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Looking for the location of "Martinez Highway" in rural Walnut Creek, CA (Contra Costa County).  "Box 987B  Martinez Highway" is listed as the home my grgrandfather died at in 1947.  Would like to know where in Walnut Creek that was.  Thank you for any assistance! Kim - 21 September 2007.
City Name - I am looking for records from a town or city that was once in the Martinez, California area. The name of the town started with Glen or had Glen as part of its name. Do you know how I could find this place? Amy McPherson. 19 October 2002 (Email address is no longer valid - 10/16/2012)

Answer to above: I believe the town you are looking for is called Glen Frazer. If you go to the following website ( click on maps, you will see this town in on the map right below Martinez. I live in an older home and the part of the legal description is "The Frazier Addition". I am doing research to try to figure out if my home is located in the same area as what was once Glen Frazer. - Cynthia Austin - 30 January 2006.

The Frazier Addition - I am looking for any information regarding "The Frazier Addition" of homes built in Martinez, California built between 1905-1914. I do have the legal description of my home and it states that the original owner was W.B. Dockstader and he sold the home to J.H. Green on April 5,1921. Just trying to find out the history of my home......

Cynthia Austin 30 January 2006 (Email address is no longer valid - 10/16/2012)

Census Enumeration Districts - I am looking for an enumeration district for Pittsburg, CA for the 1880 Census.
Joan Giannetta. 27 April 2003 (Email address is no longer valid - 10/16/2012)
Looking for a cemetery by the name of Point of Timber. Is anybody familiar with this cemetery? Thanks! Mary - 23 September 2006
I lived in a place in Martinez, CA in 1957 called Starkey's Camp.  It was located on a creek and was basically a row or circle of small white houses.  The driveway was all gravel.  I believe it must have been very cheap housing in that we did not have a bathroom in our house.  There was a public shower room (cost a dime) and a public restroom.  My question is:  What kind of housing was this originally?  I'm thinking it was originally built for migrant farmers and their families, but would like to confirm this.  Thank you.    Sandy - 23 September 2006




The 1880 California Census lists my great-grandparents, Charles and Mary Florence ALBERT and their seven children in Contra Costa County. They were from the Azore Islands. The children were all born in California but I don't know where. He eventually migrated to Kern Co. where he bought some acreage and started a fruit farm. Lupe. 17 February 2003 (Email address is no longer valid - 10/16/2012)
Looking for relatives of or any information on the life of my great uncle, Ernest L. ALLEN. He was born in Sept. 8,1901 in Tofteryd, Sweden and died on May 6, 1966 in Contra Costa, California. At age 21 Ernest boarded the steam ship Drottningholm in Goteborg, Sweden and arrived at Ellis Island on April 7,1923. Once in America Ernest changed his name from Allan Ernest Johan STORCK to Ernest J. ALLEN. He was issued a Social security card in Illinois, then later moved to California.
Ernest served in the U.S. Army & is buried in the Golden Gate National Cemetery. He lived in Contra Costa and later died in the San Francisco Veteran Hospital. I am trying to order his veteran papers but don't have his service #. The V.A. does not list him in their data base under his social security #. The cemetery has his service #, but won't release it.
Gary - 21 July 2001 (Email address is no longer valid - 10/16/2012)
I am looking for any information on my grandparents; Raymond D. Anderson and Clara Philipp-Anderson or their sons Philip (not sure of the spelling of Philip) and Clifton "Bruce". All lived in the Antioch, Brentwood or Oakley, CA area between apx. 1940-1975. Bruce (who is my father) was born in Contra Costa Cnty. in 1943 and died in San Francisco in Jan. 1967. I believe Bruce went to Brentwood High school around 1960. Philip (apx.4 yrs. older than Bruce) was married to Paula Hurley and they had a daughter Vickie born in Contra Costa Cnty. in 1962 or 1963. I only have about this much information regarding this side of my family and would appreciate any information that anyone might find. Thank You. Leianne Romero. 19 February 2001
I would like to have receive information about Antonio Dutra Andrade married to Rosie G. Andrade who died in Contra Costa ,CA. I have received a series of records from the Contra Costa History Library but the records only give the date of probate, which is November 1918, his children, and his business holdings.
I hope his marriage record will give his mother and fathers name and his place of birth and their place of birth. All my Dutra Andrade relatives are from the island of Fayal or Faial and all from the parish of Castello Branco, church of Santa Catharina.
I have traced my uncle Jose Dutra Andrade to San Leandro, CA and have made contact with them. thank you for your help. James Andrade . 20 August 2002
ARMAS, Joseph Frank. Date of birth 5-16-1892, Azores Islands. Requesting OBIT look up. Date of death 7-9-1942, Richmond, CA. Last residence Richmond, CA, Contra Costa County. Burial 7-11-1942, Golden Gate National Cemetery. Spouse, Marie ARMAS.
Joanne Silveira. 19 October 2002 (Email address is no longer valid - 10/16/2012)
Chester Kearn b 1886 Ontario Canada . Immigrated to CA in 1904. Died 18-NOV-1970 in Contra Costa. Found in the 1920 and 1930 Federal census in Contra Costa, CA. Registered for WWI in Contra Costa county. Married in 1905 to Oro I. McREYNOLDS (1883 CA Ė 1961 CA). Chester worked in the oil refinery.

The previous researcher had 2 children listed: Gladys 1908 and Irwin 1914. I found Irwin in the 1920 and 1930 Federal Census. I could not find the Armstrong family in the 1910 census.

 Debra Switzer Dirks - 1 July 2006  (Email address is no longer valid - 10/16/2012)

HAZEL DALES died in Contra Costa, CA Sept 12, 1980. She was born March 2, 1884 in Iowa. Her' maiden name was Potter. She was married first to a Mr. Dales in Iowa. She was married second to Norval E ASHBAUGH some time after April 1930 but before Nov 27, 1931 to Norval E ASHBAUGH. They resided in Siskiyou County in 1931. Norval died Nov 27, 1931 in a San Francisco hospital. I am looking for the cemetery where she is buried which I believe  to be in Contra Costa County. Fred E Ashbaugh - 21 September 2007

Could someone check for an obit, death notice, etc. on the 17Sept1990 Death in Contra Costa Co. of 'Babe' Ruth (OSBORN) BAKER? She was b. 10/12/1914 in San Francisco Co. Thanks. John Hutchins . 5 August 2002
I am looking for information regarding my great grandparents Barry and Flora (Larcombe) BALDWIN. I believe they were married in Martinez in 1876  and raised 3 children (Barry, Newland b. 1883, and Dorothy b.1885)there.
Bill Telfer. 27 July 2003 (Email address is no longer valid - 10/16/2012)
BALLARD genealogy. Trying to verify if Shirley E REED, b30 Jul 1928, d 30 Mar 1998, is daughter to Leo Richard BALLARD. Death residence localities for Shirley are Martinez and Pacheco, Contra Costa, CA. I am seeking living relatives to Leo Richard BALLARD, who was my grandmotherís brother.
Sharon. 13 February 2004 (Email address is no longr valid - 10/16/2012)
I'm searching for Joseph Pleasant BARBER, b. September 1878 in Butte County, California.  I find him in Martinez, Contra Costa County, California in the 1920  census, living with wife Emily and son Beverly Burton BARBER, working as a riveter in a shipyard.  The 1930 census shows for the same area, Emily and Beverly living with her new husband in her mother's (Anna KING) home.  I've not been able to find Joseph Pleasant Barber after the 1920 census.  I'm looking for records of either death or divorce occurring sometime in the time span of 1920 and 1930. Charlee Krupp - 1 April 2005
Born Feb 19, 1913
Died May 27, 1993
Contra Costa County, CA
Andree C. Swanson. 26 October 2001 Andree C. Swanson
Requesting an obituary lookup for my grandmother, Sophia Elizabeth (McAbee) BARNUM, born 08/08/1878 in Wrightstown, Brown, Wisconsin; died 08/09/1955 in Richmond, Contra Costa, California, aged 77 years and 1 day. I've searched the SS Death Index, but she is not listed.
Patrick Barnum. 18 February 2001 (Email address is no longer valid -10/16/2012)
Looking for any information of my Granduncle's family, Daniel BARTON, born 19 Feb. 1870 Gorthaleen, Keel, Castlemaine, Co. Kerry , Ireland, on the Dingle Peninsula, baptized Catholic in Keel Church, son of Denis BARTON and Bridget DALY, emigrated as a young man to San Francisco, San Francisco Co. , CA, where he became an attorney and had an office. He died 15 Nov. 1937 in San Francisco, CA, buried ?. He mar. first Madeline BLACK, b. ? , died ?, buried ?thought to be a member of an old CA. family, they had one known daughter Virginia BARTON, born in ? in Richmond, Contra Costa, CA, died ? 1992 in Half Moon Bay, San Mateo, Co., CA, buried ?, mar. first to ? ?, her father had mar. annulled, mar. 2nd to Gage Renshaw White b ?, died ? , buried ?, mar. in ? in Tijuana, Mexico. They had one son, 3 grandchildren. Virginia was educated in a convent school in San Francisco after her mother Madeline BLACK BARTON'S death, her father Daniel BARTON mar. 2nd Jane KELLY , a nurse, b. ?, died ? , buried ? Any connections or information appreciated , Thanks, Mary, 3 January 2002
I am looking for information regarding Iva BATES who lived in Antioch in the early 1960s. My grandmother, Nora BATES TERRELL, prepared a Christmas card list at that time that included Iva. [No signature given]. 18 August 2002
Looking for information on Albert BEESLEY. He supposedly died 8/27/1958 in Contra Costa.
Thanks! Janice Neagle - March 2006

Homer Lee BELLE b. 9 Sep 1925, d. 22 April 1999 in Danville, Contra Costa County, California -- married Betty Ann BORDEN 27 July 1947 in Portales, Roosevelt County, New Mexico.
Betty Ann BORDEN is my mother's younger sister.
Sue Bollinger, Glendale, Arizona. 26 July 2002 (Email link is no longer valid - 10/16/2012)
My name is J MERRILL BUCK from MARION, INDIANA. I am looking for the TONY BELLUNO family. BETTY BELLUNO (my 1st cousin) is the daughter of ENOCH and EDNA (BUCK) COX. There last known address was ANTIOCH CA. They have four daughters. She has a brother ENOCH COX JR. who was last known to be in PIMA County Arizona. Enoch and Edna were married in 1910 in Fairmount Indiana and moved out west shortly thereafter and settled in the LA. area, I would appreciate any information that you might have on this family. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. J Merrill Buck. 18 August 2002
Newspaper in Contra Costa County-What is the name of a newspaper in Contra Costa County that might include an obituary for someone who died 1997 in that county? I am looking for an obit for Howard Lucius Benson who would have been aged 101 at time of death May 18, 1997. Is there someone who does lookups? OR, I can do it myself if I know the name of newspapers in that area. Thanks, Joanne A. Smith Mello. 27 July 2003
I am looking for Dean Joseph Benson. He has children by the names of Sharon and Donald.  I think he may have lived in Antioch, CA.  He was born between 1915 and 1918.  He lived in Nebraska in 1920 and 1930.  I did find him in the Nebraska census in these years.  The last place we knew where he lived was El Cerrito. Thank you,  Lorri - 11 November 2005
Searching for information on JUANITA BEVERT born Aug 21, 1887 Concord who married WILLIAM THOMAS born 1882 Concord. I believe they also married in Contra Costa County. Who were the parents of William THOMAS? Jerry Forman . 6 September 2002
I am looking for descendants of  LINKHORN/LANGHORNE, Charles LANCEFORD, Clifford MONROE, and Luther BLEVINS who were originally from Va, They were in or  near Wise or Wise  County, Va. Some of  their children settled in or near Martinez, Ca. Would you please  supply me  with a contact person for inquiries about this family. I will be  eternally indebted to  you for  any and  all assistance. Thanking you  in advance. Ernest R. Blevins - 12 June 2005
CHARLES W. BOATRIGHT was born 12 Feb 1894 in KS or MO and died 21 Aug 1981 in Rodeo, Contra Costa Co., CA.  He was reared by maternal grandparents (J. W. and Fannie Boatright) in MO and left home at age ~17 to join the Navy.  Family notes indicate he served in WW I.

The 1930 census shows Charles (single) living in Rodeo and working in a 'sugar factory'.  I would appreciate any information concerning Charles and/or family.

Dennis G. Boatright
5310 Kingsmill Road
Friendswood, TX  77546-3014
(281) 482-6583
email: <>  

BOEK, Emma..seeking obit of Emma, born Dec 1908 and died in CCCty on 4 Feb 1988. These dates taken from the CA Death Index. dick weaver. 5 August 2002
BOLES I'm looking for any relatives of:

Earl Boles, 12/26/1926-10/22/2002, born in Arkansas, died in Moraga, CA; grandson of Joe Wood
Joe Wood of Ft. Smith, Arkansas
Jean Wood of California
Katherine Virgina Wood Woodfin, 4/27/1910-10/27/1988, died in Granada Hills/San Fernando, CA
Patricia Marie Wood, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Boyd Wood
Boyd Wood of California, formerly of Ft. Smith, Arkansas

I have a couple boxes of family photographs that I want to give to the rightful owners.  (Katherine Virginia Wood married my grandfather's brother Murray Claude Davis Woodfin. However, when she passed away, she left Murray with all the photos (they had no children), and then after Murray died, my grandfather ended up with them, and then after he died, I got them.)

There are wonderful old family photos and portraits and newspaper clippings.

I know that Joe Wood was from Ft. Smith, Arkansas and that the rest of the Woods listed above were from California.

Please email me if you know of the whereabouts of any relatives of the above-mentioned Woods family at and put Woods in the subject line. Thanks. Elizabeth House - 1 July 2006

Can you lead me to information regarding one of the founding families of San Ramon-BOLLINGER. I believe my grandmother's family lived in Contra Costa County as my mother was born in Martinez. Specifically I am looking for a list of the Bollinger family names and looking for Mary Evelyn or E Bollinger, she was born in 1906. If I can find the names, perhaps I can someday see a picture of her; I have never seen what she looked like.
Thank you so much-Mary Rossi
- March 2006

My grandmother, Mary Ethel Bollinger lived in Contra Costa County in the 1920's-1930's. I am looking for her death certificate info-she died Oct. 18, 1937. I need to know who she was married to when she died. She was survived by my mother-Mary Evelyn (Bollinger) Jones. Also if possible-who her parents were (my great grandparents). Thank you so much for your time and efforts. - Many Regards, Mary Rossi - November 2006

I am looking for information about Harry and Joella Bonham. Joella died there 25 Sep 1944. Harry d. 26 May 1963. Any relatives out there??? Jean. 24 March 2001
Would someone be able to locate an obit for William McClymont BORLAND ? He died on 7/15/1986 in Contra Costa County. Would be willing to pay. - Thnks, Bob Ferguson 20 August 2002
BORMAN OR BORMANN - Social Security records say my great uncle Walter Borman died in Martinez, CA on 5/17/1977 - looking for obituary or info on any relatives - SS records showed last residence as Newport, OR so he apparently wasn't from the area Russell Bormann. 4 January 2002
I am trying to find a place of burial for the following person: CHRISTOPHER CRIGLER BRADLEY. He was born @ 1833 Mo., have him dying Jan. 29,1863 Lafayette, Contra Costa Co., Ca. Thank you for your help, LaDonna. 14 April 2002

BRENENSTUL, KATHRYN, Seeking Obit. date of death is April, 1982, in Concord, Ca. Approximate date of birth is Oct. 1, 1888 in Pa. Actually any information would be of enormous help. Thank you, Judy Duncan. 29 August 2001
Seeking information regarding Eli BREWEN, listed in the 1867 Pacific coast directory as a blacksmith in San Ramon. Eli was born about 1825 in Missouri. He left about 1860 to go to California. I have been told the family never heard from him again. Did he marry and have descendents? What was his date of death? Lucy. 13 April 2002
I am looking for where Leo BRICENO is buried and when and where he was born.I know that he married Carmen Maria CEIL. I do not know if they married here in Ca or in Spain. Bryan 30 January 2006
BRIGGS Looking for ny information regarding an Arthur Leffingwell BRIGGS and his wife, Annie Ruth Heberling BRIGGS in Walnut Creek, Contra Costa, California.  Arthur died in 1 June 1963 in Oakland and Annie died in 2 February 1975 in Walnut Creek.  Any information (especially an obituary) would be most helpful.  We are trying to trace Arthur back towards the Mayflower and need help. Janet - 11 November 2005
My ancestor Casimiro Briones lived in Martinez. He was born March 1823, married the second time to Matilde Alviso, and probably died around 1875. We are looking for a date, an obit, and cemetery. If you can be of any help, please let us know. Susan DeJonghe; October 15, 2001
WARREN B. BROWN - I am looking for an obit or death for this gggruncle. He established the Thinkograph Magazine published in San Francisco for two years then moved to Richmond in 1916.He He was a school teacher and also practiced medicine. He established the Santa Fe Times he moved his plant to the vicinity of Macdonald Avenue and published the Terminal. I have a photo of Uncle Warren and family. Would like to know their names. - Sandra J.Roark, Whitestown, Indiana, 23 April 2008
I am in need of any information regarding Margaret (BOYD) (MILLER) (ALLEN) BROWN. She and her first husband James E. ALLEN and children started their journey out west from Missouri but James died early on and so Margaret and her children continued west. She met up with Mr. Elam BROWN and at some point they married. If possible I need to know the names of all the children born to Margaret and James.  Would even appreciate any links to this info. Margaret and James are my gggg-grandparents. I live in Hollister, Ca., are there any places that I could visit in Contra Costa County to complete my info? Thank you. Jana Churchill. 28 December 2002
BROWN: I am trying to locate an obituary for the following: Patricia Ann Brown (maiden name: Loughley). Her date of birth is: 8/30/1929. Date of her death: 1/25/1991. Her husbands name was Richard C. Brown and she resided in Brentwood, California. Thank you. Carrie. 29 December 2002
BRUNER, Elwood, b.9/27/1854 in Zanesville, OH., d. Abt.1914 in Byron Hot Springs.
Elwood was a notable California attorney having served two terms in the State Legislature and as District Attorney for Sacramento County in the late 1800s. He relocated to Nome, AK with his brother, J. Allison BRUNER, abt. 1903, and remained there until he was elected to the first territorial legislature for Alaska in Juneau March, 1913. He was said to have died in February, 1914 in Byron Hot Springs, but I have a copy of a letter he wrote to Alaska Gov. Strong, from his hotel in Washington, D.C. in March, 1914. At that time he was attending to Alaska Legislative business involving railroad revenue issues.
I'm looking for his specific death date in Byron, any obit. that may exist, and burial information, if available. Anything else is a plus. Wood McCann Carmichael, Ca. 7 April 2002
1908-1930 Bay Point, Contra Costa Co., CA.  Many of my family members and their vital records were there.  Town changed name many years ago. Current location of records and any info greatly appreciated. Diane Whipple - 19 August 2006
I am researching the BURG family of Contra Costa County, CA, who lived in Richmond, CA. The Burg brothers, Edward J. Burg(b.1868), Gustave Burg and Carl Henry Burg(b.1866), came to America from Sweden in 1880s. They settled in Richmond, CA. I know the following.
Edward J. Burg (aka EJ Burg) married Beatrice Mary Ramus (from England, then San Diego). They had 9 children: (1)Edward A. Burg-Richmond, CA., married to Grace Cox (Waco, TX), 1-daughter, Martha Ann Burg; (2)Cecil Burg; (3)John A. Burg; (4)Grant Lee Burg; (5)David C. Burg; (6)Dorothea (Burg) Edwards-Oakland, CA., married to B. F. EDWARDS, 3-children: Robert Edwards, Benjamin Edwards, and Dorothea Edwards; (7)Ada E. (Burg) Spurr-Richmond, CA., married to Basil L. SPURR, 3-children: Patricia Spurr, Basil Spurr, (aka Ada E. Knight); (8)Helen R. (Burg) Webb; and (9)Mary Lillian (Burg) Whitcomb. Edward J. Burg died 1950.
Carl Henry Burg (aka CH Burg) married Emily BRUGGE, they had 1-daughter, Thelma A. (Burg) Ward (b. 1900). CH Burg married a second time(1913), to Mrs. Clara Belle Gardner. CH Burg had a grandson named Alan W. WARD; a step-daughter, Florence HENDERSON, and step-grand children, named Edward J. Henderson, Muriel Henderson. Carl Henry Burg died 1947.
Gustav F. Burg married Etta R.
Is there anyone researching this family of Swedish-American pioneers? Eric Ferrell. 1 January 2004
BURKE, Walter H. He taught a vocational/shop class at CROCKETT High School (now John Swett H.S.) during the 1920s and 30s. Seeking any info or pictures (yearbook or other).

Thank you. Linda Eichhorn Burke, North Richland Hills, TX - 19 August 2006
Looking for a Frank, Martin Turner BURRELL and Daniel Seeley BURRELL that my have settled in Martinez, Contra Costa Co., CA. Probably came during or right after the gold rush days. Lee Johnson: 13 January 2002
BUTLER- Looking for Walter and Alexander, believe in Antioch in 1874/75. Would like to have 1880 census checked for them. Walter's wife is Hannah. Alex's is Matilda. Walter and Alex born Canada. Both were in Benicia Twp, Solano County in 1870 with families. Thank you, Darlene Hoffmark. 30 August 2002

CAKEBREAD wrote: I am looking for the parents of a Carl J. Cakebread aged 2 days at death, who was originally buried in the Bryon Cemetery and moved to the Bryner plot at Oak View Cemetery in Antioch. He was interred at Antioch 5-14-1929 age 2 days.
 MaryLanigan. 28 December 2003
I'm looking for information on William Joseph CAMPBELL  born abt. 1920 Prince Edward Island and he married Rebecca L. BAKOTIC. He was the son of William Andrew CAMPBELL and Esther Louise WILLIAMS (not sure of her maiden name).

William Andrew CAMPBELL owned two grocery stories in either Martinez or Concord, California. He also had a brother named Joseph CAMPBELL, and sister Catherine.

Gretchen - 27 December 2004

Do you have any information or records on the above and his family? Joesph married Flora Alma and they had a least one child, Ronald Bernerd Cancilla.  His second marriage was to Mae Edra Azevedo, date unknown. Joesph died -  Death Record - - Social Security Death Index - - 2/2006
Name: Joseph Cancilla; SSN: 566-07-3002; Last Residence: 94518  Concord?,  Contra Costa, California, United States of America; Born: 11 Nov 1911; Died: Jan 1983.
Thanks, Marilyn - March 2006
Am looking for family of Benton M Cannon.  Benton lived in Antioch, CA on D street in 1956.  Born in 1902 in MO, married Agnes Mathis in OK, died in CA 3 Sept 1956, buried at Brentwood Cemetery, Antioch, CA.  Am searching for information about Benton's parents and his brother Joe Cannon.  Any leads would be appreciated.
Norman Bryant - 2 January 2007
Looking for info. on Frank P. CARDOZA (OR CORDOZA) who lived in San Joaquin Co. and left in 1930. Frank was married to Amilia (sp.?) who died around 1929, I believe in San Joaquin Co.
Frank moved to Watsonville, Santa Cruz Co., CA around 1930 and died there in 1958; his home was 2709 East Lake Ave. At that time, he had three sons, Frank Jr., Manuel and Joseph and two daughters, Mrs. Mabel GILL of Oakley, Contra Costa Co., Mrs. Dolores MARTIN of Watsonville. He had a brother, Anthony of Riverdale and a sister Mrs. Rose MENDES of Oakley, Contra Costa Co., and two sisters in the Azores.
His obit implies his birth is 1887. I am wondering if he could be the brother of Joseph Stephen Perry CORDOZA who was reputedly born in 1885 in Coyote or Evergreen in southern Santa Clara Co.
Thanks. Patty. 21 July 2002
Does anyone have knowledge of the parents of Verna F. and Edna H. CARICO who are listed in the 1920 Contra Costa Census? Verna F. is married to John M. HANSEN. Edna is listed as his sister-in-law. Verna and Edna were born in Virginia.  Thank you. Dolores Clark. 29 December 2002
CARPENTER, Daniel Stephen
I found a Power of Attorney papers dated December 31, 1884 for the estate of Low CARPENTER. The Power of Attorney is from William L. Carpenter of Salinas City, County of Monterey, State of California and Daniel S. Carpenter of the County of Contra Costa, State of California to Edwin J. Carpenter of Beloit, Rock County, State of Wisconsin. The three brothers were from White Creek area near Newport and Norway, Herkimer County, NY. I am trying to locate anyone researching the Carpenter line. The parents of the three brothers were Low and Nancy (Barney) Carpenter. William L. and Daniel Stephens traveled from NY through Kansas and eventually ended in Clayton to Martinez, Contra Costa County and Salinas, Monterey County, CA. It is said that the two brothers were part of the pony express and were managers of inns along the way. Carissa Carpenter. 17 February 2003
Looking for family of Roseanna Dixon Carte, born Jan 8, 1916 died March 24, 1957 in Contra Costa, Ca per Ca Death index. Parents--Albert and Nellie HULSE Dixon. Thanks -  Sharon Dixon Durham,  2 November 2005
CASTEEL, John Allen - born 31 Mar 1873 in Colorado.
I am searching for information on and/or descendants of my great uncle, John Allen CASTEEL. He lived in San Pablo prior to his death on 23 Mar 1951 in Martinez at the Contra Costa County Hospital. His death certificate shows he was a widower, however, wife's name is listed as unknown. In the 1920's he was in Humboldt County working in a lumber mill. My grandmother was his older sister. Thank you. Frankie Holland Powers. 8 September 2002
An inquiry for living relatives of HOMER E and VERA I CASTONIA. Passed in 1973 in Contra Costa County, unk city. My grandmother Josephine CASTONIA Paul was either a sister or aunt. She passed I believe in 1962 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I am seeking additional information about her father Eli and her mother Nellie. Also any other information about the PICARDS or GIRARDS from Michigan who are related to Homer or Vera and their brothers and sisters. Please e-mail at above address any information that I can use to help complete my genealogy search. Clint Thorpe. 21 July 2002
I am wondering if you may be able to find the date of marriage for Mitchell Grant CAVES and Telera RODRIGUES, Married in Contra Costa County, 1998-2002.  Thanks for your help. Melodee 9 January 2006
Looking for verification of information regarding George Washington Christian b. 1828 NY d. 1901 Contra Costa Co. and his supposed wife, Catherine Birmingham Christian b. abt 1836 New So. Wales, Australia, d. 1903 Contra Costa Co., Ca. The submitter of the data base where this information came from does not respond to my inquiries so I am hoping that someone here can tell me more about the above these people and their families. I believe Catherine to be the sister of my g-g-grandmother but need further information on the Christian family to verify this. Would love to hear from any one with more information on these families. Thank you Sharon. 2 January 2004
I'm looking for the cemetery records of my grandfather, Arthur Clark, who died on May 28, 1962. He died in Pleasant Hill & is buried at Memory Gardens, Concord. Thank you for any help you can give me. Judy Wheeler. 27 July 2002
Hello folks! I live in PA and was wondering if some kind soul could do a look up for me. I"m trying to obtain a copy of an obit for ORA CLARK. Social security death index states that he died 8 Jan 2005 in Hercules. He was originally born in New York, was married first to Evelyn Pellicone. They were divorced in 1966. I'm also interested in talking to any of his descendants who might see this. I have ancestral information I can share. Thank you so much! Carol Barber 15 December 2007
I am looking for any information on a Mary or Annie CLINE who was born 1850/1860 in Denmark and came to Contra Costa CA abt1897. Lived around Alameda and Contra Costa counties the rest of her life. We have never found when and where she died. Thank you. Clella Stiles. 21 January 2004
I am looking for someone to find an Obituary for CHILES J. COLLINS. He died July 22nd -1986. I am hoping his obit. will give me the married name of his daughter, NANCY. Lionel Scott. 10 November 2001
Albert B was born in CA, died in Alamo, is buried in Alamo Cemetery. I¹d like someone to go look at his grave and see if William J or William P are buried nearby.
Albert B¹s father, William Jackson Collins b 1833 Indiana, moved to Gilroy and Alamo area in the 1870¹s. He had many children, William P born in Oregon, Polly, F Ellen, Albert B, Minnie and Pryat all born in California. His wife, Nancy Adeline Duncan Collins was born 1838 in Platte, MO and died 1916 in Stockton.
I am trying to establish a more specific date of death for William J Collins so I can get a death certificate for DAR certification and am attempting to contact any descendants of his that may be living.
I managed to get Adeline¹s death certificate, which gave me the married name of F. Ellen, which was Tinnin. She is buried in Stockton. I do not know the married name of Polly, or what happened with William P. Minnie married a man named Halkair and I do not think she had any children of her own. Albert B married Lilla J Groom and is my ancestor.
Thank you for your attention. Susan Hildinger Hoerner. 24 February 2002
CONNER: I am looking for any information concerning Edward Conner who lived in Lafayette, Cal. at least in the 1950's and 60's. He was a fairly prominent person in real estate and also owned a ranch on bethel island on the delta. A picture, obit., article, etc. would be great. Knowledge of this person and his family will help fill in a large part of my family history that I did not know existed until recently. He may be Edward Hunt Conner 10/31/11 to 05/11/87 who died in Lafayette, but I'm not exactly sure. thank you john Arnold. 20 August 2001

Looking for an obit for a Minerva or Minnie Golden Conway who died April 8, 1912 at Brentwood; Contra Costa County. Also a death record and burial info would be appreciated. Thanks! Mary - 23 September 2006
I am looking for information on Willie Oce COPLEN (COPELAND) b. January 05, 1914, Haskell Co., Ok. d. January 1979, Contra Costa County, California. Thanks, Norman Davis - 7 August 2007
Looking for vitals on CORAGLIOTTI. Not all of what I have so far is confirmed
Children of Michael CORAGLIOTTI d. circa 1941, and Anne Georgia LOUCKS d.1951, in birth order (I believe).
Alvin b. 8 October 1904 Dunbar, Wisconsin. d. September 1989. No children.
Clyde b. 13 February 1907, New York or Idaho. m. 8 December 1941 Marge BURKHART b. Potlatch (County?), Idaho. Clyde and Marge owned a bicycle shop in or near Concord; Marge retained and ran the cycle shop following their divorce, approximately 1959. m. Edna ____. They may have run a bar in Concord or Pittsburg. d. 29 November 1993 Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California. No children.
Don or Donna b. 6 or 16 July 1910 "Bay Point," California. d. 17 February 1977 El Dorado, California. Children Ginger, Michael, Tim, Roberta.
Gerald aka Jerry b 22 or 27 May 1912, "Bay Point," California. d. 6 March 1983 Martinez, California. No children.
Virgil Francis b. 6 May 1915, Shellville, Sonoma County; m. Betty BAKER m. 1946 Leliar Opal JANEWAY. Her first marriage was to _____ SANFORD. Children: stillborn 1947; daughter Tabitha b. 1948, m. _____WALL.
Hazel b. 29 December 1915+. m. Mac TREADWAY. Daughter Joyce. Lived mobile home court Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California, the same one Clyde moved into "a few years before his death."
Russell F. b. 2 August 1920 d. April 1993 Chelan, Washington.
Jan Boomsliter. 21 July 2002
Seeking information on Salvatore Corbo. Died in Richmond California, Contra Costa County Sept. 17, 1939. Buried in St. Joseph's Cemetery, Sept. 20, 1939. He was a retired "Vegetable Man" and an Italian immigrant, born Oct. 6, 1869 in Sessa Aurunca. His companion was Elvera Bruni. He passed away at his residence 1602 Macdonald Ave. Trudy Ehlbeck . 6 January 2002
I am seeking information on JOHN   and ANNA COSTA who came from Portugal circa 1910.They had daughter MAMIE HELEN COSTA born  Feb 1913. ANNA COSTA died circa 1916, JOHN COSTA died circa 1922. I found the family in 1920 U.S. census living on Lake St. in Rodeo, Contra Costa Co. next door to them was an ALEXANDER COSTA and family. I believe this man was probably a brother. This family was Catholic so I am hoping to find some records that way. The daughters birth was not recorded. I would appreciate any information on local cemeteries where the parents might have been buried. Thanks for any help you can give. Roberta Winn,Springfield,Oregon. 27 July 2002
Seeking obituary for Virginia CRABTREE d. July 06,1952. Don Milton Wheeling, WV. 21 September 2000
Looking for as much information as possible about Gelindo Enrico Crenna (1868-1933), "a nephew" to Pietro Paolo Crenna (1849-1912) and Giacomo Crenna (a brother to Pietro). I already know some about Pietro (born in Italy, Lombardy, married to Mansuetta Vasconi), but I know almost nothing about his brother Giacomo and their parents.
Gelindo married Maria Vasconi (1876-1962) in Walnut Creek. Gelindo and Pietro owned adjacent property on Cowell Road. Gelindo and Maria had five kids: Gertrude, Lena, Anita, Olga, and Joseph. I would also like as much information about Maria Vasconi as possible as well. Leslie Crenna. 7 January 2003
CRENNA Looking for any information about Pietro Paolo Crenna (or any related individuals) b. 1849 Angera, Italy, immigrated before 1886 to Napa County, married Mansuetta Vasconi 1886, moved family to Saranap (Walnut Creek) 1896, moved family to Todos Santos (Concord) 1901, died 1912. Mansuetta was born 1870, died 1925, they had 13 kids. Leslie Crenna. 7 January 2003
CRIBBS- looking for any info on a EMERSON LUTHER CRIBBS he died in Antioch Contra Costa Co. Cal in 1996.he was born in Philips Coal Co. Okla in 1904. [no signature given]. 19 February 2001
Would like to post in hopes of connecting with cousins with last names: CROUCH, SCOTT, JOHNSON and WHITE. My maternal grandmother Anna Robertson CROUCH d 4-29-1970 in Richmond, Contra Costa, CA. Two uncles Joseph Robertson Crouch d 8-15-1971 and William Dallas Crouch d. 6-14-1984 also lived in Contra Costa county. I also was born in Richmond on 12-10-1946 to Alton Hugh CHAMBERS and Dorothy CROUCH Chambers.  Sandra Jenkins 23 May 2005
CRUIKSHANK, Annie, born 1825 Ohio, wife of William Thompson Cruikshank (born 1822 Troy New York) died in 1872 either in Contra Costa County or Monterey County, and is buried in an unmarked grave in the Los Burros Mining District in Monterey County. Annie and William (and William's two brothers John and James) lived in Contra Costa County in 1870.  We are trying to find out Annie's maiden name and her parents' names.  She may be nee Finch or Dugay.  Any information at all would be greatly appreciated.

CRUIKSHANK, Arnold, born 1795, appears suddenly on the 1870 Martinez US census living with my g-g uncle William Cruikshank and William's wife Annie and their two children.  I can find no record of an Arnold Cruikshank in the family tree nor in any other census or other historical records.  It may be that the last name is incorrect; that Arnold's last name might actually be Finch or Dugay (less likely) or some other name; and might be Annie Cruikshank's father or other relative.  I am trying to find out how Arnold "Cruikshank" fits into the family tree!  Any information at all would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you. Nancy Hargiss  24 February 2008

I am looking for any information on my Grandfather; Ernest William CUNNINGHAM, he was born on March 29 1909, and Died April 26th 1977 in Contra Costa County. I was wondering if in anyone's research if they have come across him or his family. He remarried after my grandmother died in 1935, I really need to find a obit, but looked in the Antioch Ledger, i checked the 27th, 28, and 29th They didn't have the 30th. I really need the obit to find names of my Uncles for the family tree. Thank you Glenn Cunningham. 23 May 2001
Looking  for obituary for Stanley  DAHLE,  who died in Concord, Contra Costa,  CA   28  February  1984.  Born in Hennepin County, MN  15  January  1920.  Any information welcomed.  Thanks.  Janice - 19 August 2006
I am looking for a great aunt named MAGARET DANIELS. I do not know if she changed her name or not, but I tracked a social security number to Concord, Contra Costa California zip 94518 as her residence at time of death. The information I have states she passed away April 1992. I would like an obituary at the least, and any other information I can get about this unknown part of my family. Please contact me if the social security number would be of any assistance to your search. Thank you for your assistance! Laura Fairweather. 25 January 2003
I would greatly appreciate the assistance and cooperation of a list member in advising me of the specific city/town in Contra Costa County California of the birth location of the following two individuals:
Name:                            Clara Mabel DEAN
Date of Birth:                  December 27, 1905
County/State of Birth:     Contra Costa County, California
Name:                            Frank Elmer DEAN
Date of Birth;                  February 22, 1908
County/State of Birth:     Contra Costa County, California
Name of Parents of Clara Mabel DEAN and Frank Elmer DEAN -
     Father:                     Benjamin Lincoln DEAN
     Mother:                   Mamie Adaline Louisa DEAN (nee BLASE)
Your cooperation and assistance will be greatly appreciated. And, many thanks for your time and efforts. Robert D. Peterson. 27 July 2002
Looking for information on Vittorio Demartini born Sept 1,1886. Died Nove 20 1964. Is there anyone who can do a obituary lookup in the Contra Costa Times. Up here in Seattle and unable to get a hold of paper. Vittorio is the only brother in the family tree that I have so little information. If this is not possible can you please direct me. Thank you for taking time to read this. valerie Demartini Ferronato. 22 October 2001
I am searching for information on the DEFLORES family of Danville, Contra Costa, CA.  Specifically, I am searching for family members of Betty and/or Tom Deflores who were also associated with Sacramento and Sacramento Country Club for many years.  Tom was in World War II.  Thank you.
Terri E. Lindquester, Ph.D.
1923 Brooks Bend Road
Collierville, TN  38017
- 5 November 2005
My name is Jim Emmerich located in Appleton, Wisconsin. I'm looking for an obituary and a death certificate for Robert Dale DeRosier. He was born Sept 28, 1928 in Minnesota and died in Concord, Contra Costa, CA. February 1983. Thank you for your help. Jim Emmerich. Appleton, Wisconsin. 27 April 2003

I am looking for the obituary of CLEMENT WILSON DESKIN, died October 11, 1961 in Contra Costa Co. CA. Thank you. Melba Love. 29 December 2002
SAVAGE - Irene (DEVITT) SAVAGE married to William Alphonso SAVAGE who was born Dec 21 1896 Spooner, Washburn Co Wisconsin, Died Aug 16 1967 Contra Costa Co California. They had at least 3 children Marjorie, Jeannie and Catherine. Thank you for any help you can give me. Pam Dionne - 25 March 2007
DIAZ, Sharon Marie nee: Russell; born 9/20/46;died 7/6/00 Residence: 94804 Richmond. Patricia Crawford. 29 December 2002
I am looking for the marriage record of Rosemary MORELLO, who married a DILTS.  She died in 1977 in concord, CA. Thank you for your help, Julie
21 November 2005
My wife's Grand Aunt, Kate SIMS married George DOBSON and emigrated to USA from Yorkshire, England. She died in Contra Costa (probably Richmond) on 12 May 1991. Kate's daughter, Patricia DOBSON, married a GI named CORNELIUSEN. Looking for any information on George DOBSON, any children other than Patricia and/or Patricia's husband. John Reilly. 4 January 2002
Seeking info on Harry DOLLAHON, b. 17 Oct 1889. Died Sept. 1966 at Walnut Creek. Did Mr. DOLLAHON own a company called DOLLAHON & DOLLAHON in Toledo, Ohio before coming to California ? Any info greatly appreciated. Nancy Baker. 8 October 2000
DONAHUE, William H. is my grandfather, but I never met him. He worked as a Lab Technician, Standard Oil Refinery. He died in Dec. 1959. He lived in San Pablo, Ca.. Anyway, I would like to hear from anyone who might have known him. Sure would appreciate any information about him. Thank you, Terry Kaye Pyle. 7 January 2004
DONNOLLY Seeking info. on Thomas C. DONNOLLY born in 1877 in San Francisco. He listed his address as Richmond, Contra Costa County in 1918 when he registered for WWI. Hr was working at the Pacific Potash Products Co. His mother died in 1929 and in her obit it lists him as living in Richmond but I have never been able to find him in the census. I don't know if he was married or had a family. Any info would be appreciated.  Florence in Ohio - 9 January 2006

Update - 18 February 2007
I put in a query last year for Thomas Donnolly. I have now located him in the 1910 Census. The address Twp 15, Contra Costa, CA. In 1910 it was under the spelling of Donnally and he had a wife Lottie and a daughter, Elizabeth 10. When he filled out his papers for WW I he listed his mother as next of kin. I am trying to find any descendants in order to locate a family bible. I can not find them in any later census but when his sister died a niece was at the funeral.

DRAGOO & CATHCART - In 1870, Mary Ellen CATHCART DRAGOO (wife of Michael Sylvester DRAGOO) and her children were living in Contra Costa County. In 1860, the husband Michael S. DRAGOO was living with his family in Georgetown, El Dorado County. In 1870 he is missing from the census.  What happened to Michael S. DRAGOO? Vi Parsons  - Web Site - 12 June 2005
I have recently found my long-lost uncle, Donald DUGAN, through the SS Death Index; his last known address was in Antioch, Contra Costa, California, 94509. I know this is my uncle by the birth date (14 Nov 1922), by place of issuance for his SSN (New York), and by his motherís maiden name (YUZWAK, Frances). He died on August 13, 1995. His fatherís name was Jesse J. DUGAN, and one of his brothers was Michael W. Dugan, my deceased father. I am interested in finding out about his life there: was he married, did he have any children, and are there any living relatives still in Contra Costa? I would greatly appreciate contact, via my e-mail address, from anyone who may have information regarding my uncle. Thank you. Ronald Dugan - 21 November 2005
I need someone to look for an obituary for : Louise O. Easter who died January 26, 2001 in Concord. Thank-You. Audrey. 31 January 2004
EDMONDS Looking for obit on GUY H. EDMONDS, died Contra Costa County, San Francisco/Oakland area 10/30/63. Any help appreciated. Thanks! Mary Beth. 23 February 2003
Hugh P. EDWARDS son of Crockett pioneer Thomas EDWARDS. He married my gggg aunt Kate Emily (Emma) CHIPMAN NOBLE of Sacramento sometime after 1880 and they had a daughter named Mary Margaret (Mamie) EDWARDS. She had married a Lyman AVERY and later a Gamble O'MALLEY. Lisa Harley.1 August 2002
Robert J Edwards b in Missouri 1904 d 1979 Contra Costa, Ca. searching for twin boys Bobby & Billy Edwards. Robert was married to Beulah Revelle in Missouri no date. Any info. would be helpful. Thank You Allene Edwards. 23 November 2002
Looking for information about my adoption. I was born on July 22, 1964 at Mt. Diablo Hospital in Concord, CA. I do not know my birth mother's name. I was adopted approximately 3 months later by Jack David Edwards and Gayle Lorainne Beggio of Concord, CA or perhaps Albany, CA. I have a sister who was also adopted two years later, name Cindy Lynn Edwards. Then moved to Tahoe and Nevada. Is there any way to find record of  all male babies born on July 22, 1964 at Mt. Diablo Hospital?
Seeking descendants of Ernest Richard Eggerts and possible an obituary transcript. born 4 May 1888 in San Joaquin county and died 16 Apr 1951 in Contra Costa County. Jerry Foard. 7 April 2002
ELLIS, Captain George. Established Ellis Landing at San Pablo before 1860. Would be interested to know what ship he came over on from England (or??) and when, or any info regarding him. Died in 1893 leaving three sons, Charles, William and George and daughter Selina, wife Elizabeth. Sylvia. 13 April 2002
I am searching for information regarding the parents and/ or sisters of Virginia Edith Enos b: 20 October 1893 d: 26 March 1986. I believe she was born in Oakland, Alameda County. Father's last name was ENOS, mother's maiden name was FURTADO. To the best of my knowledge, Virginia had two sisters. Possibly Agnes and Hellen or Holley. Virginia married John Joseph RODGERS and had one child Virginia Anne Jaqueline Rodgers. The family moved to Antioch, Contra Costa County. They resided on tenth street, then bought the house on Fulton Shipyard Road known as Rodger's Point. I have several photographs of the Enos sisters that I would be happy to share. Christine Elkins. 3 January 2002
I am looking for any family member of TRGYVE ERICKSON who was born in New Hampshire November 30, 1895, died in the Brookside Hospital, San Pablo, California January 18, 1984 and was buried in the Oak View Cemetery, Antioch, CA. on January 20, 1984. He lived at 1839 7th Street, Richmond, Ca.
He was married to Annette (last name unknown) and had daughters (how many unknown)
I would also appreciate a name of a newspaper that might have his obituary. I have recently received his death certificate.
Thank you, Bernice Erickson Langlois. 5 April 2002
Requesting an obituary lookup on my Grandmother, "DR. LAURA GILBERT EWER" (MRS. WILLIAM EWER), died 9 May, 1931, San Pablo, Contra Costa Co., Ca. Death certificate states she was a "Physician and Surgeon," lived in San Pablo for 5 years prior to her death. Any information concerning her death, burial, obituary or (?) will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Glenn Gilbert. 20 August 2001
I am looking for ancestor information. My grandfather was Charles FACCINI, b. 1879 in San Francisco. He married Mary BUZZOTTO in 1908 and moved to El Cerrito, Contra Costa Co.. He had 4 children, Achilles (Al), Leslie, Eleanor and Barbara. I am interested in tracing my grandparents siblings and ancestors back as far as possible.
My grandfather is listed in "The History of Contra Costa County - 1926" as one of the pioneer families of El Cerrito. Sandy Faccini-Berry. 1 July 2006.
Seeking information about Herbert R. FAIRCHILD and his wife Maude L. PERSONS. Herbert was born in 1890 in Kansas; Maude was born 1889 in Nebraska. They were married in NE in 1912. Herbert was son of Lewis A. FAIRCHILD and Ida E. PEERY. Maude was daughter of Harrison E. PERSONS and Chrissa Jane BURKE. Information on Maude from her mother's obituary in 1929; she and her children were living in Berkeley, California. Two of the children may have been named Herbert and Robert. "California Deaths, 1940-97" lists Herbert's death date as 11 September 1952 and place as Contra Costa; and Maude's as 1 April 1953 and place as Alameda.
I am seeking descendants of Herbert and Maude FAIRCHILD. I would also like to know where they are buried and if someone would volunteer to look up their obituaries. Thank you. Chrissa Jane BURKE PERSONS was my great-grandmother's sister; they were from a family of 13 children. I have been researching the Burke family for many years. Nancy B. Johnson. 19 October 2002
Looking for obituary information or relatives of William Lawrence FERGUSON, Jr. Died: September 18, 1994, San Ramon, Contra Costa, California. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Lillian Cochran and Alena Ferguson - March 2006

I'm looking for information on ANILLO FERRARA who died in Contra Costa Co. 1 Apr. 1965. Also need information on JAMES ANTHONY FABRIZZI died in Contra Costa Co. 22 Sept. 1996. Both may have lived in Crockett. looking for obits or anything showing next of kin or dates. E-mail me. 20 Feb 2005
Seeking any and all information about an N. S. FINCH ( b. about 1857 California d. after 1920 in New Mexico) who lived in Somersville as a boy during the heyday of the Eureka mine and the Union hoisting works.  I have a letter from him to William Dugay CRUIKSHANK (my grandmother's cousin, b. 1856 Fresno County d. 1937 Monterey County) dated September 19, 1889 from FINCH in New Mexico addressed "Dear Cousin," and I am trying to find the exact relationship between CRUIKSHANK and FINCH, also in the hopes of discovering who Cruikshank's mother "Annie" was.  The letter talks about Addie (and "Mother") who still lived in Somersville in 1889 when the letter was written, and Alfred, who went to New Mexico with Finch. Thank you. Nancy Hargiss - 27 March 2006
Looking for information about BYRON FRANCIS FLYNN who is shown in the 1920 Contra Costa census in Richmond with wife VICTORIA STEGLER FLYNN and daughters LEONA M ( born Dec 12 1908_ and MARGARET ( born about 1912). Byron is born in Canada.
Byron is said to be a "steelman"? at an oil refinery. Does anyone know what the refinery would be?
If anyone can shed light on this family I would appreciate it. Byron was my grandmother's brother and I have photos of the family to share. Ann Belanger. 29 December 2002
I am seeking living descendants of Edwin W Fox who died 17 Jan 1997 at the age of 91 years and indicating his residence listed in the Social Security Death Index as 94595 (Walnut Creek), Contra Costa, CA.

Mr Fox was born in and emigrated from the same Ukraine shtetl, Korostyshev, as my father in 1921 traveling the same route as my father.  My own genealogy website provides information about Korostyshev and I would like to add information and make corrections to the data therein.

Thank you for any information. Alan M Singer - 18 February 2007

Looking for information about Carl Magnus FRANZEN, born 19 Apr 1884 in Visby, Sweden. Lived in Stockholm, Sweden, before he emigrated to the US and arrived at Ellis Island 16 Aug 1911. Dead in Contra Costa 4 Dec 1943. Lena Fischbach. 3 January 2002
Bonnie Boschert wrote:

FREEMAN: I need a obituary lookup for Robert J. Freeman. He was born 15 January 1894 in Missouri. He died in April 1983 in California.
Thank you very much. - 25 March 2005
Looking for the obit for Vannie FREEMAN-WHITE b. 11 Apr 1894 Parker Co., TX d. 26 Sep 1971 Richmond, Contra Costa Co., CA. Married George ROBERSON 19 Jul 1905, had three children. Remarried Mr. WHITE, after 1920. Thanks. Janice Lahew. 29 December 2002

My great grandmother, Vannie FREEMAN b. 11 Apr 1894 Parker Co. TX d. 26 Sep 1971 Richmond, CCC, California. 
Married 1. George Edward ROBERSON in Texas; 2. ? WHITE.  Would like to try to find 2nd husband's family, and parents of Vannie. Thanks, Janice - 27 March 2006

FULLER, NICHOLS, WAISBROOKER: James B. Hardin would like information concerning Abner Burton FULLER, wife Susie (.....) and children George C., Frank & Gertrude "Gertie" FULLER.
Abner Burton Fuller (born before 1846 OH?, died 12 September 1922 Antioch, Contra Costa County, California); son Frank (died July 20 1922 Antioch, Contra Costa County, California); and, Abner's mother, Adeline Eliza (NICHOLS) FULLER, alias Lois WAISBROOKER, (died October 3, 1909 Antioch, Contra Costa County, California) are buried in Oak View Memorial Park Cemetery in Antioch, Contra Costa County, California.
George FULLER married Adeline Eliza Nichols April 12, 1843, in Cuyahoga Co., Ohio and died before February 21, 1846.
Abner Burton FULLER is said to have been in Contra Costa County from circa 1875 until his death. Gertie FULLER married G.H. MEIERS and was living in Seattle, Washington in 1923. James B. Hardin.2 January 2004
Seeking info on Caleb Albert FUQUA b. 2/6/1902 in TX and d. March 1985 in Sacramento Co., CA, according to SSDI and Contra Costa Co., CA according to on-line Ca. death info. Believe him to be the son of Albert and Cora (or Ora) FUQUA who were last seen on the 1920 census of Deaf Smith Co., TX. Any info would greatly be appreciated. I would love to know where he is buried.
Jan Wallace - 9 April 2006

Juan Crisostomo GALINDO-Ana Maria Jacoha BERNAL
Augstin Del Carmen GALINDO -Sinferosa HERNANDEZ
Manuel GALINDO-m. Rafaela ?
Augustin M. GALINDO-Margaret O'LEARY
Margaret Anna GALINDO-Shearer-Durkin
Information on family. Margaret Anna (GALINDO) Durkin.3 January 2002 Also See MARTINEZ
Looking for information on the children of Antonio GALINDO and his wife Josefa CASTRO. They moved to Contra Costa Co., CA. before 1860. I'm a descend of their daughter Emma Ruth GALINDO and her husband, Antone J. ABRAO, both life long residents of Contra Costa Co.., CA. I have the names of the other children from the 1860 and 1880 census, but lack all other info on them. Contact Me - 17 May 2007
I'm looking for obituaries for Elige Felix Garner  born 10-30-1899 in Alabama lived in Oklahoma Ottawa County then moved to California. Died 2-27-1957 Thomas Garner born 4-7-1896 died 12-1980. These are my Grandmother Nancy Eva Garner Holderfield's brothers. Jackie Burwell - 5 June 2005
       I am looking for Benedict Geser, born 1819 in Wuerttemberg/Germany, married 1852 in Milwaukee Barbetha Prior/Prier from Hesse-Darmstadt near Mayence (today called Rhineland-Palatinate), 1853/4 birth of son Carl/Charles and 1854/5 birth of daughter Carolin/Caroline, 1852 to 1864 proprietor of the boarding hotel called Kossuth House at Milwaukee/Wisconsin and 1864 to 1867 proprietor of the boarding hotel called Northwestern House at Chicago/Illinois. Further destiny of Benedict Geser and his family is unknown. It is my assumtion they went to CA. Other writings of the surname found up to now: Geeser, Goeser, Geiser, Gieser, Gaeser. Possible are also Gayser, Geizer, Kaiser, Keiser, Keizer, Cayser, Cayzer (as a result of the phonetic transcription from the German pronounciation) and possibly Gaither?.

Greetings from Germany,
 12 July 2005
HELEN HILL GESTER, born 4-4-1899 and died 12-3-1996. She was originally from Great Falls, MT but married about 1927 to George Clark Gester and moved to the San Francisco area. The SSDI states she died in Contra Costa. I would like to have her obituary. I have pictures of her mother and grandmother that I would share with any family member. Diana Peterson. 3 January 2002
Gift, William Andrew Jackson was born in the late 1820's in TN. He and his father, Wm W. Gift migrated to Contra Costa, CA during the 1850's, and lived in the Martinez area. W.A.J.Gift had 6 daughters and a son W.A.J., jr. I am interested in any information concerning the descendants and marriages of these children. I would exchange information I have on the origins of the family. Dorothy E. Hunter. 16 January 2002
I am wanting to verify the birth of my grandaunt. In her obituary it stated that "she was born in the Martinez area.".
Name: Elizabeth GLASSON, b. 10 July 1872.
Father's name George GLASSON.
Mother maiden name Elizabeth PERMEWAN
Both parents born in Cornwall, England.
Arrived in U.S. May of 1871.
Can I obtain Elizabeth Glasson's birth record from Contra Costa County or was her birth too long ago?
I am primarily attempting to trace my great grandparent's locations after they arrived in California until he arrived in Humboldt County in 1878 a widower with two daughters. The same obituary states that "Elizabeth's mother died in 1875 in San Francisco where her father was employed as a stone cutter." I have been unable to learn anything pertaining to the death of my great-grandmother or where she is buried. Trying another angle, Thanks, Helen Mc. 29 December 2002
GOSS, Morton J. Looking for an obituary. California Death Index says date of death was 09/30/1968, and place of death was Contra Costa County. If I am right, he was a first cousin to my grandfather. I would like information leading to his descendants, if any. Bill Goss. 20 August 2002
GRANSHAW (child, no headstone) is listed on the web for the Alhambra Cemetery in Martinez California. I am interested in finding out if there is any further information on this person. There are very few Granshaws in this country and just about all are related to me. Some lived in California and I would like to know if there is any connection to my family. Thank you. Ed Granshaw 4 January 2002
I need an obituary lookup for my cousin Paul Williams GRAVES, born 16 Apr 1916, died near Walnut Creek, CC County, on 25 Jan 1994. I am looking particularly for names of any male descendants. Paul's father, Glen Onaka GRAVES, died 1968 in Santa Cruz County, and was a first cousin of my grandfather. Male GRAVES descendants are hard to find, and we are trying to establish the ancestry through a DNA comparison with some of the existing GRAVES lines. Paul's sister, Marian Jane GRAVES [1915-26 Dec 1988], married Gerald J PRYOR [1907-30 Jul 1991], and both also died in Contra Costa County. Perhaps their obituaries mentioned nephews! Mike RANSOM. 20 January 2004
I am looking for any decedents of Ross Isaac GROVES and Cora Ethel KEEFER GROVES. These are my Grandparents. Ross was born August 7. 1884, Falks Store, Payette, Idaho. Son of W. GROVES and Amanda NEAL. Cora Ethel KEEFER, born May 10, 1890, in Mountain Home, Elmore, Idaho daughter of David Eugene KEEFER and Mattie Ellen STONE. Cora and Ross were married in Mountain Home on October 16, 1908. To the union of this marriage there were 14 children. The first child, a girl was born Aug 9, 1909 but only lived a few days. The following children were born after that, Mildred Irene, William Eugene, Leada Marjorie, Blanche Marie, Edwin Ross, Ruby Alice, James LeRoy, Elnore June, Keith Neal, Bobby Galen, Mac, Janice Elaine and Kenneth Elbert. Cora and Ross moved to California at some point and were living in Richmond. last known address was 754 34th Street.
Ross died May 10, 1963, in Richmond, Contra Costa County. I have his death certificate that states he died of a pulmonary embolism and thrombus of femoral vein. He was buried in Rolling Meadows Park, Richmond, Contra Costa, CA.
Cora Ethel KEEFER GROVES died May 10, 1980, at the Camden Convalescent Hospital of Arterialscloritic Coronary ___? She was buried (I am assuming) alongside my Grandfather in Rolling Hills Memorial Park, Richmond, Contra Costa, CA. I am assuming this is the same place that my Grandfather Ross I. GROVES was buried. If anyone can tell me if these are different areas but, in the same Cemetery I would greatly appreciate it.
My Aunt Mildred IRENE GROVES ELSBERRY w/o of Elbert Eslworth ELSBERRY was the informant but she too has passed away. But lived at 16401 San Pablo Ave, Sp #133, San Pablo, Contra Costa, CA. dod: unknown but buried in same place as Cora Ethel GROVES.
This still leads me to believe that there are children of theirs still in that area. I am hoping to contact any or part of them. I am the youngest daughter of Ledea Marjorie GROVES, better known as Marge, and William Henry (Hank) BOYCE. Legal name TURNER but he never used it. If anyone has any information on my Grandparents or children named here please, contact me via e-mail. I thank you for your time. Kat aka Louise. 6 January 2002
Seeking obituary for Mary Agnes GULAREK d. Aug 18,1991 Don Milton Wheeling, WV. 21 September 2000
GUTH, Philip J. I am looking for information on my Grandfather Philip J. GUTH. He had a shoe repair shop in Walnut Creek in the 1920s. It was on the main street and had a creek running behind the shop. Perhaps someone can come up with a City Directory, phone book listing, or some type of business listing. I would like to flesh out this part of the man's life. He was born in 1867 and died in 1933 and a veteran of the Indian Wars. Thanks for any information. Pete Becker. 3 January 2002

Seeking to connect with descendants of Lloyd M. HAGUE, son of  Maria Louise BRITTAN and Richard G, HAGUE.  He was born in Alameda County , CA on 18 Sept 1918 (his brother Wesley Brittan Hague was born 1 May 1917).  In 1967 at least he was living in Contra Costa County , CA when he wed Ellen (Garey) Patterson, the daughter of James Frank GAREY and Frieda WILLNER.  He died in 2005 and his last residence according to SSDI was Concord, Contra Costa Co., CA.

My husband's family are descendants of John Wesley BRITTAN, whose brother Morgan Lewis BRITTAN was the father of Maria Louise BRITTAN. Menzies, Leila - 21 September 2007

HANSON Peter appears in the 1850 Census of Contra Costa. Married Mary NAGLE in 1857. Received Homestead Act land grant in Clayton in 1866, site of Mangini Ranch and Hanson Quarry (no relation). Daughter Ellen married Charles MCGINNESS in Martinez in 1884. Son Peter R. moved to San Francisco in 1885, changed spelling to Hansen. Land lost to taxes in 1888. Peter & Mary estimated death 1880-1900. Request lookup of death dates, burial, obituary. This is the central mystery in our family history! Mariam Hanson. 2 January 2002
I am searching for information about Elora Edna HARRIS (nee: Yoachum) who died in Contra Costa County on November 19, 1980. She was born in Spokane, Washington, and is my gr-gr-aunt. Please contact me. Beth. 21 July 2002
HASTINGS, Elizabeth Lois (Brown): Supposedly came to California to visit her ³uncle² Elam Brown, founder of Lafayette. She bought the Lafayette Hotel from him and managed it at the turn of the century. Married Norman Leslie Hastings. Died in 1906-buried in the Alhambra Cemetery. I seek information on her parents, place of birth, and relationship to Elam Brown (supposedly he did not have a niece named Elizabeth Lois, according to research done by another descendent.) Barbara Quein. 18 February 2001

HASTINGS, SAMUEL. Came to California as a Ć49er. Conflicting stories about his whereabouts. One story says he and his wife Lois Crippen settled in Martinez. I am looking for his parentage, his date and place of death. His wife died in November 1898 in Lafayette. Barbara Quein. 18 February 2001

Interested in contacting anyone researching HAYNES surname, particularly for Culpeper Co., VA circa mid-1700s to mid 1800s. Attempting to locate a former member of the Haynes Eagle organization, named Mary Jo ("Jo") BARTON of Huckleberry Drive, Concord, CA (may be deceased now??) who was researching the same line, I understand. Also believe she may have been working on a book of the KEELING lineage. Thank you. Paul Haynes in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 6 September 2002
I have just started tracing my family roots and determined that my paternal grandmother, MAY BEATRIX HEAD, was born in the town of Byron in Contra Costa County in 1890.  I do not have the exact birthdate nor do I know the names of her parents (that's what I'm trying to find out).  Can you help me find her birth record?  Thanks you!  - STEVE - 2 January 2007

Need Obituary look up for Harry Eugene HEATH who passed away in Contra Costa County 24 Aug 1998. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Kathleen Robbins. 4 March 2001
I am looking for information on George Robert HEBER.  Born 21-May 1909 Kern County California and died Feb-1972 in Contra Costa California. We think he was married 3 times.  Once to Jean Francis ALFORD. She died 14-Apr-1956. We are wondering if there are any children from his marriage or marriages. Thank you, Karen S Johnson-Heber Kennesaw, GA (6 November 2004)
I am looking for information about the children of Cecil Henderson. Cecil lived in Portland Ore. in 1932. I think he was born in 1908. I think he died in Contra Costa (Pleasant Hill or Concord) in Sept 1975. He is listed as my mothers father on her birth certificate, and her mother confirms this fact. Please email me if you have a name, address or any info that might put me in touch. Karen Hansen. 29 December 2002


George Wesley HILDERBRAND. Looking for marriage date and a possible death date and location. He married Claire WALTON who was born 1926 in Glendale, Ca. George was born abt 1925 Cherokee Indian Reservation, Oklahoma. In 1947, at Concord, Contra Costa county Claire and George had twin girls, only one lived. George worked for the Shell Oil Co. in Contra Costa in 1947. If anyone has any clues they could pass on to me about George Wesley HILDERBRAND, I would be very grateful. Thank you, Dixie McNatt. 26 July 2002

I am looking for some "direction" for researching records in Contra Costa County. Can anyone guide me to a location or website to continue my search.  (I have looked at many websites already.)

I have an original "summons" (or notification) from the Superior Court of Contra Costa County, dated May 12, 1888. The document was to notify my great-grandfather that his first wife was divorcing him. I would like to check county records, to see if there is any more information on either my great-grandfather or his first wife. The (3-page, 2-sided) document is mostly legible and provides the town, month and year of their marriage, but the town no longer exists in Texas. Also, I suspect that his first wife's maiden name was misspelled. Any of this information, including her correct name would be helpful in filling-in the details of his life between immigration and marriage to my great-grandmother.

The clerk's signature is L. (B., I think) WITTINGER, but the deputy clerk's signature is not legible. A number at the top of the document is "No. 1413". I am not sure if that is the record number, or court number. The divorce is between Mary HIRT and Rudolf  HIRT. However, her signature appears as "Marie Hirt".  Her maiden name appears as either "Arystin" or "Aeystin". I have wondered if her name may have been "Austin". Other information from the document: Mary HIRT was a resident of California, and resided in California more than six months prior to the date on the document. I would appreciate any response to my query. Barbara Boucher - 9 April 2006

GLORIA NADINE HOGAN I am looking for the obituary or cemetery where my great cousin was buried. She died April 16, 1959 in Contra Costa County. thank you [no signature given]. 4 March 2001
HOGAN:  Am looking for info relating to Alfay A. (Swanson) Hogan.  Info available shows her birth as 5/18/1899 in KS, death 12/30/1960 in Contra Costa CA (exactly where unknown).  She was listed as informant
on death certificate of my great-grandfather, Wm. A. Swanson, who also died in Contra Costa Co. in 1940. Name unknown  20 Feb 2005.
Am looking for  Zayna Kindt HOLM and any family members.   I believe they were residents of Danville but don't know if any of the family are still there. I am currently doing research on buffalo hunters who were on the South Plains of Texas and involved in the Battle of Yellow House
Canyon in 1877. I believe Amos KINDT, one of the participants, may be the grandfather of Zayna Kindt HOLM. Family information would be a great addition to the material I already have on Amos KINDT.
Best wishes from Lubbock,Texas
Judy Womack
- 23 September 2006
HORNSBY, Alvin A., born 1928 in NC, died in Contra Costa Co., CA on 24 Feb 2006. I am looking for an obituary or information on his parents. When and where did his mother die? Charles E. Carroll - 1 July 2006
Name: Humphrey Hourigan
Date of birth: 2/20/1871
Died: 6/26/1940
Death place: Contra Costa.
Soc sec: none
Sex: Male
Looking for Obituary that might have some additional information. **This is the only Humphrey Hourigan listed in California!!! Looking for place of death/Nursing home/residence.
This is my mother-in-laws grandfather
arrived from Ireland in 1905
moved to California.
Thank you in advance. Sincerely Miriam O'Sullivan. 5 August 2002

The CADI lists a Walter L. HOWE who died in Contra Costa Co on 2 June 1923 and a Florence HOWE who died there 11 Dec 1933. I am wondering if these people are the parents of Jessie Elizabeth HOWE CLARK who died in Contra Costa Co in 1987. If so, where are they buried? Thanks for helping. Karen Venable. 21 July 2002

Seeking obituary information for Naomi Meguire HUFNAGEL, died 1-17-1993, and Alvina Meguire WOLLEY, died 12-20-1994, both in Contra Costa Co. CA. Patrick Meguire. 19 November 2000
I'm trying to find my great grandfather's first name and burial site .  He married Mary E. RENWICK, who was born about 1855, in about 1873.  She gave birth in 1874 to my grandfather Walter Renwick HUGHES.  She died in 3/19/1877 and is buried in the Lafayette cemetery along with her father, Walter RENWICK, who was married to Martha YOAKUM, the daughter of Isaac YOAKUM who came Alameda in 1850, and who's son, George YOAKUM settled in Moraga/Lafayette area in 1860-1870, per Dorothy Tucker's newsletter of Moraga Historical Society.  I appreciate your time and help.
Walter Renwick Hughes,III - 2 January 2007
In the 1860 census of Contra Costa Co. there are 3 men with this surname, Isaac, Daniel, and Joseph. In 1840, all 3 are in Platte Co. MO. I think that all 3 missed the 1850 census taker. However, in 1850 in El Dorado Co. CA, there is a family of Enoch HUNSAKER, also from MO. He is living next to a George Washington COMPTON, from Platte Co. MO. My contention is that all the 4 HUNSAKER men, and COMPTON, and all their families moved on the same wagon train from Platte to CA. I need help finding the parents or place of origin of COMPTON. Could he have been a HUNSAKER wifes brother? He is from KY, and there were a lot of HUNSAKERS from there, including Enoch. Please email any response, so I don't have to remember to come back to this site. Thanks,  Paul
29 January 2002
Mary Fowler Leek wrote:

William Byron HUNT (b. June 3, 1909) died in Richmond, Contra Costa County, CA on 26 April, 1992.

Aimee Marie HUNT (nee FOWLER, b. 19 Feb, 1917) died in Contra Costa County, CA on 15 October, 1999.

This is all the information I have regarding their deaths. I will be happy to pay for lookups for copies or complete text of their obituaries, including the source information. I am 'assuming' obituaries were published. (5 November 2004)
HUNTER, D. O (also goes by Richard O. Hunter in some records)

I am looking for any information on D.O. Hunter, my grandfather.
Born: 21, April 1898 in Contra Costa County.

Other relevant information:
Died: 25, November 1957 in Colusa County.
Social: 557070555
Spouse: Ruth Odell SHEFENDECKER (possibly could have had other spouses-unknown)
Children: Karen Odell Hunter, Thomas Lee Hunter, Richard Howard Hunter
He worked at a mining company in Contra Costa County.
He is truly a mystery. And I can't find anything on him. His wife Ruth did not know anything about him as well including information about names of his parents. Completely unknown!
Rachel Hunter Mehta - 25 March 2005
I am researching the genealogy of Andrew INMAN and his connection to Sarah YOUNG.  It seems the city of Danville, CA was named for our community Danville, KY and we would like to establish the connection with her family here. Carolyn-Greg Crabtree - 21 September 2007
My maternal great-grandmother was named Josephine IVERSON (1879-1965). She was born in Antioch, California where she lived with her parents and at least one older sister - Anna. Her parents immigrated from Denmark around 1878-79 and sailed around Cape Horn. Josephine later moved to Los Angeles circa 1918 where she married John R. REILLY who was my maternal great-grandfather. So the relevant time period would be approximately 1879-1918.
I would like to find out her parents' and sibling's names/maiden name and where they lived in Antioch.
Any information regarding Danish settlement in Antioch, the IVERSONs of Antioch, or my relatives would also be greatly appreciated!
Best regards, Alexander Djordjevich. 24 March 2001

Mary Jacintha, (Azorean immigrant), died in 1924. Her last known address was in Berkeley (Alameda Co.). It shows the place of burial or removal to be Antioch (Contra Costa Co.); the undertaker was Cunhas Caporano in Oakland (Alameda Co.). The informant is M. L. Vencelau of San Francisco--SF Co. (don't yet know the relationship to Mary). As you can see there are three counties involved in this record.
Since Mary was a Portuguese Catholic, could anyone tell me where in Contra Costa Co. you think she would have been buried in 1924; and/or do you know where most of this undertaker's dead were buried? Thanks for any insights you can offer. Patty Milich. 29 January 2002

JENSEN, Ernest Emanuel. Born 1909 in Iowa. Parents were Soren Michael & Jensine Damsgard Jensen. Ernest married Merna Johnston and they settled in Oakley, California. Ernest died in Antioch on June 12, 1969. If anyone knows what happened to his wife, Merna Johnston Jensen of Big Break Harbor, Oakley, CA I would like to hear from you. Ginger Babb. 27 December 2003

JEWETT, TRUMAN died in Brentwood, Contra Costa Co., California June 10, 1996. Can someone please see if they can find a obit on Truman for me? I have checked Alameda Co., (Oakland and Livermore) but unable to find anything. DELBERT GREER . 27 December 2003

See Crouch
Wish to confirm date of death of Charles Edgar Jones born July 1892 in CA and who is buried in Alamo Cemetery but has no dates. His mother is Edith M Thorne, 8/11/1873-11/28/1952, daughter of John Thorne and Mary E Albertson who resided in Contra Costa County for a long time. Their grandson Charles Edgar Jones was living with them in the 1900 and 1910 census. Edith was divorced by 1900 and living in Oakland and working for the YWCA. Edith married a Charles Jones born about 1869 in CA. I believe his father is my gguncle, Charles Edwin Jones b1868 CA and died 1940 in Anchorage Alaska. He is found in the 1900 census of Alaska as married. He married another woman in Alaska about 1901. His port of embarkation for Alaska was San Francisco. He was a barber. The circumstantial evidence that he is the father of Charles Edgar Jones fits nicely. I can see a scenario where Edith and Charles have a baby, get divorced, child goes to the grandparents and Edith goes to Oakland and Charles goes to Alaska. Can anyone help me? Are there any Thorne family members still around that might remember Edith's husband and what happened to her son?? Cheri Astrahan.2 April 2004

UPDATE: This is a follow-up of my previous query. Edgar Charles Jones, son of Edith M Thorne, was born in Lafayette, Contra Costa Co, CA on 7/3/1892 per his WWII draft registration. He was living in 1941-1942 in Sacramento, apparently single doing odd jobs. He died in Redwood City, San Mateo Co, CA 1/9/1969. The CA death index lists his mother's maiden name as Green, but I think this is an error. He is not found in the 1920 and 1930 censuses. Where is he? Why didn't he register for the WWI draft registration. Where was he between 1910, when last found in the census living with his Thorne maternal grandparents and 1941? Are there any members of the Thorne family still in the area that might know what happened?
Cheri Astrahan.21 September 2007

I am looking for evidence that my grandmother, Alice JOHN was born in Nortonville, Contra Costa County in 1877. I am also trying to trace her parents, Sarah LEWIS and Evan JOHN. The latter was a Welsh coal miner who later emigrated to western Canada. I am guessing that Alice Lewis was also Welsh but I have no records to verify this. Any help would be appreciated. Erin Woolley. 26 July 2002


I am doing research for a friend, Pete, who knows little about his family. His father died when he was young and he knows very little about his history. His siblings don't know any more than he does. He is hoping to take a trip to Greece this fall for his 50th wedding anniversary and would love to track some of his Greek family.
His father was John Bill KARRAS, emigrated to the US from Greece in 1906 (per the 1920 census). He married in Oakland, CA 16 May 1918 to Edna Jones. He was in Oakland in the 1920 census, age 32, a boiler maker; wife Edna age 20; and brother Alex age 27.
It is believed that John KARRAS died about 1932-33 in Pittsburg, CA. Pete's memory is that it was spring or early summer. Pete's mother, Edna, remarried in 1934-36 a Jim DAVENPORT in Pittsburg. They were later divorced but Edna kept the DAVENPORT name and Pete thinks she died in 1980 in Stockton, CA. Does anyone have any sort of obituary index or cemetery index? Pete doesn't know where his father is buried or his exact death date.
Thanks much for any information or direction you might point us in. Christine Pool Sitka, Alaska. 27 July 2002

Seeking descendants of James Vernon KEELER b. 1913 Mitchell Co. KS, d. 1977 Concord CA (s/o Andrew Newton KEELER [1870-1951] and Carrie LIPKE [1885-1919]. Have information on siblings of Andrew N. Keeler. Contact me. Meredith Tonnesen. 3 January 2002


I have a Susan Ellen Allison Keith who died on the 1st of May 1898 in Lafayette. What would be the possibility of finding a obituary for that date. Thank You. Louise Andersen. 22 July 2002
I am searching for D.L. WELTY of Alamo, CA in regard to information he/she submitted to the Native Daughters of the Golden West Pioneer Roster. WELTY lists the source of the information from "a paper on Early History of Kelley Family". Jane Sara Kelley Rodgers was my great-great grandmother and I have been unable to locate any information on her KELLEY ancestry. Any help in locating D.L. WELTY or his/her family would be greatly appreciated. Christine Elkins SLO, CA. 5 April 2002

My great grandmother Ellen Kelly nee Sullivan lived at 437 13th st in Richmond between 1930 and 1964. Her husband name was John Kelly, they had two children Mary Ann (My grandmother) and Jim Kelly. They had lived previously in Nolm Alaska and got the last boat out during the World Influenza Epidemic around 1918. Ellen is buried alone in St. Mary's Cemetery in Oakland. I am trying to find any information on her husband John. I know he worked for Standard Oil in Richmond, and that they weren't divorced but no really together anymore. Her brother is also a mystery. He supposedly died in a home Little Sisters of the Poor due to alcoholism but I cannot find him.
I guess if anyone has access to a census and can tell me if they show up on it between 1920 and 1960 it would be greatly appreciated. Also if the census reveals any additional information that can help me locate his death certificate, like a birth date, death date, obituary. On Ellen if I could find an Obit on her she died March 1, 1964 in St. Josephs Home for the aged where she lived for 9 mos. To see if that yields any info on the whereabouts of her husband and son. Thank you Holly Steidlmayer. 21 September 2000

Birth 07 April 1910 Missouri
Death 15 July 1974 Contra Costa County, CA
A sister is looking for information on a brother who took the name of Kelly. Wondering if this could be Clarence Elmo HINKLE, born April 07, 1910 in Missouri. He assumed his grandfather's name of KELLY after his mother died and his father married again. Any information on this Alvin C. Kelly will be appreciated. Marlene Pean. 24 September 2000

I am looking for genealogy information of Forrest D. KERNS who was living in Richmond in 1930 with his wife Marian and two sons Raymond and Donald. I think Forrest died in 1934. Thank you for any help you can give with researching this family. Margaret Harke - 25 March 2005
Seeking information on the death and final resting place of Willard Belmont Kingsbury, aka William Kingsbury. W. Kingsbury was a physician and was living in Contra Costa California during the census of 1870 along with his wife Helen and son Willard. Mr. Kingsbury was born in New York and was a Civil War Veteran. According to my information he died 1876. Frank Van Tassel. 27 July 2002

I am seeking information on Willard Belmont KINGSBURY. Willard was the father of Willard De. L. KINGSBURY a prominent figure in 1900 -1903 in the San Francisco area. Willard was also the father of Susan Myra KINGSBURY. Susan became a world scholar and is noted among Notable American Women 1607 - 1950. Willard originally was from New York and was born about 1834 -1839. It is stated in the biography of his daughter Susan, he died around 1875 or 1876. He was residing in San Pablo, Contra Costa county at the time of his death. I am seeking information mainly on a more definitive date of his demise and in what cemetery he is buried. Any other information of his life would also be welcomed. It should be noted Willard KINGSBURY was a physician and a veteran of the Civil War. Frank Van Tassel. 27 July 2002

See Wilkes
Joseph Krauskopf--b: 1876 Canada moved to Ca. abt 1900. Married Irene K Howard--b:in Neb. 1877; Irene's family were in Loomis, Ca.

Joseph and Irene raised their family in Crockett, Ca. Five children: Joseph, Percy, Josephine Estella and John. Irene died 1966 in Crockett.

Any information or direction would be appreciated. Thank you. Bill Ellisen, 3690 W. Hidden Valley Dr., Reno, NV 89502 - 1 July 2006

I am requesting to hear from any cousins in the Contra Costa Area that are descendants of the LABOURDETTE Family. I am doing genealogy on my French MAZERES side of the family and just recently found this LABOURDETTE family are cousins to the MAZERES, LASSALLE, BAUCHOU and MIRANDE families of France. Specifically the names that I have as cousins are:

Marie Louise LABOURDETTE, Maiden Name:  Marie Louise LACAZETTE, b. 11/11/1881 in Modesto, CA, died: 1/30/1954 in Mariposa
John P LABOURDETTE Husband, b. about 1866 in France, d. unknown date in Richmond, CA

Children of  Marie Louise and John P LABOURDETTE, born and died in in Richmond CA. are:
John Joseph LABOURDETTE SS# 560-34-1990, b. April 19, 1905 in Richmond, CA, d. April 22, 1984 in Richmond, Ca
Charles B LABOURDETTE, b. June 20, 1911 in Richmond, Ca., d. unknown
Lucy H LABOURDETTE, b. Feb 11, 1913 in Richmond, CA, d. unknown.

There are three other siblings born in Richmond, Ca and they are:
Cecilia Mary EYRE, b. April 4, 1902
Madeline MOORE, b. Aug 20, 1903,
Dorothy Gladys RODRIGUES, b. Mar. 21, 1915

I would be very grateful to find any LABOURDETTEs that could fill in the blanks for our family tree, and I am more than willing to share the MAZERES family tree with any of these desendents.  We go back to the 1600s in France. Bob Mazeres, Petaluma, CA, 707-763-8537 - 7 August 2007

See Blevins
LANDO - Sommersville and Nortonville: I am looking for information on the ancestors and descendants of Joseph and Hannah LANDO, who lived in Sommersville, as stated in the 1880 US Census. Joseph was born about 1833, in Poland, and was a grocer in Sommersville. Their eldest son, Isreal, born about 1854 in Baltimore, was a grocer in Nortonville, in the 1880 Census. Other children in the family were: Myer, Isaac, Solomon, Bertha, Eva, and Moses. I believe the family was Jewish.
Can anyone tell me the condition of the cemetery in Nortonville, and is it useful in genealogy research? Are there written records, and if so, where?
I am very unfamiliar with genealogy researching in the Contra Costa area. If anyone has any suggestions as to where I might find more information, I graciously welcome your help! Thank you, Mimi Katz, Chicago. 1 March 2003
LEON, Fellows Looking for info on: obit, spouse, family etc. Fellows was the son of Grace LUPTON and Edward Henry LEON b. 4 Jul 1910 d. 28 Sep 1957 in Contra Costa. He was raised by Frank E. CALLISCH and Mary E. LEON in San Francisco (1920 Census) after his father died in 1915. Fellows' siblings were: Ralph, Alvin, Grace, George, Marvin (who also lived with the CALLISCHs after Father's death), Edward or Edwin, and Roy. Have not been able to find out anything on family (except for Fellows and Marvin) after fathers death. Thank You. Carol Weldon. 13 January 2002
I am looking for any of the descendants of : Joseph "Jose" Leveira - born: 23 May 1830 Sao Jorge Island Azores - died: 24 July 1904 Yuba Co. CA. His wife: Mary J. "Silva" Leveira - born: 13 Sept. 1835 Sao Jorge Island Azores - died: 27 March 1908 San Francisco Co. CA.. They came to America in 1852 lived in Connecticut before settling in Antioch/Oakley, Contra Costa Co. CA. about 1858. They were the parents of 12 children: Caroline, Antone, Emma, Mary, John, George, Martin, Margaret, Frank, Joseph, Charles, Richard.
If you are related to any of the children of Jose & Mary Leveira please contact me, I am the Great-Granddaughter of Frank Leveira. Thank You, Brenda La Vere (changed from Leveira). 4 January 2002

I am looking for information on the LEWIS family. I have a Francis W. LEWIS in the 1880 census living in Contra Costa with his 5 children, Caroline, age 17; Geneva, age 12; Eva, age 10; Charles H., age 25 and Richard E., age 21. Francis was 62 and a widow. His occupation is listed as farmer. His son Charles H. married Isabella Buelna and had 2 children. Charles H. and Ruth. Charles H. Sr. and Isabella are buried in St. Catherine's Cemetery in Martinez. He died in 1914 from a fall from the rafters at Bishop Ranch in San Ramon.  Any information on anyone in the family is most appreciated.  Pamela Lewis. 23 February 2003

Researching the HARRY THOMAS LEWIS family.  Have the following info HARRY THOMAS  LEWIS 18 July 1892 - 27 June 1958, HELEN ELMA FENDER LEWIS 06 Aug 1895 - 07 Feb 1967 she was living in Walnut Creek area prior to her death.  HELEN MARIE LEWIS DARSOW 24 Nov 1928 - 23 Jan 1986 she was living in the Lafayette area prior to her death.

HARRY THOMAS LEWIS Jr. son of HARRY and HELEN, believed to have been born after 1930 as he does not appear in 1930 census.  Checked CA birth and death records no inofmation found. Spoke with step-brother Dr. JOHN CHEREDES prior to his death and he said last he hear years ago, HARRY JR. was residing in the Lafayette area. Jim Lewis. 25 July 2008

I am looking for information on Ashbrook LINCOLN and his wife Hilda L (?) They were both born in NJ and died in Richmond , Contra Costa County . Ashbrook on 10 Jun 1998 and Hilda L on 17 Jul 2002. I am a first cousin trying to trace the family migration from NJ to CA. It appears that they sponsored several scholarships at the University of San Francisco . Any information you could provide would be appreciated. David Klingler - 7 August 2007
Hello....I'm trying to find information on a Margaret LIVELL that lived and died in Contra Costa Co. CA. I have very little on her as I just ran across her information today. I was totally unaware of her.
She was born 1/1/1863, place unknown (shown as REST (OTHER)) on the CA Death Records at Roots Web
Mother was, ? SMITH
Father was, ? TILSON
She died 7/26/1955 at the age of 92
Thank you, Darlene Beaver Dougherty OK 4 January 2002
can you help me find 1966 june train accident article hero father saves two year old daughter  names sam lo bese and melina lo bese richmond, californa. Kandi Lo Bese - 26 March 2007
I would like any information on Peggy Ann Lopeman, born 8 Jan 1868 to John Asel Lopeman and Margaret Lydia Green in Dallas Co., Missouri. On the California Death Index for 1940-1997, I found: "Carter, Peggy Ann female born 8 Jan1868 in MO, died 25 Aug 1952 Contra Costa Co., California. Father's name: Lopeman." My family did not know that Peggy ever married and and does not know what happened to her. I would like to know where she is buried, who she married and who her children were. I am a descendent of her older sister, Harriet. Anita. 22 January 2002
Looking for information on the death and burial place of Valentina Lopez ca 1904 in Mexico.  Died after 1955 in Pittsburg, Ca.

Thank you, K Smith- 24 April 2008

Looking for family of Mary Lowe of San Pablo , California. About 1950's. Sister of Florida Scoggins and Stella Higgins. Any information appreciated. Thank you. Chris Pezzaglia 18 February 2001
My gggrandfather was Philip Lynch, 1841-1914. Born in County Cavan married Ellen Hughes 1855-1927 from NY went to Calif. to farm 1600 acres. He owned 7 ranches between Antioch, Brentwood, and Deer Valley. Approx.1874-1914 Their wedding date was 5/13/1874.
They had 11 children: Mary, Margaret, Philip, Pat, Joe, Tom, Albert, Matthew, Edward, John, Daniel
I'm looking for Philip Lynch's parents! Kristi Lynch. 20 August 2002
I am seeking to obtain information or get to know other family members of my Lynn Family Tree. My Grandmother was Cora Alice Manley Lynn. Other married names she had were " Danielson." She died in Antioch California in 1948. She daughters. Leonna Bessie Lynn & Mildred Irene Lynn. She had sons. George William Lynn, Clifford Lynn, Lester D. Lynn, Ernest William Lynn and my father, Henry M. Danielson. ANY information would be wonderful OR to meet other family members! Rebecca Garrlentini. 22 January 2002M

I am searching for the marriage date of Joseph Lewis Machado and Lenora Louisa Mendonca in Contra Costa Co. about 1865-69 or any other info about them. pat parker. 3 January 2002
Ransom MACON - Searching for information and descendants of Ransom MACON. Would like a copy of his Obituary. He died in Contra Costa County on September 13, 1967. (CADI)
Seeking a  male descendant bearing the surname for a DNA comparison. - Jeffery Scism - 7 August 2007
I am in search of articles and or obit. regarding the an explosion at the Standard Oil Company in Richmond, California causing the death of Norman Mainwaring while inspecting enemy ships during WW II (1942). Any information would be helpful. Thank you, Lori Foley. 27 July 2002
Looking for obituary/ death notice, which might lead to the child/ children of Harold Basil MARTIN son of Henry Backus MARTIN.  Harold was born 30 July 1892 in San Francisco. Married (1) Edna M. Douglas and (2) Ann. 1930 census lists him as Divorced. His death is listed as Aug 14 1967 in Walnut Creek, Thank you in advance. Daniel E. Horton 1 July 2006
MARTINEZ:  Seeking obituary or newspaper notices of any vitals and or relatives for Francisco MARTINEZ, Margarita ESPINOSA MARTINEZ, Francisco Alejandro MARTINEZ and Manuel MARTINEZ.  

MARTINEZ, Francisco born about 1850 possibly California.  Married Margarita ESPINOSA on 4 November 1877 at St. Catherine's in Martinez, Contra Costa County, California.  The Contra Costacounty marriage license indicates that Francisco was 26 years old and Margarita was 17.

In the 1880 Contra Costa County Census Francisco MARTINEZ'es age is 24 and Margarita is 19.  

Francisco and Margarita had two sons, Francisco Alejandro, born about 1878 and Manuel Visitacion MARTINEZ born 2 July 1880.  Frank Jr. appears on the 1880 census, age 2.Manuel was born several days after the census was taken.  

On 12 Jan 1890, at age 9,  Manuel MARTINEZ was admitted to St. Vincent's School for Boys in Marin County, his mother Margarita or Margaret was at San Francisco County Hospital.  Since I have not been able to locate Francisco and his son Frank after the 1880 census I am assuming that they were in an accident at around this time.  Margarita died in 1939 in Tracy, San Joaquin County, California.  Manuel Martinez died in Marin County,California in 1950.

Helen Eberle - October 1, 2005

I am looking for descendants of Maria de Mercedes Martinez who married Enrique Welch. The 1860 CA census shows them living in Contra Costa County. She was the daughter of Vicente Jose Ramon Martinez and Guadalupe Moraga. He was the son of William Welch and Maria Antonia Galindo. I do not have much information on her-some on him. I am descended from a second marriage to Virginia Chavez. I hope that you can give me advice how to pursue info in your counties. Marciel Hart Wood. 5 August 2002
My great grand father JOSE LUZ MARTINEZ was rumored to have been born in Martinez CA around 1850. Is there any record of such a birth around that time? He may have gone by the surname of MONROY and taken the name of his home town when he settled in Santa Ana, Sonora, Mexico in the 1880's. I thank you for any time this inquiry may take you. Robert Martinez. 3 January 2004
I am seeking an obituary lookup for Odell Mason, d. Oct 1979. Her last residence was Richmond, Contra Costa, CA. She was b. in 1923 & md. to Benton M. Mason of Salem, OR. He died in 1969. We have no information on her for a family history of the Masons. Thanks, Mrs. Dixie Young. 27 July 2002

I am researching the name of Uriah Mayfield, who left Adams County, Illinois sometime around 1855 and I believe he may have went west to California, his immediate family remained in the Adams County area of Illinois and is well documented in that area. His grandson, Uriah Lamont Mayfield was my grandfather. I have found a Uriah Mayfield, age 56, born in Kentucky, enumerated with the family of John and Polly Stern, on page 382, of the August 9, 1870 census of Township two, Martinez Post Office, Contra Costa, County, California. The census record for the Stern children reflects that the family was in Illinois in 1855 and arrived in California by 1858, which is consistent with the disappearance of Uriah Mayfield from Adams County, Illinois and may be an indication that he traveled to California with this family. His occupation is listed as a cook and would suggest that he may have been employed by the Stern family in that capacity; however, although the value of the Stern property indicates that the family isn't poor, I don't believe the property value indicates a large farming operation. Another possibility is that Uriah Mayfield was simply boarding with the Stern family and was employed elsewhere.
In any event, I live in Illinois and any assistance anyone in the Contra Costa area of Martinez, California can give me on the whereabouts of Uriah Mayfield would be greatly appreciated. I am particularly interested in finding out where he died and is buried, or if he he had any family in California. Monty. 29 May 2000

 I am a great niece of Molly and Nellie McCauley,the founders of the Old Danville Hotel. My great grandfather Edward McCauley was a rancher in Danville around 1870. I was wondering where I could find out more history and stories or pictures of the family at that time.
Sincerely, Linda McCauley Woods - 18 February 2007

McCARTHY, HAGERTY, GRENNAN, SHEA, SHIELD 1880-1920 Patrick S. McCARTHY was born in Ireland about 1860 and immigrated to the US in 1877. Elizabeth "Bessie" HAGERTY was born in Ireland 1864-1874 and immigrated to the US in 1880. They were married about 1886-1888 in Contra Costa County. They lived in Crockett where Patrick was a stevedore. He was killed in a sugar boat accident Oct. 9, 1900.
They had the following children:
Emmett M. b. May 1889, Contra Costa County; d. July 06, 1909, C&H Sugar, Crockett, Contra Costa County.
Lillian C. b. February 15, 1891, Contra Costa County; d. September 1982, Vallejo, Solano County. She married Hugh R.GRENNAN Abt. 1912.
Lucille May b. September 05, 1893, Port Costa, Contra Costa County, CA; d. February 1986, Oakland, Alameda County. She married William Cornelius SHIELD Oct. 9, 1918 Crockett, Contra Costa County.
Hannah b. November 06, 1896, Contra Costa: d. August 1977, Vallejo, Solano County. Never Married
Julia A. b. November 06, 1896, Contra Costa County; d. Nov 09, 1969, Contra Costa County. She married James SHEA.
Patrick Joseph b. October 1899, Contra Costa County, CA; d. 1904, Contra Costa County.
Looking for any information on any of these families. Wayne Thomas. 3 January 2002

Seeking the descendants (and ancestors) of George Henry McCOON, b. ca 1828 NY and resided in Wisconsin, Kansas/Missouri, Oregon and California. He m.1st Laura PARKER and had dau Urvilla & possibly one or two more; m.2nd Julia Dove TRENT in 1870 Vernon Co, MO and had Omer Trent, Olive Ivy, Otis Henry and Viola Dorothy. George m.3rd Mary Victoria FRADIN or FERRIN (widowed by two men -PAINE and FRANKLIN) in 1912. Mary Victoria FRADIN's birth and death dates and locales are needed. She was living at 1917 Fairview, Berkeley, CA in 1924 when she applied for George's pension. George d. in 1917 in Berkeley, Alameda Co, CA. He is known to have resided in Contra Costa Co, as well.
His children by his second wife married HUTCHINGS, PAULI, RYAN, KELLOGG and WHEELER. George's grandchildren married: DONKERLEE, HERRINGTON, RICHMAN, DURHAM, BACON, CUMMINGS. (Not all surnames are known)
I would love to find some living descendants of this line as well as any data on this family. Omer lived in Fresno, CA and his wife died in Arizona in 1970. Olive McCOON PAULI RYAN lived in San Joaquin or Stockton, CA at her death in 1964. Where are the descendants of her two children by Mr. PAULI? Otis died in Alameda and his wife in Contra Costa. His dau Helen died in San Mateo, CA in 1982. Where are her two BACON daughters? Viola Dorothy McCOON WHEELER was of Stockton, CA in 1958 when her brother died. Where are her five WHEELER children?
Can anyone help? Many thanks! Emily. 30 August 2002


McCraney, Magaret b June 19 1868 m. Mitchell. Searching for any info on Margaret McCraney Mitchell. According to Sarah M Jennings McCraney`s obit her daughter Mrs. Margaret Mitchell lived in Concord at the time of her death July 5 1930.
William M McCraney 1830 WI m. Sarah Jennings b July 1840 MO (daughter of Obediah Jennings and Anna Fox.) In Nevada City Yuba/Nevada Co. Ca. 1854.
Their child;
Ella C. 1/14/1856 d 5/21/1941 m. Leo Lamb
Orlando M . 2/11/1858 d 2/17/1946 m Amy L
Charles 1865
Earl 1877
Mary Josephine m McBride
Royal `Roy' 5/14/1882
Leo 7/12/1884 4/30/1958
William ?
John R              1859
Milton 2/11/1865
George Henry 6/29/1871 7/6/1940
Leonidas Green 10/11/1873 1/3/1950
Thomas ?
I would like to share stories and pictures with descendents or family. I need info on Obediah Jennings and Anna Fox. Margaret was my great Aunt. Linda McCraney. 27 July 2002
ED McDOLE lived in bay point, Pittsburg ,w. Pittsburg, port Chicago, shore acres. died there 1975. my great uncle. looking for info from his family. please if you can send me any ifo I'd appreciate it. thank you. Rose. 8 September 2002
McDONALD, Ruby Grace or twin sister Pearl born on May 12, 1891 in Martinez California. Mother maiden name KOHLER. any information or relatives please advise. Jean Pacheco - 7 August 2007 (NOTE:  e-mail address provided bounced back. Jean, please contact me with an updated e-mail address.)
I am looking for information on a Blanche Ann McHugh. She was born April 12, 1885 in Sommersville, CA. I have since found out that Sommersville was a PO in the Antioch, CA area. I do not know who her parents were but would love to find this information. She married a William Smith and lived in San Francisco where they had two daughters named Grace and Genevieve. I do not know whether she married in Contra Costa Co or whether she married in San Francisco. She married a second time to Felix Appenrodt in San Francisco. Anyone who has information, it would be greatly appreciated. Pat from Lafayette, CA. 18 August 2002

Looking for information to exchange on the MCINTYRE family. According to my g-g-grandfather Robert MCINTYRE's pension record, his wife Sarah MCINTYRE (b. 1844, McLean Co. Illinois) died at Martinez, Contra Costa County, on August 7, 1915. She was visiting her two sons, Robert (born after 1880, Illinois) and Donald (born abt. 1878, Illinois), having endured the trip from Illinois to visit them while she was dying of cancer. J. Chesher Johnson. 5 August 2002

Seeking descendants and information: Brothers Robert MCINTYRE (b. aft. 1880 IL) and Donald D. MCINTYRE (b. abt. 1878-1882 IL) and Donald's family: wife Minnie (b. abt. 1896 IL) and daughters Margaret E. (b. abt. 1911 CA), Lola (b. abt. 1912 CA) and Alma (b. abt. 1916 CA). This family was living in Richmond City, Contra Costa County, in the 1920 census and arrived in Contra Costa by 1915. J. Johnson. 29 December 2002
John McKENZIE born 18 Nov 1887 died Sep 1963 California

In 1930 he was living at San Rafael, Marin, CA and was a guard at the State Prison. His wife was Blanche born 1890 and his children were Fay E. born 1915 and John C. born 1918. I would appreciate any help with more details about John.

Thanks, Linda Moorhouse 29 July 2005

Seeking newspaper article(s) on the murder of Dr. Francis A. McManus (a Great Uncle) who was killed in Crockett, CA on or around December 20, 1915. I have tried contacting the Crockett California Historical Museum and Society, but have had no success in reaching a live person. I have also tried to contact the individuals listed on Cindy's List for Contra Costa but their e-mail address are no longer valid.  Thanks! Margaret Lewis. 27 July 2002
I am seeking information on Alvin MCMASTER, born 17 February, 1883, in either Kansas or Nebraska, and died 15 July, 1963, in Contra Costa county, CA. He was the son of William Reader MCMASTER and Sarah Catherine HODGENS. Sarah died 8 October, 1915, I believe in Richmond. I know nothing about Alvin's wife and children. I am descended from Alvin's uncle, Anderson Fremont MCMASTER, and I am very interested in learning more about Alvin's side of the family. I would love to correspond with a descendant of his that is interested in the family history and has information and photos to share! Jennifer Wathen. 4 March 2001

I am looking for the divorce records of Adeline and Philip Mecum. They would be between Aug of 1920 and Dec. of 1922 and in Contra Costa Co.
Adeline lived in Knightsen CA and Philip was living in Sonora Tuolumne Co. CA. I've never looked for divorce papers before so how do I go
about it?  Esther 30 January 2006


My gggrandfather was Pierre Vasserot MERLE. About 1852 he came to San Francisco. His brother, Benoist Vasserot MERLE came to San Francisco about the same time and settled in Martinez. He was married to Susanna MARTINEZ, born Jan. 24, 1824 at the Presidio in San Francisco. Her father was Captain Ignacio MARTINEZ, who was in command under the Mexican government. MERLE was the last of her three husbands. I am trying to find out any and all information about B. V. MERLE and his family, my great great uncle as part of my research on the MERLE family. Christopher Regan Ferree - 27 March 2006
Please send any information you may find on the following surname in Contra Costa, CA: Metall. Native ancestry information would be especially helpful!  Thank you, Susan Naylor - 1 July 2006
Miner - Macey
I am seeking any information about my great grandmother Anita Francis MINER. She was born Feb 19, 1877 and grew up on a ranch on the outskirts of Orinda. She married Robert A MACEY 12-9-1909. I would also like any information about her parents James O MINER and Anna F CRANE (married April 26, 1866) Any information would be greatly appreciated. Laurie Swartwood. 13 April 2002

See McCraney
See Blevins
Lovett MOORE or Lovett MOORE Jr. Looking for any information on Lovett MOORE. He was born in Ok 1919 died Contra Costa 1986. Lovett Jr born Ok 1938 died Contra Costa  1986 I have the Lovett Line from 1807 NC ,  1850 Ar, then Ok. Lost track in Ok when Hinton died. Will share all my information. Jesse Moore - 9 April 2006
See Martinez

See Dilts
I'm searching for records of the Morgan Family that lived on the Morgan Ranch on Morgan Territory Road during the late 1950's and early 1960's. (They descend from Jeremiah Morgan who originally owned the Ranch.) They raised two young Native American girls, Marj and Cordelia, and they are seeking their birth records and names of their biological parents who lived in Richmond, California. What elementary school would these girls have attended while living on the Morgan Ranch in that time frame. Any help appreciated!

Clydene W. Cannon, Pres., Genealogy Society of Vallejo/Benicia - 11 November 2005

I am writing to ask for advice, information, anything at all about these names that were in the Martinez area from about 1903 or before to 1933 or later. My father who I was very close to, used the name Ernest Morganti. His name in the tunnel, dam & aqueduct industry was Blackie Morganti. Others have said his name was really Pagliaroli. My father said he was an orphan born in 1903 (he may have been younger, perhaps even 5 years or so younger) that he was raised by his aunt Maria in Martinez CA. That he ran away at age 8 and was on his own ever since. He was Italian, I am sure of. Once when I was taking him for medical treatment in Modesto CA there were several Italian men in the waiting room. They spoke to him in Italian. When my father went in for radiation some of the men asked me about him. They said he looked (I am spelling the phonically) Castelllamarese to them. My mother said that about 1932 my father took her to Martinez to look for his aunt Maria. They looked & looked but could not find where she lived. This is not surprising as my father could get lost in his own driveway. He knew about grape growing & sheep herding. Was very intelligent, had excellent penmanship. The first I can document him is 1924 working on a tunnel job for So. Calif. Edison at Big Creek camp 62 in the Sierra Nevada's. Since my father had good penmanship, etc I am hoping there might be Martinez school records available. I loved my father more than life itself and it would be the greatest gift to know who his people were. I would appreciate any help anyone might be able to give. Thank you. Ernesta Ann (Morganti) Parsons. 3 January 2002

Looking for descendants of Hugh MUIR b-1830, Scotland and Elizabeth MUIR. Also looking for his brother Barclay MUIR b-1838, Scotland and Margaret MUIR who resided in El Sobrante. Looking for possible connection to John MUIR, the Naturalist. I have a lot of information and certificates for this family and a letter written in 1855 from Margaret MUIR in Glasgow, Scotland to her sons Hugh and Barclay in America. Thanks!, Diane Vallon. 30 June 2003

Nevin Newton MULLER also known as Alvin DALLAS born 8 Nov 1915 San Francesco CAL died July 1987 San Pablo, Contra Costa County. Nevin \Alvin was the son of Nevin Newton MULLER and Clara DALLAS born 13 Oct 1891 Christchurch, New Zealand. I'm interested in who Nevin\Alvin may have married and any children from the marriage. Many thanks, Harriet. 6 September 2002

Iím looking for a William and Katherine Murdo who I believe lived in Caluso Avenue (?) in an un-named town in Contra Costa in 1920. He would have been around 39 years old at that time. I believe they had at least 4 possibly 5 children and that he was a bigamist, having a separate family elsewhere (I have no details of them). He arrived at Ellis Island in 1903 at the age or 22 and went west. This is all I have although do have a photograph of him and one of his wives and a handwritten postcard from either him or his wife. I know he was born at Mountblairy in Banffshire, Scotland (incorrectly noted on his immigration records as Mont Clairy). Itís an area I know very well Ė he still has relatives in the area. Iíd be grateful for any information on him or his families. Iím Scottish but currently working in the Middle East. Murdo Morrison. 13 February 2004
I am looking for any information on a FRANK MURRAY who died in Contra Costa County approx. 1929.  His daughter's name was Cora Busby and he lived with her at the time of his death.  I am also interested in the name Benjamin Franklin Murray or F. M. Murray as these were all possibilities of the way he may have been listed. Contact - 1 May 2005
I am looking for any info regarding a woman named Jessie Nea who was murdered on the docks in Richmond, CA, in 1942. Thank you, Ladonna - 14 September 2005

I am looking for OBITUARIES for the NEELD family who all died in Contra Costa County.

NEELD, Verda , died November 26, 1979, born March 27, 1915

NEELD, Philip Roland , died November 29, 1982, born in B.C. Canada, March 2, 1915
NEELD, Henry Montague , died February 23, 1987, born in London, England, May 26, 1893

NEELD, Travena , died November 26, 1985, born November 26, 1890

Thank you for any help that you can give me

June - 27 September 2005

Looking for marriage record for JOHN NEVIS and MARIA BRAGA who lived in Contra Costa county (san pablo) for many years.....they would have been married in 1906 or 1907....thanks for any help checking on this one.... richard matranga (great grandson) 30 January 2006
I'm trying to find the family of ESTA BROWN NEWBY. She was born in Ar. 02-28-1901 and died in Contra Costa County 06-25-1993. I think she has a son named A.J., Windford and Winston NEWBY. There was a picture of her when she was in her late teens early twenties in my Grandfathers things that I found after he died. I need to know if she is any kin to me. My Grand fathers name was William Thomas BROWN from Van Buren County Ar. Thank You, Janna Brown. 21 July 2001
I am looking for descendants of Chester Newell. He was born 5-2l-1901, and died 5-6-1978 in Contra Costa, Calif. I would deeply appreciate an obituary on him if possible. Thanks. [No Name Given]. 30 June 2003
Seeking descendants, other relatives, burial location, or obituary of Nellie Velma JOHNSON COLIN NICHOLAS (d/o Charles Victor JOHNSON b. Kansas, Lucile SMITH b. Missouri) b. 08 Mar 1904 Oklahoma d. 10 Jan 1977 Pittsburg, Contra Costa Co., CA.
Nellie (or Velma as she was known to our Johnson family) was married to Marcel George John William COLIN, had two children a girl then a boy. COLIN believed to have died before son was born.
Nellie believed to have married Cicero (or Cecero) Nicholas when her children were very young. Our family lost track of Charles V. Johnson family sometime in the late 1940s. My g gf John A. Johnson was brother of Charley V. Johnson. John A died in Feb 1949 and we now believe that Charley died in fall of 1948. Any tidbit about the above daughter of Charley or her family would be appreciated and very helpful. Thanks! Beth Peck Cooper. 18 August 2001

Am searching for the death dates for Eri OSBORNE (b. 1860) and his wife Mary (CLARY) OSBORNE, also born 1860.  They appear in the 1910 and 1930 censuses for Contra Costa county where in 1930 they were residing in Martinez City.  I haven't yet found them in 1920.

Both people lived at least until 1932 because they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary (December 31, 1931) in Santa Cruz possibly at their new home or possibly at one of their children's homes.  Eri is the brother of my great grandfather Stiles OSBORN who lived in IL, MO & OK. Emily Jordon - 17 May 2007

Looking for information on Florence (Floss) Westervelt. Born July 19, 1895 St. Paul, Ramsey Co., MN. Daughter of Charles J. Westervelt and Martha J. Vedder. d. June 3, 1971 Contra Costa Co., CA. Floss married Thomas (Tom) Padden in MN. Thomas was a police officer in either Hennipen Co., MN. or Ramsey Co., MN. He was killed in the line of duty. Sometime after his death Floss and children moved to CA.
1. Loraine Padden
2. Thomas JR. (Tom) Padden
3. Robert (Bob) Padden
Any information will be appreciated. Thank you. Shirley Lee. 17 February 2001


PARKER, Dorothy
Looking for a death notice or an obituary for my first cousin, once-removed: Dorothy Parker of Walnut Creek (details follow). I have checked the on-line versions of the Contra-Costa Times and The Examiner without any luck, so hope there is something in the printed version that someone in the area can help with.
Decedent's name: Dorothy Parker
Date of Birth is : 1920-1930
Place of Birth is : Alameda County
Date of Death is : 21 Sep 2000
Place of Death is: Walnut Creek, CA area
Parents Names : Clyde Parker and Mabel A Albert
Ed Albert. 5 August 2002
PARMER -Looking for a newspaper obituary for Carrie PARMER who died Nov. 1, 1952 in Contra Costa County, possibly El Cerrito.  Any Help would be greatly appreciated.  Janet
- 26 March 2007

Looking for a death notice or an obituary lookup:
PARRY William Henry, b 04 March 1867, d 20 Apr.1904 in Selby, CCCounty, CA. Buried Alhambra (Pioneer) Cemetery, Martinez. Place of birth Wales, UK. Entered U.S.A. 1888. I believe a death notice to be in San Francisco Chronicle on Saturday 23 April 1904. William PARRY was my grandmother's brother and I believe he was killed in an accident at work in Selby. I would be very grateful of more information from a death notice or obituary. Ann Harrison-Rees. 27 July 2002
I am looking for any information on ESTHER S. PATTERSON who married Harry B. Day, Jr. on or about June 4, 1934 somewhere in Contra Costa County.  I have no other info so any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.  Nancy. 21 July 2002
Looking for any information about my father, Ralph Eugene PAUL. Born in Crockett, 1895, son of Lucius Wilmot Paul and Elizabeth Ann Kennerley. Thank you. Ralph Paul, Jr. . 6 January 2002

i would like to know if there is a way to find some info on my grand ma...Grace O. PEERY,she was born 1909 and passed away in your county in 1991...i'm trying to find info for my family tree...i have  learned that she had went by the name Grace WATANABE at one time. probably from a marriage to Kim WATANABE..he died in 1972 in your county also.....but she is buried here in KY at Spring Hill Cm. Clinton, Grace PEERY...i've tried here and there with out much luck..and was wondering if you could dig up that county..where she died ..i have a couple old addresses of her in California from were she had lived..there must be some info on her someplace..marriage ,obituary, will, divorce...something about her somewhere..other than just her name in ssi death records...thanks for any support.

Grace Ophelia Peery, b. October 11, 1909, d. May 27, 1991, California.
She married (1) Kim Watanbe.
She married (2) (Unknown) Warren.
Children: Donald Allen Warren, b. December 1, 1928, Detroit, Michigan.
She married (3) Ed Paynter.

Britt Warren, Clinton, KY..................(p.s. i was born French Camp hosp.1960) 9 January 2006

Looking for burial location and exact date of death of Sarah (BOLLINGER) PERKINS, born about 1790 in NC. She came to CA from MO with her son Solomon PERKINS in 1852, and was in Contra Costa County for the 1860 census in the Alamo-Lafayette area. She supposedly died about 1865 at age 75. Lory Clark. 7 April 2002


I am looking for more information on Virgil Henry Person and who he married and their descendants. Virgil is the son of Henry and Bessie Pomeroy Person. He was born 19 January 1984 and died at Contra Costa, California November 1984.  His Grandfather is my Great Great Grandfather, Alpha Giles.  I am a descendant of Howard Alpha Person who is my Grandfather. Howard Clark Person, Littleton, Colorado - 19 November 2006


I am trying to find out anything about aunt Josephine PETERS. She died in Antioch, Contra Costa Co. in 1982. I know she was born in Belgium and married William E. PETERS in 1911 in Reserve Mines in Nova Scotia. William died in 1941 in Montreal Canada. Any help would be appreciated. Kay Peters - 17 May 2007
Seeking information on the following family:
PETERSON, PETE b. 18 May 1871 d. 1961
PETERSON, METINA b. 1878 nee KROGH d. 1927
PETERSON, HANS LEONARD b. 1899 d. 1973
PETERSON, ARTHUR RAY b. 1901 d. 1908
PETERSON, GEORGE b. abt 1903/1903 died as infant
The parents were last known to be living in the Martinez area, Hans was in Concord, and Alexander was living in Benicia. Seeking any confirmation on this family. Please reply to Barbara. 6 September 2002

Trying to find the descendants of Benjamin Franklin PETTEGREW. Born 20 Aug 1893, KS. and died 20 Feb 1976, Contra Costa, CA. Married to 1) Janet BESTER and 2) Mary Unknown. Children of Ben: Benjamin Hardy PETTEGREW, Marie J. PETTEGREW COOK, Jackson PETTEGREW, Ted PETTEGREW, and Dell PETTEGREW. Ben's parents were Frank PETTEGREW and Ora SMITH. Other parts of the family using PETTIGREW spelling. Ben may have been an engineer and traveled overseas. He had an aunt & uncle in the Medford/Eagle Point area of OR. His father was the brother of my grandmother. Alice. 14 April 2002


The surname I am interested in is Peugh. My name is Phyllis Guzman (Peugh). My father's family was born in California. His name was Cornelius (Neal) Thompson Peugh. His mother's maiden name was Thompson.  I think her first name was Pearl. I don't know his father's first name. My father was born June 15, 1015; I have found birth records for his sisters and a brother, but for some reason can't find his.  He died in 1980, in Oregon. His sister Phyllis was born in CCC, but his brother Vernon and sister Wilma were born in Humboldt.  I don't remember CCC mentioned about him, I do remember someone saying he was born around Stockton.  There was also a sister Betty or Bette, who I think was the oldest, and I haven't found anything on her.

According to what I know about the family, they were of Welsh, American Indian (Most likely either the Yurok or Hupa) and French ancestry.  Supposedly there was a great, great (and maybe a few more greats) with the tribal tattoo (it was said on her forehead.)  I think I remember saying that my grandparents had pictures, and I do remember seeing pictures and Native American Indian artifacts in their home when I was a child.

I was born in Arcata.  My parents were divorced when I was five.  I don't have any living siblings (not of the same father anyway.)  My grandparents lived in Arcata, too.  They were dairy farmers.  My dad (with his siblings and father) owned a dairy.  My dad also worked in some way in construction.  In some kind of construction deal, he wound up owning the first drive in movie theater in the country.  The one in Arcata.  This is what I know about my father's family.  I also have his social security number.  I'm just not exactly sure where to start searching, but this seemed like the best bet.

Thank you. Phyllis Guzman - 11 November 2005

William Joseph PHILLIPS--1874-1940
Searching for any descendants of William Joseph PHILLIPS who was born in Tulare County, California on 1 Jan 1874 and died in Contra Costa County on 24 Oct 1940. Spouse, if any, is unknown.
William PHILLIPS was the son of Joseph Lean PHILLIPS (b. 23 Jul 1838--Iowa Co., WI; d. 24 Jun 1875--Tulare Co.) and Mary Francis BACON (b. 8 Dec. 1847--St. Louis Co., MO; d. 1924--Tulare Co.). Mother remarried Samuel M. SMOOT in 1885 in Tulare Co.
Siblings of William Joseph PHILLIPS include:
Catherine Kate-1865
Permelia "Amelia"-1867
I have much data on Phillips family to share. Warren B. Carah.- 3 January 2002
Looking for information on my great uncle Adolfo PISTONE.

He was born September 28, 1892 in Stella Santa GUISTINA, Italy and died December 26, 1950, in Contra Costa County. He immigrated to Napa, California and this is the information from Ellis Island:

First Name: Adolfo Last Name: PISTONE Ethnicity: Italian, It. South Last Place of Residence: Stella, Genova Date of Arrival: May 25, 1921 Age at Arrival: 28y Gender: M Marital Status: S Ship of Travel: San Rossore Port of Departure: Genova Manifest Line Number: 0021

I know that he went from Ellis Island to relatives in Napa - that his brother Emilio PISTONE sponsored him - that he worked on a ranch in Lafayette, California. I am unable to locate his marriage certificate or the name of his son. I am unable to locate the cemetery where he is buried.

Lanette A. Clarke - Tel 925-842-2783  Fax 925-842-2846  Mobile 925-408-6880 - 18 February 2007

I am looking for information on the following family.
THOMAS JEPTHA PITTS son of Robert & Hulda Davis Pitts was born July 17, 1892 in Texarkana, Arkansas, and died June 07, 1958 in Contra Costa County, California. He married BESSIE BELLE. She was born April 03, 1896 in Texas, and died January 28, 1978 in Contra Costa County, California. Norman Davis. 7 September 2003
I am looking for any information about Thomas Pond (my great-grandfather's brother) who died in Contra Costa County November 1, 1948. His wife was Minnie Curtis. They were from South Carolina. Thomas' brother Cromwell died in Alameda County, California. Their brothers George and Backey (John Bascom) lived and died in Conway County, Arkansas. The sister, Alice Boozer, wife of Richard Boozer also lived and died in Conway County, Morrilton, Arkansas. I am completing a history book for the Pond(s) reunion in 2002 and would like any information about other family members that is available. Maggie Pond(s). 3 January 2002

POND(S) brothers. I am looking for information about the descendants and family of two of my great-grandfatherís brothers who were born in South Carolina . My great-grandfather was John Bascom Pond(s) who settled in Conway County , Arkansas

1)   Thomas Pond(s) was born December 1874-78 in Lexington County , SC to Mark and Francis Lytes Pond. Thomas lived in North Richmond at 15265 Ė 4th Street and was married to Minnie. He died November 02, 1948 in Martinez . He was in Lexington County with his family at the 1880 census. He moved to North Richmond in 1938. I donít know where he was the 30 years in between. He may have worked for the railroad.

2)   Cromwell Pond(s) was the other brother. He was born December 23, 1878 in South Carolina . In 1918 he lived at 7204 Highland in Kansas City , Missouri and worked as a Pullman porter for the railroad. In 1920 he lived in Salt Lake City , Utah where he was still working for the railroad. I donít know where he was in 1930 Ė I couldnít find him anyplace. He died November 23, 1941 in Alameda County , California . I donít know if he ever married. All of the correspondence between Uncle "Crom" and the family was destroyed in his grandnieceís house in Missouri .

3)  Bascom Pond was my great-grandfather. He was born in 1868 in Lexington County, SC. He moved to Conway, Arkansas where he married Ida Armstead, became father of two children and many descendants.

4)  Alice Sawyer Boozer who married Richard Boozer who lived in Conway County and died in Pulaski County, Arkansas, Her children included Agnes or Annie, Moses, Richard Jr. and another son.;  George Pond(s) married Ida Swaggert. He lived and died in Arkansas . He was the father of two sons one of whom was the father of ten children. The unknown family members are Lizzie, Mary, and Estelle. Moses father was Nathan Davis and all of the other children were Boozers.  Hattie Boozer Thornton, John Hampton Boozer, Lemuel Boozer Thornton were all Richard Boozers siblings.

5)  There were three Pond sisters born in South Carolina: Estella, Mary, and another one. I have no idea  what happened to them.

Any information about these relatives and their history or whereabouts would be greatly appreciated. My cousin wrote a book about the Pond(s) family we knew but had to omit information on the unknowns and details about Tom and "Crom."  Margarette Pond - 19 November 2006, Updated 21 September 2007.

I am looking for my grandfather's brother Conrad Price b. 28 Sept 1896 and d. 5 Sept 1966 in Russia. He is buried in Port Chicago, Contra Costa County, CA.  He was the son of Mike Price and Anna (Cruezer/Crizer).   I would like to get an obituary for Conrad Price.  Other members of the family included, Henry Price, August Price, and a sister Martini "Martinez" (nickname).  He came to America and resided in Fresno, CA (1920) before moving to Richmond, Contra Costa, California.  He continued to live in the Richmond, Concord, Martinez areas.
I would also like to know where the cemetery is for the VETs in Port Chicago, Contra Costa, County.
Linda M. 20 February 2005
I am looking for any information on Quadros....Mostly John E Quadros..He had three son John, Danny & George.
My grandfather is John Quadros...I know John E died in Oct 1972...I am trying to do a family tree and need
more information.. if anyone has information on the Quadros family please email me at
Thank you very much for any information.  12 July 2005

I am looking for information on Ira who lived and died in Contra Costa in 1966. I know his father was Hawkins Quigley from Lake County but want to clarify who his mother was and get any other information I can. Possibly an obit out there somewhere??? Thank you. Tammy Poulson Phillips. 24 March 2001

I am looking for any information on Samuel F. Ramage his dob is listed on the 1870 census as 7/1/1836 with place of Birth Ohio. I have found information that he owned land in Contra Costa county . It appears it was 2 sections just north of Danville.
Date: 15 Oct 1873
Location: CA, Contra Costa
Document #: 3833
Serial #: CACAAA 136836
Sale Type: Cash Sale
Meridian or Watershed: MD
Parcel: Township 001S, Range 001W, Section 20
Date: 15 Oct 1873
Location: CA, Contra Costa
Document #: 3833
Serial #: CACAAA 136836
Sale Type: Cash Sale
Meridian or Watershed: MD
I received the following information from Nel Waldron by email:
RAMAGE (b. 7/1/1836 OH) and Sarah Jane FLIPPIN (b. 1/3/1843 Gibson, TN, m. 11/15 1860 CA, d. 5/25/1873 Danville, CA), specifically: John Almus RAMAGE (b. 9/8/1861 San Ramon Valley, CA; 2 daughters: Beulah and Sarah), Charles Joseph RAMAGE (b. 1/17/1865 Antioch, CA; m. Addie) and James Wilson RAMAGE (b. 6/20/1867 Danville, CA; m. Allene).
My grandfather was Robert C. Ramage who was born in 1881. I am not sure of his place of birth or his mother's maiden name.
I'd appreciate any help you can give me. Jim Ramage. 4 January 2002.

I am seeking descendants of Thomas Henry RAHN and his wife Rosalie (PLOUF) RAHN. ALthough they were married in Santa Clara County on April 25, 1855, I have a letter written from Lafayette, CA dated April 19, 1863 by Rosalie to my great grandmother Elizabeth Belle (RAHN) WOODWARD in Morgan County Illinois. At that time, Rosalie was living with a Mrs. WILLIAMS while her husband was away, possibly checking on claims in Esmeralda County, NV. The name T. H. RAHN appears on page 245 of the "History of Contra Costa County, 1882. Please respond to W.A. Gustafson. 4 January 2002

See Ballard - 13 February 2004
See Hughes - 2 January 2007
Looking for information on maternal grandfather: RESTER, Maxie, DOB: 12/27/1917, DOD:  8/7/1959
Mother's maiden name: FROST
I know he was a suicide and that he died in Contra Costa County. I am looking for a complete obit entry. OR, if there was an article in your paper regarding him at the time of his death.
Thank you! Sincerely, Melissa Clark, 214-206-5812, 5 August 2007 
Charles William REYNOLDS born 9 Mar 1875 IN died 10 Apr 1954 Contra Costa, CA. Charles William was born in IN fathers name unknown mother Sarah WELCH born TN. After Sarahs first husband died she wed in Grainger Co., TN to John Martin BULLIS and had son Wesley James BULLIS born 27 May 1884 died 8 June 1962 Sonoma Co., CA. After Sarahs second husband died of Rabies Sarah wed Mitchell NICLEY. Charles and James had a disagreement with Mitchell and left for CA at a young age. Family lost contact with them in early 1940's. Would like to establish contact with relative of either of these two men. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Patricia Greene-Jones. 25 June 2001
I am looking for information on Francis RICHARDS, who was born 18 November 1868 in Cambourne  Cornwall England. His wife was named Mary and was born in Gwinear Cornwall England on 25 September 1862.

I know that he died in March of 1935 from my great grandparents papers, but I do not know where. As of the 1930 census, he was still living in Richmond, Contra Costa County and working in a Paper mill. He was a miner by trade, and came to Richmond from where he was working as a Shifter for Cananea Consolidated Copper Company S.A. His passport dated 1918 lists the Richmond address as his home.

I would like to know where he and Mary are buried, if there is a possible obituary, and if there were any children.

Thank you in Advance for your help. - Diane Eaton Hacker - 24 April 2008

See Selby - 8 September 2002

My grandfather, George Washington ROBERTS, was one of the first employee's at Standard Oil Company in Richmond (Contra Costa County).  He died an employee in 1937  (My dad was a lifetime employee too.)  George Washington ROBERTS was born in 1878-79, he lived on Chancellor Ave. in Richmond, his son George was born there in 1916, his son Jack in 1917.  The family moved to 30th in Richmond around 1918 (friends w/E. Bishop and Charlotte Bishop), and by 1920 lived on Brighton Ave. in Albany.  I have his death certificate, but I think his wife, Minnie Alice (Enfield) Roberts, was guessing.  I'm looking for 100-year old Standard Oil hiring and employee records, and hoping there is information there to help me find out where he came from.  Jan Roberts - 2 January 2007


Trying to find any info on a Robbie Robinson, Robbie W. Robinson [born] 29 Oct 1947, [died] 11 Apr 2002, [SSN issued in] Texas (1961) 458-72-4985 for his children and for his grandson. He supposedly died in Concord, CA or in Contra Costa. Thanks a lot.  Kellae Blessing - 27 December 2004.


RE: Jeanne Marie (SCHMITTROTH) ROCKWELL died 2001-10-20 in Contra Costa County.
Querying for her:
1) Date of birth
2) Place of birth
3) Spouse
4) Any known relatives
Many thanks! Teresa M. Schmittroth - 25 March 2005

Thomas Andrew Rodger, born 11/22/1876. Clayton, Contra Costa Country. He lived in Nortonville "Black Diamond Mines" for a while in the 1880's. His mother died in 1884 at 28yrs. She is buried in Black Diamond cemetery, CCC. The head stone is gone, but I saw it years ago. Thank you for any help, however I'm in doubt as even Betty Mafffie Historical came up dry... Jim O'Hara. 3 January 2002



Looking for information on Edward P. or Philip E. ROSS, born 1891 in Baltimore, County Cork, Ireland, he was the son of William and Hester (Salter) Ross. He arrived at Ellis Island in April 1912 and went to California. In the 1920 and 1930 U.S. Census it states that Edward Ross born 1891 in Baltimore, County Cork, Ireland lived in Richmond, Contra Costa County, California and worked as a pipe fitter for an Oil refinery. I have been told by older relatives that this Ross had married and had children? I have also been told that he died in the 1940's or early 1950's. Any assistance or information will be appreciated. Pat Ross. 27 April 2003
I wanted to know about my husband's uncle, Eric Schaefer, who was mayor of Martinez in 1980's and died I believe either 1987 or 1988. Thank you, T. Schaefer, Normal, IL, 18 August 2002


My Grandparents, Bernard and Josephine Schwickerth, were living in Brentwood in 1910. I am interested in finding birth certificates or newspaper birth announcements for two of their children. Their surname has slightly different spellings from time to time. The children are: Frank, born 29May1908 and Cecelia, born 7December1909. BarbaraAutotte. 2 January 2002

See Crouch
Looking for information on SEE, William James of Lafayette, California,DOB 3/29/1932. Read an Obit online but nothing specific on his death... What happened to him??? We talked in March of 2006 and he was fine.... Are there any relatives I can send a sympathy card to?

Jim was a wonderful man and we enjoyed his company off and on over the years. 

Thank you, John Rork 19 August 2006

Searching for SELBY and RITCHIE family in Antioch area. I was born there in 1948 and have 2 cousins who were also born there. They are Kathy and Vickie SELBY. Their parents were Harmon SELBY and Mary RITCHIE. I started this research by looking for my cousins about 10 years ago and ended up getting hooked on genealogy. I have found hundreds of relatives, but not Kathy and Vickie. If you are out there, please contact me. Thanks, Jaymee Selby. 8 September 2002


I am searching for information on Christopher Hayes Sellers who was born March 24, 1876 in Delmar, Iowa; died April 24, 1961 in Martinez, Contra Costa, CA. Christopher's wife Ella Nora Kindig (born April 30, 1878 in Chicago, Illinois and died January 05, 1963 in Martinez, Calif.) and three children also came to Contra Costa in 1920. Their forth child was born in San Jose that same year. Gail Davidson. 6 January 2002

Looking for the descendants of Rose Serpa, a letter dated June 2, 1914, from Crockett, California. A Baby was born September 8, 1914, they name the baby August Serpa, they live in Crockett, California, her husband work for the refinery where they made sugar. contact. Frances Patten. 27 April 2003


Searching for the descendants of James Calvin Siders who lived in Antioch, Contra Costa Co., California from 1912-1950. His wife's name was Ann (Annettis) McCracken. His daughters names were Grace and Sylvia. Grace married Floyd L. Warner and Sylvia married Jewell Smith.
I am a granddaughter of James' brother, Charles Siders. If you are a descendant or know of any I would appreciate being contacted with the information. Thanks, Marilyn Siders Ross. 20 February 2005.
I am trying to find out if a City Directory for Richmond, CA is available for the year 1967. I just got some information out of Italy that people who connect to the Simion family line I am researching was living at 660 Wilson Avenue, Richmond, CA. I've checked the online phone directories, and no Simions now live in Richmond. After checking the CA Death Index, no Simions passed away in Contra Costa County. The only name I have is Charles, and I believe that to be a first name, so I'm trying to find out who was living at 660 Wilson Avenue in 1967. Thanks for any help you might provide! Ron. 29 December 2002
SIMONOVICH - Looking for information on my great Uncle Gregory Ray SIMONOVICH's 2nd wife Ruth G. She was living in Kensington when my uncle passed away in May of 1983. Stan Leach. 27 April 2003
William H. Simpson, his wife, Maria, and their children came to CC County from Arkansas via Mariposa in time to be counted in the 1860 census. They bought land near the top of Mt. Diablo in 1868 and I found her death listed in Graham's mortuary lists (12/1886).
I need to know when he died and where they're both buried, plus of course any incidentals others might have.
I have info about Maria's ancestry and the later Simpsons in Contra Costa and Alameda. Marie Mullan. 5 August 2002
SLIGER, HARRY CHARLES, b September 03, 1907 in Lansing, MI on d December 25, 1968 in Contra Costa, California. I'm looking for  information as to what county he may have lived in. I would like to order a death certificate & obit.

Any one with information on him please email me - Sam, 23 April 2008

William Slusher is said to have built the first roofed abode in Walnut Creek in 1849. I'm wondering if this is my William Slusher or if anyone knows any details about this man!?! My William Slusher was born in 1797 in Kentucky, was married to a Caroline ___, and had three children: Eli W. (b. 1832), Mary (a.k.a. Anna), and Jane/June. I'm wondering the following:
1. How long was this family in California?
2. Why was this family in California?
3. Does anyone have 1850 Census information on this family?
4. Why did this family return to Missouri, Kansas, and Iowa?
5. Why did Eli W. SLUSHER return to neighboring Alameda County 30 years
later, only to stay for a couple of years?
Thanks! Any information on The SLUSHER family is appreciated! Ellen Buglewicz. 29 December 2002

I am seeking any information on the surname SLUSHER in Costra Costa County, California - circa 1849?-1856? to include any SLUSHER's in the 1850 national census or the 1852 California census to include one William SLUSHER and family. Otis Slusher - 27 December 2004.
SMITH: Seeking information for Collins Reed SMITH. Born 09 Sept. 1909 in Oklahoma. Died: 04 November, 1987 in Contra Costa County, California. Son of Samuel Walter and Rose Ellen Smith. Dan Smith. 24 February 2002

A look up in the census of 1852 if possible for Oakland for Thomas SMITH- born Liverpool (approx 1827)

A known resident of Oakland from 1851 or 1852 and appearing in the Oakland City directories from 1869-1873 residing on 7th Street.  He and his family are also listed in the 1860 and 1870 census for Oakland.

Many thanks. Mandy Tomlinson - 5 November 2005

I am looking for information on my great uncle, David Solari. I understand that he was killed during World War I and the American Legion Post in Pittsburg, CA is named for him. Any information would be greatly appreciated...Thank you so much. Karen Schaffer. 10 September 2001
JOHNSON - BROWN - STEPHENS - Looking for descendants or any information regarding Marquita Emma (JOHNSON) STEPHENS who died in Contra Costa County, CA on June 29, 1952. She was born December 29, 1901 in Siskiyou County, CA. Her parents were: John F. JOHNSON born March 3, 1860 in Lawrence, Massachusetts and Minnie Caroline BROWN born in California. Minnie Caroline BROWN JOHNSON died November 11, 1919 in Chico, Butte Co., CA.
Kathleen P. JOHNSON
Lawrence F. JOHNSON born October 24, 1906 in Siskiyou Co.
Clarence JOHNSON born December 20, 1909
Clyde Wesley JOHNSON born December 20, 1909
Herbert R. JOHNSON born December 26, 1912
Possibly George JOHNSON
Please help me locate this family to change a stump on my family tree to a branch. Thanks so much for any help. Sandra Boyse. 28 November 2000
Can anyone provide me with information about Atrthur STEVENS or Florence DUNN STEVENS. I know that they were married on 9/22/1911 in Tuckerman, Arkansas but Florence died in Contra Costa in 1976 (Feb). Anything is more than I have now. Thanks, Jerry. 21 July 2002
I'm looking for transcriptions or records of a cemetery in Martinez, California--don't know the exact name but I'm told it is now a "historical" cemetery and is under the control of the City's Parks Department. If anyone has access to or can direct me to transcription or other records, I'd appreciate the help. I'm looking for the grave of my great-uncle Homer STEVENSON (b.Mary 29, 1900; d. Oct. 25, 1940). His wife was Mary Eleanor MOORE STEVENSON (b. Sept. 11, 1903, d. unknown) who may be buried there also. Thanks very much! Anita Stevenson. 13 April 2002

Inquest records in Contra Costa County: does anyone know how to access them or whether they are accessible? I'm looking for records of an inquest conducted November 8, 1940 regarding the death of Homer Merle Stevenson. The death certificate shows the coroner as C.L. Abbott, Richmond, CA. Also, what newspapers might be available for that time? Homer died in El Cerrito (apparently his body was found several days later) but I don't know what resources or references might exist. Any help or direction would be appreciated. Anita Stevenson. 26 July 2002

I am researching my great great grandfather/mother and have limited information but I hope maybe someone has some information or a website to point me to.  
Name:  James Stone  (found marriage license with name William J. Stoner & William J. Stone 1901 Marin County)
Approximate year of birth: 1872 , possibly in England
Approximate year of death: 1941 , Richmond CA.
I would like information to confirm birth & death dates of William J. Stone in Richmond.  whether an obit or cemetery or recorders info...any help would be greatly appreciated Regards, Lon Fisher. 7 April 2002

John Theophil STRENTZEL was born in 1813 in Poland. He was educated in Poland and Hungary, receiving a doctors degree in Budapest before 1840. In 1840 he sailed to Texas, settling near present day Dallas area. On 31 Dec 1843 he married Louisiana ERWIN of Kentucky. In 1853 he arrived in Martinez, Contra Costa County, California where he was the pioneer of the local fruit production industry - doing extensive work with orchards and vineyards.
John and Louisiana had 3 children: Louisiana "Louie" Wanda b 1846 died 1905, John Erwin b 1848 d 1857 and Lottie Born April 1851 d Aug 1851. John d. 31 Oct 1890 and Louisiana in Sep 1897;
Seeking information about this family, particularly about John (Jan? Johann?) and his birthplace in Poland and education in Budapest.
Would their be an obituary available and if so what paper should I be looking for? Laurie Werner Castillo. 29 January 2002

I'm looking for information about Dessie (Mollie) Owens Sunderland 1887-1981. She was born in MO and died in Concord, Contra Costa Co., CA. Her husband, Carl may have died in 1966 in LA. She was a first cousin of my grandfather, H.L. Arterburn. Carl & Dessie moved from MO sometime after 1930.
I have what I think is a picture of Dessie, Carl and two small children. I'm trying to determine if her father was William or Harve Owens, who were brothers to my gr-grandmother Mary E. (Mollie) Owens Arterburn. Thanks, Nancy Graves. 7 September 2003
I'm looking for a Mrs. Elizabeth SULLIVAN who would have been a living in Port Costa in 1890 time period. Her maiden name may have been KELLY (her sister was Mary Kelly who married Cornelous Condon). She would have been a relatively young women and may have married Dennis T. SULLIVAN. If any one has any info on these KELLY and SULLIVAN families I would love to hear back from you.
Thanks, Cathie Schafer. 18 August 2002
Seeking an obituary for Bernice Iris Corle Sweeney, died 23 July 1989 in Walnut Creek, Contra Costa County. Thank you for any help you might be able to provide. Kelly McAllister, Olympia, Washington. 1 March 2003

I am looking for an obit/death notice for Joseph E. TARWATER, d. 19 June 1941 in Contra Costa County (possibly Martinez). He was married to Maud Leona SCOTT TARWATER. Known children were Clarence and Elwin TARWATER. I'm also interested in contacting any descendants. Laurel Egenberger 2 January 2002

I am looking for the date of death of Dodson (Dotson or Datson) TARWATER who was born about 1856 in Contra Costa CO and died possibly around 1887.  He married Maggie (Margaret) LEWIS 10-4-1883 in Martinez, CA.  In the 1900 census, Maggie is listed as a widow with no children, and had been married four years, she also lived in Berkeley at that time.  Dodson's father was Gabriel TARWATER and his mother Martha Jane AUBERRY-LARRISON-TARWATER.  They owned a ranch first in Clayton, CA, then in Walnut Creek.  Any info would be appreciated.  Thank you. Jennifer Kerr 30 January 2006
I am looking for an obituary and article for the year 1942. The name I am looking for is Callie Tate. She died September 27, 1942 in San Pablo, California, Contra Costa County. She and two others: Loyal and Muriel Bell died in a train/car accident. Her husband Henry Tate survived. She is buried in Alhambra Cemetery in Martinez, California. She lived in the area for about two years according to her death certificate. Any information about her and the accident would be most appreciated. Thank You, Billie Eacret. 20 January 2004

Born Uk 1834 - Died Martinez 1902.- Buried Martinez Owned and resided in home - now Alhambra Ave., - and now Safeway Store. Spouse Anna Corine Taylor nee Allington. Married 1878, Yolo County, Merrite Township She died Martinez Oct., 1899 - Buried in Stockton Three children: Geneva - Frank - Martha Elizabeth.
His labors involved ships and barges in Port Costa; the surveying of and loading wheat which was a major export to the far east.
My grandfathers will left a part of his estate to his half brother, JOHN BULL dob 1832, UK..
Shortly after my mother, Martha Elizabeth's birth, 1892, her father, FRANCIS TAYLOR, separated from his spouse and moved out? I have no info on my grandfather until his death.
Query: Was there a divorce? Obituary about FRANCIS TAYLOR or his (ex spouse) Anna Corine Taylor.? Any info on his half brother JOHN BULL? Appreciate any replies. Captain John Laingor, ret. Piedmont, Ca. 8 September 2002
Hi, I'm searching for descendants in America . My great-great-great grandfather was Olaf THORSEN from Norway/Sweden. He and his son Oluf(Olaf) THORSEN immigrated abt. 1891 to Minnesota, America. Olaf went back to Norway, while his son stayed and changed his name to Oluf(olaf) Thompson. He married Amanda Stay in Minnesota, the family moved to California, and they had the following children:
- Clifford T
HOMPSON, Born: 1901 Minnesota. Dead: 1985 Sonoma County, California
- Nellie
THOMPSON, (Married ROBERTS) Born: 1911 Hennepin, Minnesota. Dead: 2005 Contra Costa California.
- Ruby
THOMPSON (Married BAUMANN) Born: 1908 Minnesota
- Thelma
THOMPSON (Married SOUSA) Born: 1915 Fresno California. Dead: 1974 San Luis Obispo California.
I hope someone has information on descendants from these four people.
Kind Regards, Camilla Urke Ommedal, Norway - 5 August 2007
Looking for information on Frank THOR, died 7 December, 1978. His residence was Moraga. Parents would be great. I am looking for information on a Kate JUDY THOR, born in OH moved to CA circa 1870. Deborah Young. 3 August 2000

Looking for information on Sara TICE, sometime after 1920. Barbara Lawrence 14 December 2007
Floyd August TIPPLE b. 14 Aug 1896 New York d. 22 Nov 1978 Contra Costa
Is anyone researching this person? He was my grandmother's brother, and I would welcome the opportunity to share information. Doris Wheeler. 24 February 2002

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  
Shelley McBee, IPI*GrammTech, 16161 College Oak, Ste 101, San Antonio TX 78249
210.694.4313 x127 - t
210.696.9736 - f  - 2 Nov 2005
TURNER,WILLIAM BERTON....I would appreciate someone looking up the obituary or directing me to where I can obtain a copy for William Berton Turner Date of Birth: 02/17/1901, Date of Death 08/30/1958 Contra Costa, California
Parents names: Sylvester Turner and Minnie Fuller Turner. Thank you in advance for your help. Jensine Turner, 3 January 2002

Searching for information of  two children of Jessy L. Twyman & Goldie Larie Bishop that was killed in a fire Dec. 16, 1945 Contra Costa County, California. Children's names: Glenn Roy Twyman 2-19-1941 and his sister Conella Fern Twyman 2-18-1943.  other children in family were: Rose, Laura, Rebecca and Debra.

Goldie was the dau of Rufus R Bishop & Florence Davis: gda of John David Davis and Mary Malicoat.

Any information appreciated or connected to this family. JBrand - 1 July 2006


VAIL - HARRINGTON surnames. Helen H. Harrington (maiden name) was born Feb. 19, 1892 (Wisconsin). She died in June 1977, in Walnut Creek, California 94595. She was married to Elbert Vail also from Walnut Creek. She is my great aunt and I would very much like to find living relatives to fill in some genealogy blanks. I would also be very much appreciative of a census that lists her family members. She obtained her SS# in Washington DC.  I am not sure when she relocated to California or why, nor if she was married here or somewhere else. These are some of the questions I'm trying to answer. Thank you very much for your time!  Kristey Harrington. 3 January 2002

VAN ORDEN, Howard E and Lillian LORCH - Looking for family of Howard E. VAN ORDEN b. abt. 1929 and Lillian LORCH b. abt. 1929. Divorced in 1971 had at least one daughter Alice b. abt. 1964. Looking for connection between the KEHOE and HOGAN families. Please email - 21 September 2007

I am looking for the name of the cemeteries that my Aunts and Uncle were buried.  They were from Walnut Creek, California and the Husband
married both Sisters. Husband: Verle Vincent, born Jun 13, 1892, died May 19, 1971: 1st wife: Thelma Adams Vincent, born Mar 10, 1901, died Dec 1, 1982: 2nd Wife: Kathleen Adams Vincent, born Sep 22, 1917 died Dec 6, 2004.  Thank you for your time.
William Godwin - 5 November 2005

I've found a relative (Daniel Ward) in the 1870 census in "Township Three" of CC County operating a hotel and boarding house for miners.  I'd like to pinpoint his location more precisely.  What present-day place names would fall within the 1870 Township Three boundry and/or be associated with mining. Larry Le Doux - 5 August 2007


Hello kind souls,
I would appreciate any information on CLAIRBORNE WARTH. He was listed in the 1860 Census in Township #1.
ANY WARTH is related, so if there happens to be others, I'll take them all!!
Thanks again, Take care, Peggy WARTH. 21 July 2001

Maria Mercedes Martinez WELCH died in Contra Costa Co. between 1870-1880. She was the wife of Henry WELCH. I would like to have an obit on her. Thank you. Marciel H. Wlkood. 4 January 2002


I am looking for a copy or transcription of a newspaper article about a railroad accident which happened in Walnut Creek. The individual's name that died was William Albert Welch and I believe death date was 21 Oct 1894. This accident may have occurred with the Southern Pacific railroad and resulted in a lawsuit. William was part of the Welchs who were landholders of the original Rancho Las Juntas which encompassed most of Walnut Creek. This William married Lydia Teresa Winner, daughter of Moroni or Marion Winner both of whom I would appreciate information. Kerry Petersen. 3 January 2002


WEATHERBEE, DR. LEWIS BLUCHER, June 14, 1880, Maine - February 4, 1960 Contra Costa, Cal. - He went to a medical school in San Francisco, was in Oakley in 1918, and in Antioch thereafter for forty years. As of 1942, he was at 623 Sixth Avenue. I am looking for Obituaries, picture, signature and any other information (stories, habits, education...) about Dr. Weatherbee, his practice and/or his family. His wives were - Almeda/Mada Young? (?widow of Herbert Young, b.~1881-d.May 23, 1966), Ethel Siple (dgtr of Peter and Flora, mar ~1919, div), Isabella (div.1915). Lewis had no children, but had adopted/step daughters - Thelma Weatherbee (born ~1913), Fay Belle Leroy (1897-1957), Patricia Franklin (of Santa Cruz in 1957) - who may be leads to more information. The Lincoln (Maine) Historical Society is gathering research for their next publication - our medical history. LBW is from Lincoln and graduated from our local academy. We want to include his biography but have gaps in our info. Among our pieces of information - "Uncle Blucher" was the one who announced, after a baseball game, his intentions to bicycle to California and he left a few days later - still a teen.  D. A. Harding  15 December 2007
Seeking information on the family of Earl Adair WHITE & Louise E (Miller) WHITE. Earl died January 9, 1966 in Concord, CA and I would appreciate it if an obituary look-up were made, as I do not know all his children's names. Their sons were Errol and James Michael WHITE. Want to share genealogy research, as have White family back to the Mayflower now, and SPEAR back to 1642. Janet (Bruce) Nelson. 29 January 2002
See Crouch
Looking for information on Dora J. Bailey b: 15 Nov 1901 in NY d: 05 May 1984 in Rodeo, Contra Costa, CA married Stanley Whiting b: 04 May 1905 d: Oct 1977 in/near Rodeo, Contra Costa, CA. Urgently need the obituary of Dora J. Bailey Whiting--PLEASE can someone help! Susan Martin-Rott.  1 August 2002

Obit lookup. Need Obit for Robert WILKES, b-1-26-1894 d-1-30-1979, buried Golden Gate National Cemetery. US Marine WW1. Last known address, Walnut Creek, Contra Costa, Ca. Wife's name Mary KIRRENE. I would be glad to reimburse for expense obtaining Obit.
Thanks a lot. Bob Flurry - March 2006
Louise Williams, - 25 March 2005

WILLIAMS, William H., seeking obituary.  Mr. Williams was b. abt. 1848-1852, Holland or New Jersey (census records re date and place of birth conflict), employee of Giant Powder Works per 1900, 1910, 1920
census, lived in company housing with wife Jennie George Williams, d. abt. May 1923, place of death unknown, cremated 21 May 1923, Sunset View Cemetery, El Cerrito; no further information at cemetery. 
Unable to locate employee records of Giant Powder Works.

Thank you.
Volney E. birthday unknown, died supposedly in mid 1940's in Contra Costa County, CA. Born in Indiana, married 1898 in Boone Co., IN to Alice SPICKLEMIRE,  two sons, John WILSON, born 1902 Indiana & Forest born Indiana. Divorced Alice, took Forest with him to CA early 1900's. Would like obituary of Volney E WILSON, and Forest WILSON. Would like name of 2nd wife of Volney E. WILSON. Thanks. Barb Fausett. 8 September 2002


JOHN WINSLOW b. 08/12/1898 in Missouri d. 12/16/1960 in Contra Costa, I would like any information on this family and an obituary would be most welcome. I have his father as Henry Rose Winslow b. May 7, 1875 IL, mother Rose Elma PETTIT, married Lillie Adams, thank you. Clara 27 July 2002

I am looking for information or descendants of Ehrhardt Wirth and Lina Balhaus. They were married in San Francisco and owned and operated a store in San Pablo, CA in the 1860's
1 Ehrhardt Wirth
+Lina Balhaus - 1886
2 Elizabeth Marie Wirth 1863 - 1939
+Thomas Daly 1853 - 1896
2 Louisa Wirth
+James Corrigan
2 Jordan Wirth
+Charolette Bolt
Christine Daly. 19 January 2002

Oak View Memorial Park Cemetery is the burial location of many WRISTENs. Another cemetery in Brentwood, CA is the burial location for additional WRISTENs. These cemeteries are the possible burial locations for other members of the WRISTEN family having surnames SMART, WILLS, BOGGESS, WALKER, BAKER, ROBBINS, MORGAN, and OLSON. Milton Washington WRISTEN b 10/28/1836, m 6/29/1859 to Jane HARRIS d 12/31/1912 is and his wife Jane HARRIS b 10/10/1840 d 7/17/1914 are both buried in the Oak View Cemetery, but they have no headstones making their graves. These people were very early pioneers to California from Macoupin County, Illinois. They came to California in the 1870's. Other members of their family had come to California in 1863. A letter which was written in 1863 one month out on the wagon train lists members of the family who were on the train and tells about the experience. Other members of their family included William David WRISTEN (There is a biographical sketch of this person in the History of Fresno County California) b 9/9/1828, m Agnes Ardelia DEW 12/25/1849, d 1902; Albert C. WRISTEN (Albert C. WRISTEN appears to have spelled his surname RISTON in the 1870 census of CA) b 2/23/1835 m Martha SMITH 12/10/1856, d 1894; Martha J. WRISTEN SMART b 12/9/1840, m Henry SMART, d 1935, Amanda Malvina Boggess WILLS (The cousin of Milton W. WRISTEN) b 12/1832, m Thomas Newington WILLS, d 2/14/1874 in Antioch, CA; Sarah Jane BOGGESS (a sister of Amanda) b 1835, m Oscar SMITH, d October 2, 1864, Sarah Pitzer BOGGESS (the mother of Amanda) b about 1801, d September 12, 187? in Antioch, CA; Melvina WILLS, Sylvester WILLS, and Oliver WILLS nieces and nephews of Milton W. WRISTEN; and Josie Wristen COOK (daughter of Martha J. Wristen SMART). Additional persons who are related include the children of Amanda and Thomas Newtington WILLS include Eugenia Alice b 12/11/1855, m Josiah BAKER, d 5/19/19??; Annie Evelyn b 4/16/1861; Merida Everett b 9/3/1862, d9/5/1863; Jean Lillian b 9/12/1864, m Fenwick ROBBINS, d 5/27/1962; Amarilla Amanda b 12/14/1866; Ida leona b 7/6/1869, m William W. MORGAN, d8/9/1938; Thomas H. b 7/15/1872, d 7/17/1872; Edith M. b 7/1/1873; d 5/8/1874.

Albert Chesterfield WRISTEN who is a probable descendant Albert C. WRISTEN is buried in Brentwood, CA. There was a long standing family tradition of keeping the "C" as the middle initial, and his intermediate ancestors may be buried there.

The family Bible of Thomas J. WRISTEN, the father and grandfather of many of these persons, is known to have been in the possession of Mrs. Eva OLSON (deceased daughter of Albert Chesterfield WRISTEN) of Brentwood, CA. The location of this Bible is now unknown. WRISTEN/WRISTON is a very unusual surname. There are approximately 250 WRISTEN/WRISTON in the phone books of the United States and eighteen in Canada. I have a family tree covering approximately 2550 persons of this family to share.
Cecil C. Wristen.
29 January 2002

YOOS or EHRMAN obituary needed.
Linnie (nee MERCHANT), EHRMAN, YOOS, died in 1981 near Fairfield, Solano Co, CA. She md. 1) Clem EHRMAN who died 1962, Contra Coasta Co, CA; then she returned to IN and md. 2) Henry "Hank" YOOS, he died 1973 in IN; then she returned to CA, and died in 1981, and is probably buried next to Clem in Contra Coasta Co. Children: Richard and Jack; also Robert, Dale, T homas & Donna EHRMAN were living in Concord in 1962. Any help appreciated. [No signature given]. 4 January 2002
I just found a Contra Costa death notice on for
Social Security #: 387181059
Birth Date: 12 Dec 1901
Birthplace: OHIO
Death Date: 4 Apr 1985
Death Place: CONTRA COSTA Mother's Maiden Name: CALLISON
Father's Surname: YOUNG
If anyone has access to a local paper or death certificate could they check it out to see if it is possibly Thurza E. Young child of Ethel Callison and Albert Young. I have lost her after 1920 in Wisconsin. I had her married name as Reardon so that could be a mistake. I could not find any info on SSDI even though there is a number listed. Thanks for ANY help. Marilyn Hansen. 1 January 2003


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