The Eibe, Troxel and Zumwalt Families

Cathy (Wilkins) Heady generously has donated photographs and family records to t both the Colusa County GenWeb and to the Glenn County GenWeb sites. She would like to share this information with other researchers, but the data and photos are for private use and may not be published elsewhere in any format. If you think that you have a family connection, please contact Cathy by writing to "caheady(AT)" (replace the (AT) with an @ symbol).

Included here are family files and narratives, vital records, funeral cards, and photos. All images are in .pdf format and you may need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

Documents and Reports:

Corbin, Nicholas Z.- Decendant Report
Corbin, Nicholas Z. - Decendant Report
Nicholas, Frances Luella (Bagley) Decker - Funeral Card, 1953
Owens, Lott W. and Wood, Rosamond - Marriage Announcement, 1880
Troxel Family History - Narrative by Clarence M. Troxel, 1930
Troxel, Edith Irlene (Carr) - Death Certificate, 1996
Troxel, Lester William - Death Certificate, 1972
Troxel, Daniel Zachariah - Descendant Report
West, Frances - Descendant Report
West, John - Citizenship Application, 1854
West, Martha (Wood) - Will, 1882
Wood, Charlotte F. (Davis) - Funeral Card, 1902
Wood, William - Descendant Report
Zumwalt-Troxel - Narrative by Nancy A. Hunt, 1916



5 Generations - Bagley, Decker, Carr, Troxel, Wilkins, 1948
Carr, Hattie May (Decker) Jones Thompson, 1950
Corbin, Jesse, 1876
Elk Creek High School, 1943 - Elk Creek, CA
Gibbs, Carroll Harry Jr., 1944 - son of Carroll Gibbs and Merle Troxel of
Grigsby, Rose Nell (Carr), 1935
Johnson, William and daughter, Eliza (Johnson) Troxel, 1907
Robbins Sisters , 1880 - (Elizabeth, Abigail, Harriet, Sydney)
Scull Children, 1908 - (Janeta, Rita, Faye, Ernest)
Troxel Children, 1901 - (Etta, Ray, Ralph, Lester)
Troxel, Edith (Carr) with Edna Carr - 1994 (Edith is on right)
Troxel, Edith (Carr) with Harriet (Troxel) Wilkins and Cathy (Wilkins) Heady, 1979
Troxel, Elsie, 1923 - daughter of George and Mattie Troxel
Troxel, Frank, 1945
Troxel, Frank and Jesse (Corbin) Troxel, 1920
Troxel, Joseph Claude and Elizabeth (Gatton) Troxel, 1907
Troxel, Joseph Claude and Elizabeth (Gatton) Troxel, 1962
Troxel, Harriet and Weston, Carol, 1943
Troxel, Harriet and Gibbs, Harry, 1928 - (Harriet: daughter of Lester W. Troxel & Edith Irlene Carr; Harry: son of Carroll Harry Gibbs & Merle May Troxel)
Troxel, Harriet, 1932 - Elk Greek 1st Grade Class
Troxel, Harriet, 1933 - Elk Creek 2nd Grade Class (with Juanita Troxel)
Troxel, Harriet, 1934 - Elk Creek 3rd Grade Class
Troxel, Lester, 1914
Troxel, Lester and Edith (Carr) Troxel, 1948
Troxel, Lester and Edith (Carr) Troxel, 1954
Troxel, Lester, 1940 (with daughters: Harriet and Juanita)
Troxel, Ray and Lester, 1917
Troxel, Ray and Carver, Lorraine, 1915
Troxel, Vernon Lester and Alma (Gilbert) Troxel, 1940
West, John Josha and Ella Dale (Green) West, 1900
West, Hazel Marguerita and Leona West, 1923
West, William, 1885
Winslow Bridge, 1930 - Elk Creek, CA


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