Fresno County: The Pioneer Years to 1900

By Charles W. Clough & William B. Secrest, Jr.

Panorama West Books; Fresno, CA 1984

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
CALL NUMBER: F868.F8 C57 1984 -- Book
CALL NUMBER: F868.F8 C57 1984 -- 2 -- Book
CALL NUMBER: F868.F8 C57 1984 -- 2 -- Book

Calif. History Room (CS)
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CALL NUMBER: F868.F8 C57 1984 -- Book NC

Sutro Library (RR)
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Aaron, Simon165
Abbie, William52
Abbott, Henry190
Abbott, Robert62
Adams, A.256
Adams, A. P.149
Adams, H. A.170
Adams, Hattie208
Adams, W. E.296
Adamson, W. A.296
Adelsbach, P. F.178Diana
Adshead, William94
Aguila, Jose Antonio39
Aguila, Vicente 39
Aguileia, Valentine (Father)135, 288
Aguirre, Pedro42, 43
Ah, Chee and Company61
Ah, Chuck61
Ah Chung, Jim292
Ah, Cone61
Ah, Fook61
Ah, Hoi61
Ah, Kit87, 88, 138
Ah Kitt (Mrs.)/33
Ah, Lem61
Ah, Linn and Company61
Ah, Loon61
Aikel, John W.178
Akers, Alburtus116, 117
Akers, Anderson117, 270
Akers, Bud115
Akers, Delilah Miller77, 93
Akers, Harvey77, 110, 115
Akers, Henry77, 93
Akers, Smith77
Albin, J. N251
Albin, Taylor314
Aldridge, William219
Alison, S. B.271
Allen, A.299
Allen, Annie240
Allen, J. C.341
Allen, Thomas J.54, 79
Alsbury, Thomas J.35, 48, 51
Altman, John118
Alvarado, Juan B.34, 36
Amara, Manual268
Anderson, A. O.159
Anderson (Rev.) A167
Anderson, A. G.288
Anderson, Benjamin214, 222
Anderson, Ca1 (Rev.)167
Anderson H. R.286
Anderson Riley223
Anderson, T. H. B. (Mrs.)242
Andrada, Ana270
Andrews, G. R.327
Andrews, J. H. (Rev.)167
Andrews, Lyman130
Anthony, J. H.104
Appleton, J. N.115, 190
Appling, Peter Crawford105
Arakelian, Krekor156
Arana. Hermesindo242
Arias, Ambrosio43
Arlin, George262
Arlin, Thomas262
Armstrong, A. B.180
Armstrong, Alice (Mrs.)318
Arnaudon, A. Joseph256
Arnold, Aaron222
Arnold, George262
Arnold, John234
Arrants, J. G. S.172, 178
Arredondo, Theodore268
Arripe, P.256
Arroyo, Juan12
Arrillaga, Governor25
Ashbrook, A.163
Ashburner, William272
Asher, M. (Mrs.)256
Ashman, H. G.131
Ashman, J. Scott54, 76, 84, 87, 90, 109, 222, 230Steve Williams
Ashman, S.136
Ashman, S. J.131
Ashton, George Henry14
Atkinson, Jack279
Atkisson, J. N.271
Atwell, A, B.168
Atwell, Ben34
Ault, John M.62
Austin, E. F. (Rev.)291
Austin, Harry Z.124
Austin, J. R.136, 313
Austin, Minnie F.147
Avery, H. B. (Rev.)131
Avila, Jose, Corp.13
B[Return to Jump Site]
Babcock, A.136
Bachtold, Christian173, 174
Backer, Lena206
Bacon Thomas E.199
Badge, B. K.136
Badger, W. S.136
Baer, C. C.189
Bailey (Mrs.) H. L.173
Baird, Alfred159
Baird (Dr.) E. E.299
Baird John341
Baird, Nellie291
Baker, A. F.307
Baker, Al313
Baker, A. T.182
Baker, Albion268
Baker, E. J. 256
Baker Lucj207
Baker, P. Y.158, 331
Baker, Sanda210
Baley, Charley4, 76
Baley, Ellen76
Baley, G. Pierce 100Steve Williams
Baley, Gillum4, 76, 87, 124, 131Steve Williams
Baley, Permelia76Steve Williams
Baley, Paul240
Baley, Rebecca M.76
Baldwin, W. H.185
Ball, Alexander80
Ball, Frank H.123, 344 Peter Skarp
Ball, Kate123 Peter Skarp
Ball, J. M.54
Ball, Mill111
Ballogh, John231
Bancroft, Hubert Howe36, 45
Bancroft, Jerome206
Banta, Fred135
Banta, J.128
Barbour, George W.19, 69
Barieu, A.166, 171, 274
Barker, John253, 260, 279
Barker, H.187
Barker, S.266, 279
Barkley, James64
Barkley, J. R.62
Barling, A. D.185, 342
Barnes, G.262
Barnes, Grace263
Barnes, James263, 279
Barnes James T.266
Barnes J. E.296
Barnes, Jennie267
Barnes,Tolton Turner263, 279
Barns, W. D.199
Barnes, Zachary263
Barnett, Carrie182
Barnum, H. E.291
Barnum, H. E. (Mrs.)296
Barr, William N.298
Barrett, B. H.163
Barrett, E. P.104
Barrett, Frank67, 274, 275, 279
Barrett, Joseph189
Barrett, R. L.271
Barringer, A. H.209
Barritt, Ben170
Barry, W.129
Barth, Charles H.128
Bartlett, Daniel268
Barton, Daisy257
Barton, Robert148, 151, 327
Barton, William300
Basler, William300
Bassham, Minnie288
Bates, Tom117
Bates, George124Patsy Linagen
Bauder, T. J. (Rev.)290
Baxter, William254
Bayley, George B.194
Beatty, Tom277
Beckwith, Rose180
Bedford, Ella136
Bedford, F. N.128
Bedford, Frank326
Bedford, J. F.136
Beebee, George262
Beall, Bert (Mrs.)170
Bean, Joshua (Gen.)224
Beard, Alfred95
Beard, Logan65
Beardsley, Jennie185
Beare, C. B.306
Beare, W. M.306
Beatty, Tom277
Beauchamp, Lou J.314
Beaver, Oscar237
Belden, Charles306
Bell, A. G.124
Bell, Austin124
Belli, D.255
Ben, L.100
Bennett, A. A.123
Bennett, C. M.103, 199, 202, 203
Bennett, Eleanor182
Bennett, Frank P.272
Bennett, Fred M.271, 272
Bennett, Patrick63
Bennett, W. J.130
Benson, H. L.163
Benton, Billie232
Bequette, Frank234Nancy
Bequette, Pasqual74Nancy
Bercenas, Francisco228
Bering, August200
Bering, Rose198
Beringhoff, August198
Bernal, Jesus254
Bernhard, Emil F.106, 329
Bernhard, George124, 131, 140, 219, 239
Berry, Charles251
Berry, Charles (Mrs.)240
Berry D.281
Berry, Fulton G.124, 161, 240, 251, 319, 323, 337
Berry, J. C.145
Berry, Jim216
Berry, W. J.145
Berry-Fisher, Maud (Mrs.)327
Betbeder, Alexander242
Bethel, James23
Betteridge, William123Bruce Betteridge
Bicona, Bias228, 229
Bierstadt, Albert193
Binder, G. J. (Rev.)186
Bingham, George221
Bingham, Katherine (Mrs.)318
Birkhead, B. S.189
Birkhead, B.96
Bishop, Samuel A.53, 74, 115
Blackman, Charles M.172
Blackmar, F. W.%
Blade, M. A.124
Blade, M. E.288
Blair, T. F.99, 100
Blake, William P.53
Blakeslee, S. V. (Rev.)135
Bland, Adam (Rev.)135
Blasingame, J. A.287
Blasingame, Jesse94, 95, 110
Blasingame, L. A.136
Blasingame197, 198, 231
Blayney, W. F.197
Blevins, D. C.298
Blevins, Payton288
Bliss, O. H.228
Bloomingdale, John231
Blowers, R. B.147
Blunt, Lydia214
Bock, Uriah164
Bolitho, Mattie185
Boling, John78
Bond, S. H.100
Banner, Charles G.338, 343
Bonneville, Benjamin L. E.28
Bonnifield, Arnold94
Bonnifield, H. F.104
Booker, B. S.118, 121, 124, 129, 137, 138
Boole, Frank216
Boot, Robert347
Bordel, Ruffin211
Borel, Anton300
Boshardt, A.136
Boulton, W. S.207
Bowers, William54, 78
Bowling, D. R.315
Bowman, David291
Bowman, Frank240
Boyd, James341
Boyd, Nellie342
Boyde, George330
Boyer, C. A. (Miss)292
Bozeman, P.228
Bozeman, Presley Jr.271
Bradford, A. C.129
Bradford, Eugene187
Bradley, An247
Bradley, James227
Bradley, T. L. (Rev.)296
Brulshaw, Nat216
Brady, M. T.271
Braly, E. A.158
Braly, J. M.141
Braly, John Hyde316
Bramlet, Euphemia129
Bramia, Reuben H.100, 129, 131
Brannan, Daniel 62
Brannon, Dave73
Bratton, T. C.145, 152
Brewer, T. R.172, 174, 178
Brewer, Henry J.155
Bretz, Joseph199
Bramer, Emil329
Bridges, Jim65
Briggs, G. G.158, 184, 342
Brigham, J. C.104
Brooks, Jamb M.296
Brown, Anthony14
Brown, D. I.256
Brown, I. E.314
Brown I. Ross22
Brown, O. (Mrs.)289
Brown, O. M.84
Brown, S. V. (Judge)106
Brown, Thomas R.128
Brown, William (Rev.)182
Browniee, Robert145
Brownstone, I.124
Bryan, A. C.159, 167, 185, 337
Buckland, B. M. 262
Buckley, Lillie74
Budge, H. (Rev.)137
Budge, H. H.104
Bug, John. 24
Bugg, John230
Buker, H. O.314 324
Bullard, Francis158
Bunch, George66
Bundy, D. E.128
Burch, Samuel N.174
Burchfield, E. W.115
Burford, Kate (Mrs.)296
Burge, Charles231
Burk, Gertrude211
Burk, Harry211
Burk, Oliver211
Burks, Lefonso314
Burks, W. F.136
Burleigit, H. E.136
Burleigh, J. M.123
Burleigh, Sadie136
Burnett, Chester103, 104
Burns, Anna L.262
Burns, J. F. (Dr.) 166
Burns, Joseph145
Burr, Robert R.254
Burrel, Cuthbert105, 163, 271
Burris, David105
Burris, F. C.341
Burrough, A. A.287
Burrough, George103
Burrough, Henry (Colonel)79, 80, 84, 118, 266
Bunon, E. W.181
Bunon, Frank B.171
Bunon, H.317
Bunon, W. M.65
Butler, A. B.148, 149, 151, 333, 337, 342
Butler, A.T.166
Butler, Robert B.147
Butterfield, John56
Byrd, John H.287
Byrnes, William224
C[Return to Jump Site]
Cabrera, Joaquin254
Cabrillo, Juan Rodriguez25
Cal, Bono100
Caldwell, Pelina285
Caldwell, William C.285, 287
Calkins, T. O.316
Campbell and Pool Ferry53, 54, 55
Campbell, C. A.338
Campbell, Ed285
Campbell, James E.274
Campbell, J. B.129, 241
Campbell, J. C.249
Campbell, John74
Campbell S. B.55
Campbell, William53
Campbell, William J.285
Caneras, M.255
Canfield, Charles266, 274
Canfield, Florence266
Canfield, William241
Cantua, Guadalupe39
Cantua, Pavala39
Card, Mattie124
Carey, John289
Cariponto, Francisco43
Carlin, Hugh70, 78
Carman, Jacob253, 254
Carpenter, Edith168
Carpenter, William189
Carrington, Mayo B.211
Carroll, Eliza80
Carroll, Hugh70, 73, 79, 80, 84
Carson, Christopher (Kit)28
Carson, James H.45
Canwright, George W.184
Canwright, John D.184
Caruthers, William "Billy" 170
Cassidy, Samuel189
Cassidy, Wiley B.19, 70
Cassity, J. M.35
Cassity, Wiley B.51
Castor, T. F.74
Castro, Jose34, 35, 36, 51
Castro, Manuel33
Castro, Modffta3S
Castro, Simeon13
Cate, James305
Catala, Magin (Father)268, 269
Cavin, I. W.99
Cearley, C. T.182
Chaddock, E. G.343
Chaddock, E. L.344
Chaddock, Roy327
Chambers, A. B.64
Chambers, Henry62
Chandler, Laura211
Chang, Kee61
Chanslor, Joseph H.274, 275
Chapman, I. H. (Mrs.)104
Chapman, S. L. (Dr.)65
Chapman, William S.118, 143, 148, 151
Chavez, Cleovaro228
Chedister, Arthur305
Chenowith, James247
Cherry, C. F.209
Chick, John T.178, 300
Chidester, Bill110
Chidffter, John271
Childers, Oliver34
Childers, W. H.279
Chittenden, L. S.347
Chittenden, George90
Choisser, Talleyrand272
Chung, Charlie292
Chung, Quong246
Church, George E.152
Church, Henry317
Church, Moses J.110, 116-18, 128-30, 143, 144, 151, 152, 158, 325
Clark, Angus Marion64, 103, 123Steve Williams
Clark, Charles282
Clark C. A.225
Clark, C. I.166
Clark, Edith170
Clark, Galen194, 271
Clark, H. W.62
Clark, J. B.66
Clark, John179, 271
Clark, Lewis P.94, 95, 110, 197
Clark, M. L. (Mrs.)302
Clark, Nevada76
Clark, R. B.166
Clark, W. A.66, 196
Clarke, Jeremiah34, 164
Clarke, James G.78
Cleary, Frank279
Cleveland, E. A.147
Clifford, Hannah305
Clifford, Maude305
Clifford, Minnie305
Clifton, H. C.231, 281
Clow, B. R. (Dr.)66
Coates, Katie199
Coates, W. D.315
Coats, J. R.271
Coberly, E.305
Cochran, Benny238
Cockrill, S. R. (Dr.)287
Coddington, Tom305Sigrid
Coc, Charley165
Coffee, S. B.54, 109
Coffey, J. B.220
Coffin, Elder279
Coffman, John W.124
Cogswell, J. L. (Dr.)158
Cohen, Louis173
Cole, A. B.145
Cole, Clovis103, 233, 305, 336
Cole, John S.291
Cole, S. H.237
Cole, William T.34, 95, 96, 197
Coley, H. C. 129
Collie, J. C. 249
Collins, Ann95
Collins, George H.216
Collins, James D.93, 95 ,138
Collins, J. H. (Rev.)242 ,322
Collins, John248
Collins, Mark H.209
Collye, J. C.341
Colson, H. D.316
Colson, Sam324
Colson, W. C.314, 327
Colson, W. C. (Mrs.)327
Colwell, B. M.263
Compton, H. T.277
Conn, Frances187
Conn, William327
Converse, Charles P52, 55, 62, 79, 80 ,85, 90 ,94, 110, 214, 222 ,249 ,281
Cook, H. E.185, 342
Coolidge, Henry189
Coolidge, William M.121
Cooper, C. H.288
Cooper, John239
Cooper, Robert Bruce41
Copeland, L. D. (Mrs.)262
Corbley, P. W. 174, 178
Corlew, Anel118
Corlew, Beryl218
Corlew, Charles Clifford199, 218
Corlew, Dorothy218
Corlew, Eunice218
Corlew, Gladys218
Corlew, John H.218
Corlew Meadow110, 218
Corlew, William L.96, 99, 100
Corlew, William Cloudsley 218, 231
Corona, Delfino270
Cory, L. L.275
Cosgrave, George33
Cosgrove, S.262
Cottrell, Richard (Deaf Dick)76
Covington, Carroll106
Cowen, Larry52
Cowan, Jack227
Cowan, Thomas Sr.165
Coyle, Ida M.256
Cramer, Anna129
Crans, G.330Paula
Craven, J. B.287
Creed, W. H.129
Creighton, Thomas273, 275
Cressman, A. N.208
Crichton, William D. (Judge)274
Crocker, Charles 129, 340
Crofoot, Mary87
Crooks, Captain136
Crooks, R. F.296
Crosby, Elisha O.36
Crow, L. (Miss)136
Crowe, William H. 85, 222
Cruikshank, James 84, 223
Crump, John G.263, 267
Crump, Lizzie267
Crump, Nannie267
Crump, Victor267
Cummings, Charles202, 203
Cummings, W. B.253, 257
Cunningham, W. N. (Rev.)135
Cunis, John M.322
Cunis, M. L.278
Cutler, E. A.314
Cutten, C. W.315
Cutter, Ede263
D[Return to Jump Site]
Dade, Daniel89
Dahigren, L.187
Daily, R.129
Dalton, Cole233
Dalton, Grat232-235
Dalton, Joe279
Dalton, Littleton233
Daly, R. H. 129
Daly, Alice 131
Damon, Elmer207
Danby, John251
Daniels, J. B.297
Danielson, Jacob (Rev.)167
Danielson, John H.288
Darby, Frank G.242
Darwin, Andrew M.250
Darling, E. O.272
Daulton, Henry Clay62, 110, 189, 232
Davenport, Francis M.54, 70, 80
Davidson, A.182
Davidson, F.136
Davidson, John Abbott165
Davidson, Maggie136
Davis, Caleb Dickerson112, 115, 118, 119, 145, 170 ,171 ,202
Davis, C. H.166
Davis, C. H. A.185
Davis, E. B.136
Davis, Israel W.63
Davis, Jeff76
Davis, L.124
Davis, L. T. (Dr.)288
Davis, L. W.196
Davis, Mollie182
Davis, S.166
Davison, William313
Dawson, Ida305
Day, A. H.100
Deakin, William287
Dean, Cy100
Dean, Riley232
Dean, Tom181
Deardorff, W. P. (Mrs.)256
de Bert, August228
de Casembroot, Freiheer330
Degen, William313
DeGroot, Harry62
De La Grange, William331
De Long, Charles63, 92, 124, 129, 130
Denicke, Manin (Major)149, 151, 240, 339
Dening and Edgar299
Dennett, W. B.141
Dennis, Christopher296
Denny, James E.91, 164
Denotovich, M.339
de Omega, Don Juan12
Depew, William Benning302
Derbec, Etienne46
Derby, George H.51
Derby, Julia247
Dermon, Jane80, 81, 88
Dermon, Tom80
Devine, John138
Dewey, E. P.297, 298, 299, 300
Dewey, Fred297
Dewey, Wilbur297
DeWitt, H. G.305
Diaz, Antone231
Diaz, Joseph66
Dias, Juan240
Dickinson, William170
Dill, G. W.104
Dinkelspiel, A.262
Dixon, Al227
Dixon Harry116, 122, 123, 129
Dixon, John227
Doak, Anderson and Company64
Doak, John94, 96
Dobie, Lizzie216
Doble, Abner J. 145, 163, 279
Doble, Harry215
Dodd, Fred310
Dodds, James F64
Doheny, E. L.274
Dolch, Hugh165
Domengine, Adolph267
Donaldson, John219
Donaho, Frank181
Donahoo, Beesley, and Oden131
Donahoo, Emma136
Donahoo, Jeff145
Donahoo, John130, 241
Donahoo, Michael9, 100, 112, 150, 199, 271
Donahoo, Peter66, 271, 287
Donahoo, W. H.123
Donahoo, William 136
Donoyan, Denny70
Doody, E. A.306
Dooley, L. (Rev.)131
Dooner, John129
Dorman, Lucy187
Doty, W. R.129
Doud, J. O.256
Douglas, Ed228
Douglas, James105, 106
Douglas, T. Crockett337
Douty, F. S.298
Downer, Abner J.257
Downing, Joe211
Downing, Eli211
Drake, Charles211
Drake, Everett211
Drake, Ivan211
Drake, Ivan (Mrs.)210, 211
Drake, John211
Draper, Lena (Mrs.)168
Draper, Josiah165
Draper, Silas34
Drennan, L. E. (Mrs.)262
Duane, Manuei223
Dubalos, Francisco254
Duran Brothers131
Duff, F. B. C.99, 100, 110
Du Gay, H.79
Duke, T. L.135
Dumas, John245
Dumna Yokuts19
Dunbar, D. A.172
Duncan, Mel104
Dunlap, Johnnie247
Dunlap, Viola246
Dunlap, William103
Dunwiddie, William296
Duquesac, D.149
Dusy, Catharine176
Dusy, Chester181
Dusy, Frank62, 65, 80, 110, 122, 136, 145, 176, 179-81, 189, 191-94, 207, 271
Duwald, M.136
Dwyer, John222
E[Return to Jump Site]
Eads, Charles B.215, 299
Easterby, A. Y.115-18, 121, 143, 151
Easton, Wendell144
Eastwood, John J.321
Eccinton, Robert51, 52
Eddy, A. W.164
Edgar, William F.70, 74, 80
Edgerly, Asa Shinn307
Edmiston, Robert117
Edmonds, B. F.54, 55
Edwards, E. D.129
Eggers, George 119, 149, 321
Eggers, Herman149, 321
Eisen, Francis T.119, 148, 153, 156
Eisen, Gustav (Professor)193, 339
Einstein, Louis124, 125, 130, 131, 165, 166, 229, 277, 307 ,347
Eldridge, J.216
Elliot, C. T. (Professor)327
Elliott, Joseph209
Elliott, Tom185
Elliott, Wallace W.63, 92
Ellis, Georgia129
Ellis, T. O. Sr. (Rev.)138
Elmore, A. J.297, 300
Elmore, Al297
Elmore, M. G.172
Ely, Boze197, 198
Elwood, Judson233
Emery, Edward315
Endicott, Charles165
England, Ollie 296
England, Theo 296
Epperson, I. E.106
Erickson, Andrew166
Erickson, C. A.144
Erboger, Ed165
Esbjornson, Ellen257
Esbjornson, Evelyn 257
Esbjornson, Hilma 257
Eschaozier, Francis (Dr.)340
Eshelman, Isaac S. (Dr.)341
Eshelman, Minnie159, 337, 341
Edopey, Jennie296
Esrey, Jonathon118
Frey, Justin118
Estes, F. A. (Mrs.)185
Estreda, Francis240
Etchegoin, Pedro267
Evans, Gomer80
Evans, John299
Evans, Molly238
Eversole, Sam207
Eversole, Henry207
Evinger, Daniel S.298
Evinger, D. R.300
Evinger, Simeon288
Ewing, W. Millard207
F[Return to Jump Site]
Faber, James E.121, 124
Fagan, Robert "Mike"54, 70, 78, 79
Pages, Don Pedro25
Fairweather, John290, 292
Farley, Andrew165, 229
Farmer, W. H.163
Farrar, Len123, 124, 286, 287
Farrow, William231
Faymonville, Frank247Christy Pollard
Faymonville, William19, 52, 54, 62, 73, 76, 87, 88, 90, 92, 122, 123, 130, 131, 150, 191, 193, 209Christy Pollard
Fearon, Joseph (Jodie)277
Feliz, Jesus224
Feliz, Reyes224
Fenelon, T. P. (Mrs.)257
Ferguson, Andrew D.325
Ferguson, James92
Ferguson, J. G.302
Ferguson, J. W.87, 91, 129, 138, 173
Field, B. Oscar14, 51
Field, Stephen J.251
Fielding, William62
Fiester, F.136
Filloon, J. S.298, 300
Finerty, James255
Fink, Peter William287
Fink-Smith, Julia A. (Mrs.)147
Finnegan, Mike52
Frebaugh, Andrew62, 77, 95, 103, 253, 260, 279
Firebaugh, Susan B.260
Fisher, A. N.63
Fisher, James111
Fisher, William Archibald158
Fiske, John D.241, 307
Flanagan, "Widow"285
Fleishman, Moses165
Fleming, Russell63, 92, 118, 121, 122, 129, 131, 229
Fletcher, M. D. (Miss.) 185
Flewelling, Charles168
Flippen, Thomas209
Fioden, Karl A.279
Flood, James168, 229
Foin, Clarence 237
Folsom, Joseph Bell62, 90
Forbes, D.179
Forbes, Flora Hays (Mrs.)266
Forbes, G.279
Forney, John166, 167, 168
Forsyth George70
Forsyth William148, 342, 343, 346
Forsyth, William (Mrs.)346
Forthcamp, John D.119
Foster, G. E.187
Foster, Granville F.296
Foster, Sallie100
Foster, W. A.315
Foster, William199
Foster, W.J.129
Fowler, Dave198
Fowler, Samuel135
Fowler, Thomas (State Senator)119, 128, 158, 179, 183
Fox, John197
Frakes, S. H. T.105
Frambes, Oliver (Rev.)296
Frash, C. G.119
Frankenau, Max298, 300, 301
Frankenau, Samuel A.286
Frankenau, Sig298
Frazier, L. B.198, 214
Freece, G. W.216
Freeman, Richard94, 110
Freeman, George327
Fremont, John C.13, 29, 31, 32, 36, 88
Friant, Thomas281
Friedlander, Isaac115, 118
Friedman, Fritz287
Frisselle Ralph346
Froelich Otto80, 87, 90, 91, 92, 121, 128, 129 ,130149
Furnish, G. N. (Mrs.)165
Furnish, Walter248
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