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Contra Costa County
County and City Histories

County and City Histories
History of Contra Costa County, California; Slocum, 1882. Index to Biographies in various county histories prepared by Steve Williams. See the website

History of Concord--Its Progress and Promise, by Edna May Andrews, et al; Concord Historical Society, 1986. Margie Newton
Martinez: A California Town; RSI Publications, 1986 Laurel Egenberger
Days Gone By, In Contra Costa County,  Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 by Nilda Rego Margie Newton

Public Records

Antioch - Several Antioch sources and records are extracted by Linda Brown. Tax lists and newspaper extractions can be found here--and the list keeps growing, so visit it often. Antioch Tax List, 1909.
1876 Voters of Nortonville & Somersville - Includes name, age, country/state of origin
1898 Voters List
- Includes name, occupation, nativity
Contra Costa County Databases
1910 Census - transcribed by L. Christine Calisesi-Elkins 1910 Census
It is possible that residents of Contra Costa County were born and/or died in Alameda County at one of the following hospitals:

Albany Hospital now closed but was on Marin Ave, Albany, CA
Berkeley Hospitals
Alta Bates Hospital
Herrick Hospital - formerly known as Roosevelt Hospital, now the Herrick Campus of Alta Bates,
or Hospitals in Oakland, CA.

Check the Alameda County CAGenWeb site for more information on obtaining death or birth certificates.
Alameda County CAGenWeb


Cemeteries of Contra Costa County see web page CCCGS Vol. 1
Contra Costa County Cemeteries - A link to cemeteries on the Find A Grave web site.  It contains thousands of volunteer-contributed listings and many have photographs of the headstone, cemetery, or person. see web page Find A Grave
Contra Costa County Pioneer Cemetery Records, Vol.1 Pretty much what the title indicates. A listing of cemetery records within Contra Costa County. Published in three volumes; Vol. I covers: Alamo Cemetery 1856-1943; Alhambra " (Martinez) 1853-1964; Hidden Valley (Pacheco-IOOF) 1868-1973; Lafayette 1854-1948; Live Oak (Clayton) 1858-1932; Muir-Strentzel-Hanna (Martinez) 1851-1947; Rose Hill (Nortonville) 1863-1924; St. Paul's (San Pablo) 1868-1928 Margie Newton or
Pacheco Cemetery - Partial listing see web page Pacheco Cemetery
Rose Hill Cemetery - Black Diamond Mines Regional Park, Antioch, CA.  Names provided by East Bay Regional Park District. see web page Rose Hill Cemetery
Sunset View Cemetery - El Cerrito - Partial listing see web page Sunset View Cemetery

School Yearbooks
and Institutional Histories

Alhambra Union High School Graduates, Martinez, 1919-1920 See Web Page Alhambra Union High School, 1919-1920
Liberty Union High School, Brentwood, California, 1902-1907 See Web Page Liberty Union High School, 1902-1907 (students)
and Faculty
Liberty Union High School, Brentwood, California, 1905 See Web Page Liberty Union High School, 1905
Liberty Union High School, Brentwood, California, 1906 See Web Page Liberty Union High School, 1906
Liberty Union High School, Brentwood, California, 1909 See Web Page Liberty Union High School, 1909
Liberty Union High School, Brentwood, California, 1936 See Web Page Liberty Union High School, 1936
Riverview High School (Antioch & Pittsburg). 1908-1918 See Web Page Riverview High School


Original Manuscript of John Muir Letters -
See web page Wisconsin Historical Society
The Richard Schellens Collection of California History (Contra Costa County portion) - A collection of miscellaneous genealogical and historical information.

McKenney's District Directory of Contra Costa County, 1879 - Names and occupation or acreage.

See web page Contra Costa County Databases
Obituaries - "Headquarters for researching obits on the web" and other useful genealogical links See web page Obituary Central
Obituaries - The Contra Costa County Library has some information.  Contra Costa County Library Obituary Information Page
Various - A site listing volunteers willing to look up records in many locations. See web page Genealogy Look Up Forum
Various - Misc. Contra Costa and other California information. See web page. Cal Data Nook

Statewide of Interest

The NorCal Library features lookups in many yearbooks and histories. You should check it out at:

Golden Nugget Library A site that keeps growing with lists of pioneers, stockholders, state fair awards, and almost anything that may be of interest to genealogists. A searchable database is available. See Web Page


Books We Own This is a volunteer, web-based listing of genealogy books in many various categories (including a state listing of resources). Owners of genealogy related books volunteer to do lookups--just like here, but on a bigger scale. See web site at:
As you can see, this page is always in development. If you own any Contra Costa County reference books and are willing to do lookups, please let me know. Send an e-mail to me with the title of the book, author, publication date, your name, and your e-mail address. Please include "CCCGenWeb" in the subject line.

A quick reminder on sources, and the uses thereof:  Copies of sources are subject to the mishaps of typing and transcription.

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