DAR California Pioneers:

Unpublished records of the families of California pioneers / gathered by the various chapters from original sources.

California : State Committee of Genealogical Research, Daughters of the American Revolution, [1927- ]

Calif. History Room (CS)
CALL NUMBER: E202.5.C15 C2 v. 1 - 27 -- Books NC

The names contained in this list are the primary name associated with the family listed in the compiled information. Typically, the information covers several generations with the eldest ancestor listed in the title of the work submitted. The information was usually submitted by family members and, in some instances, is documented to other or primary source records. This information is very helpful to anyone researching early California families if you find you are lucky enough to have your family included in the compilation.

If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams with the name of this list. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

The names can be accessed by choosing the first letter of the individual's surname below or by scrolling down the list. Please note that the list is broken into section to make loading easier.

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Gabbs, William Henry82; Vol. 19
Gaddis, Henry94; Vol. 23
Gaines, William Samuel177; Vol. 3
Galbraith, N. L.147; Vol. 16
Gale, Demus125; Vol. 10
Galindo, John Climax84; Vol. 15
Gallagher, Henry Clay5; Vol. 13
Galloway, Adam T.97; Vol. 23Cary L. Galloway
Gallup, Ralph W.244; Vol. 8
Gally, Benj. W.157; Vol. 5
Game, Mateo Francisco129; Vol. 10
Gannon, John98; Vol. 26
Garber, John51; Vol. 2
Garcia, Rafael99; Vol. 26
Gardiner, Thomas161; Vol. 5
Gardner, Charles Walter257; Vol. 6
Gardner, George Gordon101; Vol. 26
Gardner, Walker Pinkham257; Vol. 6
Gardner, Zebulon139; Vol. 9
Garlock, Abram Oscar248; Vol. 8
Garner, George165; Vol. 5
Garner, Moses Wallace36; Vol. 21
Garratt, William Thompson133; Vol. 10
Garretson, Nathan H.252; Vol. 8
Garretson, Samuel Wesley86; Vol. 15
Gary, William West108; Vol. 18
Gaskill, De Witt Clinton150; Vol. 16
Gaustad, Hans R.168; Vol. 17
Gayetty, Edwin Perrin37; Vol. 25
Gaylord, Chloe87; Vol. 15
Geary, John White141; Vol. 7
Gedney, Matthias Anderson38; Vol. 25
Gehringer, George Andreas137; Vol. 10
George, James141; Vol. 10
Gerhardy, Carl Franz256; Vol. 8
Gerlach, Louis145; Vol. 10
Gerrish, Samuel Howard143; Vol. 9
Gibbons, Alexander149; Vol. 10
Gibbs, Roy Struble181; Vol. 3
Giberson, Charles McChesney201; Vol. 21
Gibson, Joseph Sitten81; Vol. 24
Giddings, Czar185; Vol. 3
Giese, Fred151; Vol. 16
Giese, Fred161; Vol. 16
Giguiere, Fabian153; Vol. 10
Gilbert, Marcus Emlous157; Vol. 10
Giles, James Kinnon87; Vol. 20
Gilkey, William161; Vol. 10
Gilkyson, John Wynkoop147; Vol. 9
Gillam, Hiram165; Vol. 10
Gillespie, Edgar Freeman147; Vol. 27
Gillespie, George A.150; Vol. 27
Gillett, Willard Franklin84; Vol. 24
Gilliam, Robert157; Vol. 11
Gillis, Stephen Edward155; Vol. 27
Gilman, Lyman Stearns169; Vol. 10
Gilmore, Giles Uriah260; Vol. 8
Gilmore, John88; Vol. 24
Gilmore, Myron Tyrell145; Vol. 7
Gilpin, Leman149; Vol. 7
Gilpin, Leman151; Vol. 9
Gilson, George Fredom161; Vol. 11
Gilson, Jewett Castello189; Vol. 3
Gish, David Ellison189; Vol. 25
Glasgow, Samuel Finley153; Vol. 7
Glass, David181; Vol. 4
Glass, John86; Vol. 19
Glassell, Andrew99; Vol. 23
Gleason, Jasper92; Vol. 24
Glee, Amanda J.108; Vol. 8
Glenn, Earl P.88; Vol. 15
Glover, Milton W. Rev.40; Vol. 21
Glover, Uriah Jr.173; Vol. 10
Godfrey, J. P.109; Vol. 26
Goldsmith, Joseph79; Vol. 22
Gonsalves, Frank169; Vol. 17
Good, John155; Vol. 9
Goodale, Justin M.264; Vol. 8
Goodhew, Jonothan George80; Vol. 22
Goodrich, William Henry110; Vol. 26
Goodwin, Robert179; Vol. 10
Gordon, John J.183; Vol. 10
Gorman, Lulu Lewis289; Vol. 3
Goss, George268; Vol. 8
Gould, Charles100; Vol. 23
Gould, William Oliver272; Vol. 8
Gowen, John E.152; Vol. 16
Gower, John Truman276; Vol. 8
Graham, Edwin Ruthven193; Vol. 3
Graham, Joseph Madison187; Vol. 10
Granger, Lewis Cass191; Vol. 10
Grant, Robert William280; Vol. 8
Graves, Anson Rogers195; Vol. 10
Graves, Family48; Vol. 1
Graves, Franklin Ward66; Vol. 1
Graves, Franklin Ward77; Vol. 1
Graves, Mary N.92; Vol. 1
Graves, Mills Mary Isabelle92; Vol. 1
Graves, Thomas92; Vol. 1
Graves, Zenas84; Vol. 1
Gray, George157; Vol. 7
Gray, George Moses103; Vol. 23
Gray, George W.165; Vol. 11
Gray, James85; Vol. 22
Gray, John Samuel284; Vol. 8
Gray, Joseph Henry89; Vol. 22
Gray, Joseph Sr.90; Vol. 20
Gray, Samuel Cotton89; Vol. 1
Gray, Samuel Cotton161; Vol. 7
Greeley, George Augustus165; Vol. 7
Greely, Justus288; Vol. 8
Green(e), Myron Dexter89; Vol. 19
Green, Josiah Samuel169; Vol. 11
Green, Martin R.169; Vol. 5
Green, Theodore53; Vol. 2
Green, Will Semple199; Vol. 10
Green, Will Semple112; Vol. 26
Green, William203; Vol. 10
Greene, Charles Edwin54; Vol. 2
Greene, Josiah Buckman93; Vol. 1
Greene, Josiah Buckman185; Vol. 4
Greene, Ransom207; Vol. 10
Greene, Ransom114; Vol. 26
Greenfield, Charles Hayden211; Vol. 10
Greenlaw, Alonzo Starrat55; Vol. 2
Greenleaf, Sterling Price215; Vol. 10
Greenwood, Hugh George219; Vol. 10
Greer, John89; Vol. 15
Greer, Joseph Francis223; Vol. 10
Gregg, Andrew Jackson189; Vol. 4
Gregg, Josiah229; Vol. 21
Gregory, John292; Vol. 8
Gregory, John8; Vol. 14
Gregson, James227; Vol. 10
Griest, Peter232; Vol. 10
Griffin, Francis Marion169; Vol. 7
Griffin, Francis Marion236; Vol. 10
Griffin, Willis C.173; Vol. 11
Griffith, John William91; Vol. 15
Griggs, Ensign Bush240; Vol. 10
Grimes, Isaac Copeland42; Vol. 21
Grimmon, Robert244; Vol. 10
Gripper, Edward Dolman296; Vol. 8
Griswold, Joel Sabin173; Vol. 7
Grotefend, Karl Augustus93; Vol. 20
Grover, Alvin Merritt40; Vol. 25
Grover, Stephen Freeland248; Vol. 10
Grover, William Augustus96; Vol. 1
Grover, William Augustus92; Vol. 22
Grover, William Augustus116; Vol. 26
Grumbles, Samuel Huston110; Vol. 18
Grymes, George Edmund101; Vol. 24
Guerne, George Emile177; Vol. 7
Guerne, Henri Louis252; Vol. 10
Guernsey, Fred Aurin197; Vol. 3
Guild, Jonathan H.173; Vol. 5
Guinn, James Miller153; Vol. 16
Gulick, James Harvey154; Vol. 16
Gummer, Joseph C.12; Vol. 14
Gunn, Lewis C.92; Vol. 15
Gunter, Jacob181; Vol. 7
Gurley, Harry Borden95; Vol. 20
Gurnee, Dor Austin256; Vol. 10
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Hack, George94; Vol. 22
Hackett, Samuel W.300; Vol. 8
Hadley, Washington304; Vol. 8
Hafford, Samuel Jr.308; Vol. 8
Hagler, Henry95; Vol. 15
Hagler, Paul97; Vol. 15
Haight, Fletcher Mathews Hon.93; Vol. 19
Hale, James C.260; Vol. 10
Hale, Will Lee96; Vol. 19
Halesworth, Simon160; Vol. 16
Haley, Ebenezer118; Vol. 26
Hall, Alfred312; Vol. 8
Hall, John98; Vol. 20
Hall, Learnard104; Vol. 24
Hall, Myron Ward201; Vol. 3
Halsey, Isaac Sherwood185; Vol. 7
Ham, Charles Waldron177; Vol. 11
Ham, Charles Waldron137; Vol. 26
Ham, Israel Hayes182; Vol. 11
Hamblen, Daniel Ellington159; Vol. 9
Hambleton, Franklin P.264; Vol. 10
Hamilton, Archibald T.186; Vol. 11
Hamilton, Henry268; Vol. 10
Hamilton, Ransome F.99; Vol. 15
Hamlin, Edwin56; Vol. 2
Hamlton, Menzo Howard98; Vol. 15
Hammack, Martin190; Vol. 11
Hammond, Charles John163; Vol. 9
Hammond, Edward G.194; Vol. 11
Hammond, George100; Vol. 19
Hammond, Moses177; Vol. 5
Hammond, Moses272; Vol. 10
Hammond, Moses105; Vol. 23
Hammond, Moses108; Vol. 24
Hammond, William100; Vol. 15
Hancock, Charles Henry57; Vol. 2
Hancock, Joseph44; Vol. 21
Hand, Edward Brene276; Vol. 10
Hannah, John Q.161; Vol. 16
Hannibal, William9; Vol. 13
Hansen, Gunder158; Vol. 27
Hanson, Andrew Jackson280; Vol. 10
Hanson, George Major198; Vol. 11
Hanson, Jesse Kimball189; Vol. 7
Hanson, Jesse Kimball316; Vol. 8
Hanson, William Patton284; Vol. 10
Hardin, James Allen101; Vol. 15
Hardin, Mordecai193; Vol. 7
Harding, Lucien188; Vol. 21
Hardy, Lowell James288; Vol. 10
Hare, Andrew Jackson96; Vol. 22
Harelson, Elijah193; Vol. 4
Harkness, Thomas Marr100; Vol. 22
Harlan, George197; Vol. 4
Harlan, T. J.162; Vol. 16
Harmon, Albion Keith292; Vol. 10
Harmon, Amos Wellington49; Vol. 21
Harmon, Daniel104; Vol. 15
Harmon, Edward Dana296; Vol. 10
Harmon, Leonard S.201; Vol. 4
Harmon, Luther Norton163; Vol. 16
Harmon, Sanford Wellington102; Vol. 19
Harp, Thomas David167; Vol. 9
Harper, Thaddeus106; Vol. 15
Harper, William300; Vol. 10
Harpold, Christopher320; Vol. 8
Harrell, Alfred171; Vol. 9
Harrell, Alpha Ward261; Vol. 6
Harrington, Stephen45; Vol. 25
Harris, Daniel112; Vol. 18
Harris, George Claybourne104; Vol. 19
Harris, Isaac Heylin304; Vol. 10
Harris, James265; Vol. 6
Harris, James William48; Vol. 25
Harris, Matthew175; Vol. 9
Harshbarger, Isaac Newton102; Vol. 22
Hart, Charles310; Vol. 10
Hart, Charles202; Vol. 11
Hart, Charles110; Vol. 24
Hart, Charles Augustus164; Vol. 16
Hart, Edwin106; Vol. 19
Hart, Francis Lewis206; Vol. 11
Hart, Joseph5; Vol. 12
Hart, Thomas99; Vol. 1
Hartley, Charles Thomas205; Vol. 4
Hartley, Henry Clay209; Vol. 4
Hartley, James Monroe314; Vol. 10
Hartley, John Williams197; Vol. 7
Hartley, Marquis Del.213; Vol. 4
Harvey, Cash165; Vol. 16
Harvey, Charles Wesley217; Vol. 4
Harvey, Isaac Julian13; Vol. 13
Harvey, Isaac Julian104; Vol. 22
Harvey, J. Milton201; Vol. 7
Harvey, Oscar Bloomfield205; Vol. 3
Harvey, Thaddeus F.50; Vol. 25William L. Harvey
Harwood, James Haswell179; Vol. 9
Haswell, John Clark318; Vol. 10
Haswell, John Clark210; Vol. 11
Hatch, Augustus Timothy183; Vol. 9
Hathaway, Harry May181; Vol. 5
Hathaway, Harry May171; Vol. 17
Hathorn, Jacob Ganselo187; Vol. 9
Hattery, Jeremiah L.52; Vol. 25
Haun, Henry P.185; Vol. 5
Haven, James Mason324; Vol. 8
Havens, George Francis167; Vol. 16
Hawkins, Austin323; Vol. 10
Hawkins, Duff Green327; Vol. 10
Hawkins, Thomas Samuel221; Vol. 4
Hawkins, Washington J.191; Vol. 9
Hawkins, Washington Jackson142; Vol. 26
Hawley, Daniel Satterlee209; Vol. 3
Hay, William Gilbert331; Vol. 10
Hayden, Arthur J.214; Vol. 11
Hayden, William Sylias335; Vol. 10
Hayes, William P.269; Vol. 6
Hayford, James Barrows273; Vol. 6
Hayford, William B.189; Vol. 5
Haynes, Asa277; Vol. 6
Hayward, Horace339; Vol. 10
Head, George205; Vol. 7
Heald, Charles Byron115; Vol. 24
Healey, Allen109; Vol. 15
Hearte, Francis Bret113; Vol. 24
Heath, George Joseph100; Vol. 20
Heath, Jemima Chrichard213; Vol. 3
Heath, John Howard328; Vol. 8
Heath, Lucien225; Vol. 4
Heathman, William F.169; Vol. 16
Hegler, Francis W.110; Vol. 15
Heid, Frederick Jacob108; Vol. 23
Heintzen, Charles60; Vol. 2
Heiskell, John Mitchell195; Vol. 9
Heiskell, Tyler Davis199; Vol. 9
Heiss, Isaac209; Vol. 7
Hellyer, George W.217; Vol. 3
Hemphill, Matthew221; Vol. 3
Hencratt, Lemuel102; Vol. 20
Hendee, Sherman218; Vol. 11
Henderson, Milton Pierce203; Vol. 9
Henderson, Thomas Henry207; Vol. 9
Henkle, William Washington112; Vol. 15
Henningsen, Charles Augustus145; Vol. 26
Henrichsen, Lars Christian225; Vol. 3
Henry, Charles Everett115; Vol. 18
Henry, William Warner229; Vol. 3
Henshaw, Washington281; Vol. 6
Henton, Griffith197; Vol. 5
Henton, Griffith111; Vol. 23
Herley, Daniel116; Vol. 15
Hersom, Nathaniel211; Vol. 9
Heryford, Elisha Brown285; Vol. 6
Hess, Christian222; Vol. 11
Hibbits, John Bishop336; Vol. 8
Hicok, John Johnson215; Vol. 9
Hidden, Charles52; Vol. 21
Higbee, Charles233; Vol. 3
Higby, Charles Burchard219; Vol. 9
Higginbotham, Raymond Lester172; Vol. 17
Higgins, William112; Vol. 23
Hihn, Frederick August17; Vol. 13
Hildreth, Jesse237; Vol. 3
Hilke, Nicholas Carl117; Vol. 15
Hilker, Charles223; Vol. 9
Hill, Dexter Daniels117; Vol. 23
Hill, George118; Vol. 15
Hill, Uri229; Vol. 9
Hill, William343; Vol. 10
Hillegass, William347; Vol. 10
Hillhouse, John Ten Broeck241; Vol. 3
Hillman, James146; Vol. 26
Hilsee, Joseph Warren351; Vol. 10
Hilton, Frederick H.245; Vol. 3
Hilton, Frederick Tomkins249; Vol. 3
Hine, Martin Noble233; Vol. 9
Hines, Gideon Duvault9; Vol. 12
Hitchcock, Walter Floyd213; Vol. 7
Hite, Alexander237; Vol. 9
Hittell, Theodore Henry217; Vol. 7
Hoag, Obadiah Haight119; Vol. 15
Hobart, Allen Penfield205; Vol. 21
Hobart, John Allen207; Vol. 21
Hobart, John Randolph62; Vol. 2
Hobart, Kate Phena (Smith) Mrs.63; Vol. 2
Hobart, Randall64; Vol. 2
Hobart, Randell Rev.210; Vol. 21
Hobart, Walter Scott214; Vol. 21
Hobson, Alfred David340; Vol. 8
Hobson, Alfred Davis355; Vol. 10
Hobson, Jesse221; Vol. 7
Hobson, William Dewey241; Vol. 9
Hochheimer, Moses21; Vol. 13
Hockemeyer, Henry170; Vol. 16
Hodge, Jacob S.201; Vol. 5
Hodge, Jacob Sylvester173; Vol. 17
Hoffman, David Bancroft359; Vol. 10
Hogan, John Coates225; Vol. 7
Hoien, Niels253; Vol. 3
Hoit, Charles Wiggin119; Vol. 24
Holbrook, Nathan H.363; Vol. 10
Holcomb, Chester Ezra117; Vol. 18
Holcomb, Elmer Joseph245; Vol. 9
Holcomb, Wesley B.205; Vol. 5
Holcomb, William Francis209; Vol. 5
Holden, Erastus Sauren367; Vol. 10
Holdridge, Ambrose B.371; Vol. 10
Holland, Franklin W.124; Vol. 24
Holley, Chipman.azel375; Vol. 10
Hollingswerth, John Dunham56; Vol. 25
Hollingsworth, Lawson D.229; Vol. 7
Hollister, W. W.121; Vol. 15
Holman, John Hughes249; Vol. 9
Holmes, Aaron67; Vol. 2
Holmes, Calvin Hall379; Vol. 10
Holmes, Elmer Wallace233; Vol. 7
Holmes, Wardman213; Vol. 5
Honn, David Nelson253; Vol. 9
Hook, James Simeon257; Vol. 3
Hook, Marcus Reston58; Vol. 25
Hooper, Thomas69; Vol. 2
Hooper, Vennable C. W.226; Vol. 11
Hooper, William B.383; Vol. 10
Hooper, William Henry387; Vol. 10
Hoover, Edward B.122; Vol. 15
Hoover, Theodore Jesse257; Vol. 9
Hopper, David261; Vol. 9
Horstmann, William F.237; Vol. 7
Horton, John120; Vol. 23
Hosmer, Newall107; Vol. 22
Houche, John B.217; Vol. 5
Hough, Theodore Holmes125; Vol. 15
Houghton, Sherman17; Vol. 14
Houser, Daniel101; Vol. 1
Hovey, William Ashely108; Vol. 19
Howard, Charles E.391; Vol. 10
Howard, Volney Erskine395; Vol. 10
Howe, James Simeon266; Vol. 9
Howe, Robert261; Vol. 3
Howland, David160; Vol. 27
Htjbon, Stephen Frederick399; Vol. 10
Hubbard, Cyrus Hayden72; Vol. 2
Hubbard, Eben H.21; Vol. 14
Hubbard, George W.171; Vol. 16
Hubbard, Stephen Return107; Vol. 20
Hudson, John Q. Adams403; Vol. 10
Hudson, Martin407; Vol. 10
Huff, Myron Fenner63; Vol. 25
Huffman, Charles Henry109; Vol. 22
Huffman, Joseph Elmore293; Vol. 6
Hufford, John117; Vol. 20
Huggins, Amos Williamson162; Vol. 27
Huggins, Francis Jones271; Vol. 9
Huggins, Fred Trotman241; Vol. 7
Hughes, John C.125; Vol. 24
Hulbert, Henry411; Vol. 10
Hulbert, Horace Warren229; Vol. 4
Hull, Clinton H.297; Vol. 6
Hulse, William Henry127; Vol. 15
Humphrey, William Egbert233; Vol. 4
Humphreys, William Penn237; Vol. 4
Hunt, Alfred Nahum148; Vol. 26
Hunt, George Walter241; Vol. 4
Hunt, Geroge Albert128; Vol. 24
Hunt, John Wiles Lide245; Vol. 4
Hunt, Milan Alvin113; Vol. 22
Hunt, Philip M.221; Vol. 5
Hunt, William Barron278; Vol. 9
Hunter, Augustus Brooks245; Vol. 7
Huntington, George Marvin150; Vol. 26
Huntington, Lewis Z.173; Vol. 16
Huntoon, John L.282; Vol. 9
Huston, Walter Scott286; Vol. 9
Hutchins, Gavin W.344; Vol. 8
Hutchins, Gavin Walker301; Vol. 6
Hutchinson, Catherine C.415; Vol. 10
Hutchinson, James S.234; Vol. 11
Hutton, John249; Vol. 7
Hyatt, Alexander Alvan116; Vol. 22
Hyatt, Edward119; Vol. 22
Hyde, Henry Hovey Jr.249; Vol. 4
Hyde, Septa Fillmore238; Vol. 11
Hyde, William Herschel74; Vol. 2
Hynes, James P.290; Vol. 9
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Ingalsbe, Albert179; Vol. 17
Ingalsbe, Moses B.242; Vol. 11
Inglis, William419; Vol. 10
Inglis, William131; Vol. 24
Inman, Daniel265; Vol. 3
Irwin, Horace Dunn423; Vol. 10
Ismert, Peter427; Vol. 10
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Jackins, Gordon Harvey431; Vol. 10
Jacks, Robert305; Vol. 6
Jackson, Henry309; Vol. 6
Jacobs, James Bruce112; Vol. 19
Jaensch, Ernest Wilhelm435; Vol. 10
James, Bennet200; Vol. 21
James, Bennett439; Vol. 10
James, Howard Kellogg123; Vol. 23
James, John M.54; Vol. 21
James, William S.25; Vol. 13
Jameson, James130; Vol. 15
Jamison, John William181; Vol. 17
Janke, August Carl182; Vol. 17
Janke, William August294; Vol. 9
Jarvis, Henry Herbert123; Vol. 22
Jeffrey, John Heatley443; Vol. 10
Jelly, Andrew129; Vol. 20
Jennings, Mark174; Vol. 16
Jensen, Jens Christian313; Vol. 6
Jesse, Archer Catron219; Vol. 21
Jessop, Joseph317; Vol. 6
Jewell, Omar132; Vol. 24
Jewett, Stanley P.180; Vol. 16
Johnson, Abram Close132; Vol. 23
Johnson, Alexander M.132; Vol. 15
Johnson, Caleb Bevan447; Vol. 10
Johnson, Charles F. A.451; Vol. 10
Johnson, Charles John298; Vol. 9
Johnson, Christian Ole246; Vol. 11
Johnson, Clem Albert455; Vol. 10
Johnson, George Gardner459; Vol. 10
Johnson, Hezekiah76; Vol. 2
Johnson, Irvin152; Vol. 26
Johnson, Irvine463; Vol. 10
Johnson, James Albert70; Vol. 25
Johnson, John August302; Vol. 9
Johnson, John Jasper467; Vol. 10
Johnson, John Wesley348; Vol. 8
Johnson, M. H.122; Vol. 15
Johnson, Neils C.471; Vol. 10
Johnson, Oscar F.155; Vol. 26
Johnson, Samuel S.475; Vol. 10
Johnston, Edward M.253; Vol. 7
Johnston, Silas Newton13; Vol. 12
Johnston, William L.479; Vol. 10
Jones, Charles Kirkham352; Vol. 8
Jones, Corydon Daniel483; Vol. 10
Jones, Danville F.487; Vol. 10
Jones, Evan J.183; Vol. 17
Jones, Humphrey25; Vol. 14
Jones, John McCurry255; Vol. 4
Jones, Richard A.134; Vol. 15
Joplin, Josiah C.491; Vol. 10
Jordan, David (M.D.)250; Vol. 11
Jordan, David Starr125; Vol. 22
Jordan, Robert Hamilton133; Vol. 20
Jorres, William156; Vol. 26
Joses, John William181; Vol. 16
Joslin, Eliab Milton257; Vol. 7
Juch, Albert George495; Vol. 10
Judy, Martin306; Vol. 9
Julian, George W.116; Vol. 19
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Kanawyer, Peter321; Vol. 6
Karr, James Anderson29; Vol. 13
Kasson, George M.225; Vol. 5
Katz, Marcus56; Vol. 21
Keating, John120; Vol. 18
Keeler, Julius M.193; Vol. 25Mary Jane Howard
Keeler, Orange171; Vol. 27Mary Jane Howard
Keep, Edward Imla254; Vol. 11
Keesling, Thomas Bulla269; Vol. 3
Keir, Alexander58; Vol. 21
Keith, William33; Vol. 13
Keller, James Willis Sr.37; Vol. 13
Keller, W. Carlin61; Vol. 21
Kelley, James R.137; Vol. 15
Kellogg, Benjamin F. E.229; Vol. 5
Kellogg, Benjamin F. E.261; Vol. 7
Kellogg, Cornelius V.41; Vol. 13
Kellogg, Florentine29; Vol. 14
Kemp, George C.273; Vol. 3
Kendall, Sydney Charles45; Vol. 13
Kenfield, Daniel Moulton138; Vol. 15
Kenny, Herbert James126; Vol. 22
Kent, William259; Vol. 4
Kernaghan, George F.310; Vol. 9
Kettner, William49; Vol. 13
Keys, Thomas James53; Vol. 13
Kilburn, Wells183; Vol. 16
Kilgore, Allen Cochran57; Vol. 13
Killey, Benjamin Franklin120; Vol. 19
Killey, Charles Henry61; Vol. 13
Kimball, Adolphus W.233; Vol. 5
Kimball, Cyrus Batey137; Vol. 20
Kimball, George Little65; Vol. 13
Kimball, Gorham Gates140; Vol. 15
Kindler, Albert186; Vol. 16
King, Hanford Sr.265; Vol. 7
King, Harry Eldridge269; Vol. 7
King, James of William18; Vol. 12
King, Malcolm Graeme258; Vol. 11
King, Nathaniel202; Vol. 21
King, Samuel Beach187; Vol. 16
King, Thomas Carroll122; Vol. 18
Kingman, Edward Franklin126; Vol. 19
Kingman, Morrison McM.69; Vol. 13
Kingsland, Thomas G.263; Vol. 4
Kinsell, George277; Vol. 3
Kinsey, Solomon141; Vol. 15
Kinyon, George Benjamin63; Vol. 21
Kirk, Thomas Downard262; Vol. 11
Kirketerp, Christian79; Vol. 2
Kirkman, William Thomas Sr.128; Vol. 22
Kispert, John Paul195; Vol. 25
Kitts, James80; Vol. 2
Kleinsorge, Charles Philip73; Vol. 13
Kleiser, James Abram77; Vol. 13
Klotz, Rudolph139; Vol. 20
Knapp, Sewell Crosby267; Vol. 4
Knapp, Sewell Crosby33; Vol. 14
Knight, Francis H.83; Vol. 2
Knights, Thomas Drew142; Vol. 15
Knott, Elgin Charles72; Vol. 25
Knowlton, Orson Valentine130; Vol. 22
Knox, Robert P. J.81; Vol. 13
Kolkman, Herman John85; Vol. 13
Kooser, Benjamin Parke85; Vol. 2
Kooser, Herman Horton325; Vol. 6
Korstian, William Henry133; Vol. 22
Krause, Emil89; Vol. 13
Kroeger, Henry143; Vol. 15
Kroll, Frederick William314; Vol. 9
Kunitz, John E. H.237; Vol. 5
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La Mar, Richard D.188; Vol. 16
La Pierre, George Warren281; Vol. 3
La Rue, Seneca Nye117; Vol. 13
Labaree, John Lyman266; Vol. 11
Labree, John329; Vol. 6
Ladd, John Seneca270; Vol. 11
Lafferty, Hiram Hutchins93; Vol. 13
Lafferty, Jeremiah H.333; Vol. 6atru@ns.net
Laine, Thomas Henry22; Vol. 12
Lakin, Josian Stone274; Vol. 11
Lamb, Francis97; Vol. 13
Lamb, William D.144; Vol. 15
Lambert, James Rev.134; Vol. 23
Lambert, John Sloan128; Vol. 19
Lambie, John101; Vol. 13
Lamont, Alexander271; Vol. 4
Lamont, Family103; Vol. 1
Landis, Harry M.105; Vol. 13
Landon, David Brewster337; Vol. 6
Landrum, James Harvey145; Vol. 15
Lane, Enoch Crosby134; Vol. 22
Lane, Martin Luther146; Vol. 15
Langdon, Samuel275; Vol. 4
Lantz, Sam'l Edw'd109; Vol. 13
Lareson, Greenberry147; Vol. 15
Larkey, John113; Vol. 13
Latham, William B.121; Vol. 13
Lathrop, Asel218; Vol. 21
Laugenour, Thomas F.125; Vol. 13
Laughlin, Alexander129; Vol. 13
Lawrence, Henry Hathaway105; Vol. 1
Laws, Jabez133; Vol. 13
Laws, John273; Vol. 7
Lawson, Francis130; Vol. 19
Le, Conte Louis Julian141; Vol. 13
Leal, John Fagundes185; Vol. 17
Leard, Robert Anderson137; Vol. 13
Leask, Samuel277; Vol. 7
Lee, Charles E.145; Vol. 13
Lee, Elisha Mansell157; Vol. 26
Lee, George Washington107; Vol. 1
Lee, Harriet Jane341; Vol. 6
Lee, John108; Vol. 1
Leese, Jacob Primer149; Vol. 13
Leffen, John Tempest66; Vol. 21
Leffler, Isaac Vance278; Vol. 11
Leffler, Isaac Vance26; Vol. 12
Leffler, Margaret (Mitchell)187; Vol. 17
Lehn, Joseph153; Vol. 13
Leland, Gustavus Adolphus157; Vol. 13
Lemmons, James124; Vol. 18
Lemon, James McConnell30; Vol. 12
Lemon, Ulysses S.34; Vol. 12
Lenfest, Elbridge G.279; Vol. 4
Leonard, David C.282; Vol. 11
Leonard, Henry William73; Vol. 25
Leonard, Levi163; Vol. 26
Leonard, Nereus Harper132; Vol. 19
Leonard, Willis Edwin285; Vol. 3
Lester, William Henry109; Vol. 1
Levering, Thomas Jones161; Vol. 13
Levet, John Baptist165; Vol. 13
Levy, Henry197; Vol. 25
Lewis, Daniel Austin169;; Vol. 13
Lewis, E. J.148; Vol. 15
Lewis, Frank Dunham188; Vol. 17
Lewis, James Stewart173; Vol. 13Steven Williams
Lewis, John Bacon281; Vol. 7
Lewis, La Fayette128; Vol. 18
Lewitt, William B.241; Vol. 5
Libby, Jacob285; Vol. 7
Lick, Jacobus177; Vol. 13
Lilly, Benjamin Franklin134; Vol. 24
Lincoln, Nathan181; Vol. 13
Lincoln, Orlando J.136; Vol. 19
Lincoln, Orlando J.140; Vol. 23
Lind, Isabella38; Vol. 12
Linden, Henry189; Vol. 16
Lindenberger, Thomas E.283; Vol. 4
Lindley, Charles (Judge)42; Vol. 12
Linekin, Ira Whitney139; Vol. 22
Linscott, John Stevens293; Vol. 3
Linthicum, Henry139; Vol. 19
Lippincott, Jackson87; Vol. 2
Lithgow, Adam185; Vol. 13
Little, Samuel M.189; Vol. 13
Locke, Dean Jewett (M.D.)46; Vol. 12
Lockwood, David193; Vol. 13
Lofland, William Oliver289; Vol. 7
Lohry, Adam245; Vol. 5
Long, Reuben197; Vol. 13
Long, William Black201; Vol. 13
Long, William Giles345; Vol. 6
Long, William Giles205; Vol. 13
Longley, George W.136; Vol. 24
Lord, Ulysses Richard142; Vol. 20
Lorenz, George293; Vol. 7
Loring, George Henry209; Vol. 13
Loucks, George P.52; Vol. 12
Lovering, Martin V. B.149; Vol. 15
Lowden, Marshall Horace Howland137; Vol. 24
Lowden, Spencer144; Vol. 20
Lowden, Thomas147; Vol. 20
Lowell, Frederick Benson213; Vol. 13
Lowery, George Malay150; Vol. 15
Lowndes, Edward R.249; Vol. 5
Luce, Moses Augustine217; Vol. 13
Luchsinger, Samuel190; Vol. 17
Ludlow, William Berridge56; Vol. 12
Ludwig, William297; Vol. 3
Ludwig, William221; Vol. 13
Luken, Bainbridge D.152; Vol. 15
Lusson, Pierre Merlin153; Vol. 15
Luttrell, John King225; Vol. 13
Lyman, Charles Henry356; Vol. 8
Lynch, Robert Leander297; Vol. 7
Lyon, George Ashmore141; Vol. 22
Lyon, Lemuel499; Vol. 10
Lyons, Thomas Milton349; Vol. 6
Lyons, William Henry190; Vol. 16
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MacChesney, Thomas C.253; Vol. 5
MacChesney, Thomas Clark143; Vol. 19
MacDonald, John Stephen318; Vol. 9
Mack, Charles E.91; Vol. 2
Mack, George Corydon233; Vol. 13
MacKerricher, Duncan148; Vol. 19
MacKnight, Smith P.286; Vol. 11
Maclay, Senator Charles113; Vol. 1
Macomber, Wilbert Wade159; Vol. 22
Madden, John Rightmire360; Vol. 8
Maddox, David Clay301; Vol. 7
Madison, John Henry237; Vol. 13
Madler, Etienne J. P.241; Vol. 13
Magee, Charles Ingram169; Vol. 26
Maguire, Thomas140; Vol. 24
Mahoney, Denis287; Vol. 4
Mailliard, Adolph170; Vol. 26
Mairs, Onie Isaac202; Vol. 25
Majors, David F.305; Vol. 7
Makee, Alexander E.245; Vol. 13
Mallows, John H.257; Vol. 5
Mann, Martin Van Buren156; Vol. 19
Mann, Stephen Hodge249; Vol. 13
Manville, Russell96; Vol. 2
Mapstead, John75; Vol. 21
March, Silas157; Vol. 19
March, Silas161; Vol. 22
Marcus, Samuel Bill253; Vol. 13
Marcus, Samuel Cather257; Vol. 13
Markey, Henry Scholl171; Vol. 26
Marks, Frederick Anthony291; Vol. 4
Marquis, John Rev.261; Vol. 13
Marquis, Waldo Huss309; Vol. 7
Marsh, James290; Vol. 11
Marsh, John294; Vol. 11
Marshall, Charles Knox265; Vol. 13
Marston, George Phillips194; Vol. 16
Marston, William Harrington97; Vol. 2
Martin, Harry Moore301; Vol. 3
Martin, John164; Vol. 22
Martin, John Franklin313; Vol. 7
Martin, Noble (Dr.)77; Vol. 25
Martin, Noble (M.D.)60; Vol. 12
Martin, Phillip Adam322; Vol. 9
Martinez, Don Ignacio326; Vol. 9
Martinstein, Jacob161; Vol. 15
Mason, Edgar D.d.s.305; Vol. 3
Mathews, Julius Case80; Vol. 25
Mathis, Robert295; Vol. 4
Mathis, Robert Francis Marion78; Vol. 21
Matlick, Allen204; Vol. 25
Matteson, Austin J.269; Vol. 13
Matteson, Beriah Howard309; Vol. 3
Matthews, Charles F.273; Vol. 13
Matthews, Julius C.174; Vol. 27
Matthis, Joseph Valentine277; Vol. 13
Matthis, Upton Smith149; Vol. 23
Mattison, John Stead317; Vol. 7
Maxey, Thomas Jefferson165; Vol. 22
Mayhew, Jesse364; Vol. 8
Mayon, Thomas H.99; Vol. 2
Mazza, Luigi142; Vol. 24
McAbee, John Wesley141; Vol. 19
McAlister, James154; Vol. 15
McBowen, Samuel282; Vol. 13
McCabe, Thomas286; Vol. 13
McCandless, William Scott75; Vol. 25
McCants, Thomas291; Vol. 13
McCarty, John L. Sr.150; Vol. 20
McCaslin, Mark G.261; Vol. 5
McCauley, Franklin B.353; Vol. 6
McClain, Andrew295; Vol. 13
McClain, Robert W.299; Vol. 13
McClees, Sarah Ann Clark368; Vol. 8
McClelland, Henry Smith146; Vol. 19
McClenny, Robert Thompson331; Vol. 9
McColgan, Francis Henry178; Vol. 27
McComas, Joseph Edward313; Vol. 3
McConigle, John357; Vol. 6
McConnaha, James Batson64; Vol. 12
McConnell, Thomas Jr.115; Vol. 1
McCormick, Benjamin F.191; Vol. 17
McCormick, Elisha89; Vol. 2
McCoy, Galen Clark146; Vol. 22
McCoy, Isaac303; Vol. 13
McCoy, Josiah143; Vol. 23
McCoy, William307; Vol. 13
McCoy, William Wirt149; Vol. 22
McCrary, John68; Vol. 21
McCune, William Isaac311; Vol. 13
McCurdy, Samuel Steele315; Vol. 13
McDermont, Alexander153; Vol. 22
McDonald, Andrew Jackson319; Vol. 13
McDonald, George229; Vol. 13
McDonald, George155; Vol. 15
McDonald, James R.323; Vol. 13
McDonald, William299; Vol. 4
McDonnell, William118; Vol. 1
McDonnell, William121; Vol. 1
McDowell, Adin Gainey327; Vol. 13
McDowell, James Rev.331; Vol. 13
McElvaine, Jeremiah73; Vol. 21
McFadden, James157; Vol. 15
McFadden, William McC.335; Vol. 13
McGee, "index.htm"Granny"index.htm"225; Vol. 25
McGee, Richard R.139; Vol. 24
McGinnis, William Wilson155; Vol. 20
McGlashan, Charles Fayette338; Vol. 9
McGuire, Artemus192; Vol. 16
McHenry, John (Judge)68; Vol. 12
McIntyre, George Telfer148; Vol. 23
McKean, Jacob M.265; Vol. 5
McKee, George E.321; Vol. 7
McKenzie, James R.92; Vol. 2
McKevett, Charles Henry160; Vol. 15
McKiearnan, John M.193; Vol. 16
McKim, Joseph Harmon156; Vol. 22
McKusick, Harrison Johnson131; Vol. 18
McLean, John Knox94; Vol. 2
McLean, John T.269; Vol. 5
McLeod, Daniel339; Vol. 13
McLeod, Malcolm Simpson200; Vol. 25
McMahan, Samuel Green342; Vol. 9
McMillan, Duncan B.343; Vol. 13
McMurtry, William (Dr.)347; Vol. 13
McMurtry, William (Dr.)151; Vol. 19
McNamara, James S.192; Vol. 17
McNeill, Christopher351; Vol. 13
McPherson, Duncan72; Vol. 12
McPherson, Stephen355; Vol. 13
McPherson, William G.303; Vol. 4
Meacham, James Burritt217; Vol. 21
Meads, Simeon Pease503; Vol. 10
Mealey, Alfred Malcolm159; Vol. 19
Mears, Horatio325; Vol. 7
Meats, Francis Henry359; Vol. 13
Meddaugh, James Edwin144; Vol. 24
Medlock, James Randolph363; Vol. 13
Mendenhall, William M.195; Vol. 16
Merrill, Charles D.329; Vol. 7
Merrill, Nathaniel361; Vol. 6
Merrill, William Bernard317; Vol. 3
Merritt, John365; Vol. 6
Mersfelder, Louis132; Vol. 18
Merwin, Edwin Arthur346; Vol. 9
Merwin, Henry Erastus167; Vol. 22
Messec, Capt. T. G.193; Vol. 17
Metcalf, Edwin C.273; Vol. 5
Metcalfe, Asa Baldwin369; Vol. 6
Metzler, John Adam76; Vol. 12
Middleton, John Howard169; Vol. 22
Middleton, Joseph Howard173; Vol. 26
Miers, George Freeman133; Vol. 18
Miles, Charles Sweeting161; Vol. 19
Miles, Morgan298; Vol. 11
Miller, Axariel Blanchard136; Vol. 18
Miller, Cincinnatus37; Vol. 14
Miller, Clement Harvey80; Vol. 12
Miller, Delmar J.84; Vol. 12
Miller, Delmar James194; Vol. 17
Miller, Frank Augustus88; Vol. 12
Miller, Glenn Burnett350; Vol. 9
Miller, Hays Butler307; Vol. 4
Miller, Henry W.277; Vol. 5
Miller, James W.162; Vol. 15
Miller, Ralph S.302; Vol. 11
Miller, Robert B.92; Vol. 12
Miller, Samuel Elliott367; Vol. 13
Miller, Samuel Rollins101; Vol. 2
Miller, Theodore96; Vol. 12
Milliken, John Minot371; Vol. 13
Milliken, John Minot175; Vol. 26
Millington, Seth375; Vol. 13
Mills, Ira D.379; Vol. 13
Mills, Robert Trimble123; Vol. 1
Mills, Robert Trimble100; Vol. 12
Minard, William Houston354; Vol. 9
Miner, Alfred Wright383; Vol. 13
Minium, Arthur Darius163; Vol. 19
Minkler, Horace Hamilton103; Vol. 2
Minter, Claude Shelton171; Vol. 22
Mitchell, James Harvey173; Vol. 22
Mitchell, John Wesley163; Vol. 15
Mitchell, Robert387; Vol. 13
Mobley, Feilding Fletcher391; Vol. 13
Mohr, Paul John372; Vol. 8
Monette, Mervin J.395; Vol. 13
Monlux, Samuel281; Vol. 5
Monroe, William Newton399; Vol. 13
Monson, Burdette Hart124; Vol. 1
Montague, Rodney176; Vol. 22
Montgomery, Chandler R.321; Vol. 3
Montgomery, James Wiley Bradford181; Vol. 27
Mooar, George Rev.358; Vol. 9
Moore, Albert Alfonso104; Vol. 12
Moore, Alexander108; Vol. 12
Moore, Andrew West403; Vol. 13
Moore, Hiram Luther164; Vol. 15
Moore, Lewis41; Vol. 14
Moore, Melvina L.373; Vol. 6
Moore, Ransom B.80; Vol. 21
Moore, Thomas Wallace165; Vol. 15
Moore, William137; Vol. 18
Moore, William Brown112; Vol. 12
Moorhead, Robert H.45; Vol. 14
Moorhead, Robert Henderson151; Vol. 23
Morcom, Nicholas166; Vol. 15
More, Matthew83; Vol. 21
Moreland, William W.49; Vol. 14
Morey, John S.53; Vol. 14
Morgan, Albert E.57; Vol. 14
Morgan, Elisha Levi333; Vol. 7
Morgan, James H.306; Vol. 11
Morgan, Zachquill61; Vol. 14
Morrill, Elmer Harvey116; Vol. 12
Morris, John Milton65; Vol. 14
Morris, Milton69; Vol. 14
Morris, William73; Vol. 14
Morrison, Alfred C.77; Vol. 14
Morrison, Joseph P.337; Vol. 7
Morrison, Josiah Zebriske182; Vol. 26
Morrison, Robert P.362; Vol. 9
Morrison, Thomas Henry165; Vol. 19
Morrow, George285; Vol. 5
Morrow, George C.167; Vol. 15
Morse, Harry N.341; Vol. 7
Morse, Lowell L.407; Vol. 13
Morse, Lucian Aaron411; Vol. 13
Morse, Obadiah153; Vol. 23
Morse, Obadiah185; Vol. 26
Morton, (Capt.) Charles C.120; Vol. 12
Morys, John169; Vol. 15
Mosbaugh, George J.124; Vol. 12
Moser, Jacob Schaeffer168; Vol. 19
Mosher, Charles Henry310; Vol. 11
Mosher, William Collins104; Vol. 2
Mosher, William Collins Rev.156; Vol. 23
Moss, Charles376; Vol. 8
Moulton, Justice Herbert128; Vol. 12
Moulton, Stephen Hilton188; Vol. 26
Mudgett, Decatur132; Vol. 12
Mudgett, Edwin Sanborn136; Vol. 12
Mudgett, Samuel140; Vol. 12
Mullen, James158; Vol. 20
Mulock, William190; Vol. 26
Mulvey, Booth Chandler195; Vol. 17
Muncy, James Stephen144; Vol. 12
Munson, Willard Loking325; Vol. 3
Murbar, Martin148; Vol. 12
Murdock, Charles Albert152; Vol. 12
Murdock, George L.314; Vol. 11
Murphy, John Luttrell156; Vol. 12
Murphy, John Thomas81; Vol. 14
Murphy, Martin Sr.415; Vol. 13
Murr, Charles160; Vol. 12
Murray, Alonzo (Capt.)164; Vol. 12
Murray, Charles Pemberton419; Vol. 13
Murray, Thomas318; Vol. 11
Musick, Lewis221; Vol. 21
Musselman, Samuel168; Vol. 12
Myers, Collen345; Vol. 7
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