History of Alameda County, California:

including its geology, topography, soil, and productions; together with a full and particular record of the Spanish grants

By J. P. Munro-Fraser

Myron. W. Wood, Publisher (1883)

California Local History - Rocq - 8

Calif. State Library History Room (CS)
CALL NUMBER: F868.A3 H6 1883 -- Book NC
CALL NUMBER: F868.A3 H6 1883 -- Book NC
CALL NUMBER: F868.A3 H6 1883 -- Rare Book
CALL NUMBER: [Alcove] F868.A3 H6 1969 -- Book NC
CALL NUMBER: F868.A3 H6 1969 -- Book

Calif. History Room (RR)
CALL NUMBER: \MICRO-\FILM\115\Reel 2\Book 8\ -- Book

Sutro Library (RR)
CALL NUMBER: \MICRO-\FILM\115\Reel 2\Book 8\ -- Book

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Adams, Edson1000
Adams, Herbert Lester L.L.B.836
Ager, Mark837
Allen, James M.837
Andrus, Washburne R.838
Anthony, F. A.839
Anway, Loren B. 839Michael Lee Anway
Arff, Fred. D.839
Arnold, Rawdon, M. D.1001
Atkinson, Capt. George840
B[Return to Jump Site]
Babb Nathaniel L841
Babbitt, S. M1001
Badger, Capt. Thomas W841
Baker, J. Edward 842
Bankhead, Hugh742
Bardellini, Antonio 842
Barlow, H. S. (deceased) 843
Bartlett, W. P.843
Barron, Richard843
Barry, William844
Barton, John844
Beard, E. L. (deceased)845
Beard, John L.846
Beazell, Hon James 846
Benedict, Benajah 847
Benedict, Newton847
Bennett, Robert H. 848
Bernal, Augustin 848
Bernal, Dennis F849
Bernal, Jose849
Bigelow, Elijah849
Bilz, J. A. 849
Bishop, Amasa W.849
Black, Joseph F. 851
Blackwood, William C852
Blacow, Robert (deceased)852
Bond, Capt. George W.853
Bothsow, Christian (deceased)853
Bowen, William J. 853
Brannan, B. F.854
Brewer, James A.854
Brown, Edward 854
Brown, Hon. L. H.854
Brown, Samuel R. 855
Bucknell, Dr. B. F. (deceased)856
Bushen, D857
Burdick, Edwin F.857
Burdick, J. F., M.D. 858
Burrall, Will. H.858
Button, Fred. L.858
Byrne, N. B.858
C[Return to Jump Site]
Cameron, Duncan859
Campbell, Edwin H. 859
Carey, T. P.860
Carpenter, D. S.860
Carter, H. K. 860
Cheney, Z. D.861
Chabot, Anthony861
Church, Hon. A. M.862
Clark, Alson S.864
Clark, Henry C.864
Clough, B.D.T.864
Cockefair, William H864
Craig, Homer A.865
Crane, Addison M.865
Crosby, Judge E. O.869
Cushing, John871
Cutter, L. H., M.D871
D[Return to Jump Site]
Dalziel, Robert872June
Dargie, W. E.872
Davis, Hiram873Wendy Davis
Decoto, Ezra873
Delmue, Carlo873
Dieves, Joseph 873
Dimond, Hugh874
Dixon, Hon. M. W.874
Donohue, Martin 874
Dougherty, Hugh875
Doughtery, James W. (deceased)875
Dresco, Lorenzo875
Duerr, Carl876
Dugan, John877
Dusterberry, Henry877John Dusterberry
Dutcher, N. D.878
Dyer, E. 878
Dyer, E. H.881
E[Return to Jump Site]
Eggers, Harman882
Ehrman, Solomon882
Eiben, F. G.883
Elliott, R. W.883
Emerson, James 883
English, John M.884
F[Return to Jump Site]
Fath, Adam884
Fonte, Antonio 884
Francis, Samuel885
Frese, John L.885
Fritch, J. Homer885
Foster, Elijah885
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gerhardy, P. J.886
Gibbons, W. P., M.D.886
Gibbs, W. T887
Gibson, Col. E. M.887
Gilson, J. C.888
Glascock, Hon. J. R.888
Godfrey, George889
Gorner, Theo890
Greene, A. J.890
Greene, Theodore890
Gregory, H. C.890
H[Return to Jump Site]
Hadsell, Charles891
Haimes, I. B.891
Haley, C. S.892
Haley, Sr., Ebenezer892
Haley, J. E.893
Haley, W W. 893
Hampel, John893
Hardy, Lowell J.894
Hare, A. J894
Haskell, W. W.895
Hassinger, Samuel K1001
Hawley, F. H.896
Hayward, William 896
Hays, Col. John C. (deceased)897
Hayes, Timothy905
Hayes, William905
Healey, Comfort906
High, W H906
Hill Otis907
Hinckley, D. B 907
Hirshberg, Samuel (deceased)907
Holtz, William908
Hortenstine, J. B908
Huff, Socrates908
Hussey. W. H. H.909
Hutchison, James 912
I[Return to Jump Site]
Ingersoll, W. B.913
Inman, Hon. Dan913
Inwall, Harry913
Irish, Hon. John914
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jacobs, Aaron914
Jamison, John W.914
Jarvis, F. C.914Rodman Bittner
Jarvis, Howard S.915Rodman Bittner
Jessup, William H. 915
Johnson, John920
Jones, Andrew921
Jones, Edmond (deceased)921
K[Return to Jump Site]
Keller, Michael J.921
Klinkner, Charles A.922
Kohler, Ernest F.922
Knox, Lewis922
Knox, William922
Kottinger, John W923
L[Return to Jump Site]
Lancaster, Joseph924
Lawrie, A. G. 924
Lehrbass, Richard924Tom Taylor
Lewis, C. R. 925
Lewis, Capt. J. M. R. (deceased)925
Liston, W. M925
Livermore, Robert (deceased)926
Livermore, Robert927
Luders, Maas927
Lyon, John L927
M[Return to Jump Site]
Mack, W. H.928
Malley, Frederick930
Mark, I. N., M.D.930
Marshall, Earl (deceased)932
Marston, Phineas F.932
Mathews, John (deceased)933
Mathews, Peter (deceased)934
May, August935
May, George935
McAvoy, H. B.935
McFeely, F. P.935
McGovern, A. J.936
McKeany, Peter936
McLeod, A. J936
McVicar, Philip H.937
Meek, William937
Mendenhall, Martin937
Mendenhall, William M. 937
Meyer, George S.942Lee Marlin Schneider
Millard, Thomas Wale942Sheila Maynor
Miller, Albert943
Milton, Capt. Anthony943
Mitchel, John L.943
Moffitt, James 944
Mongelas, Charles J.944
Montross, Abraham Bruyn945Phillip
Moody, Volney Delos945
Moore, Capt. John Milton 946
Moore, W. W.947
Morin, Francis D.947
Morrison, Perry948Wendy Davis
Mortimer, William948
Mowry, Origin948
Mulford, Thomas W.949
Mulqueeny, Michael950
Munyan, Emery950
Murphy, Edward (deceased) 951
Myers, Frederick F.951
N[Return to Jump Site]
Nebas, Henry F951
Newcomb, William952
Nicholson, John H.952
Niehaus, Edward 952
Nissen, J. K.953
Nor, Andrew J.953
Nusbaumer, Louis (deceased)953
Nye, Stephen G.954
O[Return to Jump Site]
Olive, John H955
Osgood, Luther E.955
Overacker, Adam A.956
Overacker, Howard956
Owen, R. Owen957
P[Return to Jump Site]
Patten, Robert Foster957
Patterson, George W.957
Patterson, Nathaniel Greene958
Pedrini, Cipriano959
Pinkerton, Thomas Hammel, M.D.959
Plummer, Chas. A.959
Plummer, John Allen, Jr.960
Pohlmann, Hermann960
Poinsett, William960
Pope, Richard T.961
Proctor, John961
Prowse, John Harvey961
Pullen, C. J.961
Pumyea, Peter 962
Q[Return to Jump Site]
R[Return to Jump Site]
Ralph, Joseph (deceased)962
Redman, Hon. R. A.962
Reid, William W.964
Remillard, Hilaire964
Rice, Chas. H.965
Richmond, Edwin A.965
Riser, John J.965
Roberts William966
Robinson, Charles Kingsley966
Robinson, Hon. Henry967
Robinson, Jesse, M. D.967
Rose, A. P.967
Rose, Frederick968
Rose, J. A.968
Rosenberg, Lasery969
Rosenberg, Morris969
Ross, Edward969
Russell, Joel969
Rutherford, Charles B.970
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sackett, D. P., A. M.971
Sanburn, Daniel Moody971
Schafer, A. W.971
Schellhaas, Henry971
Scoville, Ives972
Scribner, George W 972
Selna, Leopold 972
Siebe, Capt. Ludwig972
Sherk, Jacob B.973
Shinn, James 973
Silva, Manuel Francisco973
Sinclair, Duncan973
Smalley, David S.973
Smith, George974
Smith, Henry975
Smith, Hon. Henry C. (deceased)975
Smith, Henry T.976
Smith, Leonard 976
Smith, Lewis Cass976
Smith, James Dale976
Smith, Thomas A.977
Smyth, Henry979
Sohst, Henry J.979
Stein, Adolph979
Stevens, Calvin J.979
Stevens, Capt. Levi (deceased)979
Stivers, Simeon980
Stokes, James Johnstone 980
Stone, Leonard 981
Stone, Lysander981
Sturges, Mahlon Beach981
Sunderer, Joseph983
Sunol, Jose Narcisco983
T[Return to Jump Site]
Taggart, Grant I.983
Taylor, John 983
Taylor, Joseph H984
Taylor, Dr. William Stewart984
Teeter, Daniel M.985
Thom, George985
Thorn, Philip985
Thornburgh, M. K.986
Threlfall, Richard986
Tifoche, Ivan James 986
Tisch, David987
Trask, Charles O.987
Tyson, William (deceased)988
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V[Return to Jump Site]
Valpey, Capt. Calvin (deceased)989
Vrooman, Hon. Henry 989
W[Return to Jump Site]
Wales, William (deceased)991
Walker, Jared Tuttle992Wendy Davis
Webb, Otis902
Webster, John Nelson993
Weller, Conrad993
Wells, Thomas D.993
Whidden, William (deceased)993
Wheeler, Charles Carroll 994
Whitney, Hon. George Edwin994
Wiard, Edward996
Wicks, Moses 997
Woliderlich, John P.997
Woods, Thomas S.997
Woodward, Gideon 997
Woolley, John998
Wyman, J. B.998
Wynn, Watkin William998
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Yule, John999
Z[Return to Jump Site]

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