A Memorial and biographical history of the counties of Fresno, Tulare and Kern, California

containing a history of this important section of the Pacific coast from the earliest period of its occupancy to the present time, together with glimpses of its prospective future, with profuse illustrations of its beautiful scenery, full-page portraits of some of its most eminent men, and biographical mention of many of its pioneers, and also of prominent citizens to-day.

(Includes present-day Kings County since it was published prior to the county's formation)

Lewis Publishing, Chicago, Ill (1892)

California Local History - Rocq - 1839

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
In State Library System as: History of Central California
CALL NUMBER: [Alcove] 979.48 M5 -- Book NC
CALL NUMBER: [q] 979.48 M5 -- Book
CALL NUMBER: \MICRO-\FILM\115\Reel 5\Book 815\ -- Book

Sutro Library (RR)
CALL NUMBER: \MICRO-\FILM\115\Reel 5\Book 815\ -- Book

This book has recently been reprinted. It is a new 822-page facsimile edition, hardbound in high-quality buckram with the title stamped on the spine in gold. It is available by mail from Higginson Book Company, 148 Washington Street, Dept. P, Book #CA0004, Salem MA, 01970, for $79.95 plus $6.00 each for shipping.

The biographies contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the biography commences. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

To obtain copies please contact the Sequoia Genealogical Society at SGS for more information.

For general information about what is contained in the book a look-up volunteer is Corky. While she can give you general information she does not have the time to trascribe the biography for you or provide you with copies. Copies can be obtained as stated above. She can perhaps tell you if the biography relates to the family you are researching.

The names can be accessed by choosing the first letter of the individual's surname below or by scrolling down the list.

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Abbot, David C.567Kern
Agee, C. W.412Kings
Akers, Oregon472Kern
Alberts, A. C.337Kern
Albin, John N.781Fresno
Alford, B. M.655Tulare
Alford, B. T.343Fresno
Allen, Hiram L.766Kern
Allison, James R.468Fresno
Anderson, George Reuben799Tulare
Anderson, Samuel H.453Fresno
Ardizzi, B.509Tulare
Armstrong, D. F.815Fresno
Armstrong, George A.815Fresno
Armstrong, J. W. 793Fresno
Armstrong, James793Fresno
Asay, C. E631Tulare
Ashe, E. M755Kern
Ashe, R. S755Kern
Asher, I714Kern
Ashmore, J. Y522Inyo
Atwell, A. B486Tulare
Austin, Herbert Z.324Fresno
Austin, M. F472Fresno
Ayers, A. M284Tulare
B[Return to Jump Site]
Baber, E. J790Fresno
Bachman, H. S.680Tulare
Bachtold, Christian559Fresno
Bacon, James A.732Tulare
Badger, W. S.355Fresno
Bagby, E. W.691Tulare
Baird, Alfred305Fresno
Baird, W. F.495Madera
Baker, Frank792Tulare
Baker, J. T.395Tulare
Baker, P. Y.404Tulare
Baker, Thomas A.383Tulare
Baker, Thomas279Kern
Balaam, Alfred716Tulare
Balaam, Edwin Swain330Tulare
Baley, Gillum370FresnoSteve Williams
Ballou, George A.701Tulare
Bank of Visalia517Tulare
Bannon, P. M.559Kern
Barcroft, Fred815Madera
Barker, J. A.791Fresno
Barker, John727Kern
Barker, Vining479Kern
Barling, Alfred Dave394Fresno
Barris, Emery665Tulare
Barton, James804Tulare
Barton, Robert694Fresno
Batz, J. B.342Kern
Beall, Z. D.626Kings
Beaty, John723Tulare
Beckwith, R. E.587Fresno
Bedford, J. S.324Fresno
Belcher, C. 683Kern
Bell, Isaac T.637Tulare
Bell, T. A314Fresno
Benson, Frantz S.564Kern
Berges, J. B.474Kern
Bernamayou, P318Kern
Berry, Fulton G.609Fresno
Berry, J. H.757Kern
Berry, W. A.519Kern
Betteridge, William471FresnoBruce Betteridge
Billingsley, J. D.510Tulare
Bingam, Ozias611Tulare
Birkhead, J. T.555Fresno
Bishop, B. F.639Tulare
Bixby, M. H.593Fresno
Blakeley, F. A.766Kings
Bland, Tilley725KernBill Bland
Blayney, O. C.583Tulare
Blowers, G. M.746Kern
Bloyd, Leander740TulareSunni Bloyd
Bohna, Henry602Kern
Bones, J. W.594Fresno
Boone, L. L.549Fresno
Borden, Joseph791Fresno
Borgwardt, H. L., Jr783Kern
Borgwardt, Henry, Sr.511Kings
Botsford, G. A.516Tulare
Bowhay, Joseph Newton725Tulare
Bowles, J. M. & Sons817Tulare
Boyd, James Andrew739Tulare
Boyd, James Saxton402Tulare
Brady, Peter T.350Kern
Bratton, T. C.577Fresno
Breyfogle, William O.492Madera
Briggs, Samuel Wallace772Calaveras
Briggs, Thomas L820Kern
Brite, J. H.297Kern
Brite, James M.297Kern
Brite, John M.296Kern
Brite, L. F.297Kern
Brooks, J. T.401Kings
Brooks, Willard602Fresno
Brown, 0. C.779Kings
Brown, Clinton T.689Tulare
Brown, E. E.565Fresno
Brown, F. R.481Fresno
Brown, John798Fresno
Brown, Thomas W.752Kern
Brown, W. W.668Tulare
Brownstone, D.774Kings
Brownstone, H. P.813Fresno
Brownstone, Joseph498Fresno
Brundage, Benjamin692Kern
Bryan, A. C.603Fresno
Buckland, A.453Fresno
Buckman, Andrew Jasper546Tulare
Buckman, Clement T.314Tulare
Buckman, John Evermore294Kern
Buckreus, Franz415Kern ">Kathy Buckreus O'Brien
Buhn, D. P299Kern
Buhn, F. Lewis681Kern
Bull, Walter497Kern
Bump, Addison J283Kings
Burke, Daniel478Kern
Burke, Harry Albert663Tulare
Burks, N. B.584Fresno
Burleigh, Frank J.295Kern
Burleigh, H. E.455Fresno
Burnett, James G.490Fresno
Burnett, M. M.397Tulare
Burns, J. F.701Fresno
Burns, James A.814Kings
Burrel, Cuthbert407Tulare
Burris, David433Tulare
Burton, J. M.736Kings
Butler, A. B.418Kings
Butler, R. B.568Fresno
Byrd, Pleasant518Tulare
Byrnes, Matthew J.706Tulare
Byron, Henry W.749Kings
C[Return to Jump Site]
Cadwell, Ambrose628Kings
Caldwell, John W. V. 599Kern
Calhoun, Ezekial Ewing632TulareTeddy Noye
Callison, E. Z.436TulareDorothy Casler
Camp, W. S.537Tulare
Canfield, Wellington553Kern
Cannan, David479Fresno
Carpenter, A. B.291Kern
Carver, Wm.756Kern
Castro, Thomas713Kern
Catron, Green Berry623Tulare
Caughran, W. W.709Tulare
Cawrey, Charles461FresnoLindsey Cawrey
Cecil, D. L.560Kern
Cesmat, Marius820Kern
Chance, W. H.385Fresno
Chapin, J. E.489Fresno
Chase, A. B.375Kern
Chauvin, E.747Kern
Child, B. W.489Madera
Chism, J. T.679Tulare
Chittenden, J. E.775Kern
Chittenden, L. S.734Kings
Chrisman, Henry Tyler537Tulare
Church, Firman381Fresno
Church, M. J. 457Fresno
Clack, J. S.694TulareEdna Clack
Clack, R. N.687TulareEdna Clack
Clark, Angus Marion329Fresno
Clark, Charles R443Fresno
Clark, J. A.482Kern
Clark, J. P.745KernAnn M. Juette
Click, M. C.693Tulare
Cline, J. W.480Madera
Clough, William O.642TulareDiana Knight
Clow, B. R.415Kings
Cody, George W.301Kings
Coffee, David Franklin309Tulare
Coffee, George W.753Kern
Coffman, William F.502Fresno
Cohn, David S.568Tulare
Cole, J. A.376Fresno
Cole, John Smith699Tulare
Cole, Louis M.299Kings
Cole, S. H.345Fresno
Collier, J. M318Fresno
Collins, John681Kern
Collyer, James C.541Tulare
Colvin, Elijah T.330Tulare
Combs, Fielding A.520Tulare
Conklin, Alvah R.280Tulare
Conner, C. L.491Kern
Cook, Francis Marion663Fresno
Coolbaugh, D. B.769Kern
Coons, W. H.782Kern
Corbly, P. M.551Fresno
cort.htm"> Corti, Paul465Kern
Cory, J. M.430Fresno
Cory, Lewis L.300Fresno
Cotton, G. W.770Kings
Coughlin, Michael682Kern
Coughran, C. E.463Kern
Covalt, Abraham B.302Fresno
Coverdale, D. S.722Kern
Cowing, John639Tulare
Craig, F. W.512Tulare
Craine, Samuel J.715Kern
Creighton, Thomas799Tulare
Cress, Jacob Daniel337Tulare
Crichton, W. D.600Fresno
Crocker, E. M769Kern
Crocker, James C.813Fresno
Cromley, A. P.326Tulare
Cronin, Thomas709Kern
Crookshanks, Samuel Addison805Tulare
Cross, William Walter311Tulare
Crossman, A. C.601Fresno
Crowley, Arthur533Fresno
Cruse, Ferdinand450Tulare
Cuddeback, John726Kern
Cullom, William B.702Fresno
Cummings, A. H786Fresno
Cunningham, Walter Scott700Kings
Curtin, Daniel Henry711Tulare
Cutter, Edward A742Tulare
Cyrus, Joseph742Kern
D[Return to Jump Site]
Danner, J. D.591Kern
Darnell, J. J718Kern
Davenport, Daniel304Kern
Davidson, Ellis M804Tulare
Davidson, J. A.608Kings
Davis, Alexander P.567Tulare
Davis, Andrew Jackson724Tulare
Davis, Elonzo P.376KernSigne
Davis, F. E.722Kern
Davis, Oliver S.766Kern
Davis, Solomon463Fresno
Davison, William A.531Fresno
Day, Benjamin F.494Fresno
Dean, G. C.521Tulare
Dean, Henry W.621Tulare
Deardoff, A. G.361Fresno
Deas, Henry298Kern
Deater, W. J.544Madera
Decker, Solomon586Fresno
Denicke, M.370Fresno
Denny, James Edward369Tulare
Detles, Henry Martin605Tulare
Dice, J. R.691Tulare
Dickenson, J. J.483Madera
Dilley, Albert562Fresno
Dineley, Samuel793TulareSuzanne
Dixon, L. L316Fresno
Dodds, W. H.410Kings
Dodge, Frank L.717Kings
Dodge, Fred A.396Fresno
Dodge, George A.546Kings
Dolan, Alfred444Tulare
Donahoo, P. B.556Fresno
Doody, Patrick Joseph738Tulare
Dooley, Obed D.596Kern
Dore, Benjamin660Fresno
Dore, John S.475Fresno
Dorn, David469Fresno
Douglass, Davis Risley723Tulare
Dow, B. N.657Tulare
Doyle, Bradley Wayman327Fresno
Drake, John Alexander733Tulare
Draper, Elias Johnston454Fresno
Dudley, Edwin631Tulare
Duncan, N. P.405Tulare
Duncan, Thomas James308Fresno
Dunlap, Calvin744Tulare
Dunlap, J. M.492Merced
Dunlap, William J.758Tulare
Dunn, Eugene Clarence408Fresno
Durnal, J. A.680Kern
Dusserre, Jacques783Kern
Dusy, Frank634Fresno
Duvall, C. W.469Kern
Dyer, George550Tulare
E[Return to Jump Site]
Earl, Sumner F.611Fresno
Eastin, James T504Fresno
Eccleston E646Kings
Edmiston, Napoleon B733Kings
Edwardq, Samuel685Kern
Edwards, David F.478Madera
Edwards, E. D.368Fresno
Edwards, George790Fresno
Edwards, Samuel Frederick717Tulare
Eggers, George H.809Fresno
Eggers, Herman C.806Fresno
Einstein, Louis418Fresno
Eller, W. H.475Fresno
Elliott, C. C.339Fresno
Elliott, George447Fresno
Ellis, J. S.774Kern
Ellis, William Josiah341TulareSuzanne
Elrod John W697Tulare
Emmons, Collins H299Fresno
English, William411Tulare
Erickson, Andrew483Fresno
Erlanger, Edward778Kings
Espitallier, M. M.781Kern
Esrey, Jonathan670Kings
Estes, F. A.444Fresno
Etter, A. J.641Madera
Evinger, S.812Fresno
Ewing, A. D.336Fresno
Ewing, D. S.336Fresno
F[Return to Jump Site]
Fahey, Wm543Tulare
Fanning, P. R452Fresno
Farley, M.328Fresno
Faure Bros571Kern
Fay, Alfred535Tulare
Fay, Alvin506Tulare
Ferguson, J. M.524Tulare
Fernald, J. P627Fresno
Fickert, Fred W338KernDave Redheffer
Fickert, Louis675KernDave Redheffer
Fink, Peter William656Fresno
Firebaugh John Franklin334Tulare
Fisher, William A.476Fresno
Flournoy, William Venable635Tulare
Flynn, Matt678Tulare
Foster, John Clark303Kings
Fox, Jesse M325Tulare
Frankenau, Max671Fresno
Freear, Henry T.784Kern
Freeman, Cptn. Robert L307Tulare
Freeman, Ed354Fresno
Fugitt, Francis S.606KernSusan Davies
Fugitt, Wm670Kern
Fulgham, John Jesse542Fresno
Furber, S. D306Kern
Furnish, W. R587Fresno
G[Return to Jump Site]
Galloway, J. D604Fresno
Gallup, Elias758Kings
Galtes, Paul795Kern
Ganyard, A. B.488Madera
Gardett, Peter394Kern
Gardner, Robert Curtis365Fresno
Giddings, Claud J648Tulare
Gilbert, Delano E668Tulare
Gilbert, Julius Langdon720Fresno
Gill, Levi L543Tulare
Gilroy, Launcelot750Kings
Glasscock, Alpha H.288Tulare
Glenn, G. R. G289Kern
Glenn, Robert680Kern
Goodin, Orville Coy285Kern
Gordon, Alexander607Fresno
Goth, M576Fresno
Goucher, G. G550Fresno
Grady, Walter Drane449FresnoSteve Williams
Graham, Wm. P595Fresno
Graham. W. J.412Kern
Grant, Robert Pierce792Tulare
Granz, Herman464Fresno
Gray, Andrew Wheat391Tulare
Gray, Harvey P.772Tulare
Gray, Ruben P.776Kings
Gray, Wheaton Andrew526Tulare
Greeley, C. E.390Kern
Green, James W.807Madera
Greene, P. D.672Kern
Gregg, Stephen G782Inyo
Greive, Alexander504Madera
Grimes, George C.575Fresno
Guard, W. C.554Fresno
Gundelfinger, Louis377Fresno
Guy, Samuel S.426Tulare
H[Return to Jump Site]
Haber, Francis J532Tulare
Hackett, Henry620Kings
Haering, Fred403Kings
Hague, B. M.583Fresno
Halemeier, August473Fresno
Hall J. H.561Fresno
Ham, Isreal H.445Tulare
Hamilton, J. F.467Fresno
Hammers, E. F741Fresno
Hammond, William Hall437Tulare
Hanke, W. P.645Fresno
Hansberger, Henry575FresnoWarren Case
Hansberger, Layton J.577FresnoWarren Case
Hansen, L775Kings
Hansen, N775Kings
Haralson, J. A352Kern
Harden, J. R721Tulare
Harden, James H498Fresno
Harlow, J. J712Kings
Harp, Lemuel603Fresno
Harrell, Alfred448
Harrell, Jasper409Tulare
Harrington, Nero307Kern
Harris, George305Kern
Harris, M. K.667Fresno
Harris, W. H.462Fresno
Hart, Charles A.787Fresno
Hart, Charles Conklin534Kern
Hart, Isaac341Kern
Hart, Moses726Kern
Hatch, Henry Lewis666Kings
Hatch, Martin Paine666Kings
Hatch, Miss L. H.472Fresno
Hayes, Jacob686Tulare
Hays, J. C737Tulare
Hedge Row Vineyard472Fresno
Heim, T. W.401Kern
Heinemnan, Simon318Kern
Helm, William606Fresno
Helman, Henry Howe722Tulare
Hely, Gorges496Madera
Henderson, C. U.640Kings
Hendricks, H. T.395Tulare
Hendrickson, J. J.682Kern
Hennick, A. A.452Fresno
Henry, Albert Reece641Tulare
Hensley, John M.533Tulare
Herrington, John Curtis564Fresno
Higgins, O. C.754Tulare
Higgins, E. R.362Fresno
Hill, S. H.554FresnoSteve Williams
Hill, V. E775Tulare
Hilton, F. T.357Fresno
Hinds, Samuel James607Fresno
Hinds, Wiley288Fresno
Hirshfield, Dave363Kern
Hobart, B. F.714Kern
Hockett, John B.513Tulare
Hodges, I. A.557Fresno
Hogue, Samuel L.526Fresno
Holmes, Samuel Ashe335Fresno
Holton, S. B.545Madera
Hooper, John W.684Tulare
Hooper, Richard351Tulare
Hope, Samuel Davidson816FresnoJohn E. Hope
Hopkins, H. St. George344FresnoGeorge Martin
Hotchkiss, B. M688Tulare
Houghton, W. E285Tulare
House, Joseph Andrew741Tulare
Howell, Lewis M356Tulare
Hoy, P. A614Kings
Hudson, D. D785Fresno
Huffaker, Jacob V.631Tulare
Huffman, Milton D582Fresno
Hughes, Hiram581Kern
Hughes, James B456Fresno
Hughes, Thomas E.374Fresno
Hunt, Seth Brooks356Tulare
Hunter, W. W. W478Madera
Huntley, John Holmes416Tulare
Hurst, James S.731Fresno
Hutchinson, W. J.293Fresno
Hyde, I. N309Fresno
Hyde, R. E.517Tulare
I[Return to Jump Site]
Iribarne, John325Kern
Irwin, Rowen521Kings
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jacob, Elias368Tulare
Jacobs, Justin, Jr.432Kings
James, Jefferson Gilbert585Fresno
James, Thomas Jefferson364Tulare
James, Walter378Kern
James, Wiliam Davenport604Tulare
Jarrett, Edward V.491Fresno
Jefferds, Edward M317Tulare
Jenkinson, Thomas771Kings
Jewett, Philo D.761Kern
Johnson, E. A.445Kern
Johnson, Jeff770Kings
Johnston, John547FresnoTammie
Jones, John S.610Fresno
Jones, T. L500Fresno
Jordan, John690Tulare
Joyner, Charles E710Tulare
Judd, S. M467Kern
Jurgens, Peter Classen397Tulare
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kaarsberg, H.M.H.477Fresno
Kay, Eugene W.772Tulare
Keith, J. M503Kern
Kelsey, Hiram724Tulare
Kenneson, M.D.547Tulare
Kessing, Bernard311Kern
Kett, John716Kern
Kieffer, George F699Kings
Kimball, Frank Tyler801Tulare
Kincaid, James A.689Tulare
King, I. N463Kern
Kirkman, George Walter319Tulare
Kiser, Joseph685Kern
Knapp, W. H315KernTeddy Noye
Knox, John Gaw817Tulare
Knupp, V. D393Tulare
Kohler, George M570Fresno
Kuhl, Hugo289Tulare
Kurtz, John L.664Kings
L[Return to Jump Site]
Lacy, H. G.420Kings
Lafever, Andrew J.529Tulare
Laird, J. W. P.378Kern
Lake, J. L.504Kern
Langrick, George Francis710Tulare
Lanz, Henry572Fresno
Larkins, Elwood Oliver340Tulare
Lathrop, Ezra501Tulare
Lavers, Thomas662Kern
Lazar, Sol798Madera
Leach, Lewis649Fresno
Lechner, C. E.770Kern
Lee, Charles A.290Fresno
Leonard, D. A.419Kings
Letcher, F. F.558Fresno
Levis, Adolph552Tulare
Levis, Mahlon600Fresno
Libbey, Charles A.442Fresno
Lightner, Abia T.494Kern
Lightner, Abia Taylor385Kern
Lightner, Dan S. 683Kern
Lightner, Wm.387Kern
Linder, R.393Tulare
Lindrose, Michael Julius642Fresno
Lindsey, James788KernShanna Lindsey
Lindsey, Tipton323TulareShanna Lindsey
Lipscomb, Duke Simpson794Tulare
Livermore, Wilson482Fresno
Long, G. L.357Fresno
Lord, E740Kings
Lowrey, James E635Tulare
Lowry, John W696Tulare
Lowry, T. B.571Fresno
Loyd, Wm.760Tulare
M[Return to Jump Site]
Mace, Russell P751Madera
Macmurdo, W. R414Kern
Madden, D. W286Tulare
Mahon, J. W783Merced
Maltby, A. J443Kern
Malter, G. H.291Fresno
Manasse, J384Tulare
Mandis, A576Kern
Manley, John S481Tulare
Manter, J. T686Tulare
Mariott, Joseph613Kings
Marshall, Hampton Oliver573Fresno
Martin, Isaac354Kern
Martin, James M661Fresno
Martin, John W549Tulare
Martin, Wm. S508Kern
Mathews, T. B.598Fresno
Mathewson, Arthur W.633Tulare
Mattly, Chris469Kern
Maud, A. C.819Kern
Maupin, W. T.384Fresno
Maxon, Erasmus D.626Tulare
May, E. A.522Tulare
May, Frank P.471Kern
McCartney, Winfield Scott700Fresno
McClellan, J. L.595Fresno
McCollough, George426FresnoWilliam
McConnell, D. J.580Fresno
McCutchan, James W.579Tulare
McDonald, Daniel744Tulare
McDonald, R. H.514Fresno
McFarland, Wm810Kern
McKamy, J. M., Sr.588Kern
McKenzie,W. H.339Fresno
McLaughlin, Daniel789Fresno
McLaughlin, Stiles A.328Kings
McMaster, Alfred D.565Fresno
McMillen, Joel561Kern
McQuiddy, Thomas J.719KernCorky
McQuiddy, W. R.327TulareCorky
McWhirter, Louis Bransford400Fresno
Meade, 0. J.351Fresno
Melone, J. H.630Tulare
Menzel, Wm.742Kern
Merriam, C. C309Fresno
Metzger, E. B.719Kings
Meyers, Abraham G.810Kern
Mickle, B. C.662Kings
Miller, Edward O.729TulareSuzanne
Miller, Gustavus544Kern
Miller, H. T.675Kern
Miller, James E.675Kern
Miller, W. P.566Fresno
Mills, Alexander809Kern
Minter, Munroe768Kern
Mitchell, J. S.721Kern
Mitchell, John H.679Tulare
Mitchell, Susman324Tulare
Mitchell, Wm.462Fresno
Moncure, R. A.466Kern
Monleot, M728Kern
Monroe, Donald683Kern
Montague, Robert Eugene698Fresno
Montgomery, Wm.784Kern
Moodey, Nathan W.366Fresno
Moore, Benjamin Franklin706Tulare
Moore, Charles788FresnoTrudy Andersen
Moore, Edwin469Madera
Moore, Felix440Kings
Moore, George C.566Fresno
Moore, Lovern Lee424Kings
Morgan, Alfred523Kern
Morris, James B.365Tulare
Morrison, Jospeh P593Kern
Morrow, Jesse349Fresno
Moshier, D. B.730Kern
Motheral, N. W.422Kings
Mowry, M. J.778Tulare
Murrell, James Grant396Kern
Murry, J. P.753Tulare
Musgrave, R. W.659Kings
Myer, J.484Madera
N[Return to Jump Site]
Nathan, H.760Kings
Neame, E. A.620Kings
Neil, A. C.796Tulare
Neil, J. P.495Kern
Nelson, W. D.569Tulare
Newman, Emil518Tulare
Newman, Joseph Emery493Madera
Newport, W. J.511Kern
Nicholl, John731Kern
Niedraur, J.422Kings
Nightingale, F. L.589Kern
Norboe, P. M.797Tulare
Norris, Charles Henry802Fresno
Norris, Smith803Madera
Nourse, George A379Fresno
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Oakes, James Wallace334Tulare
Oatman, E. F.377Fresno
O'Brien, Patrick737Kern
O'Connor, John Beebe438Tulare
Oettle, Charles L694Tulare
O'Hare, P.784Kern
Olds, H. P.488Kern
O'Mara, James671Madera
O'Neal, Charles598Fresno
Osburn, R. M.816Fresno
Otto, A.466Fresno
Overall, Daniel Griffith805Tulare
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Packard, N. R.392Kern
Packard, T. J.401Kern
Paige, Root and Chittenden734Kings
Palmer, Robert536Tulare
Palmes, E. C.489Kern
Parker, George A. 638Tulare
Parker, W. H.320Fresno
Parlier, Isaac N.588Fresno
Patterson, H. S.485Madera
Patterson, J. M735Kern
Patterson, John A316Tulare
Peacock, Harrison F.414Kings
Peacock, Harrison Ross714Tulare
Peacock, Joseph416Tulare
Pease, Edwin R794Tulare
Peaselee, Wm294Kern
Pedlar, Alfred J.380Fresno
Pendergrass, Travis Witt711TulareDave
Perkins, Henry P.708Tulare
Peters, A. F592Fresno
Peterson, N. P355Kern
Phelps, 0. B.767TulareSuzanne
Phillips , B. R468Fresno
Phillips, D. L403Kings
Phillips, W. W.367Fresno
Piffard, C. C698Kern
Piper, Herman754Kern
Porteous, James562Fresno
Potter, George M424Kings
Powell, F. M780Kings
Power, Maurice Edward315Tulare
Prather, William Jeter344Fresno
Prewitt, J. C736Kern
Prince, Dante R. Judge579Fresno
Putnam, Royal Putnam387Tulare
Pyle, D. M.417Kern
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Quinn, Harry289Fresno
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Racine, George739Kern
Railsback, C.398Kings
Ramsey, E. H.715Fresno
Rankin, Walker737Kern
Rawlins, H. W.757Kings
Rawlins, J. E.293Fresno
Rea, Francis538Fresno
Rea, W. W515Tulare
Redd, Robert C515Tulare
Redfield, L. J 647Tulare
Reed, George V+A588646Fresno
Reed, John R646Fresno
Reed, Thomas Law616Fresno
Reed, Wm777Fresno
Reeve, George702Kings
Reichman, John332Fresno
Reiley, J. R.349Fresno
Rhoads, Daniel614Kings
Rhoads, Henry743Fresno
Rhoads, John William658Kings
Rhymes, James Jefferson582Kern
Rice, George Fischer524Tulare
Rice, L. C.788Tulare
Ring, W. C.767Madera
Ritchie, Isaac A.423KingsSunni Bloyd
Robb, William B.625Tulare
Roberts, J. V.361Kern
Roberts, Return806Fresno
Robertson, G. L.819Kern
Robinson, Charles H599Kings
Robinson, J. B.574Kern
Robinson, James S.441Tulare
Rockwell, Lorenzo A.331Tulare
Rodriguez, Jospeh V.545Kings
Roeding, Frederick464Fresno
Roes, Henry Christopher636Fresno
Rogers, C. A.436Kern
Rogers, E. B.811Fresno
Rogers, Lewis Stiles446Kern
Rogers, Robert G.697Tulare
Root, E. J.734Kings
Rose, R. A.586Fresno
Rosendahl, Frank D.456Fresno
Rosenthal, N.480Madera
Ross, Samuel H.535Kern
Routt, John Henry655Tulare
Rowell, Chester612Fresno
Ruggles, Lyman Brown310KingsSandi Rowe
Peggy Perazzo
Rupert, George812Fresno
Russell, E. S.769Madera
Russell, John Cowan281Fresno
Rutledge, Frank A447Kern
Rutledge, Paschel597Kern
Ryan, J. E358Fresno
Ryan, Michael J781Kern
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Salcido, Eduardo780Kern
Sanders, William A.601Fresno
Sanders, Wm.734Kern
Sanger, Gustave808Inyo
Saudoz, Auguste682Kern
Saxe, C.797Fresno
Sayle, Claudius Galen439Fresno
Sayre, A. L.490Madera
Schmidt, Louis748Kern
Schofer, Augustus295Kern
Schwartz, M., Jr562Kern
Scobie, James554Kern
Scodie, Wm728Kern
Scott, B. T.421Fresno
Scott, John399Tulare
Scribner, William H360Kern
Seligman, Emil429Tulare
Selleck, E. F.501Fresno
Seright, Andrew M.811Kern
Shafer, Daniel R705Fresno
Sharp, Craigie, Jr.382Fresno
Sharp, L. Orrin470Madera
Sharpies, Frank718Kings
Shedd, J. H496Stanislaus
Shepard, J. C560Fresno
Sherwood, H527Fresno
Shields, Jeremiah336Kern
Shipp, W. W304Fresno
Short, Frank H.301Fresno
Short, John W.282Tulare
Sides, Marion800Fresno
Sim, Kelso H.672Kings
Sims, William A.727Tulare
Skaggs, A. A.485Fresno
Sledge, Levin A.735Fresno
Slover, Russell Hover669Tulare
Smith George Washington528Tulare
Smith, A. A.381Fresno
Smith, C. C.624Fresno
Smith, E. D.597Fresno
Smith, George A.477Fresno
Smith, John B.448Tulare
Smith, Joseph E.497Kern
Smith, Thomas H.358Kern
Smith, Wm703Fresno
Smith. Charles David637Tulare
Smoot, Samuel M.474Fresno
Snell, Mrs Hulda321KernTeddy Noye
Snodgrass, David S.539Tulare
Snyder, Monroe563Fresno
Spear, J. L.659
Spencer, H675Kern
Spier, Joseph321Tulare
Spinney, Joseph573Fresno
Sponogle, Francis M359Fresno
Sprague, William D.745Tulare
St. Clair, L. P.776Kern
Staley, William S.802Fresno
Stanton, Charles S.465Fresno
Staub, H. W.461Fresno
Sterling, George Wright664Kings
Stevens, Richard Hubbard428Tulare
Stewart, V. A.693Tulare
Stockton, C. C.451Kern
Stockton, I. D.451Kern
Stockton, Robert L.747Kern
Stokes, Benjamin Franklin715TulareTrudy Andersen
Stokes, Yancy Baley540FresnoTrudy Andersen
Stoner, Vanddoren484Kern
Stonsland, William Watson704Tulare
Stoutenborough, J. H., Jr.808Madera
Straube, S. N.610Fresno
Studer, George592Fresno
Styles, Belle R.529Kern
Sumner, Joseph W.534Tulare
Sutherland, James759Kings
Suttenfield, William T.566Fresno
Swain, Thomas H.729Tulare
Swearingen, J. B.516Kern
Sweet, Solomon431Tulare
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Tadlock, Frank E., Jr.572Fresno
Tadlock, William L.570Fresno
Taggart, Charles F.569Tulare
Taggart, Thomas E.569Tulare
Taylor, R. R.726Kern
Teachers' Library, Bakersfield548Kern
Thacher, Oliver729Kern
Thomas, Isaac Horatio532Tulare
Thompson, Charles319Tulare
Thomson, Wm.507Tulare
Thyarks, George413Kings
Tibbetts, Charles B.814Kings
Tilley, John Lewis735Kern
Timmons, W. B.746Kern
Todd, H. L.717Kern
Toler, Mrs. Hattie S.676Tulare
Tombs, A.298Merced
Topham, Thomas J.750Madera
Tracy, F. A.681Kern
Trauger, Jacob H.633Tulare
Tucker, E. H.312Fresno
Tucker, William H.306Fresno
Tulloch, Wm. K.552Fresno
Turner, H. F.691Tulare
Tyler, A. W.499Tulare
Tyler, Alonzo461Kern
Tyler,.J. D622TulareSusan Boyer
Tyler, S. J. W510KernSusan Boyer
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Underwood, Wesley435Kings
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Valencia, Don Ygnacio S.731Kern
Van Buckner, Wm.623Tulare
Van Loan, Casper713Tulare
Van Tassel, Lewis705Tulare
Van Valer, Peter755Tulare
Vauglin, D. A.648Tulare
Verdier, Eugene500Kern
Vignave, Leopold573Kern
Vincent, Joseph P.708Fresno
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Wagner, J. D.542Fresno
Wallace, William B.352Tulare
Waller, Thomas391Tulare
Walser, D. W.419Kern
Walter, C. I.696Fresno
Ward, Nelson Gay820Kern
Wardekros, A.581Fresno
Wareham, E. J.811Kern
Watson, Wiley738Tulare
Watts, B. M.736Kern
Webber, Alpha A.674Fresno
Wells, Morgan J.541Tulare
Wells, T. A.732Kern
Werfield, W. H.748Madera
Weringer, Joseph408Kern
Wharton. J. F.353Fresno
White, H. M.677Tulare
White, Harrison625Tulare
White, J. Riggs434Fresno
White, J. W.467Kern
White, T. O.617Fresno
Whitendale, Louis363Tulare
Whitney, Walter645Fresno
Whitson, J. E.613Fresno
Whitt, L. D.754Tulare
Wible, S. W.505Kern
Wicker, C. G.759Kern
Wiggins, W. C.297Kern
Wiggins, W. T.688Kern
Wilcox, Charles G.779Tulare
Wilkes, Albert G.578Kern
Wilkes, T. E.578Kern
Wilkes, Thomas578Kern
Williams, Albert C.493FresnoSteve Williams
Williams, Alonzo C.292FresnoSteve Williams
Williams, Geirge Walter388Tulare
Williams, Reuben517Fresno
Williams, Wade James580FresnoSteve Williams
Williams, Wiley624Tulare
Wilson, N.442Kings
Wilson, Ollie Skeene629TulareCorky
Wilson, R. M. 800Fresno
Wilson, Richey Moore362Fresno
Wimmer, Elijah658Kings
Winchell, E. C.821Fresno
Withington, Robert W.756Kern
Witt, T. J.509Tulare
Wolfrom, J.498Tulare
Wood, Daniel373Tulare
Wood, Leroy N.366Tulare
Woodward, O. J.429Fresno
Woody, S. W406Kern
Woolley, John Riley450Tulare
Wormser, Sigmund474Fresno
Worswick, John412Kings
Wyatt, W. S570Fresno
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Yancey, Charles A.785FresnoSteve Williams
Yost, Thomas589Fresno
Young, Austin333Kern
Yribarne, Pedro292Tulare
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Zumwalt, J. B678Tulare

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