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Colusa County Gazette 1850-2000
Sesquicentennial Edition

Excerpt Contributed by Mike Ferraiuolo

A Little Bit of History.....

“Colusa County was established in 1850 as one of the original 27 counties created by the first state Legislature. It once encompassed all of what is now Glenn County and a portion of Tehama County. In 1891 the counties of Glenn and Colusa were split. Records prior to 1891 are still maintained in Colusa County and those pertaining to Glenn County after the split can be found at the Glenn County Recorder's Office. 

Colusa is centrally located approximately 70 miles north of Sacramento. Interstate 5 offers a north/south route through the county. We are approximately 1 hour from downtown Sacramento, 2 hours from San Francisco, 3 hours from the Fort Bragg-Mendocino coastline and 2 1/2 hours from Lake Tahoe. 

Colusa County's economy is based on agriculture and agricultural related businesses. As you travel throughout the basin floor, you'll see a variety of crops such as pistachios, asian pears, almonds, prunes, walnuts, wine grapes, tomatoes, rice, corn, cotton, safflower, wheat, beans, sunflowers, melons, alfalfa, pumpkins, onions, etc. Our country roads are lined with various waterways, natural and man-made, where you'll see an abundance of wildlife, including, but not limited to: blue herons, cranes, pheasants, hawks, ducks, geese, swans, raccoons, possums, fox and deer. 

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of city living and come visit Colusa County!

“Firsts” in Colusa County

  • 1846 - First Settler - William Bryant
  • 1849 - First Mining Laws Passed
  • 1852 - First Grand Jury Impaneled
  • 1856 - First Hanging
  • 1862 - First Newspaper Started (Weekly Colusa Sun)
  • 1874 - First Map of Colusa County was drawn by J.B. DeJarnatt (Original Map is in the County Archives)
  • 1878 - First Telephone Introduced in Colusa County
  • 1906 First Chamber of Commerce Organized

Bar Decoration

Early Residents Who Paid Poll-tax in the County in the Year 1852

“As of 1891 there were not six of the below that still resided in the county. They were either scattered over the State, or for the most part joined the silent majority." From The History of Colusa County by Justus Rogers, published in 1891.

Allen, John,
Abbe, S. K.
Arnold, S. K.
Allen, William
Adams, J. M.
Alsap, G.
Amente, A.
Andrews, William
Allen, D. H.
Ashbrook, Thomas
Annable, H. W.
Allison, J. B.
Bradley, J. W
Burges, Thomas
Black, James
Brownell, James A.
Blethen, J. L.
Brite, M.H.
Barton, T.
Bailey, J. M.
Bigelow, D.
Bartlett, E.
Burns, A.
Bills, John
Betts, J. M.
Brackenridge, J.
Barrows, H. D.
Barge, F. F.
Bailey, J. S.
Bell, R. S.
Careland, L.
Chard, W. G.
Cary, J. M.
Craig, J. S.
Cardy, Charles
Cain, P. E.
Castle, Michael
Climer, S. T.
Carpenter, A.D.
Clark, William
Cain, Isaac N.
Connell, M. L.
Chapin, Fred S.
Clement, Joseph
Craft, George
Cizer, H.
Cardwell, H. G.
Cusic, Sam
Culbertson, R. F.
Cunningham, J. H.
Cornwall, D. W.
Champion, J.
Cleek, Andrew S. C.
Cunningham, W. S.
Canton, Joseph
Cheney, L.
Dodge, Gilbert
Dix, Thomas
Derrick, A.
Dibble, Jerome
Dristoll, William
Duarte, T.
Denbita, Jose
Dias, M.
David, G.
Estrada, Lucas
Edwards, J. P.
Ebblie, John
Evans, C.
Ellis, A. R.
Eastman, Augustus
Ervin, James
Earthman, L. H.
Eddy, Thomas
Fitch, John
Fort, A. J.
Featherly, John
Folgert, David
Fox, G. W.
Ferry, A. H.
Ford, H. L.
Foster, Albert
Finch, L.
Fisher, W. R.
Fundy, A.
Flagg, William
Freeman, James E.
Green, Isaac
Graham, Hiram
Graham, Ed
Graham, J.
Gray, Thomas C.
Gibbs, James F.
Grimes, C.
Grimes, E.
Gibbs, L.
Gallagher, J.
Grigatra, V.
Gregory, D. S.
Gregory, John
Goodwin, Allen
Hambright, Robert
Hatch, Cutter
Hambright, Ben
Hartman, J. J.
Holland, Charles
Huls, J. C.
Huntoon, D. C.
Hall, Willis
Hopkins, Joseph
Helm, James
Hammers, John
Hamilton, David
Harris, J. B.
Horning, Lewis L.
Hulbert, H. P.
Hall, Newell
Hill, James
Hall, Allen
Horton, L. R.
Hall, M. S.
Hobday, E. J.
Hulsy, Charles
Hoffenshan, R.
Hulsy, Allen
Hyde, Warren
Hull, E. H.
Hicks, Thomas
Healy, L. B.
Hansen, R.
Holliday, A. M.
Haggart, D. E.
Henry, Richard
Isbell, William
Ide, J. M.
Ide, W. H.
Johnson, W. H.
Johnson, William
Judd, O. D.
Jarnagin, Joseph
Johnson, J. C.
Johnson, Lewis
Knight, Ben
King, M. C.
King, Frame
King, Thomas R.
Kelly, John
Logan, George M.
Lukins, W. S.
Lucas, Ed
Logan, David
Lewis, Arthur
Ladd, L D.
Long, Jack
Lewis, John
Lawton, David
Lott, A.
Lowe, James
Larnesso, C.
Lameren, Simon
Lewis, Charles
McClure, P.
McGinley, John
Malarka, Dave
Miner, P L.
Markham, W. R.
Montigue, A.
McClung, Silas
Marr, J. T.
McCune, W. F.
McGilton, William
Malthy, R. R.
Middleton, Thomas
Moon, W. C.
McClung, S. H.
Marr, J. T.
McCune, W. F.
McGilton, William
Malthy, R. R.
Middleton, Thomas
Moon, W. C.
Merhart, J. C.
Merrill, N.
McKappi, J. P.
Mesman, H.
Miller, Joseph
Matthews, John
McClanahan, Thomas
McCanly, John
Mix, A. A.
Montgomery, Wells
Neal, John
Noble, William
Norton, Ed
Naylor, J. N.
Nelson, C.
Owens, N. W.
Owens, R. T.
Paradao, Ignacio
Parbot, George, R.
Pease, C. W.
Pike, H. A.
Peters, John
Plant, P.
Pervere, J. M.
Plaison, G. N.
Payne, Robert
Price, Isaac
Plummer, Ben
Prince, Richard
Packer, Elmon
Pickett, Charles E.
Pierce, Andrew
Quinn, Mark
Rowe, G. W.
Russell, Albert
Roberts, Jonathan
Ross, Joseph
Rand, Isaac H.
Rankin, William
Riddle, James W.
Robinson, W. S.
Rice, S.S.
Ramsdell, S. L.
Ribler, P.
Rowe, I.
Ross, W.G.
Reynolds, R. H.
Reager, Martin A.
Snyder, David
Shanesy, P. W.
Semple, C. D.
Smith, W. H.
Shurr, William
Stiles, George
Stover, S.
Snoddy, J. N.
Sanborn, L. H.
Stewart, J. M.
Snowden, J. M.
Stiffler, A. G.
Swift, William
Swift, Granville P.
Stackpole, Charles
Shipton, William
Salisbury, Robert
Spangle, William
Smith, N. Proctor
Tibbett, William
Tooms, A. G.
Thomas, R. H.
Taylor, L. G.
Thorp, L.
Tucker, Thomas I.
Turner, J. C.
Vandroff, John
White, L. L.
Warren, R. E.
Willis, J. F.
Wesson, R.
Wesson, Joseph
Watrese, N.
White, W. C.
Welch, C. D.
Williams, Ira
Woodfine, J. R.
White, Ben
Weston, J. W.
Wellington, J. B.
Ward, H. C.
Wilson, H. C.
Waldo, L. C.
Willis, W. E.
Walsh, Richard
Wolverton, A.
Williams, Jarratt
Yates, James
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