History of Fresno County

Wallace W. Elliott & Co., San Francisco, CA - 1882

California Local History - Rocq - 1838

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Andrews, Lyman122,128
B[Return to Jump Site]
Backer, Henry28
Barton, Robert209
Birkhead, B. S.217
Birkhead, J. T.217
Bramlet, R. H.213
Breese, S. B. 218
C[Return to Jump Site]
Church, M. J.103, 111, 124
Clark, Angus Marion127
Corey, J. M.130
D[Return to Jump Site]
Dixon, Harry S.128
Donohoo, M. J.103, 115, 125, 200, 226
Dusy, Frank213
E[Return to Jump Site]
Eggers & Co.213
Eisen, F. T.205, 211
F[Return to Jump Site]
Faymonville, William129Christy Pollard
Ferguson, J. W.202
Fleming, R. H. 121, 132
Frey Brothers196, 214
Frolich, Otto121, 122
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gordon, Alex214
H[Return to Jump Site]
Had, E. 128
Hansen, John226
Harlan, Elisha215
Hart, C. A. 176, 195
Hinds, John W. 124
Hobler, Chas. J.213
Hogue, S. L. 214
Hughes, M. W. 120
Hughes, T. E. & Sons120, 122, 124, 126
Hughes, Thomas E.20
I[Return to Jump Site]
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jones, P. D. 224
K[Return to Jump Site]
Krohn, John216
L[Return to Jump Site]
Leach, Dr. Lewis130, 173, 176
Loveland, J. M. 22
M[Return to Jump Site]
Mace, R. P. 198
Madary, M. R. 125
Malter, E. H.212
Marks, Bernard112, 113, 219
McCray, L. I.218
McKenzie, William A.131
Michael, Chas.216
Miller & Lux200
Miller, S. A.203
Miller, W. C. 214
Mintern, Jas. W. 225
Moore, Edwin215
Mordecai, G. W. 226
Morrow, Jesse1223, 130, 198
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O[Return to Jump Site]
P[Return to Jump Site]
Q[Return to Jump Site]
R[Return to Jump Site]
Robertson, Wm.122, 226
Ross, Henry214
Rowell, Chester127
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sanders, W. A. 221
Savage, Jas. D. 173
Sayle, C. G. 131
Serviss, T. W. 215
Sharp, Orrin L.225
Shore, J. H. 213
Southerland, John216
Statham, A. H.128
Stevenson, William225
Stone, B. M.201, 215
T[Return to Jump Site]
Thorn, A. J.132
Tucker, E. H.196, 217
Tupper, Walter D.127
U[Return to Jump Site]
V[Return to Jump Site]
W[Return to Jump Site]
Walker, J. N.227
Welsh, J. B.213
White, T. C. 206, 212
Whitson, J. E.217
Winchell, E. C. 182
X[Return to Jump Site]
Y[Return to Jump Site]
Young, W. More228
Z[Return to Jump Site]

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