DAR California Pioneers:

Unpublished records of the families of California pioneers / gathered by the various chapters from original sources.

California : State Committee of Genealogical Research, Daughters of the American Revolution, [1927- ]

Calif. History Room (CS)
CALL NUMBER: E202.5.C15 C2 v. 1 - 27 -- Books NC

The names contained in this list are the primary name associated with the family listed in the compiled information. Typically, the information covers several generations with the eldest ancestor listed in the title of the work submitted. The information was usually submitted by family members and, in some instances, is documented to other or primary source records. This information is very helpful to anyone researching early California families if you find you are lucky enough to have your family included in the compilation.

If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams with the name of this list. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

The names can be accessed by choosing the first letter of the individual's surname below or by scrolling down the list. Please note that the list is broken into section to make loading easier.

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Aaronson, George Dexter1; Vol. 16
Abbey, Adolphus Thustin1; Vol. 18
Abbey, William Powell1; Vol. 15
Abbott, Norman1; Vol. 27
Abrahamson, Jacob2; Vol. 16
Adams, Andrew Jackson1; Vol. 3
Adams, David Quincy1; Vol. 6
Adams, Henry Florentine1; Vol. 4
Adams, John Edward5; Vol. 3
Adams, John Smalley5; Vol. 6
Adams, Lorenzo Dow13; Vol. 27
Adams, Thomas Harvey1; Vol. 5
Adams, Walter Sydney9; Vol. 3
Adams, Wilson Richard1; Vol. 8
Adamson, John E.1; Vol. 23
Adsit, Silas3; Vol. 16
Albro, Stephen Lorraine1; Vol. 20
Aldridge, William4; Vol. 20
Alexander, James R.13; Vol. 3
Allee, Manning Cole1; Vol. 26
Allen, Ethan W.1; Vol. 7
Allen, George Stonhill4; Vol. 16
Allen, James Newton1; Vol. 9
Allen, Joel Francis5; Vol. 4
Allen, John A.9; Vol. 4
Allen, John Henry2; Vol. 26
Allen, William Perkins6; Vol. 16
Allen, William Trible5; Vol. 7
Allin, Thomas David5; Vol. 5
Allison, Josiah4; Vol. 18
Almond, Latham Carey1; Vol. 17
Alter, Horace200; Vol. 15
Alverson, Mary Davis O.5; Vol. 8
Alviso, Agustin3; Vol. 23
Amann, Frank Arnold8; Vol. 16
Ames, Arthur Woodbury9; Vol. 8
Ames, Henry Kimball13; Vol. 8
Anderson, Christian4; Vol. 17
Anderson, David16; Vol. 8
Anderson, Edward Lynd20; Vol. 8
Anderson, James Edwin24; Vol. 8
Anderson, John Nelson9; Vol. 5
Anderson, Lee Burdette9; Vol. 6
Anderson, Matthew Henry13; Vol. 6
Anderson, Peter1; Vol. 25
Anderson, Robert28; Vol. 8
Anderson, William Newton17; Vol. 3
Andre, C.10; Vol. 16
Andresen, Peter1; Vol. 24
Andrews, George Norton5; Vol. 23
Angel, James Newton32; Vol. 8
Anker, Neil1; Vol. 11
Apperson, David Hanson10; Vol. 18
Apperson, James Edwin17; Vol. 6
Appleton, Horatio5; Vol. 17
Archer, Edward Hutton13; Vol. 5
Archer, John Rice1; Vol. 19
Arkley, William Wallace36; Vol. 8
Armor, Samuel11; Vol. 16
Armstrong, A. Thomas12; Vol. 16
Armstrong, Robert9; Vol. 7
Arnett, William Lane5; Vol. 19
Arnold, Lura (Loomis)1; Vol. 22
Arnold, Peter West7; Vol. 17
Asbell, Joseph Marion8; Vol. 23William L. Harvey
Ashley, Charles Albert3; Vol. 24
Ashley, Otis10; Vol. 17
Ashley, William Emery1; Vol. 2
Atherton, John William13; Vol. 7
Atwill, Joseph Fairfield4; Vol. 15
Atwood, Danford1; Vol. 21
Aulman, Christian17; Vol. 7
Ayres, Irvin21; Vol. 7
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Backus, Samuel Woolsey13; Vol. 4
Bacon, Joseph Snowden21; Vol. 3
Bacon, William15; Vol. 27
Badlam, Alexander5; Vol. 11
Bailard, Andrew40; Vol. 8
Bailey, Calvin Porter14; Vol. 16
Bailey, Henry Clay18; Vol. 16
Bailey, John Wilson44; Vol. 8
Bailey, Jonathan48; Vol. 8
Baker, Charles2; Vol. 22
Baker, Frederick52; Vol. 8
Baker, George Randall17; Vol. 5
Baker, Jehiel Hull5; Vol. 26Annette
Baker, John25; Vol. 3
Baker, Julia Reynolds21; Vol. 6
Baker, Martin A.20; Vol. 16
Baker, Sanford C.29; Vol. 3
Baker, William Wilber56; Vol. 8
Balbon, Clifford M.104; Vol. 8
Baldridge, John1; Vol. 1
Baldwin, Frederick D.21; Vol. 5
Baldwin, Jabez M.25; Vol. 6
Baldwin, John A.21; Vol. 16
Baldwin, Orville Dwight9; Vol. 11
Baldwin, Orville Dwight5; Vol. 24
Baldwin, Robert29; Vol. 6
Baldwin, Robert O.6; Vol. 15
Ball, Charles Dexter17; Vol. 4
Ball, Francis Emery13; Vol. 11
Ball, Seth Field23; Vol. 16
Ball, Stephen Ford5; Vol. 1
Ballard, Gilson25; Vol. 16
Ballou, Edward Lull15; Vol. 18
Ballou, Edward Lull7; Vol. 20
Ballou, George H.33; Vol. 6
Bandel, Eugene37; Vol. 6
Bannister, Edward25; Vol. 27
Bannon, Patrick27; Vol. 16
Banta, Henry29; Vol. 16
Barber, Arthur S.30; Vol. 16
Barber, Calvin J.7; Vol. 1
Barber, Rio Delos60; Vol. 8
Barker, David Milton7; Vol. 19
Barker, John Orzo25; Vol. 5
Barker, Stephen21; Vol. 4
Barley, James Phelps10; Vol. 20
Barnes, Calton Turner32; Vol. 16
Barnes, Charles Adams10; Vol. 23
Barnes, Hezekiah5; Vol. 9
Barney, Ai6; Vol. 24
Barnum, Eli8; Vol. 19
Barr, James Adam Sr.9; Vol. 9
Barraclough, Henry A.64; Vol. 8
Barret, Walter Melville10; Vol. 19
Barrington, George Francis34; Vol. 16
Barrows, Laura Mosher3; Vol. 2
Barrows, Mrs. Mary (Mosher)4; Vol. 2
Barry, John185; Vol. 21
Barry, John N.17; Vol. 11
Barry, Wm. Ignasius25; Vol. 4
Barson, Fred29; Vol. 5
Barter, William36; Vol. 16
Bartholomew, James Hull Sherman38; Vol. 16
Bartlett, Hazen Whitaker13; Vol. 9
Barton, Guilford W.21; Vol. 11
Barton, James13; Vol. 17
Barton, Phineas W.68; Vol. 8
Bascom, John Henry72; Vol. 8
Bascom, Louis Hazelton39; Vol. 16
Bass, John Duncan76; Vol. 8
Bass, John Stephen Patton13; Vol. 20
Bates, Augustus Seymour80; Vol. 8
Bathgate, William3; Vol. 25
Bauer, Joseph4; Vol. 22
Baxter, Clara Runnels17; Vol. 9
Bayles, Daniel12; Vol. 23
Bayles, Daniel7; Vol. 24
Bayley, Alden Spooner25; Vol. 11
Bayley, John Alconder16; Vol. 17
Bayley, Thomas Stocks19; Vol. 17
Beach, Ranson E.29; Vol. 4
Beale, Thomas Jordon18; Vol. 20
Beamer, Richard L.33; Vol. 5
Beamer, Richard Lundy40; Vol. 16
Bean, Charles Sumner33; Vol. 4
Beard, Elihu Burritt22; Vol. 17
Beatie, John23; Vol. 20
Beatty, William44; Vol. 16
Beaty, Michael37; Vol. 3
Beck, William Edgar37; Vol. 4
Becker, Jeremiah84; Vol. 8
Bedford, James Madison26; Vol. 20
Beebe, Alvaro37; Vol. 5
Beecher, John Lyman41; Vol. 4
Beede, Henry Fuller41; Vol. 3
Beers, Henry Irving88; Vol. 8
Beggs, Sarah45; Vol. 16
Behrens, Ludwig29; Vol. 20
Beilar, Henry33; Vol. 27
Belden, Lucius Amidon8; Vol. 2
Belden, Lucius Amidon8; Vol. 24
Belknap, Corrington G.92; Vol. 8
Bell, Charles1; Vol. 10
Bell, George Franklin41; Vol. 6
Bell, James Henry33; Vol. 20
Bell, Thomas187; Vol. 21
Bemis, Alvin5; Vol. 21
Benjamin, Charles Dewitt45; Vol. 3
Benner, Frederic Miley10; Vol. 2
Benner, Frederick Miley49; Vol. 3
Bennett, Eben96; Vol. 8
Bennett, William Cogswell18; Vol. 18
Benson, James5; Vol. 22
Benson, Josiah Heath22; Vol. 18
Bentley, Jefferson Daniel16; Vol. 23
Benton, Joseph Augustine100; Vol. 8
Bequette, Paschal29; Vol. 11
Beresford, Joseph Daniel7; Vol. 15
Berry, William Nasby45; Vol. 6
Bertsche, Leopold49; Vol. 6
Beuner, Lawrence97; Vol. 6
Bibber, Andrew H.41; Vol. 5
Bickford, John Herbert12; Vol. 1
Biddle, Benjamin Robert21; Vol. 9
Bidwell, George A.33; Vol. 11
Bielar, John Henry28; Vol. 27
Bigelow, Ashley Smith25; Vol. 17
Bigley, Cornelius12; Vol. 19
Billingsley, Roy47; Vol. 16
Bingham, Tabitha (Ferguson) Mrs.12; Vol. 2
Bish, Lewis Manford53; Vol. 3
Bishop, Rugus Fiske53; Vol. 6
Bishop, Tennessee Carter25; Vol. 7
Bissel, Jeremiah Nelson15; Vol. 2
Bixby, Augustus Simon29; Vol. 7
Bixby, Marcellus50; Vol. 16
Blackburn, Abner L.8; Vol. 21
Blackburn, Charles57; Vol. 6
Blackburn, Jemima Jane (Richerson)8; Vol. 15
Blackwood, William C.28; Vol. 17
Blair, Walter45; Vol. 4
Blake, Charles Thompson30; Vol. 17
Blake, Maurice Cary10; Vol. 15
Blanchard, Charles Timothy13; Vol. 1
Blanchard, Nathan W.61; Vol. 6
Blaney, Andrew Jackson57; Vol. 3
Blankenbeckler, C. W.51; Vol. 16
Blasingame, Jesse A.65; Vol. 6
Blayney, William Faris69; Vol. 6
Bleeker, John L.52; Vol. 16
Bliss, Joseph John14; Vol. 19
Blodgett, Hiram Dana227; Vol. 21
Bloom, James12; Vol. 24
Blythe, Samuel Allison112; Vol. 8
Bobbitt, James Granville33; Vol. 17
Bodwell, Harry Horton13; Vol. 24
Boege, T. J. F.53; Vol. 16
Boggs, John116; Vol. 8
Boggs, William S.12; Vol. 15
Bolton, Adelbert Elwin17; Vol. 2
Bones, James Conner35; Vol. 17
Bonham, Baxter Newton Rev.25; Vol. 18
Bonnard, Francis6; Vol. 22
Booher, Willard S.37; Vol. 11
Booth, Edmund73; Vol. 6
Booth, Junius B.45; Vol. 5
Boothe, James Riley6; Vol. 25Steven Williams
Borden, Thomas Cicero49; Vol. 4
Bordwell, David B.120; Vol. 8
Boreham, George8; Vol. 26
Borland, David C.49; Vol. 5
Borthwick, John Pillins77; Vol. 6
Bostwick, Isaace13; Vol. 15
Boswell, Andrew Jackson37; Vol. 20
Bott, Avis Burt (Moore)37; Vol. 17
Boulware, John Wesley32; Vol. 18Walt & Sue (HOWARD) WILKERSON
Bourne, Peter L.14; Vol. 24
Bowen, Henry Harrison33; Vol. 7
Bowen, Marcus Lafayette18; Vol. 23
Bowen, Peter Mitchell11; Vol. 26
Bowers, Angie E. Cummings53; Vol. 4
Bowers, Charles Wesley54; Vol. 16
Bowers, William Wallace25; Vol. 9
Bowles, James Anderson35; Vol. 18
Bowman, William D.56; Vol. 16
Bowne, Alexander61; Vol. 3
Boyce, Charles Porter81; Vol. 6
Boyce, Charles W. B.41; Vol. 11
Boyd, Thomas85; Vol. 6
Boyde, Daniell J.57; Vol. 16
Boyer, Francis J.53; Vol. 5
Boyes, William Riley39; Vol. 17
Boynton, Harrison42; Vol. 17
Brackett, Frank Parkhurst57; Vol. 4
Bradford, Daniel Flint45; Vol. 17
Bradford, James N.15; Vol. 15
Bradley, Cyrus Stephen89; Vol. 6
Bradley, George Norcross17; Vol. 19
Bradley, Henry Sewall61; Vol. 4
Bradley, Thomas37; Vol. 7
Branahm, Isaac13; Vol. 26
Bransford, Walter Lee Sr.15; Vol. 24
Brasfield, James William44; Vol. 18
Bray, John Grandin93; Vol. 6
Breck, Samuel65; Vol. 4
Brewer, Lyman23; Vol. 23
Brewster, John A.57; Vol. 5
Brier, William Wallace48; Vol. 18
Brierly, Samuel Valentine20; Vol. 24
Briggs, Dean Howland38; Vol. 20
Briggs, Decason Dodeka52; Vol. 18
Bright, Aaron17; Vol. 15
Brink, Elijah Austin19; Vol. 2
Bristol, Joseph Dewey47; Vol. 17
Brittan, George Elias45; Vol. 11
Britton, George Henry58; Vol. 16
Broadsword, Levi15; Vol. 26
Bronson, Caleb Wallace50; Vol. 17
Bronson, Willa Adelbert29; Vol. 9
Brooks, George Washington52; Vol. 17
Brooks, George Washington26; Vol. 23
Brooks, Henry Benjamin9; Vol. 25
Brooks, James S.9; Vol. 21
Brooks, Martha C. Nelson33; Vol. 9
Broughton, Job22; Vol. 19
Browder, William69; Vol. 4
Brown, David Provost124; Vol. 8
Brown, Francis Drake65; Vol. 3
Brown, Granville Letcher41; Vol. 7
Brown, Jackson Fay54; Vol. 17
Brown, James8; Vol. 22
Brown, James Ewing69; Vol. 3
Brown, James H.49; Vol. 11
Brown, John Allan5; Vol. 10
Brown, John Jr.73; Vol. 3
Brown, John Leroy22; Vol. 24
Brown, John Rudd15; Vol. 1
Browne, Payne Jr.37; Vol. 9
Browning, Francis George22; Vol. 2
Brownlee, Robert73; Vol. 4
Bruner, Uriah101; Vol. 6
Bryan, William Evermont105; Vol. 6
Bubb, Benjamin T.41; Vol. 9
Buck, Elijah24; Vol. 2
Buck, Otho J.59; Vol. 16
Buckingham, Thomas Hugh56; Vol. 18
Buckmaster, Nathaniel56; Vol. 17
Bucknall, George James77; Vol. 4
Bunnell, George H.61; Vol. 5
Burbank, D. B.25; Vol. 24
Burbank, George Wilton25; Vol. 24
Burbank, Luther26; Vol. 24
Burdick, Cyrus77; Vol. 3
Burdorf, Henry Anton109; Vol. 6
Burke, Allen Willard45; Vol. 7
Burns, James Patrick18; Vol. 15
Burns, Samuel Henry18; Vol. 26
Burpee, Joseph Soloman16; Vol. 1
Burroughs, Charles28; Vol. 24
Burton, George Almer81; Vol. 4
Buser, William D.20; Vol. 15
Bushnell, Daniel Edwin24; Vol. 19
Bussman, Anton57; Vol. 17
Butler, John34; Vol. 24
Butler, John Edward18; Vol. 1
Butler, John Edward113; Vol. 6
Butler, William45; Vol. 9
Butterway, George Henry41; Vol. 20
Button, Isaac Vail25; Vol. 2
Button, Joseph60; Vol. 17
Bynon, Alfred Augustus117; Vol. 6
Byram, Aaron Milton60; Vol. 16
Byrd, Francis Jehue62; Vol. 17
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Cadd, Thomas81; Vol. 3
Cadien, William62; Vol. 16
Cady, Leonard60; Vol. 18
Cahoon, Eugene63; Vol. 16
Calden, Mary Perry121; Vol. 6
Caldwell, John Vollume85; Vol. 3
Caley, William13; Vol. 21
Call, George Washington64; Vol. 16
Callaghan, John64; Vol. 17
Callaway, George L.49; Vol. 9
Callen, William Edward85; Vol. 4
Calloway, James Baird31; Vol. 19
Cameron, Angus G.21; Vol. 15
Cammack, William22; Vol. 15
Campbell, Benjamin Franklin53; Vol. 9
Campbell, Charles Alexander10; Vol. 22
Campbell, Columbus A.49; Vol. 7
Campbell, J. L.11; Vol. 22
Campbell, John Tyler24; Vol. 15
Campbell, Milton57; Vol. 9
Campbell, Robert Stewart61; Vol. 9
Campbell, William89; Vol. 3
Campbell, William53; Vol. 11
Campbell, William Jenkins20; Vol. 26
Camper, Henry W.20; Vol. 1
Campodonico, Gaitano128; Vol. 8
Campodonico, Stephen Francis65; Vol. 17
Cannon, Marion69; Vol. 16
Cantrall, William66; Vol. 17
Cantrell, Thomas George93; Vol. 3
Caples, William Crossett38; Vol. 27
Cappelmann, Cornelius65; Vol. 5
Carleton, Clarence A.67; Vol. 17
Carleton, Henry Erskine69; Vol. 17
Carlton, Henry71; Vol. 16
Carlyle, George Henry12; Vol. 22
Carlyle, Henry72; Vol. 16
Carmer, Frank112; Vol. 17
Carpenter, Augustine Dyer89; Vol. 4
Carpenter, Gideon Judd22; Vol. 1
Carpenter, Gideon Judd97; Vol. 3
Carpenter, Lewis69; Vol. 5
Carpenter, Lyman24; Vol. 1
Carr, Francis44; Vol. 20
Carriger, Nicholas40; Vol. 27
Carroll, Timothy73; Vol. 16
Carsin, John74; Vol. 16
Carson, Rufus Anderson101; Vol. 3
Carson, William Mckendree28; Vol. 23
Carson, William Mckendree35; Vol. 24
Carter, Daniel Putnam93; Vol. 4
Carter, John132; Vol. 8
Carter, Marion Davis73; Vol. 5
Cartwright, Ambrose105; Vol. 3
Carver, Richard A.136; Vol. 8
Case, Alden Buell97; Vol. 4
Case, Austin Barber71; Vol. 17
Case, Edward Earl14; Vol. 22
Case, Frederick Sisson73; Vol. 17
Caseres, Francisco25; Vol. 15
Cashbaugh, August Anthony168; Vol. 25
Cass, James101; Vol. 4
Casserly, Thomas109; Vol. 3
Casterlin, Joseph B.57; Vol. 11
Castle, Christopher Champlain75; Vol. 16
Castro, Joaquin Isidro16; Vol. 22
Castro, Macario18; Vol. 22
Castro, Marino75; Vol. 17
Caswell, Thos. H.77; Vol. 5
Cate, James Wiggin140; Vol. 8
Cathers, Margaret (Moreland)76; Vol. 17
Cathey, Andrew56; Vol. 27
Cattick, Joseph15; Vol. 21
Cavitt, George12; Vol. 25
Cavitt, William29; Vol. 15
Chadwick, Benjamin Dennis37; Vol. 24
Chaffee, Albert Johnson61; Vol. 11
Chalfant, John Edward125; Vol. 6
Chalfant, John Edward13; Vol. 25
Chalfant, Pleasant Arthur175; Vol. 25
Chamberlain, George White26; Vol. 2
Chamberlain, James Baxter178; Vol. 25
Chandler, George W.105; Vol. 4
Chaney, Walter P.22; Vol. 26
Chapman, A. L.81; Vol. 5
Chapman, Aaron Edington65; Vol. 11
Chapman, Asa Owen9; Vol. 10
Chapman, Daniel Hudson C.32; Vol. 23
Chapman, James78; Vol. 17
Chapman, Thomas Matthews33; Vol. 19
Charnock, Richard85; Vol. 5
Chase, George Francis113; Vol. 3
Chase, Moses80; Vol. 16
Chase, Samuel Upton31; Vol. 15
Chatham, Augustus46; Vol. 20
Chemnitz, Fred G.24; Vol. 26
Chiles, Joseph Ballinger33; Vol. 15
Chivree, Joseph Bresseur144; Vol. 8
Christy, James89; Vol. 5
Christy, Samuel Benedict109; Vol. 4
Church, Charles Pratt28; Vol. 2
Church, Eli W.20; Vol. 22
Churchill, Jerome85; Vol. 16
Clapp, Albert Adams86; Vol. 16
Clapp, William T.93; Vol. 5
Clapp, William Taylor35; Vol. 23
Clark, Asa113; Vol. 4
Clark, Byron O.53; Vol. 7
Clark, Charles Kittredge74; Vol. 18
Clark, Horace16; Vol. 21
Clark, Josiah Bassett81; Vol. 17
Clark, Nathan73; Vol. 11
Clark, Oscar Fitzallen117; Vol. 3
Clarke, Calvin Rutter77; Vol. 11
Clarke, John180; Vol. 25
Clarke, Robert Montgomery83; Vol. 17
Clarke, Stephen H.88; Vol. 16
Clarke, William Cleveland17; Vol. 25
Claubes, Charles Herman81; Vol. 11
Clay, Charles Clement117; Vol. 4
Cleary, Robert Emmett26; Vol. 26
Clements, John85; Vol. 17
Cleveland, Daniel30; Vol. 2
Clews, Joseph T.19; Vol. 21
Cline, Charles Stevenson38; Vol. 23
Cline, Joseph W.38; Vol. 15
Clow, Robert22; Vol. 22
Clowes, Mary L. Cooper121; Vol. 4
Coady, Charles Fox86; Vol. 17
Coan, Mary Huntington129; Vol. 6
Coburn, Andrew Jackson22; Vol. 25
Cocke, William Henry28; Vol. 26
Codoni, Joseph A.35; Vol. 26
Coffin, John Wesley40; Vol. 23
Coffin, Zenas125; Vol. 4
Coffman, Edgard26; Vol. 1
Coghill, Andrew Jackson65; Vol. 9
Colby, Gilbert Winslow31; Vol. 2Robert Colby
Colby, Gilbert Winslow69; Vol. 9Robert Colby
Colcord, Daniel Herbert Rev.42; Vol. 19
Coldwell, Thomas Alfred88; Vol. 17
Cole, David89; Vol. 16
Cole, James M.39; Vol. 15
Cole, John Bailey91; Vol. 16
Cole, Rector Elisha89; Vol. 17
Cole, William Leonard38; Vol. 26
Cole, William Temple92; Vol. 17
Collins, George Henry41; Vol. 15
Collins, Robert Upton24; Vol. 22
Colton, David Douty73; Vol. 9
Comerford, Richard94; Vol. 17
Compton, Henry Trueman42; Vol. 23
Condit, James Harvey85; Vol. 11
Cone, William Henry95; Vol. 17
Conlee, James Russell47; Vol. 23
Conmy, John Joseph25; Vol. 22
Conner, Patterson97; Vol. 17
Conway, John Rector98; Vol. 17
Cook, Andrew J.94; Vol. 16
Cook, Daniel100; Vol. 17
Cook, Herbert Everson133; Vol. 6
Cook, Nathaniel89; Vol. 11
Cook, Neil77; Vol. 9
Cook, Oren F.137; Vol. 6
Cooke, Edwin Deacon95; Vol. 16
Cooke, William Sutton41; Vol. 26
Coolbrith, Ina Donna101; Vol. 17
Cooley, George Mills81; Vol. 9
Coombs, Arthur G.121; Vol. 3
Coombs, Nathan28; Vol. 1
Coombs, William Leonard42; Vol. 15
Coons, George Washington33; Vol. 2
Cooper, Carl Vincent93; Vol. 11
Cooper, Charles Noah57; Vol. 7
Cooper, James36; Vol. 2
Cooper, John M.26; Vol. 22
Cooper, Robert Bruce141; Vol. 6
Cooper, William45; Vol. 26
Copeland, Frederick145; Vol. 6
Corbett, Ithiel148; Vol. 8
Corbett, John104; Vol. 17
Corbin, James Martin85; Vol. 9
Cordell, John S.97; Vol. 16
Corell, William125; Vol. 3
Corlett, William Patrick82; Vol. 18
Corley, Michael24; Vol. 25
Cornish, George Franklin49; Vol. 26
Cornwall, Josephus Adamson105; Vol. 17
Cornwell, Charles C.149; Vol. 6
Cornwell, Edward K.51; Vol. 26
Corrough, James44; Vol. 19
Corson, John K.97; Vol. 5
Cory, Benjamin (M.D.)129; Vol. 3
Coryea, Frank107; Vol. 17
Coulter, James39; Vol. 2
Coulter, Sterling Taylor108; Vol. 17
Courtwright, Anthony Turk43; Vol. 15
Coutts, George Y.98; Vol. 16
Covington, Elam110; Vol. 17
Cowan, Charles Spinning Dr.28; Vol. 22
Cowell, Alfred Hawley45; Vol. 15
Cox, A. Jackson22; Vol. 21
Cox, Joseph Landis40; Vol. 2
Cox, Nathan Henry111; Vol. 17
Cox, William Wilson129; Vol. 4
Coyner, Alexander133; Vol. 3
Crabtree, Isaac J.133; Vol. 4
Craft, Benjamin49; Vol. 19
Craig, Hugh32; Vol. 22
Craig, John Henry152; Vol. 8
Craig, May Burton99; Vol. 16
Craig, Paul101; Vol. 16
Craig, Thomas Harold137; Vol. 4
Crain, Charles Henry25; Vol. 21
Cram, Louis Fillmore27; Vol. 21
Crane, Henry A.101; Vol. 5
Crane, James Harvey90; Vol. 9
Crawford, Frederick Gustavus34; Vol. 22
Crawford, John Emerson52; Vol. 26
Crawford, Marcus Jones97; Vol. 11
Cree, James153; Vol. 6
Creffield, Ralph50; Vol. 23
Creswel, David Cristy157; Vol. 6
Crew, Alexander Hill137; Vol. 3
Crist, John114; Vol. 17
Critcher, Henry94; Vol. 9
Crittenden, Alexander Parker36; Vol. 22
Crittenden, Samuel O.156; Vol. 8
Crocker, Everett French49; Vol. 20
Crocker, Henry Robinson51; Vol. 23
Crocker, L. Robert Robinson161; Vol. 6
Crockett, Joseph Bryant46; Vol. 15
Cronogue, James37; Vol. 22
Crosby, Chester A.141; Vol. 4
Crosby, William52; Vol. 19
Cross, John Francis116; Vol. 17
Cross, Joshua Anderson101; Vol. 11
Croswell, Andrew160; Vol. 8
Crouch, Elisha165; Vol. 6
Crouch, Elisha56; Vol. 19
Crouch, Emily Corbin169; Vol. 6
Crow, James Thomas105; Vol. 11
Crow, John Bradford38; Vol. 22
Crow, Walter103; Vol. 16
Crowell, John Matthew85; Vol. 18
Crum, Albert Elry61; Vol. 27
Crum, Alfred Bishop86; Vol. 27
Crum, Alfred Garner (Garn)79; Vol. 27
Crum, Andrew Jackson90; Vol. 27
Crum, Arthur Fryer76; Vol. 27
Crum, Charles Leroy71; Vol. 27
Crum, Dana Harmon88; Vol. 27
Crum, Franklin Pierce95; Vol. 27
Crum, Freeman Aljah107; Vol. 27
Crum, Hiram121; Vol. 27
Crum, Ira Bird103; Vol. 27
Crum, John Edwin112; Vol. 27
Crum, John Harvey114; Vol. 27
Crum, Milton Clarence100; Vol. 27
Crum, Morris Thompson66; Vol. 27
Crum, Ralph Elery73; Vol. 27
Crum, Ray Edwin110; Vol. 27
Crum, Stephen A.97; Vol. 27
Cuddeback, Henry Brown25; Vol. 25
Cull, Ly Curgus41; Vol. 22
Culver, Frederick M.105; Vol. 16
Culver, J. E.105; Vol. 16
Cummings, John Franklin173; Vol. 6
Cummings, Wilbur E.105; Vol. 5
Cummings, William Eustace54; Vol. 26
Cummins, Francis Marion98; Vol. 9
Cummins, John H.118; Vol. 17
Cunningham, C. P. (Dr.)30; Vol. 21
Cunningham, Robert106; Vol. 16
Currlin, Albert F.109; Vol. 5
Curtis, David T.113; Vol. 5
Curtis, Stephen Z.164; Vol. 8
Curtis, William107; Vol. 16
Curtis, William Jesse177; Vol. 6
Cushman, Mathew Smith41; Vol. 2
Cushman, Mathew Smith141; Vol. 3
Cussen, Helen Wantland145; Vol. 3
Cutler, Hobart Nelson181; Vol. 6
Cutler, John29; Vol. 1
Cutler, Walter Charles56; Vol. 26
Cutter, Ephriam Pierce120; Vol. 17
Cutting, Charles Douglas61; Vol. 7
Cutting, Edwin53; Vol. 23
Cutting, Lewis Morrison185; Vol. 6
Czar, John69; Vol. 11
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Daggett, John59; Vol. 19
Daley, Edward Sr.145; Vol. 4
Daley, Thomas J.13; Vol. 10
Dalton, George107; Vol. 9
Daly, Elisha Doyle149; Vol. 3
Dam, Cyrus King102; Vol. 9
Damron, Charles Norval189; Vol. 6
Daniel, John108; Vol. 16
Daniels, Flavius Josephus27; Vol. 25
Daniels, George A.117; Vol. 5
Danley, Frank Bartlett56; Vol. 23
Danskin, George109; Vol. 16
Darrow, Albert Lincoln149; Vol. 4
Dart, Martin110; Vol. 16
Daubenbiss, Frank P.121; Vol. 5
Dauser, Bernard112; Vol. 16
Davenport, John Pope Capt.40; Vol. 24
Davidson, Edward Marshall111; Vol. 9
Davidson, John109; Vol. 11
Davidson, Vance Lusk30; Vol. 1
Davie, Edmund H.58; Vol. 26
Davies, Edward William65; Vol. 7
Davis, Charles Franklin69; Vol. 7
Davis, Edward Harvey17; Vol. 10
Davis, Eli Austin43; Vol. 24
Davis, George W.153; Vol. 4
Davis, George W.193; Vol. 6
Davis, Henry Levi60; Vol. 26
Davis, John R.47; Vol. 15
Davis, John W.91; Vol. 18
Davis, Moses122; Vol. 17
Davis, Schuyler B.157; Vol. 4
Davis, William Bugord65; Vol. 26
Davis, William Hale123; Vol. 17
Davis, Zeno Philosopher126; Vol. 17
Daw, Jesse Wayne113; Vol. 16
Dawson, Moses62; Vol. 19
De Bolt, William B.49; Vol. 15
De Fremery, William C. B.125; Vol. 5
De Haven, William115; Vol. 16
De Lamater, Guysbert B. V.168; Vol. 8
De Land, Alvord118; Vol. 16
De Ortega, Jose Maria178; Vol. 15
De Soto, Silverio Y. C.29; Vol. 10
De Wolf, David123; Vol. 16
Dean, Alfred Larkin53; Vol. 20
Dean, George Critchell43; Vol. 2
Dean, Peter45; Vol. 24
Dean, Theodore Henry73; Vol. 7
Deane, Benjamin Henry57; Vol. 23
Deane, James Russell44; Vol. 22
Decoto, Ezra129; Vol. 17
Delahunty, Thomas93; Vol. 18
Dement, William Clement44; Vol. 2
Deming, John21; Vol. 10
Deming, John Francis197; Vol. 6
Demorest, Peter Philip132; Vol. 17
Denkinger, Norbert John25; Vol. 10
Denman, Ezekiel120; Vol. 16
Denner, Russell122; Vol. 16
Dennett, Edward Power77; Vol. 7
Derby, Abner Lawrence29; Vol. 25
Des, Granges Otto46; Vol. 22
Dewell, Benjamin46; Vol. 2
Dewell, Samuel201; Vol. 6
Dewey, Josiah A.59; Vol. 23
Dewey, Willis Alonzo49; Vol. 22
Dexter, Asa A.49; Vol. 22
Dexter, Milton Emer172; Vol. 8
Deyo, Thomas S.205; Vol. 6
Dibble, Robert H.125; Vol. 16
Dick, John64; Vol. 19
Dickey, Cornelius Walborn62; Vol. 23
Dickey, Dudley R.50; Vol. 15
Dietz, Henry Louis81; Vol. 7
Dievendorff, Horton33; Vol. 10
Dillon, Edward135; Vol. 17
Dingley, Charles Llewlyn115; Vol. 9
Dodge, Daniel65; Vol. 23
Dodge, Jonathan Hart137; Vol. 17
Dodge, Mark Tyler126; Vol. 16
Dodge, Richard209; Vol. 6
Doig, Mllard F.176; Vol. 8
Dole, George Hathaway213; Vol. 6
Doll, Josiah51; Vol. 15
Donald, Robert140; Vol. 17
Donandt, William F.180; Vol. 8
Donnellan, Benjamin C.217; Vol. 6
Doolan, Thomas47; Vol. 24
Doran, John Hale129; Vol. 5
Dorman, Louis Benjamin67; Vol. 23
Dorrance, Barton142; Vol. 17
Dorsey, Henry221; Vol. 6
Doty, Ebenezer113; Vol. 11
Doty, George Walton37; Vol. 10
Douglass, Thomas Andrew51; Vol. 22
Dow, Joseph Godfrey Jr.67; Vol. 19
Downey, Patrick56; Vol. 15
Dows, Samuel94; Vol. 18
Doyle, Guy Phoenix183; Vol. 25
Drake, Arthur Gilman117; Vol. 11
Drake, Ethel Allen225; Vol. 6
Draper, Clinton Howard119; Vol. 9
Draper, Stoddard Stephens229; Vol. 6
Dreher, Peter John161; Vol. 4
Drennan, Samuel165; Vol. 4Hugh Byrne
Dreyfuss, Lewis W.233; Vol. 6
Drips, William H.131; Vol. 16
Drury, Wells58; Vol. 15
Dryer, Elbridge Oliver72; Vol. 23
Du Jardin, Frederick49; Vol. 24
Duarte, Antone Silveria144; Vol. 17
Dudley, Hosea E.145; Vol. 17
Dugger, George W.85; Vol. 7
Duggins, Henry David68; Vol. 26
Duhig, James55; Vol. 20
Duhig, James Jr.48; Vol. 2
Duke, John Gary121; Vol. 11
Dunbar, Henry50; Vol. 2
Duncan, Samuel Montgomery97; Vol. 18
Dungan, Thomas1; Vol. 12
Dunham, Jonathan56; Vol. 20
Dunlap, Cyrus Wills125; Vol. 11
Dunlap, George129; Vol. 11
Dunn, Lemuel Jackson337; Vol. 6
Dunn, Lemuel Jackson337; Vol. 6
Dunning, Fred Brayton41; Vol. 10
Dunning, Zophar P.132; Vol. 16
Dunshee, John45; Vol. 10
Dunstan, John75; Vol. 23
Durfee, Van Rensselaer89; Vol. 7
Durham, Harris K.49; Vol. 10
Dutra, Besente H.133; Vol. 11
Dutton, George Washington (Dr.)70; Vol. 26
Dutton, Warren133; Vol. 16
Duvall, Oliver Harvey93; Vol. 7
Dwinell, Israel E.169; Vol. 4
Dye, John Sydney53; Vol. 10
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Eachus, David Winchester72; Vol. 26
Earle, Warren H.77; Vol. 23
Easley, Stephen Isaac123; Vol. 27
Easton, Giles Alexander184; Vol. 8
Eaton, Benjamin Smith97; Vol. 7
Ebeling, William188; Vol. 8
Eckstrom, Thomas Frederick80; Vol. 26
Eddy, Nelson Butler153; Vol. 3
Eddy, Nelson Harvey57; Vol. 10
Edinger, Louise185; Vol. 25
Edmonds, Marcus A.101; Vol. 7
Edmunds, Henry H.192; Vol. 8
Edwards, Samson53; Vol. 22
Edwards, Thomas123; Vol. 9
Edwards, Thomas Miller56; Vol. 22
Edwards, William Philipps147; Vol. 17
Egbert, Robert Seely241; Vol. 6
Eggleston, Ambrose Theodore31; Vol. 25
Eichelroth, Wm. Egedius196; Vol. 8
Eicke, John Henry61; Vol. 10
Eldred, Charles105; Vol. 7
Elkins, Caswell Carl200; Vol. 8
Ellars, Lou Ella63; Vol. 15
Ellery, Franklin157; Vol. 3
Elliot, John Simmons33; Vol. 25
Elliott, John William51; Vol. 24
Elliott, Robert Richard109; Vol. 7
Elliott, Thomas Clayton204; Vol. 8
Ellis, James S.134; Vol. 16
Ellis, Olive Alice Beard33; Vol. 3
Ellis, Ralph133; Vol. 5
Ellis, Thomas Oliver65; Vol. 10
Ellison, John Francis65; Vol. 15
Elphick, James Franklin245; Vol. 6
Elston, Myers W.137; Vol. 11
Emerton, Jacob Perkins57; Vol. 22
Emery, Charles Woodman67; Vol. 15
Emery, William S.141; Vol. 11
England, Barton161; Vol. 3
England, Barton102; Vol. 18
England, Barton126; Vol. 27
Enlow, Ephriam Ellsworth113; Vol. 7
Ensley, Elizabeth Borthwick32; Vol. 1
Ensley, John Perry208; Vol. 8
Epperly, Solomon1; Vol. 14
Epperson, Brutus Clay212; Vol. 8
Epperson, Cassius Clay216; Vol. 8
Erway, Mark Reed69; Vol. 10
Escamilla, Jose68; Vol. 15
Estep, James59; Vol. 20
Estes, Fred Edwin54; Vol. 24
Estill, William Kavanaugh63; Vol. 20
Etcheverry, Bernard73; Vol. 10
Evans, Henry James187; Vol. 25
Evans, Mary Ann33; Vol. 1
Evans, Thomas Jefferson220; Vol. 8
Everett, Henry77; Vol. 10
Everett, Philip George149; Vol. 17
Everett, Samuel B.135; Vol. 16
Everts, Timothy C.197; Vol. 21
Evey, Edward117; Vol. 7
Ewald, Edward58; Vol. 22
Ewing, Philip C. S. B.81; Vol. 23
Ewing, Samuel69; Vol. 15
Exline, Levi62; Vol. 22
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Faber, John Summers89; Vol. 10
Fairbairn, Alexander104; Vol. 18
Fairbanks, Hiram Tolbert81; Vol. 10
Fairchild, Fred M.224; Vol. 8
Falkenstein, William70; Vol. 15
Falla, William Franklin121; Vol. 7
Fanning, Howard Malcolm151; Vol. 17
Farnham, Enoch G.137; Vol. 5
Farnsworth, E. Seymour Capt.35; Vol. 1
Farnsworth, Junius71; Vol. 15
Farnsworth, Robert W. C.125; Vol. 7
Farrington, Efner A.129; Vol. 7
Farrington, Harvey L.228; Vol. 8
Farrington, Seth Crane127; Vol. 9
Farris, Carrie Virginia D.85; Vol. 10
Farwell, George Washington72; Vol. 15
Fauntleroy, William Hale153; Vol. 17
Fay, Frank Paige155; Vol. 17
Fay, Michael145; Vol. 11
Fellom, Matthias149; Vol. 11
Fells, William Franlkin70; Vol. 19
Ferdun, Samuel137; Vol. 16
Ferguson, Allan Robert71; Vol. 19
Fernald, Charles74; Vol. 15
Ferris, Sylvanus Harvey38; Vol. 1
Field, Alden Pierce84; Vol. 23
Field, Frederick Theodore86; Vol. 23
Field, Stephen Johnson64; Vol. 22
Fine, Lidgard73; Vol. 19
Fink, Jacob66; Vol. 22
Finkeldey, Werner141; Vol. 5
Finnen, Thomas156; Vol. 17
Finnen, Thomas191; Vol. 21
Fischer, George August88; Vol. 23
Fish, Charles69; Vol. 22
Fish, Erskine106; Vol. 18
Fish, Lafayette56; Vol. 24
Fish, William Wirt93; Vol. 10
Fisher, Galen Merriam173; Vol. 4
Fisher, James Harvey139; Vol. 16
Fisher, Sarah Bird (Sprenger)75; Vol. 15
Fitter, John71; Vol. 22
Fitzgerald, Jenkins A.133; Vol. 7
Fitzgerald, Philip177; Vol. 4
Flack, Louis Gwyn145; Vol. 5
Flagg, John87; Vol. 26
Fleming, George67; Vol. 20
Fletcher, Joel Meeker140; Vol. 16
Flinn, James Ebenezer105; Vol. 10
Flinn, William Eugene89; Vol. 26
Flint, James Putnam97; Vol. 10
Flint, Thomas (Dr.)101; Vol. 10
Flournoy, John Daniel1; Vol. 13
Flynn, John Stephen77; Vol. 15
Folks, Jesse31; Vol. 21
Foote, Ephriam Seely40; Vol. 1
Foote, Erastus N.232; Vol. 8
Foote, Reuben Marius157; Vol. 17
Forbes, James Alexander90; Vol. 23
Ford, James Tooker249; Vol. 6
Forrest, Curtis Tuttle165; Vol. 3
Forrester, George Washington72; Vol. 20
Forsyth, William72; Vol. 22
Forward, Walter76; Vol. 20
Foster, Arthur James76; Vol. 19
Foster, John Clark137; Vol. 7
Foster, Newell Kelley109; Vol. 10
Foster, Theophilus Randolph73; Vol. 24
Foster, Thomas78; Vol. 24
Fountain, George Washington78; Vol. 15
Fouts, John Fleming149; Vol. 5
Fowler, Elijah P.81; Vol. 15
Fowler, Henry73; Vol. 22
Fowler, James Edgard169; Vol. 3
Fowler, Jeremiah Putman75; Vol. 22
Fox, Benjamin Franklin91; Vol. 26
Fox, Charles F. Jr.153; Vol. 5
Fox, Charles James92; Vol. 26
Fox, Joel Emery253; Vol. 6
Fox, Jonathan Frank76; Vol. 22
Fox, Richard D.82; Vol. 15
Foxen, William Benjamin113; Vol. 10
Foxen, William Benjamin94; Vol. 26
Fraisher, William W.131; Vol. 9
Frampton, Walter Nelson135; Vol. 9
Francis, David Carey153; Vol. 11
Francis, Henry Laurens141; Vol. 16
Frankhouse, Joseph Pomeroy43; Vol. 1
Franklin, Benjamin B.159; Vol. 17
Franklin, Jesse C.117; Vol. 10
Frary, Orin Phineas143; Vol. 16
Frazer, William Beverly160; Vol. 17
Freeland, Albert William93; Vol. 23
Freeman, Franklin S.161; Vol. 17
Freissman, John142; Vol. 27
Frick, Abraham145; Vol. 16
Frink, Horace Monroe33; Vol. 21
Frisbie, Edward236; Vol. 8
Frisbie, Edward81; Vol. 20
Fritch, George Swim79; Vol. 19
Frost, Charles Edward240; Vol. 8
Frost, Sheldon95; Vol. 26
Fry, Mary Ann Harmon Roussell44; Vol. 1
Fryer, Richard Chamberlain173; Vol. 3
Fuller, Henry Harrison77; Vol. 22
Fuller, Mary M.46; Vol. 1
Fuller, Stillman162; Vol. 17
Fulton, David164; Vol. 17
Furlong, Clara Jane (Durant)166; Vol. 17
Furlong, Matthew William121; Vol. 10
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