History of Butte County, California with Biographical Sketches of the Leading Men and Women of the County Who have been Identified with its Growth and Development from the Early Days to the Present

By George C. Mansfield

Historice Record Company, Los Angeles, CA - 1918

California Local History - Rocq - 1289

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
CALL NUMBER: [q] 979.432 M2 -- Book
Calif. History Room (CS)
CALL NUMBER: [q] 979.432 M2 -- Rare Book

The biographies contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual designated with the (B) and the page number on which the biography commences. All other references are to the historical portion of the book. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams with the name of the book. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

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Abbott, Henry S.30
Abell, W. H.67
Abraham, Albert (B)1122
Adams, George149
Adams, I. B. (B)1142
Adams, William281
Adkins, Eva314
Ah, Ben283
Ah, Coon311
Ah, Gow295
Ah, Lee311
Ah, Lin281
Ah, Ping282
Ah, Yen282
Ahrens, Henry F. (B)867
Albright, Judson (B)1107
Albro, Thomas282
Allen, B. B.285
Allen, David229
Allen, Isaac253
Allen, Isaac M.M. (B)481
Allen, John E. (B)481
Allen, John H.229
Allen, John Henry (B)870
Allen, Thomas198
Alles, Peter282
Allison, John L. (B)905
Ames, E. D.379
Anderson, Charles Pleasant (B)1199
Anderson, R. A. (Sheriff)121-122, 210, 220-223, 225, 339
Anderson, Robert384-85
Anderson, Robert Allen Capt. (B)635
Anderson, Robert Nelson (B)1216
Andrews, James314
Antram, Cyrus C. (B)933
Arbuckle, Pock Glenn (B)1233
Archer, Noal Alexander (B)535
Arents, H.285
Arguello, Louis Capt.36
Armstrong, H. H. (B)1112
Armstrong, J.253-254
Armstrong, Jasper Newton Sr. (B)761Lillian
Asser, John (B)1284
Ayers, James Richard (B)1128
B[Return to Jump Site]
Baccala, Victor (B)860
Bacon, George K. (B)1011
Bacus, Charles Edgar (B)860
Bader, Charles76
Bain, Mr.60-62
Bair, Walter C. (B)1176
Baker, Bob B. (B)1007
Baker, Colonel152-153
Baker, James76
Baker, Reuel C.144-145, 149, 183
Baldwin, Simon137
Baldwin, William Thomas (B)783
Balfour, Guthrie A.356
Ball, Charles275
Ballew, Joseph Henry (B)828
Ballew, Richard J. (B)493
Ballow, Frank J.332
Barham, Buck206
Barham, Charley206
Barham, John206
Barham, Lorenzo I. (B)522
Barker, C. O.213-214
Barnard, T. H. (B)306, 316, 318, 779
Barnard, William Everett (B)1218
Barnes, Frank (B)1213
Barnes, Joseph L. (B)1222
Barrett, James273
Barrett, John300
Barrington, Mr.223
Barrington, Mrs.223
Barrow, Samuel A. (B)1056
Barry, J. D.272
Barry, Silas T. (B)861
Bartee, Mr.185
Bartholomew, I.149
Bartnett, Walter J.343
Batchelder, H. T.333, 390
Bathurst, William James (B)1302
Bauer, Carl F. (B)1134
Baumeister, Edward E. M.D. (B)1024
Bay, Harmen240
Bay, Harmon (B)481
Bayles, Mary A. Mrs. (B)1024
Baynon, James (B)896
Baynon, Mary Ann Powell (B)896
Beaglers, J. R.355
Beagles, R. L. (B)846
Bean, Albion (B)960
Bean, Jack238
Bean, John (B)1188
Bean, Moses141, 144, 148
Beard, W. A.338
Beck, John334
Becker, J. M.275
Beckwourth, James47, 51
Bedell, Theodore C. (B)494
Beik, Henry Albert (B)826
Bell, Francis T. (B)1064
Bell, H. C.303
Bell, Hugh Thomas (B)521
Bendle, John S.277
Benner, J. W. (B)1158
Bennett, Annie L. Mrs. (B)1073
Bennett, Daniel Anderson (B)977
Bennett, Isaac R. (B)1156
Bennett, James Archibald (B)1163
Bennett, James Nelson (B)798
Bennett, Jesse (B)1170
Bennett, John Wesley (B)727
Bennett, Mark J. (B)1231
Bennett, Schuyler Colfax (B)1124
Bennett, Wesley Valentine (B)1177
Berdan, Myron G. (B)444
Berry, John S.156
Besse, D. B.149
Bicknell, Harry C. (B)1226
Bicknell, Thomas (B)1225
Bidsworth, William (B)450
Bidwell, A. R.350-351
Bidwell, Annie E. K. Mrs. (B)29, 136, 426
Bidwell, John Gen. (B)418
Bierce, Raymond314
Biggs, E. E.367
Biggs, Marion Sr.264, 284
Billings, Joe283
Billiou, Joseph311
Bills, Charles314
Binet, Brothers (B)585
Binney, A. J.308
Binney, Schuyler332
Binney, 244
Bird, Capt.120
Bird, Henry68
Bird, R.144-45
Birmingham, Arthur B. (B)612
Bishop, A. W.261
Blakeslee, S. V. Rev.98
Bliss, W. T.115
Bliver, Uncle Ben182
Block, C. H.367
Block, Herman J. (B)999
Blood, Amos F.285Jean Murray
Bloomfield, Charles336
Boatright, Vol Walker (B)1267
Bogue, Virgil S.343
Bollinger & Chambers, 267
Bond, Lon372-73
Bond, Lon Maj. (B)1233
Boness, William206
Bonner, Thomas D.47
Bonnifield, Allen H. (B)1267
Boon, James141
Bornholdt, John H. (B)1296
Boucher, A. M. Mrs.309
Boucher, Joseph Jr331
Boucher, Josiah284 & 293
Boughden, Jim206
Boulware, Emma E. Mrs (B)1046
Boulware, Thomas M. (B)1013
Boulware, William T. (B)1032
Bower, Nehemiah (B)526
Bowers, J. H.365
Bowers, R. S.338
Bowman, George W. (B)837
Boyles, Samuel N . (B)551
Boynton, Albert E.375-76
Boynton, Kate Hutchins Mrs. (B)534
Boynton, Seth Sprague (B)528
Braden, G. W.365-66
Brandreth, William369
Brascom, Jack258
Brenham, Charles J.179
Brereton, Emerson D. (B)1272
Breslauer, Isadore (B)672
Briggs, E. S.376
Brink, Henry S. (B)784
Briscoe, Emily S. Withington Mrs. (B)500
Briscoe, Henry Parmenas (B)415
Brittan, H. M.19
Broderick, Senator David C.120, 166-67
Brooke, George M. (B)1249
Brooks, Charles102
Brooks, E. A. Mrs.115
Brooks, Inez384
Brough, John M. (B)984
Brouillard, M. F. (B)1313
Brown, Alex183
Brown, Case N. (B)527
Brown, Charles C. (B)905
Brown, Charles H. Hon. (B)662
Brown, Charles J.183
Brown, Constable255
Brown, Enos H. (B)1279
Brown, Frank L.351
Brown, H.62
Brown, J. W. E.141
Brown, Joe383
Brown, Joseph113
Brown, Pulaski (B)502
Brown, William367
Brown, William150
Browning, Charles Lot M.D. (B)850
Brownson, Gladys Miss361
Broyles, Chester (B)1266
Broyles, J. Washington (B)596
Broyles, Nathaniel (B)1237
Broyles, Washington (B)595
Bruce, Alfred P. (B)935
Bruce, Charles F. (B)1157
Bruce, John206
Bruce, William H. (B)500
Bryan, A. J.316-317
Bryant, C. M.318
Bryson, Edward196
Buckabee, John R.249
Buffurn, A. C.260
Bullington, Perry Franklin M.D. (B)769
Burch, J. H.141
Burch, Thomas J.197
Burche, B. F.141
Burdick, Cyrenus J. (B)582
Burdick, Sarah A. (B)582
Burens, Elizabeth Mrs. (B)791
Burk, Joseph Francis (B)822
Burkett, C. M.376
Burleson, William D. (B)1218
Burnett, Peter J38, 44
Burnham, Z. W.316
Burt, Brothers356
Burt, J. M.69, 141
Busche, Captain189-190
Byrne, Thomas (B)1236
C[Return to Jump Site]
Cable, Frank340
Cain, F. W. (B)871
Callaway, Frank Marion (B)1057
Callow, Thomas285
Calloway, W. P.146
Campbell, C. E.281
Campbell, Charles Stewart (B)1053
Campbell, John283
Campbell, Joseph S. (B)972
Campbell, Robert W. (B)336, 1166
Campbell, William336
Camper, Charles Henry (B)676
Camper, H. H.316
Canfield, George E. (B)1115
Carder, Barney282
Carmack, H.333
Carmack, Margaret Josephine Mrs. (B)504
Carson, Arenia Thankful Lewis Mrs.201-07;
Carson, Arenia Thankful Lewis Mrs. (B)445
Carter, George225
Cary, H. W.158
Caspare, Adolph Norbert (B)1089
Chabot, A.80, 89
Chalmers, Watson316
Chambers, John384
Chambers, W.289
Chambers, William335
Channon, T. D.367
Chaplin, Miles115, 168
Chapman, A. H.284
Chapman, William (B)513
Chappell, R. R.149, 163-164
Charge, John W. (B)859
Chatfield, Charles Edwin (B)1018
Cherry, O. W.255
Choisser, Louis Drexler (B)1155
Christensen, Sander (B)1019
Christie, W. H.329
Christopher, Samuel (B)801
Chubbuck, James M. (B)678
Churchman, Harry Louis (B)1087
Clark, John A.100, 189-190, 210
Clark, L. D.289
Clark, Liston K. (B)1253
Clark, W. A. (B)1247
Clayton, Hiram James (B)1161
Cline, C. S.382
Clough, F. M.341, 362
Clough, Frank A. (B)1170
Cochran, Bert377
Cochran, R. M.240, 242
Colby, G. W.265, 287
Cole, L. E.115
Cole, Peter H. (B)912
Coleman, Daniel67
Coles, Alexander149
Colin, John Q. (B)796
Collins, Captain246
Collins, Matilda L. Wright Mrs. (B)921
Colman, Charles (B)1189
Compton, Adam M. (B)581
Compton, Daniel L. (B)995
Compton, H. C. (B)601
Compton, H. C. Sr. (B)509
Compton, Joseph (B)1258
Compton, Mary Murdock (B)510
Compton, William226
Conley, John287
Conly, John249
Conway, F. E.275, 282
Cook, I. H. (B)1080
Cook, Wert198
Coon, William (B)810
Cooney, Michael J. (B)789Pamela McInerny
Cooper, John (B)1273
Cooper, Joseph355
Corcoran, William307
Cornehl, Ferdinand (B)1320
Cory, J. C. Dr.281
Couch, Thomas328-339
Coulm, John206
Coutolenc, Eugene Fortune (B)844
Coyle, Frank280
Crabb, James N. M.D. (B)785
Craig, Brothers (B)1065
Crane, Noe B. (B)851
Crew, A. H.287, 316-318
Crew, Henry William (B)797
Crosette, George287
Crouch, Ben E. (B)964
Crouch, John (B)482
Crowder, Charles L. (B)1079
Crowder, Franklin Dr. (B)511
Crowder, Thomas Burton (B)1059
Crum, A. J.309-310
Crum, Albert Elery (B)890
Crum, Frank Pierce (B)911
Cuddeback, DeWitt Clinton (B)922
Cuddeback, Edson N (B)1327
Cuddeback, Peter W. (B)1234
Culver, Essae M. Miss (B)1256
Cummins, Thomas Jefferson (B)945
Cunningham, N. C.245
Curran, Agnes (B)1217
Curran, William Louis (B)901
Curtis, Joseph G. (B)1082
Curty, William P.383
D[Return to Jump Site]
Daingerfield, Wm. R148
Dal Porto, Vincente (B)1148
Dallas, J. M. Mrs.376
Daly, Charles E. (B)839
Daly, John228
Daniels, S. L.275
Dargy, Mr.222
Darrow, Willard198
Dausen, H. D.365
Davids, Assistant District Attorney382-83
Davids, Harry Thys (B)983
Davidson, A. G.197
Davis, R.261
Davis, S. J.261
Davis, Thomas Henry (B)1163
Davis, W. W.240
Dawson, R. H.199
Day, F. W.271
De Marais, Claude Cole (B)989
De Mott & Gray, 289
De Ruchie, E V (B)1147
De Sabla, Eugene Jr.345, 352-353
Dean, William B (B)821
Dean & McCoy, 60
DeCourcey, Harry117-18
DeHaven, W. N.261, 289
Delaney, Dave225
Delaney, J. T.384
Delano, Alonzo185
Delavan, Leander (B)514
DeLong, D. M.330-331
Dennison, S. C.352
Dermody, James Bernard Rev. (B)1204
Derrick, Col.72
Deuel, Charles Hastings (B)689
Devol, Henry332
Devol, Norman (B)512
Dewsnup, John F (B)1252
Dick, Alexander36, 186
Dickey, William39, 42, 172, 179, 132
Dickhouse, Edward383
Dickinson, E. S.278
Diller, Mae H. (B)1255
Diller, Roland (B)1255
Dillman, George L.343, 366
Dix, Commodore Palmer (B)1036
Dodge, E. K. Sheriff123
Dolliver, Marshall281, 364
Dooley, James282
Dooley, John C. Capt. (B)117
Dooley, Thomas (B)1165
Dorn, G. W.285, 316
Dorsch, H. G.288
Dougherty, James Barton (B)885
Down, James281
Downer, D. D.120
Duckles, F. M.387
Duensing, Fred Adolph (B)1101
Dugger, James Madison (B)815
Dunahoo, William Henry (B)1017
Duncan, W. E. Jr.366
Dunkum, C.146
Dunlap, Mordecai60, 62
Dunstone, Justice279
Durbin, C. L.300
Duren, W. H.67
Duret, C. L.293
Duret, C. M.293
Durham, R. W.265
Durham Milling Co. (B), 902
Dutton, David172
Dye, Job F183
Dyer, George W. (B)86, 114, 451
Dyer, Henry A. (B)1210
E[Return to Jump Site]
Eames, A. G. (B)773
Eames, Henry Alan (B)878
Earl, Guy C.352
Earl, Guy C.352
Earll, Lillie Miss316-318
Earll, William (B)316, 1075
Eastman, Sylvester Gridley (B)966
Eaton, Ira89
Eckron, Adic253
Eddy, Agnes T (B)959
Eddy, Robert D. (B)959
Edge, Isaac (B)731
Edson, E. B.318
Edwards, Dr.200
Edwards, Leslie M. (B)1088
Ehmann, Freda Mrs. (B)792
Eicher, John Cunningham (B)756
Ekman, A.73, 336
Elder, John110
Elliott, J. T.97, 149
Elliott, Mattie Mrs. (B)900
Enloe, Newton Thomas M.D. (B)669
Entler, Frank L. (B)1204
Entler, Joseph Franklin (B)456
Entler, Samuel Luther (B)521
Epperson, Mr.356
Erickson, Emil (B)1011
Ermatinger, Albert Henry (B)1076
Estes, Albert (B)1319
Evans, David Humphrey (B)449
Evans, Herbert W. (B)1071
Evans, Joseph M. (B)1103
Evans, O. M.146, 183
Evarts, F. D.106
Evers, Fred (B)1219
Evoy, Mary152-154
Ewer, Seneca149
F[Return to Jump Site]
Facciano, Charles (B)1142
Fagan, E.298, 367
Fairchilds, R. H. Capt.60
Fairlee, George Edward (B)1138
Falck, Charles Lawrence (B)1196
Fales, Byron Moore (B)1304
Fall, John C.182
Farley, Henry C.383
Farrelly, Phillip253
Farwell, Edward A.38-39, 172, 179
Faul, Frank George (B)1069
Faul, Fred Edward (B)1067
Faulkner, Charles (B)573
Faulkner, George86, 316
Faulkner, Louis Glass (B)969
Fawcett, John (B)1288
Ferguson, Robert J. (B)1228
Fernandez, Dionisio40, 178
Fernandez, Maceimo40
Fetter, Charles (B)880
Fimple, B. R.331
Fimple, Rufus Harvey (B)1187
Finchley, Walter383
Fink, Frederick (B)1223
Finnicum, James Duncan (B)519
Finnicum, Merriman (B)884
Fitz, Albert203
Flanagan, Thomas309
Fleishacker, Mortimer351-352
Flemming, S.298
Flemming, Thomas232, 346
Flint, J. C.141
Flishholz, Mike T. (B)970
Flugge, Charles William38, 179
Fogg, Edmund Wilson270, 302-304, 337-338, 366
Fogg, Edmund Wilson (B)683
Forbes, B. F.70
Foreman, William (B)452
Foren, Eugene Edmond (B)1160
Fortier, Berthe (B)1324
Fortier, Charles Mrs. (B)901
Foster, J. A.367
Fowler, C. B.167
Fralick, D. D.149
Franklin, Fred C. (B)1274
Franklin, John Allen (B)958
Franks, Ernest L. (B)1244
Fraser, Harry (B)1268
Freer, Leon D.303, 317
Freer, Peter Sheriff158-159, 285-286
Fremont, John C.36
Friesleben, Daniel N. (B)515
Frishholz, John (B)970
Fritter, John P. (B)802
Frost, Thomas J. (B)987
Fry, R. B.75
Fuller, Alfred333-334
Fuller, E.333-334
Fuller, Frank334, 379-80
Fuller, Rolla (B)1200
Fulton, Howard (B)1139
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gage, David339
Gallagher, Edward Michael (B)631
Gallatin, Walter L. (B)1319
Galloway, Thomas183
Gamble, W. A.183
Gardella, Joseph306Wendy Deakins
Gardella, Lawrence (B)1295Wendy Deakins
Gardner, George E. (B)365, 809
Garlow, Peter104
Garner, John333-334, 379-380
Gaskell, R. C.248
Gatchell, Ella F. M.D. (B)1208
Gattiker, August (B)1298
Gaunby, George283
Gay, B. D.298
Gear, H. L.250
Gebhart, Mary S. Mrs. (B)832
Gee, Charles281
Geiger, Margaret E. Mrs. (B)520
Gengler, John Nicholas (B)1140
Gerke, Henry180
German, John251
Gianella, Henry (B)1070
Gianella, Joseph L. (B)1152
Gibson, Edward L. (B)1116
Gibson, Marie Miss318
Giger, W. H.335
Gilstrap, Clarence H. (B)1201
Gilstrap, William H (B)1201
Gingles, W. W.336
Girard, Joseph (B)1327
Girdner, Leroy E. (B)1297
Girr, Jacob231
Glass, Louis268, 297, 300, 303, 339
Glass, Miss277
Glassford, W.A. Captain20
Gleeson, John R.337
Godfrey, J. W.365
Goldsmith, Oliver54-56, 77, 113
Goldstein, J. Oscar (B)1148
Good, Hi (Harmon)199, 210, 219-225, 257
Goodenow, William C. (B)1310
Goodman, Horace Seymore (B)855
Goodspeed, R. C.331
Goodspeed, Walter62
Goodwin, J. W.353, 366
Gore, Solomon198
Gore, Tom121
Goulden, Charles (B)1200
Graham, E.318
Granahan, George206
Grant, William (B)346, 1048
Graves, John W. (B)1087
Gray, Carleton (B)334, 347, 355, 885
Gray, Fred H. (B)630
Gray, George F.228
Gray, James C.321, 366
Gray, James Chadwick (B)546
Gray, James Rev.116
Gray, John C. Judge (B)304, 313, 339, 390-391, 471
Gray, M.331
Gray, Tom144
Green, Frank E. (B)1072
Green, Henry282
Green, L. L.336
Green, Robert Moore Col. (B)303, 319, 366, 539
Green, W. S.257
Greenwood, N.104
Gregory, H. D. Hon. (B)382-383, 391, 755
Gribble, William H. (B)1171
Gridley, Clarence D. (B)617
Gridley, George W. (B)264-265, 287, 305, 617
Griffith, George Lacy (B)1211
Griffith, James Watsley(B)831
Guerin, Patrick Rev. (B)1239
Guilio, Edolph384
Guill, John H.240, 242
Guill, John Hudson Jr. (B)690
Gumm, Thomas Marshall (B)1055
Gunby, Joseph Henry Capt. (B)982
Gunn, Evelyn344-345
Gurdy, James332
Guynn, Pleasant Marion (B)536
Gwin, Harold J.342
H[Return to Jump Site]
Hackett, Fred (B)1078
Haile, Henry (B)1106
Hall, Ham365
Hall, J. C.339
Hall, Jeff B. (B)623
Hallett, Judge275, 309
Hamilton, R. J.387
Hamlyn, J. J.365
Hammon, Wendall328-329, 345, 347, 355, 358-359, 370
Hammon, Wendell P. (B)647
Hammond, Creed251
Hammond, William H. (B)776
Hannah, Francis E. (B)936
Hansen, Albert Franklin (B)1307
Hardy, George William (B)1263
Harkey, William S. (B)625
Harkness, Edward303, 339
Harney, G. W.303
Harper, John H.151-154
Harriger, John (B)1026
Harriger, John F. (B)1026
Harris, John H. (B)981
Harris, P. H.152
Harris, Patrick183
Hart, A. S.75
Hart, Thomas B. (B)478
Harten, America Swinney Mrs. (B)637
Hartt, Theodore Augustus (B)767
Harvey, George E.318
Harvey, George Washington (B)718
Haselbusch Henry, Henry390
Hassell, Sigvard (B)1276
Hastings, J. M.367
Hastings, William254
Hasty, William209, 211
Hatch, Mr.261
Hathaway, Hiron (B)1285
Haugh, W. M. (B)1086
Hayes, George200
Hayes, John200
Head, A. E. (B)1278
Heath, John Leonidas (B)1326
Heath, W. W.352
Heckart, Francis Augustus (B)1029
Hedge, B.272
Hefner, Charles P. (B)632
Hefner, Philip (B)631
Hegan, James (B)552
Heimback, A. C. (B)606
Helphinstine, William Veale (B)915
Hemstreet, P.197
Henderson, James Theodore (B)1110
Hendricks, T. P.318
Hendricks, W. C.272, 287
Henning, J. S.240
Henry, Allen316
Henshaw, James L.174, 177
Henshaw, Park Col.318, 335, 352
Henshaw, Park Col. (B)480
Hensley, James S.172
Herrick, William Curtis (B)1135
Heryford, H. B. (B)1103
Hess, George N.182
Hess, John Calvin (B)477
Hewitt, Asabeil309
Hewlett, John (Chuck-a-luck Johnny)282
Hickok, children198-99
Hickok, J.240
Hicks, Charles Wesley (B)553
Hicks, Daniel T. (B)525
Hiebert, C. M.1303
Hilgers, Frank (B)548
Hilgers, William (B)548
Hill, George W. (B)868
Hilton, Dan253-254
Hilton, Roy (B)1294
Hintz, Charles H. (B)1141
Hittel, Theodore H.50, 56, 58, 95-96, 161
Hoad, John Henry (B)472
Hoag, J. A. Mrs.376-77
Hobart, Charles Van Dusen (B)939
Hobart, R. Rev.157-158, 253
Hobart, Randall149-149
Hobart, W. W.159
Hohl, L. J.365
Holden, John314
Holderhaum, Adam275
Hollis, Joseph367
Holmes, Robert P. (B)569
Holshlaw, B. F. Dr.282-283
Hong, Di313
Hooker, Major214
Hoover, J. W.256
Hope, J. R.227
Hornung, Timothy F. (B)1221
Hoskin, George (B)1275
Hosler, Henry Solomon (B)554
Houseworth, Minnie Mrs.333-334, 379
Howard, Thomas Frank (B)1080
Howells, J. M.348-352
Howser, Jack121
Hubbard, W. T.300
Hubble, J.265
Hubbs, C. A.314
Huber, Enrique175-76
Hudson, Frank254
Humphrey, Clarence (B)953
Humphreys, Isaac42, 77
Hunt, H. B. Capt.183, 200, 209, 211, 213-214
Huntley, Henry Sir90
Huntoon, 120
Hupp, George Grover (B)917
Hupp, John (B)889
Hurles, Smith H. (B)244, 320, 437
Hutchins, T. B. Mrs.308
Hyland, L. C.72
Hynes, James Joseph Rev. (B)856
I[Return to Jump Site]
Ingraham, Reed Myers (B)954
Inman, William C. (B)1100
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jackson, William Peter363
Jacobson, Henry Oscar (B)1111
Jacobson, J. W.319
Jacoby, Harry365, 370
Jaggard, J. F.283
James, Thomas Morgan (B)1091
James, William (B)485
James, William H. (B)934
Jasper, O. W.365
Jeffries, Tom288
Jenkins, Austin (B)1060
Jenkins, T. J.141
Jensen, George N.252-253
Jessee, Norval C. (B)1300
Johns, E. B. (B)1175
Johnson, Benjamin Farland Jr. (B)1245
Johnson, David233
Johnson, Dick383
Johnson, H. T.367
Johnson, William (B)1054
Johnson, William R. (B)1215
Johnston, Nathaniel Lyon (B)1241
Jones, A. F. Major (B)441
Jones, David281
Jones, David Daniel (B)1207
Jones, E. H. (B)916
Jones, George Foster (B)240, 376, 381, 868
Jones, George W.376
Jones, H. T.275
Jones, Harry Campbell (B)1284
Jones, Josiah Lewellyn (B)1206
Jones, Peter331
Jones, Richard Henry (B)746
Jones, Shadrack314Beverly
Judson, Egbert267
K[Return to Jump Site]
Karsner, James H. M.D. (B)626
Karsner, Minerva M. Mrs. (B)626
Kayser, Sebastian39, 179
Keath, G. A.281
Keddie, A. W.50-51, 245, 249, 296, 330, 367
Keefer, Claude A. (B)927
Keefer, James L. (B)168, 195, 198, 927
Keefer, William (B)834
Keifer, Jacob Frank (B)1279
Keitle, John H. (B)1042
Kellerman, Albert Frederick (B)957
Kellom, Mabel A. Miss (B)1254
Kelly, Thomas J. (B)1167
Kempf, George F. (B)1282
Kennedy, Cora W. Mrs. (B)820
Kennedy, Guy Reyrolds (B)371-372, 381-382, 644
Kennedy, John Reynolds (B)819
Kennedy, Joseph John (B)879
Kerns, Thaddeus391
Kerr, J. M.141
Kesselring, George A. (B)697
Kesterson, Charles W. (B)1314
Ketchum, I. R.277
Keyes, Chitty C. (B)780
Kimball, J.158
Kimbrell, J. P.383, 389
Kimmel, Deputy Sheriff163
King, John F. (B)1032
King, Michael J. (B)1032
King, W. J.309
King, William J. D.D.S. (B)1247
Kluegal, H. A. Mrs.385
Knotwell, Nettie M. Mrs. (B)310, 1178
Knox, Mr.216
Korn, Morris (B)1122
Korn, Solomon (B)929
Kosh, William331
Kosh, William331
Kringle, Reg311
Krusick, Joseph (B)670
Kuchemeister, William366
Kuhn, John William (B)1164
Kusel, C. E. (B)304, 323, 365-366, 1300
Kusel, Emile (B)304, 323, 365-366, 1300
L[Return to Jump Site]
La Frambois, Michael36
Lamson, Gertrude382-83
Landis, A. T. Dr. (B)333-334, 379-380, 1106
Lane, Kate Cummins Mrs. (B)940
Lange, William (B)1292
Langwith, Josephine Mrs. (B)941
Lantz, Annie H. (B)682
Lantz, John D. (B)682
Larkin, Thomas 0.179
Larsen, George384
Larson, Henry E. (B)184, 1045
Lassen, Peter38-39, 42, 50, 172, 180, 183
Lauterio, Edward J. (B)1294
Law, James S.119, 123
Lawler, Edward (B)1048
Le Ballister, James George (B)1034
Leach, A. M.283, 318, 320
Lee, Levi W. (B)1137
Lee, T. C.366
Leeper, John F. (B)698
Legalley, Stell Mrs.377
Leggett, J. H.347, 366
Leininger, America Ray Mrs. (B)444
Leininger, George (B)1075
Lemmon, Andrew Jackson (B)1225
Lemmon, W. W.332
Leonard, John202-03
Leonard, John P.75
Leonard, Raymond Anthony (B)355, 382-383, 833
Leonard, W. L.365
Letcher, Kathrina Mrs. (B)693
Lewis, Arthur381-82
Lewis, Edward James (B)895
Lewis, J. E. N.148, 159, 182, 251
Lewis, James Albert (B)1198
Lewis, Jimmy200-08
Lewis, Johnny200-08
Lightner, Fred363
Lincoln, C. G.118, 120
Linden, A. F.255
Lindsey, William196
Linn, W. Birney (B)1119
Little, David W. (B)1041
Little, Richard332
Livergood, D. N. Lt.254
Lloyd, R.319
Locey, Alex C. (B)774
Locey, Archie Harvey (B)1001
Locey, Henry Moore (B)1159
Locher, 246
Lockerman, Adelia Mrs. (B)1136
Logan, J. M.277
Logan, James C.292
Logue, J. Frank (B)1084
Loomis, Frank M. (B)1180
Looney, E. D.313
Looney, Mattie A. Mrs. (B)750
Losee, Herbert (B)1299
Losee, Talmage E. (B)1297
Lott, Charles Fayett Judge (B)39-40, 44, 46, 77, 85, 95, 98-99, 113, 123, 154-155, 185, 303, 338, 411
Love, Robert108
Lowdin, 107
Lucas, Ellen Mrs. (B)1074
Lucas, John H. (B)873
Lucas, Thomas J. (B)1226
Lumbert, Brothers72
Lund, Mattie R. Miss (B)1000
Lunt, Frances Mrs. (B)1085
Lusk, F. C. (B)316-318, 557
Lutz, Charles (B)1309
Lynch, Frank Edward (B)1086
Lynch, George H.209
Lynch, James (B)443
Lynch, William P. (B)339, 376, 853
M[Return to Jump Site]
Machamer, James K.P. (B)804
Mack, William Edwards M.D. (B)339, 810
Mackie, W. W.356
Macy, L. D. (B)1161
Macy, Norman K. (B)1255
Madden, M.60-62
Maher, Mike369-370
Mahon, A. H. (B)1289
Mahoney, J.275
Malloy, Henry (B)1235
Malo, Jo188
Mandeville, J. C.240, 242
Mansfield, George C. (B)375, 385-86, 671
Mansfield, Isaac Le Roy M.D. (B)825
Marchella, Rocco281
Marks, Albert J (B)1293
Marquis, G. G.215
Marselus, Edwin D. (B)1181
Marshall, James38, 41, 172
Marshall, William Henry (B)1209
Martin, D. G.104
Martin, Emily Mrs.383
Martin, J. C.240
Martin, Oscar F. (B)545
Marvis, Edward320
Mason, Albert332
Mason, C. C.316
Mason, S. T. (B)1251
Mathews, Fred363
Matkin, C. E. (B)1329
Matlock, John (B)1144
Matteson, E. E.89
Matthews, William Frederick (B)1260
Maxwell, Levi H. (B)1266
McBride, James F.215
McCallan, William296
McCallum, Duncan C. (B)329, 346-47, 347
McCarty, Joseph294
McCorkle, J. W.69, 148, 152, 141
McCoy, Benjamin Lincoln (B)486, 365, 371-72, 373
McCreary, Sam257
McDaniel, Marion Allen (B)865
McDaniel, Susan Miss276-77
McDaniel, Thomas209, 211, 213-14
McDaniels, Thomas104
McDermott, S.183
McDonald, Robert241
McFall, Liston75
McGann, James336-37
McGee, Joseph335
McGee, Milton312, 338
McHardy, Alexander (B)692
McIntosh, L. H.316-318
McIntosh, Perry196
McIntosh, William320
McKee, Samuel (B)866
McKenzie, Kenneth (B)816
McKnight, George277
McKnight, John H. (B)1186
McLaughlin, Deputy Sheriff163
McLaughlin, Frank297-299, 338, 337, 302-303, 326-328, 389
McLennan, Charles Wallace (B)654
McMillan, George Washington (B)642
McNamee, 99
McPherson, Ernest I. (B)1290
McRae, Daniel (B)623
McRae, Duncan (B)623
Meacham, Joel (B)608
Meacham, Joseph280
Mead, George (B)1151
Mead, L. H.303
Meakins, John William (B)1234
Mealey, Samuel A. (B)1242
Meek, B. B. Hon. (B)355, 376, 382, 385, 659
Meeker, George T. Rev. (B)814
Meradith, George R. (B)1179
Merithew, Mr.216, 221
Mery, Michael L. (B)306, 592
Messinger, John G. (B)860
Messinger, Reuben H. (B)930
Meyerhoffer, Orvar377
Meysenberg, O.W.353
Miller, C. H.367
Miller, Elmer I. (B)376, 574
Miller, F. B.272
Miller, F. W. (B)650
Miller, Fred W.312
Miller, George306, 318
Miller, George 0. (B)1172
Miller, Glen W.389
Miller, Joe220
Miller, Joseph (B)219, 1126
Miller, Wendel J. (B)479
Miller, Wendell220
Miner, Tom206
Mitchell, E. J.365
Mitchell, James Evans (B)899
Mitchell, Rattling Jack278
Mix, John Maxson (B)742
Moak, Jacob (B)416
Moak, Miss Eva384
Moak, Sim207-208, 219-225
Moesch, F. S.367
Moir, Harry S. (B)733
Montgomery, J. W. B. General (B)316-318, 579
Mullen, Henry313
Mullen, Lizzie Mrs.384
Mullen, Samuel237
Mullen, Widham219
Mullin, Alfred (B)976
Mullings, William384
Munjar, Peter (B)918
Murphy, Daniel282
Murphy, Dennis John (B)555
Murphy, Denny (B)839
Musselman, A. C. (B)1101
Myer, Judge120
N[Return to Jump Site]
Nance, Mr.71
Nash, Henry William (B)1090
Neal, Samuel40, 43, 120, 137, 172, 180
Neatly, Assemblyman287
Nelson, A. D.265
Nelson, Charles Leonard (B)458
Nelson, Ed315
Nelson, John282
Nesbit, J. D.379
Nesbit, William209
Neuharth, August L. (B)724
Nevins, Bill92
Newcomb, A. B.146
Nicholl, Brothers (B)594
Nichols, A. L.316, 318
Nichols, George197
Nichols, Kelcy Grant (B)1185
Nichols, Mother63, 144
Nickerson, Charles J.92
Nielsen, Niels Andersen (B)1249
Nisbet, James Goldie (B)942
Noaks, Tom309-310
Noblet, James Ira (B)1153
Norman, J. C.240
Norris, Samuel J.342, 347
Norse, Mr.116-17
Northgraves, William40, 42, 318
Norton, John P.75
Nourse, George F.266
Nugent, Michael (B)1100
Nugent, Richard J. (B)1207
Num, You309
Nye, Michael185
O[Return to Jump Site]
Oberweis, Peter (B)1229
O'Brien, F. J.318
O'Connor, James340
O'Donnell, May320
Oliver, C. A.318
Oliver, Emery365
Olsen, Charles277-278
O'Meara, 67
O'Neill, Charles (B)1131
Onstott, Jacob (B)990
Ord, Pacificus177Catherine Grant Wieder
Osborn, E. A. Rev. (B)1091
Oser, M. (B)717
Osgood, James C. (B)338, 655
Osio, Salvador39
Ossenbriiggen, Matthias (B)1197
Ostenburch, C. M.318
P[Return to Jump Site]
Panecaldo, Leoeto A. (B)1311
Paris, Thomas H.141
Parker, Billy383
Parker, W. D.367
Parks, James Van (B)255, 709
Parrott, John179
Passey, John (B)1173
Patrick, James Thomas (B)1109
Patrick, William Garrison (B)832
Patten, Deputy Sheriff307
Patterson, Jacob86, 96, 192-93, 293
Patterson, William Ray (B)1130
Paxton, Fred N. (B)1063
Peachy, Frank314
Pearson, Robert197
Peck, Elisha T.140, 143, 167
Peck, James A. (B)488
Peck, Mr.363
Pellett, Miss96-97
Pence, Mr.146, 185-186, 208-209, 211-213, 286
Pence, W.319
Pendergast, John Franklin (B)1287
Pennell, Robert318
Perkins, D. K.303-304, 308, 319, 321
Perkins, George C. Hon. (B)86, 233, 237, 246, 292, 389
Perry, A.141
Perry, O. C.355
Pershbaker, W. C.273
Person, C. H.187
Persons, P. R.303
Peters, William Henry (B)1262
Petersen, George F.C. (B)1095
Peterson, B. F.283
Peterson, Thomas (B)1269
Pfeiffer, Fred M. (B)1186
Philas, James293
Phillips, Emma Hickes Mrs. (B)891
Phillips, William62
Piatti, 91
Pickier, John William (B)1238
Pico, Pio39-40, 174, 180
Pierce, Edward T.318
Pierce, Joseph209
Pierce, Mr.71
Pierce, R. V. Dr.299, 323
Pillett, Miss96-97
Pitts, A. M. (B)602
Plagge, Albert A. (B)1271
Plume, Mrs.200, 211
Plymire, Samuel (B)767
Poile, William176
Polk, M. C.373
Pollock, Mary M. Mrs. (B)1224
Pond, Charles L.338
Pond, James L.272
Pope, John (B)1214
Porter, C. E. (B)360, 372, 455
Porter, J. L.373
Posey, Lewis264
Potter, Benjamin F. (B)1121
Potter, E. G.355
Potter, John137
Potter, S. O.72
Powell, George W. (B)1154
Powell, J. J. Rev.116
Powell, J. W.24, 31, 73
Power, Mary E. Mrs. (B)459
Powers, J. E.320
Powers, Jack369
Powers, John E.339
Powers, W. B.272
Prather, James (B)1105
Pratt, Orville C. Jr. (B)1224
Pratt, Orville C. Judge (B)20, 123, 178, 181, 290, 356, 428
Pratt, Willard Dr. (B)1324
Presley, Augustus C. (B)729
Preston, John231
Price, Edward B.331
Price, Eunice279
Price, John (B)597
Printy, Mr.248
Prior, Frank A. (B)924
Pulley, Matt B. (B)598
Pulliam, R. C.284
Pyke, Harold (B)1312
Q[Return to Jump Site]
Quadros, A. S. (B)1072
Quigley, Seth R. (B)1316
Quimby, C. S.287
R[Return to Jump Site]
Rabe, Catherine Mrs. (B)607
Raish, Charles W. (B)1272
Ramley, John F. (B)1277
Ramsay, William215
Randall, R. R.146-47
Ranker, Otto Phillip (B)1192
Rasmussen, J. C. (B)1308
Reagan, Charlotte (B)971
Reagan, Ida Miss361
Reavis, D. M.287, 305
Reed, C. N.320
Reed, C. W.298
Reed, H. B.318
Reese, William281
Reicker, Paul365
Reilly, T. P.364, 373
Reimers, Fred W. (B)1127
Retson, John (B)1050
Reyman, Harold C. (B)1146
Reyman, M.303
Reynolds, E. T.376
Reynolds, James294
Reynolds, Sherman A. (B)1168
Rheinhart, Theodore364
Rice, Charles Allen (B)1274
Richards, Charles Alfred (B)1025
Richards, Charles Henry (B)1291
Richardson, Clarence C. (B)1013
Richardson, Jared V. (B)460
Richardson, John C. (B)475
Richardson, Mary Jane Mrs. (B)902
Richardson Springs (B) 340, 370, 1098
Riddle, W. R. (B)1113
Riddle, W. S.313
Rideout, N. D.307, 328
Rideout, Smith & Company271
Riecker, Paul (B)660
Riedel, J. (B)862
Riley, George C. (B)1173
Riley, John293
Risberg, Albert 0102, 156-157
Ritter, Carlton M.318
Robb, Don B. (B)1306
Robert, A.75-76
Roberts, Eugene275, 282
Robinson, Charles256
Robinson, John R. (B)373, 712
Robinson, John R. Sr. (B)712
Robinson, Olive Swift Mrs. (B)1254
Robison, Charles197
Rodley, John Ellis M.D. (B)333-334, 379-380, 730
Roether, Charles38, 172
Rogers, Charles F.379
Rogers, Constable282
Rogers, Thomas209, 211
Rollins, Fred (B)914
Roos, Axel H. (B)1287
Rorabough, J. B.206
Rose, R. C.211
Rosenbaum, M.232
Ross, John281
Rouelle, Baptiste76-77
Rowe, Charles332
Royce, C. G.128
Ruff, Will Carl (B)716
Rugh, Edgar Bird (B)732
Rumball, Helen381
Rumble, George W.383-84
Rumbolz, Herman Karl (B)313
Runnel, Marshal311
Russel, Thomas197
Russell, Charles197
Russell, F. H.300
Rutherford, John Eugene (B)170, 605
Rutherford, Pearle Mrs. (B)699
Rynearson, Daniel (B)1283
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sadowski, Charles F. (B)975
Safford, W. S. Judge291, 149
Salisbury, C. S.363
Salmon, Melissa Patrick Mrs. (B)491
Sanders, G. P.141
Sargent, A. A.233
Savery, Mr.67
Sawyer, Dr.277
Schaeffer, Fred A.287
Schaeffer, Mr.188
Schilling, John Stephen (B)681
Schley, George C. (B)1270
Schmidt, Herman L.311
Schmidt, William209
Scholfield, Anson (B)1084
Schoof, August Claus (B)1291
Schooler, W. H.382
Schooly, Thomas60-62
Schwelke, Paul283
Scolly, Mr.307
Scott, A. M. (B)704
Scott, Edward Morris (B)1097
Scott, Elisha70
Scott, J. W.182
Scott, Thomas198
Sears, H. K. (B)1328
Seevers, Cecil Jo (B)1099
Seisserth, Gustav383
Self, Charles T (B)1308
Sellick, Mary Mrs. (B)849
Sessions, M. C.320
Sexton, Warren T.42, 97, 113-114, 139, 141, 144-146, 148, 152, 158, 164-165, 172-173, 183, 231, 269, 251, 296, 335
Seymour, B. N. Rev.116
Shannon, John (B)430
Shannon, W. R.141
Sharkey, Walter J. (B)587
Sharkey, William289
Sharkovitch, George276-277
Shaw, Samuel Marian (B)1046
Shearer, Charles D. (B)1150
Sheperd, H. B.149
Sherman, Charles280
Sherman, William Gen.299-300
Sherwood, W. S. Hon.144, 147-48
Shippee, Wanton Allen Hon. (B)304, 715
Shirley, Adam279
Shirley, Lemuel Crittenden (B)1050
Shirley, Other T. (B)1033
Short, Howard Porter (B)741
Short, L. H.308
Shuffleton, H. C. (B)1139
Shults, George W.148
Simms, J. O. (B)620
Simms, James H. (B)1283
Simpson, Alexander Gibb (B)119, 227, 235-237, 246, 376, 611
Singer, W. E. Capt.105-106, 182-183
Sisk, Richard M. (B)749
Skinkle, A.149
Slaughter, Charles275, 282
Slaughter, John275, 282
Slissman, Lewis (B)369, 952
Smith, Arthur H. (B)656
Smith, Dr.69
Smith, F. M.232-233
Smith, G. K.367
Smith, George Adams148, 152
Smith, J. W. Capt.323
Smith, Jacob254
Smith, Jessie385
Smith, John A281
Smith, John H. (B)1259
Smith, M. H.91
Smith, Mary385
Smith, N.197
Smith, Nettie Thompson Mrs. (B)1243
Smith, Vienna Fain Miss (B)1005
Smith, W. N.213-214
Smith, Wyatt M.474
Smizer, H. T. A.275
Smuck, Ella C. Swinney Mrs. (B)1001
Smullin, S. N. D. (B)1014
Snider, John Wesley (B)588
Snow, H. B.352
Snow, L. A.209
Snow, Lucius A. (B)840
Snyder, Mr.71
Sommer, Carl Julius (B)1071
Soubirous, Josephs (B)1282
Soule, J. T.272
Southern, Mr.219
Souza, Joseph (B)1286
Sowell, Shadrack383
Spangler, Edward F. (B)1131
Spangler, Levi Irad (B)1145
Spangler, William C. (B)1174
Sparks, E. N.91
Spence, C. C.367
Sprague, Sheriff307, 309, 315
Springer, George E. (B)893
Springer, Jason334
Sproul, D. R.314
Sproul, Joseph Davis (B)313, 331, 379, 563
Stafford, Frank E. (B)1323
Stamper, Christian283
Stanford, Ingate Daniel (B)1191
Starratt, J. E. (B)1182
Stater, E. W.64-65, 82-86, 93, 96, 146
Steadman, Edward367
Steams, A. K. Dr.74
Stebbins, Cyril A. M.S. (B)705
Steinbrook, Thomas275, 282
Stephens, C. S.281
Stephens, Nick (B)1149
Sterling, W. H. (B)1066
Stevens, H253
Stewart, Franklin226-227
Stile, Thomas Frederick (B)1049
Stiles, C. W.117
Stiller, Mark (B)1305
Stilson, Charles L. (B)228, 285, 314, 497
Stirling City Schools (B), 1093
Stockton, G. W.149
Stoer, F. J.368
Stokes, Isaac (B)1214
Stone, Kate120
Storey, Alfred James (B)894
Stout, George H.336
Stow, Harry P. (B)328, 366, 721
Stow, W. W.92, 328
Strahl, Riley311-312
Streeter, Daniel (B)596
Streeter, John Wesley (B)596
Strode, James L. (B)1209
Stroehl, Martin (B)706
Strommer, John200
Sturmer, Mr.369
Sunderland, Hank240
Sutherland, F. T.329
Swain, O. E.115-16
Swearington, Harry309
Swearington, John333
Swift, George272
Sypher, S. Maxwell (B)1047
T[Return to Jump Site]
Taber, Floyd303
Taber, Howard H.335
Taber, P. I.363
Tabler, Roy 0. (B)1281
Taylor, Charles312
Taylor, Father Rev.98
Taylor, Gilbert Hart (B)613
Taylor, James Henry (B)1031
Temple, Jackson234
Thatcher, Albert I. (B)1156
Thatcher, Frank Marion (B)951
Thatcher, William Henry (B)1096
Thomas, May L. Mrs. (B)1166
Thomas, Nath257
Thomas, S. K.240
Thomas, W. S.199
Thomasson, Beryl Verne (B)768
Thomasson, Caroline (B)437
Thomasson, George W. (B)745
Thomasson, Hardy222
Thomasson, Margaret (B)558
Thomasson, Nath204-206
Thomasson, Nathaniel H. (B)437
Thomasson, William Hardy (B)558
Thompson, Annie312
Thompson, George64, 70
Thompson, J. B.378
Thompson, John W. (B)1143
Thompson, Mary Mrs. (B)869
Thompson, William H. (B)1235
Thorne, Henry William (B)1132
Thresher, Albert Lincoln (B)1190
Thresher, Columbus W. (B)376, 465
Thresher, George (B)1184
Thrower, Joseph Bennette (B)963
Thunen, Charles G. (B)743
Tilden, William P. Dr.240, 289
Todd, Mr.220
Todd, Samuel178, 290
Todd, Warren B. (B)877
Toland, Charles319
Too, Jim283
Totmam, James A. (B)751
Tovee, Charles Edward (B)1093
Trayner, John H. (B)618
Treat, Warren384
Troxel, Allen T. (B)740
Troxel, Josiah and Eve Ann (B)739
Troxel, K. B.331
Troxel, Samuel A. (B)908
Troxel, Thomas Jefferson (B)1108
True, Benjamin F. (B)556
Truitt, Solomon Stanley (B)734
Truxell, E. F. (B)838
Tufford, Martin (B)1092
Turner, John C. (B)564
Turner, W. H.227
Turpen, Brothers75
Tyler, Joseph B. (B)1108
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Uhl, Joseph K. (B)1259
Underwood, James281
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Vadney, George E. (B)1006Jean Murray
Vail, Henry Eugene75, 83, 89, 91-92,
Vail, Henry Eugene (B)663
Van Clief, Peter251
Van Der Naillen, R.366
Van Gooden, Suel Joseph (B)1216
Van Liew, C. C.318, 340, 386
Van Ness, Samuel171
Van Norden, 182
Van Refer, A. C.281
Van Vlack, Lewis (B)752
Vandegrift, Samuel A. (B)1194
Vanschoiack, Charles L. (B)1183
Vantine, W. D.191
Vaughn, George J.110
Venable, William B. (B)923
Vera, Joseph N.278
Vergean, E. F.67
Vettel, Authur Frank (B)1213
Voorhies, H. L. (B)1315
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Wadlington, Solon Lawrence (B)1052
Wahl, Henry (B)1270
Wahl, Wiley W. (B)1102
Wakefield, Frederick (B)460
Waldeyer, Charles297, 300
Walker, E. B.281
Walker, Fred E. (B)323, 1146
Walker, J. A.306
Walker, Jefferson Asbury (B)641
Walker, O. N.272
Walker, W. A.367
Walker, W. D. (B)1280
Wallace, John391
Walley, George332
Wallingford, E.141
Walliser, J. H. (B)1256
Walsh, Edward Ernest (B)1317
Walze, William339
Ward, Brothers287
Ward, Edward Benson (B)567
Ward, John McKee Hon. (B)467
Ward, W. A.46
Ward, William (B)567
Wardo, Waldo383
Ware, Allison318
Warfield, George339
Warren, Edward A. (B)318, 965
Warren, Mary A. Mrs. (B)469
Washburn, Calvin Uriah (B)807
Washburn, Francis M. (B)1230
Washburn, Oliver Arnold (B)562
Waterland, John S. Capt. (B)762
Waterman, Professor387
Watkins, John (B)1321
Watson, Freddie278-279
Watson, W. S.307
Watts, James110
Waugh, George A. (B)948
Waymire, J. A. Judge352
Weatherbee, Ira74
Weaver, David169
Webber, Sheriff386
Weldin, Authur W. (B)1261Eric Young
Wells, M. H.72, 209-211
Wells, Michael Henry (B)461
Wells, Thomas112, 148-149, 214-15, 246
West, M. B.272
Westcott, Charles Everett (B)575
Wheeler, Columbus149, 183
Wheeler, William E.389
Wheelock, Harry282
Wheelock, James383
Whipple, David104
Whipple, Sarah Mrs.53, 65-66, 96
Whipple, Thomas F. (B)808
Whitaker, Winfield Maj. (B)913
White, Emmons (B)687
White, George A. (B)1227
White, Henry W. (B)1020
White, James M. (B)1030
White, Mollie311-312
White, Richard (B)675
White, Thomas278
Whiteman, Gideon F.272
Whiting, Dwight370
Whiting, Fenton B.106Ted
Whitlock, J. H.62
Whitten, Herbert W. (B)993
Wick, Charles F. (B)462
Wickman, Earnest F. (B)694
Wickman, Henry E. (B)1280
Wiggins, Joseph171
Wightman, Earl (B)1246
Wilbur, J. I.141
Wiley, A. P.70
Will, Hattie A. Mrs. (B)744
Willard, Phineas74
Williams, Antone281
Williams, Barney308
Williams, C. E.148
Williams, Daniel (B)1083
Williams, David (B)1232
Williams, Edward384
Williams, Frederick Claudius (B)947
Williams, Gardner268
Williams, H. H.300-301
Williams, J. A.357
Williams, James179
Williams, John42
Williams, John Thomas (B)1096
Williams, William W. (B)561
Williamson, E. T. (B)988
Willis, Asa John (B)1144
Wilmot, George W.147
Wilson, Archie320-321
Wilson, E. C. (B)624
Wilson, H. P.351
Wilson, J. B. Mrs.355
Wilson, John West M.D. (B)758
Wilson, Lewis E. (B)764
Wilson, Perry282
Wilson, S. B.339
Wilson, S. H.364
Wilson, William C. D.D.S. (B)1248
Wilson, William M. (B)770
Winders, George206
Wiser, Ver Lee (B)1311
Wolohen, Charles G. (B)1203
Wolohen, Patrick (B)1202
Wood, Austin E. (B)1187
Wood, Frank A. (B)1035
Wood, Jesse115-116
Wood, Mark H. (B)1304
Woodman, Charles D.79, 90, 107-108, 190-192
Woodman, E. M.333, 365
Woodman, J. M. Rev.261
Woodward, William Henry (B)786
Wookey, Andrew J. (B)1263
Woolever, Mata Mrs. (B)1104
Workman, Robert219-223
Worthley, James282
Wright, Bert383
Wright, Chauncey74
Wright, H. C.275
Wright, S. S.149, 152
Wright, Thomas Shelton (B)156, 183, 414
Wyckoff, Charles Alexander (B)255, 700
Wyckoff, James Luther (B)619
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Yard, E. J.322, 330, 341-343
Yard, H. H.341-342, 359, 371
Yoakam, Jasper A. Jr. (B)883
Yocum, Henry F.332
Yocum, William Albert (B)220, 1129
Young, A.257
Young, Sandy225
Young, Sol Constable281
Yowl, T.283
Yum, King309
Yutz, Ben370
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Zambriskie, Judge100, 103

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