Dalton, Henry P.1240
Damon, Charles W.600
Damon, Nathaniel, Capt.595
David, Frank A.553
Davis, Frank477
Davis, George A.1225
Davis, Isaac M.910
Davis, Schuyler B.1165
Davis, William K., M. D.482
Davison, Robert R.1370
Davison, Seth1342
Dawson, Mary E., Mrs.685
Day, John A.1156
Dean, Robert G.721
Dean, William413
Deane, Frederick G 957
DeGolia, George E.489
DeMartini, Paul1400
DeMeza, Richard M.1417
Denkinger, John N.1067Andrew Dodd
Dennis, Frank1283
DeWitt, J. Wallace, M. D.931
Dexter, Albert L.1278
Dexter, Albert667
Dexter, Otis L.1307
Dexter, Wheeler D.1366
Dexter, William H.934
Distel, Bernard763
Dixon, Isaac385
Dobbel, Charles H.1129
Doerr, Henry C.903
Dorety, James451
Dornberger, Lambert967
Dossee, Louis, Jr.933
Dougherty, James1141
Dougherty, William P 1111
Douillet, Pierre, Prof.928
Dowdy, John1237
Dowdy, Perry, Judge642
Downer, Edward M.1006
Downing, Delia M., Mrs.559
Downing, Thomas B.1290
D'Oyly, Nigel1068
Dozier, Edward C.444
Draper, Edwin W.1322
Dreischmyer, Henry, Jr.1252
Ducker, Christopher715
Dudfield, James1284
Dudfield, John401
Dugan, John766
Dunkel, Aaron E.1204
Dunlap, George T.1381
Dunn, Frank, Capt.553
Dunn, Martin M.438
Dunne, James1299
Durham, Joshua E., Capt.1260
Durkee, George W.623
Dusterberry, Henry1293John Dusterberry
Dyer, Ebenezer H.307
E[Return to Jump Site]
Eakle, John B.938
Eberhard, Jacob1185
Eckhardt, John1322
Eddy, Alonzo H.1056
Eddy, Leonard868
Edes, George A.1333
Edmans, Walter J.1415
Edwards, Henry W.914
Edwards, William A. Z.390
Elliott, Anson W.1219
Ellis, Alvin L.934Michelle Seidman
Ellis, George E.1295
Ellis, James H.1079Michelle Seidman
Ellis, Moses C.1102
Ells, Harry1327
Elmer, Andrew J.674
Emerson, Harry W., M. D.724
Emery, Joseph S.1135
Emlay, H. F.1401
English, Charles A.915
Enright, James 483
Eschenburg, Rodney835
Estes, William J.446
F[Return to Jump Site]
Fair, Andrew961
Fair, William752
Farley, Nye L.1273
Farney, Mary, Mrs.796
Farrell, Thomas1265
Farrelly, Robert S.1254
Farrington, M. Z., Mrs.655
Fedderson, Henry L.1327
Feeny, Luke951
Fellom, John A.584
Fellows, Edmund L.916
Fernandez, Bernando1300
Fickinger, Joseph H.496
Field, Z. O.902
Figprune Cereal Company 1278
Fikes, H. J.880
Filipello, Eugene A., M. D.890
Fish, Charles333
Fish, Lafayette I.403
Fisher, Fiacro C.1369
Fisher, George W.379
Fisher, Thomas N.925
Fitzgerald, James850
Fitzgerald, Walter G.692
Flannelly, James E.1081
Fogarty, Daniel J.1371
Forbes, William590
Forderer, Joseph F.705
Forrest, Henry A., Dr.679
Fosgate, William J.1138
Foster, Charles H.722
Fotheringham, William A.1142
Fowler George W. J., M. D.684
Fowler, Andrew J.360
Franck, Frederick C.410
Frank, George1245
Fraser, John A.1002
Frederickson, Peter C.470
Freelyn, Elias H.1244
Freyschlag, John H.781
Frick, Ernst H.1232
Frink, Daniel B.1153
Fuller, Thomas J.747
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gading, Justus557
Gaines, William S.636
Gardner, George W.1249
Garratt, Richard M.543
Garrity, Peter1325
Gassner, John807
Gates, Charles O., M. D.511
Gates, Edmund1070
Geddes, John1409
Gehringer, Andrew1061Andrew Dodd
Giacobbi, Dominic, Rev.439
Gier, Theodore409
Gilman, George D., A. B.362
Gish, David W.860
Givens, Charles T.974
Gleeson, Richard A., S. J., Rev.874
Godfrey, Daniel J.866
Goodman, Peter G.661
Goodrich, Edward E.1256
Goodrich, Edwin B.455
Goodrich, Levi 297
Goodrich, Sarah L., Mrs.1418
Goold, Charles G.279
Gorham, I. S. C.854
Gould, Henry, Capt.823
Grable, Silas1155
Graham, James968
Granger, Farley B.842
Grant, Lincoln U.1369
Grant, Theodore F.468
Graves, Amos M.996
Gray, George W.1178
Gray, George274
Gray, James H.528
Green, Joseph T.1378
Green, M. D.897
Green, Patrick456
Greenfield, Abraham979
Greenwalt, William D.878
Gregory, Henry C.1106
Gresel, Christopher577
Grewell, James T. S.1231
Gunckel, William F.1253
H[Return to Jump Site]
Hablutzel, Charles E., M. D.258
Haines, Israel B.784
Hale, Oliver A., Hon.826
Haley, Caleb S.525
Hall, J. C.723
Hall, Myron W.1108
Hambly, William D. J.1201
Hamelin, William W 1160
Hamilton, Henry256
Hamilton, Robert1372
Hammond, James W., M. D.386
Hannay, James A.874
Harder, Jacob1222
Hardin, John R.730
Harker, Charles R.601
Harlan, George W.853
Harlan, Joel1373
Harliss, James868
Harper, William W.1081
Harrington, John A.600
Harris, Albert919
Harris, J. T., M. D.1037
Harris, William962
Harrison, Alfred B., Capt.740
Hart, Isaac B.334
Hartley, A. C.457
Hartz, John855
Harvey, Harriett N.428
Hassler, John1171
Hastings, Alfred W.511
Hastings, Frank S., Col.1258
Hatch, Ephraim359
Hatcher, Sewell359
Hattabough, Isaac J.672John Ireland
Hauschildt, Timm1354
Hawley, James1234
Hawley, William G, Major1228
Hayes, Everis A.254
Hayes, Jay Orley1351
Hayes, John H.751
Hayes-Chynoweth, Mary, Mrs.283
Hayward, William D.1094
Healey, Edward619
Heidorn, Henry781
Heilmann, Stephen844
Helliesen, Charles F. A.1173Mary
Hellwig, Philip671
Henning, Louis440
Heple, Theodore F.940
Herbert, George N.
Herbert, George N.
Herman, William M.710
Hess, Louis1032
Hettinger, Eby A.1183
Hewston, John, Gen.808
Hicks, John A., Hon.629
Higgins, John T., M. D.814
Hill, Andrew P.1119
Hill, Otis1189
Hinckley, Daniel B.1043
Hines, Joseph W., Rev.569Hal Peters
Hoag, Albert B.1405
Hobson, David295
Hobson, George316
Hobson, Thaddeus W.345
Hodges, Albert E.366
Hodges, Benjamin859
Hodges, Pleasant C.812
Hoffman, Edward705
Hoffman, Ferdinand F.979
Hoffman, Gerhard W.765
Hollenbeck, William434
Holliday, Beverly R.1089
Holliday, Charles H.1026
Hollis, William H.988
Hollister, Page304
Holmes, Arthur E.1282
Holthouse, Hugh N.1334
Holway, Frederick M.674
Homer, Charles F., Hon.1257
Hook, James S.1064
Hook, Vincent1056
Hoover Brothers1339
Horton, Israel647
Hosmer, Stephen D.1073
Hotchkiss, H.1305
Hough, Milo J.920
Howard, Austin S.445
Howard, Charles W.1178
Hudson, Henry M.777
Hudson, Joshua A.1234
Hudson, Thomas J. F., Rev.766
Huff, James A.1036
Hunt, R. D., A. M., Ph.D.431
Hurst, Henry C.885
Husted, F. M.1008
I[Return to Jump Site]
Inman, Daniel, Hon.937
Iversen, Ramus A.1263
Ivey, Henry667
Ivory, Marco B.456
Jackson, Daniel796
Jackson, Louis J.736
Jackson, Stephen K.632
Jacquelin, Joseph769
Jagels, John G.1244
Jamison, Thomas H.554
January, William A., Hon.520
Jarman, John P.1345
Jefferson, George H.1379
Jenkins, George C.286
Johnson, August L.789
Johnson, James W.1079
Johnson, James, Capt.280
Johnson, John789
Johnson, William H.398
Johnson, William745
Johnston, George907
Jones, John M.700
Jones, Samuel564
Jones, William H.1375
Jordan, Clement E.415
Jorgensen, Peter728
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kane, Martin1249
Keesling, Edwin E.421
Keith, Peter G.292
Kell, Bernard E.343
Kell, John J.709
Keller, J. Henry1337
Keller, John D.636
Kelley, Joseph M.1180
Kelley, Thomas, M. D.945
Kelly, James H.470
Kelly, James1005
Kemp, C. E. F., Mrs.278
Kenna, Robert E., Rev.1414
Kennedy, Edwin A.1107
Kenyon, James M.758
Kerr, Andrew847
Kettmann, Clemens A.862
Keys, Thomas1144
Kickham, Thomas1198
Kidder, George S.647
Kidward, James A.748
Kilcourse, M. E.1387
Kilpatrick, S. W.817
King Conservatory of Music432
King, George C.1358
Kinney, Herman B.630
Kirby, John C.793
Kirsch, Michael1096
Knapp, Bert E.926
Knickerbocker, Eugene1301
Knight, George W.551
Knowles, Frank W., M. D.559
Knox, Lewis1215
Kober, Emil1032
Koehen, Ernst450
Koerber, Henry1220
Koopman, William A. H.759
Kottinger, Alfred644
Kottinger, Frank R.637
Kottinger, John D.1247
Kottinger, John W.1177
Krauth, Frederick K., Jr.534
Krehe, Henry689
Krieg, William C.1221
Kundert, Baltasar956
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