A Memorial and biographical history of the counties of Merced, Stanislaus, Calaveras, Tuolumne and Mariposa, California:

Containing a history of this important section of the Pacific coast from the earliest period ... and biographical mention of many of its pioneers, and also of prominent citizens of to-day.

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1892

Caifornia Local History - Rocq - 5371

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
CALL NUMBER: [Alcove] 979.4 M5 -- Book NC
CALL NUMBER: [q] 979.4 M5 -- Book
CALL NUMBER: \MICRO-\FILM\115\Reel 9\Book 1976\ -- Book

Sutro Library (RR)
CALL NUMBER: \MICRO-\FILM\115\Reel 9\Book 1976\ -- Book

The biographies contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the biography commences. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams with the name of the book. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

To obtain copies please contact the Sequoia Genealogical Society at SGS for more information.

Additionally, the Merced County Courthouse Museum, near 21st and M streets, Merced, CA, has copies of the reprinted work for sale at $26.00 per hardbound copy.

Finally, Norcal member, Rick Albright has a copy of the reprinted version and has volunteered to undertake look-ups if you give him the name and page number.

The names can be accessed by choosing the first letter of the individual's surname below or by scrolling down the list.

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A[Return to Jump Site]
Adams, E. W. 307
Adams, Wm.293
Alexander, J.329
Allen, H. G.198
Angel, Bennett 390
Appling, E. H.226
Arata, Paul374
Atwood, Henry206
Austin, C. W.216
Averill Bros. & Hall332
Ayala, J. A.337
B[Return to Jump Site]
Baker & Deschamp390
Bangs, R. E.250
Bangs, V. E.291
Barnett E. Z.326
Barrow, N.339
Bartlett, R F.294
Basso, Nicolo351
Baxter, J. C.308
Beausang, J. F.201
Bell, T. C.358
Bentley, R. H.361
Berry, James328
Bertolacci, G. T.215
Blacker, G. H.381
Bibby, N.315
Bishop, Silas228
Bittick, J. B. L.287
Bonillas, A.294
Boone, F. B.314
Breen, Nicholas323
Brewster, L. O.289
Brem, Henry302
Bromley, R. I.305
Brown, A. F.371
Brown, William256
Bunker, Palmer263
Burden, C. H. 405
Burgess, H. A.283
Byrum, M. V.271
C[Return to Jump Site]
Cady, J. S.316
Caldwell, T. A.379
Cameron, G. W.340
Carmichael, T. J. 256
Carpenter, J. H.261
Carver, A. G.299
Casey, William217
Claxton, Wm. C.216
Cocanour, J. B.263
Cogswell, C. M.238
Collins, Asa363
Conlin, Thomas334
Conner, John232
Conway, Sam205
Cooley, John217
Copeland, J. F. 377
Coulter, A. H.213
Covert, W. A.330
Crawford, E. C.281
Cressey, A. L.233
Crooks, William 857
Cunningham, J.393
Cutting, Ephraim248
D[Return to Jump Site]
Dambacher, F. 393
Davey, J. C.304
Davies, J. V.272
Davis, B. F.317
Davis, F. C.335
Day, F. H.306
Davis, Hannah J309
Day, Louis H.382
Demarest, D. D.211
Dennett, L. L.260
Dingley, A. S.396
Dolling, Otto220
Doresy, Caleb367
Douglass, G. B310
Drake, Jacob251
Drummond, A. W 341
Drummond, J. Q295
Dunbar, Willis230
Dunlap, J. W211
E[Return to Jump Site]
Early, J. C.351
Eastman, W. W311
Eaton, J. M 365
Edwards, J. H298
Evans, C. W277
F[Return to Jump Site]
Fagan, Mrs. Emma 209
Fairbanks, J.362
Farrier, James302
Faure, A.213
Ferrell, W. J.257
Finney, L. A.404
Fltzgerald, J.347
Fowler, B. F.398
Frazier, Isaac363
Fulkerth, L. W.369
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gardner, J.320
Garrard, W.338
Gatzman, E.369
Getchell, C. W.158
Gibson, S.402
Giovanetti, A.371
Golden, G. H.271
Gottschalk, C. V.350
Gray, Manuel 312
Green, Benj286
Grelersen, George218
Griffith, J282
Grubaugh, S. G.201
Grubb, D. H.318
H[Return to Jump Site]
Hale, G. W.233
Hallook, R. F. L.258
Halstead, G. W.274
Hamilton, Mrs. N. E.259
Hanscom, S. L.127
Hardy, Thomas319
Harp, T. J.198
Harris, Ira375
Hartley, W. H.70
Haslacher & Kahn268
Haslacher, J.269
Hayes, G. A.265
Heinsdorff, J.216
Hewel, A.391
Hicks, E. A. 260
Hill, C. S. S.290
Holsholt, B.311
Hooper, V. C. W407
Howell, Frank 279
Howes, W. L360
Hubbel, John275
Hudelson, F. M327
Hudelson, J. W373
Hudelson, R. T337
Huffman, C. H 82
Hughes, Owen336
Hughson, Hiram399
I[Return to Jump Site]
Inch, R345
Ivett, J. L 342
J[Return to Jump Site]
Johns, T. W 235
Johnson, A. W318
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kahn, Louis270
Keilbar, Adam223
Kelly, Wm. A 203
Kelsey, G P 279
Kelsey, H. G.343
Kerr, H. A 336
Kerr, J. F306
L[Return to Jump Site]
Lane, T. M 215
Leclert, S. T285
Lee, Lewis 221
Leeper, Robert356
Leggett, T. B205
Leonard, Thomas 286
Lindsay, T. L349
Loney, James292
Love, Alexander246
Love, Samuel264
M[Return to Jump Site]
Macomber, G. A. & F. S301
Maguire, G. W.300Thomas Hilk
Mahady, J.324
Mallory, J.F.241Thomas Hilk
Mann, W. S.333
Mason, E. C.395
Matteson, Mrs. H. S 273
Matteson, T. J. 221
Maxwell, Wm. M.242
Mayer, F. 354
McAdams, E. L.352
McCabe, G. T.214
McCarthy, J. D. 333
McClosky, J. H 248
McDonough, J308
McHugh, J. W 218
McLean, S. M249
McLeod, J. M262
McTarnahan, O277
Means, A. J234
Mercer, W. J 254
Meyer, H. F 251
Meyers, J. B338
Minor, Wm. O303
Mitchler, F. A299
Monohan, James 335
Monotti, A324
Montgomery, J. M 296
Moody, D. R387
Morton, Pliney Franklin309
Moulton, E. N 387
Mourot, Julien276
Murphy, Lewis 370
N[Return to Jump Site]
Nelson, C. C. 396
Nelson, Christian 200
Nelson, Henry343
Nelson, N. C.334
Nicol, G. W. 278
Norvell, J. A. 253Thomas Hilk
O[Return to Jump Site]
Ordway, N. F.327
Oliver, D. R. 378
Osler, C. H. 229
Ostrom, G. P383
Owens, W. C.397
P[Return to Jump Site]
Palmer, W. H.239
Parsons, E. 376
Patison, H. & H. C.261
Patterson, A. J.236
Peachy, T. G. 280
Peak, Luke239
Phelps, Josiah 381
Phenegar, G. R. 394
Pingree, Wm. C.202
Poor, F. G.258
Post, C. A. 388
Prowse, J. H. 384
Purvis, R. B. 370
Q[Return to Jump Site]
R[Return to Jump Site]
Radcliffe, O. D. 98
Ralph, Frank J.401
Rechenbach, F.302
Rector, E. G.266
Reddick, J. B.353
Reed, I. H.352
Reed, Myron H.231
Reeder, R. H.365
Reynolds, E.212Bill Principe
Reynolds, F. W.313
Richardson, Thomas226Bill Principe
Ripperden, I. 357
Ritchey, M. M.322
Robinson, John384
Robinson, Wm.325
Rodgers, E. A.394
Rodgers, J. H.97
Rogers, S. 237
Romans, John344
Rush Jonas379
Russell, E.321
Rydberg, J. A. 246
S[Return to Jump Site]
Salau, H. F.277
Sanchez, Frank366
Saunders, D. E.227
Sayers, Hugh359
Schell, Abraham 136
Schell, H. R.224
Schnider, John244
Shaffer, G. W.346
Sheldon, D. N.245
Sherburn, David288
Shine, J. H.389
Smith, C. W.275
Smith, Norman320
Smith, O. E.266
Smith, S. A.341
Smith, T. N.355
Smith, W. C.356
Snyder, Peter354
Solinsky, F. J. 243
Sorensen, M. J.367
Sorensen, R. A.380
Spears, D. K.346
Spencer & Crow125
Standiford, Admer Nelson372Carol
Steel, John236
Steffler, W. H.199
Stevenson, C. C.383
Stickler, George355
Stonesifer, C. A.385
Strother, W. E.273
Stuart, J. F. 222
Sturgeon, E. L.314
Swenson, W. O.223
T[Return to Jump Site]
Taylor, Allen230
Thomas, Henry219
Thomason, G. W267
Thorn, B. K.348
Thornton, Harry298
Thorpe, Moses210
Threlfall, O. H.220
Trammall, G.270
Trumbly, J. F. 225
Tryon, G. C.313
Tulloch, C. T.380
Tulloch, James349
Turner, B. C. H.406
Turner, Garrison228Betty
Turner, J. L. 204
Turpen, B. S.244
Tynan, T. E.375
U[Return to Jump Site]
Underwood, H. L.360
V[Return to Jump Site]
Voight, F.H.199
W[Return to Jump Site]
Wagner, E. H.297
Wallace, T.331
Wallis, Wm. K.385
Walthall, L. B.207
Walther, G. W. 267
Warfield, C. A. H.207
Welch, P. Y.252
Wells, J. H.240
Wells, Squire359
Wells, T. W.284
Wells, Wm.255
Wesson, G. F.321
Whitmore, R. K.386
Whitworth, H.278
Widman, Adolph 312
Wood, D. M.339
Wood, Harvey345
Wootten, Sarah243
Worthington, J. A.315
Wren, R. T.360Bill Principe
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Zeller, Gustav 382
Zotte, Adolph C.297
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