The Shenandoah Valley Area of Amador County, CA.


By Elsie E. Dixon

The reference contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the reference is found. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams with the name of the book. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column. For look-up requests within the book itself contact George Ackerman The work itself can be found at your local Family History Center as Fiche #6049290.

The names can be accessed by choosing the first letter of the individual's surname below or by scrolling down the list. Please note that the list is broken into section to make loading easier.

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Gabe, Catherine72, 79
Gable, Frederick249, 354
Gable, Jason354
Gable, Jeffrey354
Gable, Lester354
Gable, Loraine Mrs.425
Gable, Mary A. Mrs.353
Gable, Melvin364, 426
Gable, Nancy354
Gable, Patricia354
Gable, Phoebe Mrs.249
Gable, Stephen354
Gable, Tiffany354
Gable, Wm353
Gaddy, Coloma287
Gaddy, Martin287
Gaddy, Mary Mrs.287
Gafford, Stella130
Gaftunik, Lucille107
Gallaway, Mr.303
Galli, Dale78
Galli, John78
Gallin, Frederick B.181
Gallin, Frederick H.181, 186
Gallin, Frederick H. Mrs.186
Galt, Bert422
Gandy, Charlene134
Gandy, Chas.133
Gandy, Chas. L133
Gandy, Mark133
Gandy, Michael134
Gandy, Mitchell134
Gants, Mr.224
Garcia, Mr.227
Garibaldi, Doris381
Garibaldi, Elmira357
Garibaldi, Emmett381
Garrard, Henry140
Garrard, Martha140
Garrett, Brenda145
Garrett, Bridget96
Garrett, Cubert145
Garrett, Daniel145
Garrett, David145
Garrett, Ellen (Burke) Mrs.96
Garrett, Gerald145
Garrett, Julie145
Garrett, Paul145
Garrett, Robt.146
Garter, Mr. US Dist Atty.25
Gartlin, Alice51, 52, 55-57, 120, 124, 157
Gartlin, Clara157
Gartlin, Loretta157
Gartlin, Patrick120
Gartlin, Thos. H.120, 157
Gasci, Guiseppina187
Gay, Robt.178
Geary, Luella244Tim Geary
Gebhardt, Ida112
Genccio, Mamie Mrs.271
Genccio, Mr.228
Genestelle, O. A324
Gensberg, Emma335
George, Mr.385
Gerrans, Ada422Betty
Gerrans, Ethel422Betty
Gerrans, Jeremiah422Betty
Gerrans, Lester422Betty
Giannini, Addie162
Giannini, Addine162
Giannini, Amelia162
Giannini, Angiolina Mrs.333, 334
Giannini, Antione162
Giannini, Clara162
Giannini, Clemente163
Giannini, Cloe163
Giannini, Domenico333, 334
Giannini, Edward163
Giannini, Estelle163
Giannini, Eugene162
Giannini, Flora162
Giannini, Florenze "Florence"21, 163-165
Giannini, Frank163
Giannini, Gaetano162, 165
Giannini, Giuseppi5, 7, 8, 162
Giannini, Henry163
Giannini, Jacob162, 165
Giannini, John23, 24, 63, 86, 163-165, 264
Giannini, Joy163
Giannini, Marie162
Giannini, Mary333
Giannini, Mr.162
Giannini, Nelli163
Giannini, Rose128, 333
Giannini, Ruby163
Giannini, Son163
Giannini, Virginia162
Giannini, Virginia A.163
Gibson, Alexander181, 186
Gibson, Dona Mrs.222
Gibson, Elizabeth181
Gibson, Geo.181
Gibson, Hawkins248
Gibson, John160
Gibson, Julia Mrs.28, 184-186
Gibson, Mary180
Gibson, Nancy248, 250
Gibson, Nash181, 186
Gibson, Patrick180
Gibson, Sarah Mrs.248
Gilbert, A. B.280
Gilbert, Barbara Mrs.427
Gilbert, Emma Mrs.280
Gilbert, Geo. Mrs.239
Gilbert, Mabel280
Gilbert, Mr.27
Gilbert, Robt.427
Gilchrist, Carrie355
Gilchrist, Hilda355
Gilchrist, Marjorie355
Gilchrist, Molly355
Gilchrist, Neil355
Giles, Dau.365
Giles, Fred365
Giles, Richard366
Gill, Frank422
Gill, Frank422
Gilliam, Dau.358
Gilliam, Reuben A.358
Gilliam, Reuben L.358
Gilliam, Son358
Gillick, C. C.224
Gillick, Dolores427
Gillick, Louise381
Gillick, R. B.427
Gillick, W. S.427
Gillick, W. T.361, 427
Gillick, W. T. Mrs. (Della)361, 427
Gillis, J. H.287, 289
Gillum, Dorothy114
Gillum, Evan114
Gillum, Frances114
Gillum, Geo.114, 217
Gillum, John114, 217
Gillum, Lester114
Gillum, Mollie Mrs.217, 218
Gilmore, Joseph9, 61, 62, 118, 160, 277
Ginocchio, Adeline416
Ginter, J.24
Giraldin, Mr.154
Giraldin, Phoebe Mrs.132-a
Glaich, Marino25, 165
Glasscock, Georgia166
Glasscock, Mr.9, 166
Glaze, John144
Glaze, Katheryn144
Glaze, Lynda144
Glazier, Wm. A5, 6, 166, 195
Gleason, Mary415
Gluyas, Marguerite88
Glyde, M. E.9, 256, 400
Goffinet, Blanche335
Goffinet, Bonnie335
Goffinet, Carl335
Goffinet, Clarence335
Goffinet, Dau.335
Goffinet, David335
Goffinet, Eleanor335
Goffinet, Flora335
Goffinet, Frank92, 102, 223, 335
Goffinet, Gloria335
Goffinet, Herman335
Goffinet, Herman Mrs.131
Goffinet, Jessie335
Goffinet, Joseph335
Goffinet, Lois335
Goldstein, Louis397
Goodwin, J. D.201
Goodwin, Jeff D201
Goodwin, Vernon201
Gooler, Ina146
Gordon, Fred327
Gordon, H. P.327
Gordon, H. P. Mrs.239, 329
Gordon, Supt. of Schools56
Gorse, B. Hungerford325
Gorton, Frank427
Gorton, Geo.427
Gorton, Gilman109
Gorton, Gilman109
Gorton, Gilman415, 427
Gorton, Gilman Mrs.109, 427
Gorton, Mae427
Gorton, Wm.109
Gorton, Wm. Mrs. (Kate)110
Govan, J. Elias209
Graham, Frank245
Graham, Helena245
Graham, Julia Mrs.425
Graham, Mary245
Graham, Michael245
Graham, Wm. J.245
Grainger, Edith369
Grainger, Frieda53, 203
Grainger, Lucille53, 203
Grainger, Mabel369
Grainger, Margaret Belinda Mrs.51, 52, 95, 204, 205
Grainger, Marion203
Grainger, Mary Mrs.369
Grainger, Silas231, 369
Grainger, Vera369
Granzin, Elizabeth210
Graves, A. B. Mrs.78
Gray, Buell117
Gray, Chas.209
Gray, Chas. Mrs.428
Gray, D.38, 400
Gray, Leonore Mrs.427
Gray, Wm T166
Green, B. C.318
Green, Chas.9, 109, 118, 400
Green, Deborah405
Green, Ella402
Green, Flavin405
Green, John S Jr.405
Green, John S.111, 405
Green, Mr.155
Green, Sybil Mrs.402
Green, Zolena400
Greenhalgh, Gertrude231
Greenhalgh, Howard231, 234
Greenhalgh, John231, 234
Greenhalgh, Sabra Mrs.232, 2330 234
Greenhalgh, Susan231
Greenhalgh, Wm. H.51, 52, 55, 56, 63, 231, 233
Greenhalgh, Wm. H. Mrs.233
Greenleaf, Mr.152
Greenslate, Hazel361
Greenslate, Norman296, 361
Greer, Mary83
Gregg, Andrew24, 339, 341
Gregg, Charlotte181
Gregg, Christian339
Gregg, Christina337
Gregg, Cyrus337
Gregg, Grace340, 341
Gregg, Helen340
Gregg, Herbert340
Gregg, James Capt.340
Gregg, James E.337, 341
Gregg, James F. 20, 24, 28-29, 37, 38, 60, 337, 340-342
Gregg, James P. Mrs.28, 341, 342
Gregg, John337
Gregg, John N339
Gregg, John O. "Hugh"337, 341
Gregg, L.337, 341
Gregg, Lillis A.60
Gregg, Louisa66, 338
Gregg, Martha A.339, 341
Gregg, Martha J.339
Gregg, Mary C.339
Gregg, Mary E.337
Gregg, Mary J.337
Gregg, Milton L.16, 24, 337, 341
Gregg, Milton S340
Gregg, Minnie339
Gregg, Samuel L.340
Gregg, Susan337
Gregg, Walter "Scott"66, 337, 341
Gregg, Wm.337, 341
Gregory, Albert422
Gregory, Dau.422
Gregory, Thos.135
Gregory, U. S Sheriff12, 38, 39, 63
Gregory, Wm.422
Greilich, Ellen213
Greilich, Geo.131, 335
Greilich, Geo. Mrs.131
Greilich, Janet131, 335
Grennon, John222
Gribble, M. A.398
Grider, Romer367
Grieg, Mr.106
Griffin, Frankie204
Griffin, James349
Griffin, Mary349
Griffin, Mr.250
Griffin, Virginia349
Griffith, Frederick428
Griffith, Frederick Col.427, 428
Griffith, Hazel406
Griffith, J. M.5, 83, 118, 127, 133, 179, 195, 196, 203, 215, 236, 248, 254, 263, 267, 278, 291, 293, 298
Griffith, Lewis405, 407, 410
Griffith, Lewis Mrs.405
Griffith, Lewis Mrs.409
Griffith, Margaret428
Griffiths, Mr.362
Grinnell, Bridget98
Grounds, Ada166
Grounds, David9, 13, 166, 167
Grounds, Eliza Mrs.167
Grounds, Lillian167
Grover, Helen401
Guisto, Dorsalina114
Gumbert, August208
Gumbert, Caroline208
Gumbert, Frances208
Gunsolus, Myrtle Ruoff51
Gunsolus, Wm.236
Gunter, Ethel338
Gustafson, Mr.245
Guy, Mary253
Guy, Minerva263
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Hackford, Norman266
Hackford, Thos.266
Hadix, Anna427
Hadix, E Rev.260, 386
Hall, Anthony167, 168
Hall, Catharine Mrs.404
Hall, D. Mrs.300
Hall, Edward218
Hall, Ella167
Hall, Elmira157
Hall, Elnathan4, 24-25, 167, 401, 404
Hall, Jane167
Hall, Mary218
Hall, Mary300
Hall, Sarah167
Hall, Wm.168
Hall, WM. A.168, 404
Hambley, Palmera427
Hammack, Andrew342
Hammack, Annie Lois343
Hammack, Edwin343
Hammack, Frank9, 39, 82, 96, 98-99, 186, 293-294, 342-343, 396
Hammack, Frank Mrs.98, 99, 343
Hammack, Fred338, 342
Hammack, Fred Mrs.342
Hammack, Hazel343
Hammack, Hilda343
Hammack, Ida343, 344
Hammack, J. W. C. "Calvin"338, 341
Hammack, Jessie343
Hammack, John W. C. Mrs.343
Hammack, John W. Carson342
Hammack, John W. Carson Mrs.343
Hammack, Leland343
Hammack, Lilla343
Hammack, Matilda Mrs.99
Hammack, Melville342
Hammack, Sterling342
Hammack, Sterling L.341, 342
Hammack, Sterling L. Jr.342
Hammack, Susie342
Hammack, Wm.342
Hammond, Robt. L.128
Hammond, Robt. W128
Hammond, Sandra128
Hammond, Wiler79
Hammond, Wm.128
Hancock, Gertrude354
Hancock, Henry234
Hanhuth, August298
Hanhuth, Son298
Hanney, Christian75, 168, 242, 267
Hanney, Son168
Hansen, Mr.164
Hanson, Chas.166, 167
Hanson, Dennis245
Hanson, Kenneth245
Hanson, Marion Mrs.167
Hanson, Mr.168
Hanson, Paul245
Hanson, Steven245
Harbin, M. F.169
Harbin, M. P. Mrs (Stella)170, 171
Harmer, Francis163
Harmer, Leon74
Harmer, Mr.163
Harms, Chas.209, 212
Harms, Lena M209, 212
Harms, Leon209, 212
Harrell, Albert116, 169-170
Harrell, Edward169
Harrell, Emal169
Harrell, Frank169, 170
Harrell, Hattie170
Harrell, James Mrs.173
Harrell, Jane Mrs.170
Harrell, John A.1, 8, 15, 20-22, 29, 35, 169-170, 230, 264
Harrell, John B.169, 170
Harrell, Joseph J.171
Harrell, Lawrence170
Harrell, Lois170
Harrell, Nellie169
Harrell, Olie133, 169-171
Harrell, Stanley170
Harrell, Stella1, 116, 169
Harrington, Robt.149
Harris, Cheryl249
Harris, Everett412
Harris, Franklin5, 7, 171, 179
Harris, Geo.407
Harris, J.4
Harris, J.171
Harris, Joseph171
Harris, Lowell249
Harris, Marshall412
Harris, Mr.171
Harris, Pamela249
Harris, Susie Mrs.413
Harrison, Benj. Pres.87
Harrison, Christiana87
Harrison, Samuel87, 88
Harsen, Mr.327
Hart, Barbara171
Hart, Clarence172
Hart, Edward172
Hart, John172
Hart, Josephine172
Hart, Leta172, 248
Hart, Manilla171
Hart, Oliver B.171
Hart, Oliver G.24, 40, 42, 57, 68, 171
Hart, Richard171
Hart, Wm. J.171
Hartwick, Abel406, 413
Hartwick, Ellis335
Hartwick, Katie268
Hartwick, Son406
Hartwick, Walter406
Hartwig, Daniel146
Hartwig, Danieleigh147
Hartwig, Ina147
Hartwig, Patricia147
Hasman, Chas.209
Hasman, Joseph209
Hasman, Mary209
Hatfield, Senator310
Hathaway, Julia417
Hathaway, Samuel22, 417
Hatin, Nicole143
Hatin, Renaye143
Hatin, Roger143
Haubrith, August298
Hauswirth, Elsbath186
Hauswirth, Margreth265
Hauswirth, Simeon188
Hauswirth, Ursula188
Hausworth, Elsbath186
Hausworth, Margreth265
Hausworth, Simeon188
Hausworth, Ursula188
Haverstick, Berniece114
Haverstick, Geo.113
Haverstick, Geo. F.94, 113
Haverstick, Geo. Mrs.28, 124
Haverstick, Helen114
Haverstick, John A.114
Haverstick, John A.114
Haverstick, Margaret113, 151
Haverstick, Martha114
Haverstick, Mary E.114
Haverstick, Sarah114
Haverstick, Wm.113
Haverty, Bridget Mrs.317
Haverty, Kate317
Haverty, Michael317, 319
Haverty, Mr.317
Haverty, Thos317
Hayes, Mr.159
Haynes, Eunice331
Hayward, Alvinza109-110, 177, 328, 401
Hayward, Katherine245
Head, Anna404
Head, J. R404, 408
Heath, Edna387
Hedgpeth, J.306
Hedrick, Adam231, 234
Hedrick, Mr.231
Hedrick, Stephen231, 234
Hedrick, Susan Mrs.234
Helm, Fritz9, 279, 401
Helms, Cecil73
Henderson, Brent428
Henderson, Jay H. Dr.428
Henderson, Jay H. Mrs.428
Hendricks, Jesse10
Hendricks, W. C. Sec of State3
Henry, Dewitt223
Henry, J L.401
Henry, Jane Mrs.223
Henry, Jemina223
Henry, Rose375
Hensley, Marie265
Henson, Chas.172
Henson, Geo.172
Henson, Henry172
Henson, Wm. L.172
Henson, Wm. T.4, 111, 172, 402
Herrill, Dau.172
Herrill, Millard F.172, 362
Hess, Darlyne247
Hess, Fred247
Hess, Gerald247
Hess, Melvin247
Hibbard, Mary128
Hibbard, Mr.236
Hicklin, James173
Hiebert, Danny137
Hiebert, Howard136
Hiebert, Jerry137
Hiebert, Lynn137
Hiebert, Wayne137
Higgins, Mr.171
Higgins, Wm Mrs.100
Highet, Bert173
Highet, Geo.173
Highet, Laura169, 173
Highet, Samuel9, 173, 279, 401
Highet, Samuel Mrs.173
Hightower, John157
Hightower, Thos. J.16, 18, 21-23, 157
Hightower, Thos. J. Mrs.161
Hilbert, Alvin355
Hill, Craig119
Hill, Darrin119
Hill, Donald119
Hill, Elsie359
Hill, Mary272
Hinkson, Amy247
Hinkson, Andrew B247
Hinkson, Andrew H83, 106
Hinkson, Andrew H.283
Hinkson, Cynthia247
Hinkson, Edith247
Hinkson, Eva247
Hinkson, Hilda247
Hinkson, Howard247
Hinkson, Jessie246
Hinkson, John247
Hinkson, Judd247
Hinkson, Julia246
Hinkson, Laura Mrs.288-290
Hinkson, Louis247
Hinkson, Marian247
Hinkson, Mary B.236, 283
Hinkson, Mary B.246
Hinkson, Mary H.272
Hinkson, Mazie Mrs.426
Hinkson, Mr.83
Hinkson, Nall283
Hinkson, Nelson C.25, 66, 238, 283, 288
Hinkson, Nelson C.283
Hinkson, Norman247
Hinkson, Patsey283
Hinkson, Richard F.247
Hinkson, Richard J.247
Hinkson, Richard S.66, 245
Hinkson, Robt. H.247
Hinkson, Robt. L.247
Hinkson, Robt. L. Jr.247
Hinkson, Robt. M.283
Hinkson, Robt. N.24
Hinkson, Ruth244
Hinkson, Sarah246
Hinkson, Shirley247
Hinkson, Susie246
Hinkson, Wesley247
Hirschberg, Louis324
Hitchcock, Helen236
Hites, Benoni299
Hites, Clara Mrs.300, 301
Hites, Marie157, 299
Hjort, Evangeline87
Hobart, Mrs.177, 401
Hobert, Benj.6
Hodge, Mary E.216, 373
Hodge, Mary Mrs.373
Hodge, Merina373
Hodge, Thos.373
Hodges, Samuel113
Hoesch, Dau.371
Hoesch, Minnie Mrs.372
Hoesch, Mr.371
Hoffman, Frank221
Hoffman, Mr.73
Holden, Chas C Mrs.132
Holden, Chas C.130
Holden, Claire130
Holden, Ruth130
Holland, Philip113
Holland, Robt.193
Holland, Walter283
Holland, Wayne194
Holm, Fred211
Holm, Fred Mrs. (I. Niki)iii, 425
Holman, Bridget Mrs.99
Holman, J24
Holman, J. W.96
Holman, James25
Honeychurch, F. Mrs.305
Honeychurch, John74
Honeychurch, Phillipa. Mrs.74
Honeychurch, Richard "Tom"74
Hooper, Dau.401
Hooper, John401
Hooper, W. H.401
Hooper, Wm. H9, 65, 75, 109-111, 229, 401, 410
Hornback, Cathryn128
Hornberger, Billy96
Hornberger, Brownie96
Hornberger, Esther96
Hornberger, Walter96
Horns, Chas.173
Horns, James5, 8, 173
Horrell, T. M. Assemblyman3
Horton, Edward174
Horton, Floyd174
Horton, Frank174-176
Horton, Grace175
Horton, Hattie Mrs.175
Horton, Horace C.38-39, 54, 175-176, 194, 244
Horton, Horace H.26, 42, 126, 140, 174-176, 239
Horton, Horace H. Mrs. (Sophia)126, 175-176, 239
Horton, Lizzie "Doll"53, 174
Horton, Lucy174
Horton, Mary126, 174
Horton, R B Mrs.54
Hosier, Mary149
Hotchkiss, Ada Mrs.153
Hotchkiss, Phile152
House, Al159
House, Margaret416
Houston, Allen309
Houston, Alma269, 309
Houston, Dorothy309
Houston, Eda309
Houston, Ellen269
Houston, Lee309
Houston, Louis309
Houston, Marvin309
Houston, Mary331
Houston, Mr.269
Houston, Sam Gen.250
Howard, Harriet403, 408-409
Howdy, Ida81
Howell, Amelia Wheeler386
Howell, Joseph386
Hrepick, Kate164
Hubbard, Alice78
Hubbard, Ethel Mrs.78
Hubbell, Augusta300
Huber, Julius94
Hudson, Robt.176
Huffman, Dan127
Huffman, Dan Mrs.132
Hughbert, Mr.178
Hughes, Ben176
Hughes, David176
Hughes, Edward Mrs.427
Hughes, Pauline338
Hughes, Peter176
Hughes, Sarah356
Hughes, Stanley D.161
Hughes, Stanley D. Jr151
Hughes, Susan Mrs.176
Hughs, Mary127
Hull, Alfred65
Hume, Bessie232
Humpert, Virginia244
Hunt, Daniel322
Hunt, Wm249
Hunter, Bayne188
Hunter, Katherine428
Hunting, John384
Hunting, Julia Mrs.384
Hunting, Lois395
Huntoon, Geo.231
Huntoon, Geo. Mrs. (Melissa)iii, 231, 426
Huntoon, Vera231
Huot, Chas.177
Huot, Felix9, 23, 177
Huot, Joseph177
Huot, Mary177
Huot, Victor177
Hurst, Wm.268
Huston, James247
Huston, Wm391
Hutcheson, Mary111
Hutchins, Adella78
Hyland, Emily418
Hyland, Harry417
Hyland, Jerome417
Hyland, Joseph418
Hyland, Mabella418
Hyland, Marjorie417
Hyland, Miss417
Hyland, Mr.417
Hyland, Nellie417
Hyland, Oliver418
Hyland, Samuel418
Hylton, Ella332
Hylton, Mr.97
Hynds, Wm.38-39, 41-42, 62-63, 82, 106, 177, 396
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Ilenstine, Chas254
Ilsohn, Mrs.162
Inch, Ethel Mrs.413
Inch, Wm.412
Inglis, Sidney405
Ingraham, Orlo227
Ingram, M. E. Mrs.197
Inskeep, Sarah66, 148
Inskeys, Sarah66, 148
Inskip, Sarah66, 148
Irish, Mrs.318
Isaacs, Ben397
Isaacs, Carl397
Isaacs, Carl M397
Isaacs, E W.398
Isaacs, John B397
Isaacs, Mary293, 294
Isaacs, Mary Mrs.398
Isaacs, Michael397
Isaacs, Mildred397
Isaacs, Ruth397
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Jack, (Three-Fingered?)408
Jack, Viola142
Jackson, Clyda77
Jackson, Delilah376
Jackson, Evelyn170
Jackson, Michael77
Jackson, Nick77
Jameson, Albert180
Jameson, Alvah259
Jameson, Ann Mrs.10
Jameson, Anna E.180
Jameson, Barbara171
Jameson, Dau.259
Jameson, Doris183
Jameson, Edna180
Jameson, Edward179
Jameson, Eliza182
Jameson, Elizabeth150, 182
Jameson, Ella Mrs.186
Jameson, Ellen179
Jameson, Frank H180
Jameson, Gabriella180, 322
Jameson, Harvey59, 60, 76, 178, 179, 183, 186
Jameson, Harvey Mrs.79, 80
Jameson, John178
Jameson, John McK.1, 5-8, 92, 171, 178-179,184-185, 223, 278, 176
Jameson, John McK. II180
Jameson, John Myron180
Jameson, Joseph180
Jameson, Julia, J. 180
Jameson, Julia A.179
Jameson, Kennethiii, 178-180, 425
Jameson, Lois180
Jameson, Mabel51-52, 59-60, 179 183-184, 186
Jameson, Margaret183
Jameson, Mary182
Jameson, Mary A.180
Jameson, Mary Mrs.8, 184
Jameson, Nancy179
Jameson, Paul184, 186
Jameson, Peggy179
Jameson, Phoebe179
Jameson, Phoebe179
Jameson, Rachel138, 182
Jameson, Rebecca179
Jameson, Robt.179
Jameson, Robt.183
Jameson, Robt. Mrs. (Louise)iii, 179, 184, 425
Jameson, Robt. T.12, 14, 27, 28, 40, 138, 183, 184, 186, 414
Jameson, Robt. T. Mrs.152, 186
Jameson, Son178
Jameson, Virginia180
Jameson, Wk. T. Jr.180
Jameson, Wm. T.178
Jameson, Wm. T.10, 20, 178, 179, 184
Jarvis, Nellie
Jasper, Mr405
Jelmini, Ambrose187
Jelmini, Amelia187
Jelmini, Basilio10, 17, 21-23, 61, 104, 187, 261
Jelmini, John5-7, 162, 187
Jelmini, Mr187
Jenkins, Miss56
Jennings, Geo. C.37
Jeske, Craig285
Jeske, Howard284
Jeske, Laurel285
Jeske, Lynn285
Jeske, Vaughn285
Jewell, J. B. Rev.220
Jobs, Mrs.427
Johns, Mr.388
Johns, Mrs.393
Johns, R.24
Johnson, Annie (Devore) Mrs.62, 105
Johnson, Birdie249
Johnson, Chester105
Johnson, Elsie105
Johnson, Eva72
Johnson, Frank72
Johnson, Geo.105
Johnson, Harry249
Johnson, Helen143
Johnson, Katherine268
Johnson, Linnie Mrs.271
Johnson, Mr.122, 187, 228, 271, 390
Johnson, Ralph385
Johnson, Robt.249
Johnson, Thos.143
Johnson, Wealthy Mrs.118
Johnson, Wilma Mrs.172
Johnston, Donald149
Johnston, Donna356
Johnston, Robt.149
Johnston, Virginia149
Jolly, James371
Jolly, Martha371
Jones, Alice345, 363
Jones, Barry155
Jones, Dau.345
Jones, David344
Jones, Denise354
Jones, Douglas130
Jones, Elizabeth344
Jones, Emma155
Jones, Fred297
Jones, Geneva344
Jones, Geo. Cleveland345
Jones, Geo. M9, 41, 42, 100, 187
Jones, Gwendolyn344
Jones, J. J.31, 168, 187, 242
Jones, J. N. Mrs.132
Jones, James N130
Jones, Jennie Mrs.100
Jones, John J.1, 4, 5, 7, 86, 127, 187, 397
Jones, Judith354
Jones, Lena38
Jones, Lillian130
Jones, Louis343-345
Jones, Lucy53
Jones, Mary344
Jones, Melvin130
Jones, Mr.344, 364
Jones, Patsy147
Jones, Robt.354
Jones, Ross187
Jones, Son186, 345
Jones, Stanley130
Jones, Sylvian344
Jones, Thos.129
Jones, Thos.188
Jones, W S117
Jones, Willie344
Jones, Wm. T344, 345
Jonnason, Mr.263
Joseph, W.405
Joy, Alonzo9, 294, 346
Joy, Clara346
Joy, Henry346
Joy, J A.346
Joy, Sarah346
Juckes, Arthur249
Juckes, Daisy250
Juckes, Robt. C.249
Juckes, Robt. C. Jr.249
Juckes, Robt. F250
Judd, Lila247
Judd, Mario372
Judd, Melvin372
Judd, Melvin Mrs.372
Juri, Guglielmina163
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Kane, Alphonse Marie347
Kane, Bridget Mrs.118
Kane, Carrie347
Kane, Ella347
Kane, Emma347
Kane, Henry347
Kane, J347
Kane, Kate275, 347
Kane, Lawrence118
Kane, Margaret326, 347
Kane, Mary347
Kane, Patrick9, 87, 326, 347
Kane, Patrick Mrs.347
Kane, Stephen118
Kane, Thos347
Karr, Andrew53, 55, 62, 120, 190
Karr, Elizabeth149
Karr, Ida190
Karr, Mary190
Karsten, Loraine354
Katz, Michael313
Kaufman, Belle305
Kaufman, Edward305
Kaufman, Emeline305
Kaufman, Emiline Mrs.305
Kaufman, Henry305
Kaufman, Lizzie305, 350
Kaufman, Thos305
Kaufman, Tom305
Kellar, Daniel9
Kellar, Mr.194
Kelly, Irvine338
Kelly, P. Mrs.404
Kelly, Sue338
Kendall, Amos. Hon.179
Kendall, Anna179
Kendall, Rebecca179
Kendall, Stephen179
Kennerson, Mr.89
Kent, B B332, 347, 358
Kent, Cynthia Mrs.332, 404
Kent, Edith Mrs.359
Kent, Louis347, 360
Kent, Mary347, 404
Kerner, Keith145
Kerner, Mark145
Kerner, Rodger145
Ketcham, R. W.43
Key, Geo. W.250
Key, Geo. W. Jr.250
Keyes, Bertha269
Keyes, John81, 259
Keyes, Marguerite81
Keyes, Maria81
Keyes, Willis81
Keys, Erma120
Keys, Gertrude119
Keys, Gertrude Mrs.119
Keys, Mary119
Keys, Tim120
Keys, Wallace119
Kieserau, Gregory324
Kilgore, Carman213
King, Chas. A.23, 174
King, Chas. H323
King, Chas. H III323
King, Chas. H III Mrs Cayren)iii, 320, 321, 425
King, Chas. H. Jr.323
King, Harlan174
King, Hattie53, 174
King, Lucy Mrs.114, 176
King, Wm190
Kingsley, Marjorie Mrs.95
Kingsley, Mr.93
Kipp, Geo. Mrs.369
Kirkendall, Levy190, 354
Kirkendall, Warren354
Kirkendall, Wm.190, 354
Kirkland, James Mrs.415
Kirtland, Diane147
Kirwan, W. T.203
Klein, Mr.373
Kleist, Denny193
Kleist, Frank193
Kleist, Frank Jr.193
Knapp, Amelia "Mazie"18, 158, 390
Korth, Henry208
Korth, Mary209, 212
Korth, Mary (Hauk) Mrs.208
Korth, Susannah208, 212
Korth, Wendell208, 212
Kuper (Caspar), Alfred189, 425
Kuper (Caspar), Edna189
Kuper (Caspar), Elizabeth188, 190, 265
Kuper (Caspar), Elsie189
Kuper (Caspar), Elwin189
Kuper (Caspar), Howard189
Kuper (Caspar), Joel188
Kuper (Caspar), Josias188, 189
Kuper (Caspar), Josias "Joe"190, 265
Kuper (Caspar), Margreth190
Kuper (Caspar), Samuel189, 190, 248, 265
Kuper (Caspar), Simon189
Kuper (Caspar), Vera189
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La Follette, Thelma265
La Matte, Mr.227
Labadie, Jessie363
Lagomarsino, Clyde208
Lagomarsino, Mr.74
Lambert, Richard416
Lamont, Marjory200
Landram, Annie249
Landresse, Henry204
Landresse, Paul204
Landstrom, Harry245
Landstrum, Dorene245
Lane, Irma152
Lane, M. P.152
Lane, Minnie Mrs.153
Lane, Mr.203
Langford, Grace Mrs.348
Langford, Mrs.348
Langford, Velma331, 348
Langston, Reed121
Larabee, Fay137
Larkey, Edythe414
Larsen, Clair142
Lasich, John284
Lauer, Al198
Lausten, Connie338
Laverone, Louis329CLIFF LAVERNE
Laverone, Peter329CLIFF LAVERNE
Lawlor, Amelia105
Lawlor, Annie Mrs.105
Lawrence, Adelia Mrs.350
Lawrence, Alvin349
Lawrence, Barbara348
Lawrence, Bert349
Lawrence, Billy349
Lawrence, Blanche348
Lawrence, Blanche M.348
Lawrence, Bonnie Jean348, 382
Lawrence, Chas.306, 348, 350
Lawrence, Clara158, 159, 350
Lawrence, Edward306, 349, 350
Lawrence, Eldridge348
Lawrence, Ella "Ola"158, 159, 349, 360
Lawrence, Frank348, 365
Lawrence, Grace348
Lawrence, Grace349
Lawrence, Grover331, 348
Lawrence, Inez348
Lawrence, Jessie349-350,
Lawrence, John S158, 159, 351
Lawrence, Johnny350
Lawrence, Laura "Ola"158, 159, 350
Lawrence, Lester331, 348
Lawrence, Mahlon348
Lawrence, Marvin349
Lawrence, Mary E.349
Lawrence, Mary J.349, 350
Lawrence, Robt.128, 349
Lawrence, Robt. Mrs. (Mary)128, 426
Lawrence, Thelma349
Lawson, Anita362
Lawson, Edward362
Lawson, Etta M.172, 362
Lawson, Hattie362
Lawson, Katie362
Lawson, Lem362
Lawson, Margaret362
Lawson, Peter172, 362
Lawson, Una362
Lawton, Donna144
Le Blanc, Carole313
Le Blanc, Donna313
Le Blanc, Francis313
Le Bus, Genella108
Le Bus, Mabelle108
Le Moin, Fred261
Leach, Ann Mrs.110
Leach, Annie H196
Leach, Bailey195
Leach, Benj.353
Leach, Bryan355
Leach, Charlotte353
Leach, Chas.195
Leach, Chris354
Leach, Dau.355
Leach, Dolores353
Leach, Edmund353
Leach, Ellsworth B355
Leach, Ellsworth H.355
Leach, Ellsworth W285, 353
Leach, Ervin355
Leach, Eva A.196
Leach, Eva M.355
Leach, Flora353
Leach, Frank353
Leach, Hazel Mrs.285
Leach, Hugh195
Leach, Ida195
Leach, James354
Leach, Jesse355, 428
Leach, John W Jr.196
Leach, John W. Mrs.153
Leach, John W. Rev.5, 70 84, 195, 398
Leach, Laura355
Leach, Lennie196
Leach, M. Mr.401
Leach, Magdaline353
Leach, Martha355
Leach, Mary A.355
Leach, Merwin "Murray"9, 30, 401, 402, 407
Leach, Muds353
Leach, Oliver353
Leach, Phoebe353, 381
Leach, Susan352
Leach, Thaddeus354
Leach, Thaddeus Jr.354
Leach, Thos.353
Leach, Verna355
Leach, Walter353
Leach, Wm.355
Leach, Wm. E.355, 428
Leam, Harry344
Leam, Harry J.344
Leam, Jack379
Leam, John W.379
Leam, John W. Mrs.380
Leam, Leah344
Leam, Margaret379
Leam, Morry344
Leam, Violet344
Lean, Nancy221
Leary, Elvyra113
Lee, Augustus182
Lee, Charlie182
Lee, Eliza Mrs.186
Lee, Elva Mrs.428
Lee, Henry151
Lee, James196
Lee, Margaret158
Lee, Margaret182
Lee, Mrs.69
Lee, Rachel182
Lee, Robt.182
Lee, Sarah Mrs.151
Lee, Shelley182
Lee, Walter274
Lefebvre, Battle338
Lefebvre, Beverly338
Lefebvre, Chris338
Lefebvre, Helena337, 342
Lefebvre, Henry337, 338, 341, 342, 425
Lefebvre, Leon337
Lefebvre, Leon "Bud"338, 341
Lefebvre, Leon Mrs.338
Lefebvre, Leon S338
Lefebvre, Leon T338
Lefebvre, Leon T Mrs.341
Lefebvre, Michael338
Lefebvre, Michelle338
Lefebvre, Sterling338
Lefebvre, Walter274
Lefebvre, Yvonne338
Lefler, Wilson264
Legendre, August391, 419
Legett, Mr.186, 196
Leininger, Louise230
Leon, A. F "Fred"74
Leon, Jose184
Leonetti, Atillio358
Leoni, Herman164
Leoni, Steve132-a
Leoni, Virginia164
Lepez, Anson196
Lepley, Annie317
Lepley, Robt.317
Lessley, Anne366
Lessley, Arthur127, 356
Lessley, Arthur Mrs.132
Lessley, Claude356
Lessley, Clyde356
Lessley, Earl132
Lessley, Edith131
Lessley, F.356
Lessley, Louis356
Lessley, M. L. Miss356
Lessley, Ray132
Lessley, Samuel131
Lessley, Wm. H.356
Lessley, Wm. J.356
Lester, Betty284
Lester, Ina Mrs.284
Letcher, Violet Mrs.108
Levaggi, Albina358
Levaggi, Annliesse357
Levaggi, Anthony357
Levaggi, Bernardo9, 21, 38, 40-42, 45, 62-63, 229, 254, 264-265, 268, 295, 357
Levaggi, Blanch358
Levaggi, Carol358
Levaggi, Christian357
Levaggi, Dau.357
Levaggi, Francesco357
Levaggi, Irene357
Levaggi, James B85, 358
Levaggi, Jams B. Jr.358
Levaggi, Jams B. Mrs (Daisy)iii, 425
Levaggi, Jonathan358
Levaggi, Jules357
Levaggi, Julius24, 357
Levaggi, Madeleine357
Levaggi, Mae358
Levaggi, Son358
Leveck, Josephine Mrs.8
Leveck, Wm.5, 7, 8, 196
Leventon, Anna291
Leventon, Chas.291
Leventon, Ed292
Leventon, Ethel291
Leventon, Fannie274, 291
Leventon, Frank291
Leventon, John H291
Leventon, John J.12, 62, 274, 291
Leventon, Rachel291
Lewis, Alice106
Lewis, Alma106
Lewis, Bert172
Lewis, Ernestine172
Lewis, Geo. A.421
Lewis, Geo. R106
Lewis, John106
Lewis, Leonard172
Lewis, Mr.172
Lewis, Mary Mrs.110
Lewis, Mary Mrs.420, 421
Lewis, Melvin172
Lewis, Nellie421
Liddicoat, Arthur69
Liddicoat, Clarence69
Liddicoat, Curtis69
Liddicoat, Edna69
Liddicoat, Edwin69
Liddicoat, Ethel296
Liddicoat, Herbert258
Liddicoat, Inez69
Liddicoat, Joseph68
Liddicoat, Lottie Mrs.257, 258
Liddicoat, Mary A. Mrs.69
Liddicoat, Nicholas68
Liddicoat, Wm.257
Liddicoat, Wm. R.257
Liebhardt, August26, 44, 61, 419
Liebhardt, Frank419
Liebhardt, Fred419
Liebhardt, Gussie419
Liebhardt, Kitty419
Liebhardt, Son419
Liebhardt, Theodore419
Lightner, Carolyn180
Likens, Anna342
Likens, Leonard343
Lillybridge, S. G.74
Limpker, Chris22, 32, 70, 86, 196, 213, 278, 285, 302, 370, 402
Lindberg, Mary226
Lindquist, Mr.376
Linforth, Walter61, 254, 279
Linn, Mr.196
Linnie, Minnie154
Linville, John179
Lipker, Mr.353
Lipker, Mrs. Mary353
Lipp, Emma220
Lishman, Mr.315
Little, Ernest268
Littlefield, Annie346
Littlefield, Carl108
Littlefield, Clarence218
Littlefield, Lauren218
Littlefield, Mr.304
Littlefield, Ray132
Littlefield, Reuben218
Littlefield, Romie132
Livermore, J. Assemblyman3
Lloyd, Grace257
Lockwood, Annie273
Loisel, Clementine325
Loisel, Josephine325
Loisel, Marie325
Loisel, Registre325
Loisel, Registre Jr.325
Lombardo, Chas.163
Lombardo, Franklin163
Lombardo, Jack163
Longfellow, Henry W.99
Longfellow, Sarah238, 239, 241
Longnickle, Mr160
Loree, Ethel92
Loree, Robt.92
Loree, Samuel92
Loree, Warren51, 52, 55, 92
Loree, Warren Mrs.94, 95
Lorenson, J. R.344, 416
Lorenson, Myrtle344
Lorenson, Peter344
Lorenson, Peter Mrs.344
Lorentz, Alice73
Lorentz, Chas. Jr.73
Lorentz, Chas. Rev.73
Lorentz, Donna73
Lorentz, Doris73
Lorentz, Esther73
Lorentz, Fred73
Lorentz, Gladys73
Lorentz, Helen73, 383
Losh, John340
Losh, Frank339
Losh, Frank Mrs.341
Losh, Richard339
Losh, Wm. J.339
Losh, Wm. J. Jr.339
Lott, King262, 306
Lott, Manerva Mrs.306
Lott, Mary Mrs.306
Lott, Sarah Mrs.306
Lott, Thos.132-a, 306
Lott, Thos.306
Lott, Thos. A.306
Louis, Frederick R Mrs.428
Louis, Frederick R. Jr.428
Louis, Hunter428
Love, Anna360
Love, Carrie E.358
Love, Cynthia358, 359
Love, Cynthia Mrs.347, 360
Love, Dennis359, 360
Love, Edward359, 360
Love, Elias360
Love, Elmer359, 360
Love, Emma Mrs.28, 261
Love, Frank358
Love, Geo.261, 358, 360
Love, Lillian154
Love, Lincoln360
Love, Margaret267, 359, 360
Love, Raymond359, 360
Love, Samuel332, 358, 360
Love, Samuel358
Love, Susan359
Love359, 369
Lovelace, Dennis245
Lovelace, Mary245
Lowe, Clarence349
Lowe, Eldon349
Lowe, Evelyn349
Lowe, Virginia349
Lubenko, Lucy270
Lubenko, Martin270
Lubenko, Mitchell270
Lucca, Angiola333
Lucich, Theodore305
Lucot, Arthur201
Lucot, Geo.201
Lucot, James201
Lucot, Mary201
Lucot, Mary Mrs.202
Lucot, Walter318
Lucot, Weldon318
Ludekens, Chas.367
Lull, Wm.166
Lunt, Lottie268
Lute, Ellen117, 138
Lute, Geo.138
Lute, Lottie138
Lute, Susan138
Lydell, Mr.97
Lynch, Henry322
Lynch, J. A6
Lyons, Chas.292
Lyons, Mr.292
Lyons, Richard B.189
Lyons, Richard L.189
Lyons, Teresa189
Mc[Return to Jump Site]
McAdoo, Wm.396
McAlmont, John339
McAuley, Zedo328
McBath, John263
McBath, Leola363
McBeth, John263
McBeth, Leola363
McCain, California154
McCall, Amanda244
McCall, Mr.119
McCarthy, Blanche Mrs.427
McCarthy, Mr.396
McCarthy, Wm.9, 199, 294
McClary, Addis Mrs.366
McClary, Archie365
McClary, Florence365
McClary, Fran364
McClary, Fred364
McClary, Irwin 364
McClary, Isaac12, 364
McClary, Jane364
McClary, Myrtle364
McClintock, Hamilton111, 172, 402
McCloud, Jesse327
McClure, Martha178
McCormack, Annie215
McCowan, J S155
McCreery, Rachel178
McCullough, Dau.420
McCullough, James256, 301, 420
McCullough, John420
McCullough, Mr.420
McCullough, Son420
McCutchen, John179
McCutchen, Margeret179
McCutchen, Robt.178
McDonald, Hugh199
McDowell, Jane140
McGaffee, John308
McGee, Annie199
McGee, Billy200
McGee, Elizabeth200
McGee, Helen200
McGee, John200
McGee, John F.199, 200
McGee, Julia199, 312
McGee, Margaret200
McGee, Martha199
McGee, Mary200
McGee, Ralph56, 200
McGee, Wm. J.25, 26, 29, 37, 38, 56, 199, 200, 259, 326, 407
McGraw, Amy Mrs.130
McGregor, Doris361
McGregor, Edith Mrs.428
McGregor, Elmer428
McGregor, Emily T219, 362
McGregor, Frances362, 388
McGregor, Gladys362
McGregor, Idella362
McGregor, Isabella361, 362
McGregor, James A.218, 220, 361
McGregor, James F.362
McGregor, Jams428
McGregor, John361
McGregor, John362
McGregor, John A.361, 362
McGregor, John L362
McGregor, John Mrs.361, 361
McGregor, Mary Mrs.218
McGregor, Melvin428
McGregor, Saida361
McGregor, Son362
McGue, Elzema416
McHaley, Mr120Burt McHaley
McIntire, Anna230
McIntosh, Christopher134
McIntosh, Mr.134
McIntyre, R H397
McKay, Ann197
McKay, Donald J.197
McKay, Donald J. Jr.197
McKay, Joanne197
McKay, John346
McKean, Marietta154
McKean, Nettie154
McKean, Wm.154
McKenzie, Arthur200
McKenzie, C. A.356
McKenzie, Frances59, 200, 359
McKenzie, Jessie356
McKenzie, Mary59, 201
McKenzie, Mary Mrs.356
McKenzie, Ruby356
McKenzie, Wm.1, 11, 20, 39, 60, 200-202, 239
McKenzie, Wm. Mrs.201
McKinley, Claudia155
McKinley, Gerald155
McKinney, Bertha417
McKinney, Hattie417
McKinney, Mr.416
McKinney, Willie417
McKnight, Margaret178
McKnight, Mary178
McKnight, Timothy178
McLaughlin, Annie201
McLaughlin, Arthur201
McLaughlin, Arthur B201, 202
McLaughlin, California "Callie" Mrs.202
McLaughlin, Dau.201
McLaughlin, Jesse201, 202, 224
McLaughlin, Lizzie Mrs.202
McLaughlin, Louise55, 201
McLaughlin, Mary201
McLaughlin, Vannie63, 201
Mcleod, James186, 331
McMahon, Robt.358
McMaken, John337
McMaken, Margaret "Helena"337
McMillen, Eva202
McMillen, Florence202
McMillen, Jackson202, 238
McMillen, Jennie202
McMillen, John H17, 59, 60, 202
McMillen, Lizzie202
McMillen, Prentiss202, 203
McMillen, Susan Mrs.38, 59, 202, 216, 217, 239
McMillen, W. H.202, 213, 282, 298
McMullen, Bridget308
McNaughton, James Mrs.307
McNeely, Darlene193
McNeely, Patricia193
McNeely, Thos.193
McNeil, Mr.205
McNutt, David399
McNutt, Mrs.399
McPhee, Elizabeht Mrs.243
McPhee, Mrs.133
McPheeters, Margaret112
McQueen, Peter5, 70 203
McSwain, Wm. P.9, 152
McSwain, Wm. P. Mrs.153
McWade, Mrs.77
McWinnie, B.370
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MacAulay, Thos. B.98
Mack, Geo. F.56
Madden, Dennis16, 406, 409
Madden, Elsie406
Madden, Emmet406
Madden, Kate Mrs.17, 409
Madden, Thos.406
Maddern, Anna268
Maddern, Catherine268
Maddern, John268
Madeline, Annie157
Madies, Annie304, 382
Madies, Minnie Mrs.382
Madsen, Alfred147
Mailet, Marie419
Maisonet, Carman146
Maisonet, Richard146
Malatesta, Lesbia284
Mallett, Elizabeth Mrs.95
Mallett, Mrs.93
Malone, John352
Manini, Mr.195
Manley, Albert361
Manley, Cledith211
Manley, Dolores211
Manley, Edward360
Manley, Ellen361
Manley, Laura207, 360
Manley, Margaret Mrs.428
Manley, Omar211, 428
Manley, Son361
Manley, Thos.360
Manthey, Herma198
Manthey, Herman198
Manthey, Julius198
Manthey, Melvin198
Mapel, Leila120
March, Ethel359
Marchand, "Baby"89
Marchand, Bertha89
Marchand, Chas. H Jr.90, 425
Marchand, Chas. H89
Marchand, Diane90
Marchand, Ellen89
Marchand, Florence89
Marchand, Jo-Ann89
Marchand, John89
Marchand, Joseph89
Marchand, Thos89
Marchant, John200
Marchant, John Mrs.200
Marchant, Margaret200
Marr, Mr.205
Marrow, Beatrice205
Marrow, Freddie205
Marrow, Ina205
Marrow, Joshua205
Marshall, John Mrs.172
Marten, Nevin170
Martin, Dorcas156
Martin, Francis313
Martin, John4
Martin, Joyce145
Martin, Kimberly313
Martinez, Mary222
Martz, Blanche Mrs.425
Martz, Carl148
Martz, Son149
Martz, Stanley148
Mason, J. D.22 66, 71, 184, 216, 239, 287, 292, 328, 400, 402, 408
Massin, Manette325
Matheson, Grace122
Mathews, Mr.126
Mattei, C. J227
Mattei, Lolita Mrs.425
Matthews, Charlis197
Matthews, Chas. J.197
Matthews, Dau.198
Matthews, Edgar198, 241
Matthews, Frank197, 198
Matthews, Franklin197
Matthews, Harriet "Hattie"198, 241, 382
Matthews, Joseph198
Matthews, Julia198
Matthews, Macy Mrs.86
Matthews, Mr.197
Matthews, Norm197
Matthews, Son198
Matthews, Thos. "Ralph"59, 198
Matthews, Walter A.197
Matthews, Wm J. Mrs.198
Matthews, Wm. J11, 22, 24, 37, 197, 198, 282, 327
Mattley, H. G.38
Matulich, Alexander164, 363
Matulich, Antone163
Matulich, Donald G164
Matulich, Donald R164
Matulich, Flora164
Matulich, Geo.164
Matulich, John164
Matulich, Madaline164
Matulich, Mary163
Matulich, Mary V.164, 304
Matulich, May164
Matulich, Thos. P.164
Maury, Maud Mrs.271
Maury, Mr.236
Maus, Mr.73
Maxson, Henrietta304
May, Mary69
Mayberry, J210
Mayer, Eleanor263
Mayer, Fred219
Mayer, Lois221, 425
Mayer, Ruth Mrs.426
Mayers, Ann76
Mayers, Harry A.267
Mayers, Henry267
Mayfield, Charlotte134
Mayfield, Everett134
Mayfield, Janet134
Maylone, Bessie Mrs.148
Mayon, Chas.287
Mayon, Colma (Gaddy) Mrs.269
Mayon, Mary287
Meek, Abraham353
Mehrten, Charlotte245
Mehrten, Dau.387
Mehrten, Robt.387
Meiss, Alida222, 303
Meiss, Anna303
Meiss, Chris222
Meiss, Elizabeth Mrs.222
Meiss, Lewis62
Meiss, Mrs.279
Meixner, Mr.279
Mello, Richard249
Merados, Donald78
Messmore, Alice297
Messmore, Bertha366
Messmore, W.297
Mettler, E.Mrs.26
Metzler, Mrs.120
Meyershine, Sarah Mrs.255
Michaels, Dale248
Michaels, Dennis248
Michaels, Marlene248
Michaels, Mrs.193
Michaels, Richard248
Michaels, Robt.248
Middleton, James353
Middleton, Katie353
Middleton, Thos.353
Middleton, Willie353
Miller, Addie224
Miller, Belle Mrs.107
Miller, California201, 224
Miller, Doris194
Miller, Dorothy193
Miller, Earliii, 194
Miller, Earline194
Miller, Edward194
Miller, Elizabeth224
Miller, Glenn Rev234
Miller, Grant186
Miller, Henry4
Miller, Henry107
Miller, James224
Miller, Janette Mrs.224
Miller, Jennie Mrs.108
Miller, John194
Miller, John L.143
Miller, Julius224
Miller, Lorraine Mrs.?428
Miller, Marilyn194
Miller, Michael226
Miller, Mrs.225
Miller, Norms224
Miller, Oran226
Miller, Orin194
Miller, Ralph224
Miller, Raymond194
Miller, Squire225
Miller, Theodore224
Miller, Toby143
Miller, Wallace108
Mills, Anna Mrs.425
Mills, Herbert230
Mills, Mr.230
Millsap, Chas366
Millsap, Gertrude367
Millsap, Walter367
Milosovich, Michael386
Milosovich, Milo386
Minstrell, Joseph156
Minstrell, Mary Mrs.160, 161
Miranda, Eregniel28, 420
Mitchell, Florence300
Mitchell, Henrietta225, 229
Mitchell, James300
Mitchell, Martha Mrs.301, 420
Mitchell, Sarah229
Mitchell, Susan104, 225
Mitrovich, Dau.305
Mitrovich, Mike305
Moberry, Leonard412
Moberry, Lucy Mrs.413
Moberry, Mriam412
Mock, Lois373
Moffett, J. T.70
Mohan, Bridget317
Mohan, Catherine317
Moncur, Hugh76
Monohan, James368
Monterichard, Dau.182
Monterichard, Earl350
Monterichard, Leland182
Monterichard, Martha Mrs.157
Monterichard, Mildred182
Monterichard, Mr.350
Monterichard, Ray305, 350
Monterichard, Ray350
Monterichard, Son182
Monterichard, Victor182
Montez, Frank163
Montez, Pedals163
Montgomery, John366
Moody, Philip181
Moody, Phillip Mrs.186
Moody, Son181
Moon, Alice296
Moon, Eliza Mrs.296
Moon, Wm.296
Mooney, Frances Mrs.110
Mooney, John E.17, 106, 326
Mooney, W "Francies"17, 51, 56, 106, 326
Moore, Caleb Ryason204, 205
Moore, Frances Mrs.204, 205
Moore, Geo.204, 378
Moore, Geo. F.17, 23, 26, 51, 53, 204, 205, 375
Moore, Irwin204, 378
Moore, James18, 21, 51, 53, 60, 204, 205
Moore, K. F.204
Moore, L J. Mrs.378
Moore, Margaret Belinda51, 54, 203
Moore, Martha324
Moore, Mary304
Moore, Mr106, 414
Moore, Son106
Moore, Wm. G.53, 203
Moore, Wm. J95, 204, 205
Moore, Wm. W.5-9, 12, 20, 22, 24, 29, 43, 45, 155, 196, 203-205, 298
Morales, Joseph Mrs.81,259
Moran, Ben R269
Moran, Ben R Mrs.269
Moran, Ben. L269
Morgan, Banner247
Morgan, Mr171
Mori, Camillo358
Morrey, Mrs.389
Morris, Eliza344
Morris, June194
Morris, Lydia318
Morris, Maynard193
Morrison, Elizabeth274
Morrison, Jerry120
Morrison, Kimberly120
Morrison, Wendy120
Morrow, Chas. R377
Morrow, Chas. R.377
Morrow, Donna108
Morrow, Harriet156, 377
Morrow, Henry377
Morrow, James377
Morrow, Minerva377
Morrow, Mrs.87
Morrow, Nancy Mrs.156, 314, 425
Morrow, Phoebe377
Morrow, Rufus151
Morrow, Samuel377
Morrow, Wm108
Morrow, Wm. Mrs.108
Moses, J. Mora234
Mott, Elsie427
Mott, Mrs.421
Mott, Nova84
Mott, Samuel68
Mounter, Blaine129
Mounter, Cindy129
Mounter, Vernold129
Mudge, Bertha90
Mudge, Ernest90
Mudge, Ivy90
Mudge, Wm.90
Mudge, Wm. H22, 66, 87, 91
Mudge, Wm. H Mrs.91
Mullenix, Dennis193
Mullenix, Diane193
Mullenix, Fred192, 193
Mullenix, Jennie193
Mullenix, Kathy193
Mullenix, Lawrence193
Mullenix, Mary192
Mullenix, Stacie193
Mullenix, Sybil192
Munn, Mrs.397
Munn, Olive Mrs.398
Murch, Mr.326
Murphy, Annalee Mrs.95
Murphy, Dau.98
Murphy, Jack93
Murphy, Judy335
Murphy, Mary90
Murphy, Rota144
Murphy, Walter98
Murray, Mary303
Murray, Matthew87, 326
Muzzey, Enos22, 101, 402
Muzzey, Sybil Mrs.9, 101, 223, 402
Myers, Bessie325
Myers, Eliza395
Myers, Frank416
Myers, Frederick325
Myrick, Joann147
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